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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 17, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we do have a crew heading to the scene and will have an update shortly. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, october 17. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we hate to see another fire. rosemary is here for steve. what's the weather back like in the santa cruz mountains. much improved over what we've seen in recent days. it will get better. let's take a look at where the winds are blowing this morning. they are generally light. relative humidity is up. the flow right now looks to be northwest, northeast at times. i put an arrow here to let you know that boulder creek is right year. a lot of that flow will push that smoke toward the pacific. you may also see a floating in areas toward santa cruz. we are picking up on a southwest breeze at times.
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that will push the smoke toward the south bay. the relative humidity is. 65%, 64% in some areas. as we get into the north bay we have a variable wind and relative humidity is not bad. 64% over areas like fairfield. napa is reporting 59%. atlas peak, 21%. we will continue to see changes coming our way. by the afternoon, the onshore breezes coming back. this is 2 pm. wind is primarily from the west and southwest. and northwest breezes over san jose. the onshore breeze will help us out bringing cooler air and
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cleaner air and will increase relative humidity for the firefighters. temperatures this morning, 59, san francisco. 53, napa. santa rosa, 46. in the south bay, 58, san jose. i will look at the afternoon highs when we come back. we begin a cool down that will take us into the possibility for wet weather on thursday and friday. traffic is going to be okay if you're driving and solano county. 80 westbound between bacca feel , fairfield and vallejo is off to a good start. highway 37 is open, moving well from solano to marin county. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. one of the toll lanes, there could be a shift change, we have a longer delay at one of the cash lanes. the other lanes look okay. people living in the north bay can expect poor air quality
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again because of the smoke from the wildfires.'s mocha advisory remains in effect along with a spare the air alert for the bay area. the highest ratings for unhealthy air are in napa, sonoma and solano county. experts say what you can expect moderate to poor air for the next few days. strict air quality experts are not cheering on cal's victory over washington state. cal crushed washington state 37- 3 and a huge upset but many people say the victory came on one of the worst days for air pollution ever recorded in the bay area. some fans wore masks during the game. carmen mcreynolds was among the 41 people who died in the north bay wildfires. she was a retired doctor who moved to santa rosa. her family says she was very independent and self-reliant. although they did not hear from her after the fires started, they still hoped she would be
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okay. her nephew spoke to azenith smith. >> reporter: carmen mcreynolds planned every detail of her life including arrangements for the end of her life. her family was not prepared she would die in the manner in which she did. >> i feel sad that she would have to die in moments of terror and pain. i think that's really tragic and heartbreaking. >> reporter: her nephew said his aunt did not have a cell phone. unable to reach her on a landline, he grew worried as the scope of the fires became more apparent. >> her house is right here. >> reporter: relying on satellite footage, he saw what was once her home and others in the fountain grove neighborhood. authorities notified the family saturday. search teams located her remains inside her mercedes convertible inside her garage. >> she had the will to live. she was fighting to do something and that's as far she
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could make it. i don't know if she had a flashlight or not but she probably could not get the garage door open. >> reporter: serial numbers from her hip replacement helped identify herbert her nephew remembers his aunt as a strong person who gave him a pocket knife when he was five years old. >> she was a no-nonsense gal from out west. she liked hank williams. she could shoot a rifle. she would ride a motorcycle. >> reporter: mcreynolds grew up and durango, colorado's. she became a doctor and moved to hayward working in internal medicine for kaiser permanente before retiring in santa rosa in 1995. she was divorced and lived with a best friend who died 10 years ago. he now wishes they could be spent more time together. >> you have this feeling that when were in town, we are safe. apparently we are not safe. i think everyone was caught by
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surprise of the scale and scope of this particular urban wildfire. i'm still kind of amazed when i look at the satellite images. mail service is slowly getting back to normal in the one country. four post offices in sonoma county will reopen this morning. the post office in sonoma on broadway, the vine burt post office on eighth street, the boyes hot springs office on the sonoma highway and the alvarado post office on bay street will be open today. four offices and napa county will also be back in business today. they are the main post offices in st. helena, calistoga, rutherford and oakville. police in petaluma arrested a woman suspected of stealing from fire evacuees. the tracked down katie lehnhard. they got a tip from the victim of a mail theft who said the thief also cashed a fraudulent check against her bank account. police say the was also an active arrest warrant against
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lehnhard. she was on probation and had credit cards and check books in her possession that belonged to fire evacuees. officials say she may have taken those items from vehicles left behind by people fleeing from the fire. some people in the north bay are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to dealing with looters who may consider targeting homes. >> this is a dst 522. this is a california legal clone of the mp five. >> steve is one wine country homeowner who says he's ready to protect his neighborhood from criminals who were taking advantage of the fire tragedies. he is ready for his -- with his submachine gun. apcs looters are little -- or burglars. he feels the side of that weapon is enough to make criminals think twice. >> the goal is that it's scary looking. we don't bring it outside at the request of the police but in the event of trouble or the
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threat of trouble, this thing does not really need to be pointed at anyone. looking at it is enough to get folks to go away. >> delridge among local homeowners is evident as you see throughout his neighborhoods. there are signs warning burglars and looters they will be shot if they steal from homes. 4:38 am. a new wildfire overnight in the santa cruz mountains. humidities are evacuating. we have an update on the path. the warriors, their title defensed begins tonight. a preview of this evening's matchup against the rockets as the warriors raise their title banner to the rafters of oracle. we still have traffic if you are driving on the bridge into san francisco from oakland. it is a nice drive. it is getting more crowded although. i'm tracking a cool down
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for tuesday. improved air quality for most. we will look at what you can expect today and in the extended forecast. what's new from light and fit? greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. real fruit and 90 calories... you'll be wowed! try new light & fit with zero artificial sweeteners.
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welcome back. the nfl players association will meet with the link to discuss players protesting the national anthem. there is not expected to be a vote to change the policy but there is growing pressure on team owners. last week commissioner roger goodell sent a letter telling owners to order their players to keep their political protests off the field. yesterday, president trump suggested that players who kneel should be suspended. >> and the nfl should have suspended some of these players for one game, not fire them,
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suspended them for one game. and if they did it again it could've been two games or three games and then for this season. you would not have people disrespecting our country right now. >> this comes on the heels of former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick suing the nfl for collusion. he kneeled last season as a way to protest against what he calls racial injustice and police brutality against minorities. he is a free agent who has been passed over by nfl teams. let's talk about the warriors. the nba regular season starts today. the warriors get ready to defend their title for the second straight year. they start the season as the odds-on favorites to win the nba championship. kevin durant was fired up for his second season and continues to appreciate the unselfishness of his teammates. >> i'm at that point, especially when you're playing with a talented group of guys -- they make you focus on other
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things beside yourself. i think that is an underrated part of this team. the play may come down to make five in a row so you may need to play defense or screen are switched out. you focus on different things as you get older and as you play on better teams. it makes your game more well- rounded. >> what do you think? >> i love them. >> before the game the warriors will get their championship rings and will also raise the championship banner. the game starts at 7:30 pm but the doors will open at 5:30 pm. fans are encouraged to get there early so you do not miss the pregame festive 80s. it's exciting because some of the games -- the fans get replica rings or special shirts. it's exciting. i'm always ready for basketball. >> it's a great time of the year for sports. you have the really good
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baseball games. football is coming to the middle. >> it would be nicer if the giants or the a's were in it -- >> we can't have it all but we can have a lot. in those warriors, they are golden state warriors. let's look at the commute. traffic is moving along relatively well. this is a look at traffic on highway 101 in santa rosa. most of the off ramps are open but mendocino north and south are closed at hopper avenue. the rest of 101 looks okay from santa rosa to petaluma. highway 37 is open this morning all the way through. we've had some closures on some of the other local roads in the fire area. northbound one-to-one from gilroy to san jose does not look too bad. traffic is moving along
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relatively well driving through. there have been no major issues . westbound 580 as you drive on the altamont pass, you will see traffic is slow. also 1205 this morning, slow. we are getting normal slowing we get this time of morning from people coming in from tracy to livermore. after that, things are okay. no major issues. good morning. we have some good weather coming our way and will help with the firefight. we will cool down in bringup relative humidity and eventually we may get some rain. monday is the warmest day for the entire week. temperatures fall this afternoon . a little cooler on wednesday. by thursday, and increase in cloud cover and those clouds could produce some rain over the north bay. temperatures and wind this morning, very similar to yesterday.
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back in the 40s and 50s with variable wind that is life. here is the north bay. as we get into the afternoon, the wind does begin to shift. errors appointing in a different direction and the flow for the first time for the first time in a while will come from the west. that means it is a cool, pacificare. that will help to clean out the air and will bring up the relative humidity. that will help coolest down as well. the wind is not expected to be too strong. no advisors in place but it could get breezy as we see this shift. air quality today is moderate for most. in the north bay is going to be unhealthy. it will be like this until the fires are out. with that new fire burning in santa cruz, that westerly breeze could push some smoke toward areas of the south bay. for the time being, moderate
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air quality over the south bay today. 56, oakland. on the coast, 48 in half moon bay. with temperatures flip-flop depending on the wind. over the weekend we had a northeast breezes over half moon bay and it was 70 in the morning. here are the afternoon highs for today. low 70s, sausalito. in the east bay, 75, oakland. south bay, san jose, 82. 78, santa cruz where the wind is relatively light. relative humidity is up. along the peninsula this afternoon, 78 in redwood city. 78, san francisco. near 70 from daly city down through half moon bay. temperatures continue to drop wednesday into thursday. and thursday into friday, that
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is where we bottom out and we could see scattered showers. any amount of rain will be good out there to lay down some of that smoke and help to put out some of that fire. as we get into the weekend, nice again with dry weather and the forecast. if we did not have those fires to deal with, our weather has been relatively nice. temperatures have been gorgeous. >> and fall is usually a nice time of year. that rain will help with the air quality. returning home after the fires in mendocino county. >> i wish i had more time. i could've grabbed everything off of the walls. >> so many people wishing they had more time. a bittersweet homecoming. thousands are being allowed back into what is left of their
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neighborhoods in mendocino county.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are following breaking news in the santa cruz mountains. a new filed fire is forcing evacuations along bear creek canyon road and boulder creek. cal fire in the santa cruz fire department are battling the flames. we do have a news crew on the
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way. we are checking in on updates with the fire department in our newsroom. fire victims, people lost their homes, are thinking about what happens next. an estimated 5700 homes burned. finding rental properties and rebuilding will not be easy. experts say the fires will put an added strain on an already strapped bay area housing market. there are limited rentals and contractors already had waiting list for new housing projects. according to analysts, some people may take their insurance money and move out of state. coming up we will be joined by the california insurance commissioner dave jones. he will discuss filing an insurance claim and avoiding scams while trying to rebuild. that will happen later this morning on the 9.
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8000 evacuees and mendocino county were allowed to go back home tomorrow. for many, homecoming was heartbreaking. tom vacar went to redwood valley and spoke to homeowners who returned only to find they've lost everything . >> reporter: redwood valley, north of ukiah, suffered severe damage. this 2.7 square-mile hamlet was home to 2300 people. they lost eight residents to the firestorm that swept through the area and took hundreds of homes. kira and her husband lost their home in the rush to save themselves and their almost 2- year-old triplets. their uninsured home and all its contents were incinerated  along with two cars in the motorcycle. >> i wish i had more time so i could've grabbed everything off of the walls. i actually did not cry yesterday when i first came out until i saw our mattress, where
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our mattress was. it's just springs now. i was thinking, that could have been us. we could have been laying right there and never woken up. and we would be gone. we would still be laying right there. that was hard. >> reporter: she said she was lucky to be temporarily living with her parents and is getting help from her sister and uncle. >> we have a lot of help. there are some people that don't have any help. i am thankful for the help we do have. >> reporter: no insurance. noah triplett stroller and no plastic slide. >> he loved to go down the slide. that was their favorite thing. >> reporter: the three little bears halloween costumes are gone. the traditional thanksgiving dinner here is gone. christmas is gone. >> there was no warning, no time. >> reporter: a contribution site has been set up for the family. one silver lining, with
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children so young and a family so young, they will have time to make new memories. >> 4:55 am. a dog in sonoma county is being pampered and called a fire hero by his owner. >> that dog saved the lives of each had goats and some dear. rolando brought oden and his sister to a dog groomer yesterday and gave them a bath and a trim. this great pyrenees dog is trained to take care of eight pet goats. during the evacuation from the tubbs fire, his owner said oden sat down and would not budge. >> i've tried to move him at night before. it's not easy. we opened up all the gates to the pastor they were in and told him to keep his goats safe and we would come back.
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>> he said when he did come home, he found his house, the barnes, his workshop and other buildings destroyed but oden and those goats were okay. he believes the dog herded the goats and deer to a rocky area in the pasture until the fire was over. is steak dinner was part of his reward as well. >> he needs a steak dinner for quite some time. that is good work. nice stories coming out as well. we are coming up on our 5:00 hour. unfortunately new evacuation orders are issued. this time in the santa cruz mountains. we are following the firefight and the evacuations. the fires are a concern for thousands in the north bay. the overnight efforts to get control over growing wildfires in sonoma and napa county. northbound 101 and southbound 101, you both look pretty good if you're trying to get into or out of san
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francisco. is off to a nice start. we will tell you more about the bay bridge and other commutes. improved air quality and a cool way coming -- cool down coming our way. we will check on current conditions and show you what can expect.
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good morning. new evacuation orders in the santa cruz mountains because of a new brushfire. we will tell you more the fire is right now in the battle to get it under control. we have an update on the progress made overnight and napa in sonoma county. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday, october 17. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we have new information about a wildfire. >> it is in the santa cruz mountains. the emergency dispatch center just told us that fire is now 125 acres burning in the community of boulder creek and santa cruz county. >> we have some video to show you. these are very intense flames. people in the area have been told to evacuate.
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the started 10:30 pm as a house fire in bear creek canyon on bear creek road. the flames spread to brushes and trees and then took off. so far one house has been destroyed, possibly 100 other homes are in danger. >> intel is hard to see at night in the steep canyons. we have access issues. as you can see behind me this is very steep and rugged terrain. >> people in the area of deer creek road, rons road and lost valley road were forced from their homes. evacuation shelters have opened at a nearby elementary school. there are also road closures in the area to tell you about and we have a news crew heading to the scene.sal will talk about the traffic impact . stay with us. we will have updates on that fire throughout the morning. more people who were forced to evacuate by the wildfires in


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