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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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hurt. >> the roads are narrow, there is one way in and one way out. >> this latest fire comes as crews continue to plaik progress on the fires that ravaged napa and sonoma counties. >> our fires in the north bay are looking good. and roadside flames, drivers record efforts in marin county to stop the flames from exploding. the four on two begins now. >> officials are dealing with new fires including this one in the santa cruz mountains. five firefighters have been injured there battling the flames that have been spreading through dry brush and thick forest. >> welcome to the four on two, first breaking news in the east
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bay city of dublin where a pretty good grass fire is burning, the fire broke out near tassajara and fallon roads, the fire is spreading at a moderate rate, these are live pictures from dublin from sky fox, the fire is not threatening any buildings just a lot of open space but the city of dublin has issued a shelter in place, officials are telling people in the dublin area to stay indoors because of the smoke. dublin canceled all outdoor sporting events at the fallon sports park because of the smoke, henry is there live, lets find out what is going on. >> reporter: we are near the
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corner of tassajara and fallon, we have multiple fire agencies on the scene, we have a spring valley unit and an oakland fire engine coming in. right now we have active flames on the ridge line, also one bulldozer and there is a cal fire helicopter making some drops, we saw several cal fire planes e the wind are moderate. the fire has burned 40-acres and right now there is a shelter in place, we have alameda fire officials telling people to stay away from the area, moderate wind. so far no reports of any injuries, the air in dublin and the bay area is bad to begin with, this fire will certainly not help matters. >> how far is that from any
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structures or the highways? >> reporter: we are several miles north of 580. if you look from this fire to the left, you will see some houses on the ridge to our left. that's probably a good half a mile from the homes, we see the homes on the ridge, no reports of official evacuations but the shelter in place is in effect at this point. i know that a lot of residents are nervous because of all of the fires we had recently, the winds can be fickle and they can move fast. i feel the wind blowing slightly south east. we have active flames, so far 40-acres have burned. >> henry lee is live in the dublin hills where a 40-acre fire is burning. now back to the fire in the
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santa cruz mountains. the fire crews are attacking the bear fire, it started as a house fire in boulder creek but it escaped and spread to brush and trees, the fire has burned 200-acres in steep terrain, the firefighters are battling the fire on the ground along with air tankers and helicopters in the area. we begin with maureen who has been monitoring the fire fight. >> reporter: we have been monitoring the fire fight all day, helicopters have been going back and fourth all day long, this is the four winds tree farms where a lot of people get their christmas trees, if you look here, you
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can see one of the cal fire helicopters hitting the fire hard with the water buckets. we are near the reservoir and all day those helicopters have been key to fighting the fire. this is video of what the fire looked like overnight. it started at 10:30 last night off bear creek canyon road near deer creek, the latest numbers say 200-acres and four structures were burned and its 5% contained. we spoke with a resident about when he learned about the fire. >> we got a reverse 911 call at 11:30 last night. we got our kids and grand kids and cats out and then my son and my daughter's boyfriend and i stayed until 4:00 then the ash started to fall and we
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left. >> reporter: helicopter support has been key. in addition to the nine helicopters there are 250 firefighters, one firefighter fell 50 feet down a ravine and broke his wrist. cal fire said all of the injuries are minor at this point. evacuations are still in place for this area, the fight is not over yet. if there is any good news it's that the weather has been cooperating, wind are less than 10 miles per hour. but it's been smoking up here. imut the good news is that the fire crews have been able to stay in the air despite the smoke, we are expecting an update from cal fire and we will bring that to you. one neighbor is planning to stay here, he is hoping for the best. >> thank you. everyone is hoping for the
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best as crews continue to battle the fires. several evacuation centers are available for the evacueeses forced out by the flames in santa cruz, including boulder creek elementary school, but because of poor cell phone reception there is another election opened at a fire house in felton. jesse is there live with a report on how the evacueeses are doing. >> reporter: a handful of evacueeses came here, they are from spain, here in the area on vacation when the bear fire chased them from their friend's home. they have some medication that was left behind when they were forced to evacuate and they are trying to find a way to replace the medication, they said it depends on the weather conditions whether or not they will stay here at the fire
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house or return to their friend's home. less look at the video, one of the other evacuation sites is the lake side elementary school. we found an elderly couple who has lived in the area for 40 years, other people who have been staying at the shelter have left to check on their homes ask properties and business affairs, the northern california red cross said the school's gym will be converted for overnight sleeping as needed. the school and staff juggled a regular day of classes with people from the community. >> this is a wonderful community to be in. they are close knit and they work hard to support each other, i think that overall they are helping but we have had families taking in other families and providing food and lynches for the kids, everyone
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here to support each other. >> the fire fighting effort is getting help from the reservoir next to lake side elementary school. we saw helicopters loading up with water for aerial assaults on the flames. coming up, we talk to the red cross about how they staff these multiple fire events all across california and how that is straining their resources. that's coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you gentlemen's yes. >> -- jesse. >> there were two separate vegetation fires that broke out in mill valley, people were evacuated in that area of cloud view road but residents were allowed to return a short time later. crews worked to put out the
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fire. the bay area air quality management district has issued another health advisory and a spare the air alert for tomorrow. the unhealthy air is sitting over much of the bay area, looking at the map you can see what it's going to be like for the rest of today and tomorrow. >> that's not a good map to look at. >> no, i was looking at the hospital reports, there have been a ton of admittances into the hospitals for older peerm and people with weakened respiration systems. it's a hardship for many. we wanted to go live to sky fox and show you the fire that is burning between mount diablo and the livermore area, can you see the fire here. it's dublin, you can see the
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fire working its way towards the road. i wanted to point out that there is not a lot of wind there. temperatures at 78 degrees, wind at five or 6 miles per hour out of the north west. air quality is bad. firefighters, as you see them working on this, is a different kind of fire, it's a brush fire and they are going to let it burn to the ridge line. we had a lot of spot fires because it has not rained very much in a while. we are going to talk about the rain in the forecast that could put an early end to this fire season especially in the north by, which is much needed of the we are looking live at sky fox, you can see the fires burning in the east bay hills in the dublin area by livermore. you can see the smoke blowing a bit. firefighters have a very good handle on this here. if you pull out, you can see
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what i am talking about. there is the smoke coming out. the way it's blowing, that's a north west wind which is very good for firefighters. look how is burning up hill. they are going to stop it at the top of the next hill. can you see it on the ridge line, this is south of the mount diablo area, the plume of smoke was much greater about half an hour ago, you can see the homes on the right. you see the ridge line, that fire is not going to burn down hill. it's good news, the weather is cooperating and it appears that this receipt fire in the dublin fire, they are able to get a handle on it. >> this is camp parks, that's the parks reserve, they are using it as a training area,
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that's the area that we are going to continue to keep a close eye on as crews work to get control of the fire, right now it's not threatening any of the structures but its getting close. >> you see that road. that's the fire break, they are going to let it burn here and then they are going to put it out. >> thank you so much, bill. containment numbers are growing in the north bay for those mon ter fires that have consumed thousands of homes in sonoma and napa cans -- -- monster fires that have consumed thousands of homes in sonoma. we are joined by issac sanchez from cal fire, tell us what is the latest in wine country, you
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guys have pretty good containment numbers? >> yes, they have been putting in long days and taking advantage of the lower temperatures and higher humidity. they are able to crow the containment numbers across the region. >> does that mean that you are going to be scaling back your resources or will this be an all hands on deck incident. >> it always depends on the needs of the incident. when the resources become surplus or there is a need in another area, the firefighters can be sent to another location or released and sent home but as long as there is work to be done the resources will stay at the snebt and continue to work. >> what is a tough spot you are working on and how about
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repopulating. >> some of the fires are in rough terrain and difficult to access from the ground. we are tactic to get around that. we can fly in resources and grouped troops to attack the fire directly at the perimeter in conjunction with the aircraft. when it comes to repopulating, everyday another neighborhood gets opened up and folks are allowed to return home and begin the process of getting back to a normal life. we sympathize and recognize that it's a difficult week to get through get it's happening on a daily basis. >> if things are were not already bad we have this fire in the santa cruz mountains. our reporter said it was to hundred 50-acres, four structures destroyed. do you have any updates on that and is cal fire partnering with alameda county in battling the fire in dublin. >> i am not familiar with the
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dublin fire specifically but when it comes to the bear fire in santa cruz that fire was burning in difficult, rough terrain and will continue to pose a threat as long as the weather conditions remain although we are expecting rain and a significant turn in the weather. i believe that's starting thursday, in the conditions that it presents to us now we will continue to engage it. >> how about resources, just getting bodies to fight the fire, i think that most of the resources are in the wine country. >> no particular area will strip their responsibilities back home and not maintain a capability to attack a fire. any time that we have mutual aid, which exifs in the state, any time we do that, we always
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keep resources on the home front in your community in order to attack the fires locally and provide a service back at home which is what the public expectation is. like i said, we participate on a voluntary basis and do it freely because we know that we may need to call on the help from our partnership agencies and that will provide a benefit to us. >> you have been called on a lot. again, we appreciate all that all of you firefighters are doing, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. >> thank you. coming up, republican senators are keep up with their goal of trying to pass tax reform. >> four months ago we were standing here when the warriors won their second championship in three years, tonight we have
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a live report coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. 100 tbent seven days ago, the warriors were celebrating their second title in three years, knew it's time to defend the title at oracle. it's time to kick off the season. >> reporter: hi guys, when you
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say the number, it seems so long. >> june 12th. >> reporter: you and i were stand here when the warriors were celebrating. >> it was an unbelievable post season run, it's quiet now, the cheerleaders and the dance team are warming up. lets show you what it looked like on june 12th, four months ago, it was a wild celebration and they are heavy favorites to win it again. >> everyone spent the off season saying, what do we do to catch up with the warriors, huston changed their roster with the imengs -- intention of keeping up with golden state.
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>> steve was asked if he was concerned about how much work the team got in before the season. >> last year we got beat by 30 points on opening night and won the championship. it's not a barometer. is more like, this is a long hall. >> reporter: well tonight is an interesting match up of the the rockets have a new look with chris paul hand picking the team. they looked at the rosters in the off season and they said this is the team that ki challenge the warriors with. >> the warriors were concerned if the team was going to mesh when kevin durant came here,
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now they are great. >> on the cover of espn, they are believed to be, along with the spurs, the primary contender for the warriors. you ask all of the managers and they say the same thing, it's all about the warriors and the cavilers. >> even charles said that. >> that charles? >> yes. this should be fun tonight, i am looking forward to see what the rockets can do with two- point guards on the floor at the same time. >> the warriors limit -- eliminated the rockets. we should show you, the warriors are always doing something to promote the night. here's what they have tonight, this is the only night that you will hear this, is the
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championship celebration and the players get their rings. sometimes teams fall flat when that happens. >> like last year, they lost by 30 to the spurs, that was not a ring celebration but it was opening night. >> they had come off a 73 win season and acquired kevin durant, the warriors are encouraging fans to come early to see the ring ceremony. >> we did not warn ryan about this but way up in the rafters you can see the warriors have won four championships and the fifth is where the black hole is to the left of the retired jersey, tonight they are going to unveil that fifth championship banner. >> two were in philadelphia and now three are in the bay. >> we going to be checking back in. back to you guys in the studio.
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>> i think that there is room for more banners after this. >> they will create room. it may look crowded but if they have to find room, they do. >> have you been to the boston garden. they will figure out a way to make room. >> enjoy the game. we will check back in later. lawmakers are crossing the aisle in what is being called a significant step forward on healthcare on capitol hill. we have the latest coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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>> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break . welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. two leading senators have come up up with a teal to fund the healthcare subsidies that president donald trump stopped last month. the bill would provide states with greater flexibility under the affordable care act in exchange for helping people without of pocket costs. it's not clear if the bill will get enough support to pass. >> a deadline is looming for senators that want to pass tax reform. but its chances are passing are in doubt. we are in washington, dc with more. >> reporter: it's a race against the clock for republican senators working to get a budget resolution passed
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by weeks end. the deadline is critical for the gop effort to pass tax reform this year. on fox and friends this morning, the director of office of management and budget spoke about tax reform. >> we will need to pass the budget to use reconciliation. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell is under pressure to get the job done, he needs to get 50 republican senators on board this week. at stake, the white house said is thousands the dollars for american workers. president donald trump said the tax plan would give the average united states house hold $40,000 more in wages in the plan passes. >> we have to show that we can
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put something across the finish line. >> the house has passed its version, if the senate passes a version, the next step is to reconcile the two. it's not clear if one of the senators, who is sick, will even make it back for the vote. 400 homes were lost in the fires in mendocino county, up next, how residents there are getting help from a farmers organization that is been around for 150 years. >> we are talking about the poor air quality and the rain that is back in the forecast coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break t after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. we are going live to a news conference in napa county, this is congressman michael thompson speaking. >> they have approved everything that we have asked for, it's good to have them here, now i am going to turn it over to our assembly woman. >> good afternoon, thank you for coming. i want to thank administrator long for coming today and
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hearing our stories and guaranteeing us at that fema will be here today and tomorrow and into the future. we have a lot to do. i want to remind everyone that we have to be safe and make sure that everyone is doing the right thing, it's a long process, thank you for coming. thank you to administrator long, we appreciate his ideas for our next steps in the recovery and how we are going to implement that. thank you. thank you. good afternoon, i am the director of the governor's office of emergency services in california. let me say first of all, our thoughts and our hearts go out to those that have lost property and those that have lost loved ones, we know this is a serious situation not just in napa but throughout northern california with these severe
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fires, oes has been very active in supporting cal fire and the local fire departments as well as the other local governments in being able to respond and now transferring into the recovery operations throughout the region. let me be clear, we are not fully out of this emergency, the situation is still involving active fires throughout the region and we have a lot of equipment and resources moving around and we know that we have some continual red flag and fire weather conditions that we have to deal can. we appreciate administrator long from feem oo coming out from washington dc today -- fema coming out from washington, dc today. they are going to continue to work with us as we transition to our recovery. our goals in recovery is
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helping to get the debris cleaned up and moved out. getting people information so that they know what they need to do to get their lives back again so they can reconstruct and move forward. that's our key focus here, not just in napa but throughout the region. i want to thank the county of napa and all of the cities within the county of napa. they have been great partners and we will continue to stay with them through the coming month. now i am going to turn it over to the chief of cal fire. >> thank you, mark it's been a long nine days, i did not need to tell everyone from mendocino to napa to nevada counties, this has been a long hall and we are not out of the woods yet
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for fire season. we still have 11,000 firefighters on the fire lines for all of these fires. 245,000-acres have burned since this siege started nine days ago. that's more acres burned in the last nine days than we had burned on private land in california up to that time since the beginning of january. so extremely significant event happening here. taxing on everyone from first responders to everyone out there impacted by this. 41 people have died from this disaster. we continue to work very hard with our local law enforcement and our local partners to adjudicate the remaining unaccounted for persons, folks are working hard combing through the fires, everyone has been working hard to get people repopulated and back in. our number one priority after putting the fires out is to get
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people back home. still there is smoke in the air, while we are making great progress on the fires, portion of the fires are active and we continue to engage to get the work done. we are continuing to get the resources available. the california national guard has a significant number of resources. our mutual aid system is here. 1,000 fire departments in california are engaged in the fire fight. we depend on that as well as our federal partners, this morning, a new fire in santa cruz county, areas close to the coast that normally would be wet and would not be prone to these kinds of conditions have fires, we are seeing some moisture come not guilty for the next few days, it's not a fire season ending event.
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we are hopeful that it will provide enough moisture to quicken the pace of getting the fires contained but behind that is whipped. our eyes is on the ball for the long hall. right here in napa county and snee ma and the neighboring counties we are here to help the transition -- sonoma and the neighboring counties, we here to help the transition. i want to turn it over to dave baldwin with the california national guard. >> we continue to assist cal fire with fire suppression efforts. we continue to help people in the effected communities get their lives back to normal and help them to be safe. we are working to help them get back to the homes and back to work. the california national guard is of these communities. we had soldiers and airmen that lost homes in had event.
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so we are very proud to be able to stand behind the other agencies to help our neighbors recover from this. we are in this for the long hall. what ever the communities need the california national guard will be there for them. i am followed by commissioner standly from the california highway patrol. >> we are here to work with other fire departments that are here and we are also working with the sheriffs and the police in the communities that have been effected. we have a number of personnel from our napa oofs and other offices throughout the bay area is assisting with the repopulation of the area, also being on patrol with the sheriffs and being on the look out for looters, the people that have been effected by this
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tragedy have gone through enough. we do not want them to be effected again by looters and particular and people trying to gain access to their houses because they have been evacuated. this is a long term process, all of us are working together, all of the state and federal agencies are in it for the long hall. we are here to support the effort and get the community back to normal. thank you. good afternoon, first of all, my thoughts and prayers are with the californians effected by the fires. i want to comebd our local and state leaders in california. they have done a tremendous job of unifying the efforts. they will lead to success in the response and the recovery. we have to come together and maximize the resources that we bring to bear to the response that is still ongoing and the
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fire suppression efforts that are taking place. california is a special state, it's a beautiful place and we have to work diligently not only today but for many years to come to make sure that fema helps the state as well as the local governments understand what they are entitled to and how to use the resources from the federal government to achieve the state and local goals when it comes to recovery. i am meeting with the governor tomorrow, we have great communications with the governor and the president had conversations with governor brown and approved his disaster declaration, we are moving fast but we have a long way to go and we will be here to make sure that we help you guys recover. thank you.
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thank you. >> i am patrick sweeny from the napa school districts. we were hoping to start school tomorrow but that's been suspended until monday. classes begin monday. safety is our number one concern, thank you to all of the services that have been assisting us. we found out that the air quality has gotten worse today rather than better today. it's too volatile with the smoke so we are suspending classes until monday. classes open mobbed assuming that the air quality is better. thank you. thank you. i am brian grregory. these are our state and federal partners and now friends, their forces rolled in a few days ago and they are helping out at a local assistance center. these people care and they are going to help us get this done.
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they have also said be creative and think outside of the box. customize the packages to napa. they have challenged us to do that and challenge accepted. we are going to take this on and make sure that we apply their packages to napa and get this recovery down as soon as possible. at this point, lets get to work. thank you. >> thank you. all right thank you, we will ask if there is any questions? inaudible >> we work with our partners in
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congress and i will allow congressman thompson. we are working closely with congress to make sure that there is enough money in the disaster relief fund to support the disasters in california but also hurricane harvey and hurricane irma and hurricane maria. >> the house just passed an appropriations bill that would add to the funds available for disaster relief. at the last minute they were able to add an additional billion dollarss specifically for this fire event. that was a -- dollars specifically for this fire event. that is holding for action in the senate. everyone is well aware of this and there will be strong
4:46 pm
support, i am confession -- confident, in both the house and the senate. there is always going to be a need for more money, we recognize that. we are going to do our best to get all of the money that is needed for this event and others that we have been hit by. i am confident that we are going to get the money that we need for this event and others, there will always be a shortage of funding, as i stated. but we are going continue to fight for that. the additional moneys that we got in this house appropriations bill speaks well to the fact that everyone is aware of the need and people are putting shoulder to the wheel to get that done. >> thank you. inaudible inaudible
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its important to make sure that we have boots on the ground and ground troops, it's my job to make sure we meeting governor brown's goals in the response and recovery phase, are we putting forward everything that we can, do we have enough staff on the ground? that's my job, considering those things, is important for me to be here of the you had an unprecedented wild fire event. one of the most disturbing things that i say today were fires in to the urban areas wiping out whole naishedz. we have not seen that in recent years, some of the last fires that did that were in the 90s, it was important to see the damage first hand and hear from
4:48 pm
local and state responders in what needs to be done. one of the big take aways is to get better collectively. >> what is governor brown doing. >> bob, do you want to take that question. >> i am the regional administrator for fema on the west coast. we have been here since day one, we did intense fire management. we brought in commodities and resources and ambulances to help with evacuations, we have had teams on the ground looking at the debris situation and how to remove that. we are work with 20 federal agencies and state agencies and local governments to look at things like hazardous materials, how to remove that. we are providing individual assistance to residents effected by the storm.
4:49 pm
we are asking them to register at or to go to the local assistance centers, we have one in napa that can help with questions in regards to the recovery. in addition to that we are helping to reembers costs for the fire and looking at permanent reconstruction. >> you have been watching a press conference in napa. napa county authorities were talking about what has transpired. some of the numbers, 11,000 firefighters out there, 245,000- acres have been burned and 1,000 fire departments from across the country have been taking part. >> what was striking about the news conference was that more
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acreage was burned during the fires that we saw in napa, sonoma and lake counties and mendocino county than the whole state saw this year leading up to that point. that puts it into perspective. lets turn things over to our meteorologist, mark meteorologist, mark >> first lets look at the containment. this is impressive stuff. we are at 77% contained at atlas, 80 to percent contained at tubbs, kal fire has done a great job a great job
4:51 pm
look at the map, the best place to fight a fire is at the ridge, the fire is going to stop, partly because they are not pushing a lot of wind. you can see a truck on the road here. the ridge line, when you fight fires, especially in the hills, you want to use the topography to your advantage, that's what cal fire does so well. in the past few years, the science involved in fighting fires is impressive. some of the equipment that they
4:52 pm
use are high-tech like a light radar that gives you indications of wind direction and shear. i did not see any orange on the fires, that's very good news for the firefighters in the area, at this point the weather is cooperate cooperating. humidity is 8% and the winds are light. lets stay with this shot. there is the air quality, the fog has come back to the coast, you can see that, the fog is coming back and the winds are on shore, rain is back in the forecast, a better set up for our friends in the north bay. this is the forecast wind and the real story here is thrtion a lot going on. the general direction is this way which is the opposite of
4:53 pm
where we were last week. last week might have been the worst week in terms of air quality and fire conditions because of the high pressure and the temperatures and the humidity. there is the fog for tomorrow morning, forecast is for it coming back in. the on is the 80s, temperatures along the coast are cooler, in the 50s, that's because the fog has returned. as you look at the fog forecast in the morning, this is thursday afternoon, then there is the rain, that drops through the evening thundershowers thursday into early friday morning, that's great news for firefighters, here's the forecast highs for you, 70 noin in livermore. -- 79 in livermore, it's all good. compared to last week, we are in a good spot. the fire in dublin looks great. the bear fire, they are getting containment on that. >> and the fog is back and the
4:54 pm
air quality which has been horrible today will get better tomorrow. you will notice it's better thursday through saturday. >> okay. thank you. >> speaking of that fire in dublin we have an update for you. it's grown since we have been on the air. it's 100-acres, we look at the live pictures from sky fox, it started at to this afternoon near tassajara and fallon roads. mandatory evacuations have been ordered on signal hill drive and cog hill drive, all of the people on those streets that i mentioned are being told to leave. we posted those orders to evacuate on our website, coming up on ktvu fox news at 5:00 which starts in just a few minutes we are going to talk with the spokesman for the
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alameda alameda her riffs department about the evacuations, also the water park in dublin has been set up as an evacuation center. we have evacuation going on, more coverage when we come back
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in new york, the nfl held its annual meeting amid the controversy surrounding the players protests during the national anthem. >> those who were there say
4:58 pm
the protests were discussed and they say the meeting was constructive. caroline shively has the latest. reporter: as the nfl tackles the controversial topic of players kneeling during the anthem in new york, here in the nation's capital, the president has his own take. >> "take a knee" against -- >> reporter: protests erupt on the streets of new york as demonstrators expressed support for players choosing to kneel during the national anthem. the topic being taken up today by the national football league during its annual fall meeting. >> talked about how the owners could come alongside us and we could work together to create change. >> reporter: the issue being fueled by president trump who is critical of protesting players. >> we have to respect our flag, our country, our anthem. >> reporter: the president even saying hillary clinton's outspoken support for protesting players cost her, her presidential run. >> it's that thinking that's the reason she lost the election. >> reporter: the former democratic presidential
4:59 pm
candidate talked about it sunday. >> that was not against our anthem or our flag. that was actually kneeling is a rent position. >> reporter: as the league considers how to best address the controversy the president recommends the nfl suspend players who "take a knee" and disrespect the flag. >> i don't know in a they are going to suspend the players but he is right about hillary losing. she lost because she disrespected coal miners in kentucky and west virginia, she called people across america a basket of deploreables! >> reporter: the owners and players didn't come to an agreement today but they did agree to meet again. as it stands now, the nfl guidelines say every player should stand with his hand over his heart during the anthem, not a rule, just a policy. caroline shively, fox news. from the north bay to the santa cruz mountains and late this afternoon, in the east bay firefighters are battling flames on hillsides across
5:00 pm
northern california. good evening, everyone. i'm julie haener. >> i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. we have breaking news in dublin where a wildfire has prompted mandatory evacuations. skyfox is over the scene. you can see a long line of flames and a lot of smoke coming up from this area. this is mostly open fields, grassland and rolling hills. but there are homes in the area and you can see a tanker just about to make a drop as it flies over the fireline and there it goes, that's a c-130 making a big drop on that line. at last check the fire had burned about 100 acres and right now it's about 20% contained. the fire broke out at about 2:00 this afternoon near tassajara and fallon roads in camp park. that's not far from the alameda county sheriff's department. joining us on the phone is sergeant ray kelly. thanks for being with us tonight. can you give us an update on this firefight? yes. so we have evacuated some neighborhoods. we have posted that on our social media so if you want to follow the city of dublin and


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