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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 12, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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sonoma which is surrounded by a couple of different sides of fire. many people have left the city and we will tell you about the evacuation orders. this is "ktvu mornings on 2" another busy morning it is thursday another busy morning it is thursday, october 12 i am gasia mikaelian good morning, i'm dave clark. the wildfires are growing and now there are 23 confirmed deaths from the fires. 180 people have been hurt and more than 3500 buildings including homes schools and businesses were damaged or destroyed. the fires have burned 265 square miles that is bigger than the combined sizes of san jose and san francisco. this map is from cal fire showing you where the fires are burning. there are concerns the bigger north bay fires are moving toward each other. they could merge into one huge fire. they are already 8000
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firefighters on the lines in mendocino napa and lake counties. crews from novato as well as nevada washington and arizona are headed this way. we expect a fire update in the next hour but here is a quick recap of what we know. the atlas fire is the biggest at 42,000 acres. it is only 3% contained. napo officials are devising people living in the area east of silverado trail to get out. there is also an evacuation advisory for people living near jamison canyon road in solano county. >> the second-largest buyer is the tubbs fire it has forced the town of calistoga to be evacuated. the fire has burned 27,000 acres and is 10% contained. there is no video to share of this fire that has burned 9500 acres west of napa, east of
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sonoma. this fire is just 2% contained. the nuns fire is burning north in sonoma county. there are evacuation advisories for people in napa and solano. the nuns fire has burned through 8500 acres. police in the eastern sonoma valley have been going door to door warning people the fire could reach their neighborhood. this video was tweeted out by chp in san francisco. orders were issued for valley road and people are being encouraged to leave. sonoma county sheriff's sent out a map of evacuation areas. there are three major areas one n. of hillsboro and the third between santa rosa and sonoma. alex savidge is live east of sonoma with the latest. >> reporter: certainly, the city of sonoma is threatened by
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fires on a couple of different fronts. we are on the east side of sonoma and this is level valley road just east of seventh street and you can see there is a checkpoint set up where people have been evacuated from this part of sonoma just outside of the city limits. we have been watching the fire actively burn here on the east side of the city throughout the morning when a number of homes in the hills were threatened. you can't really see the flames because the smoke has been pouring in. certainly, there are homes in the area being threatened. people living north of level valley road along seventh street and castle road have been told they need to evacuate. at the same time there are many people being urged to evacuate in other communities. that includes hot springs and
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the area just north of sonoma because fire, the nuns fire is making its way south threatening communities. in speaking with the sheriff's office they have said essentially people in those communities do not need to evacuate but they are highly encouraged to do so. one deputy said to me if you don't need to be here you probably should go at this point. we had a chance to catch up with one gentleman who lives in this community east of sonoma. he has been evacuated but he has been watching the situation unfold from this checkpoint. we spoke with him earlier. >> they are doing an amazing job. you don't get much optimism it is just practical hard facts but i will take that for now.>> how are you and your family doing? >> we are still here.
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we are here watching trying to stay safe and stay out of the way. >> i guess it will turn out however it turns out. >> reporter: again, the nuns fire is approaching sonoma from the north. there is also a fire approaching the city from the east as well. that is the concern and that is why the evacuation advisory has been issued across the city of sonoma. as we drove through the city it was essentially empty in many areas especially to the north of town. a lot of people have chosen to leave on their own and there is an evacuation advisory for many people in sonoma as the fire is creeping closer. we have been watching this on the hills beyond us with a lot of active fire throughout the morning with homes being threatened. >> alex savidge, thank you.
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steve paulson is over here talking about the air and the fires.>> it is not good when you can smell it in here. smoke advisory i don't see much of a break until next thursday but until then there will be a lot of smoke in the atmosphere over the next 3 to 5 days or longer. very unhealthy for many but the worst is to the north as you can imagine. this is the high-resolution rapid refresh model showing the total smoke forecast through tomorrow morning continuing to come out of the north over marin county, san pablo and san francisco. even the santa cruz mountains. we are breezy this morning but not that windy yet with the highest gusts in the east bay hills. the humidity is continuing to drop to the teens.
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mount diablo gusting at 49 miles per hour, oakland hills 36 and knoxville creek which is east of yellow -- yolo 31 miles per hour. atlas peak gusting up to 20 miles per hour. we have a red flag warning to the north and east bay hills all the way down into monterey. santa rosa to the north and the napa airport east. out toward eastern solano county the wind has picked up, there is the 23 miles per hour. there are some very cool temperatures for some as well with 40s and 50s. san jose 48, palo alto 43 and some cool temperatures to the north with freeze warnings for mendocino county until 9:00 this morning. one more system will rotate from the pacific northwest picking up the wind on friday. the strong gusts will be this
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morning with very hazy skies at times in the 60s and 70s. we have a problem on the bay bridge as you come up to treasure island. the backup has come to a trickle at the bay bridge toll plaza because the metering lights have been slow down and you can see the traffic is slowing on westbound bay bridge approaching the crash which is just on the other side of treasure island but look at the slow traffic. you should be aware of this if you use the bay bridge you will be in slow traffic all the way across so you will need extra time. even in the carpool lane you will have this traffic. the crash is west of treasure island. here it is, there are the lights as two lanes are being blocked on the bay bridge. this is the lower deck here so give yourself plenty of time if you use the bay bridge. san mateo bridge could be an
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option for some of you if you are driving in the middle of the bay maybe you live in oakland consider using the san mateo bridge which is looking normal for this time of the morning.  the dumbarton bridge is getting crowded with the highway 101 traffic on the peninsula not looking that. let's go back to the desk. more napa neighborhoods are being warned to be ready to evacuate. allie rasmus is in napa right now with the latest.>> reporter: good morning we are up in the hills above highway 12 and highway 221. we have been watching the flames leave the area. this is the skyline wilderness park and we are in a vineyard. a short time ago we saw some trees flaring up and you might be able to see some of the flames but it looks a lot more quiet in terms of active fire that we can see compared to
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what it was a few hours ago. cal fire is treating this fire and five other fires in the southern fire complex including the atlas fire which has burned 43,000 acres. some new figures from cal fire i just got about 20 minutes ago tell me the nuns fire which is east and south of here grew the most overnight to about 14,000 acres. from 12,000 at 9:00. earlier this morning we drove to some of the neighborhoods near skyline wilderness park near atlas park. there are several people kind of watching from their neighborhood on penny lane anxiously looking at the flames . they told me the fire was not visible from that location yesterday so they were concerned about that. this is video yesterday from the atlas fire yesterday evening. cal fire was doing airdrops on
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it and this is the largest of the six fires in the southern napa region. this one is 43,000 acres. because of that, there are some advisories that have been issued. 9:30 last night in eastern napa east of highway 221 between the highway and jamison canyon road. north of jamison canyon road between highway 12 and the napa solano line. these neighborhoods are under advisory evacuations. they don't have to leave right this second but people in those areas should be prepared to have their essentials, paperwork, medication and pets ready to go. back to you guys. >> after a quick break we will continue coverage on the fires in the north bay. we will be speaking with a cal
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fire spokesman to get the latest on the firefighting efforts and the challenges that crews are facing today.
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amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. the regular morning commute is having some problems and of course there are closures in the north bay due to the fires, sal castaneda is tracking all of this.>> you can see for yourself this is the macarthur maze and you can see this crash on the bay bridge. it is going to be a very slow commute to the bay bridge because of the motorcycle accident that is up on the deck just past treasure island and you can see the macarthur maze with the bay bridge that has come to a standstill except for the carpool lanes. even the carpoolers will be stuck in traffic because it is very slow getting into san francisco so give yourself plenty of time. the accident on the bridge is
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right about the there just west of treasure island and that is holding everything up. let's look at the san mateo bridge and you can see the traffic should be okay. this is a decent alternative if you don't want to use the bay bridge headed to highway 101 but we are just getting word all of the lanes have been reopened on the bay bridge so that will help but the damage is done. all lanes are opened on the bay bridge but the traffic will be slow anyway. this is a look at the san mateo bridge, one last thing is that southbound 680 from concord into alamo we had an earlier accident and this commute will be slower than usual into alamo. 7:15 let's bring in steve. we have weaned but that is nothing compared to sunday and monday with the highest gusts
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in the hills. thomas smith says my ranger instincts tell me only rain will get a handle on these fires. it is 54 and smoky in blossom hill and there are some signs that rain will be returning thursday. i'm sure the fire meteorologists have advised everybody of the same thing. very unhealthy for everybody but the worst is to the north. better conditions today with the humidity not in the teens but it is expected to drop with the gusting in east bay hills with cooler temperatures. mount diablo at 49 miles per hour that is the strongest gust. after that it is less than 35, knoxville creek and atlas peak up to 20 miles per hour. fire weather warning going for everybody from the north to the
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south. it is all the higher elevations even into the santa cruz mountains. in lake county some observations are working and some are not. knoxville creek shows 31 miles per hour so that has gone up a little bit. cloverdale northeast, we have all directions and the humidity is dropping. dropping down to about 54%. temperatures are cold in winsor not much wind, santa rosa northwest at eight miles per hour. toward napa county a lot of the observations have been lost with the atlas peak at 20. we are more dry today than yesterday and here are your oakland observations from the northwest the humidity varying. 31% in healdsburg so there is some very cold air in place
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with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we even have 40s in palo alto. 37 with a freeze warning in mendocino county. the humidity is up in a few spots but expecting to drop. we have another system rotating from the northwest tomorrow picking up the breeze one more time into the 60s and 70s for your temperatures after saturday. the first hint of rain is coming thursday. we are continuing to follow the latest developments surrounding the fires in the north bay. >> we are bringing in our cal fire spokesperson daniel, thank you for being here. tell us what you guys are looking ahead to today. >> we will be watching very closely the wind even though in many areas we have the light wind with the red flag warnings
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not affecting northern california. we do have the potential for gusty winds with low humidity and that could hamper our efforts. we have a lot of crews from around the state working throughout the night working on the containment lines especially on the southern edge of these fires with the northwind starting to blow. we want to make sure the southern edges do not grow. >> we have started to hear that some containment is growing which has to be encouraging but what is your reaction to that?>> we are making progress though we are slowly getting containment. the tops fire is 10% contained so progress is being made. what has been really challenging is the fact that conditions are so dry. you have a little bit of wind with the low humidity and the fires are burning explosively. if we can make it through today
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and the red flag warnings expire and the wind decreases then we are hoping we will be able to get a good handle on the fires. >> you talked about the possibility of two fires merging into one. other than the acreage that is burning is there another concern about fighting one big fire instead of two smaller fires? >> overnight we had two fires in the glen ellen area that merged together. it is not necessarily a bad thing but it does make containment in some aspects a little bit easier. it is all just dependent on the direction the fires are going but several of the fires have burned together. if you look at a map some communities have multiple fires all the way around so it is expected some of them will grow into larger ones but operationally we are managing these as a complex. this will allow us to share resources and make sure all of
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our vehicles get where they need to go. >> yesterday you told us there were 8000 firefighters as that number changed?>> we are bringing in a lot of resources. our sister states to the east like nevada and arizona and oregon have sent resources. forest service has mobilized thousands of firefighters across the west as well. all of this is for additional assistance on these fires and with the red flag warning conditions and the fire risk increasing we want to make sure we have plenty of resources to respond to any new fires. >> are you limited in any way as to how many firefighters you can ask for? some people say you have 8000 why not ask for more? >> first, in california we have a strong mutual aid system with a lot of city and county departments that can provide
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thousands of firefighters quickly. now we are worried about getting additional firefighters to relieve those who have been working up to 36 hours straight. we are absolutely able to bring in resources. something that is nice is that other states are not as busy with fire activity so they are able to give us resources. we have called in more than we need because it is better to have too many than not enough. >> two quick questions. one, the psychological impact of knowing there is so much fuel that can burn and also someone told me this morning a fire station in santa rosa burned down and the vehicles of the firefighters burned with it.>> santa rosa fire department, one of their stations did burn in the tubbs fire. so psychologically it is difficult. these are neighbors who live in
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these communities. obviously we are protecting life and property and to see the destruction and to see how deadly the fires have been has been heartbreaking but we have to stay focused. we have thousands of homes being threatened. firefighters are ensuring we will do whatever we can to fight the flames but mother nature has the upper hand.>> so many people are asking how did the fire start? when do you think fire crews can begin the task of figuring out what started these fires? >> obviously protecting life is our priority but we have trained investigators at the scene of all of the fires and they have been working since day one to track down how these fires started. they arrive at the scene and narrow down where the fire began and then they start looking for clues and ruling out possibilities. there have been a lot of rumors but i can tell you everything
7:24 am
is under investigation. we have not determined for sure any cause but we do have investigators working and when we get that information we will pass it along but the priority is keeping people out of harms way. >> are there any causes that have been ruled out?>> we have been able to look at lightening. lightning can spark fires all at the same time similar to what we have experienced but we did not have any thunderstorm systems in that area so we have been able to rule out lightning on some of the fires but others are under investigation. most of the fires that we respond to in california are sparked by people. whether it is negligence, vehicles or smoking or power lines. most fires are caused by people and those are the things we are looking at. >> daniel, thank you for taking the time to come here and bring
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us up to date. have a good day if you can. the california national guard is helping the firefighters and for those people who have had to evacuate. >> pam cook back in the studio with more. >> national guardsmen and women are playing an important role in this firefight. overnight more national guard crews arrived at moffett field. here are some photos of the 129th rescue wing and the 146th airlift team. these are the teams arriving shortly before midnight. the teams consist of 100 guardsmen and women from near long beach in southern california. the teams will be providing support for the shelters in napa and solano. so many people have had to evacuate. the california national guard
7:26 am
also helping firefighters from the air. the charles scholz airport is serving as a hub for a black hawk helicopter. yesterday they surveyed the fire zone from the air. ken wayne went along for the ride and there was devastation. from above you can see the massive devastation. the burn area is hardly recognizable. even if you lived there. they flew over coffee park in santa rosa and fountain grove. they have also brought in some extremely advanced technology to help with the firefight. this allows crews to track the flames in real-time, giving them a better chance to predict the path of the fires using this high-tech mapping. the officials are able to see what areas need to be evacuated first. >> we have this technology and it has been a big advantage
7:27 am
because we can see in real-time where the fire is. >> it will let them know where the strike teams are needed most so they are using the mapping technology. travis air force base is also helping with the firefight. trucks and personnel from travis arnaud helping solano county and they are using water trucks to refill other water trucks. have also provided generators to the green valley plant so that plant can continue to provide power because sometimes these firefighters are in areas where there are no hydrants so they have to bring water trucks in. or they will have to bring relief for the crews just to reiterate all that is going on to stay off the roads because they have so many resources needed.>> pam cook, thank you. we are continuing to follow the latest developments surrounding the fires in the
7:28 am
north bay. >> we have word about evacuation warnings and evacuations here in solano county and fairfield. we will have all of that coming up. how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up)
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7:30 on this october 12 i'm gasia mikaelian good morning, i'm dave clark we are getting
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updates on the wildfires in northern california. here are the latest numbers. there are 23 confirmed deaths from the fires. 180 people have been injured and more than 3500 buildings including homes schools and businesses have been damaged or destroyed. we have new numbers on the tubbs fire burning in napa and sonoma. it has burned 34,000 acres and that is up from 20,000. the containment is better however at 10%. >> there is a new warning for people in solano county. people north of interstate 80 and the county line with napa are being told to be ready to evacuate. christien kafton is live from rockville road in the evacuation area. >> we will get to the new warnings about the possible evacuations in a moment but
7:32 am
first i just got some new information from cal fire and they tell me now they are massing an effort. you can see the smoke on the ridge line, this area is near the green valley country club. this is where cal fire is focusing their energy today trying to stop the fire from progressing into the community in that area. as you said before we are at system valley and rockville county road. this is one of the areas under a warning to prepare for evacuation. the new information, green valley evacuation is still in effect but cal fire has issued an advisory for people north of jamison canyon road from the county line to interstate 80 and west from i-82 the county line. this is not a mandatory evacuation order but an advisory.
7:33 am
fairfield police say that east ridge is under voluntary evacuation as well. people here should have a bag ready to go so get your important papers essentials and clothing for a few days with any medications you might need so if the order comes you can get out quickly. there is also information about the evacuation centers. the allen whisk sports complex is the primary evacuation center with beds available as well as food and water. fairfield high school is also taking evacuees. we also have word about school closures. fairfield, suisun valley schools are closed. travis unified schools are closed, vacaville unified closed today and tomorrow as well. we had a chance to drive through some of the burned out areas this morning and it seems the fire is moving relatively slowly.
7:34 am
as the day warms up the wind could get going and yesterday at about 10:00 that is when we started to hear about spot fires. they were aggressively working on the spot fires trained to prevent them from spreading into larger fires were connecting with the atlas fire. we expect an update on the fire in the next couple of hours so we can figure out how it has moved overnight, also him the acres have been consumed. back to you guys. >> i am looking at the relatively bright sky before you and it looks like the worst air quality is pretty far away from the fire zone. >> yes, that was one of the things we have noticed as well. yesterday at this time i was using a mask anytime i wasn't on air.
7:35 am
we were both using masks before we went to the air but this morning we don't need to do it. there is definitely haze in the air it is a bit cool but in this area it is not very smoky which is good news for people in this area. >> christien kafton, thank you. >> the assistant fire marshal with the city of santa rosa says crews were preparing for strong and warm wind last night but they caught a break. the wind was not as strong as expected. now could be the first good chance to make up ground fighting the flames. >> we would rather have these weather conditions now where it is cold damp and humid versus the hot dry and windy events. so we just hope the weather continues to hold and we can make some good progress and get in containment. >> he says he knows people were forced to evacuate are anxious
7:36 am
to get back to their property but he says that firefighters are trained to make sure the winds do not return to the neighborhoods that have already burned. he says officials will let people see if their homes are still there as soon as possible. >> it can be helpful to look from high above. we are bringing in skyfox with live pictures above calistoga. certainly i can't give you any details on this neighborhood but this picture shows some smoke and haze rising from the fire scene. this is skyfox above calistoga. one of the locations for the tubbs fire. yesterday we had mandatory evacuations for people in calistoga north of grant street. a number of areas outside of the town of calistoga like lincoln avenue is the main street. a number of people live in this area and we have a
7:37 am
bunch of branches right outside of lincoln. i know that allie rasmus was reporting fire crews said 40% of the homes along mountain home ranch road have gone up in flames. a lot of people have evacuated their large animals with many horse trailers and people helping get their pets to safety but these pictures are from skyfox over the tubbs fire in calistoga. as we swing the camera around you can see a lot of smoke and haze with a number of wildfires burning still very little or no containment to report on any of these big fires. again, 8000 firefighters on the ground and later in the day we hope to see more support from the air. cal fire said they have loaded up 331 331,000 gallons of fire retardant and that is a record.
7:38 am
we wanted to bring in another perspective. this gives you a good idea of what is happening at the scene of the tubbs fire this leads us to steve paulson. what does this tell you? >> there is not much of a breeze so it is this kind of sitting there. it could pick up a little bit later but it is nothing compared to sunday and monday. we are getting temperatures in the 30s and 40s now so that is less than 20 miles per hour for the wind with the smoke advisory continuing. we have unhealthy air moving around and a little breezy this morning in the higher elevations. the highest gusting in the east bay hills with temperatures cooling off in the 60s and 70s. mount diablo 49, oakland hills 36 and after that things are tailing off. nothing compared to what we saw
7:39 am
a couple of days ago. we have a red flag warning in the hills going to the santa cruz mountains and monterey. in lake county some areas have some cold temperatures. one observation 32 with 40% humidity. and then we have knoxville creek northeast at 32 miles per hour much lower humidity. the same around guys oroville northwest. cloverdale all over the place. this is definitely offshore for most, hawkeye 18 miles per hour. the wind is northeast at santa rosa so nothing like 40 or 50. atlas peak 50 with mile per hour winds of 20. some areas hardly have any breeze but above the oakland hills 29% humidity. there is
7:40 am
not much of a breeze in fairfield but vacaville has a gust of 12 miles per hour. as you leave the valley the breeze is picking up, healdsburg 48 degrees, cloverdale 46, we have some very cool readings with 44 at the concord pavilion that is very cool. fairfield at 57 and toward mendocino county 29 degrees with the northeast wind. there is actually a freeze warning along with a red flag warning as well but that is good. one more system will be coming down tomorrow for another round of a breeze and i will stable conditions. we have a big delay getting to the bay bridge and is affecting the east short freeway. we had a crash on the bay bridge and it affected the east short freeway. it is taking more than an hour almost one hour and 50 minutes
7:41 am
to drive from vallejo to the macarthur maze. at the toll plaza day have started to speed up the metering lights but the traffic is recovering from an earlier accident. if you are trying to get into san francisco there will be a long wait to get to the bridge. transportation like bart is doing well. san francisco is very smoky itself. 101 north and southbound seems okay with a little bit of crowding at the 80 split. san mateo bridge is moderately heavy getting to the high-rise. the dumbarton bridge is kind of longer all the way into menlo park. 7:41, back to the desk. some information on some of the victims. linda tunis died when a fire swept through the journey's end mobile home park in santa rosa. her daughter jessica posted this photo of her on facebook. her body was found in the ruins
7:42 am
of her home yesterday. a teenager from mendocino county also died. his parents and sister are in the hospital with severe burns after they tried to escape in redwood valley. the shepherd family was in their car when it caught fire monday. they tried to walk out and that is when kai shepherd was killed. also we are learning more about the life of one of the santa rosa fire victims. christina hanson graduated from cal hello she was described as full of life. christina was born with spina bifida. she moved to santa rosa and live behind her father. she will be honored tomorrow at the homecoming football game. this is along with denise cohen and stacee etcheber who died in the las vegas shooting. there are mandatory evacuation orders in mendocino county where two fires have spread. the sheriff's office ordered everyone to leave potter valley.
7:43 am
that community is split between mendocino and lake counties. people are supposed to leave by now but anyone who is there you are being told to go south to highway 20 to highway 22 get out safely. 700 people live in the evacuation zone. mendocino county fires have burned almost 30,000 acres. they are currently 5% contained. the bodies of three more fire victims were found yesterday in mendocino bringing the countywide death toll to six. >> many people are looking for a safe place to go, in a moment we will talk live with a spokesperson from the red cross.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:45, sal castaneda is right over there and we have problems on the road. >> the bay bridge is getting slow because of an earlier motorcycle crash. the westbound approach to the bay bridge is slow almost at 90 minutes to drive from carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. one of the longest times i have seen in a few weeks. i would advise you, if you don't have to go this way, don't because it will take a long time and this is partially due to people using this stretch to stay out of marin county. also, there was a motorcycle crash on the bridge blocking two lanes for a while. that is gone now but traffic is slow trying to filter onto the bay bridge. the lights were turned on to very slow but now they are speeding up. it will take a while for this to unwind. by the time you get to san
7:47 am
francisco things are better but if you want to come the other way perhaps use the san mateo bridge and go northbound on 101. there is some slow traffic to deal with but currently the bay bridge and the entire east short freeway is log jammed. concord to walnut creek into danville will be slow and highway 4 is very slow. we have highway 37 that is open but slow getting out of vallejo. highway 101 through santa rosa is open but the exit ramps have been closed north of highway 12. let's bring in steve paulson with your forecast. >> the wind speeds are not that strong at least to the north. they are highest in the east bay hills over toward mt. diablo. some colder temperatures have settled in. our friend on twitter let us know 39 degrees in napa valley. smoky and packed up and ready to leave. we will take 39 degrees over 70
7:48 am
as we saw sunday night and monday. it is tough to get a lot of the observations because they are missing in parts of napa county. atlas peak north at 21. there is a component of a south wind or northeast it is just variable. the humidity is higher but we have the smoke advisory continuing for the next couple of days. very unhealthy air that is moving around depending on the wind speeds. the national weather service said this out, this is the total smoke forecast. it is coming straight from the north going over marin county, san pablo bay and much of the bay area. the wind forecast is not bad mostly northwest decreasing afternoon and then picking up tomorrow afternoon and evening as another system comes in and we are not looking for anything over 30 or 40 except for mount diablo. santa rosa north at six miles per hour.
7:49 am
i have seen some gusting toward fairfield at 25. 30s and 40s for temperatures so much colder air with higher humidity helping many but the temperatures will be in the 70s which is good instead of the upper 80s or 90s. 18 in truckee, very cold in mendocino county. there is actually a freeze warning until 9:00 with high fire danger continuing. one more system will come back friday giving us a good breeze and after that things will calm down and warm-up for the weekend. more people are still being evacuated from their homes. >> shelters have been opened up in contra costa as well as sacramento. the areas where they are servicing has branched out. joining us on the phone is larry from the american red cross to give us an update on shelters. >> good morning and how is
7:50 am
everybody today? >> we are very busy certainly thinking of those who have been in shelters for multiple nights. the fact you are opening them this far away, what does that say about the population you are serving? >> the population as you might imagine is increasing significantly. it is partially due to the optional and mandatory evacuation orders that have been issued in the last 24 hours. >> do you know how many people total are at the red cross shelters?>> right now, i have got 150. well, let me start by saying these numbers are the midnight counts. we feel that midnight is the most reliable time to take account. in order to get the services you
7:51 am
don't have to stay there overnight and in some situations people are able to leave during the day and do what they need to do and then use the shelter for just shelter. having said that, last night in sonoma county at the veterans memorial building we had 150. at the sonoma fairground in santa rosa we had 300. at the finley community center we had 202. at the sonoma marin fairground we had 350 and we had 142 at allen high school. in lake county we had 12 people at the twin pines shelter and just two at the partner shoulder being run by the seventh bay. >> so many viewers want to help . they are offering blanket and
7:52 am
children's clothing but at this point is it money that helps the most? >> money does help the most. we certainly appreciate everyone's generosity but material things are what we need at the moment. we pre-populate shelters with all of the necessities blankets towels soap and water so those kinds of gifts are not needed. the financial donation gives us the greatest flexibility and frankly when we transition to the recovery mode that will be a great help. >> larry, thank you for joining us. we have more ways for you to donate listed on we are getting a closer look at the destruction in santa rosa, up next what our camera saw when we drove around several neighborhoods. gro man) he'sng at me right now, isn't he? yup.
7:53 am
(butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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7:55 am
welcome back, the evacuation orders continue to grow, mandatory evacuations are in place for highway 128, east river rock casino and south of 128 from kaiser road to the cal pine area. several homes have been destroyed and 5000 acres have burned. we rode along with a sonoma county sheriff's deputy yesterday getting a close look at the devastation in santa rosa. sergeant dave thompson took into one neighborhood near
7:56 am
fountain grove parkway. there was just a mailbox left standing. thompson described how he helped evacuate guests from the fountain grove [ indiscernible ] before it burned to the ground. >> later on in the evening when we saw the fire coming i went through with the manager and a couple upper -- other deputies, we went door to door making nobody was in there. the fire alarms were going off. it was loud and smoky but we were doing the best we could to make sure nobody was in there. >> sergeant says the hilton hotel next door was packed with guests when it was evacuated. that hotel also burned. governor jerry brown says the fires could cost tens of billions of dollars and it will be a long road to recovery.
7:57 am
>> these kind of catastrophes have happened and they will continue to happen but we have to be prepared to do everything that we can to mitigate. it will cost a lot of money. the president has declared a major disaster and along with the other ones in texas and florida this will be tens of billions of dollars. we have to get ready to deal with this situation and then prepare for others to follow. >> thousands of firefighters are battling the fires along with helicopters and air tankers. nevada oregon and washington have sent fire engines and other resources to the region. attempting to get into those neighborhoods affected by the fire. coming up, the efforts by our crews and where you can watch full-length videos of what we have seen on the ground.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
more evacuations are being planned, the coverage of the fires in northern california continues. >> this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> good morning welcome back i'm mike mibach i am gasia mikaelian, the wildfires are continuing to grow and the situation could get worse before it gets better. there are 23 confirmed deaths from the north bay fires but the number will likely grow
8:01 am
when they can focus on that part of the situation. 180 people have been injured. more than 3500 buildings including homes schools and businesses are damaged or destroyed. the fires have burned through 265 square miles that is an area bigger than the combined sizes of san jose and san francisco together. >> here is a cal fire map giving you an idea of where the fires are burning. there are two dozen major fires burning in northern california. officials are worried because some of the fires are moving toward each other. they could merge into one massive fire making it more difficult to control. >> we are starting to get new numbers on the fires in the northern part of california. the atlas fire from sunday night is still just 3% contained. it started near atlas peak near the silverado trail.
8:02 am
since then it has moved south and east into solano county. >> the second-largest is the tubbs fire which forced calistoga to be evacuated. that fire has burned 34,000 acres. >> the nuns fire is burning north of glen ellen. authorities have advised evacuations for people in napa county and solano county because of the nuns fire. it has burned through 81 it has burned through 8100 acres. we have video to share of the partrick fire which has burned east of sonoma. the partrick fire is 2% contained. there are mandatory evacuation orders in mendocino where two fires have spread. the sheriff's department has ordered everyone to leave the potter valley area. the community is split between mendocino and lake county. people are supposed to be out by now. anyone in the area is being told to go south to highway 20 to highway 22 get out safely.
8:03 am
700 people live in the evacuation zone. mendocino county fires have burned 30,000 acres and are just 5% contained. three more fire victims were found yesterday bringing the death toll in mendocino to six. >> alameda firefighters have been deployed to fight the fires in mendocino. they send out photos of the teams packing up yesterday. firefighters from oakland and santa clara have been sent as well. >> we have been sending crews out looking at the neighborhoods impacted. we drove through santa rosa yesterday and we had another crew in the sonoma county area. we are uploading these videos to facebook and youtube. you can see them in their entirety. we have asked reporters to describe what they have seen and to also give us street locations and neighborhoods because so many people are reaching out to us who want to know what they should do.
8:04 am
this is one small way we are working to get you that information. >> when the sun went down there was a lot of talk about the wind and red flag warning. let's check in with steve paulson. >> things are much colder and the wind is much less than jake recently. we do have a lot of smoke. in the western foothills south there is a smoky sunrise. that is why the air quality graphic is hidden. this one should say unhealthy as i have moved it up. there you go. unhealthy and very unhealthy. sometimes these get covered by the logo. all of these fires are with a northwest breeze. some of this smoke is being
8:05 am
funneled over the area because you're getting gusting with mount diablo at 54. oakland hills 36, atlas peak 21. generally it is not that breezy. at the surface there is not much more of a wind than and miles per hour. the highest gust in the east bay hills with higher humidity dropping later on. to butchers are mostly in the 70s. we have traffic that will be affected in the fire areas. let's start with highway 101 which is open, north of highway 12 the ramps are closed. you can't get off the freeway in this area because chp is blocking the exit ramps. highway 128 into calistoga will be closed and also 128 near the lake will be closed as well. a lot of local closures as well in the area as you might imagine. not a lot of traffic on the redwood highway. this is 80 westbound getting
8:06 am
better but still more than one hour to drive from vallejo to the macarthur maze. the bay bridge is improving but a lot of that had to do with the crash on the bridge that was there for 25 minutes. things are getting better but it will take a while for the traffic to unwind. san francisco traffic is moderate with hazy skies. at the airport there could be delayed because of haze and smoke. check with your airline's as those delays could be for a long time. the san mateo bridge traffic is moderate. let's get back to the desk. people in solano are being told to be ready to evacuate. >> this is for people living north of 80. piston captain is live to bring us the latest on the atlas fire. >> this is rockville and suisun valley road. this is one of the fueling stations the fire crews are hitting up making sure they are fueled up so they can go back
8:07 am
into the area. beyond this gas station this area is where cal fire told me they are focusing efforts on the area around the green valley country club. he tells me the fire is running up the canyon and that area and they are trying to prevent it from destroying homes. you can see this is one of the chp checkpoints this is the green valley evacuation zone so people have not been allowed in. we spoke with one man who lives in this area who lined up first thing this morning hoping to get back in to see his own. i asked him what did he know about his home? >> i don't know anything yet. i knew one of the shares had been up there. so far it looks good for me but that is what he has said. >> how long have you been out? >> three days i think.
8:08 am
>> the green valley evacuation order is in effect but cal fire has issued an advisory for people north of jamison canyon road from the county road to i- 80 and west from suisun valley road from i-80 to the county line. this is not a mandatory evacuation order. fairfield police have said the east ridge area is under a voluntary evacuation order. people should be ready to go so that means gather enough clothing for a few days possibly more, get important papers and any essentials you might need so if the order is to evacuate you can get out quickly. we also have no information about the evacuation centers. the sports complex is now the primary center with beds available as far as food and water also. fairfield high school is excepting evacuees. we have word on school closures. fairfield valley is closed,
8:09 am
travis unified is also closed today and tomorrow. vacaville unified is closed today and tomorrow. we have had a chance to drive through some affected areas. the area from yesterday in the green valley evacuation area, this area the fire activity is fairly low but it has progressed overnight. we are hoping to figure out how this fire developed overnight. we hope to hear from cal fire in a briefing on the atlas fire. at last check it was in excess of 43,000 acres. when we are done here we will be headed to the ridgeline to look at the work underway. >> in the last hour we talked about the good air quality where you are. i am noticing there is not any wind blowing around you. >> it is quite still which is good news. we spoke with another evacuate
8:10 am
and she said she does not need to see the doom and gloom. she said she heard there would be a lot of wind and the wind did not develop so she is hoping that is good news and certainly that is the news that cal fire wants because the wind can push the embers out and start spot fires. that is something we were tracking yesterday, the spot fires. so the embers coming from the atlas fire starting new fires. one of them was about 200 acres and they were aggressively trying to get onto the fire to hit it with water so they could get the fire under control. again, we were at the chevron station at suisun valley . you can see the crews filling up preparing to hit the fire lines. their check to get an early start so they can get more containment on the atlas fire. >> a sign of appreciation thing
8:11 am
echoed by many, thank you so much. >> in the sonoma county the sheriff sent out a map showing evacuation areas in effect. there are three major zones one of them north of healdsburg one of them north of santa rosa 1/3 between santa rosa and downtown sonoma. alex savidge has spoken to people from their homes by the fires and they have told him it is an experience they will never forget. >> the city of sonoma is threatened by fires on a couple of fronts. we are here on the east side of the city on level valley road east of seventh street. there is a checkpoint set up here where the road has been blocked off and people are not being allowed to return to these homes that you see in the foothills east of town. they have been forced to evacuate and many people are trying to get whatever
8:12 am
information they can from firefighters about the condition of their homes. some homes have been lost as fire continues to move to the area throughout the morning. we had active flames and an orange glow in the hills east of sonoma. quite a bit of concern and we can tell you mandatory evacuation orders were issued for people in sonoma living north of level valley road. those people have been told to get out as this fire closes in. we talked to one gentleman who was forced to evacuate his home outside of sonoma on monday. we caught up with him as he was kind to find out if his home was standing. >> they are doing an amazing job. you can't get much optimism it is practical hard facts and i will take that for now. >> how are you and your family doing?>> we are still here
8:13 am
watching trying to stay safe but also just trying to stay informed. i can't take my eyes off of it. >> on the north side of sonoma, the nuns fire is threatening to move lesotho the city and thousands have been urged to evacuate in a number of communities including hot springs because that fire has caused quite a bit of destruction in communities north of there like glen ellen and kenwood. now it is pushing south closer to sonoma so deputies have been going door-to-door not telling people they have to leave but telling people if they don't need to be here, it is probably time for them to go. as we drove through sonoma and the surrounding communities it certainly feels empty and a lot of people have decided to leave town. in sonoma alex savidge ktvu fox 2 news.
8:14 am
more evacuations for people in napa county. we will bring you allie rasmus she is live in an area that is considered to be in the path of danger. we have a lot of slow traffic in the east bay with a couple of problems making it slower on this freeway. more on that straightahead. thankfully the wind did not kick up much overnight but now we are getting gusting up to 50 miles per hour in the highest elevations. the smoke layer will continue to play into the forecast for about a week.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
more neighborhoods in napa are being warned to get ready to evacuate. >> allie rasmus brings us an update from napa. >> we are at fourth avenue and behind us is skyline wilderness park. you can see smoke in the canyons behind the hills and people who live around here say that this has been the pattern for the last three days. this has been a holding pattern where they see the smoke plumes rising and it appears the flames are getting closer and in the morning things calm down but the problems with the wind changes and the weather conditions changing they are on the edge of their seats when the afternoon and evening rose in. here is video from this morning
8:18 am
these are the flames from the eastern edge of skyline park. this is the view from the hills above highway 12 and highway 221. this is part of the atlas fire that has burned more than 43,000 acres with 3% containment. christien kafton is also covering the fire but on the solano county side. this is a 43,000 acre fire across two counties. this is the southwestern side but an evacuation advisory was issued last night for several east napa neighborhoods. the county put out a map of the general area that is under evacuation advisory. again, that does not mean people up to leave right now but they should have stuff packed up and ready to go in case they have to leave at a
8:19 am
moments notice. there are quite a few homes and vineyards where we are. we spoke with some people who were here managing their friends property right next to this wilderness park where we showed you the smoke from earlier. they have a pickup truck with a 500 gallon tank and they also have a swimming pool with a pump ready to go. they have been running the sprinklers for the last four days but they are ready to defend the property if necessary. they say they have been in this holding pattern for the last four days. one man says he has gotten about two hours of sleep. they keep looking at the hillside next to them and so far the fire has not come too close but they can see the smoke from where they are. obviously you can smell it as well. people are just kind of keeping an eye on the hills at the wilderness park. back to you guys. >> firefighters are not the only ones digging in.
8:20 am
i know yesterday we had impressive airdrops on all of the fires in northern california with the sunshine -- sun having been up for a little while have you seen anything? >> i have not seen anything here again the skyline wilderness park is kind of the napa county side of the atlas fire. i'm not sure if the other side has seen anything but we have not. >> cal fire has loaded up 331,000 gallons of fire retardant which is a record in california. sal castaneda you have been helping us get around the fire areas and also the daily commute has been bad. >> the commute continues and we have been focusing on the fire areas. i want to show you some things in case you are wondering. highway 101 is opened but a lot of the off ramps are closed. chb is not letting you off the freeway in this area with the fire damage happened.
8:21 am
you can drive through highway 101 and 37 is opened. on the east bay we have a tough commute with highway 24 slow through lafayette. the east shore freeway taking more than one hour to drive from hilltop drive headed to the macarthur maze and the bay bridge. this is unwinding from an earlier motorcycle accident that had a chain reaction because the bay bridge traffic was very slow affecting a lot of commutes. this is 880 southbound and this is where we had the motorcycle accident. traffic is slow headed south toward fremont and in the south bay we have the traffic of a normal thursday getting to the west valley on 85, 101 and 280. let's bring in steve paulson. let's look at skyfox taking in the fires and now you
8:22 am
can see the smoke and haze. you can see there is not much of a breeze. the most i have seen is atlas peak at 21 miles per hour. firefighters got a break with cooler temperatures and higher humidity. also there is a decrease in wind so there is no comparison to sunday and monday with the butchers cooler and wind speeds are far less than what they were. we had 80s and 90s sunday and monday with the 30s and 40s this morning. there is enough of a breeze with the air quality and smoke advisory continuing from healthy to unhealthy to the north and a lot of the smoke continues to be sent depending on the wind. we have this high resolution model from the weather service so you can see the smoke is going north to south. breezy for some but not at the surface with 70s and 20% humidity later. it is currently higher than that but ironically the highest gusts of wind have been in the
8:23 am
east bay hills. this morning we are much cooler than we have been, we are getting about 10 to 20 mile per hour winds with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. the strongest gust was mount diablo at 54. oakland hills 36 and after that it all tails off. atlas peak gusting up to 21 currently. looking at our observations around lake county we have a west wind with knoxville creek north. guys oroville northwest, cloverdale east, cloverdale north. the humidity is varying as well but pretty low. some areas like santa rosa are around 50 to 60%. yesterday at this time we were
8:24 am
at 49% so the humidity levels are actually dropping and above the oakland hills 28%. a very dry feel in the east bay hills. 30s, 40s and 50s with the cold air helping out those fires. 18 in truckee and temperatures in mendocino county, we have 28, 29 and 30 in bearing spots. we have a cold freeze warning going until 9:00. we have another system rotating from the pacific northwest on friday picking up the wind speeds. today we have the system today which is not bad then we have one more on friday and much warmer with the next sign of rain coming thursday.>> 42,000 acres for the atlas fire now it is over 43,000.
8:25 am
>> atlas peak is 22 miles per hour but below that it is not that bad. >> more national guard troops are headed to northern california. we will tell you how they are contributing to the firefight and we will show you the technology they are using. this is the new comfort food.
8:26 am
8:27 am
grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. a lot of people in different law enforcement and firefighting agencies have been traveling to the bay area to
8:28 am
help with the effort. that includes the national guard. >> pam cook is back in the studio with a look at what the guardsmen are doing. >> they are providing so much help. overnight more national guard crews arrived at moffett field and they are playing important roles in all of this. these are the 129th rescue wing and the 146th airlift team that arrived shortly before midnight. the teams consist of 100 large men and women from the los alamitos area in long beach. the teams will provide support for the shelters. so many people have had to evacuate, now the national guard is helping firefighters from the air. charles scholz airport is serving as a hub for a black hawk helicopter and its crew come yesterday they surveyed the fire zone from the air.
8:29 am
ken wayne was able to go along for the ride from above. you can see the massive destruction. state senator bill dodd who represents much of the fire zone joined in the flyover and he says he is there to make sure firefighters have what they need. >> i think what it is, is to get a complete understanding of where the resources are. where the biggest concerns are and how to protect lives. that is the most important thing that we have right now public safety. >> you can see some of the burned areas that are now hardly recognizable. they flew over coffee park in santa rosa and fountain grove. travis air force base in fairfield is helping with the firefight. trucks and personnel are helping firefighters in solano county using their water trucks to refill other water trucks and they have provided
8:30 am
generators to the green valley water treatment plant so that it can continue to provide power. they have this amazing mapping technology to pinpoint where the firefighters need to set up the lines. >> so many things happening. there are new evacuation advisories as multiple fires burn across the north bay. we will talk live with cal fire about the latest numbers, the conditions of the lines and when people should be ready to leave. hey, it's me, your dry skin. i'm craving something we're missing. the ceramides in cerave. they help restore my natural barrier, so i can lock in moisture and keep us protected. we've got to have each other's backs and fronts. cerave. what your skin craves. for your skin?ronts. insta-detox l'oreal's pure-clay masks
8:31 am
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8:32 am
we have a busy thursday morning october 12 i am gasia mikaelian good morning i'm mike mibach, fire crews say
8:33 am
that the battle is tough. the number of confirmed deaths at 23 although once officials are able to do a thorough search the number is likely to increase. 180 people have been injured. more than 3500 buildings including homes schools hotels and businesses have been damaged or destroyed. the fires have burned 265 square miles. bigger than the sizes of san jose and san francisco combined. >> let's bring up a map to show you the biggest fires. there are concerns of the larger fires moving toward each other and they could merge into one huge fire. the big concern is the wind today gusting up to 30 miles per hour pushing flames and sending embers flying. joining us is cal fire spokesperson daniel. thank you for taking the time to join us. a lot of talk about calistoga.
8:34 am
also downtown sonoma and the homes outside of the downtown area, can you give us an update in regards to those locations? >> of course those areas have been evacuated for most of the residents in that area but it has been a long firefight in those communities. working to protect structures, we had some destruction especially in the rural parts of sonoma county. also geiser has a lot of fires. over a dozen firefighters are working hard in calistoga and santa rosa but also across the north bay. we brought in reinforcement crews to relieve firefighters who have been on the front lines for up to 36 hours. >> are firefighters running into people refusing to evacuate? >> unfortunately that is a situation we deal with all the time. we need people in these areas to leave now.
8:35 am
many people choose to try to wait it out. they think they have been through this before but by the fine -- time the fire arrives it is too late. so then we have to pull firefighters off the front lines to go rescue people. if you live in one of these areas we ask that you leave now. if you live in an area under an advisory be prepared to leave. have your documents ready to go so you can leave at a moments notice. >> we are watching some video of the airdrops. on tuesday, we spoke with the cal fire chief and he said you have access to almost every aviation asset in the country. two days later is that still the case? >> yes it is. if there is any good news it is that california is the only state with major fires so a lot
8:36 am
of the federal resources and air tankers are here in california helping. where not competing for resources with any other states. we brought in several hundreds of fire engines from other states with local government engines from surrounding states. the forest service also has brought in equipment. the national guard has activated their troops also to help us in this battle. we have two doesn't fires burning now and with a red flag warning as well as into the south bay the possibility of new fires exists so we want to have plenty of resources. >> are the additional people coming from other states helping to cycle out those men and women who have been on the ground for two days at a time? or are the increasing the number of firefighters?>> a little bit of both. many of these firefighters have been working long hours fighting the fire and protecting homes.
8:37 am
we need to provide relief and let them get some sleep. we want to give them 24 hours of being off and get them back the next day. those crews will provide relief but we need additional assistance so that is why we are moving around resources. as we make progress on the smaller fires especially in other parts of the state as we wrap those fires up we are redeploying resources to the north. we are reassigning them so we have enough resources. >> obviously there is a lot of active flame ongoing but do you have investigators in the burned areas looking for the causes of these fires? >> since day one we have had investigators at the scene of all of these fires working to determine what caused the fire. all of them are under investigation but we have not been able to determine what started the fire. these trained investigators are
8:38 am
looking for clues and signs. we are looking at the weather patterns to try to narrow down but the investigations continue today.>> daniel berlant bringing us the latest. do you have any reports of firefighters being injured? >> fortunately we have not had any major injuries. obviously we train and we have safety gear but at this point there are no major reports of injuries. we hope that continues especially with the amount of work left. >> thank you for the update and for the good work you guys are doing on the ground. >> a number of firefighters have actually lost their homes because of the fires and even with that they are in uniform out there knowing that their homes are gone. let's talk more about the victims of the fires. we have some new information on the victims.
8:39 am
linda tunis died when a fire swept through the journey's end mobile home park in santa rosa. her daughter jessica posted this photo. her body was found in the ruins of her home yesterday. >> a teenager from mendocino also died in the fire. his parents and sister have been hospitalized with severe burns after trying to escape their home in redwood valley. the shepherd family was in the vehicle when it caught fire on monday. they tried to leave and that is when kai shepherd was killed. we are learning more about the life of a santa rosa victim, christina hanson graduated from california high school in san ramon. christina was born with spina bifida. she moved to santa rosa and lived behind her father. the family thinks the fire hit her apartment first and her father try to save her. she died and her father is in serious condition with third- degree burns.
8:40 am
>> really it was a nightmare that came true. so right now we have to shift our focus to her father and make sure he is okay. >> if she were here she would be worried about everyone in her community and making sure everyone else that is missing was found. she would want to be at the shelters helping and i think we just need to honor her and try to live the way she would be living. >> christina will be honored tomorrow at the homecoming football game. along with stacee etcheber and denise cohen. they died in the las vegas shooting. there has been a memorial fund set up for christina hanson, find the link on mandatory evacuations in calistoga. paul chambers will show us the scene as residents packed up and headed out.
8:41 am
we have a lot of slow traffic in the east bay and the commute is continuing on 880 northbound driving into downtown. a smoky and hazy day on tap but the wind has not been that bad. we'll see if there's any rain coming up.
8:42 am
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8:43 am
you'll lose out on this deal. come try jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. this morning the city of
8:44 am
calistoga is empty after everyone's told to get out. >> the city is virtually a ghost town. paul chambers was there as the last people left town.>> with the exception of these emergency vehicles the streets of calistoga are deserted. this comes after cal fire posted this notice on residence doors telling people to leave.>> embers could reign over everything. >> dangerous because of the tubbs fire which has burned 28,000 acres in northern napa and into sonoma. knowing that, james refuses to leave his home. >> i am worried about losing everything. >> across town, greg is also ignoring the evacuation order although he has a plan ready. >> we are packed up and ready to go. we have food and canned goods with dog food. we have a couple of dogs to
8:45 am
take with us. >> if greg has to go he may have to leave some animals behind. sunrise rescues will recover any animals that they come across. >> it is not the owner's fault they couldn't get them out. >> we are ready to keep evacuating the horses that need help in calistoga. >> the group has rescued over 300 horses. also on standby are these firefighters from the department of corrections in san diego county. the team arrived tuesday night. >> given the event this fire comes tonight we are preparing the structures so they are defendable. >> paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news the destruction from the fires is estimated to be in the billions. governor brown says he expects
8:46 am
the cost to fight the fire and to rebuild all the homes is going to be tens of billions of dollars. he assured that they have the resources needed to recover.>> individually there are great tragedies where people have died or have been injured and their well-being's are being affected. that cannot be recovered but material things will be recovered. >> governor brown says because the economy is so large it can absorb even a disaster of this magnitude. >> people who lost their homes or cars in the fire are filing insurance claims. many companies have set up mobile offices to help those who have lost their homes. aaa which provides auto and home insurance has a trailer at the sonoma county fairgrounds so customers can go file claims. it is located at 1350 that valley road in santa rosa. the company says they are
8:47 am
providing debit card to help customers with immediate expenses. 285 people missing in sonoma county and 300 others have been located. here is the number to call if you are looking for someone. the sonoma county missing person hotline is 707 is 707565 is 707-565-3856. for those who need financial assistance the redwood credit union has set up the north bay fire relief fund. call the credit union at 707545 call the credit union at 707- 545-4000. to donate to the fund visit any redwood credit union or donate on their website. the daily commute has been tough, sal castaneda is helping with all of that. >> we have highway 37 and 101 opened but there are local closures on the roads. 128 is one of the major
8:48 am
highways that is closed. also other roads have been closed with the tour's so the roads are not completely close but we have detours on highway 12 and 121 with other local closures. highway 101 is opened in santa rosa but river hopper and mendocino are also closed. i want to mention the traffic has been slow all over the east bay. this is a look at the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze currently at 44 minutes. at the bay bridge we have a backup of 25 minutes northbound. i also want to mention the other east bay commutes have been slow. 680 has been slow from concord to walnut creek. highway 4 has cleared out but before we go there are possible airport delays for your flight. there have been delays up to two hours at sfo because of
8:49 am
smoke and runway construction. check with your airline to see how your flight is doing. let's bring in steve paulson. we have a bit of a better pattern with higher humidity and colder temperatures. temperatures will be a little cooler until the weekend and then they warm up. it is all about the smoke and the fires with the breeze this morning. the sun rising through the smoke over the sonoma mountain and rohnert park. one viewer says my kids have a smoke day, they are off from school in brentwood. the air quality is awful. the smoke advisory has the smoke moving north to south from mendocino into sonoma county right into marin county and san francisco. it is unhealthy for most especially to the north going down the coast as well. mount diablo with the highest gust.
8:50 am
knoxville creek and yolo along the napa county line 30 miles per hour. atlas peak has gusting up to 21 miles per hour. 30s, 40s and 50s for your temperatures. the humidity has also been up to what much of napa county there is atlas peak at 70 miles per hour. we have an easterly breeze for many so it is favoring areas that are offshore. the firefighters get a break overnight with no wind. the highs today are in the east bay over toward mount diablo. we have the red flag warning for just about everybody, even into the santa cruz mountains down into monterey. a quick look toward cloverdale and geyserville to the northwest , northeast, east, going in all
8:51 am
directions. the humidity is up and the temperatures are cooler but they are beginning to warm up toward atlas peak in fairfield there is a west wind. it is not bad toward solano county but it has been picking up toward davis. i have seen some gusting of 25 miles per hour. very cold in parts of mendocino county with some upper 20s. we have an east or northeast breeze in mendocino. i don't see any breaks until maybe next thursday with the rain as another system comes in tomorrow kicking up the wind but then things will quiet down. the warming will likely kick in sunday and monday but by this time next week it looks like some rain will make it. it is one week away but we will fine-tune as we get closer. .
8:52 am
>> we will be right back after the break.
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8:54 am
cal fire continues to investigate the cause of the fires and as they you -- do we have been listening to dispatch audio from late sunday night when the fires started. >> power lines are down. >> the radiocommunication reveals firefighters revealed downed power lines and blown transformers. the fires that started sunday have burned that thousands of acres destroyed homes and claimed the lives. >> powerlines are downed with a transformer blown. >> pg&e acknowledges heavy wind with weakened trees contributed to brush falling. the company has not said if that was the source of any of the fires. an african-
8:55 am
american woman and her family held captive by the taliban are now free. caitlin coleman and her husband joshua with their three young children were being held captive in pakistan. coleman and her husband were hiking when they were captured in 2012. she was seven months pregnant at the time and her children were born in captivity. the us government has said the white house was in on the negotiations to free them. a short while ago president trump signed an executive order on healthcare. the president says says congress was not able to repeal and replace obamacare he is taking steps on his own. the order will allow groups and associations to offer their own health insurance plans that can be marketed across the country. the president says this competition will lead to lower premiums. the new plans would not have to abide by the requirements of
8:56 am
the affordable care act and critics say that would mean people with serious illnesses will have to pay more than healthy people. smoke from the skies causing problems for breathing across the bay area and more on how fires are impacting travel at the airports.
8:57 am
♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ 8:58, smoke from the fires causing problems for travelers at san francisco international. the faa is using the ground delay program for the second day limiting the number of planes that can take off or land. there are delays of up to two hours for some slides -- flight. no flights have been canceled today and we will let you know if that changes. a half marathon being called off because of health concerns over the smoke. burgeon sports is canceling the
8:59 am
half marathon for this weekend. organizers say that public health air quality issues played a role in the decision. this cancellation means first responders and other resources are now free to help those most in need. we rode along with the sonoma county sheriff's deputy to get a closer look at the devastation in santa rosa. sergeant dave thompson took randy through fountain grove parkway. thompson described to us how he helped evacuate guests from the fountain grove inn on sunday night. >> later in the evening when we could definitely see the fire coming, i went through with the manager along with a couple of other deputies and we went door- to-door making sure nobody was in there. we just were knocking on the doors. the fire alarms were going off so it was loud and smoky but we
9:00 am
were doing the best we could to make sure there was nobody in there that was unable to get out. >> the hotel next door was packed with guests when it evacuated. we are very concerned, we are surrounded by fire activity. >> it was all burned, there was nothing there. there is nothing to get. >> the fires continue to rage and coming up we will have a live update from officials in napa and sonoma county. >> welcome everyone, we are awaiting a news conference that is set to begin at any moment. this is to update us on the deadly fires burning in napa county as the fires enter their fourth day. devastating wildfires ravaging parts of northern california and mendocino county. mendocino, sonoma


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