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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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is impacted. >> we want to show you video coming in. you can see how intense the flames are this morning. people in the area were told to evacuate. this started around 10:30 pm last night as a house fire at bear creek canyon and deer creek road. it then spread to the brush and the trees and took off. so far one house is been destroyed. a few moments ago, a spokeswoman from cal fire told us 150 other homes are still in danger. the fire has burned 125 acres and could end up burning 600 acres. >> intel is hard to see at night in the steep canyons. we have access issues. behind me you can see steep and rugged terrain. >> people living in the area of deer creek road are severely impacted. homes are threatened. this also affects rons road and
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lost valley road. and evacuation shelter has opened up at the boulder creek elementary school. there are some road closures in the area to know about. christien kafton is no the scene and we will check in with him in a moment. more people who were forced to evacuate in napa in sonoma county are allowed to go back to the neighborhood. >> one of several indications that firefighters are getting a handle on these fires. many are responding to complete devastation. evacuation orders were lifted last night for two neighborhoods in santa rosa. people living in geyserville and healdsburg have been told they can return. so far the fires have claimed the lives of 41 across four counties. sonoma county had more than half of the big rooms. 102 people are listed as unaccounted for in sonoma and napa county.
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the latest person killed was the driver of a water truck that killed -- that crashed and napa county. we want to show you the four major fires in the area. the biggest is the nuns fire, 51,512 acres and is 53% contained. this is a little bigger than the atlas fire south of lake berryessa. it is 70% contained. the tubbs fire in calistoga has burned more than 36,000 acres and is 75% contained. the pocket fire near geyserville has burned more than 12,000 acres and is 45% contained. right now we want to check in with sal. we have a number of road closures in and around the santa cruz mountains. i'm sorry, we will check in with sal and a second. first we want to check in with rosemary. weather has played a big role.
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it seems like with each passing day our weather gets a little better in the way of helping that firefight. let's look at what's happening in the santa cruz mountains. primarily a northerly flow. that means the flow is being pushed toward boulder creek and felton and into the santa cruz area. the fire burning is about here. if we zoom in closer, we do have a northerly breeze and we have a southwesterly breeze. it's light. wind is generally light and temperatures are cool. relative humidity is up. in the north bay, atlas peak, a northeast breezes at times. relative humidity is down to 20% . areas like fairfield, that has is southwesterly breeze, 57%.
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changes are coming. by this afternoon, and onshore breeze will make a comeback. that will bring up the relative humidity. the wind is turning southwest or west. northwest and sonoma valley. southwest and napa. that is going to help clean out the air a bit and push that smoke inland. that pacific air will also call us down. relative humidity is coming up. temperatures right now, 46, santa rosa. 59, san francisco. 56, san jose. for san jose in the south bay where we have this new fire burning, that west breeze could push the smoke in your direction from the santa cruz area. this afternoon we could see changes but right now we are calling for moderate air quality in san jose.
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afternoon highs for today, 76, hayward. moderate air quality for the central and east bay were temperatures will be and the low 80s. in the north bay, unhealthy air. santa rosa, the index was above 150. it should be better today. 83 for the afternoon high. temperatures will continue to cool and then we bring in the possibility for rain which will help with fire suppression and to clean up the air. good morning. we are starting with the east bay commute. we do see slow traffic this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza if you are driving toward the toll plaza, 15-20 minute delay. the metering lights have been on for an hour. when you get to san francisco, northbound and southbound one- to-one traffic look pretty good. 580 westbound her eden canyon road, we have a crash. traffic is going to be slow.
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it slow from the dublin interchange. we have slow traffic on 6080 -- 680. san mateo and dumbarton bridge are okay. the fire in the santa cruz mountains has not affected highway 17 but bear creek at deer creek road is an area to avoid because of fire closures. many people in sonoma county are back home this morning for the first time in nine days. late yesterday officials lifted evacuation orders for kenwood, glen ellyn, boyes hot springs and sonoma. >> evacuation orders extended to parts of the city of sonoma with the nuns fire burning homes northeast of downtown off east seventh street and castle road. cal fire said the immediate danger is now over for most of the city of sonoma. fire crews are making progress. for evacuees who spent days
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away from their homes it was a mixed bag of emotions. even for those whose homes were spared. >> other folks i know are still in mandatory evacuation areas. they are waiting to see if they can go back in. they know their homes are there but they may be going back to a charred wasteland. >> there are still some mandatory evacuation orders and some roads that are close. >> for a list go to our website, two of santa rosa's main hospitals remain closed. a third has been shouldering the load since the night of the fire. debora villalon takes us to santa rosa memorial hospital where patient numbers have almost doubled. >> reporter: during the firestorm, first responders were pulling people from their homes and yards, some suffering smoke inhalation and burns. memorial hospital saw 60 patients early. >> we had five major burn
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victims in the first four hours. >> reporter: they went to burn centers. doctors expected more burn injuries. the credit the rescues that went on. >> the firefighters were saving 20 or 30 big rooms per truck in that first couple of hours. >> the most serious patient here, a 59 world man with a broken neck and spine. his brother said he was fling his neighborhood on his motorcycle when he was hit by a fire engine. >> he could not see or whatever. a fire truck blinded by the smoke as well. it ran him over. now he's in icu and it's not looking good at all. >> reporter: surveillance video from sutter hospital shows how patients were evacuated as fire approach. sutter into nearby kaiser facility were both written. >> she is a fire baby. >> reporter: going into labor meant this santa rosa mother was sent to hospitals other than they expected.
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>> she is coming. i was freaking out thinking all these fires are happening. what's going to happen. how long will it be here? >> reporter: his mother was supposed to give birth at sutter but ended up at memorial , crowded with laboring mothers and newborns transferred in. >> we are trying to stay focused on what was happening and the fact we were bringing a baby into our home. it was on my mind -- will have a house to bring her home to? >> it will always be a reminder of what was going on and with the community was going through at the same time. >> we want to help to make sure that it's the best day of their life no matter what's happening outside of these hospital doors. >> one patient lost his home. for him, i told him i could relate. >> reporter: this nurse lost her home while working that night tend to depict's. she was stoic about it until a patient expressed sympathy. >> i broke down in front of him
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and just cried and told him i would be right back. he was so sweet and understanding. >> reporter: st. joseph health also runs queen of the valley hospital in napa. it's offering help to all of its affected employees to find housing because caregivers can't help others if their lives aren't stable. >> so many stories out of the area. pg&e is working around the clock to get power back to the homes and businesses that lost electricity. >> power has been restored to almost all the people in napa and sonoma counties who lost power. by tomorrow, most gas lines should be fixed and service restored. pg&e is telling homeowners do not relight your own pilot lights , even if you know how to do it. pg&e technicians need to make sure the gas line is safe. they will then relight the pilot light. we do continue to follow
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news of a new fire in the santa cruz mountains. 150 homes are threatened. people have been evacuated. we will have an update on the fire when we come back. weapons in the classroom. governor brown makes a decision about concealed carry gun laws. jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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good morning and welcome back. we have breaking news in the santa cruz mountains.
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a house fire started last sneak in the boulder creek area of santa cruz county. it erupted into a smath -- fast- moving firefight. it has burned 125 acres. cal fire told us that fire could reach around 600 acres before they are able to get it contained. so far the house where it started was destroyed but 150 other homes are threatened. that fire has caused road closures including boulder creek road which is near highway 35. evacuation center has been set up at boulder creek elementary school along west loman street near laurel. we learned a firefighter fell about 50 feet down a hill and broke his wrist and suffered cuts to his face. it's dark and it's a mountainous area. these are pictures we're getting from our crew in the
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field. we will check in with them when we can. this afternoon the san jose city council will debate new rules to force gun owners to lock up their guns when they are not at home. this would go beyond statewide gun-control rules passed last year. it would require gun owners to put their guns in a locked box when they are inside a car. and if it's lost or stolen, it must be reported to police within 48 hours. the city council will debate the measure this afternoon. it's now illegal to carry guns on school campus grounds in california. governor brown signed a bill that overturned the right of school employees to carry concealed weapons on campus in certain cases. the governor agreed with those that say guns have no place at schools. however, the nra and other gun groups claim that arming school employees would provide protection for students and teachers in the event of a campus shooting.
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san francisco board of supervisors will consider a ban on delivery robots on city sidewalks. several tech companies want to use robots to make deliveries but opponents argue that sidewalks should be only for people. supporters compare the proposed ban to laws that prohibit bicycles on sidewalks. several robot companies have pushed for regulations instead of imposing a ban. is unclear if the mayor would support the legislation if the board of supervisors approved the ordinance. sal, you have everything under control on the commute. >> i would like to but we have some things to let you know about. one 580 out of dublin and pleasanton, there is a crash on eden canyon road, five 80 westbound on the dublin grade. that crashes been there for a while and traffic is slow in the area. then we have an accident on the
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san mateo bridge westbound near the high-rise that has traffic slowing down. we do not have a slowdown on the span but we will keep an eye on that and let you know what happens. we are looking at the dumbarton bridge as a possible alternative. that looks pretty good. i want to mention the south bay commute looks good. we have been following this fire in the santa cruz mountains. highway 17 remains open however we do have some side rose close. boulder creek road is closed near deer creek and we have some crews there. this is affecting local residents only. highway 17 remains open. we do have improving weather when it comes to fighting those fires. relative humidity will be up. the onshore breeze is coming back and that will also help the air quality. it will also drive temperatures down. right now, there is not much
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change. temperatures from the mid 40s to the mid-60s depending on whether or not you have wind and the direction of the wind. santa rosa, 46. san francisco, 63. oakland, 54. san jose, 56. yesterday was the warmest day of the week. we begin a cooldown today. by thursday and friday, not only the coolest days of the week but the possibility for rain. all this is good news. let's look at what is happening with the wind. generally light but still a variable wind. it's coming from the south and areas over santa rosa. in the north over san francisco. in the west from san jose. in the santa cruz mountains, we have a northerly flow that will continue through the morning. it will then turn west this afternoon. that west tabriz is welcome although it could turn breezy as we see a shift in the
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weather pattern. san francisco, the breeze could pick up. there are no advisories. the wind will be coming from the west and southwest this afternoon. that will drive up the relative humidity, it will also push the smoke in that direction. that means it will go toward the east. we are looking at some of that fire and smoke moving toward areas of the central valley away from the bay area. by thursday night and friday we are tracking some rain. it does favor the north bay. areas like lakeport, maybe 2/10 of an inch. all the way down into areas of napa and santa rosa, a little less than a 10th of an inch. further south unlatched and you are likely to see drizzle on the coastline. not much rain for the inner east bay or south bay. this will help with fire suppression and the north bay.
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tonight, cooler conditions. 75 in oakland for the high. upper 70s around the bay. low 80s for warmer locations. the cooldown continues wednesday and thursday. rain moving in thursday and friday and over the weekend we are dry and mild with temperatures in the upper 60s on the coast and upper 70s inland. >> other than the air quality and fires, it's been very nice weather for fall. >> the weather has been relatively nice and fully we will see a nice turnaround in time for the weekend. where were you this day 28 years ago? it's a day the bay area will never forget. later we will look back at the earthquake. president trump with a surprise press conference and the rose garden. i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have more on his comments about calling the family members of the fallen
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just ahead.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. jury selection continues in the trial of the man charged with killing and -- killing kate steinle. undocumented immigrant josi ynez garcia zarate has pled not guilty to second-degree murder. he said he found the gun and it
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went off accidentally when it killed kate steinle. 160 potential jurors reported yesterday to san francisco superior court. earlier this month, as many as 1000 potential jurors filled out questionnaires. the white house now defending president trump after yesterday's impromptu news conference. a question about fallen u.s. service members caused a new controversy for the administration. doug luzader has that story from washington. >> reporter: no one quite knew what to expect when president trump emerged in the rose garden in what was a hastily called news conference with still stunned reporters in the audience. what followed was a 40 minute exchange with reporters. ostensibly to lay to rest reports or friction between the president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding, has been outstanding. >> reporter: the president and mitch mcconnell will touch on topics ranging from tax reform
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to drug policy but it was one question about u.s. troops killed in niger almost 2 risk of their generator perhaps the most surprising response about the president calling families of fallen service members. >> the traditional way, if you look at president obama and other presidents, most of them did not make calls. a lot of them do not make calls. i like to call when it's appropriate, when i think i'm able to do it. they have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: that drew a response from former obama staffers. one of whom, a for me deputy chief of staff tweeted an expletive followed by, to say president obama or past presidents didn't call the family members of soldiers killed in action, he is a deranged animal. the response from the press secretary, the president was not criticizing predecessors but stating a fact. >> later in that newscast a reporter pressed president trump about his claim.
6:26 am
president trump backtracked a bit and said he did not know if former president obama made those calls. cal fans are celebrating that big win last weekend over washington state but there are concerns about what was happening during the game. the reason some people say that game should have been canceled. >> reporter: we are at the scene of another fire in the bay area. this time in the santa cruz mountains. one home has been burned and one firefighter injured. details are coming up.
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good morning and welcome back. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday, october 17 . another busy morning. we begin with breaking news. a fire in the santa cruz mountains is forcing evacuations and threatening homes and closing roads. so far one home has been destroyed, 150 others are threatened. >> this started as a house fire last night but spread to brush and quickly spread after that. christien kafton is in boulder creek right now. what do you see, what do you know? >> you will not be able to see fire right here.
6:30 am
you can see the fire is continuing to spread in the santa cruz mountains. the latest report is that there have been two firefighters injure. one after a fall. this fire has destroyed one home already. fire crews are working to get containment so it does not destroy more. the bear fire started monday night near bear creek canyon and deer creek road. firefighters were called to a structure fire around 10:30 pm that spread to a nearby wildland. after that the fire spread quickly from 5 to 30 acres. it's now at an estimated 125- 130 acres. santa cruz county emergency official sent out a reverse 911 message to residents within four miles that a mandatory evacuation was underway. conditions over the last week and last night with a perfect recipe for a fire. >> right now because of the north wind we've had for the past week, we have been very dry.
6:31 am
everything was in alignment for something like this to happen. and here we are. >> reporter: at this point we have no word on one fire crews are expecting containment. we are waiting for sunrise when cal fire can get air units into the air to get a better idea of how the fire is progressing. possibly even get a tanker on scene. the biggest odds -- obstacle is the rugged and steep terrain which is helping propel this fire. the fire is still going unchecked on this one flank. it's hard to see from our current location but there is a glow in the sky over here to my right which indicates the fire is growing. keep in mind this is very steep and rugged terrain. that's one of the reasons one of the as firefighters may have fallen. he injured a wrist and has injuries to his face and is expected to be okay. that speaks to how difficult this battle really is this
6:32 am
morning. >> before you go, tell us how difficult it was for you to get to where you are right now on the roads and if you saw people moving in the area? >> reporter: there is not a lot of movement. evacuation order went out late last night or early this morning. most of the residents were up and out of the area. there are some closures in the area. chp is assisting, making sure they keep as many people out as possible. there are some very tight and winding roads. those roads need to be clear so they can get fire crews in and out of the situation as efficiently as possible. >> that is a great reminder. we should mention that cal fire did tell us they feel confident that everyone did manage to get out safely. the evacuation order went out early.
6:33 am
we do understand 150 homes are threatened. can you see any homes from where you are? >> we are actually at a home right now. we are in the driveway looking back. no homes that we can see over in the affected area right now but once the sun comes up, we make it a better sense of how this fire is progressing, where it's going and what structures are threatened. >> skyfox will also be overhead at sunrise as well to get us a look at that. cal fire did say they expect it will grow to around 600 acres before they get it contained. what is the wind like there? it seems like it should be pretty calm. >> very still right now. >> reporter: that is good news for firefighters. you can imagine if they are battling steep terrain, the phrase they used was this is a
6:34 am
terrain propelled fire. it is very steep so the fire can creep up the hill. you can imagine how difficult it would be if they were fighting windy conditions on top of that. >> and that would affect the air attack from above as well. thank you.christien kafton and the santa cruz mountain area . a1 -- 150 homes are threatened at this point. let's check in with rosemary. you have been keeping an eye on the fire forecast for quite some time. >> weather is improving and the santa cruz mountains as we are seeing an improvement in the north bay and the entire bay area. a cooler pattern is in place. we have better air quality moving in. we are looking at better weather to suppress that fire as we get into the coming days. even the possibility for some rain. in and around the santa cruz
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mountains we have a north and northeast flow. you can see the arrows are generally moving fairly slow. the wind is fairly light. as the smoke drifts it's likely to move toward areas like boulder creek or felton and over toward the pacific. into the afternoon, the wind will shift. they will begin to come in from the west. that means as long as the fire is burning, that breeze will push it in this direction. this afternoon, scotts valley or lexington hills or toward areas of the south bay like san jose and sunnyvale, you may get some of that drift later today. even a southwest breeze picked up over areas like boulder creek. relative humidity is up. the wind is light. they're not even calculating. that aero is showing you that we are beginning to see the wind turnaround. this is supposed to happen the second part of the afternoon.
6:36 am
it will happen slowly. fairfield reporting a southwest wind. relative humidity at 60%. in the north bay, a variable wind from the north week -- northeast. changes are coming. as we get into the afternoon, all these arrows are now pointing from the west and southwest. it does come inside the bay and shifts this direction. that's why you see a northerly wind in san jose. the onshore breeze means cooler conditions, relative humidity will be up. temperatures right now in the mid-40s and mid 50s for most. this afternoon, it will be cooler. we will look at afternoon highs in the extended forecast with a chance for rain coming up. good morning. we do have an accident on the san mateo bridge. it is showing up on our san mateo bridge camera.
6:37 am
you can see how slow it is on the bridge. the accident is on the west side of the bridge near the highrise but the damage is done. you can see how slow it is. if you're using another bridge, that may be to your benefit. you may want to consider using either the bay bridge, which looks normal, or you may want to think about using the dumbarton bridge and heading south on 880. the dumbarton bridge traffic, for now, looks pretty good. i don't think it will stay this way for much longer. the dumbarton bridge traffic is better. the accident is here and we want to advise you that traffic has been getting slower and slower in the last 25 minutes. i want to show you that traffic is also going to be slow on the
6:38 am
dublin grade because of the crash they are clearing on westbound 580. give yourself extra time. many people are feeling on 580 and using 680 to go down the sunol grade. that is also very heavy. fire crews continue to make progress on the wildfires. more people in napa and sonoma county are allowed back into their neighborhoods. >> allie rasmus is in napa. where are you and what are you seeing this morning? >> reporter: we are and the community of rutherford. the st. helena highway. behind us is the northeastern edge of the nuns fire. it's not as visible from the highway as they were yesterday. you can see the fire behind the hillside. a slight orange glow. this is burning into the canyon below. that is a good thing. we are relatively close to some well-known wineries. mondavi
6:39 am
winery, a few miles north from where we were yesterday when people were looking at the flames that seem to be behind the mondavi winery. the nuns fire is burning in the canyon, behind the hills. cal fire says people should not be that concerned about this. they are getting a handle on this fire. it's burned 53,000 acres and is 53% contained. cal fire luncheon aerial assault all day yesterday with round after round of helicopters dropping water and flame retardant. the fire is deep in the canyon in the foothills around mount saint john. closest to the community of rutherford. cal fire said even though they've moved a lot of their resources to this portion of the nuns fire, people who live and work in this area should not be alarmed.
6:40 am
>> we have contingency line in and we've been using aircraft throughout the day to slow the spread of the fire as it comes down. >> reporter: another calfire division chief told me yesterday it's been about 80 years since these hills have had a wildfire. there is plenty of fuel to burn. cal fire says that people who live and work around here should not be too concerned. they believe they have this fire contained two the canyons behind the phils. you can see that orange glow over the hillside. they look impressive. cal fire is confident there is no danger to the people who live around here and especially the wineries. we were talking yesterday about how the wineries provide a natural firebreak. another thing they have protecting them are, a lot of the wineries have their own private insurance companies that will pay for private fire protection to run their own contingency lines around the vineyards. yesterday we saw a few fire
6:41 am
trucks that said aig fire protection. aig is a well-known insurance company. that is an extra layer of protection for some of the vineyards out here. folks should not be too worried although this nuns fire continues to burn in western napa county. so many people are now trying to pick up the pieces after these wildfires. coming up we will tell you the reason many people face a familiar problem as they look for a new place to live.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are checking on the stock market. as you can see the dow jones is moving closer this morning to that 23,000 mark. right now the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are also up. we will be getting some earnings reports through the morning. goldman sachs did beat the street. we will talk about that throughout the morning. the weinstein company has reached a preliminary deal to sell the bulk of its assets. the movie studio reach the agreement with colony capital for a "immediate cash infusion. " the equity firm has experienced distressed hollywood assets. the company is reeling from sexual harassment allegations going back decades against
6:45 am
harvey weinstein. the new fund would be needed to distribute three films which has been in limbo since those allegations were made public. three african-american men who work at the tesla factory in fremont filed a discrimination lawsuit against tesla. they claim they were subjected to racially offensive language in racist graffiti by supervisors and other workers. this is the second lawsuit against tesla claiming racial harassment. a spokesman denies the charges and said the men never complained while employed. let's check in with gasia mikaelian to see what's coming up. another busy day. coming up we will continue to follow breaking news of a wildfire in the santa cruz mountains last night and has already burned over 100 acres and one home. evacuation orders are in place. more than 100 homes are threatened. we should get our first daylight look at the fire as
6:46 am
fire crews worked to stop the spread. where does gold come from? for the first time a cosmic collision is giving scientists an answer to that question and more. how their discomfort relates to one of einstein's theories and why one scientist calls it a fantasy observation. maybe later in the morning, we will have the state insurance commissioner onset to answer your questions about losses from the north bay wildfires. we will talk about what is covered, how long the process may take and what we can do to protect ourselves. tweet us your questions. i will do my best to get those answer. i was see you guys in a couple of minutes. it's a day pam cook will never forget. 28 years ago today the bay area was shaken by the loma prieta earthquake. >> the 1989 quake caused widespread damage. magnitude 6.9.
6:47 am
it was centered in the santa cruz mountains and took the lives of 63 people. the fires in the marina district in san francisco after it ruptured a gas line. the quake hit at 5:04 pm and disrupted the start of game three of the world series between the a's and the giants at candlestick park. damage was estimated at about $6 billion. >> you were in san francisco. >> i had just moved here. since then, the end result is we have a wonderful embarcadero. some really good things happened after that. >> right. they fortified the 280 extension. part of that collapsed. there were a lot of things that happened ever since. good morning. we have a problem on the san mateo bridge westbound.
6:48 am
there was a crash. they were clearing it to the left lane is blocked eastbound. they are doing a good job trying to get it out of there. traffic is getting better. that leads me to believe they have open one more lane. the damage is done. westbound 92 -- think about the bay bridge instead. that is a normal delay of about 15-20 minutes. the san mateo bridge traffic will be slow. give yourself plenty of time. the dumbarton bridge does not look too bad heading out to the high rise and then out to the east palo alto side. you will be stuck in traffic on 880 south to get there. we also have an accident that cleared from the dublin grade. that is now recovering but traffic is slow. look at the slow traffic on 680 heading south toward the sunol grade. the south bay commute is beginning to wake up. there are no closures on
6:49 am
highway 17 but there is a fire in the santa cruz mountains. boulder creek road at deer creek road is closed and that area. we are tracking a cooler pattern as we get into the afternoon today. this morning temperatures are warmer in some areas. we see a shift in the wind pattern and that will bring us better air quality. it will also bring up the relative humidity. temperatures right now range from the mid 40s an hour colder valley locations to low to mid 60s in and around san francisco and portion of the east bay. here's a look at jack london square. as we get into the second part of the day, partly cloudy skies. we will have a wave that moves through today bringing us mid and high level clouds. it will also bring back the onshore breeze. today is a spare the air day. air quality is expected to be better than yesterday. on the north bay it will still be unhealthy.
6:50 am
in the santa clara valley, this afternoon and the wind begins to shift, we could see smoke drift from the santa cruz mountains. into the days ahead, we will cool down and by thursday into friday, we may see some rain. here are some of the projected rainfall amounts. perhaps a few one hundredths or a 10th of an inch in the north bay. we are hoping for a quarter inch over some spots. the further south you go, we will likely see less amounts. a little on the coastline. this will help with suppression of the fire and will also help to clean out the air. here are some of those temperatures. 48, half moon bay. this afternoon, mid to upper 70s around the bay. low 80s for warmer locations.
6:51 am
extended forecast shows temperatures continuing to cool. by thursday into friday, temperatures will be at their coolest. low 60s at the coast, low 70s inland. we rebound for the weekend under mostly sunny skies. the warriors back to back championships begins tonight. what kevin durant has to say about the upcoming season and what fans need to know about tonight. politics on the field. the nfl and players union me today to discuss protests during the national anthem.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. we just received new information about that wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. a second evacuation center is being set up at a fire house in the community of felton. people who were first evacuated went to boulder creek elementary school. there are logistical problems. this has been named the bear fire. it started as a house fire off of highway 35. the fire destroyed that house. it is threatening 150 other homes. a lot of people involved in the evacuation. 20 minutes ago, we checked in with ktvu's christien kafton who is right there near the fire. he reports that two
6:55 am
firefighters have been injured battling this fire. one fell down a hill and broke a wrist. christien kafton, again, live there near the fires and we will check in with him at the top of 7:00. the time is 6:55. the area quality will not be good today because of the smoke from the wildfires. there is a spare the air alert for the bay area. the highest unhealthy readings is napa, solano and sonoma counties. expect moderate to poor air around the bay area region for the next couple of days. well, the air quality experts are taking a different view of cal's football win over washington state friday night in berkeley. it was a great game for the fans. but officials at the bay area air quality management district say the upset win came on one of the worst days for air pollution ever reported in the bay area. some of the cal fans were
6:56 am
wearing masks during the game because of all of the smoke from the fires. well, in mendocino county, 8,000 evacuees have been allowed to go back to their homes. >> yeah. for many though going back was heart breaking. >> yeah. >> i wish i had more time. so i could have grabbed everything off of the walls. i actually didn't cry yesterday when i first came out here until i saw our mattress, where our mattress was. and it is just springs now. and i was thinking -- i was like that could have been us. we could have been laying right there and never woken up. and we would be gone. >> she and her husband lost their home in the mad rush to save themselves and two-year- old triplets. their uninsured home and all of its contents were burned along with the cars and a motorcycle.
6:57 am
>> we have a lot of help. and there's some people that don't have any help. and i'm so thankful for all of the help that we do have. >> they are temporarily living with other family members. a contribution set has been set up to help them. so far it has raised just about $1,600. the time is 6:57. in petaluma arrested a room accused of stealing from fire evacuees. they tracked down katie lehnhard. the thief also cashed a fraudulent check against her checking account. police say she was on probation and that she had credit cards and checkbooks in her possession that belonged to fire evacuees. officials say she may have taken the items from vehicles that were left behind from people -- five people who were escaping the fire. the time is 6:57. the nfl players association meets today with the nfl to
6:58 am
talk about the players protesting the national anthem. there's not expected to be a vote to change nfl policy, but pressure is growing on team owners. last week, commissioner roger goodell sent a letter to owners telling players to keep their political agenda off of the field. the president said that players that kneel should be suspended. >> and the nfl should have suspended some of these players for one game. not fire them. suspended them for one game. if they did it again, it could have been two games, three games and then for the season. you wouldn't have people disrespecting our country right now. >> all of this comes on the heels of colin kaepernick, the former 49ers quarterback suing the envelope for collusion. he kneeled during the national anthem last season to protest what he calls racial injustice and brutality against minorities. he is a free agent who has been
6:59 am
passed over by nfl teams. the nba regular season starts today. the warriors get ready to defend their nba title. for the second straight year, the warriors start the new season as the favorites to win the championship. kevin durant is fired up for his second season with the warriors and he really appreciates the unshelfishness of his teammates. >> they focus on other people than themselves. that is the heart of the team. everybody here, klay might have to play defense or you might have to screen or switch out on pick and rows. you focus on different things as you get older and play on better teams and it makes your game better well rounded. >> before the game against the rockets, the warriors get their championship rings and will
7:00 am
raise the championship banner. the game starts at 7:30 but the doors open at oracle at 5:30. if you're going tonight, get there early to you won't miss the pregame festivities. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is a busy tuesday. >> yes. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it is a busy morning. beginning with the breaking news that we have been following throughout the morning. a house fire in the santa cruz fire spreader uing into a wildfire. so far 125 acres have burned. >> are evacuates, road closures and two firefighters have been injured fighting the flames. we will show you a map of the area. the fire began at bear creek road, part of highway 35. sal will join us in a moment to explain the traffic impact there along bear creek road and other routes. first though we will bring in ktvu's christien kafton at the scene to show us the


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