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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 13, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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the fire burning near oakville this morning. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> the tail end of a busy week. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 7:00. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. >> there is promising news to share this morning regarding the north bay wildfires. just a short time ago a fire official told us on mornings on 2 that they are making progress in the tubs fire in the calistoga area. containment is now at 25%. it has burned 35,000 acres. we expect more updates from cal fire in the coming minutes. 31 confirmed fire-related deaths. if that changes, we will bring that to you. the fires have continued to burn some 300 square miles, an area six times the size of san francisco. 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed, most in the city of santa rosa. >> here is a map of the fires.
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two wildfires along the sonoma- napa county line has turned into one. still just 10% contained. it has been burned nearly 35,000 acres. the atlas fire in napa and solano county has burned 47,000 acres and is 25% contained. >> firefighters say they are making important headway but the area remains in danger. fire crews are carving out buffer lanes to eliminate dry brush and other vegetation that embers can fall on top of and ignite. >> they're not out of the woods. but the fire fighting effort continues. it will continue for the next week or so. >> the tubs fire is currently spreading north and east of calistoga. there will be a red flag warning posted because of the low humidity and strong winds from tonight into tomorrow night. a new have a evacuation order
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has been issued in napa county. >> residents are being asked to gather their belongings and stand by in case the nuns fire comes closer to them. to the east of highway 29 as well. >> another fire near highway 29 continues to grow. some of the top areas of concern are mount veder and dry creek. many people have already left but others are being told to be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. >> this is the largest fire we have seen. who knows what it's going to do. our house is on the edge of it. we are prepared to evacuate. >> just kind of a little on edge. we have our whole -- basically everything packed up. just lined up in the hallway, kind of ready to go. >> we've had significant fire activity up on the mountain for the last couple of days. it is working down to dry creek. now we are attempting to get fire engines there and protect
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the houses. >> flare-ups are still a big risk for the area. crews plan to continue air drops throughout the day to try to steer fires away from homes and businesses. school closures again expanding beyond the fire zone. several districts in the east bay are closed because of the poor air quality. >> pittsburgh and antioch unified, john swett and west contra costa unified. all of the districts in marin county canceled classes for today. for a complete list of school closures, go to the time is 7:03. let's talk about this weather. steve paulson never have i been more excited to be greeted by a chill when i opened the front door. >> a lot of events have been canceled as well. it is cooler. on sunday, we had temperatures in the 80s. overnight, 70s and near 90 for some. not the case today. much cooler air mass. smoky skies. highs in the 70s for many.
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the breeze picks up later on. smoke advisory. but today is better than wednesday and thursday. remember, this is wind direction driven. you get the northwest wind it heads more towards the east. north wind, it heads to the south. northeast, it heads back to the city and areas along the coast. better today than the last couple of days. santa rosa, 39 to start off. 79 degrees later on. the wind will pick up. it may hold the temp up after the 6:00 hour. northeast at one observation santa rosa, one in windsor. there are chilly temps up there as well. atlas peak is the only one with low humidity. 32%. other locations 80% and 70% sonoma valley. even though there's a slight northerly breeze, the temps are favorable for the firefighters. cloverdale north, cloverdale north. geyserville, north, northwest. those are not northeast but
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they are expected to turn that way by tonight as the system from the pacific northwest moves through and then the northerly winds will pick up. that starts at 11:00 p.m. the red flag warning starts at 5:00 p.m. for some. 11:00 p.m. for others. higher elevations overnight into saturday morning. 40s and 50s on the temps. 30s to the north. hillsberg one observation 54. occidental at 34. i think the observations in napa have gone missing for obvious reasons there. south, east, east, west, and it makes a big difference on the 85% versus 58%. if you get that westerly breeze, it certainly helps. temperatures are cool enough. not much of a breeze. those are all good for right now. not much of a breeze. again, this is more later than sooner as far as the breeze goes. humidity is up. that's good. 92% in willows. some locations in the 30s. that prompted another freeze
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warning. that will continue until 9:00. up the pacific northwest, that system has to move through. the wind gusts will pick up by this evening. already showing signs of picking up to the north. we're focused on tonight and into early saturday. highs today in the 60sand 70s. cal, update on the roads. >> well, it is a little bit slow as you drive on interstate 80. let's start off with the macarthur maze. it is taking about 27 minutes to get here. when you get there, there is a little bit of a backup around the corner there to the bay bridge. you can see it there. it starts just before the maze. and that's another 20 minutes. so if you're adding times up, it is going to take you a little less than la minutes to drive from vallejo to san francisco. there it is, the backup that you're dealing with. all in all, not a bad commute. however, it is not light. can't say it is. this is san francisco. northbound and southbound 101. moderately heavy on the james lick freeway. no major problems. this is 880 hayward. southbound traffic is slow from
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about e street as you drive down to just after union city. getting better by the time you reach fremont. back to the desk. >> cal fire updated new nones on the nuns fire burning in napa and sonoma counties. containment at 3%. ktvu's allie rasmus is joining us now from the heart of napa valley there with news about another evacuation. allie. >> reporter: yes. this is a voluntary evacuation. so an evacuation advisory. this is for residents west of highway 29 between oakville grade and rutherford road. this is the area where we are. we are in the advisory evacuation area. we have been watching the fire burning in the hills around mount veder right behind us. this is north of highway 29. you can see periodically we see flames pick up on that grade. but we have seen the fire kind of moving in one direction up that hill to the right. and then the other direction it looks like it's going down into
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the canyon, moving west. because we're facing north right now, the shot that we're showing you. this is less than a mile away from highway 29. and reference point is the carmel light monastery is close to where we are. earlier this morning we could see heavier flames behind us in the foothills. this is part of the nuns fire. it combined earlier with the fire and it has burned about 17,000 acres. 3% containment. although we're hoping to get updated numbers from cal fire later this morning. it appeared to be threatening homes in the area. late in the after, dozens of people driving on highway 29 could see a huge wall of smoke towering over the hills around mount veder. a lot of people pulled over to take pictures. one of the volunteer fire
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chiefs told ktvu last night that the goal with the fire was to keep it away from dry creek road. >> the main plan with dry creek is keep the fire west of dry creek. if it were to cross dry creek and dry creek road, it goes to the vets homes. our plan is make sure that does not happen. >> reporter: we're trying to get confirmation this morning exactly where the front lines of this fire is, where it has reached to in the past five to six hours. where it is in relation to dry creek road, the critical road that you heard the volunteer fire chief mention here. we're working on getting that information. when you're looking at live is part of the nuns fire. we have been watching the flames. it seems like it has been stuck in this canyon at least on this end of it. this is a massive fire. this is only one edge of it. less than a mile away from highway 29. you can see flames up in the foothills behind us. one thing we want to point out
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as well, we can turn the camera around and show you the other side of napa valley. some smoke there. that is one of the -- the northern tip of the atlas fire that is burning. yesterday cal fire said that they were concerned -- the only area of the atlas fire that they were really concerned about in terms of getting better containment was beressa heights. the atlas fire, 47,000 acres have burned. containment around 3% as well. no new evacuations ordered because of that fire. so hopefully that is a good sign. again, here in west napa, napa county, the nuns fire did prompt the activity here. it prompted voluntary evacuations for those west of the area. people in that area are told to have their things prepared in case the situation gets bad and they have to leave. back to you guys. >> the good thing about the sun
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coming up, we can get the fire fighting aircraft to get involved in the fire attack. thank you, allie. the time is 7:11. firefighters are making progress on the tubs fire burning between santa rosa and calistoga. alex savidge is at the base camp from the sonoma county fairgrounds where it looks like there is a briefing underway. >> reporter: yeah. that briefing is underway. i'm going to be speaking quietly. the firefighters are getting critical information. they need to be able to hear everything. they have asked us to be as quiet as possible to make sure that every firefighter here can hear what happened overnight and what they're expecting to encounter today. tony is joining us from cal fire. this is an opportunity for firefighters to learn what happened over the last 12 hours and what they will be facing for the next 24 hours. >> that is correct. this is the operational briefing for the operational period today. it is a 24-hour period. they're laying out the objectives for the day.
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we're expecting another busy day. we're doing aggressive suppression and containment efforts out there. they're hitting it hard today. >> reporter: we have heard them talking about containment up on some fires but also the concern about winds later today. >> that is right. they are making progress. there is a lot of open line out there. a great deal of work has to be done. they want to hit it hard today. we are expecting increased wind this weekend. they want to get as many containment lines and suppression in prior to that event. >> reporter: the sun coming up now, this is a mixed bag. one, you get the aerial help up there but also it starts that inversion, it starts that -- it gets that air heated up and it can cause smoke and cause more -- >> right. there are varying conditions out there. as conditions allow, we will bring to bare every tool that we have, aircraft, bulldozers, engine companies, hand crews, anything that we can do to get a line around the fire. >> reporter: thank you so much. we will check in with you later
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on to get what is coming out of the briefing. this is critical to learn what happened over the last 12 hours. firefighters coming in off of the lines. one thing that they stress is the firefighters still battling active fire will remain in position. then these firefighters will go on out and relief them at those positions. for firefighters on mop up or trying to set fire lines, those kinds of positions, those firefighters are starting to come in and will be replaced by the firefighters that we see here. we talked before about the number of firefighters. hopefully you can get a sense of how many firefighters we're talking about. this is a big open barn. hundreds of firefighters here ready to go out and battle these fires for another day. >> christien kafton in santa rosa. thank you. >> evacuation centers continue to see a steady stream of those in need. more volunteers are also need as new centers open up their doors. air quality across the bay area is hitting pollution
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levels we have never seen before. in a moment, more on staying healthy as the air quality continues to deteriorate because of the north bay fires. slowing approaching the richmond san rafael bridge right now if you're trying to drive over to marin county. a slowdown approaching the span. well, a little bit better fire fighting conditions this morning. the winds will pick up tonight. and the smoke layer continues to dance around. not bad some days but worse the next.
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>> the time is 7:16. air quality continues to be a major problem for all in the bay area. it is at the worst levels ever on record. >> that mean that's school is canceled for many districts today in an effort to limit outdoor activity. joining us right now on mornings on 2 to discuss these record high levels is lisa with the bay area air quality
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management district. pretty eye opening. i mean, what -- these -- we have never seen this here. >> we are experiencing unhealthy levels, especially in napa, sonoma and solano counties where we are up into very unhealthy levels. >> extremely high pollution in livermore, antioch, dozens of miles away from the fires. >> we switched over into october in the winter season. that's why we put the winter spare the air in effect. we have different conditions that trap the smoke in the air. don't burn during the winter months. that is happening now. the smoke is getting trapped in the air. >> what is in the smoke. >> it is fine particulates. when you breathe them, they bypass your lungs and go into the blood stream. they can cause asthma,em fa seem a bronchitis can be triggered and even heart
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attacks. >> we went into a gym and you could smell the smoke in the gym a little bit. i noticed when i was exercising, i did not do a complete hour. i stopped and i felt it. so your recommendation to people is limit everything with regards to outdoor activities. >> outdoor activities, absolutely. limit outdoor activity. don't mow the lawn this weekend. if you can reduce polluting behavior, do so. don't have a barbecue. drive less. anything that people can do to reduce pollution. we have a big load of pollution in the air and it is not moving. >> starting tuesday afternoon, i saw people walking around wearing these. not one of these. this is a face mask. this is the kind that you're supposed to be getting to protect yourself. i just grabbed what we had in the garage. what is the difference between this and just a paper mask that my mom uses for vacuuming, for example. >> right. these are thicker. what they do is seal tightly around your face. when you get these, read the
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manufacturer's instructions and put it on correctly. tighten it around your nose and make sure it seals to your face. if you have a beard, it won't affix tightly and it won't give you the same level of protection. >> is this 100% protection? halfway better? how good are these? >> it is better for people in the heavy smoke areas. i don't think it is necessary for everyone in the bay area to be wearing one. if you're in napa, solano, sonoma, you should have these. >> what is your take? washington state is in town to play cal tonight. it's a big game. the ncaa rule is 210 or below in order to play when it comes to the level. what do you tell people debating whether or not to go, even if it is under the level 20 points. if it is 180, 190. >> you know, that's a really tough call. it is still high. and so the athletes even if they play, they will be impacted and they will feel it. as you did when you were in the
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gym. >> i'm not playing a football game. >> you can't go as fast. your activity is hindered because you're struggling to breathe. >> all right. thanks, lisa. appreciate. >> you're joining us in the next hour. if anybody has questions at home as we all do, send them to us and tweet us and we will try to get them your way. thank you so much. we will see you in the next hour. 7:20. let's help get you out the door. more regular commute traffic you're covering this morning. >> that's right. the regular commute, gasia and mike, is just a touch lighter because it is friday and sometimes we get less volume. highway 24 is still busy but not as slow as it has been the last few days on 24, 680 or highway 4. normal commutes. but today it seems a little better as you drive through the tunnel. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the commute here is starting really at the macarthur maze. getting to the maze from vallejo, 31 minutes. another 20 minutes before you get on to the bridge.
7:21 am
all in all not a bad commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. if looks normal. if you're losing the carpool lanes you will have an advantage. highway 101 san francisco looks good. so does 280. a nice looking drive to the airport. 680 commute, remember we had the bus accident earlier. and it was very slow. now out of pleasanton it has looked good in the last half hour or so. it goes to show you on a friday things tend to clear up a little bit faster than on other days of the workweek. 7:21. let's bring in steve with today's weather. >> sal, thank you, sir. we will get right to it. smoke advisory continues. although a little better and a lot is wind direction driven. when we had the northwest wind the other day on wednesday, the east bay and sacramento county had awful air. so still very unhealthy. unhealthy to poor. better than it was for some.
7:22 am
a lot depends on how much smoke is in the air and the wind driven direction. last i heard, this is still a go for tonight. washington state and cal at 7:30. hazy skies. i think that breeze will pick up later on. certainly in the second half, as we get closer to about 8:00, here. you might see the breeze kick up. smoke layer for napa forecast is already there. so some locations have 30s and 40s. we will end up 76 in napa. did see a 39 at sonoma county airport briefly. then the west wind kicked up. going for 79 today in santa rosa. the key is after 6:00 p.m. not before. northeast for some. humidity is high. it is up 63, 74. something to watch for this evening when our next system comes in. atlas peak northeast at 8. 56 degrees. 32% humidity. other locations around napa are in the 80% category. there are some area that's are pretty high and some higher elevations are not getting the
7:23 am
favorable wind direction yet. geyserville, northwest. north, north. humidity is high though. 70%. that is good. the wind direction is not that strong now. it will pick up. i have seen a couple gusts 10, 15 in the alexander valley. tonight you need to keep an eye on the wind speeds and directions. they will turn more northerly. it will take us to saturday evening for the red flag alert. it looks like it has more energy than the system that didn't do much on wednesday. 40s and 50s on the temps up here. lake county, southeast, east at kelseyville. lower lake is west. you can see the humidity. 84. that west wind makes a huge difference as far as humidity and temperature goes. santa rosa has a west wind. that is positive. higher humidity. any breeze not good. but we will take a west over a north or east any time.
7:24 am
truckee at 13. wind speeds there are mainly out of the north. although some out of the south. you can see a big difference in some of the humidity levels. 92%. 90. cold enough where you're getting the freeze warning again until 9:00. and then that will lift and we will have to keep an eye on the fire danger as well. the rain comes in on the back side. it will be picking up tonight and decreasing saturday. temperatures will warm up heading into saturday and also sunday. today it is 60s and 70s on your temps. and then tomorrow it will be 80s. after saturday morning, the breeze will tail off. much warmer sunday, monday. not expecting a breeze this time, gasia. >> thank you, steve. the time is 7:24. in addition to the thousands of homes that have burned, many businesses have been destroyed or bad damage. that includes some wineries of course. pam cook joins us now with a list of wineries affected by the fires. >> the list will most likely grow. just starring to get some of the information. as we know, it is not just the loss of business, the wineries
7:25 am
will play a significant role in how fast the region recovers from the devastating fires. as we showed you early on in the week, the estate winery completely destroyed. there's limited damage to stags leap vineyard. one of the oldest wineries white rock suffered significant damage and is likely lost according to those who work there. there are dozens of smaller -- smaller wineries, including vin rock on atlas peak that were completely destroyed. many may never be able to come back. dozens more remain at risk as the fires continue to inch closer to some of the prominent older wineries. we will stay on top of that. more flights are canceled or delayed at sfo this morning. want to take you there live this morning. air quality has been a problem for the airports as well. flight away, a website that
7:26 am
tracks the aviation reports say combined there are more than a hundred flights canceled or delayed. officials blame the low visibility because of the fires. delays lasted up to an hour. friday is a big travel day. check ahead. people in the bay area who want to help have been dropping off donated items at the evacuation centers. and very appreciated. but those centers are saying they are overwhelmed with donations. they don't have the space for items. they don't want anyone to bring anything else. if you would like to help, please donate money. the credible agency that's have set up funds to help victims of the fires, we have listed a lot on and some of the evacuation centers, gasia, do need your time. they might need volunteers. but you need to check in with the individual evacuation centers to see. because so many people want to help. >> absolutely. giving up your time and money is best. thank you so much, pam. some people live in the area where the atlas fire first
7:27 am
started sunday night are being allowed back into the neighborhoods to see what is left. mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted for areas near the silverado country club in napa. one man says he is grateful that his home on burning tree court narrow leah voided the fire. >> you are more empathetic when you almost experienced it yourself. so you know what it felt like to think, gosh, i may have lost everything that i own. and i'm homeless. you know, that's pretty -- pretty devastating. >> authorities also lifted mandatory evacuation areas around the avenues of napa. other parts of northern california continue to battle fires. the updates on lake and mendocino counties. fire crews have had their hands very full this morning. election lek has a look near downtown sonoma to show us the condition that's crews are facing right now.
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do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. >> 7:30. welcome back to mornings on 2. we are sharing an interactive map, one that shows the damage that fires have damaged up in the north bay. the area in red not fire but instead vegetationful all of the red and pink that you see is vegetation, not fire. we're zooming in to show you how many homes have been burned by the fires. homeowners are encouraged to
7:31 am
use this tool if they see their homes are damaged. welcome back too mornings on 2. 7:30 now. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm mike mibach. let's get you right over to steve paulson. critical couple hours before with we hit the weekend. >> tonight. >> the wind. >> yeah. the wind will pick up. this morning is not bad. it is colder and the humidity is higher but we have a northerly direction. that affects the air quality here big time. the smoke advisory is not as bad as it was but unhealthy for the north bay. it turns unhealthy to poor for some. a lot of this continues to head all the way down towards the southern santa clara valley which is unusual but that's what we're dealing with. we're dealing with what looks to be a game tonight unless something changes. last i heard, it is still a go. i would keep updated on the latest. if there's a lot of smoke, this may be a late decision. the wind will pick up i think later on coming out of the north/northeast out of the berkeley hills. the wind is not that strong
7:32 am
right now. we expect it to pick up tonight. same for napa county. napa airport is at 37 degrees. alice peak has a northeast wind at 11. wind advisory by this evening things will pick up. very late tonight. the wind advisory starts at 11:00 p.m. the red flag warning starts at 5:00 p.m. for some. 11:00 p.m. tonight. it will kick in north and east bay. that's the focus. this looks to have a little more to it than the one on wednesday that didn't do much. 40s and 50s on the temps. there are some 30s around but not much of a breeze. that is good. not much out towards vacaville. at least it is on shore versus off shore. that is the system to the north. it's not going to do us anything as far as rain is concerned. it will once it goes through the to the east on the back side, the wind will pick up. tonight overnight into tomorrow morning. and then start to decrease saturday afternoon. it looks warmer on sunday. today, 60s and 70s. here is sal with an update on your traffic.
7:33 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> i was looking at the list, steve, and we don't have a lot of crashes. we do have slow traffic that i want to tell you about. again, it falls within the realm of the typical commute. if you drive the bay bridge every day, you're going to see slow traffic. i've been lacking around to see if -- looking around to see if there is anything on the bridge. it looks crowded. so i'm looking at the list to make sure that we haven't missed anything here. i don't see anything yet. we will keep looking. this is also a look at the commute if you're driving on 880 northbound, driving past the coliseum. you can see traffic is getting busier on the way up to the coliseum area. san francisco traffic continues to be okay. a little slowing on northbound 101 from 280 to cesar chavez. 880 is now filled in. slow from 238 driving south and northbound 880 is a little bit slow as you drive from 238 up to downtown oakland. we showed you a stretch of it.
7:34 am
this stretch is slow. happily today, 580 is a good alternate route. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. pg&e made good progress overnight. as of 4:00 this morning, the number dropped to 34,000 without power. about 70% of the current power outages are in the santa rosa area. the others are in the napa area. new numbers out this morning showing much progress being made against the actual fight against these wildfires, specifically the atlas fire. it was 7% contained. now this morning it is 27% contained. >> let's get more from daniel of cal fire on the phone to bring us an updated look at the situation. 27%, daniel. that is the highest we have seen on any fire. that is very good news. >> we're making good progress on a number of the fires. we did see fire activity last
7:35 am
night, especially on the nuns fire burning at the border of sonoma and napa county. that forcing additional evacuations. 44,000 acres have burned. overnight the good news is the wins were not as strong as we had expected. that was really helpful for us. though we did see winds. and that did allow the fires to grow in several areas. but unfortunately tonight the winds are forecasted to increase. we are bracing for another windy night. >> can you tell our viewers quickly how do you define containment? >> containment is an area where we have built, whether it's bare dirt so the fire cannot grow or whether we have extinguished the hot embers within a certain distance into the fire where that area we do not -- we do not anticipate any growth of the fire. so when we talk about 25% containment, think of it as a pie. 25% of the fire or a quarter of the fire we do not believe will ever grow past our line.
7:36 am
but it still can grow in the other areas. so that's where we continue to build line around it. when we talk about build line, that is using bulldozers where we scrape all of the trees and all of the brush completely away from the ground so again the fire has no fuel for it to burn. but even when the containment number is at 25%, that doesn't mean that the rest of the 75% of the fire is actively growing. it just means we're not 100% confident that the fire will not grow in that area. and until we can strengthen the line, meaning, again, cut more of the vegetation down, there's still that possibility of growth. >> daniel, i want to go back to what you said regarding the nuns fire. one of our reporters, alex savidge, is up on moon mountain road, north and a little to the west of downtown sonoma. he has seen fire crews up there doing back fire operations. can you specifically tell us what is the goal there, what the back fire operations on
7:37 am
that side of the fire. >> a lot of times, especially in the early morning, when the winds are relatively light, we will actually use fire to fight fire. so in a very small area, in a controlled environment, when the winds are small and the humidity is hire, we will put fire on the ground and burn out the grass and brush ahead of the actual wildfire. by the time that the wildfire burns up to that area, the grass and vegetation has already burned out. you will definitely see us using that as a tool. we use that tool very sparingly especially in the early mornings when the wind is light. and it is safe to do that. but it is an effective tool to burnout the vegetation ahead of the actual wildfire. >> what do you think the focus for the air attack will be this morning? >> well, we've got 30 air tankers standing by this morning, available for all of the fires. they will be in the areas where the fire is the -- burning the most. so over the last couple of days, we have seen a lot of
7:38 am
activity in solano county, down near green valley. a lot of efforts have been done to slow down the southern edge of the atlas fire as it burns closer to the communities of fairfield and green valley. but also up in the napa area, the silverado canyon area yesterday was very active. a lot of aircraft flying there. aircraft is available wherever they're needed the most. we will dispatch them. they may fly to one fire, drop retardant and go to another fire. we have 30 air tankers available to us. we are continuously moving them around, dropping retardant ahead of the fires. >> has cal fire been able to rule out the possibility that these fires were started by humans? >> we have not. now, it is very likely that the activity of people -- that does not necessarily mean arson or that it was intentional. most of our fires are started by people, whether it be power
7:39 am
lines, vehicles, some kind of equipment malfunction. that's the typical causes of our wildfires. there's been a lot of speculation of how these fires started. but we have had fire investigators working tirelessly just alongside of our firefighters. but they're specifically focused trying to determine how the fires sparked. right now they are still under investigation. >> yesterday you told us that investigators have ruled out the possibility that the fires started by lightning. is there anything else that they have ruled out definitively. >> at this point, no. the investigations continue. on many of the fires the investigators have narrowed things down. that is not information that we have available. you know, just like any crime scene -- we do treat it as a crime scene even though it may not be a criminal act. we're obviously going to do a thorough job, making sure that we're confident of how the fire started because we do have a responsibility if there was mention or wrong doing or if it is arson to ensure that the
7:40 am
individual or individuals are held accountable. that's why we take the proper amount of time to thoroughly investigate the fires before we release investigation. that does not mean that we're not making progress on the fires or that we're not narrowing it down. >> before we let you go. you have 10,000 firefighters fighting this thing. have any firefighters been injured? >> you know, we have had very little injuries to firefighters. in fact, as far as i'm aware of, i believe the injury count is -- is almost zero, which is unheard of. we typically have minor injuries to firefighters, whether it's rolled ankles, heat exhaustion. these have been deadly fires but we are are stressing firefighter safety. no injuries reported to our firefighters. >> great to hear. we appreciate your time as always. >> thanks. >> the fire fight continues and we're learning more about the victims of the north bay fires
7:41 am
as the number of dead continues to rise. in just minutes we will have more on the special tributes planned for the victims. and getting help in times of need. new details about federal aid that is now available to residents affected by the fires. good morning. we do see the traffic on some commutes has improved. others getting slower. the sunol grade traffic has improved. on the bay bridge, it looings like a stalled vehicle is up on the span. that will make traffic slower getting into san francisco. still lots of smoke around. a break for the firefighters. cooler temps. not much of a breeze at all. that may change by this evening. we will have more on that coming up.
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> firefighters really working hard to knock down the fires
7:44 am
before the winds pick up tonight. >> alex savidge is live north of downtown sonoma to tell us how the fire fight is going there. alex? as we have heard throughout the morning by cal fire officials, they are making quite a bit of progress on the fires because of the favorable weather conditions we have out here. really no wind to speak of whatsoever. it is actually quite cool here in sonoma. to give you a sense of the lack of wind, all you need to do is just, you know, take a look at our shot here. this amazing sunrise here, the red sunrising here to the east of sonoma this morning and this thick layer of smoke that has just blanketed the sonoma valley. to the east in that direction where you're looking, there had been active fire in that area. the fire is still active in that area. although you wouldn't be able to tell because of all of this thick smoke. we're on level valley road near garrick road for anyone familiar with the area. this is a part of sonoma that has been evacuated. the entire city has not been
7:45 am
evacuated but very few people are still here in town. we will show you video from yesterday because neighbors were watching as air tankers made drops on the leading edges of the fire as they move within a few miles of the city limits of sonoma. bulldozers were also carved in. they carved out fire lines to keep the fire away from the city. no mandatory evacuation orders for the entire city of sonoma itself but many people have chosen to leave. some though in the path of the fire we should point out are choosing to stay. >> you have everybody fleeing. and then what? tough call. it is a tough call. we're very aware of all of the damage that has happened. this has been running for three days. >> reporter: now, the best news yesterday was even though we had the red flag warnings that were issued, the winds never materialized the way that firefighters thought they would. we had a full day with very calm conditions on the front
7:46 am
lines of the fire so they can try to make headway. they are making progress in getting containment on this fire. this is a complex of fires, including the tubbs fire, which burned here in sonoma county, obviously, and did all of the damage that it caused in santa rosa and is also impacting other communities like sonoma. so this is one area where we have seen firefighters trying to make a stand, building fire breaks and making sure that the flames do not enter the town of sonoma. you again are looking live east on level valley road near garrick road. the sunset with the smoke enveloping the sonoma county. >> alex savidge live in sonoma. thank you. let's turn to mendocino county and a complex of fires burning north of highway 20. they have burned through more than 34,000 acres. containment stands at 10%.
7:47 am
we know that eight people have died, while 8,000 people have been evacuated from the region. the mendocino county sheriff says the changing wind patterns are the biggest concern right now. in lake county the sulfur fire is 55% contained. the fire has burned 2500 acres off of highway 20 in the area of clearlake oaks. lake county sheriff tells us about 3,000 evacuees have been allowed back home. the county is working to lift evacuation orders in other sections once they're cleaned up and power is restored. >> let's check in on the situation out there for this friday morning commute. say hello to sal. good morning, sal. >> mike and gasia, good morning to you. we have slow traffic out there in many areas. we had a stalled vehicle on the span. that slowed things down but cal trans got out there quickly. you can see how slow the span is. when this happens, they slow the metering lights down. that creates a bigger backup at
7:48 am
the bay bridge toll plaza. that's what you're dealing with. the traffic volume today is a little lighter. 880 northbound is slow coming out of san leandro to downtown oakland. if you want to use the san mateo bridge, it could be visible. this bridge has been moderately heavy but doable heading out to the peninsula. the commute on 880 southbound going to san jose, it hasn't been that bad driving down. in san jose in the south bay area, you will see 280 and 85 and 101 are all filling in. it is kind of a normal looking commute for a friday into the west valley. sometimes on fridays we don't have much of a commute. today unfortunately that is not the case. 7:48. let's bring in steve with the forecast. >> all right, sal. a positive forecast for the firefighters. chill in the air. 30s and 40s. not much of a breeze. it will pick up this evening tonight and into tomorrow. this coming in looks to be a little stronger than what did not materialize on wednesday as we thought. nothing even close to what we
7:49 am
had sunday and monday. the layer of smoke or the air quality has actually gotten worse in the north bay. usually purple is not something that they see. but that's what they have. it has gone up this morning in napa county. other areas have gone down. some of the inland valleys, the east bay and central bay has gone down. santa clara valley is still back. the smoke is pooling up, if you will, down by morgan hill and gilroy. rare to see that. air quality is not good. we are hearing it is a go for the game tonight. hazy skies, breezy late. take a look here. berkeley lab which is shy of 750 feet, 740 has a northwest wind. in town, 48%, 80% humidity. in the oakland hills, northeast, north, north. mount diablo north. that will pick up later. not that strong right now but something to keep an eye on. if you're up in the oakland
7:50 am
hills, keep updated on the wind speeds. not much now but they could pick up later. napa, 38 this morning. it is cold and a smoke layer. incredible showing up on the observations. santa rosa, 39 to start. upper 70s to near 80, especially with the north breeze kicking in. take a look at windsor. some observation santa rosa reporting an east wind, it is all over the place. the humidity is higher. that is good. we were dealing with teens and the 70sand near 80 sunday and monday. cloverdale northeast. cloverdale another one north. geyserville northwest. geyserville northeast. hillsberg northwest. most locations do have an off shore breeze. humidity and temperatures though are favorable for now. that's going to change later on. lake county, lake port 35 degrees. 88% humidity. kelseyville at 35. and it looks like a southeast.
7:51 am
up to atlas peak, northeast at 10. 35% humidity. that is not good. other locations much higher. 70 to 86%. again, it is tonight not right now. that's when the wind advisory kicks in. at 11:00 p.m. then the red flag warning starts earlier than that. the highest gusts in the north bay hills. could get over 50 for some if it comes together. it did not on wednesday. it didn't look close to what we were experiencing late on the weekend and early monday. 40s on the temps. 50s. we will end up with a lot of 70s. west wind at santa rosa. west/southwest at fairfield. solano county, not much of a breeze. what is there is on shore. 18 truckee. ukiah at 38 degrees. 89% humidity. that is good. but it will change later on as the wind direction goes more northeast. freeze warning until 9:00. that's our system. it won't give us any rain. what is coming in behind that is high pressure that will kick
7:52 am
in with a northerly breeze tonight and into saturday morning. mainly north and east. that's the main focus here. highs 60s, 70s. this will be one of the cooler days. we start a warmup tomorrow but decreasing wind, mike, late into the weekend sunday and monday. >> thank you, steve. the devastation caused by the fires has taken a toll on a lot of people including the brave men and women working to contain the fires. this picture captures their hard work. it shows exhausted firefighters sleeping on the side of the road. the person who posted the photo wrote bless their hearts. so thankful for our first responders. going above and beyond in areas affected by the fires. that is what one mail carrier was doing in santa rosa this week, delivering the mail no matter what the conditions were.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> authorities say looting has not been a significant problem in the wildfire evacuation zones. but yesterday sonoma county deputies arrested a man who was seen taking sunglasses out of a car in an evacuated area. they found the sun glasses as well as emergency fire shelter takeenfrom a frighter and tool that's had previously been reported stolen from a vineyard management company. residents and business owners in sonoma can start applying for federal disaster aid to cover their losses. fema announced there are grants available for temporary
7:56 am
housing, home repairs and property losses not covered by insurance. the federal assistance will likely be expanded to other counties. fema will offer more help in the near future. relief could be on the way for those whose properties were damaged by fires in sonoma county. they are adjusting the tax bills on the properties that have more than $10,000 worth of damage. contact your lender to inform them about the change in the status of their property. take a look at this video from a fire devastated neighborhood in santa rosa. a drone spotted a mail carrier delivering mail to homes that were burned to the ground. usps officials say the carrier was fulfilling a request from some of the fire victim who's had asked him to leave their mail if their mail box was still standing. the death toll continues to
7:57 am
climb as the wildfires in the north bay continue to burn out of control. in a moment, the latest on the fire fighting effort and challenges that crews are facing on the front lines. we still have slow traffic around the bay area commute on this friday. the san mateo bridge may be a decent alternative for the bay bridge which has some slow traffic at the moment. and fires getting a break here with cooler temps. not much of a breeze. that will pick up later on tonight. the smoke continues to pool up all the way down to san jose and the santa clara valley.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> new voluntary evacuation orders issued to west napa county residents overnight. we're keeping an eye on the nuns fire creeping into the area. this is a live picture that you're looking at from highway 29 and oakville grade. firefighters have had their morning briefing. we will tell what you the plan of attack is for today. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday, october 13th. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. promising news to bring you this morning regarding the north bay wildfires. just 20 minutes ago here on the air cal fire told us that conditions were favorable overnight and that crews made progress. for example, while the tubbs fire remained at 35,000 aches, containment jumped on the tubbs fire from previously 10% to now 25%. in the meantime the number of confirmed fire related deaths now stands at 31. the fires have combined to burn
8:01 am
some 300 square miles, an air six times the size of san francisco. 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. most of them in the city of santa rosa. we will show you a map of the fires, two wildfires along the sonoma and napa county line have merged into one. the tubbs fire is west of calistoga. at atlas fire spans napa and sonoma counties. >> the acreage burned went from nearly 44,000 to 48,000, containment increased from 7% to 20% in that atlas fire. the tubbs fire continues to burn off of highway 128 in the calistoga area. the acreage burn did not change overnight. still though 34,000 acres. while containment is at 25%. the nuns fire has merged with the norbbom fire. containment there is at 5%. we are still waiting for new information this morning to
8:02 am
bring you on wildfires in mendocino county. the most recent information that we have from cal fire is from last night where 35,000 acres have burned in part of mendocino county. additional fire crews are coming in to battle the wine country wildfires. >> the majority of the fires are still considered out of control. allie rasmus is live in napa county with information on new evacuation advisories there. allie. >> reporter: yes. those new evacuation advisories are for residents west of highway 29 between oakville grade and rutherford road. we are in that advisory evacuation area right now. what that means, advisory evacuation means it is a voluntary evacuation. you don't have to leave right now. but it's advised, strongly advised that you get your things and your essentials ready in case you have to leave. what is burning behind us is the nuns fire. where we are is on oakville grade. and what is the vineyard --
8:03 am
part of the vineyard behind us according to google maps it part of the mendovi winery. you can see there are homes in the area. it looks like there is a pretty lovely home in the foothills over there. we have seen homes behind the trees as well. we have watched this fire settling in the canyon for the last several hours. it looks like it is creeping a little bit further down. these are, again, the foothills around mount veeter. now, here is the latest numbers on the nuns fire. 44,000 acres burned and 5% contained. according to cal fire, as of 6:00 this morning, the nuns, norbbom and adobe fires are now all being considered the same fire. so the bulk of those fires are in sonoma county. these fires are also burning in parts of napa county, where the new evacuee evacuation order -- voluntary evacuation orders are
8:04 am
in place. as of 6:00 this morning, according to cal fire, they're all being officially considered the same fire. and that's why you saw the acreage burned went up 44,000 acres burned in the nuns fire so far because they combined the three fires into one. the containment is just 5%. again, evacuation advisory, which is a voluntary evacuation, for residents west of highway 29 in napa county between oakville grade and rutherford road. again, where we are, this is oakville grade right behind us. this is part of the winery. >> we see air quality a little better than in previous days. let's go to steve paulson to talk about the changing conditions. >> it is about as bad as it can get on the scale. >> i was judging by the golden glow on your face. >> i see what you're saying. they don't see these levels is what they have been telling us, as they told us. >> wind blowing south.
8:05 am
>> a little north/northeast. not that strong. hazy skies will continue all day. the breeze pick up tonight. cooler temps and hardly any breeze. a lot of this air quality continues to pool up towards san jose to santa clara where the air quality is poor. cool morning and hazy skies throughout the day. breeze will pick up later this evening. smoke advisory continues. you can feel it even right here in the studio to be honest with you. north bay is off the chart. i mean, it has actually gone up a little bit. very unhealthy there. went down for the inland valley, central bay. still high in santa clara valley to levels not usually seen. everything says it is a go for tonight. keep updated for the latest. press releases and advisories for the cal game tonight. it does look like a little breeze might kick in in the second half. keep an eye on things there. santa rosa, higher humidity. 85%. there is mostly a little bit of
8:06 am
an easterly or northerly breeze. not that strong but tonight we are concerned about that. atlas peak with a northeast breeze. napa airport at 39. 86% humidity. the breeze is there but it is not that strong. most locations are under 10 miles per hour. most. even up in the higher elevations. tonight might be a different story. third system in the series will come in tonight. that prompts the high wind warning for tonight. wind advisory, i should say. and the red flag warning starts at 5:00 tonight. 30s and 40s on the temps. cool air helps, higher humidity helps, no wind helps. hardly anything in vacaville and fairfield. what is there has been on shore. you see the wind direction coming out of the north. that sends the smoke from north to south. it can vary a little bit depending if it is north/northwest. that's the system we're waiting to go through. once it does, we will be on the drier back side of it. that's when the breeze could
8:07 am
kick up. nothing close to sunday and monday but it looks like stronger than what did not materialize on wednesday. warmer tomorrow. here is sal. >> steve, this morning, we still have traffic that is slow. although we have seen a big immaterial prompt over the last few days. for example, on interstate 80 westbound, you will see that the traffic will be slow. but it is not as slow as it was yesterday. yesterday the same stretch again the carquinez bridge and the mac maze, 26 minutes now. it was 78 minutes yesterday. so obviously we have improved quite a bit. we had a problem on the bay bridge in the way of a stall. they removed it rather quickly. traffic is recovering on the span. not too bad at the toll plaza. about a 20-minute delay. 580 is a decent alternative from 880 if you want to get up to 580 and use it towards the lake shore curve. san mateo bridge is moderate. we're seeing a lot of moderate conditions and bad air call. 880 is slow from hayward to
8:08 am
fremont. check with your carrier at sfo. there are significant delays dues to the smoke. back to the desk. >> hundreds of fright ares just received the latest briefing and the plan of attack for this morning, this afternoon out on the front lines. >> christien kafton is at the base camp at the sonoma county fairgrounds to bring us the latest. >> reporter: the morning briefing is over here at the sonoma county fairgrounds. the firefighters learning what the plan of attack will be today. tony is joining us from cal fire to get a sense of what happened in the briefing. this is a chance for them to see what will happen for today. today it looks like it will be a day of hard work. >> this is the opportunity to get everyone in this room, all of the resources assigned to the incident today on the same page. they give us the objectives for the day. we will hit it. it will be a hard 24 hours. we're trying to take advantage of the optimal conditions to get some containment on this fire, deal with hot spots. because we are anticipating an increase in fire weather this weekend.
8:09 am
>> let's talk about containment. the good news, there is increase in containment. >> yes. we've had crews out there working through the night. we have on the tubbs fire itself up to 25% containment. there is still a great deal of open line out there. very difficult terrain to work in. but the ground pounders are out there and doing it. we have all of the resources, bulldozers, aircraft, engine companies, hand crews. we're bringing everything to bare. taking advantage of the conditions right now. >> reporter: really that hard 24 is because there is anticipated rain -- anticipated wind rather. and that wind could be a complicating factor. that's one of the reason that's you will be hitting it hard today. >> exactly. firefighters if anything we consider ourselves opportunists. we take advantage of conditions. when they are optimal, we can get the most work done. that's what we're going to do today. >> reporter: tony mchale from cal fare. thank you for breaking down the briefing for us. again, you heard that firefighters will be working hard today, battling the clock, trying to get out in anticipation of possible winds
8:10 am
later on. the crews here set to relief the crews out on the lines for 24 hours. crews that are battling active fires. the crews still on the lines. the firefighters will be relieving the mop-up crews. some already on their way back here. these firefighters will go relief them. again, it will be a long, hard 24 hours for these firefighters who are looking to do a lot of work today. at the sonoma county fairgrounds, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. sonoma county has put up an interactive map of the fire zone and closures on their website. we're sharing that with you now. the areas in red are evacuation areas. the circles with the yellow xs inside are road that's are closed. the red triangles shows delays. there are a lot of closures in effect and residents have to wait until they can be safely escorted into neighborhoods to see what has happened to their neighborhood. you can't just go in on their own. so many people are curious for
8:11 am
that information. >> smoke continues to fill the air, even kind of making it into our studio in jack london square. in 15 minutes, we will have the latest on the air quality for the week spend what you can do to protect your health. we are learning more about the victims of the devastating north bay fires. more on where they're from and the special tributes in their honor.
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> so far there have been 17
8:14 am
confirmed fire related deaths in sonoma county. authorities identified ten of the victims yesterday. >> on your screen are the victim who's have been identified. they range in age from 57 to 95. the sonoma county sheriff says they were identified through dental records, finger principals, tattoos and in some cases medical devices. one of the people who died in the fire will be honored at the homecoming game in san ramon. 27-year-old christina hanson graduated from the high school and was born with spina bifida and was in a wheelchair. hanson will be honored at cal high's homecoming game tonight, along with two former students of the same school, stacee etcheber and cohen who died in the las vegas shooting. the coffee park neighborhood attended a church
8:15 am
service held for fire victims. they prayed for all those affected by the fires. also the nearby cardinal newman high school has about half of the classrooms destroyed by the fire. half of that campus though is still standing. students say last night's mass really helps the community come together. >> especially in times like this where it is tough to figure out what is going on and what happened. especially to good people and a good community. it is nice to be comforted in the spiritual side of things. >> students are not sure what school will be like or how they will attend classes in the future. the homes of peanuts creator charles shulz burned if the fire. his widow was able to escape. but a lot of memorabilia was lost. most of the collection of original comic strips are at the charles m shulz museum in santa rosa. the museum was not damaged by the fire.
8:16 am
the city of calistoga remains under mandatory evacuation orders. they are not mincing words about the few people who decided to stay behind. >> your choice to stay is a distracts to our first responders. you will not be given life safety support at this point. you are on your own. >> the city is being threatened by the tubbs fire burning just northwest in the hills there. so close to town that indeed all 5,000 residents were ordered to evacuate. still there are some who refuse to leave. >> once i leave, i can't get back in. that's my main concern. so i'm not leaving until it's time to go. >> well, that resident also says he wants to protect his family home that was built back in the 1880s. if the flames get close, he does have an escape plan. the time is 8:16. let's help get you out the door. a major problem at the tunnel this morning. thankfully that has been resolved. any new problems popping up.
8:17 am
>> there is slow traffic although we certainly have had better commutes today than we have had in the last four days, especially when it comes to the east bay commute. we certainly have had slow traffic. i can put up a map of the east bay commute for you now and show you that traffic is going to be slow on interstate 880 heading from hayward to fremont, which is typical. san mateo and dumbarton bridge commutes are slow. so is 880 northbound. 580 is a little better for you if you want to take 580 instead as you drive over to the oakland area. you can see traffic is going to be okay. we've also been looking at the east shore freeway. we've had traffic slow. but it's only 30 minutes. yesterday we had 78-minute commutes for the same exact stretch. so a little perspective. about half the time to drive these commutes even though you will definitely face slow traffic. we had an earlier stall on the upper deck of the -- yes. it was the deck of the bay bridge. old habits die hard. only one deck before treasure island. that's where the stall was. after that, on the upper deck
8:18 am
west of treasure island, there was slow traffic as well. that's cleared up. traffic is beginning to get better. we talked about 880 northbound. let's talk about the san mateo bridge. perhaps you want to use that. it's not too bad heading over to a relatively uncrowded peninsula. at 8:18, let's bring steve back. i want to mention that air quality is bad so some of the flights into sfo have been delayed. >> what about oakland? have you heard anything on that. >> oakland doesn't have as many delays because of the unique runway configuration at sfo. >> thank you, sir. speaking of the smoke advisory, i was walking gasia through how to do this. and there's no scale for the purple. which means they have never seen this before. very unhealthy. bay area air quality. it has actually gone up from thursday into friday. especially up into napa county. centered more towards napa county. it doesn't matter. other locations went down. still pretty bad. unhealthy to poor all the way
8:19 am
down to gilroy. i mean so you need a front to go through. there are hints of that next thursday morning. so far it's a go for tonight. washington state cal game. i would stay advised on the latest updates. if some of that smoke comes back in, maybe they will change it. so far it is on. pretty hazy skies though. up above, you go to berkeley lap, 56 with a west/southwest wind. in town though there is 80%. and then oakland north, northeast breeze. oakland, northwest. north. but humidity, 44, 43, 35%. so something to keep an eye on for tonight as the next system moves through. napa this morning, 38 degrees. going for a high of 76. just a smoke layer continues to hang out there. santa rosa, 39 degrees. going 79, near 80 degrees. that is after 6:00 p.m. that you have to keep an eye on things. winds are north wind.
8:20 am
another observation north. santa rosa east, santa rosa west. humidity is high. 85, 85, 76%. that is good. geyserville, northwest, northwest, in #o east. hillsberg, northeast. cloverdale north. cloverdale north. but the humidity, we were dealing with teens sunday and monday. that is an off shore direction. lake county has 30sand 40s on the temps depending on your direction. but kelseyville is 37. lower lake 49 with a west/southwest. so far that's okay. napa county, northeast atlas peak 10. other locations with the slight northerly breeze, the humidity is up. that will change tonight though. wind advisory 11:00 p.m. it kicks in for the north and east bay hills. red flag warning kicks in at
8:21 am
5:00 p.m. gusts over 45 to 50 in higher peaks. 30s and 40s on the temps. cool air mass in place. no clouds or fog coming in. 37 ukiah. and the wind is a little bit all over the place. you're getting a southeast, a west, northeast,ing in. 30s on the temps and upper 20s. a freeze warning has been posted until 9:00. that is the system that goes through. we will be on the back side. then the wind picks up tonight and into saturday morning. it will decrease ask we will see warmer temps over the weekend. 60s and 70s. rain next thursday morning. >> i'll take the rain. thank you, steve. we continue to monitor the air quality across the bay area. it is not healthy. up next, how the smoke from the wildfires in the north bay could impact your weekend plans. ah, dinner.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
>> all the smoke from the wildfires in the north bay continues to impact air quality across the bay area. >> joining us this morning is lisa of the bay area air quality management district. 35 is your safe standard. >> that's right. >> we're reaching up in the upper hundreds, crossing that 200 threshold. when it comes to what is actually in the air, this is what concerns me. one or two days we can deal with this. this is day five. this is toxins from plastics and home. >> all of it gets consumed in the fire. what we're worried about are
8:25 am
the fine particulates. that is the problem. if i'm getting that into me and i'm feeling it because we have smoke in the studio but the scratchy throat, the eyes. >> yep. >> the nose burning a little. >> what do you do when you experience those. >> the best you can do is get into an air to get filtered air which is perhaps the public lineally, shopping mall where they have large hvac systems where it circulates and you can get clean air. we're in a situation where we're experiencing the effects of unhealthy air. it is difficult to get out of it right now. >> people have to go do their daily lives. >> yes. >> go to work. they can't. i mean, they have to -- they can't get away from it. >> they can't get away from it. it is a challenge. >> we asked for your questions. we have an important one. ben tweets, what is the best course of action for pregnant women? my wife is seven months and has been indoor with an air filter. thinking of heading out of town. >> if she is indoors with an air filter, that is good.
8:26 am
it is hard to say how long this will last. you don't want to be trapped indoors. you know, if they wanted to get away for a week, that -- that's their call. i mean, it is not a bad idea. i think she should check with your physician and get the best medical advice she can. >> we are in the same boat. we don't have air-conditioning, don't have the option to put it on recirculate. what can we do. >> stay indoors with windows and doors closed and keep an eye on air quality readings. when you see that air quality may shift a bit and we have better air, open your windows, exchange that air out of your home and close them again. as i look at the levels right now, we're having poor air quality throughout the bay area. right now keeping your doors and windows closed is the best thing. for people who go to work, large office buildings, have air-conditioning units. they can put on recirculate. being at work is not a bad thing. >> there are a lot of football
8:27 am
games. the raiders are playing this weekend. cal and stanford. i'm concerned for the athletes if they kick off the games. what do you tell those who attend the games or just sitting there also affected by the smoke? i guess get the masks. >> you can try getting the masks. >> they're sold out. >> yeah. the air district is getting 20,000. we got another 20,000 from the san joaquin valley and brought them because they are sold out here. >> it is important to get the mask that has the n95 rating on it. is a wet bandanna better than ai dry bandanna if you don't have this. >> you need a good seal around your nose and mouth. a wet bandanna is hard to get the seal. >> you're moving up and down. >> we're suffering from poor air quality. there is really no getting away from it. we need people to lay low, not
8:28 am
drive, not do any polluting activities. don't worry about mowing the lawn this weekend. don't blow your leaves. and get to clean air environments as much as you can which would be the library, which is a good place to go, or the shopping mall. >> or the movie theater. >> yep. >> thank you, lisa. appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> still to come, we continue our coverage of the fires in the north bay. up next, we're going to talk live with cal fire spokesman with the latest on the fire fighting efforts and the challenges that crews face today.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ so we created the only bed that adjusts on both sides to 9 out of 10 couples prefer a different mattress firmness, your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. you can even see how well you're sleeping and make adjustments. does your bed do that? the most amazing part is they start at $699. that's $200 off our queen c2 mattress during the final days of our fall sale. ends sunday. visit for a store near you. >> the time is 8:30 on this busy friday, october 13th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm mike mibach. let's check in with steve right now. we were talking about air quality. i want the winds to pick up
8:31 am
because i want the smoke to get out of here. i also don't want it to pick up because it is worse for firefighters. >> you want it to pick up from the west not the northeast. >> over 200. >> 250. >> 250. >> yeah. the south bay has been terrible. >> that's a little better today compared to yesterday. it has been going up towards napa county. that's one area that we will focus on here. the purple category is not one that we see often. very unhealthy from yesterday to today. it has actually gone up. gone down for the inland valleys. around the central bay. really high. these are unhealthy to poor categories. very unhealthy to the north. as of right now, the game is still a go tonight. washington state and cal. i would keep updated on the latest. they may change that. right now it is okay. above the -- at the berkeley lab, 37% humidity. not strong but a northeast breeze. and then above the oakland zoo, north at 7. keep an eye on the
8:32 am
wind speeds later tonight and into tomorrow. up towards santa rosa and windsor, north/north. an east or west wind. at least the humidity is higher. atlas peak has the lowest humidity and the highest wind gusts. only 10%. 37 sonoma valley. napa airport has 82% humidity. red flag warning starts at 5:00. wind advisory starts at 11:00 p.m. tonight. some of the higher elevations over 45 miles per hour. colder temps. not much of any breeze if at all. it is picking up to the north. lots of 30s and 40s. you can see the wind direction coming down out of the north. it will turn northeast. once that system goes through, so by tonight, stronger gusts will kick in. probably later tonight. 10:00, 11:00. into early saturday. then it will decrease and temperatures will warm up fast
8:33 am
on sunday. 60sand 70s today though. here is sal. >> we have traffic that is going to be affected obviously in the fire areas. just want to give you a quick rundown of highway 37 and highway 101. 37 is open. there is a little bit of slow traffic. it is open. and if you're driving on highway 101, you will see the traffic is open between windsor and santa rose a however some of the off-ramps in the fire areas are closed. highway 128 out of calistoga is closed to the northwest. highway 29 is open in the area. highway 128 is closed near lake berryessa. this is highway 24 westbound. you can see traffic is moderately heavy. getting better. all of the traffic cameras by the way you notice that is all smoke. none of it is fog. just smoke in the area. this is 80 westbound. a 30-minute drive is much better than what we had yesterday. we had an hour and a half drive yesterday. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. backed up for 15 to 20 minutes. interstate 880 is slowing down
8:34 am
out of san leandro into downtown oakland. it is 8:34. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we continue to follow the latest developments surrounding the north bay fires. >> thank you for joining us, daniel. >> good morning. talk to me about what crews are expecting later this evening and into the night. >> well, late into the night as you have been reporting, the winds are expected to pick up. gusts up inform 45 miles per hour in some of the areas. really it will challenge our efforts. and that's why we're really taking advantage of this window of opportunity right now to continue to strengthen our containment lines. as you look at the numbers on containment, containment is up. progress was made overnight. we will continue that work and brace for the winds that could pick up late tonight. >> so because you have this window of opportunity for the next, you know, 10, 12 hours, specifically how aggressive and what tactics will you do that you haven't been able to do as much earlier in the fires. >> early this morning, as the
8:35 am
winds died down, we were using burning operations where we actually put fire in the ground in a controlled environment to burn out that excess vegetation ahead of the wildfire. that will be effective. ensuring for the communities and the home that's are immediately threatened by this fire, we have firefighters staged, doing structure defense, preparing those areas for the fire to come and where we can fight the fire in those neighborhoods. so a lot of work being done right now. but, again, mother nature this whole week has gone up and down. no winds, high winds, up and down. that has made it so challenge on the fire fight. this morning, overall, good progress being made. >> have you had any problems or shortages with water? >> not necessarily shortages of water. i do use water tenders that truck in water from outside areas. that helps our crews in some of the rural areas. obviously when we're fighting fire out in the wildland and forest, there are fire hydrants
8:36 am
we can hook up. we use water tenders to bring in water from the outside. our helicopters are able to dip into nearby ponds and lakes and get the water and drop it on the fire. our air tankers have water access at the air bases where we mix the retardant together and it is being dropped on the fire. we haven't had any issues, able to drop water and retardant on the fires. that has been a huge help when we can use it. we can't always use the aircraft, especially in the morning hours when the smoke inversion is over the fires, making visibility limited. >> you've got all of the aircraft available that you need. >> we have 30 air tankers at our disposal. many large. over 70 helicopters ready to fight the fires. the national guard sending more helicopters. a significant air resource available to us and to all of the fires. again, statewide, we're battling 17 fires that have have burned over 220,000 acres. this has been a busy week. we're still responding to dozens every single day of new
8:37 am
fires with the resources that we brought in from other parts of the state and even from other states. they have been able to respond to those fires. it is suppressing then and extinguishing them quickly. >> these wildfires are among the deadliest in california history. for someone who has worked for cal fire for so long, i want to get your reaction when you hear somebody actually say that. >> it is tragic. obviously you know we work hard to protect life and property. life being the key. but to see 31 people parish in these fires is heart breaking to us. this makes this the deadliest week in california history. this surpasses the oakland hills fire back in '91 when 25 people died. and unfortunately even at 31, crews are out looking and there's the potential that new fires, you know, mayo owe new bodies, i should say, may be discovered, bringing the death toll up. >> some of the areas that have burned are completely wildland.
8:38 am
others are completely suburban. blocks and blocks of homes. how does that affect the fire fight? >> we have to change our tactics. we train for this specific type of fire where we have a wildland fire that burns into an urban area. we call it wildland urban interface. where the urban meets the wildland. it does change tactics. vegetation is one thing. we can cut down the trees and cut down the brush to really help stop the fire. we can't remove the homes. we can't remove the fuel for an urban fire which are structures. but we have to bring in firefighters, especially in the populated areas that their whole job is structure defense. sitting there, preparing the home for the fire to begin. then we're looking for spot fires as embers rain down on some of the homes or other buildings. we want to put the spot fires out as quickly as possible. as soon as the home catches fire, if we can't jump on it quickly, unfortunately that home or building is going to be destroyed quickly. >> daniel, i appreciate your
8:39 am
time. wishing your crews a safe day out on the fire lines. >> thanks. >> firefighters really getting aggressive, working to knock down the fires before the winds pick up tonight. >> absolutely. alex savidge is live north of downtown sonoma to tell us how the fire fight is going there. >> reporter: crews here on the front lines, they are making progress. they really are. and they're making a stand here at this spot where we are. we have been here throughout the morning. this is moon mountain road. this is where firefighters are setting back fires here right along the north side of the road. that's what you're looking at there. you have crews from marin county, alameda fire, the oakland fire department is here as well. firefighters with cal fire. they have been methodically making their way along the road, setting back fires and trying to make sure that this fire doesn't jump across moon mountain road. you see what is on the south side of the road here. this is the work of the bulldozers who have come in here over the last couple of
8:40 am
days. you can see what they have done. they have carved away just a wide open area here to create a fire break. and they really are going to do whatever they can to make sure that the flames don't jump over this particular road because, you know, once you get on the south side of moon mountain road, there's a lot more homes in the area. and obviously the heart of the city of sonoma itself is a few miles south of here. the fire is several miles away from the city. we should point out there's no mandatory evacuations for city of sonoma itself. people living in some of the areas on the outskirts, including the area where we are, they have been order today evacuate. and all along moon mountain road, all of the homes are empty. but as far as we can see, all of the homes so far have been protected by these firefighters. they were doing air drops just yesterday on a -- around some of the homes, putting fire retardant on the homes and the areas around them. so far they saved the homes along the road. making a stand, trying to make sure that the fire doesn't jump
8:41 am
the road. >> great work out there by the firefighters and you, alex. still to come, the devastation from the fire is taking a toll on the firefighters and first responders. an out pouring of support from the community as many firefighters learn that their own homes have been destroyed.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> the time is 8:44. the devastation caused by the north bay wildfires has taken a toll on many people, including the men and women working to contain the flames. we have a picture that captures all of their hard work. exhausted firefighters sleeping on the side of the road. the person who posted the photo says bless their hearts. so thankful for our first responders. three firefighters taking a much needed break grabbing a bite to eat on the front lawn of a home accompanied by two children. the woman said thankful for the family who fed my nephew tonight. 40 firefighters have lost their own homes while battling the fires. the chief of the novato fire department is among them. he showed us what is left of his home in santa rosa. he was out of town when the fire started on sunday. never had a chance to get his belongings. everything was gone, including his wife's wedding ring. >> i was here for most of the
8:45 am
day yesterday sitting through stuff, looking for that. it is not the monetary value but the emotional connection that we have to that. , you know, it's -- you know, other things can be replaced. >> captain jason beech with the alameda fire department also lost his home in santa rosa after his getting his daughter to safety, he went back to evacuate his neighbors, knowing that his house had been destroyed. the international association of firefighters set up a fund to help the firefighters who lost homes. many are still working on the fire lines and have not been able to come back and assess the damage or even be with their families. the go fund a hero account has raised $35,000. if you would like to make a donation, we have a link on our website on just click web links there at the top of the page. 8:45. let's help get you to where we need to go. sal, a lot of school districts canceling class because of terrible air. i imagine that is impacting
8:46 am
traffic. >> it is impacting it in a good way, gasia and mike. school districts not going. also you throw that in with friday. and friday we have lighter volume on most fridays. we still have slow traffic. let's start off with 80. yesterday at this time -- see this number 27 i'm showing you. yesterday think time that number was 63 at this time. so that's giving you a little perspective here that things are a little better. the air quality unfortunately not looking good. in fact it looks worse. but the traffic itself looks better driving into san francisco. this is northbound 880 slowing down out of san leandro, driving into downtown oakland. san mateo bridge is moderately heavy. you can see the traffic in the east bay has lightened up a little bit. we had a problem on the sunol grade. that has vanished. we look at 680 and highway 4. all of this is doing much better than normal. a lot has to do with the school closures. these lines that i'm drawing normally i see a bunch of slow traffic. at this time it is not there.
8:47 am
one last thing i want to mention in the sat bay. we have slow traffic on 280, 101 and 85 getting into that west valley. at 8:47, let's bring in steve. >> thank you, sir. on this friday, pretty quiet right now. that won't be the case tonight. one more system in the pattern has to scoot through. then high pressure will build in. maybe rain next thursday. maybe rape. certainly looks like santa rosa, calistoga north. we will deal with that next week. that is the best case scenario for everybody involved if we can get rain. warmer temps sunday and monday. the smoke continues to be a huge issue for everybody. and it's not good, especially up towards the north bay. the levels have actually gone up in napa county. from 210 yesterday to 253. there really isn't a chart for the purple. there is now. other locations have gone down since thursday. the inland valleys and central santa clara valley. poor air quality down to gilroy. a lot of that pools up. at last check, the game tonight cal-washington state is a go.
8:48 am
i would keep advised of the latest. if more smoke pours in, they may recontinue -- reconsider that. the breeze will kick up in the second half. some observations are reporting, some are not. northwest wind, 34% humidity. closer to town, 52 and 75% humidity. a big difference here. some of the observation in the oakland hills have been north/northeast. napa looking -- had a low of 38 this morning. going for 76 today. just no clouds. just that smoke layer. much can be said for many areas in the north bay. if you get a west wind, it improves the air want. if you don't, temperatures in the upper 70s. santa rosa has an east, west and a west. the west is good. that is -- remember on sunday night and monday, we had relative humidity about 10%. 10 to 12. and temperatures about 85 degrees. these are a big difference. still off shore for many. up into lake county, some
8:49 am
improvement. south wind, south wind. south, southwest. and a north. nothing too strong yet. something to keep an eye on for tonight. atlas peak has nothing over 10. but northeast 37 sonoma valley and 80% humidity. napa airport has been hovering around 82% as well. red flag starts at 5:00. some higher elevations with gusts 45 or higher. this one looks to have a little bit more to it. nothing what we saw sunday and monday. nothing like that. 30sand 40s to 50s on the temps. i don't want to forget people on the peninsula and south bay. warming up a little bit. santa cruz mountains had 30s. scotts valley, soquel at 42. 44 in gilroy and san martine. water temps have gone down. 52 to 54 in monterey. that's the coldest they have been in a while.
8:50 am
everything coming out of the north. there is a wind out of the north, south, southeast, northeast. the humidity is higher. 54%. it was cold this morning. so we had the frost warning. that goes for another 20 minutes. then it will be canceled. the wind will pick up tonight. once that system goes through, we will be on the back side of it. that's what we're looking for later this evening. starts going north to south. should decrease by saturday afternoon. sunday looks sunny and warmer. 60s and 70s on the temps. upper 80s by monday before the pattern starts to change again and hopefully get rain in here early thursday, gasia. >> thank you, steve. the time is 8:50. we continue to follow the wildfires burning in the north bay. coming up next, we will take a look at some of the other top stories we're following this morning as well, including new developments to bring you from president trump on the iran nuclear deal.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> the time is 8:52. the wine country wildfires are
8:53 am
causing for flight cancellations and delays at sfo. a live picture of the san francisco airport. we just got off of the airport duty manager. for today, 72 inbound and outbound flights combined have been canceled. smoke from the fires is reducing visibility for pilots. you can see that smoke in the live pictures. sfo began its ground delay program at 7:00 this morning for safety. right now delays up to half an hour that could increase however throughout the day. for a look at the other top stories we're following for you this morning. checking this morning's top stories we find that later today president trump is set to deliver a policy speech on iran. he is expected to say the landmark iran nuclear deal is not in america's best interest. he will outline specific issues with the 2015 agreement. according to those familiar with the president's speech, he will not call for a reimposition of sanctions on iran but instead urge to require new requirements for iran to benefit from the
8:54 am
sanctions relief. he has criticized the agreement negotiated by the obama administration. president trump says he is cutting off federal subsidies to insurance companies provided for under the affordable care act. it helps low income americans afford health coverage. he signed an executive order yesterday that will allow alternative health insurance plan that's would not need to fulfill the requirements of the affordable care act. congressional democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer issued a statement saying sadly instead of working to lower health costs for americans, it seems that president trump will single handily hike premiums. early this morning, a big rig caught fire going through the tunnel. the truck driver was able to get out okay but both ways were closed down for for more than an hour. this started at 1:00. that resulted in a big backup as cars were forced to detour to fish ranch road to get around the tunnel.
8:55 am
thankful to report that both the bores are back open. thousands of people attended the funeral mass in san francisco yesterday for 50- year-old stacee etcheber. she was one of the 58 people shot and killed in the las vegas attack. she is the wife of san francisco police officer vinny etcheber and the mother of their two children. officers from the las vegas metropolitan police department attended the mass at st. mary's. it was standing room only. still to come, the number of wineries impacted by the fire from the north bay continues to grow. more on which wineries are impacted specifically and what this means for the wine business overall.
8:56 am
8:57 am
authority say that looting has not been a significant problem in the evacuation zone but sonoma county deputies arrested one man, and they
8:58 am
found sunglasses and an emergency fire shelter apparently taken from the firefighter along with tolls that were reported stolen from the vineyard management company. fear of custom enforcement agents could keep some from going to the evacuation centers and some evacuees think they will be picked up and detained. many fear that their immigration status will be checked if they go to a shelter seeking help but the sonoma sheriff's office says this is a time of crisis, and they are not using shelter information to serve outstanding warrants or other legal issues. evacuees do not have to provide the identification and the purpose of taking names is to locate the missing people. residents in sonoma can start applying for federal
8:59 am
disaster aid and there are grants available for temporary housing, essential home repairs and property losses not covered by insurance. the federal assistance will likely be expanded to other counties and fema says they will offer additional assistance in the future. the fires continue to grow in wine country, and the limited damage to the skaggs league vineyard, but the white rock vineyard suffered significant damage and is likely lost according to those that worked there and there are dozens of wineries that were completely destroyed and the fires continued to get closer to the prominent wineries. take a look at this fire devastated neighborhood in santa rosa and you can capture this image of the loan -- lone mail carrier and the carrier
9:00 am
was fulfilling a request from some fire victims that had asked him to leave their mail if the mailbox was still standing. the firefighting effort continues and it will continue for the next week or so. >> i did not want to look through anything because it is devastating. >> it is shocking. >> crews still work to contain the wildfires burning out of control in the north bay and we will have a live update from napa and sonoma counties. welcome to the 9 and we expect ever briefing from the napa county officials on the progress made overnight on the wildfires burning in napa county. we have good news report on some fronts but as we wait for the briefing to begin, the weather is of great concern.>> the next 10 hours are very critical and week have


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