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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 12, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the fires have burned 265 square miles, five times bigger than the city of san francisco. this map shows how much of northern california is burning. there are 21 major fires burning in the northern part of the state with very little containment. fire officials admit they are worried because some of those fires are now moving towards each other. if they continue on those pads, they could merge into one huge fire which would be more dangerous and more difficult to control than several smaller fires. >> one fire causing a lot of concern right now is the nuns fire's in the hills above kenwood and outside santa rosa. it has burned 8500 acres and is 2% contained. it has already destroyed many homes. it's linked with other fires to create a half circle around the city of sonoma. fire crews are due to converge at the command center for this fire so they can coordinate their efforts. thousands of people have been evacuated and napa, celano and
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many other counties. police officers in the eastern sonoma valley have been going door to door, warning people the fires could hit their neighborhoods. this video was tweeted out by the chp and san francisco. new evacuation orders were issued for lovell valley road. people are strongly encouraged to leave. the evacuation orders in geyserville continue to expand. mandatory evacuations are in place for highway 128, east into the river rock casino and then south on 128 from geysers road to kal pine. authorities say 3-4 homes have been destroyed and 5000 acres have burned. one woman described the moments as neighbors got the word it was time to get out. >> it was just neighbors calling neighbors. >> were you scared? >> yes. it was feeling stunned and trying to decide what is
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important to me. i was kind of in a days putting stuff in the car and shaking, really, until it was time to leave. >> firefighters say the flames are heading southeast in the direction of the river rock casino. the biggest worry that fire crews have now is if the wind shifts to the west, that would put more homes in danger. we are focused on the atlas fire. that started sunday night and is only 3% contained. this started near atlas peak above the silverado trail in napa county. since then, it has moved south and east into solano county and towards lake berryessa. overnight we have new video to show you from alameda county air teams being deployed to the partrick fire. this is west of napa and east of sonoma. the flames on the front lines are very intense. fire crews have been working around the clock since sunday night. more napa neighborhoods are
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being warned to be ready to evacuate. >> allie rasmus joins us with the latest developments that that -- there. what's happening there. >> reporter: we are in a vineyard east of highway 112. as we were driving into napa we saw this orange glow and veered onto highway 221 and took anderson road and went up this hill. there are some workers here at the vineyard. they could not tell me the name of the vineyard. you can see the flames behind us creeping over the mountain. we have also seen fire trucks and emergency vehicles in that area where you see the flames in the canopy of the trees. i'm not sure which direction the fire is going although it appears that it is moving south, toward the direction of highway 12.
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but it's hard to tell and get a frame of reference when it's this dark. we are east of highway 12 just before highway 221 in napa. a short time ago we drove to a neighborhood next to skyline wilderness park which is an area that the fire has spread to. we could see spot fires creeping down the foothills. we saw several people sitting in their cars across the street, anxiously watching the flames. some of the people we talked to said the fire was not visible from that location yesterday. they are a bit concerned that it was more visible now and appeared to be creeping down the hill. this is all part of the atlas fire. the fire has burned 33,000 acres and is 3% contained as of last night. this is skyfox video from yesterday evening showing part of the atlas fire your lake berryessa.
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there are several neighborhoods and napa that as of 9:30 pm last night got an evacuation advisory. and advisory means they do not need to leave immediately but they should have their items packed and ready to go. east of highway 221 in neighborhoods east of highway 29 between highway 221 and jamison county road and north of jamison canyon were between highway 12 andy napa-solano county line. from where we are on this hilltop, earlier we could see some flames from another fire on the other side of the valley. i don't know if it still visible but you can see a very faint glow. i'm not sure which fire that is. i don't believe it's part of the atlas fire. keep in mind there are about a half-dozen named fires in napa county alone that are burning simultaneously. that's one of the things that
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leaders and officials were concerned about when they talked about this yesterday. they had a community meeting with folks in the city of napa at 6 pm last night. one of the things they said they were concerned about was the fact that these major fires are encircling the town and the city of napa. the one we are closest to, we know this is part of the atlas fire and it's burning in the hills and appears it may be part of skyline wilderness park. skyline wilderness park, at least some of the foothills in areas around the. >> how close are you to downtown napa? >> we are where highway 12 and highway 221, the napa vallejo highway, where it appears right off of highway 12. just as you enter napa. >> great. thank you. we will check back in with you throughout the morning. steve was looking at that area.
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>> i thought she mentioned jamison canyon but i guess she is a little past that. >> it sounds like that. it's right where it splits off. a smoke advisory continues. as you know many fires are burning and that wind is north and northwest or northeast. that sends the smoke in all directions. and make clear out for a while but then will come back in. very unhealthy air. i do not see any break in this for maybe a week. by this time next week we make be talking about some rain. until then it will be breezy or warmer or both. a red flag warning for higher elevations. this is not close to what we had sunday night into monday but any breeze is bad enough. it does not just include the north and east bay. it's down to san benito county and the santa cruz mountains.
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one observation in winter says 73%. santa rosa, northeast at 13. atlas peak, north at 19. 30% humidity. that is down 20% from yesterday. a notably or westerly breeze for some. even out to or the oakland hills we can find 27%, 32% humidity with a pretty good north breeze. fairfield has turned calm. vacaville, 15 with gusts 222. 30s, 40s and 50s for the temperatures. windsor, 45. rohnert park, 42. 32, lakeport. 57 in fairfield. fremont, 43. in lake county, excuse me, mendocino county, northeast breeze for some or a west breeze. there are a lot of 30s which has prompted a freeze warning that will go until 9:00 this morning. there is also high fire danger
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as you head to the east. this is all smoke and haze. one more system needs to come down from the pacific northwest and that will pick up the wind tomorrow into early saturday. 60s and 70s today. it will stay this way until the weekend. you can see that traffic is going to be affected in the fire areas. there is not a lot of the commute. we have not seen people on the redwood highway in the last few days. let me go back to that map. i want to show you that traffic is mostly open on major roads. chp is asking for you to stay off the roads if possible. we have major closures on highway 128 into calistoga near lake berryessa. let's talk about 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. a 26 minute drive. when you get to the bay bridge you will see traffic is backed up for another 10-15 minutes before you make it onto the
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span. smoky conditions in the bay area. this is westbound 92. traffic is okay out to the high rise. no problems on the peninsula. the traffic map is getting slowing on 880 southbound from hayward into union city. overnight more california national guard's crews arrived at moffett field to help the firefighters. the photos are of the 129th rescue wing and 146th airlift team arriving shortly before midnight. the team consists of 100 guardsmen and women from the los alamitos area near long beach. the team will provide support for shelters in napa and solano county. in santa rosa, kaiser hospital and sutter hospital's are teaming up. they are helping families reunite with missing family members. both hospitals were evacuated on sunday night when the fires first started. now the hospitals have
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reunification phone lines to help family members find missing relatives who were moved from those hospitals. kaiser's family reunification number is 855-599-0033. sater santa rosa family reunification number is 707-543- 4511. you are also being encouraged to continue to report missing persons to the sonoma county hotline. that number is 707-565-3856. i did check those numbers. they are on our website, in addition to schools being closed in and around the bay area, several other districts will now close schools today because of the bad air quality. schools will be closed in the pittsburg, west contra costa,
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martinez, mount diablo and antioch unified school districts. sports and afterschool activities have also been canceled in many areas even when the schools are open. for more information, go to our website, if you hear from your school or your sports, let us know so that information is posted. new information on how the wildfires may have started. we will let you hear the response when power lines started falling down in the one country. jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we're getting new information about the fires burning in our area. >> joining us with the latest is the cal fire information officer, scott mclean. thank you for joining us. i know you and your crews are so busy out there. if you could run down the big concerns where the new evacuation orders are near the sonoma valley and geyserville area. how are those looking this morning plex --? >> scott, can you hear us? >> okay. there may be a delay. he is there and ready to give us the updates. if we need to, we will get that information over the phone and pass that along to you. we will try to get him back, up and running. we also have some information on some of the
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victims of the wildfires to tell you about. unfortunately so many people, linda tunis died when the fire swept through the journeys and mobile home park on mendocino avenue. that was near where alex was. her daughter jessica posted this photo on facebook. her son found her body in the ruins of her home yesterday. a teenager from mendocino county died in the fire. his parents and sister are in the hospital with severe burns after they tried to escape their home in redwood valley. the sheppard family was in their car when it caught fire. they tried to get out of their car and run. that's when 14-year-old, kai shepherd, was killed. his mother, father and sister are in the hospital with severe burns. we are also learning more about the life of one of the santa rosa fire victims.
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>> we were talking about christina hanson. she graduated from cal high in san ramon. her family described her as full of life. she was born with spina bifida and had been in a wheelchair since she was born. she moved to santa rosa and lived in an apartment behind her dad's house. the family thinks the buyer hit her apartment first and her father try to save her. christina died for her father, michael, is in serious condition from third-degree burns. >> it just really was a nightmare come true. so, right now, i mean, now we have to shift our focus to her dad and make sure that he's
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okay. i think if she were here right now she would be worried about everyone in her community and making sure that everyone else that is still out there missing was found. she would want to be at shelters helping. and i think we just need to honor her that way and try to live the way that she would be living. >> christina hanson will be honored tomorrow at cal high's homecoming football game along with stacee etcheber and denise cohen. they died in the las vegas shooting rampage. the family has set up a memorial fund for ms. hansen and her father. you can find that link on our website, there's been a lot of speculation that the north bay fires started when a strong wind blew dry trees into power lines. 2 investigates team listen to hours of dispatch audio from late sunday night when the fire started. >> power lines are down. request pg&e. >> the radio communications reveal firefighters reported downed power lines and blown transformers in several
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locations. the fires that started sunday night have now burned tens of thousands of acres, destroyed thousands of homes and also claimed lives. >> we have been advised that our power lines down with a transformer blown. >> pg&e acknowledges heavy wind and weakened trees contributed to brush falling onto its power lines all over the north bay. but they have not said whether that was the source of any of the fires. we are getting new information about all the fires. we were talking about this earlier. >> we want to try to go back to cal fire deputy chief scott mclean. scott, can you hear us? >> good morning. i can. >> thank you for joining us. we know that you and your cruise very busy. i know people are anxious to hear about the latest evacuation areas. sonoma valley and geyserville. >> all the evacuations put in
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place recently are all staying. nothing has changed. we are looking at over 30 evacuation centers and one area alone. the fires last night, they grew a little bit but nothing dramatic as we seen in the last couple of days. the tubbs fire is the only one that grew to the north overnight. the pocket fire state put however it is a threat to the geyser. the atlas fire, over 40,000 acres have burned heading toward the southeast direction. as you can tell, all these fires are still volatile even though they did not grow much. we cannot become complacent nor can the public. >> scott, the air this morning, the air temperature and also the wind -- what is your first reaction to that? >> the temperature seems to be a little warmer this morning when i drove into camp over the previous two nights in the low to mid 40s in this area.
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it was about 51. listening to your weather report, you are talking about relative humidity as well. the temperature of the air, yes, it has a little to do with the fire spreading however the lower humidity is a major factor. the wind is also a major factor. right now it's called. we have predicted wind yesterday around 50 miles per hour. higher elevations, they were significant but not there. in the valley it was not bad at all. as they weather develops, fully it will stay calm. it is predicted, as far as wind to come up. as far as wind, we are able to get resources in if they stay calm. everyone is concerned about aircraft. 331,000 gallons of retarded was put into aircrafts at mcclellan airbase yesterday. that is a rest -- a record. it shows you how many aircraft
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are involved in these fires up and down the north bay. >> overnight, can you tell us any areas where your crews are able to start some of the fire breaks to think about containment? >> the containment has started to increase. the tubbs fire, for example, went to 10% containment from zero. the other fires have increased by single digits. they are making headway. these firefighters are battling this fire and constantly putting in containment lines and taking care of hotspots to make sure embers do not go across the fire lines. it is a constant battle. 24 hours a day throughout the week. >> you and your fire crews are seeing a lot, taking in a lot psychologically dealing with a lot as well. how are they dealing? >> you have to understand that 23 lives have been lost up to
6:23 am
this point. it has an effect on people. these firefighters picked this profession to help and save the public and property throughout the state of california. and assist citizens of california. you can imagine that is hard. the amount of fire, for example the tubbs fire from calistoga to santa rosa and into the city , just seeing the devastation, that has an effect. these men and women are here to help and get this job done as quick as possible and get those folks in the evacuation centers back home or back to their property. >> scott, as you mentioned, we've seen some of the firefighters have lost their homes as well. our thoughts and prayers are with you and your fire crews. so many of our viewers are thinking of you and praying for everybody out there.
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we note that it is a tough job. thank you for the update. we will check back in throughout the morning. he did say the tubbs fire, the fire that started and napa county is now 10% contained. he said they are starting to feel a little bit hopeful they can start the containment. up until now it's been to save lives and protect homes. we will for the best today. our coverage of the wildfires continues momentarily. coming up we will head back out live to sonoma and show you conditions out there this morning.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. evacuation advisories over many more north bay communities which means people need to be ready to leave quickly. alex savidge is an sonoma county where there are both evacuation advisories and some mandatory orders in place. tell us where you are, alex and what's happening there. >> reporter: we are just east of the city of sonoma, just outside the city limits. the city of sonoma itself is really under the gun this morning. there is a fire approaching this city on several different fronts. from the east side, where we are, and also from the north.
6:28 am
we are looking northeast from our location. we are on lovell valley road near seventh street east for people familiar with this area. in the distance you can see that orange glow on the hillside. according to the sheriff's office, deputies did go door-to- door last night throughout the city of sonoma. not issuing a mandatory order but warning people to be prepared to leave. again, that is the morning they are giving. if you do not need to be here, it's a good idea for you to get out. this fire is clearly moving close to the city of sonoma and its moving close to many homes in this particular part of this area, just outside the city limits of sonoma. i want you to hear from a gentleman who lives in this neighborhood you are looking at. he has a home there.
6:29 am
he was evacuated monday morning and has been staying with friends. and he is quite worried about what may happen. >> it's sandwiching us in right now. on monday, we were evacuated at 2 am. the fire had crest of the ridge. it took all day monday to get down to us and came across our valley and on my street. the houses at the end of my street, the opposite end of my street, burned that evening. >> reporter: there is a mandatory evacuation order for some people on certain streets in this area. people who were living north of lovell valley road. north of lovell valley road along seventh street and also along castle road. people in those areas have been ordered to evacuate. again, the rest of the people living in sonoma proper and some of the surrounding communities like boyes hot springs and aguascalientes, they are being told to prepare
6:30 am
to leave. in speaking with one of the roadblock this morning, he told me, we are telling people if you do not need to be here, you should leave. as we saw, many people did leave the city of sonoma and those around communities late yesterday to be on the safe side. >> that is great advice. thank you so much for letting us know. so many people are anxious to hear about these areas. it's an all-out assault against those fires burning and the north bay. coming up we will show you how the california national guard is going into the air to help the fire crews on the ground. we have crowding in the east bay. a live look at highway 24 in lafayette. traffic is going to be slow as you head toward the caldecott. we do have a red flag warning. some of the breezes have picked up but not that bad.
6:31 am
only 20 miles per hour. i will have an update on the smoke advisory and all these different fires going. one more system needs to come down on friday.
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because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up. ssssh! because sometimes we want it cool at night, then toasty in the mornings. introducing the easy to use, energy saving, adjustable from everywhere, easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. thursday, october 12. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook . in the city of napa, people
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are being warned to be ready to evacuate. last night people packed city hall, getting updates from cal fire. cal fire warned the winds may change meaning the fires now burning on both sides of napa could suddenly take aim at homes. right now the city is under an advisory evacuation. that could become mandatory if the wind pushes the fire closer to the city. there are new evacuation orders from the sonoma county sheriff's office. there are mandatory evacuations in the eastern sonoma valley. people who live on castle road, north of lovell valley road or along seventh street east, north of lovell valley road, you are being told to leave immediately. there are also advisory evacuations. that means people do not have to leave but you should be prepared to get out quickly. those orders affect the area starting at mendocino avenue and lomitas avenue and moving
6:35 am
south and east to franklin avenue. the boundaries on that and are should not to road, los alamos road, melita road and montana road. and extends south to fourth sheet -- fourth street and highway 12. as you were getting ready to leave, turn off your gas and water lines before evacuating. the fires continue to threatened several neighborhoods including sonoma county, oakmont, glen ellen and the bennett valley area. >> and the fire is spreading in more than one direction. firefighters are doing what they can to keep it from advancing. >> it does continue to threatened several neighborhoods. the fire worked its way down a hillside in bennet valley. on the ground, a strike team was in place and fire crews were
6:36 am
working to scrape away as much of the fuel as possible. and above, a cal fire helicopter made several passes. firefighters say the conditions were pretty good yesterday but those conditions can quickly change. >> we are aware that we will have a 180 degree shift in the wind. that's why it's so good right now that this fire is doing what it's doing. taking out the fuel that would be pushed by higher wind, therefore, it eliminates the problem. that makes us available to go someplace else. >> despite the size of the fire and the task at hand, fire officials say many of the cruise on the scene are offering to stay even after their shifts are done. the california national guard is helping the firefighters on the front lines. charl schwartzel port in sonoma county is a hub for a blackhawk helicopter and its crew. yesterday they surveyed the fire zone from the air. from above, the massive demonstration this fire has caused comes into focus. the burned areas are hardly recognizable. they flew over the coffey park
6:37 am
neighborhood of santa rosa and the fountain grove neighborhood as well. everywhere you look, there is devastation. >> it just reminded me of those old world war ii documentaries of dresden and when that german city was firebombed by the allies and was left in ruins. that is what that neighborhood look like. it was wiped out. >> as the helicopter approached mount st. helena, the smoke became so thick, it cut off almost all visibility making it almost impossible to see the damage below. right now it is 6:37 am. speaking of that smoke and the air quality, we are focused on the wind and the fire zone but what about everybody else with the smoke that we are breathing? will get better? >> the tankers, if they can't see it, they cannot drop the fire retardant. i don't see any change in this for about a week. >> for most of us around the bay area -- >> we have a smoke forecast
6:38 am
model that we will show you coming up. the smoke advisory is out. there is ash falling. all the wind is coming from the north or northeast or northwest. in the north it's very unhealthy but it's unhealthy for anyone all the way down to the santa clara valley. this is called the high- resolution rapid refresh sent by the national weather service in monterey for the bay area. total smoke forecast through tomorrow morning. look how it goes from the redwood complex in sonoma county and napa county, into marin county, san francisco, down the peninsula and santa cruz. i don't see that changing. maybe a little bit of dispersion for some. the wind forecast is not that strong. i can't see anything over 20 miles per hour in sonoma county, lake county, the scene of county or napa county. the strongest gusts are in the east bay from above the caldecott over to mount diablo.
6:39 am
we will have a northerly breeze. 18 at alice peak. the wind should decrease. unfortunately there will be one more system coming in on friday. red flag warnings started 5:00 and go through 11:00. it's not just north end east bay. it goes down to san benito county. lower lake, wind out of the west. knoxville creek, north at 20 a. near geyserville, north at 9. the humidity, 56%. hillsburg, 61%. these are good but not as high as yesterday and they are expected to go down. cloverdale, north east and north, 71% humidity. we lost a lot of observations and napa county.
6:40 am
atlas peak, north at 19. 30% humidity. it was up at 50% yesterday. and in the oakland hills, 27%. i know there are gusts up to 49 at mount diablo. 52 in hillsburg. there is a freeze warning in parts of mendocino county. a lot of low 30s. the wind direction there is showing northeast or northwest except for a few locations which have an easterly direction. one more system will come down and that will pick up the wind on friday. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. we are looking at a commute that is going to be busy. i'm looking at the closures to make sure that nothing has changed. they do keep changing every so often for right now highway 128 has closures in and out of calistoga and near lake berryessa. highway 101 is open but some of
6:41 am
the off ramps are closed in santa rosa the fire zones. this is a look at 80 westbound. traffic is busy from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. between the maze and the metering lights there is some slow traffic. there was a minor accident and one of the lanes west of the toll plaza. northbound 101 and southbound 101, the commute is moderately heavy. it's not terrible but there is some congestion. if you are on the san mateo bridge, that is also getting congested. 285 people are reported missing in sonoma county since the wildfires began. >> the good news is 300 others have been located were thought to be missing. here is a phone number to call if you are searching for someone or if you found someone who had been reported missing. the sonoma county missing person hotline is 707-565-3856. if you are having financial problems or need financial
6:42 am
help, the redwood credit union set up a north bay fire relief fund. you can call the redwood credit union at 707-545-4000. if you want to donate to that fund, go to any redwood credit union or also donate on the redwood credit union website. the smoke from the fires is creating problems throughout the bay area. we will tell you more about the impact on flights and passengers at our major airports. jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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welcome back. more napa neighborhoods are being warned to be ready to evacuate. >> we want to check in with allie rasmus who has been and napa county this morning >> reporter: we are up the hill in the hill above where highway 12 and highway 221 intersect. earlier this morning, you could in the darkness see the flames clearly coming through the hillside behind us. we believe this area as part of the skyline wilderness park. or some of the foothills around us. we are at one of the vineyards in the area. we watched the fire creep over the hill into the canyons and now that we are approaching sunrise, the smoke is moving to our southwest. southeast.
6:46 am
you can see the movement of the smoke over the hillside. the fire is still going. we have seen firefighters through the hills, patrolling the area. many of the people who live nearby along highway 221, they came out early this morning. they were looking and watching the flames. from this vantage point where we are, we are at the top of a hill. this fire is burning behind us, that is the atlas fire. if we turn the camera around, we can see another fire. i'm not sure which one this is but i did just get an update from the public information officer. the nuns fire did grow in size overnight. in the last update about the atlas fire, it has burned 43,000 acres which is about the
6:47 am
same as yesterday. 3% contained. the fires, according to cal fire, grew in size overnight. i believe that maybe one of the fires you are looking at across the napa valley for where we are. we can still see flames in the hills surrounding the valley. the one behind us, the atlas fire -- there is another one across the fire in the hills on the other side of the town of napa. back to you guys. in one santa rosa neighborhood, authorities about people back into the evacuated areas to see if their homes survived. the sudden increase of wind force them to quickly evacuate the area again. dozens were planning to take advantage of police escorts into their north santa rosa neighborhood for the first time since they evacuated sunday night.
6:48 am
this would have been the first chance to see if their homes were still standing or not. around noon the wind began to whip up. the escort stopped because of safety. >> just trying to see it for some type of mental closure or dig through rubble even if i could find a base or a ring or something standing just for memories. nobody gives you the playbook on how to do this. >> santa rosa is still under the threat of wildfires returning. authorities say they will resume the escorts as soon as it's safe. i'm sure that goes for many other areas. many people are waiting to go back to their neighborhoods. there are mandatory evacuation orders in mendocino county were two fires are spreading. the sheriff's office ordered everyone to leave the potter valley area.
6:49 am
it is split between mendocino and lake county. people are supposed to be out of there by now. anyone who is still in the area is being told to head south to highway 22 get out safely. about 700 people live in that evacuation zone. the mendocino county fires have burned almost 30,000 acres and is 5% contained. about six people in mendocino county have died in the fire. that is after three victims were discovered yesterday. alameda county firefighters have been sent to the area to battle the flames in mendocino county. they sent out these photos of the teams leaving yesterday afternoon. firefighters from oakland and santa clara have also been sent to help out. they have been battling the fires. in lake county, people who live in middletown are being advised to evacuate. the fire is burning toward their community. it could be in serious danger if the wind should shift quickly today. the sheriff said this is not a mandatory order right now and
6:50 am
if people do not want to leave now, they should have bags ready with everything they would need to take with them quickly and be ready to get out of town on a moments notice. people have left their homes or cars in the fire are now filing claims. aaa provides auto and home insurance to thousands of people in northern california. they do have a trailer at the sonoma county fairgrounds where you can go to file your claim if that is your insurance. the trailer is located at the fairgrounds at 1350 bennett valley road in santa rosa. it is open from 7 am until 7 pm. aaa says it is providing debit cards to help customers with some immediate living expenses. smoke from the fires continue to cause health concerns for people all over the bay area. that's what a half marathon is being called off in san francisco.
6:51 am
virgin sports said it's canceling the marathon. it was scheduled for this weekend. last night organizers told volunteers that air-quality issues are part of the decision. they say the cancellation means that bay area first responders and resources are now free to focus on the people who need help the most. let's check back in with sal who was covering the commute in addition to all the roads. you really have two jobs this week. you have the fire and the roads closed and then you have people trying to get in and around the bay area. that's right. if you have to drive on highway 101 in sonoma county it is open but some of the off ramps are closed in the area of the fire which is north of highway 12 and the off ramps at hopper, bicentennial, mendocino and river remain closed. also 128 into calistoga and 128
6:52 am
near lake berryessa are closed because of fire activity. from santa rosa to petaluma, the commute traffic has not really been there, as you can imagine. people are not going to work in large numbers in this area. this is highway 24 westbound through lafayette. you see some slow traffic toward the tunnel. on the east shore freeway, 42 minute drive between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze getting down to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that traffic is backed up for its typical weight. there have been some minor issues approaching the bay bridge that's why it looks a little slower than it normally is. if you're driving in san francisco on northbound 101, it is okay. south on 101 looks find on the peninsula. we do have our smoke advisory continuing. it's not going to get better for a while. maybe will be from today there is some signs of rain until then it will get worse. the smoke advisory goes for almost everybody. air-quality is not good. with a north and northeast wind, it brings it down toward the
6:53 am
peninsula and the city and even down into the santa clara valley. better conditions for the firefighters this morning. the highest gusts are in the east bay hills from above the caldecott over toward mount diablo. i had seen 20 miles per hour at atlas peak. the breeze will peak this morning. some higher elevations for that. then decreased throughout the day. windspeed will drop down and pick up tomorrow as one more system goes through. there is a fire where the warning out that will take us through this afternoon. their may be another by tomorrow. the current wind is not that bad. davis, 20 with gusts up to 30. west at 3 and solano county. davis, 20-30. >> thank you. 6:53 am. next, a closer look at santa rosa neighborhoods that were destroyed in the fires. we were able to ride along with the sonoma county sheriff's deputies. we will show you what it looks like in the
6:54 am
fountain grove area.
6:55 am
6:56 am
several bay area sports teams announced a donation yesterday of $450,000 to help fire victims. the donation is from the oakland raiders, oakland a's, san francisco 49ers, san francisco giants, the golden state warriors and the san jose sharks. in addition to the donation the teams are asking all of you to
6:57 am
give to their bay area united campaign to benefit the american red cross. i was just outside breathing the smoky air outside which are causing problems as far south as sfo. yesterday san francisco international put the ground delay program in effect limiting the planes that can take off or land. giving pilots more space on the runways. this means a lot of flights were delayed by one hour or more. 80 flights were canceled, flights from san jose or oakland international have not been affected and we just checked the faa has not decided if sfo operations will be affected again today. one of our photojournalists rode along with a sheriff's deputy yesterday getting a really close look at the devastation in santa rosa. sergeant dave thompson took
6:58 am
randy through one neighborhood near fountain grove parkway where there was just a mailbox standing. thompson described how he helped evacuate guests from the fountain grove in -- inn sunday night. >> later in the evening when we could see the fire coming i went through with the manager along with a couple other deputies and we went door to door doing our best to make sure nobody was in there. the fire alarms were going off, it was loud and smoky but we were tried to do the best we could to make sure there was nobody in there that was immobile. >> the hilton hotel next door was packed with the guests when it was evacuated. it also burned to the ground. governor jerry brown says the fires burning all over could cause tens of billions of
6:59 am
dollars and it will be a long road to recovery. >> these kinds of catastrophes will continue to happen and we have to be prepared to do everything we can to mitigate. it is going to cost a lot of money. the president has declared major disaster along with the other ones in texas and florida and elsewhere this will be tens of billions of dollars. we have to get ready to deal with this situation and prepare for the years to come. >> 8000 firefighters are battling the flames along with helicopters and air tankers. nevada, oregon and washington state are sending fire engines and other resources to our region. fires are continuing to burn out of control in the north bay. we are live from the town of
7:00 am
sonoma which is surrounded by a couple of different sides of fire. many people have left the city and we will tell you about the evacuation orders. this is "ktvu mornings on 2" another busy morning it is thursday another busy morning it is thursday, october 12 i am gasia mikaelian good morning, i'm dave clark. the wildfires are growing and now there are 23 confirmed deaths from the fires. 180 people have been hurt and more than 3500 buildings including homes schools and businesses were damaged or destroyed. the fires have burned 265 square miles that is bigger than the combined sizes of san jose and san francisco. this map is from cal fire showing you where the fires are burning. there are concerns the bigger north bay fires are moving toward each other. they could merge into one huge fire. they are already


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