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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 16, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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just for the second time. garden officials are urging people to come see it. this is ktvu fox news mornings on 2. 7:00 on a monday morning, october 16th. good morning, i am dave clark. we just received some new information about the biggest of the north bay wild fire. the atlas fire grew slightly during the night. containment also went up. the fires have killed at least 40 people and burned 200,000- acres and destroyed 5700 homes and businesses, right now fire crews said they have turned a corner and they are making good progress in containing the fires, mandatory evacuation orders were lifted for calistoga and parse of santa rosa and napa.
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>> damage in sonoma county alone could top $3 billion. the largest fire is the atlas fire, it grie by 7-acres overnight. containment went up from 65% to 68%. the nuns fire has burned through 48,000-acres some it's 47% contained. the tubbs fire in calistoga has burned 45,000-acres and its 60% contained. 20 of the fire deaths happened in sonoma county, the coroner identified four more victims including sharon robinson. lee mcroger as well. some people are allowed to go back to the burned areas in
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the north bay, many other areas are still off limits. we are live in kenwood the latest information from als ex. >> reporter: this is one of the areas of concern for firefighters this morning, we have the fire burning up in the hills just east of conwood. we were watching some flare ups on the ridge there, quite a bit of smoke as well. we are on adoby canyon road just east of highway 12. what you are looking at here is one of the flangs of the nuns fire, the nuns fire is only 40% contained so there are a lot of portions of this fire that are causing concern for firefighters, with that being said i want to bring in dominic with cal fire, up here we have
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a few dozen homes, are they being threatened by the fire? >> yes, in the canyon there are several homes being effected by the fire. crews are putting lines around the houses and prepping. they are making sure that as the fire creeps do you know the canyon, they are trying to keep it off the structures. >> reporter: right now it's 40% containment on the nuns fire, we may see some improvement in the morning, i know you said you are getting an update in the next hour, do you think that with the weather conditions we will see some headway? >> that's the hope. the wind is in our favor but it's hotter and the precipitation in the field is low, we are not out of the woods yet. we have a long way to go to keep the fire in check. >> reporter: yes, a lot of portions of the fire are actively burning but also a lot
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of people are returning to their homes. talk about the resources that have come in. we have crews from 17 states and the country of australia yavment it's amazing to see those resources coming to california. >> firefighters come from all over the place because we want to help. we hate to see each other suffer and we hate to see the communities suffering. that's why we are here, we want to serve. >> reporter: thank you for taking a couple of minutes this morning to give us an update pt cal fire is going to up date their containment figures within the hour, this is the nuns fire, still actively burning on this front here in the community of kenwood pt these are the -- kenwood. these are the hills close to highway 12. you have a number of homes in
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the hills, further up adobe canyon road. >> we can see the flames behind i. thank you. lets go to steve, i know you are expecting some form of rain thursday. >> late thursday into friday. alex is looking towards the east at sugar loaf ridge, allie rasmus is looking west towards highway 29, they are focusing on the same thing looking from different directions. we are warm monday, the winds have tailed off. they are still north/north east at five to 15 miles per hour and the fire creates it's own wind. still a red flag warning. it's going to be in the 80s today near 90 degrees, a few high clouds coming in. today is the warmest day of the
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week. it cools off a little tuesday and really cools off thursday, we have a bit of rain, it's to the south but certainly napa, sonoma lake and mendocino county will get some rain. we have air air quality that is better but not the great hest. it's still moderate to unhealthy but we are out of the really bad levels, still a north east breeze for some. it's all about what is going on towards napa county, atlas peak, 20%. we have a north east breeze up there as well. we have an update on the traffic now. we have an accident that
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was just cleared on 80, right at the maze, is gone and that's good because the traffic is going to be slow as you come to where the accident was, just a few minutes ago the last vehicles drove away but you are going to see slow traffic. people at the bay bridge toll plaza have been filling in all morning. the stretch is taking an hour, we also have a lot of heavy traffic, when 80 gets jammed people use highway 24 and that's jammed as well. san mateo bridge, we had an accident and a couple of lanes are taken away, traffic proposing the bridge is hef dwri, -- heavy, when you get on the bridge it's okay over to the peninsula. happening today, napa official are opening a local assistance center to help
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people effected by the fires. it's in building a on napa valley corporate drive, it's going to be staffed this week and next weekend. the center provides financial help and other services to people living in napa county. in mepped seen oa many fire ee vakees are allowed to go back to their neighborhood -- monday seen oa many fire -- mendocino many fire ee vakees -- ee evacuees were allowed to go back to their neighbors. we were lucky, we lost one
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major communications tower but that's on the mend right now. >> the mendocino county sheriff posted on facebook that people returning home should not touch or more your damaged property until after you contact your insurance company, they said moving debris could jeopardize you being eligible for state funded clean up. >> we have a smoke advisory issued for napa, sonoma and marin counties, for the rest of the area, today is a spare the air day because of the higher levels of smog. the shifting winds could bring more smoke back over the region. >> the bad air caused local districts to cancel classes last week but some districts including marin and vacaville
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are reopening today but schools in the fire zones are still closed including santa rosa, other skills that are out include sonoma valley and santa rosa junior college, sonoma state will resume classes wednesday. you can get all of the information on local districts at our website, cal fire has new numbers on the wild fires burning in the north bay, we expect to be updated in minutes and we are going to bring that to you as soon as we have the new information. >> governor brown was busy over the weekend. coming up, the bills that he signed that are now law and what was vetoed >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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to the softest linens, to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. . welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. governor brown had until midnight to act on bills passed
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by the legislature, he signed a bill about releasing information to the federal government for creating a data base based on religion, he said he wanted to make sure that president donald trump did not create a muslim registry. >> he also signed a bill requiring cleaning products to list all of their ingredients. >> the governor vetoed a bill that would have required big companies to report information on the differences in wages between male and female employees with similar job descriptions, the legislation was designed to force companies to pay women fairly. the governor said he feared the law would lead to more lawsuits
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not pay equity. >> the governor also vetoed a bill that would have required all presidential candidates to release their personal income tax forms before running for president in california. california state senate leader kevin deleon will challenge diane feinstein in next years election, the democrat is from los angeles, he released his campaign video emphasizing his humble roots and progressive politics, senator die fie who is 84 years old said she will run for a fifth senate term in the november election. for the first time in a week, the focus for sal is the
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daily commute. >> we have a lot of traffic, part was do die to an earlier crash, also a lot of people were on the road. a lot of people took a day off yesterday, but it does not look like that today. an hour to the maze, we have tripled drive times there. traffic at the toll plaza is also backed up. the 60 minutes does not include the time you are going to be waiting to get on the bridge. when 80 gets slow 24 also gets slow, sibs 80 is backed up from the wul oa pass road to 24 and it stays slow into danville. we had an earlier accident blocking a few lanes, it's slow getting to the san mateo bridge, all of the freeways are
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slow on the way up to the west valley. >> less bring in steve with the weather. >> thank you, we have some good news, the wind has trailed off for most. it's going to be warm today. 80s to 90 degrees, and you humidity is still not favorable although there are signs that it will improve towards the middle and end of the week, some high clouds move up from the west/southwest. we start a cool off tuesday and it cools off a lot wednesday, possible light rain thursday into friday. remember, the first rain from the north is usually tricky on timing and amounts but it looks to be late thursday into friday, then the storm track lifts out of area, this is a one and done, it's going to be around napa and santa rosa
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north. heavier amounts at lake port. it's tough to caught but the most rain will be further north. we are butter with the air quality than last week, last week was the worst that they have seen, you have a north east breeze so the air may come back into oakland and san francisco. napa has a high of 87 today. a decrease in the breeze, north east winds, everything is offshore, you can see the air flow bringing the air back parts across parts of the bay, i have some cooler temperatures coming later in the week. san rafael, 65, 68 in bodega bay 19 in truckee, around lake
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tahoe, teens to 40 degrees, south lake tahoe, 24 degrees, clouds from the southwest, the system dig in wednesday night into thursday and then thursday into friday. 80s inland. temperatures are above average, we start a cool down tuesday in wednesday then some rain thursday into friday. here's an interesting thought, your car soon may know more about you than you know about yourself. >> also amazon offering a new app for families, the lessons learned for children and why some fear that the app could do more harm than good >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. some people who had to evacuate from the fires said they did not receive any warnings, officials said they sent warnings only to land lines, they sent nixle alerts to cell phones but you have to sign up for them. many people who lost their homes expressed frustration about the confusion and lack of time to get out. >> i called the fire department and said, do i need to
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evacuate. they said no, within 20 minutes of being told, you do not need to evacuate, she was driving through fire to get out. >> what would you say to the people who do not feel that they were alerted. >> i encourage them to sign up for nixle. the problem is people no longer use their land lines. >> sonoma county does not send a mass wireless alert. that would have been a siren system sebt to all cell phones in the area, the sheriff said that kind the warning could have cause panic. if you were effected by recent natural disasters including the fires in the
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north bay you are getting an extended deadline to file late taxes. today was the last day to file taxes if you submitted an extension request. late filers effected by hurricane harvey, hurricane irma and hurricane maria or the wild fires get another extension to pay their taxes. coming up, job cuts at tesla and a new celebrity hash pag, pam has a look at that and what is happening on wall street. >> reporter: we have not talked about the stock markets in the past week because we were focusing on the fires but the dow is heading up again, the opening bells rang in the 3030 minutes, boeing and apple
7:24 am
contributed to the gains, the dow has 100 pointsz to go to get to 23,000 -- points to go to get to 23,000. there is word that tesla layed off 300 people last week, the reports come amid issues with producing the new model three, there is a waiting list of 50 thoi customers, the job cuts are tied to what the company scroid as employee performance reviews. actress alyssa milano started a me too hashtag on twitter. she said she wants women to reply if they have been sexually harassed or assaulted. so far hundreds of thousands of
7:25 am
men and women have responded. as of this morning it's the highest trending hashtag on twitter. the ceo of twitter is promising a stronger stance against hate and violence, they said they have made some critical decisions and they said they are taking a more aggressive instance around hate groups and tweets that glorify violence, the changes will start to roll out in the next few weeks. >> amazon is rolling out a new app allowing teens to shop on their own personal accounts but parents can manage their kids online purchases and veto them
7:26 am
if they approve. if a child submits an order, parents can approve or not but child counselors say the app will not do much good, they will help kids not understand how to manage their money. >> there is something more painful about handing over a 20- dollar bill than clicking on buy. cash has a different feeling. >> thank you. power is being restored to thousands of homes in the fire zones, coming up, we show you what pg & e expects to achieve today. >> firefighters are making progress on the nuns fire but here in napa county over the last 24 hours or so, the fire is growing in a north ward direction, there is a few strike teams on stand by waiting to go in to this canyon
7:27 am
behind me. we have a live update coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. good morning, i am dave clark. cal fire has some new information about the fires burning in the north bay, lets go to charles from cal fire, thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> good morning. crews made some impressive
7:30 am
progress over the weekend. today is must feel very different where you are? >> yes, last night we had a lot of work done, crews were working through the night and containment lines have cruised. >> where are you making the most progress? >> well, yesterday we had a lot of activity on the nuns fire and the oakmont fire, all of the fires that we have this our complex have a north to north east activity. so a lot of resources were focused over there to put in containment lines and protect the communities. >> can you tell us which communities are areas of concern this morning? >> the oakmont community, off highway 12 had a lot of concern but we put in good containment lines, the nuns fire in the mount hood area had a lot of
7:31 am
activity so lines were put in for that area. >> a couple of other questions, first, where will i target this morning as the sun comes up? >> i'm sorry. can you repeat that? >> what areas will you target as the sun comes up this morning? >> the crews that are coming off the line are getting relieved by crews coming in. all of the areas where we have been, we will be continuing the work the the oakmont fire and the nuns fire had a lot of activity so a lot of resources are going in to increase the containment lines. >> we are getting reports of an overturned water tanker, is that the case? >> at this time we have not
7:32 am
gotten any reports in our information office. if that's the case, we will get that later in the day and i will be able to give you an update later. >> we are sending a crew to check it out. we are watching fire retardant and water drops, is the air attack more crucial or is it the crews on the ground today? >> the crews in the air and the ground resources work together to make the complete containment. air resources slow down the fire and get into areas that crews are not able to access but the ground crews have to go in later and improve the containment lines to protect the structures that are threatened. all in all, they work together in order for the containment lines to get put in and the objectives to get completed. >> it's probably encouraging to
7:33 am
say that some people are able to go back to their homes to see the damage firsthand. >> in the past 12 hours some evacuation orders have been lifted and others have been reduced to advisories in the last few days, we know that the community is concerned about getting back into their homes, that's always being looked at. the areas that are being lifted, we make sure that they are safe from fire and also from downed fire lines and gas, pge and is working around the clock to make sure that the areas are safe. >> while we have you here, there are restrictions on drones, what kind of restrictions? >> there is a no fly zone in the area of the fire. so drones pose a hazard. they have been used a lot in the past several years and they pose a danger for the incident,
7:34 am
when the drones go into the air spice which is a restricted area, it makes it so all aircraft have to be groupedded. if you have the drones, do not fly them in new area of the fire and keep them down, otherwise air resources may not be able to go up to fight the fire. >> thank you so much for joining us charles. pass our tanks to the men and women on the fire lines, many multiple days without sleep. >> thank you. it's 7:34. steve is coming back to talk about the weather. >> it's warm, the wind is north ow north east. -- north/north east. we have better conditions moving in tomorrow and then wednesday into thursday. we have better air quality but it's still not great.
7:35 am
we have a north east breeze coming over napa and it takes the bad air back through san francisco and the bay. for many things are improved by four others it's tough. its a warm monday. dry conditions in the higher elevations, you get up around 2,000 feet, there is 10% relative humidity, but the wind are not strong right now. higher clouds moving in. temperatures in the 80s for everyone, a big cool down and maybe some rain sures and friday, -- thursday and friday. we will see if the rain continues to come in as advertised, it's four days away, atlas peak, 11 miles per hour wind. then a south wind in fairfield. 40s to 60s right now on the
7:36 am
temperatures. we have a few high clouds from the west/southwest. 80s on the temperatures. >> thank you, right now we have a lot of slow traffic on the east shore freeway, we had an earlier crash at the maze, that is gone but traffic has already been heavy. it was already heavy before that. it's taking an hour to brief from the bridge to the maze, then you have to wait 25 minutes to get on to the bay bridge, it's quite a commute this morning, a lot of people are back on the roads. a lot of people going back to school. some schools were closed last week because of bad air quality but that's not the case, if you judge by the traffic. it's slow from antioch to bay point. on the san mateo bridge we had an early erl crash, it's gone
7:37 am
but the traffic is slow getting on to the san mateo bridges, also the dumb -- dumbarton bridge is slow. flames are heading to the robert mondavi winery, allie rasmus is live there where you can see the red flames in the skies overnight. >> we moved further north. >> reporter: we are at highway 29 where it becomes 128 north of the winery, that's one of the bigger landmarks in this area, can you see the fire burning behind us, this is the northern tip of the nuns fire
7:38 am
burning on the napa county side. the fire spans napa and sonoma county, earlier this morning you could see a large orange grow as the fire was burning along the ridge line, these are the foothills near a mountain called west saint john close to the communities of rutherford north of oakville. you can see the flames in the foothills around mount saint johns, about an hour ago we saw several fire trucks from cal fire staging in one of the wineries nearby, the winery we are closest too is called the estate. that's where firefighters were
7:39 am
staging, we talked to them briefly, they got their instructions at six krawk this morning to come to this area, they sent two strike teams here, they were concerned about the fire creeping north in the foothills around the vineyards. there appears to be quite a few homes in this area as well. one thing that we learned covering the fires, just because you see the hills, that does not mean that there are no homes that are obscured by the trees, i had a chance to beefl talk to one of the fires, i think that you saw a couple of them driving by us earlier. the they were saying that the fire, now that the sun is up, it's settling down a bit. you can see where its burning along this ridge line here. they were keeping an eye on it but they are staging here
7:40 am
because they are concerned that this flared up in the past 24 hours. we talked to someone who said 24 hours ago you could not see the flames here. this is part of the nuns fire on the napa county side. even though firefighters have made a lot of progress, they are still some spots and areas that are giving them problems this morning that they are continuing to keep an eye on. >> thank you. some time today pg & e is hoping to restore power to almost every home and business that lost electric during the fire storm. >> 300,000 people lost power when the fires raged eight days ago, crews have been working around the clock since then to get electric back on. the goal is to restore power to everyone before the end of the
7:41 am
day coming. coming up at 8:00, the latest from mendocino county where evacuees are finally allowed to go home. >> coming up, the arrests during the fires and the warning for fire victims >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. both looters and scammers have been taking advantage of fire viems, we have a report on the crimes taking place in the fire zone. >> reporter: police arrested a
7:44 am
suspected looter from the coffey park area, in sonoma county authorities arrested three people after finding them carrying black gloves and zip ties. they are arrested for outstanding warrants. the better business bureau is also warning fire victims about scammers offering great deals to fix fire damage, they will knock on doors with high pressure sales tactics asking for cash up front. people are anxious to get back to normal. but we recommend that you be careful. >> reporter: at a community meeting in santa rosa kamala harris warned about price gouging, she said it's a crime
7:45 am
and should be reported to the attorney general's office. the oakland raider's lost to the chargers even though they had derek carr back. >> he adds the throw and its out. he hits the pile. but was he on it. touch down. >> derek carr hit michael for that touch down, then goredden leaped into the end zone to tie the game. the chargers took the lead in the fourth quarter but not for longer. second down and two. hold n. here he goes, weaving, running, touch down. sweet but the raiders missed the extra point and the chargers got down the field. novak threw a 32-yard game
7:46 am
winning field goal and time ran out. this is a short week for the raiders, they are hosting the chiefs thursday night. the fans had a glips of the 49er's future. the head coach benched brian and brought in a rookie quarterback. he led a scoring drive. then with two minutes left in the game, he got the 49ers back in the game. >> look at that. check that out. he is going wide open. robin son, touch down 49ers. >> sweet. now the 49ers are within two appoints, all that they need to do is get a field goal to win
7:47 am
but they are intercepted. the 49ers host the cowboys this sunday. lets help get you to where you need to go. sal, things are starting to settle this for many people. >> a lot of people are on the road. traffic is going to be busy. one of the best, or the worst commutes is 80 westbound. we keep watching it because it does not seem to be getting better. this is taking a long time, part lu due to earlier problems, plus everyone is on the road. same thing if you are trying to get into san francisco, you have a 20 minute delay before you make it on to the span. also highway four and 680 is slow, it seems to be getting better into danville. as you move to the other part of the east bay, traffic is slow from the dublin interchange as you drive
7:48 am
towards the grade. 880 slows to fremont. lets bring in steve. >> okay, air quality is better but not the greatest. we have a north east breeze coming off over san pablo bay, it can move around, back to san francisco and parts of marin, the air is not as bad as it was last week but still some areas are bad. it's being moved around by the breezes. we are warm to hot. 80s to near 90. the wind, even though it's not strong, it's north east, we need it to turn south. there are signs that it's going to happen but not today. the coast is going to get in on the 80-degree temperatures
7:49 am
because of the off shore breezes. then the cooler weather is on  the way, we have a dry pattern until wednesday or thursday, then it looks like a one and done storm in santa rosa and calistoga, we will see if it makes it down to napa. but lake power, half an inch, right now this is the gfs model. we will see if they decrease or increase but the first rain is always difficult to time. 47 in napa. atlas peak, 19% humidity. sonoma valley, 15% humidity. i am trying to find some other observations near where alex is and where allie rasmus is but i
7:50 am
do not see anything. there is your north east breeze, that brings back the smoke. 58 at half moon bay, san rafael, 40s. 36 at bodega bay. calistoga and napa are not reporting, winds west/southwest. s on the temperatures today a few near 90. tomorrow we start a cool down, wednesday, increasing clouds and rain. >> thank you. fighting those wild fires in the wine country from the sky, new video to show you highlighting the ways that the national guard is giving support >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break sam just snagged it from homegoods. it reminds him of bennie. only quieter.
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. we have breaking news to bring you from the north bay and a pur from sky fox, look at the top center of your screen, a large fire fighting truck has overturned. sky fox is live in the area of oakville grade near highway 29, there are a couple of fire nnl
7:54 am
engines on the screen -- engines on the scene, we have an accident, a large fire fighting vehicle having gone off the road near highway 29 shes the street is closed in both directions. traffic is backing up into yachtville and beyond. we are over it on sky fox, we are on the ground getting as much information as we can. i see another vehicle pulling up here. we have more details on what we know about this still breaking news, there is an overturned truck on the oakville grade and we will bring it to you as quickly as we can on mornings on 2. the california national guard is helping to fight the wine kin fires, we have video posted to facebook showing one of the many water drops they
7:55 am
have performed over the past week, they have 2,000 helping to fight the fires in the north bay. >> solano county fire evacuation orders have been lifted and a lot of people are going back home. over the weekend, people were loid back in but they had to show proof of residency to get back into the neighborhood. 10 square miles burned in solano county. the white house said president donald trump's plan to cut corporate tax rates will help middle class families but some tax experts disagree. president donald trump's chief economist said the administration's plan will add $4,000 a year to the average house hold income. a 5% increase, the white house said the cut will encourage more investment by companies ask that boosts hiring but
7:56 am
people are skeptical of those numbers. tax experts are saying that cut the corporate tax rate will benefit major companies and the wealthy not the average house hold. >> new this morning, army sergeant bowe bergdahl pled guilty to leaving his military post in afghanistan, he went before a military judge and entered his plea, he pled guilty to desertion and miss behavior before the enemy instead of going on trialment he could get up to five years in prison. after he left his post he feels held hostage by the taliban for five years but was released in a prisoner swap. >> the ceo of toyota said using artificial intelligence would
7:57 am
be able to pickup on preference, so the car would choose routes based on what you like to see. or if it notices you are sleepy it could take over the driving. coming up we tell you about the progress made on the fires over the weekend as many people are starting to return home for the first time. >> we are looking at a commute that is busy in the east bay today. now the san mateo bridge is filling in after an earlier crash. >> we have the last wind event ending yesterday but we have a north east breeze for many, we see what is in store for the next few days >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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breaking news, a picture of a major problem on the oakville great west of highway 49, there appears to be a large truck not sure what kind of truck it may be possibly a big rig or a taker. we don't know if this is related to the north bay firefight but we see a very, very large response with fire trucks and other police vehicles.
8:01 am
we are working to figure out what happened, how many people have been hurt and help badly, it is a serious situation. we are sending allie out to the scene, when she gets more info we will bring it to you here on mornings on 2. at busy monday morning welcome back.>> let's go look on the weather perspective it will be warm but the wind is dying down. the new observation, trying to find toward st. john's and baltimore and degrees, 82% humidity. it's coming off the north, northeast, 2663 feet, 19% humidity northeast at 11, snow valley northeast. the northeast continues but the wind has tailed off. it will be warm, very warm,
8:02 am
went as the north, northeast five maybe 15, a break after today it would be cool off, 10 days of this looks like finally a pattern change but today will be very warm looks like rain is coming in late thursday into friday, this will move north of napa, santa rosa heaviest amounts clover lake, 32 half- inch maybe more than that farther north. 30s to 60s. just all over the place on the temperatures. some higher cloud, lots going on but this rate will break down. today will be warm, 80s. good news, anything? >> we have some normal commute which is good news on a monday. the richmond bridge pretty normal driving over to san rafael from east bay you see some slowing, but it's nothing out of the ordinary. so if this is your commute should be normal for what you normally see getting out across
8:03 am
the 580 interchange. west on 80s slower than usual. we keep going back to this commute because we've had a couple different crashes. it's taken almost our to drive to the macarthur maze. the 25 minutes at the bay bridge and if you're driving on the bridge itself into san francisco it's moderately heavy. this is a look at 680 firing a parade into dental westbound 34 is slow. let's go back to the desk. new information about the north bay wildfires, the number of acres burned is actually less than first thought.>> cal fire announced 3690 hundred 80 records down from last night. cal fire explains the discrepancy by saying it has a more accurate because of better mapping of the fire. inventory evacuation orders have been lifted for the city of calistoga as well as parts of napa and santa rosa. >> mike mcguire the damage
8:04 am
could top $3 billion be the largest of the fires is the atlas fire in napa and solano county burned 51,000 acres and is 68% contained what is up from 56% yesterday morning. the knots fire has burned 48,000 627 acres and it is 50% contained, yesterday it was 25% contained. 22 of the fires that happened in sonoma county. the coroner's office identified former victims, eight-year-old, lee chadwick roger and 71-year- old daniel martin. roger was from when ellen the others lived and santa rosa good weather conditions helping firefighters this morning with flames still threatening a lot of homes out there.>> alex is near -- at their.>> the knots fire is continuing to threaten
8:05 am
homes here in the community of kenwood were a couple miles east of highway 12 and you can see that there are engines parked next to some of these homes during structure protection along adobe canyon road. there are several dozen roads as you move further up to the canyon closer to sugarloaf ridge state park and this fire, this flank is still actively burning in this area. early this morning we saw a flareup and there is quite a bit of concern about the homes in this particular community. the good news is that firefighters are starting to make some progress on the fire and all of the other fires burning in the north bay because it those erratic winds that of course the problems over the past week or so have led up but still it will be hot and dry later today.>> if you like eternity quarter on all these fires?>> i can say with the conditions today that yes it feels that way, but it's so
8:06 am
hard to say with any certainty depending on the weather and the winds, depending if we have a low wind and spot fires in different parts the changes the game. >> you can say on the other side of adobe canyon road a number of homes have been lost in this area. these homes burned days ago. now the bowe bergdahl is threatening the community of adobe canyon road and this morning you have engines protecting the structures trying to save as many homes as they possibly can. i last checked this fire, the nuns, was 50 percent contained. over the weekend the evacuation orders were lifted for the city of napa and many people return to their homes for the first time since the firestorm erupted a week ago. marlene rosenberg and her husband brushed out of their
8:07 am
retirement home late sunday night as the flames raced towards the complex. she was surprised to see the condo was still standing. >> there were solar panels here and a fence in the ping-pong table has burned. i don't know how it got there and left ours alone. very mixed emotions. relief and survivor guilt respect many of her neighbors homes were gutted in the fire and many of the roads in her neighborhood are still closed as caltrain crews worked to clear debris.>> napa county leaders are opening up a local assistance center to help the many victims of the wildfires. it's at the napa valley corporate drive. it will be staffed monday through friday from 9 am to 7 pm and the next week and it's open from 10 am to 5 pm. the center will provide financial help as well as other services to people living in napa county. >> and sonoma county a resource
8:08 am
center opened over the weekend for the local assistance center known as the lac provide services from the dmv, red cross, housing assistance and small business administration in the center opens at 9 am and goes to six p.m. every day on mendocino avenue. >> we mentioned the news conference is getting underway, let's listen in in regard to the truck that overturned. >> it is not a cal fire, firefighter. it is a contract firefighter, but that's all the information i can release at this time. during large fires like this the fire service hires contracted equipment such as water tenders and bulldozers and other types of equipment to help facilitate the fires. said this is a very normal situation for us to have extra equipment that come into help on fires like this.
8:09 am
>> it appears the vehicle lost control coming down the great is that your understanding can expect this is a very steep road. it's known as one of the steepest roads in napa county. i have no confirmation as to exactly what the cause of his driving off the road was.>> he was driving downhill on oakville great towards highway 29. again on the steep road something happened, i don't know what yet. and he lost control of the vehicle and rolled off the embankment of oakville great and is now positioned just off the highway.>> did he have a full tender or was attempting question mark >> i don't know that information. was anyone else in the tank 2 >> we have no information about that at this time.
8:10 am
>> currently the water tender did roll to an upside down position of the grade and that's where is remaining at this point until we can remove it. >> all the above agencies will take care of this. at the moment i think our first priority is chp and the county of napa is bringing the county coroner into the deal with the -- we will be removing the body and then removing going to the exercise of removing the truck and of course that will be a full exercise we will investigate exactly what caused the truck to lose control and role of the grade.
8:11 am
>> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> absolutely. we don't know any specifics at this time, of course, raises a good point, we are very happy to see the containment numbers going up on the fires, people are being allowed to return home but for the firefighters on this line, these fires are far from out. there is still an enormous amount of work to do and as we all know this is day eight for these fires to be raging through napa and sonoma county and fatigue is definitely a factor. that was discussed at the morning briefing this morning it's one of the key points that the incident commander wanted to share with all of the firefighters going on the line
8:12 am
today is that everyone is getting tired. there is no break for this firefighters when the fires erupted last sunday evening. the blood getting tired that the fact that we are aware of. we consider it in our daily activities and we look to combat against that. weather that has anything to do with a particular incident or not is unknown at this time. but certainly, this far into a major fire activity of the sort that is certainly a factor that we consider. i have no personal information on the driver at this time. we would prefer not to release any information until next of kin are notified. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] i'm wondering with the mood
8:13 am
is like with everything that has gone on can expect any incident that occurs like this is a very tragic incident. it affects all of us very personally when someone who is working with us to help contain a fire and control a fire is injured or unfortunately killed. these are incidents that we certainly wish would never happen and so, yes, it feels somewhat personal even if we don't know the individual, but yet he was a working person dealing with the fire. i mean, we can't deal with these fires and put these fires out without a lot of water, so we have water tenders patrolling the fire incident with us to keep those engines full of water to contain the
8:14 am
fire. so, yes, we have a lot of water tenders at this fire. so it is unfortunate that tragic accidents happen occur however, we are working very hard to make sure that this message gets out and taken everyone's awareness and deal with the family members that will be notified in due course.>> [ indiscernible - low volume ]>> i mentioned earlier the water tender was coming downhill on oakville great and for no known reason at this time the truck lost control and drove off the edge of the embankment and the truck landed upside down a steep embankment off the oakville great.>> [ indiscernible - low volume ]>>
8:15 am
the truck was assigned to the nuns incident and that's all the information i can release at this time. [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> we will work the fire very aggressively. you can see the smoke column and the fires burning behind us. those fires are actually burning in a somewhat controlled environment and on more of a backing or even a smoldering type of incident. we do not have the wind pushing these fires in the uncontrolled firestorm situation that we all saw a witness last sunday evening. that's not the case here. in a lot of cases we are even doing backfires and allowing the fire to come down to a controllable burn where it makes it easier for us to maintain control of the fire. so that's a situation that we have right now, but of course
8:16 am
while the operations are ongoing you're going to say a good bit of smoke in the air while those operations continue and we get that line in a small containment area we are confident that we can control the fire at that point with no further spread.>> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> that's correct and advisor evacuation between oakville grade to the north here -- to the south and the rutherford road to the north, however, it is just an advisory and again, as the fires begin to turn down those deep vegetative hillside there's lots of vineyards and wineries that are between highway 29 and the foot of the hills so that fire will be easily able to be controlled at that point with the absence of
8:17 am
any significant wind in the forecast this morning as for no significant wind to be affecting the fire today. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> not currently. other than the typical smoke we are all suffering from the fires typically, we're still getting -- without the wind it's fairly stagnant right now. in fact this afternoon will kind of get some swirling wind conditions that can kind of moving around but over the next 24 to 48 hours we are being told to expect dramatic change and will begin to see from entre breezes that are more normal for these areas and i'm sure you've all seen the potential of rain on thursday. so that is the transition that we are in right now.>> thank you. >> you're welcome.
8:18 am
>> was is what a contractor any connection to the department question>> listening and as we get the latest from cal fire. we now know was a fatal accident where a water tender was headed downhill went off the roadway and overturned. >> apparently a contract employee for the fire department assigned to the nuns fire. we don't know the cause of the fire but we heard the spokesperson talking about it that a lot of the crews are showing signs of fatigue and has been more than a week since they been battling these complex fires. >> a very tragic accident. allie is on the same gathering more information. he will bring her in and went second but first let's get you out the door. can you expect the accident is causing backup well beyond? >> obviously that area has also been affected by other fire closures, so you probably already state a lot of detours
8:19 am
and backups in the area and unexpected road closures. however, the main part of the commute we've also been very slow. the issue of freeway has been a mess. debate bridge toll plaza is very crowded. just a lot of people are back am i think the people had friday, it was lighter so some people didn't go on friday and this monday morning it's very slow and all the east bay commutes including the bay bridge approach, 580 near 24 and 24 near the macarthur park station. minor accidents there are just really adding insult to injury the highway 101 in san francisco. it's very slow, north and southbound 101 people trying to get in and out of san francisco, an earlier problem on southbound one-to-one but northbound is still very slow as well. you can see, this is a freeway i would not recommend, might want to get to the 28 extension to stay on city roads if you don't have to go very far because it's very slow. sixer the concorde to dental slow this morning southbound san mateo bridge in earlier
8:20 am
crash there approaching the bridge. that's got the traffic is so heavy. 8:19 am let's bring stephen with the weather.>> the gentleman sang that we do get a break from at least the wind and looks like this is the last yesterday with the last mysteriousness pattern at the offshore breeze for now and there will be some colder temperatures mentions the possibility of rain friday see the same thing were sitting here, around 38 degrees northeast 11, 19% humidity, mostly humidity is higher but some locations again you see the airflow and they are all north, northeast so that continues in that sense a lot of the smoke and haze write back over san pablo bay, an update on air quality in a second. look at the oakland hills, northeast 64, 27%, 30%, north 27 i mean, it's not strong but it's northeast and northeast
8:21 am
cisco that bring some of the smoke back in and believe it or not oakland, berkeley, san francisco you have higher unhealthy levels this morning compared to other locations it's gone down santa clara valley, down in the east bay but the unhealthiest air looks to be over san pablo, san pablo bay with moderate amounts was ever just go. again, it's coming down at of napa county. good news is red flag warning expired. the wind tailing off but humidity will be low and it will be a warm one. hazy skies and warmer 87 in napa today and some maybe a little warmer than that many santa rosa as well all pretty close to the upper 80s. high clouds coming in along with that smoke make for hazy skies and starting tomorrow: down late thursday into friday the best opportunity will be to the north napa calistoga further north you go better opportunities certainly up into northern sonoma county northern napa and lake county of
8:22 am
mendocino where two thirds of an inch of rain could fall. let's hope maybe they don't take this away. 40s and 50s and 60s under temps higher clouds south southwest waiting for the system to take in. it's the 40s away. 80s on attempts north-south doesn't matter, this will be the warmest day of the week by far and the cooley trend tomorrow, let's hope the rain helps.>> the bay area needs it.>> helping to fit thousand affected by the fire how businesses including facebook is starting to step up to help.
8:23 am
♪ that one. this. that one. ♪ ♪
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how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
8:25 am
some people had to evacuate the north bay fire said they never received any warning to get out. 2 investigates weather there was a communications breakdown. officials said they sent rebel counties to reverse 911 calls to land lines , the sheriff's office sent mixed alerts to cell phones the problem is you have to sign up to get those mixed alerts. many people who lost their homes express frustration through lack of communication and very little time to get out and confusion.>> the call the fire department and said i see fires you need to evacuate he said no, you don't need to evacuate within 20 minutes of being told you don't need to evacuate she was driving the
8:26 am
fire to get out >> what would you say to the people that say they were not alerted. >> i would encourage them to sign up for alerts the probably have in the world has changed. when people all had hardlines called everyone there is only for people get rid of the hardlines and its consequences for that.>> sonoma county did not send the mass wireless alerts to those that had to evacuate, that was sent a vibrating warning to all cell phones in a targeted area. was launched by fema several years ago. went to make a basket why not send wireless emergency alerts the sheriff that it would have cause panic and a mess on the roads. another is a review plan to take a look at the alert system and the countywide response. firefighters and police issued a report to john officer saint don't usually drone in fire active areas. caretakers and helicopters -- air tankers and helicopters fly
8:27 am
low. an owner was find. the initial damage estimate for unincorporated sonoma county has talked to billion dollars. the figure climbs above $3 billion when combined with a combine estimate in the city of santa rosa. requires says the numbers are starting to grow. facebook delivered food over the weekend to fire victims the north bank. facebook dropped off 5000 meals to the napa valley salvation army. a call for meals when out on friday and facebook asked if they could help. the company has committed to continuing to deliver 5000 meals three times a week as long as there is need in the next drop off will be on wednesday. following breaking news just brought you alive news conference when the contract firefighter was killed. sky fox light above the scene where the truck left a very
8:28 am
steep roadway at highway 29. live reports coming up in just a moment.
8:29 am
8:30 am
following breaking news that we've been reported for the past our cal fire says a contracted firefighter was killed in the crash this morning in the heart of napa valley.>> the truck but off the road >>reporter: this happened on the oakville grade will be are about two miles west of highway 29 in napa county near the mount weiner area where the trend 23 fires going on. just office guard rail is where this crash happened. also your picture, live look
8:31 am
from sky fox ever had. it was about 10 minutes before 7 am the cal fire says a water tanker truck coming downhill a steep grade at oakville grade when the steepest roads in napa valley lost control of his vehicle and the truck rolled over and he got upside down on the embankment. the driver is confirmed to have died. he was a contract firefighter it was working with cal fire to provide water to firefighters on the front line. a number of water tanker trucks just like this one helping firefighters battle against the wildfires that no additional information on the victim with a minute die, the driver, we don't know his name or age or where he was from and cal fire not releasing the name of the company he was working for. he was contracted by cal fire to provide water to the front line. the cal fire chief says they
8:32 am
don't know why the vehicle lost control, what exactly happened to cause the crash but the cal fire chief says eight days into the intense firefight in the north bay the key aspect fatigue is one of the many factors they will look at.>> everyone is getting tired. there's been no breaks for them the fires erupted last sunday evening and so, yes, people are getting tired and that is a factor we are aware of. we consider in our daily activities>> this is one of the areas where the fire has been active over the past 24 hours. this is fairly close to the winery, a number of wineries at highway 29, columns of both suspects smoke -- columns of smoke coming west of highway 29. we talked to the fire chief about this. this was the area where the water tender was coming from the driver was coming from. it's been pretty active here but that people who have been
8:33 am
seeing the plumes of smoke should not be too worried. they don't think they will be calling for more evacuations west of highway 29 because they said that the fire right now has settled in the canyon and they don't think it will spread west -- east towards highway 89. but back at your life there's a lot of investigations that need to be done after the water tender vehicle overturned on an embankment off of the oakville grade there highway 29 that's for you see some of the emergency responders here at the scene. the napa county coroner is on the way to the site and then they will also of course have napa county sheriff and cal fire and cal osha investigating the possible causes of the crash. i imagine a part of the road will be closed for at least the better part of the morning. let's talk about weather here
8:34 am
and for us closer to the actual bait steve will bring you and the first time over the weekend and a lot of us were able to get out and do some outdoor activity because of the change of air quality.>> the east bay five battle on the back it was better for some areas, depends on the wind direction and speed. audit areas are getting worse and that is around san pablo bay to san francisco where it's higher than it was on sunday. some areas were nice and other areas like today is completely different. it's creeping up but still going down, the inland valley's to livermore that is gone down but around the san francisco oakland san pablo that has gone up this morning. the northeast breeze and you cool summer warm 78, 39 humidity and kenwood and then 67 with the northeast at 11 and
8:35 am
19%, at least the red flag has expired and that's the good news. dry conditions and it will be very warm today. lesson 50 miles per hour. system coming in looks like it is coming in late thursday, probably friday morning is my experience, this will all be areas to the north, certainly from santa rosa northport up to clearlake you could see some amounts for those of you weather study, 60s and 40s on the temperatures and high clouds filter in off to the west, southwest, it is still three or four days away, highs today in the 80s. stomach right now a lot of slow traffic out there still is monday a lot of people have gotten back on the road we have slow traffic on almost all the commutes had some worse than others for the richmond bridge trying to get into marin county doesn't look so slow but there is some slowing at the toll
8:36 am
plaza. it hasn't been anything unremarkable once you get into marin county. 80 westbound which has approved a little bit, almost an hour at one point to the drive between the cockiness bridge and amaze, that is cleared up a bit, a 40 minute which is not much better but we will take anything. at the babe bridge, i noted san francisco traffic has been very happy on one-to-one merging onto is not a we -- very heavy emerging. the 680 freeway is slow. we had earlier crash on westbound 92 that's gone but the traffic has been pretty slow here as you drive on the san mateo bridge, all the south bait freeways are slow before saratoga. this accident has been there for a little bit and i would not recommend 85 at this point northbound. let's go back to the desk. tonight before the deadly water
8:37 am
tender accident there were 41 confirmed deaths linked to the wildfires. 22 people died in sonoma county. fire crews say additional fire resources and favorable weather conditions have helped them start to get a better handle on all these fires. mandatory evacuations have been lifted for calistoga a part of napa and santa rosa. we spoke with cal fire spokesman pittsburgh last night we had a lot of work done by crews, crews working through the night containment lines of increased and crews are doing a lot of good work out there right now.>> the fires have destroyed more than 5700 homes and businesses and burnt 200,000 acres. but many are returning home since the fire started. people living and calistoga were allowed back and they are being told to remain on high alert with an active fire miles away. first up for many people was the grocery store. many we spoke with said they are just thankful to be back
8:38 am
home.>> we're back. >> it feels amazing to be back. we pulled into town and saw the cops there was science and welcome back we had tears. it was so incredibly sweet.. >> they say they are so thankful to the first responders who save their homes. solano county where a fire at evacuation orders have been lifted many people going back home. last week some 2500 people had to evacuate as the fires first approached it over the weekend evacuees were let back they had to show proof of residency to return. part of the atlas fire in solano county where 10 square miles bird. >> pg&e hopes to restore power to nearly every home and business that lost electricity during the firestorm some 300,000 customers lost the power when the huge wildfires raced. chris had been working around the clock since then to get power back on. there've been 22,000 are without gas or electricity and those two counties this morning.
8:39 am
the goal is to restore power to everyone by the end of the day.>> what led to the massive layoffs. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
a fatal crash involving a water take her up in napa valley. this is the scene west of highway 29. sky fox about the accident that happened around 7:00 am. we know a contract firefighter with cal fire was killed when the water tender overturned. we heard from cal fire investigators they are looking into the possibility of fatigue is a reason for the crash estimate firefighters have been on the fires for multiple days without any real rake at all the crash happened northwest and the traffic is backed up for miles. sky fox is over the scene at oakville grade road and highway 29 we will bring an alley for another live report coming up in minutes pittston at turning to this morning's money business, twitter is taking a stand against violence and sexual-harassment. >> big judge cuts and tesla. this and more.>> some conflicting reports about
8:43 am
tesla, it would be surprising since its way behind on his productions on the assembly lines, but we will continue to talk about that. first let's talk about wall street. when the bell rang this morning the indexes moved farther into record territory. right now a live look at the numbers. there's the dow jones less than 100 points up 23,000 .17%, 39 points. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also in record territory and up as well. alyssa milano is taking to social media to raise awareness of sexual-harassment she started the me too hashtag. she wants women to reply to the hashtag on their page if they to have been sexually harassed or assaulted. she says she hopes that this will give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. so far hundreds of thousands of men and women have responded,
8:44 am
as of this morning it is one of the highest trending hashtags on twitter worldwide.>> twitter ceo is promising a more aggressive stance against hate, violence and harassment. on friday he said twitter has been working intensely over the past few months and that it has made some critical decisions. he said, quote we decided to take a more aggressive stance in our rules and how we enforce them. new rules around unwanted sectional advances, nonconsensual nudity, hate symbols, violence groups and tweets that glorifies violence. they said the changes will rollout in the next few weeks. >> holloway spending is supposed to hit a record high. analyst project we will spend more than $9 billion this year , that's up from 8.4 billion last year on costumes, decorations and of course a lot of candy. the federation says it's the eighth most expensive holiday
8:45 am
just ahead of st. patrick's day. the top spending what is christmas.>> a lot of companies reporting earnings, netflix is set to reports and a revenue of nearly $3 billion in subscriber growth for netflix. the original programming there hasn't really well.>> let's check in with sal taking a look at a rough morning commute.>> a lot of people on the road and it feels as if whatever we had last week in the way of breaks for bad weather or air quality is not happening anymore. we have a full strength issuer commutes although it's improved at one point it was an hour or little more drive to the maze now it's 46 minutes which is an improvement of 15. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza 15 to 20 minutes getting onto the bridge in san francisco continues to be very slow, northbound one-to-one
8:46 am
almost looks like an afternoon commute getting to the lower deck and we have some improvement, highway four has improved at 680 is very slow from concord to danville and then san mateo bridge is slow, so is all the suspect commutes northbound 85, i would avoid 85 and stay on one-to-one because 85 of that accident near saratoga avenue. let's get today's weather.>> a warm day today but at least no red flag warning and the wind has tailed off and it will be temperatures upper 80s to near 90. after today we can focus on colder temperatures and maybe some rain, the nuns eyes have been focused there taken at front and center. air quality continues to be good for something that others. is really bad over san pablo bay. moderate napa oakland it's better in santa clara better
8:47 am
than inland. still getting a northeast, 68 degrees 18% humidity. some locations are not reporting any more. there is the northeast when, that send it right back towards san francisco that's why your air quality may not be as good as it was on saturday or other days. the northeast that's coming offshore so it will also be borne, a warm monday, the breeze is still offshore, will take that and they are looking forward to thursday night and friday they are seeing the same things are looking at. 80s today very warm upper 80s for some we are maybe looking to break this high pressure starting tomorrow slowly wednesday into thursday and temperatures drop and when turned south, southwest unity goes up and clouds in the rain. sure looks like it, early friday to be honest, but 17,
8:48 am
cloverdale quarter of an inch, three quarters an inch inch and a half, that looks to be one of the main ones. 40s, 50s and 60s. some are very cool and some very warm. jacob a almost 70, 44 paddle loader dealing with the northeast breeze and high clouds coming in from the west, southwest to dig out, 80s today doesn't matter, peninsula as well this will be the warmest day of the week by a law margin and then we will cool down. clouds increase thursday and early friday might rain in the north. word tesla michael several hundreds of employees. in my come of it science the car company is off to a slow start and manufacturing it's to model three.
8:49 am
tesla under pressure to issue them to a waiting list. the company has been far behind of its own production targets. job cuts are tied to employee performance reviews. : x of the national football league is trying to keep him off the field. what he is now doing about it.
8:50 am
8:51 am
the oakland raiders pledging to help the fires, the donation was announced by former raiders receiver cliff branch who lost his santa rosa home in the fire.>> i'm among the fortunate whose life was spared but i lost my home. as first responders focus their efforts on communities professional areas have joined forces to donate $450,000 to
8:52 am
support the fire relief efforts. today they donated an additional $1 million to help. we urge you to join the efforts. you can help by going online, thank you for your support.>> the donation is been handled by the american red cross and they are encouraging fans to make a donation online. the raiders lost the chargers 17, 16 despite the return of derek carr. he looks the pylon but was he on the chalk question mark taken for an touchdown. >> in the second quarter and leaps to file that >> tie up the game.
8:53 am
>> here we go, running, touchdown.>> the raiders witnessed the extra point and chargers get down the field and nick novak drills a 32 yard game winning goal and it's a short week from the raiders. the 49ers will a zero, six after losing to the redskins 26, 24 but glimpse of the future, 49ers fell into a hole in the first half. the rookie would lead a scoring drive time expired in the second about two months left in the game gets the niners back into it.>> wide open robinson, touchdown 49ers.>> within two points get the ball back all they need is a field-goal but is picked off and washington
8:54 am
winds and niners host the cowboys on sunday. former 49er quarterback and accused the nfl teams for colluding to keep them out of the leak. he was the first player nailed during the net who kneeled during the national anthem against racial injustice and police brutality. he is now a free agent. he has been passed over by other teams in favor of other quarterbacks kaepernick hired mark garros to represent him and me there will be an arbitration on this down the road. select the schedule around harvey weinstein rose. the latest on the investigation after three more women step forward.
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ online retailer zappos is
8:57 am
offering to cover funeral expenses for victims nses for victims they have also started an online petition and raised $4,000 and paid for three funerals already. preparation for the victims of harvey, this coming saturday, the former presidents, obama, clinton and jimmy carter will all gather at the concert. they will have performances and all proceeds go to relief for harvey for harvey the growing list of actresses is growing in the weinstein scandal. the new allegations are in
8:58 am
addition to 30 others thataccused him of rape or unwanted advances. his rep says he's denies it and he's in therapy. erapy. france has started the process of stripping him of thehighest honor. it was given him in 2012 by the then president, and hopes this move breaks the silence about sexual harassment. governor brown had until midnight to take action on a number of bills passed. he signed a bill that banned state or local governments from releasing information based on religion. supporters say it's needed so that california never takes part of the registry that press
8:59 am
president president trump called for in his campaign. the bill's author says that his mother, a former worker would sometimes feel dizzy or sick because of the chemical products. he vetoed a bill that would have made companies have a difference between male and female job descriptions. he said he vetoed it because the ambiguous wording. any day now, the world's smelliest flowers is expected to open in berkeley. it's known as the corpse flower. it's at the san francisco area right now and the one in berkeley is going open up for the second time. the first time, 7 years ago.
9:00 am
the garden officials are encouraging people to come and see it at the botanical house and not just see, but smell the flower. e flower. over all, things are optimistic and we're cautious about that. >> i hope that everyone has the strength to get through the hardest part. >> we're coming together as a community and help each other out there this. >> stories of optimism and hope as they get control of the fire and people begin to return to their neighborhoods. ighborhoods. we start with that breaking news in the heart of napa valley. cal fire has confirmed that the contracted firefighter died west of highway 29 near oakville. this happened after 7:00 a.m. this morning and no information on his name or cause of crash. h.


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