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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 13, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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commissioner of the california highway patrol warren stanley. >> thank you, chief and good morning. as we move on in this endeavor, we have approximately 160 people assigned to work these fires, mostly in traffic control. somewhat escorts and some with general law enforcement to prevent looting and some with security details, especially at the fairgrounds where our shelters are. also a couple of things i want to talk about. for the public, and it's been brought up, we have a lot of closures come in many areas are closed due to these fires and things of that nature. we ask -- we know the public is concerned anyone as much information as possible. use social media and try to keep the public out of these areas. we have a lot of assets coming in right now. fire trucks coming utility personnel, utility vehicles. we want to keep the roads open so they can get in and out as
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quickly as possible. this will make it them in there, they can help to mitigate the situation. >> you are watching ktvu vox 2 news at noon. we are bringing a live update on the firestorms from officials. >> they are still there and we've been helping them get in to their farms and ranches so they can feed their livestock. we are working with them and the california department of food and agriculture to do that. with that, as director ghilarducci and the chief said, we understand how this is affecting many people in this area and in southern california. we will continue to work together as a group to mitigate this emergency and help people get back to normal. thank you very much. and i'd like to introduce bob baird, the fire aviation director for the u.s. forest service.
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>> good day. my name is robert baird, the director for fire and aviation for the united states forest service for the pacific southwest region. which is california and the pacific islands. we have been working together seamlessly with the state and local officials in mobilization of the firefighting resources to support the tragic and terrible fires. our hearts go out to those who pat a significant loss of life and property. it's a terrible situation and we have been here to support. we are bringing in from the federal firefighters almost 4000 of them to augment the state and assist them with ongoing operations happening. we are providing the resources of 12 elite hotshot crews that are designed to go into some of the most demanding wildfire situations as well as over 103 federal crews of 20 each that
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are assisting on containing the fires we have. in addition to that, 266 federal fire engines are here to support the state with ongoing challenges that we have. in addition to the ground resources we have 15 large air tankers available in the state. that will help across the state . in addition to that, 2, dc- 10s, which assist with ongoing wildfires. and we brought up to speed a great deal of firefighting helicopters, 37, in support of this challenge. additionally, as we move the power preparedness level and got that many firefighters here to support the operations that the director and the chief talked about, we are also concerned about low humidity and high wind event that could happen in the future. as the director talked about, everyone needs to be prepared for a wind driven wildfire. we have up staffed and mobilized a federal incident management team knowing that the state incident management teams are fully committed in southern california.
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in that event, we have a team ready to assume incident command there in support of the citizens of california. with that, thank you. i will be followed by bob center, the regional administrator for fema. >> tasty. let me start by saying our hearts go out to those who have been affected by this event. and have lost loved ones and homes during this event >> we have been committed since the beginning to help with the response of this event by coordinating the federal response in support of state and local government. we will also be committed through the recovery of this event no matter how long it takes. i'm happy to announce today that solano and orange county were added to the original declaration by the president to provide assistance for debris removal, emergency protective measures and direct federal assistance if other federal resources are needed there. in addition to that, yesterday,
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the president added on individual assistance for sonoma county last evening. that allows us to start helping with individuals that were affected from these events. this morning, napa county has been added. we are working as quick as we can to get teams into other affected counties as it is safe to do so. they will do further assessments and make decisions to turn on those counties for additional assistance. we will work through those as quick as we can get in there and it safe to do so. we have outstanding support from the national guard to help us not only be able to augment our teams on the ground but to do assessments by air which has helped us make decisions for sonoma and napa county. let me talk about what our individual assistance program is. homeowners and renters in
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sonoma and napa county who sustained damage to their primary home, vehicle and personal property as a result of the fires may apply for assistance. disaster assistance may include grants to help pay for temporary housing to include rental and lodging expense, emergency home repairs, uninsured and underinsured personal property losses and medical, dental and funeral expenses caused by the disaster along with other serious disaster related expenses. in addition to what fema provides to our individual assistance program, other programs have now been brought from the federal government. for example, small business administration's low interest disaster loans. both for businesses of nonprofit organizations and homeowners and renters. to access these programs, we recommend that you go to and register at
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that is web registrations are the fastest way to apply. our call centers are open from 7 am through 10 pm. you can also phone our tele- registration number at 1-800- 621-3362. that is 1-800-621- 3362. and ask questions. operators can receive registrations in english, spanish and other languages. the reason why i am recommending applying through is as you can imagine we are managing disasters across the country. even though we have augmented our tele-registration intake by thousands of individuals of the last month,, they are significantly stretched. so we recommend to go onto the
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website and register through our website again at www. when you register for assistance you will need a social security card for one member of your household, a description of the damages and information about your insurance. because disaster assistance does not replace insurance, a current address where you can receive mail and contact details is helpful. lastly, we know you are eager to return home. please put safety first and follow guidance from local emergency officials before returning home. with that i will be followed by general beavers from the national guard. thank you. >> good afternoon. once again our thoughts and prayers are with everybody throughout the affected areas. we continue to pray for them on
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a regular basis. we also continue to be well postured across the entire fire emergency area. to date we have 2100 personnel assigned to support cal fire oes, fema and others. we continue to provide fire mapping for cal fire as well as provide damage assessments for fema. today we will have two of our module airborne firefighting system equipped c-130s flying to support the fires and eight rotary wing type 1 aircraft. we can to do to control traffic control points and sport patrols throughout the counties of mendocino, solano and napa. we have open our armories in santa rosa and petaluma to support first responders. with that i think we will take your questions. >> any word on missing -- [ inaudible question/comment ] >> i would not say that's less concern. we are certainly continuing to work closely with the local
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sheriff's departments to bring that number down. the fact is that it will remain a concern until every last person is accounted for. >> any updates on numbers? >> i do not have any updates on those numbers this morning. >> [ inaudible question/comment ] >> we all have a lot of things -- >> i would not say a surprise. these are the conditions we have been talking about for several years and we have been experiencing for several years. two years ago the valley fire north of these in lake county see, very similar conditions. the butte fire and calaveras county. these are the fires california
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is experiencing now and is going to experience into the future. dry vegetative conditions, weather patterns that are changing. the enormity of this disaster, we are only beginning to understand. and i think it's how we go forward once we are done the saving lives and putting these fires out and caring for people and moving on, we will evaluate how these fire spread. we are looking at building construction and all those questions. we want to know is there more that we can do and all of those areas? right now the focus is life safety. let's get people out in front of these, let's get these fires out and take care of the people impacted. >> [ inaudible question/comment ] >> we are not scrambling. we are very well organized. we were briefed this morning by the four incident management
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teams that i indicated today. they are very well organized and deliberate plans. those plans have very clear objectives and those resources are deployed based on those object lives and work is getting done. that's why you see increasing containment and deliberate trigger points for evacuations so we are well left of these fires if they change direction or increase in intensity. we will know where to place those evacuations and get people out of harm's way. >> [ inaudible question/comment ] >> it depends on access back to do the inspection and whether they have all the information. it can be a very quick process. there is additional assistance that may be made available right away. for example, transitioning shelter assistance in the days to come if they need help with hotel
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and need to get out of a shelter. and there is other assistance that could be provided to take care's of some of cost they may have expended for hotel. the best thing to do is if you think your home was destroyed entering the affected area, go ahead and phone in the number. go to the email address and start the registration process. it could be a very quick process depending on whether you are able to provide all the information. ultimately we will continue to work with you. you may get some assistance up front and then get more assistance after we do the inspection and see what level the damage was. >> the other incidents around the country, will that have an impact on how quickly people in california get help? >> that's what i was talking about as far as recommending everyone go on the web and apply to our disaster assistance i. -- assistance site.
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even though we've expanded our call-center capacity, they are still handling millions across the country. the more we can let the electronic system operate, the quicker you will get assistance. our recommendation is to go to the website and register there. there is a checklist over here for disaster survivors we have put up that they can follow. i recommend you get it out to them and it will have them go through the process to apply for assistance. >> can i also add on the administrative's comments. tomorrow in santa rosa we have a local assistance center. that assistance center is a place for people who have been impacted by this disaster, that is a one stop shop location. you will have all your state agencies, federal agencies,
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nongovernmental organizations. they go through, there will be an opportunity there to register. and an opportunity to get information and what you need. the dmv will be there. they will be able to give you a new license on the spot. we can handle your tax paperwork and any other kind of critical documents that may have been lost. the idea behind this local assistance center is to immediately get that process out of the way and get you on with rebuilding your homes in your lives. this will open up and we will have numerous local assistance centers established in all of the counties that have been impacted by the fires as the situation allows us to get those in there. we are working with local partners to do that. tomorrow there will be a local center opening up and that will with many of the things the
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administrator is talking about. >> do you know where that will be? >> i don't have the address but i will get it to you. >> in addition to that we send people to help register people at the shelters directly. to make it easy on them we are going where those survivors are at to help them out. >> [ inaudible question/comment ] >> i don't have the answer to that right now. the governor is briefed multiple times a day by the team here and is providing direction to all of us. and communicating with the white house and other elected leaders that are necessary in the overall response and recovery of this operation. as soon as he has an appropriate time -- there are a
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lot of moving parts to getting the governor into this area -- he wants to focus on the firefighters and the responders getting the job done. when that happens, we will let you know. >> thank you for coming today. >> you have been listening to a blithe briefing from state officials outside sacramento. at the same time bringing you images of the plane making fire retardant drops in the area of the tubbs fire. skyfox cooling us the situation above napa. we've seen two drops in the time we have brought you this live picture. we are now showing you that terrible plume of smoke. also look at the center of the screen. you see that bright orange line of fire retardant. that's an attempt to stop the flames from spreading.
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we started out this briefing with the cal oes officials about 45 minutes ago. they are saying they will use every available resource and will be on the fire lines as long as it takes. they gave us some containment numbers. the tubbs fire is at 25%. atlas, 27%. the number of people dead stands at 31. >> some encouraging numbers coming out. not only the containment on the tubbs fire -- those were single digits a couple of days ago. they are making progress. 9000 firefighters are now on the front lines from a dozen different states including north and south carolina. 840 fire engines. 3500 evacuees and 43 different evacuation centers. 40% capacity. our was restored over the past 24 hours to over 17,000 but 29,500 are still without power. many folks are trying to
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communicate. when the fire broke out sunday night there were 77 towers that failed. now all but 8 are working. some good news. but as they said, they are not out of the woods. >> there are different phases of this event. some people have been allowed back into their neighborhoods. some have been burned up. we heard from the regional fema director saying napa in sonoma county can apply for federal disaster grants to help them pay for temporary housing and emergency repairs and personal property losses in medical and funeral costs. we are giving you a live look above the tubbs fire and napa county. we will stay on top of this developing situation. more of ktvu news at noon in just a moment.
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some mixed news regarding the north bay wildfires. napa county announced today that circumstances are improving but an evacuation advisory was issued overnight for an area west of highway 29. right now the wine country fires have officially claimed the lives of 31 people. sonoma county is checking out 400 reports of people missing. these fires have combined to burn 300 square myers, that is six times the size of the city of san francisco. >> and napa county come the fire known as the nuns, adobe
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and norbert fires have burned into the partrick fire. the outline of that area, 56,000 acres, is the spot in the middle of the screen. >> the atlas fire is threatening a new area around napa. allie rasmus joins us with more on that . >> reporter: concerns about the nuns fire led to that advisory evacuation order in the middle of the night. that impacts residents who are west of highway 29 between oakville grade and rutherford road in the community of oakville. we are on bella oaks drive and highway 24. there are quite a few wineries here. this is part of the mondavi winery. there is cake bread sellers and that building to the left there. and a short distance away is highway 29. the fire we have been watching is the western edge of the nuns fire. it's burning right now on mount
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saint john. this has been going for a while but it's become more visible to some of the people that live in this area. what we will show you in our story is an area several miles west of here called dry creek road to the oakville grade. that is closer to mount veeder. that was the focal point of a firefight overnight. firefighters say they won that battle for now. >> reporter: you can hear the crackling fire in seabright flames from several hotspots along dry creek this afternoon. firefighters say this is an improvement from conditions last night. >> coming down to dry creek but it's been able to hold at the riverbed. >> reporter: firefighters from ventura county were one of three teams charged with holding the nuns fire northwest of dry creek road overnight. >> and that is what we did the last 24 hours. we held the fire in check. keep it down in the creek bed and not allow it to come up toward structures. >> reporter: battalion chief said firefighters but back
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flames and cleared away brush from homes. this afternoon you can see with the flames reached within a few feet of some of those homes but not one of those burned. >> right now this is one of our main concerns. we do have engines that are strategically placed throughout the street so we can mitigate any hazard that does arise. >> reporter: concerns about this part of the nuns fire burning and western napa county led to it overnight evacuation advisory for residents west of highway 29. >> if that fire comes down here , we are worried about getting it into the valley. >> reporter: people who live and work in the area watch flames and smoke creep down mount st. john on the far eastern edge of the nuns fire. >> if the wind picks up come the fire will pick up. we have to wait. does not much we can do. >> reporter: as you mentioned, the partrick, norbert, adobe and nuns fire all combined into one.
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cal fire is classifying it as one fire pit we asked the cows fire -- cal fire spokeswoman about that but he said that's a good thing when these fires come together. that means the fires start to burn into themselves and run out of fuel and it makes it easier from an operations standpoint to get your materials and surround the fire instead of being in the middle of several fires trying to fight them from different angles. folks are keeping an eye on the fire at mount saint john's comment this is an extension of the nuns fire next to highway 29 between oakville grade and rutherford road. that's where the evacuation advisory, a voluntary evacuation done -- that has been in place since the overnight hours. >> there is a strategy to this and it looks like they are making progress in saving those homes. nice job. when we started that briefing around 11:30 am, we
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her state officials referred to sundowner and santa anna-type wind over the weekend. we will bring in our meteorologist. we have some good hours ahead of us were fire crews can make progress but the concern comes back in. >> that will change as we get into the second part of the afternoon with wind expected to peak late tonight into early tomorrow morning. let's take a look at the smoke advisory. everybody is dealing with smoke today. right now it's moderate to unhealthy. that shade of purple indicating very unhealthy. that could come later today when the wind begins to pick up. that is a north wind. that north wind takes the fire smoke and pushes it this direction. that's what we expect air quality to worsen as we get into the second part of the afternoon and evening hours. that will last into saturday as well. we have been talking about the cal game. there has been no indication
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they plan on canceling it at this point. 64 degrees at game time with hazy skies. the breeze turning on could crank up to around 28 miles per hour. the smoke may not be so bad at the moment but that could change as we get into the evening. let's check on the current wind. lakeport reporting 6 degrees with a north breeze, relative humidity has rained -- remained at 41%. kelseyville, 36%. the wind is generally light from the northwest over areas of lake county. closer to home, napa and santa rosa reporting and northwest breezes. very light with relative humidity around 40%. as we get into the second part of the day, we have a system that will drop into the trough. once it moves out the wind is expected to kick up. those north and northeast winds will try us out once again.
12:29 pm
that's why we have a wind advisory and a red flag warning that will begin later. let's look at the wind. i should do this a moment ago. they are generally light. as we get into tonight, notice how they shipped. not only the direction, from the northeast, but wind reaching 27 miles per hour in areas like sonoma and napa. these are expected to be in higher elevations, not in the city. here we are at tomorrow morning. the wind has picked up. 36 miles per hour at sonoma. 34 in napa. the gusts could be stronger than this. this is saturday night at 9 am. the wind is still going. the red flag warning begins later today and goes until saturday evening. wind is expected to peak later tonight lasting into the morning hours. we could see gusts reach 45 miles per hour . the advisory does not expire until 11:00 this evening for the north bay and the east bay. when it comes to temperatures,
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it's not bad. temperatures have worked in our favor being relatively mild. we do have a warming trend through the weekend. 63, half moon bay. low 70s in livermore. more on the extended forecast is coming up. we keep looking out hoping to see a shift in the wind pattern in the possibility for rain. right now it looks like wednesday or thursday but we are way out. >> that feels like 100 years away. >> can you imagine owning a home up there with the wind that is supposed to blow later tonight and this evening. >> very concerning and scary. in santa rosa, officers from dozens of agencies are helping to provide mutual aid for the fire zones. the focus is to make sure those who don't -- do not belong in the area stay out. >> christien kafton road with officers on patrol for looters and joins us with more.
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>> reporter: all around, destroyed homes, vacant homes, signs of destruction in the evacuation underway in santa rosa. the sheriff said officers from throughout the bay area are on scene answering the call for help. >> we have the most incredible response from local agencies. >> reporter: santa rosa police posted a facebook message about daly city officers arresting a pair of looters overnight. the officer stopped the vehicle and became suspicious of the occupant intentions due to the fact that they plane -- claimed to be checking on family members gnomes but do not know the names and addresses other family members. deputies are also looking for looters. >> it's a situation where you have people that will come out and take advantage of the opportunity to loot. that's what we are doing today, trying to help patrol some of these neighborhoods. >> reporter: among the first to answer the call, san francisco, sending officers who have already arrested looters.
12:32 pm
san francisco officer say it's a matter of looking for anyone who does not belong here. >> there should not be many people walking around unless they're in uniform or have credentials from the county. when there are people walking around, that will pique our suspicion and we will make contact with folks. >> reporter: with combined come police presence, the sheriff has a message for anyone to take advantage of tragedy. >> don't come here. we are plenty of cops. if something goes wrong, the da has promised to prosecute them. >> reporter: the sheriff said he's made about five arrests for looting. officers say they are committed to staying now, tomorrow and in the weeks to come until this community is back on its feet. still ahead, our coverage continues after a break. we take a right back to the fire lines where we was show you what fire crews are doing to get in front of the fire before wind picks up later today.
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firefighters have been working to not down the fire before the wind picks up. >> alex savidge is north of downtown sonoma to tell us how the firefighters are doing there. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are all long moon mountain road, north of sonoma, east of highway 12. you see all the smoke in the valley.
12:36 pm
those are back fires, set by the fire crews as the fire a purchase from the north. the idea is to try to make sure they stop this fire at moon mountain road. they have been setting these backfires and bringing in bulldozers to carve out a fire break. they do not want this fire going south of moon mountain road. i want to bring in one of the firefighters involved in this operation. this is mark burbank with the marin county fire department. what's the idea here with this operation? >> what we are trying to do is we are working with hotshot crews. we are trying to get all the fuel out of here. having a backfire -- you see how the fire is coming down -- we have a crew on the other side of the canyon -- can you see them? we are trying to bring fire from them to hear and fire from
12:37 pm
here down to them. we are getting rid of the fuel so we can protect this. the heat comes up and that's where it starts to impact the homes. >> reporter: conditions right now, there's hardly any wind to speak of. the humidity levels are decent. >> there is a small window where we can do these operations. when the wind comes up, the humidity comes down. when that lines up, the wind is not our friend. for us, the wind is down in our favor so we can control this fire. >> reporter: i want to flip this around and give people some perspective on where we are. we are on the deck of a home on moon mountain road. you can see this set up they have here. this is one of the homes of that firefighters are working to protect. they set up their pump and they are pumping water out of the backyard pool so they have
12:38 pm
water ready to go. again, this fire is approaching from the north, slowly making its way toward moon mountain road. that's where we have several large homes along this particular road. they will make a stand right here and they will not let this fire get south of moon mountain road. >> thank you. a man who lost his cat in the fire has been reunited. how about that. the cat is at the vet. that is milo. milo is six years old and milo was lost but i guess a family member saw it on television. >> they found the little guy
12:39 pm
under a car in the fountain grove neighborhood in sonoma county. ed ratliff's house burned to the ground on monday morning. he barely made it out and could not find milo. miley returned home and waited. animal control posted this video. a relative in southern california saw it and told him. ratliff said that his father did not care about losing the home, it was milo he was upset about. they have been reunited and the cat apparently has come through the ordeal just fine. >> tom vacar was napa yesterday and a family went out to their house, which had burned and there was the cat on the driveway waiting. some good news out there as well. we will be right back.
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so far there are 17 confirmed fire related deaths in sonoma county. 10 victims were identified yesterday. on your screen are the victims who have been identified. the range in age from 57 to 95. the sheriff said they were identified through dental records, fingerprints, tattoos and in some cases surgically implanted medical devices. if you are searching for someone or need assistance come here are some important numbers
12:43 pm
to write down. sonoma county missing person hotline is 707-565-3856. for those who need assistance, call the redwood credit union at 707-545-4000. many people want to know about the origin of these fires. cal fire would not speculate. >> 2 investigates has been sifting through dispatch calls that may link some of the fires to high wind and downed power lines and blown transformers. candace nguyen has pg&e's response. >> power lines are down. requesting pg&e. >> reporter: attorney frank said like pieces of a puzzle, calls, outages and maps start to put together a picture of how the north bay fires may have started. >> i said, could this actually be happening all over again? it was a nightmare for me.
12:44 pm
>> reporter: he is involved in legal cases stemming from the pg&e san bruno explosion and the deadly 2015 butte fire caused by a pg&e line hitting a tree. now with the north bay fires, even though a cause is not been determined come he said transparency and cooperation by pg&e is paramount. >> look at all the pieces and you see there are blown transformers. you see that there are lines that are down very early in the evening. >> reporter: we listened to hours of dispatch audio between fire and law enforcement agencies after the first fires broke out sunday night. the reveal more than a dozen reports of downed power lines, blown transformers and flames. >> but is there a point if the conditions are so bad, it doesn't matter how much you maintain the brush or how much you maintain the infrastructure, something like this would still happen? >> it's always possible that something like this could still happen but the question is is that what happened here? pg&e knows they have an
12:45 pm
obligation to identify trees and vegetation that pose a hazard to their power lines. that's their job. >> reporter: earlier in the week, pg&e released a statement saying extreme weather conditions impacted its equipment. >> and it says millions of trees weakened by years of drought and recent renewed vegetation growth from winter storms all contributed to some trees, branches and debris impacting our electric lines across the north bay. it admits that there lines were involved in perhaps equipment was involved but tries to redirect people into believing that this was because of high wind that was unforeseen. i don't buy that.
12:46 pm
at this stage. >> reporter: thursday, 2 investigates brought these questions to pg&e. a spokesperson said there will likely be review of these fires by the appropriate agencies but right now we are focused on life, safety and surface restoration. we aren't going to speculate about any of the causes of the fires. we will support the reviews by any relevant regulator or agency. >> if it's true that pg&e said there were we can trees, than why one those weakened trees identified and removed as is their responsibility? there is now a new tool to get people a closer look at some of the damage and for evacuees to look up the status of their homes. earlier this morning, santa rosa twitter account set out a link created by robin craft from oakland. it's an interactive map of the fire zone and closures. this is the map itself. silverado country club, you can see those long pieces of red. that's the golf course itself. anything in red is vegetation. but what is helpful, you can zoom into the neighborhood and get a look. you can see a pool here.
12:47 pm
right off of green briar circle, we can bring this in and you can see the house in the middle. that houses gone. that house is gone. mother nature is so random. that houses fine and bat houses fine. but for people who have been evacuated and cannot get into their neighborhoods, this is a great tool for you to go in, find out where you live and get a better idea. you can almost zoom in although it does get lori. it will give you a good idea of some of the neighborhoods. this is behind silverado country club near atlas peak road. you can go all throughout the wine country with this map. this also shows some evacuation centers. check it out. we have a link to the map at hopefully it will help you out. residents and business
12:48 pm
owners in sonoma can apply for disaster aid to cover their losses. fema has announced there are grants available for temporary housing, home repairs and property losses not covered by insurance. the assistance will likely be expanded to other counties. fema said it will offer more assistance in the near future and tax relief could be on the way for people whose properties were damaged by fires. sonoma county announced they are working to identify and adjust property values and tax bills on properties that will have more than $10,000 worth of damage. with so much devastation in sonoma and napa, one area that's not getting as much attention is mendocino county. wildfires have scorched 34,000 acres with containment at 10% at this hour. so far the there 8 confirmed deaths. officials fear the number could rise as search crews reach more rural sections of the county. this morning we spoke to the county executive officer and mendocino county. while napa and sonoma are
12:49 pm
closer to metropolitan areas look san francisco and san jose, we asked her why her region is at a disadvantage. >> given the events that have happened in the state, we have had mutual aid and we've had resources come to mendocino county. it would've been great if those resources could have been three or four times what they are but we know there are a lot of fires happening and mendocino county really as part of this major complex of sonoma and napa. >> a challenging issue is the breakdown in communication system throughout the county. many residents do not have cell phone service, land lines or the internet. in lake county the sulfur fire is 55% contained. it has burned 2500 acres off of highway 20.
12:50 pm
the lake county sheriff tells us about 3000 evacuees have been allowed to go home. the county is working to lift evacuation orders and other sections. more coverage of the north bay fires after a short break.  so, it looks like a stripped hot water valve. speaking of hot, how about you strip for me and i'll get your water back on? getting sexually harassed at your rental?
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. welcome back. all eyes on the weather as we have been expecting things to worsen this evening. >> the wind is the big issue tonight. rosemary just got a red flag warning.
12:53 pm
it's also going into the valleys. >> the national weather service has extended it. for the hills this morning and now it will also include the north bay valley locations. let's take a look at what is going on outside at this hour. another smoky and hazy day with poor air quality around the bay area. here is a look at the current conditions. anywhere from the coast, central bay east bay and santa clara valley, all in that shade of red indicating it is unhealthy for everybody. into the north bay that shade of purple indicating it is very unhealthy, especially along the east edge of sonoma county and napa county. it is expected to worsen because these wins that are variable will eventually shift north. that means it will come in the direction from the north. you can see these errors although the flow is generally light right now. that north flow will bring that smoke from the north bay down into the san francisco bay and
12:54 pm
south bay into the evening hours, lasting into saturday. right now the wind is generally light. we are looking at 5 miles per hour in kelseyville. low will be a , 14. relative humidity has remained high. all this will change as we get into tonight. atlas peak reporting and northeast bridge around 10. relative humidity is not too bad. that southwest breezes coming in from the pacific is the best breeze we can get when it comes to moist air and relative humidity. not but reported around 40%. a system will drop in and moved to the east. as it does it will pick up the wind and we are looking at the strongest wind later tonight. by 11:00 tonight, notice the wind gusting to near 30 miles per hour . atlas peak, napa and sonoma valley. overnight, even stronger. this is early saturday, 36 and
12:55 pm
37 miles per hour with gusts stronger. at 9 am and the wind is still blowing. that red flag warning begins later today. widespread for the north bay. not only the hills but also includes the valley and for the east bay hills. that will go until tomorrow night. temperatures in the mid 60s at the coast, upper 70s inland. in addition to the breeze we will warm up as we get into the weekend. low 80s for inland cities by tomorrow. upper 80s on sunday. the wind will begin to die down the second half of the weekend. even though we are in a warmer pattern, the wind is not expected to be quite as strong as we will over the next 24-36 hours. >> once the wind does pick up, should the rest of us in the bay area expect improving air quality? >> better quality because the wind will help disburse some of
12:56 pm
the smoke. now the smoke -- now the wind will push the smoke in our direction and it could be even worse. it is a north wind meaning it's coming from the north to the south. downwind. >> and that will stoke the flames and create more smoke. >> that is the primary concern. several outdoor events including college football games could be affected by all the smoke. the virgin sports festival fitness in san francisco has been canceled. that was going to be run on sunday. the raiders play at home on sunday and they say they do plan to play the game as scheduled. they will continue to monitor conditions and will update the public with changes via social media. stanford has a homecoming game against oregon tomorrow night. they are watching the situation. nighttime is a better time than playing during the day. cal has a home game against washington state. that is tonight in berkeley. the school said it is monitoring the air quality index. >> right now it is not reaching
12:57 pm
the threshold where we would make changes. as of now we will continue to play the game as schedule. we will continue to look at a. >> according to the ncaa rules, athletes should not play outdoors if the air quality index is over the number 200. yesterday berkeley reportedly reached an index of 187. the cougars arrived yesterday. there is a good chance they will play tonight. more on the fire's after the break.
12:58 pm
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