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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 17, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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certain cases, the governor agreed with those that said guns have no place in schools, they said arming school employees could provide protection for students and teachers. today at 9:00, evacuations underway as a new fire burns in the santa cruz mountains. more evacuation orders ra lifted and the tawnment on the fires grows. we are live with the state insurance commissioner to answer your questions about claims and fraud. we have live pictures from the santa cruz mountains, flames are moving into the forest, here we are at this hour, 125-acres burned, 200 personnel working this fire, we have crew on the ground.
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they started the air attack, the first drop was half an hour ago. the front page of the chronicle said, catching a break from the fires, then you wake up this morning to a new fire in the santa cruz mountains. >> i hope that the weather helps out. >> definitely, the timing on the new fire is similar to what we saw in the north bay, flames there started 10:00 sunday night and crews had their hands tied until the next day to get the air drops going. lets show you where the new fire is burning, it started started as a house fire near 35 in the boulder creek area in the santa cruz mountains. authorities set up to evacuation centers, one at boulder creek elementary school. the other, aid fire house in felton, christian has been
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monitoring the progress made by crews this morning. >> reporter: a lot of new information, first lets take a live look, it's difficult to see through the smoke but it appears that the firefighters are trying to make a stand to save a home op the rim line, we have seen a number of air drops in that area over the course of the last half hour trying to preserve some space around the home. you can see how big the fire is. it's 125-acres, 0% containment. we are expecting an update later this morning. we have video, and we can el it you about the history of the fire, the call went out as a structure fire, then the fire
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spread to wilderness then it spread to 125-acres, sphif firefighters have been injured trying to fight the fire, one firefighter fell 30 feet. an inmate firefighter had smoke inhalation injuries overnight then three more firefighters injured at day break, it's not clear the extent of the injuries but everyone is expected to survive and recover, the steep terrain is not helping firefighters out. the terrain is making it difficult for the firefighters to get in and out of the area, firefighters told me this morning that they are going to aggressively try to attack the fire today from the ground and from the air. >> they are going to be working on the fire's edge, it's quite smoky behind me, we have asked for the helicopters and the aircraft. we are going to hit it with the
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aircraft and the ground resources at the same time. >> reporter: we have seen a number of helicopter air drops trying to lay down defensive lines and protect property and guide the fire in the direction that they need it to go, trying to get a sense on how big the fire is, we will have that coming up, coming back to our live shot, you can see what we are talking about, they are trying to preserve as many homes as possible. there are homes on the ridge line through the smoke. that's what they are trying to preserve. you can see the helicopter, they are laying down water trying to create the defensible space around the homes, i had a chance to talk with a deputy and he tells me that there are
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150 to 200 homes under a mandatory evacuation, to his knowledge, all of the residents have evacuated. there may be one or two people that stayed behind to protect their homes but they underscored how important it is to stay with the evacuation order. if they order you to get out, they said get out so they do not have to worry about rescuing people. we are expecting an update at 10:00 this morning, we will get an update on how the fire progressed and highway it's being fought. the fire appears to our eyes to have grown since we arrived here. we are hoping to learn more information at the 10:00 a.m. press conference. thank you christian, a number of people said they received texts about the fire.
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the first shelter was set up at boulder creek elementary school. the other is at a fire house in felton. lee is there talking with evacuees all morning long, we have an update from her at around 9:30. we have extended the 9:00 to bring you the news conference. cal fire will be bringing us up to date information on the fires. we are also getting new information on the fires in the north pay, containment has gone up overnight. the nuns fire grew 1300-acres but containment went from 53% to 68%, there was no change in the 36,000-acre tubbs fire but containment went up from 75% to 82% and the atlas fire is 77%
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contained from 70% last night. in the meantime evacuation orders were lifted last night for two neighborhoods in santa rosa, people in guiserville and hills are allowed to return, 102 people are unaccounted for in sonoma and napa counties. the latest person killed was the driver of a fire truck killed in the nuns fire operation. the fires are coming close to wineries in napa but the fire containment has grown, allie rasmus is live at a staging area an update on the progress. >> reporter: this is whitehall lane in western napa county, it's close to rutheford. this is a big staging area, we
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just had a shift change, the crews work 24 hours in a row in a shift. they are being replaced by daytime crews. a lot of big rigs are here carrying heavy equipment. we have seen bulldozers, they were using them to make fire lines on the north eastern edge of the nuns fire burning in western napa county. it's burning from the fool hills of mount saint john, it's within the containment lines that they created with the bulldozers. this is where cal fire moved a lot of its resources. all day yesterday flames were in view of several landmark winery, including robert modnavi. cal fire launched an assault on the fire, they said that people who live and work in the area
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should not be concerned. the risk of the fire coming out of the canyon into the valley is minimal. we saw a woman who decided to bring coffee to the firefighters to express her deep gratitude. >> they have been out here all night, all week, it's heart breaking to see everything that is going on and know that they are away from their families and sacrificing everything to be here for you. >> reporter: as you mentioned, takenment of the nuns fire has grown, yesterday it was 53% contained. this morning it's 68% contained. the smoke we see in the hills behind us are from the nuns fire burning in the napa county side. the fire is 53,000-acres and goes through sonoma and napa county, this is the western napa side of the nuns fire, the fire is burning in the containment lines and people in the area should not be
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concerned. again this is the staging area where we have a a lot of trucks switching out for a shift change. >> back to you guys. that was allie rasmus live in napa. as people return to the neighborhoods devastated by the fires, the question is, what to to next. how do they deal with their losses. a lot of us are wondering how to protect ourselves. we are joined by the california insurance commissioner. dave jones, welcome. >> thank you. >> i was read reading one company has reported 2500 insurance claims before saturday. it's important to get the claims in early. the earlier you do it the earlier you get out of the shelters. >> we encourage fire victims to contact their insurance
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companies, we made sure that insurers are staffed and there to take your claim. call the insurance company and make the claim and start the process. >> when it comes to making it a claim, should you treat it like a negotiation, can you ask for more? >> tell them what the home was made from, what it's worth and everything that was in the home. push to make sure you get everything. start with the insurance company, if you have a dispute call us, i have also issued a note to insurers to expedite claims, a lot of people have additional living coverage, we have asked the companies to give people a four month advance on that advance on that
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are people worried about not getting their money. >> part of my job is to make sure people have sif capital to cover the claims, we are confident that they are going to be able to pay claims. how long do companies have to pay for additional living expenses. >> two years, many policies go beyond that, that's this recognition that it sometimes takes longer for people to get on their feet. >> so many homes have been destroyed. thenl you have to go through the permit process and the application process, for someone sitting at home, they are saying, this is not two years, it's three. >> we want to make people aware of scammers, we are are parting
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our detectives in the field to insure against this activity but people are vulnerable and we are worried that they will be taken advantage of. >> what should we look at with our insurance policies. before this happened, i opened my policy. >> every year contact your insurance company and ask if you have enough coverage, ask them to do a replacement cost estimate. people think they should insure to the market value of the home. often times it costs more to replace it than to buy it. >> you may see a spike in rebuilding costs after a disaster. >> it costs more to replace homes than their market price in california, you want to insure to the market price or above. >> i am curious about people in the gray zone, say my house has
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damage, water smoke and ash damage, i did not lose my home to fire but am i covered. >> they are typically covered. i encourage people, call the insurance company and the insurance agent when you get into the area, they will send in an adjustor. do not start to move things around until they have had a chance to see it. >> do they have enough adjustors. >> i have issued a law saying that they can bring in adjustors from out of state. i l going -- i am going to make sure that they are on site. >> is it true that the longer your claim is open, the more money you get. do you have that negotiating power? >> not necessarily, you should make your claim. see if you are satisfied with
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the claim. if you think you are not being treated fairly by the company, contact us, sometimes they write checks immediately. your take that check does not wave your rights to continue the claim. be careful about hiring 30 parties to help you, they take a piece of the settlement, often times a lot more than is necessary, before you do that call the department of insurance, we go to bat for people. >> what about paying your mortgage stft you are going to continue to need to pay your mortgage. contact your lender and let them know what happened and see if you can get some relief. >> for me this afternoon, to go to my house and take a video of the living room and bedroom, do those things make a difference. >> take yow smart device or your camera and take a video of
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everything that you own, store it. send it out of the area, that can reduce the conflict with the insurance company over what you had and what it was worth. >> it can also help you what you remember. >> absolutely, you are grieving and lost everything, i do not remember, so e-mail the list to yourself or send a video to another family member. >> it sounds like insurance needs tock to be maintained -- needs to be maintained every year. >> yes, people's needs change, make the adjustments every year. >> will rates go up?
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>> no, we require that rate increases go up every 20 years, we have the fair plan in california, if you cannot find insurance, you can go to the fair plan and you are guaranteed coverage. >> thank you dave jones, we appreciate the time. >> thank you
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welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. stay on top of breaking news we have been bringing you throughout the morning. mandatory evacuations are in effect for 150 homes in the boulder creek area, it started as a house fire and has spread to a wild fire.
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125-acres have burning and containment is at 0%, five firefighters have been injured but none of them have serious injuries, one was an inmate firefighter suffering smoke inhalation. two evacuation centers have open up this morning, one at boulder creek elementary, the other at a fire station in felton. we are bringing in a live report in minutes, we are also extending the 9:00 news to hear a news conference by cal fire on the bear creek fire. we can expect more poor air quality today. a smoke advisory remains in effect for the morning along with a spare of air alert of the the highest readings for bad air are in napa, sonoma counties. >> the weather can play a role
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in how the fires are fought. lets get the low down on the weather. we have better weather coming, the wind is north east this morning, because of that, the smoke is drifting in all directions, first lets start with the winds over the santa cruz area, you can see the flows continuing in an easterly direction, the smoke is pushing towards the pacific but by the afternoon we are expecting a switch in the winds it's they are becoming west/southwest. that may bring smoke to areas like sunnyvale and glenwood. we have some nice air coming in now. but with this new fire we could see more smoke drifting into portions of the bay for the afternoon. we partly cloudy to mostly
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cloudy as the would have moves through, not going to see any rain with this system but by thursday night we may see some rain, the air quality is up healthy over the coast and portions of the central pay and north bay, unhealthy to very unhealthy, this is going to continue for the north bay into the afternoon, when the on shore breeze picks up we have cleaner air moving into the bay area with better air quality for the days ahead. this is a look at the winds in the second part of the day, the arrows begin to turn west and southwest. it's going to bring up relative humidity and cool the temperatures down. it's going to improve the air quality in most areas, rainfall for thursday into friday, looks like the northern area of california is going to get the brunt of it. looking good into mendocino county a 10th of an inch for
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the north bay, less than that in the south bay, it's good news for the north bay, it will help suppress the fire and clean up the air. mid 50s to lower 60s at this hour. as we get into the afternoon, the breeze and the cooler temperatures will bring down the temperatures. bay, mid to upper 70 70s, here's the extended forecast, temperatures continue to cool off wednesday, thursday and friday, the chance for wet weather arrives but it does not last. temperatures rebound back to the upper 70s inland over the weekend under mostly sunny skies. it's a gradual change but at least its an improvement. pet leum police arrested a woman suspected of stealing
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from fire evacuees. police found a warrant against the woman and said she was on probation and had credit cards and checkbooks in her possession that belonged to fire evacuees, police said she may have taken the items from vehicles left behind in the fire. coming up, cities around the country courting amazon to get their new headquarters >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom,
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from a bedframe with storage, to the softest linens, to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. and we believe...
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wecage-free and we care about amazing taste. because at best foods, we're on the side of food. at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a bedframe with storage, to the softest linens, to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. . welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. for a minute in the last hour, the dow crossed 23,000, we are now just below that number. the deadline for cities to place their bid to be amazon's second home is this thursday,
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the company is promising to create 50,000 jobs in the winning city. concord and vallejo have expressed interest. others include birmingham alabama and kansas city. a city in georgia proposed renaming parts of their city amazon and new jersey is offering big tax cuts. where were you 28 years ago? >> at home in livermore. >> in an airplane. >> i was doing traffic. >> 28 years ago, the bay area was shaken by a deadly earthquake, the quake was centered in the santa cruz mountains and killed 63 people. it caused widespread damage in
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oakland and portions of the bay bridge collapsed. the quake struck at 5:04 at night. it disrupted the world series at can'tle stick park. the damage -- candle stick park. the damage cast billions of dollars. >> i did not understand what happened until i saw the tv and saw the by bridge down. >> my first thought was, were my parents okay, i went to their house after the coverage we did and their house was not touched. they were watching tv, thinking, what happened. >> think about all of that destruction. but everyone reinforced their homes, that's a positive change. california is becoming the first state in the country to offer a gender neutral drivers
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license, the new option is for those that do not identify themselves only as male or female. it's the latest effort by the state to remove barriers for lgbt people in california. president donald trump held a news conference yesterday to show a united front with mitch mcconnell. president donald trump wanted to push his tax reform proposal but it's a comment he made about why he has not called the families of four united states troops killed in niger that's getting the most treangs. >> the traditional way if you look as president obama, most of them did not make calls, a lot of them did not make calls. i like to wall when its proposal and when i am able to do it. >> several former obama administration staffers reacted
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with outraging saying president obama's calls to and visits with the families of the fall epiare well documented. one staffer posted one of what he said was hundreds of photos showing president obama meeting with the wounded soldiers and families members of those killed in action. coming up, evacuation orders lifted in mendocino county, we talk live with a county executive coming up. >> we continue to follow the situation in the santa cruz mountains as water drops are happening at the scene of the bear fire >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break ahhh! i'm just airing them out! luckily we discovered tide pods plus downy. so our jeans stay in great shape. and they actually get clean. what? we can wash 'em.
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tide pods plus downy. super concentrated to clean, condition and keep your favorites looking great. it's got to be tide.
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. we have appear update on the breaking store breaking --
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story of a house fire that took off and is thousand a wild fire, it's burping near hi 35 and its forced residents to evacuate in the santa cruz mountains. we caught some water drops that are now underway, the fire is 125-acres and firefighters have no containment at this point. five people were injured trying to put out the fire. a professional firefighter fell down a ravine and injured his wrist. two evacuation centers are opened. the second center was opened after the first shelter had a problem. >> if we can look at this live picture, you can see that there are no fierce winds employing
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the smoke around. it's rising straight up which means there is light wind conditions in the area, good news for firefighters and bad news for air quality. but at this point i think we can sacrifice air quality for any help that the firefighters can get. lets talk about the centers, two evacuation centers have been set up. one at boulder creek elementary school. there is a second center at a fire station in the city of felton. that's where lee is this morning. >> reporter: 100 people had evacuated to this fire station. a lot of people have cleared out. some of decided to take off to where their family and friends are. they just left town. we were were first at boulder creek element school but they had cell phone service problems and people wanted to know what was going on.
9:35 am
they wanted to check in with family and friends so a lot of them came here early this morning. monday night residents in the area of bear creek canyon road started to receive reverse 911 calls from the santa cruz county sheriffs department. the alert instructed residents to evacuate immediately. two evacueeses said they feel especially worried because of the fires in the north bay but they knew no the to hesitate and to get out quickly. >> the vegetation here is so dense and some places are heard to get to. i imagine that containment would be difficult so it's always been on my mind. the redwood dust is everywhere. >> we had a meeting last night about getting a stafter plan together but for earthquakes,
9:36 am
not for fire, i just graped what ever, my wallet, my cell phone and my pets. everything is still on at the house, my lights and everything. >> reporter: both women told us that the area that the fire is burning is r ushes gged terrain, there is not many houses but there are some oak trees and some christmas tree farms. the construction had been cleared out this morning. again we are looking live at the fire department. they have opened this up as the main shelter. there is another shelter opening up in loss gatos. most people have decided to leave this morning. the peak time was 6:00 where we had the most people here but
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most people have decided to go to family and friends, the bear creek elementary school will be closed after today. there is difficult cell phone reception up there. the majority of people that want to stay in the area, this fire station is the place to go to. >> thank you, lee. meap people are back in sonoma county this morning for the -- many people are back in sonoma county for the first time in nine days, evacuation orders were lifted for the city of sonoma and glenwood. cal fire says that the immediate danger is over for most of the city of sonoma as crews make progress against the nuns fire, for evacuees who spent days away from their homes, it was a mixed bag of emotions, even for those whose
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homes were spared. >> i still know people in mandatory evacuation areas, they know that their homes are there but they do not know what is around them. >> to see a list of evacuation orders, go to our website, now to mendocino consider where 8,000 evacuees were allowed to return to their homes, for many, what they found was heart braking. >> i wish i had more time, i could have grabbed things from the walls, i did not cry yesterday until i say our mattress, where it was, is just springs now, i was thinking, that could have been us, we could have been laying there and we would be gone. >> she and her husband lost
9:39 am
their home after rushing to save themselves and their two year old triplets. their home was burned as well as their cars and a motorcycle. >> we have a lot of help. there are some people that do not have a lot of help. i am so thankful for the help we have. >> a site set up to help people has raised $16,000. >> we have the executive from mend mendocino on the phone, can you give us the situation when it comes to repopulation of potter valley and redwood valley. >> it's been on the news that we evacuated 8,000 people. as of yesterday, all of our residents have been permitted to go back into the area and
9:40 am
into their homes, the repopulation has gone very well. we have been systematic as far as which areas in redwood valley and potter valley have been allowed to repopulate. we have had a great response from cal fire and the national guard. between our sheriffs office, cal fire and the national guard and we have had mental health counselors in the field, we have been able to repopulate. we had 300 homes and 500 structures that were destroyed in the fire. at this point our number one concerns remains the safety and the health of our residents and moving into recovery now, we are concerned about the health impacts of people going back into areas where there is tremendous ash and burned teals. so we are working with the
9:41 am
state, looking at debris clean up and protecting our water sheds. that's our number one concern right now. >> you mentioned the dpreef counselors and that you are going to be helping people. what other services is the county giving people who are coming back and do not have a place to stay or maybe food to eat. what can they to? >> there has been a very large outpouring from the community as far as money being collected and clothes being collected and food being collected so the community itself is taking care of their neighbors. so we are seeing that. the county has opened up a local assistance center. it opens at 10:00 this morning. we are coordinating with fema is with the -- and with the state. it will be a one stop shop
9:42 am
where people who have been victims of this tragic fire can go. it's the local assistance center, they can get assistance with county service and state and federal services, we are talk social security, having our community based organizations there to help people that possibly need cash in hand, today. and also all of our services are available through the local assistance center. even vital records, people who have lost their birth certificates, the department of motor vehicles are there for people who do not have their drivers licenses. we are trying to provide that one stop shop. additionally we still have a shelter open. our shelter is open at 1,000 hensley creek at mendocino college. >> can i ask you, when it comes
9:43 am
to the shelter and the one stop shop assistance center, how long do you expect those to stay open, days, or weeks? s. the shelter will be open as long as we have people coming in that need a place to stay at night. the local assistance center will be opened as long as its needed. if i had to say how long that would be, our numbers are dwindling, people are finding other maces to go, going to friends and family. we have had a great ute pouring from the community. i think that the shelter will be open for another week or so. the local assistance center could be open for a month or so. we do not know. it depends on, if you look at 300 homes being burned, the people that need assistance, it depends on how quickly the people come in and how quickly we can serve them.
9:44 am
>> as you enter this new phase in the recovery process, we are thinking of you and wishing you and your residents in mendocino county the best as you move forward. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you very much. have a good day. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, politics on the football field. coming up, the nfl and players union meet today to discuss the protests during the national anthem. people are starting to go back home and they are finding everything burned to the ground but they are making some amazing finds, things that survived the fire and they are clinging to that, more on this coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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without pg&e's assistance, without their training our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety.
9:46 am
it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california. . welcome back to ktvu news,
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all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. sphsm we have new information warding the battle against the north bay wild fire. cal fire announced that containment went up overnight. the nuns fire grie to 53,000- acres but contain went rose to 68%. there was no change in the tubs fire, the atlas fire is 77% contained up from 70 percent last night. in the meantime evacuation orders were lifted last night for two neighborhoods in santa rosa, people in guiserville and hillsburg have been told that they can return. 102 people are still unaccounted for in sonoma and napa counties, the latest person killed was the driver of a water tanker who crashed
9:48 am
while sifting with fire fighting operations. fg exprks e is worg -- pg & e is working to get power back to most areas, the company is telling home owners do not relight your own pilot lights, even if i know how, first, the technicians have to make sure that the gas line is safe, then they will relight the pilot lights. >> there are so many stories of heroism coming from the fires. we will meet a man who was burned trying to save his roommate who is in a wheelchair. >> reporter: this is the first time ed corn has seen what is left of his coffey park home. sunday night be barely survived the fire that swallowed his
9:49 am
santa rosa neighborhood. the 59 year old is a full time care giver for heidi kulick, a parapalegic. >> we saw 12 footballs of fire. >> reporter: the wrapped her in towels and brought her across the park, for the next three hours, they dodged embers and a car hurled by the fire tornado that engulfed the park. >> this car flew from that street to here, there were at least five times where we thought we were going to die. >> reporter: flames surrounded them but corn believed that they would be safe. he sought refuge behind a redwood tree. >> there are spiritual things
9:50 am
here, we were protected by some stuff. it's pretty heavy what we have been there. >> reporter: corn suffered first degree and second degree burns to his arms, heidi kulick escaped unscathed. he said it's like a war zone. >> i have a lot of vietnam veteran friends, now i understand what they wept through. >> paramedics rescued the pair. corn's dog did not make it out of the fire, i told him his actions were heroic. >> we all go on automatic, we know what to do and our instincts pop in but i was not a hero for my dog, that's the hard part stft with no car, clothes or house, he does not know what to do next. >> this is a spiritual time
9:51 am
that we share, none of us are different, we are all the same. there is nothing left. >> thank you. two of santa rosa's main hospitals had to evacuate but santa rosa memorial has been able to stay open and has been doing the work of three hospitals. they treated five burn victims in the first four hours of the fire. women in labor this to go to the hospital to have their babies. >> i was trying to stay focused on what was happening, but it was on my mind, will i have a house to bring her home to? >> one of the nurses continued to work and take care of patients even though she lost her home, she said patients are helping her with her loss.
9:52 am
a woman is trying to family who lost some family photos in the fires. she found a film strip near her parents home. she said she was shocked because the film could be the only thing that the family has left. look at your screen, two little ones here, young, maybe one or two years old. if you know these children and would love these treasured pictures back, let us know and we will help you out. some san francisco firefighters were on hand when a woman found a ring that was lost in a burned out home. they came out and noticed that the woman was in trouble. they were looking for her 15th anniversary ring and she found it. the ring was in a charred box but every stone was intact.
9:53 am
>> it's incredible what survives. >> we will be right back >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. we are waiting for a news conference scheduled to begin about a new fire started in the santa cruz mountains. the fire, called the bear fires has burned 125-acres, 0% containment. the winds are calm this morning
9:56 am
but the steep terrain is making the fire difficult to fight. 150 homes have been evacuated. >> we are going to oakland where the city council is scheduled to vote on mayor libby schaaf's nominees for the police commission, the commissioners will be able to make reppations on the police budget, investigate officer involved shootings and fire the police chief. her nomineeses on the screen -- nominees are on the screen. re on the screen. the nfl players association will meet with the league today to discuss the players protects the national anthem. they are not expecting a vote to change league policy but there is growing pressure on
9:57 am
team eveners, roger goodell sent a letter asking owners to keep the political protests off the field. president donald trump suggested that the players that kneel should be suspended. >> the nfl should suspend the players for one game. then if they did it again, two or three games then for the season, you would not have people disrespecting our country. >> this comes on the heels of colin kaepernick suing the nfl for collusion, he needle as a way to protest what he calls racial injustice and police brutality against minority. he has been passed over by nfl teams. the warriors are looking to defend the nba title for the second time. before tonight's game with the
9:58 am
rockets, the warriors get their championship rings and they will raise the championship banner, the doors open at oracle at 5:30, if you going, get there early. >> back to the breaking news, we are extending the nine to bring you updates on the bear fire in santa cruz county, it started as a house fire in the boulder creek area in the santa cruz mountains now it's turned into a wildlife. the fire started at a home along bear canyon road. flames from the house fire spread to nearby brush and the fire could not be stopped. the latest reports are that 125- acres are bunked and there are 0% containment. we expect that to change. earlier today, cal fire told us that the fire is burning in a steep canyon and could reach
9:59 am
600-acres, the fire fight is still in its early stages, the fire is threatening 150 houses. >> when our firefighters arrived, the fire had begun to extend into the vegetation, this time we are looking at 125- acres. it's thick forest and brush. >> two evacuation centers are open one at boulder cream elementary, the other at a fire station in felton. there are no reports of residents injured but five firefighters were hurt in the incident. one was an inmate firefighter who suffered smoke inhalation, also a fire injured his wrist in steep terrain, the weather conditions have been favorable but the steep terrain is making it difficult for crews to get
10:00 am
the fires out. >> authorities have set up two evacuation centers for the people who had to leave their homes last night. residents in the area of bear creek canyon road started receiving the reverse 911 calls telling them that they needed to evacuate immediately. people arrived at the boulder creek elementary school early this morning, 100 people have been evacuated. one woman arrived with her two children and her two dogs. >> we got the world to evacuate at 4:00 this morning. we got a text and a call from res verse 911, we were already packed because -- reverse 911, we were also packed because we heard about the fire. >> another center has been set up at a fire house in the area. >> right now we are going to bring


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