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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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northern california. good evening, everyone. i'm julie haener. >> i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. we have breaking news in dublin where a wildfire has prompted mandatory evacuations. skyfox is over the scene. you can see a long line of flames and a lot of smoke coming up from this area. this is mostly open fields, grassland and rolling hills. but there are homes in the area and you can see a tanker just about to make a drop as it flies over the fireline and there it goes, that's a c-130 making a big drop on that line. at last check the fire had burned about 100 acres and right now it's about 20% contained. the fire broke out at about 2:00 this afternoon near tassajara and fallon roads in camp park. that's not far from the alameda county sheriff's department. joining us on the phone is sergeant ray kelly. thanks for being with us tonight. can you give us an update on this firefight? yes. so we have evacuated some neighborhoods. we have posted that on our social media so if you want to follow the city of dublin and the alameda county sheriff's
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social media pages, we are putting out those updates. right now, we are just letting the firefighters do their job. this is fortunate for us that this is mostly hilly grassland area, not really surrounded by a lot of homes but there are homes on the east side of dublin that could be affected. so we're very fortunate the weather has been decent and we have a lot of resources that we're putting on the fire. but mostly it's the terrain -- this is a grass fire, grassfires are much more manageable than heavy brush fires. >> sergeant, can you talk about the evacuation? do you know how many people roughly have been effected and why there were evacuations? it looks like the fire is blowing away from the homes. >> it's unpredictable so in an abundance of caution we want to do everything right. some of the people that have been displaced, hundreds of people, we have opened up the
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community resource center and a reunification center here at the dublin wave off central park way. so families are encouraged to come here if they need to meet up and wait it out until we get this fire out. they can come here. we'll answer questions they have. we have some resources here. the city is here. the sheriff's office is here. and the fire department. so if you get a chance, come by the dublin wave park and we'll answer any questions that you have. >> sergeant kelly, can you tell us specifically about the firefight? had is mutual aid involved? are a number of firefighters? what types of aircraft are being used to knock down these flames? >> yes. so we are going to pull from all our on duty fire personnel here in alameda contra costa and if we have to reach out to san joaquin, i think they have a lot of resources now on it. you're seeing some big aircraft flying overhead. and so we're pretty confident that they will get a handle on this and will protect those houses that are kind of on the perimeter of the fire zone.
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and hopefully have a very good outcome here in the next hour or two. >> sergeant, we are watching some dramatic pictures of the plane making drops and that seems to be having a good effect because after it makes a pass, the flames seem to go down. there's been a number of fires in this area in the camp parks area. correct me if i'm wrong, isn't that a national guard area and law. uses that? there's a gun range out there. any ideas why we keep having fires out in this area? >> you know, we have -- for some reason, we have always had a lot of grassland fires in the area over the years. some have been distributed to some of our facilities, mostly some of the small fires we have had. but this one started in a creek. we don't know why at this point. it started in a creek. it started in a creek off tassajara and it kind of spread in a southeast
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direction. i spend the last week up in sonoma county. when you try to compare their battles in the hills compared to this, this seems a lot more manageable. >> sergeant ray kelly from the alameda county sheriff's department, you're right, but every big fire starts as a small fire. so you can't take any chances with any of 'em. thanks for your time. we appreciate it. we'll keep our eyes on this fire and we'll check back with you as needed. all right. >> thank you. >> thank you. ktuv's henry lee live in dublin near the fire lines. henry, what can you see? >> reporter: i can certainly see that the situation looks much better than it did an hour before. you see the c-130 hercules we have been talk about from the colson air company making several drops of fire retardant. certainly this fire was already pretty much contained before the arrival of the c- 130 hercules. i also see the eagle regional
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helicopter equipped with a bucket assisting in firefights from the air. that helicopter according to the website always carries the "bambi bucket" during routine patrol. sergeant kelly mentioned there are homes in the area, but earlier, we had strong winds probably moderate winds heading southeast but again, it appears that the bulk of the fire has been knocked down. certainly everyone has to be findsful of flare-ups and embers. a cal fire helicopter eagle and giant c-130 hercules trying to do their best to make sure these flames certainly don't pop up. that's the latest in dublin. back to you guys. looks like you're in the more grassy area close to the fire from where you are have you been able to see any of the evacuations and people trying to get out of that area? >> reporter: we have not. i do say -- i do see some hills to the northwest of the
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fire edge. those homes seem to be okay. most of the fire is contained. no one wants to take any chances as we deal with the fire weather here and the conditions out here. >> all right. henry lee live for us near camp park this is dublin where they are working on containing yet another fire that's broken out here in the bay area. i can mention that some of the mandatory evacuation areas are near signal hill, east of fallon, to cog hill terrace, saddle creek terrace, abilene in a drive to dakale way. all activities at fall lon sports park with canceled from smoke in the area. another grass fire started at 2:00 this afternoon in a creek down there. you can see the smoke is putting a lot of smoke back into the east bay this afternoon. if you missed any of those or couldn't write them down, we have posted that on our website, and also, an evacuation center of sorts has been set up at
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the dublin wave where people can meet up with other people who are leaving their homes and get connected with folks if you want to pick sun or something like that. you can go to the dublin wave. that's not the only fire that's burning. we'll give you the latest on a wildfire that's burning in the santa cruz mountains. the bear fire has burned 225 acres so far. and it's only 5% contained. cal fire says 4 structures have burned and about 150 homes are still threatened. five firefighters suffered minor injuries in the fire. >> cal fire says this fire started at about 10:30 last night as a house fire at bear canyon and deer creek road in boulder creek and spread into trees and brush weakened by years of drought. 600 firefighters are on the fire lines of this fire tonight. >> we have live team coverage including the latest weather conditions and an update from cal fire plus reports from the evacuation centers in santa cruz county. but let's start with ktvu's maureen naylor who has new details on this firefight.
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maureen. reporter: ken, since our last report, we got an update from cal fire. as you mentioned, the acreage has gone up from 200 to 225 acres. the containment numbers haven't changed still at 5% and 150 homes under mandatory evacuation at this hour. the firefight is not over, but i want to show you some progress. this area we are standing at four winds christmas tree farm and the skies here have been so smoky all day but we're actually seeing some blue sky now but then as you pan over closer to the sun, you can see where some smoke is covering it. but that's actually changed. for most of the day, this area has been socked in by some smoke. i want to show you some video from skyfox 2 which is overhead earlier today. it shows the fire burning in steep brush which is deep in the canyon area. fire crews are on the ground but the major fight has been by the air. the fire erupted as you said overnight with the call coming in at 10:30 as a structure fire off bear creek road and
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evacuations were put in place. we met one resident who initially evacuated but came back out of concern for his house and while his family left the area, he is planning to stay the night. >> the way we have seen fires go up here, now we're pretty nervous. the winds kick up tonight, it could be here in a half-hour. so hopefully somebody will wake me up. >> so for our area, this is it. this is basically -- with all the winds and all the dry weather that we have been having, it's just been accumulating and accumulating. we had to start last night and here we are. >> reporter: that was cal fire talking about how bad october can be when you look at fire weather and how dry everything is. now, the santa cruz county sheriff's office shared video of the fire burning in the canyon. it just shows some of the terrain and basically the terrain is what firefighters say is the biggest challenge. but the good news is the wind has been a nonevent so far. nothing like what santa rosa saw in the north bay fire. it's been calm and minimal
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heat today. we are going to be here live -- we're actually going to try to move to a different area to give you a different vantage point from 6 p.m. right now we are at skyline road which people come up to get their christmas trees. there are a number of farms up here from frosty's to four winds is where we're at and there are others, sunset another tree farm, for anyone familiar with the area. but at this point 150 homes are under mandatory evacuation. we are going to keep monitoring this and bring you more tonight at 6:00. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you do bring up an interesting point, maureen. we are about an hour and a half away from sunset when typically the aircraft have to land. it's just too dangerous to fly at night. so in that wooded area, it's going to be a challenge getting some lines around there at night. >> reporter: you're right. it's been 7 hours now. they started about 9:00 this morning. it's interesting how it started last night. but thank goodness for the winds being a nonevent because we saw what happened at the north bay with how much it
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spread. they were able to get the helicopters up. i'm actually surprised right now during my live report that we haven't seen more helicopters -- oh, here comes one. there you go. they have been almost here nonstop. i'm close to howell reservoir, also close to lexington reservoir so these are the types of helicopters with the water buckets going back and forth, back and forth. and as you mentioned, they have a little bit of daylight left. [ sound of helicopters ] >> take a listen. they really want to capitalize on that because of the terrain. it's not an easy area to get crews into so they are trying to make their headway while they have light. >> lexington reservoir has that cal fire helicopter base right there. so at least that's close by. and now we have 73 helicopters that were brought in just for the north bay fires and presumably some of those could be moved down if this thing starts to get more of a problem. maureen naylor, we'll check in with you in a little bit. thank you. three evacuation centers have been opened to house the
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hundreds of residents affected by the flames. one is at lakeside elementary school in los gatos. the second was opened at boulder creek elementary school. but because of the poor cell phone service and internet service, a third one was staged. that's at xiante firehouse in felton. >> that's where we find ktvu's jesse gary. he is standing by live with the latest on that part of the story. jesse. >> reporter: julie and ken, officials are bracing for people who went to check on their properties or to check on loved ones, family, friends, et cetera, returning here. we are hearing from the red cross an influx of volunteers assigning up to help for the multiple crises around california. >> what's happening all across the united states a lot of people are coming out of the woodwork, working with partnerships with sert teams which you saw earlier, local
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people, citizens, emergency response teams. we have learned to work with them and the partnership has taken a load off the red cross. >> reporter: mountain residents unaffected by the flames are also pitching in. stacee stanley and her family brought coffee to the firefighters here at the xiante firehouse. evacuees are watching tv hoping to hear the latest. we found an elderly couple at the lakeside elementary school in los gatos. they have lived in the mountains for 40 years and are trying to learn if they can return home. the other 40 to 50 residents who had been staying at the school since the wee hours of the morning have left to check out their properties. northern california red cross officials say the school's gym will be converted for overnight sleeping as needed. stacy stanley says in time of need, people here pull together. >> we have people that are opening up their homes to people. we have people opening up their stalls for the horses. everyone.
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>> just here to help each other other out. people are posting on facebook if anybody needs anybody, to let them know. it's a small community and everyone is super helpful. >> reporter: live in felton this evening, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> send cash or items what do they need down there? >> reporter: the red cross also says go online and send cash. so go to their website, or volunteer or sign on through the website. the best advice to check the
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website. jesse gary at one of three evacuation centers in the santa cruz mountains for, tonight, jesse, thank you. in napa and sonoma counties, containment has grown on the tubbs fire. it's now 82% contained. and that 36,000 acres, the atlas fire in napa county is about 51,000 acres and 77% contained. also today, officials identified the driver who was killed when his truck crashed on oakville grade in napa county. he is 38-year-old garrett paze of missouri. he was a volunteer firefighter driving a privately owned water tender. the nuns fire burning in sonoma and napa counties is 68% contained. it's burned more than 50,000 acres. the oakmont fire near santa rosa broke out over the weekend has grown to northern 1,000 acres with 27% containment. sonoma county sheriff said the number of missing now at 65. he also says 17 suspected looters have been arrested. joining us now on the
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phone is isaac sanchez from cal fire. isaac, it certainly is good news to hear the containment numbers continue to go up. we have seen fires now in the santa cruz mountains and now in the east bay. how are things tonight in the north bay? >> reporter: you know, like you said, it's always a good sign whenever the containment numbers start to climb. but this is absolutely dangerous by the fact that the weather has changed and turned in our favor. the humidities have climbed back up. the temperatures have remained in the comfortable area and, of course, dropped down to low temperatures essentially when the sun goes down. but those two factors right there are absolutely working in our favor. >> isaac, we talked to daniel berlant from cal fire in sacramento last night and he said all the resources that have been brought in for the north bay fires are remaining on the scene at least as of last night. is that still the case tonight? considering that we now have these new fires that have popped up are some of those resources going to be moved around in the bay area? >> reporter: yeah. now, resources are still being
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used on the fires in the north bay. again as those resources, you know, essentially become surplus and there is no work for that resource anymore, we will certainly send them to other areas that do have a need. but, of course, not until the work is completed at least their work is completed on the fires that they are currently assigned to. >> what's the biggest challenge? containment numbers are going up. are we to the point where now people are turning to the repopulation, moving back into their homes? where do things stand on that part. >> the biggest challenges are again for the fires that are still growing and they are growing and burning in inaccessible areas. those are currently growing. in the areas that are accessible, of course, we are absolutely increasing those containment numbers and getting them closer to 100% containment and then full control. as far as the folks looking for an opportunity to return home, again, we sympathize with them and we certainly emphathize with the situation
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they're in but those decisions are never made lightly. the decisions to evacuate in all the cases it was the right decision to make as you can see in some of the pictures that have come out from those fires. but at this point we certainly understand the desire to get back home. the fire may be down but there are other factors to populate areas, rendering the area safe, you know, there is an expectation by the public that when we say it is time to go home or we're opening up an area that it's safe and they don't have to worry about falling trees, power lines and impassable roads. we have to pay attention and work closely with our cooperators to mitigate before opening the areas. >> isaac, just quickly before we let you go, last night on the ten o'clock news, we had a reporter out in the town of rutherford and behind her on the ridge behind her there was a bright orange glow as the firefighters were working to keep the fire there in a
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canyon beyond the town of rutherford where there are internationally renowned vineyards growing, well known to many people throughout wine country. how is that firefight going on that area that ridge beyond rutherford? >> you know, you're speaking about a very specific area and i don't have the information as far as that particular stretch of land or that division. but again, it is indicative of what we're facing out there. conditions are in our favor but some areas require quite a bit of work and a lot of resources and the work is continuing 24 hours a day. >> all right. isaac sanchez, thanks so much for your information time and your time. we appreciate it. >> he talked about they are getting the upper hand and things are turning in their favor. chief meterologist bill martin is here. a lot of that has to do with the weather conditions in the firefighters' favor now. >> naj if it was like last week. we have bought -- imagine if it was like last week. we have bought a break. five months for no rain, then
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last week which was a critical fire condition. and then this week, which is not critical and is getting better and is actually pointing towards a good chance for some showers out there. atlas fire 72% containment and other fires good containment news. the dublin fire, things are better on that. air quality not great today. better tomorrow and much better on thursday. look what's back. when the fog comes back you get onshore cool, moist air chasing the fog out -- not the fog, the smoke, trying to, at the lower elevations and then these upper-level winds are -- these are probably about 1,000 feet, these winds, um, but watch what happens. as we go through time, you can
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see on wednesday, still -- they pick up tomorrow afternoon more aggressively out of the west and then thursday, even more aggressively. so that's going to clear that smoke that's been bothering so many people the last week or so. it's been bad. today was bad, too. there's the fog back at the coast tomorrow morning. burns off right back to the water's edge. it's cool at the coast. it's 50s there. low 60s all day. most of us tomorrow 60s and 70s. i don't think we'll -- well, maybe get a 79 out towards clayton or somewhere but for the most part mid-70s in the inland bay valleys tomorrow. better for firefighters and better for air quality, much better for firefighters and air quality on thursday and friday when another weather system comes through, a real weather system, and could bring a chance of in the north bay fire zones a quarter inch of rain. that would be huge. for us, some measurable rain. it would be .02." so good news on the weather front. the containment numbers definitely as julie and ken
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point out correlate with the weather. because the weather is really cooperative. so that's tomorrow. when i come back, we'll push through the rain into the weekend. >> thank you. ♪[ music ] want to show you a live picture from oakland right now. inside oracle arena the warriors begin their defense of another title. you can see the houston rockets warming up on the court. here's what's happening tonight. the warriors will raise a championship banner tonight and the team will get their rings. coming up we'll go live to our sports director mark ibanez and joe fonzi both there live courtside. ay away from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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aimmediately get everyone out of the building. call 911. the fire department and pg&e will respond immediately and figure out what the issue is and keep you safe.
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♪ a championship celebration is planned inside oracle arena tonight. >> the warriors will raise another championship banner and the players will get their rings. mark ibanez, joe fonzi, they are inside the arena. pretty exciting stuff, guys! >> all right. well, it's one of those things that will never get old. you know? two out of three years, and a lot going on tonight. we'll tell you about the ring ceremony, the raising of the banner, but joe and i were just commenting about how houston as the opponent here on opening night is a perfect example of the mad scramble we saw in the off season of all these teams trying to catch up with the warriors. chris paul is out here warming up right now. we'll try and get a shot of him, joe. and he is wearing the black hoodie. that's the newest addition to
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join james hardy. >> that's what the teams d the warriors set the modeled for what it is to be a championship team in this era. they have all tried to match the team work shooting ability all those things that the warriors have kind of put a tamp on. they are seeing how stars blend together. the warriors are a year up on that regard. >> they have the chemistry going. the thing about the warriors that could be potentially scary is a lot of these teams, the boston celtics, theoretically, the cleveland cavs, have done all these major things. to improve themselves. but the warriors may be better than last year as they
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steamrolled through the play- offs 16-1 because of team chemistry. at this time last year they were trying to figure it out, kevin durant getting to know his new teammates. we know about the sacrifice he made in terms of personal income to bring back key players coming off the bench another year together they could be better. >> they spoke about it. let's hear it. >> just seeing them every day. i think it's making me more and more comfortable. i'm a creature of habit. i got to know that you respect me, i respect you, we like playing with each other. i got to know that each day. so to walk in here and know that every day is making me more and more comfortable as days go on. >> chemistry and a lot more flow on the court understand what we need to do to executed on both ends and i expect this to pick up with full head of
5:28 pm
steam on tuesday. >> you can see the retired chris mellen number 17 jersey and the 2014 and 2015, that's where the banners tonight will be raised and they will be raising the roof here. >> and you said t could you never get enough of those. the other thing that will be kind of interesting to see, a lot of times when that big ring ceremony happens and remember the year that steph curry got his mvp trophy and they laid an egg in the play- off game, there's a lot of emotion involved with that ring. sometimes they come out flat. so it will be interesting to see how they play. >> the warriors came out flat in their opener last year against san antonio when everybody was pumping them up. i do have some inside info. julie, perk up your ears! >> okay. they're perked. >> 11.2 carats. >> wow. >> 11.2 carats in the diamond ring. >> why do you assume that julie is so interested in those kinds of things?
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[ laughter ] >> i just felt it. just instinct. and if you are seeing it in the background the white-out, the virtual white-out, this is an example of the shirt that everybody is going to get, joe. what does it say? i can't read backwards. >> golden state warriors, championship celebration, and it's got all five of the championship banners in there. and 2017 being the one in the middle that they will unveil tonight. >> there you go. so you got major bling going on. you got two great basketball teams out here. and it should be a lot of fun and they are just starting to let people in. so it's going to be a big night. >> a real bling fest sounds like. all right. thanks a lot. >> get a good picture. rings. >> i might get one. >> bet it's heavy. >> mark, joe, thank you. coming up tonight, napa fire officials just updated us on the firefight in napa county. up next tonight, we'll go live
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to napa valley college with the latest developments from there. >> backyard, my brother and i -- [ indiscernible ] >> trying to find a new place to call home after thousands of homes have been destroyed. coming up, we'll talk to two of the many families trying to find a place. >> plus, kneeling during the national anthem. these pregame protests force owners and players to meet today. the joint statement from the league and the its players coming up. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪
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fire crews are fighting a wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. it started last night as the structure fire in boulder creek at bear canyon and deer creek road. so far about 225 acres have burned, 5% containment. at least four structures are burned. about 150 people are evacuated. hundreds of firefighters are navigating steep rugged terrain to fight that fire. we are going to go live to the santa cruz mountains to get an update on the bear fire in about a half-hour. the fires in the north bay, napa county officials just gave us an update on where they are right now in that firefight. ktvu's tom vacar was at that news conference and has more on that. tom. >> reporter: well, they certainly think they have turned the corner on all of this. but i must say that they also point out that there's still active fires going on. and there are rains coming of course but those rains unless they're really dousing rains may not extinguish the fire. that's the reality of what's going on the the good news is,
5:34 pm
there are no more deaths to report. there are only 8 people still unaccounted for which is remarkable given what the earlier numbers were. napa schools will remain closed until monday. so they can get things back in order and so smoke can clear out. so napa schools will re-open on monday. fema is supplying california officials with a whole lot of help. but asked a very pointed question to the fema director. how long will that help last? >> the president is asking for cuts across the board including fema. what can you do to assure people that you can not only weather the storm here but unless we have monsoons, some of these fires could flare up again. what can you do to ensure this won't be repeated? >> that's great. so we work it our partners in congress, um, now, and congressman [ indiscernible ] i'll allow him to comment as well but we have been working very closely with congress to make sure that there's enough funding in the disaster relief fund to not only be here to
5:35 pm
support the disaster currently unfolding here in california but also, you know, harvey, irma as well as maria, as well. so we'll continue. but congressman if you would like -- >> i would just like to say that the house just passed legislation an appropriations bill that would plus-up the funds available for disaster relief. and at the very last minute they were able to add an additional billion dollars specifically for this fire event. and that was a holding place for future actions which are taking place in the senate right now and back into the thousands finalize. so everyone is very well aware of this and it will be strong support. i'm confident in both the house and the senate to make sure that we have a budget that will move us forward in this direction. >> reporter: the wild card in all of that is will the president sign it when it's finally put into a final
5:36 pm
package? i want to show you one more thing. this is made in napa. it's called a shelter pod. fema officials told the locals here to think outside the box and this certainly is one of these things. this shelter pod takes exactly 22 seconds to pull out of the bag and to put up. it's a very large tent which can be lived in for quite some time. this company which is called advanced shelter systems makes all kinds of shelters. this just being one of them. as i understand, they have 4,000 ready to go. so you may see a lot of these coming up. these have been real-world tested in places like are everything camps and other demanding situations. the company also supplies things like radios and first aid kits and family care kits and all that other stuff so this is one of those things where you may see some of these things and again, right here from a company right here in napa just down the road from napa valley college. that is the situation here for now. again, no more, um, than eight people that are, um,
5:37 pm
unaccounted for. that's really good news. and fema says that it's going to keep sticking at it. we'll see how that goes. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. thousands of families are worrying how they will be able to rebuild their lives after this disaster. california insurance commissioner dave jones told us on the 9:00 this morning people should file a claim right away. >> people call the insurance company call the insurance agent. once you're able to get into the area, they will send an adjustor in start making a photographic record of things as well but don't start moving things around until they see it. >> do they add adjustors in times like this? >> yes. they have the right to bring adjustors in from out of state so there's no impediment of to staffing up. 11 insurers alone i visited tonight and i'm going to napa and sonoma to make sure they're on site. >> the commissioner is asking insurers to cut red tape as much as possible and get up- front assistance to customers for living expenses and other immediate needs.
5:38 pm
there are thousands of people who lost their homes in the north bay wildfires who are scrambling right now to try to find a place to live. more than 5700 structures were destroyed most of them homes. ktvu's tara moriarty met up with two santa rosa families who are searching for a place to live. reporter: the past nine days have been rocky for the gomez murray family. >> kind of frustrated. >> trying to find a home. >> reporter: this family of eight has been crashing at a friend's house since the tubbs fire gutted their santa rosa neighborhood. >> they have three kids themselves so there's a lot of people in the house. >> reporter: craigslist has been flooded by families like the gomez murrays anxious to find housing after a week of couch and cot surfing. >> i don't know where my toothbrush is. >> reporter: real estate prices and rents were already sky high before the fires. >> nothing else has popped forward. and even friends of friends can't -- no one has anything. >> reporter: holly and gene webb who lost their home near coffey park came to this
5:39 pm
apartment complex today searching. >> i came here today not knowing that i was actually going to rent a place. she had one left. >> reporter: the gomez murrays have been responding to craigslist ads but with no luck. the kids would like a space to play soccer. >> backyard that my brother and i can, like, play with our dad. >> reporter: this is the street where the family used to live in the fountain grove neighborhood. you can see that everything has been completely destroyed. they are hoping to find a new home that will accommodate all of them and cost about $3,500 a month in rent. >> just need to find a place and get back on our feet. >> reporter: today the family stops at a shelter giving away essential items. >> we are looking for something for my son. [ indiscernible ] [ crying ] >> reporter: they need a bed. colleen works in the medical industry. her husband is an uber driver unable to work because the family only had one car thanks
5:40 pm
to the fire. their daughter julianna has one wish. >> be happy again. >> reporter: in santa rosa, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> puts some perspective on all of this. the real consequences of this fire and what people are going through. >> so many people affected. coming up, owners look to put an end to pregame protests in the nfl. coming up next, the joint statement from the players and the league after the two sides met today in new york. >> plus, a war of words between senator john mccain and president trump. how the president responded to mccain's critical speech last night.
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today's meetings in new york city are addressing player protests during the nationalna . today the national football league and leaders of the players association issued a joint statement. it said they all have a, quote, tremendous respect for the country, the flag, the
5:43 pm
anthem and the military. this comes in the face of criticism from president trump and others. >> it is very disrespectful to our country when they "take a knee" during the national anthem, number one. number two, the people of our country are very angry at the nfl. all you have to do is look at their ratings. >> nfl guidelines say every player "should" stand with their hand over their heart during the national anthem. but it's a policy, not a requirement. last week commissioner roger goodell sent a letter telling owners to order their players to keep their political protests off the field. president trump is firing back at senator john mccain after mccain appeared to criticize the president during a speech last night. the arizona senator received a lifetime achievement award in philadelphia given to men and women of courage and conviction. in his speech, the 81-year-old man critiqued a type of american nationalism that he claims is dangerous for the country. >> some half-baked spurious
5:44 pm
nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems. >> in a radio interview this morning, president trump promised there could be consequences for those remarks. >> people have to be careful because at some point i fight back. you know? i'm being very nice, i'm being very, very nice. but at some point i fight back and it won't be pretty. >> senator mccain and president trump have been at odds throughout president trump's career, most notably when the president said he is not a hero for being captured in vietnam. president trump's nominee to be the nation's drug czar is withdrawing from consideration following reports he played a key goal in weakening the federal government's authority to stop companies from distributing opioids. the president made the announcement this morning on twitter saying:
5:45 pm
>> chuck schumer said confirming marino as the nation's drug czar would be putting the wolf in charge of the henhouse. president trump held a joint press conference this afternoon with the prime minister of greece at the white house rose garden. the president offered assurance that the u.s. will stand by greece as it continues to recover from its debt crisis. the greek leader was asked about remarks he made prior to the election saying mr. trump represented, quote, evil ideas. president trump laughed it off today saying he wished he had known about those remarks before his speech. on wall street, the dow rose above 23,000 for the first time. it closed just below that milestone at 22,997. that's a gain of about 40 points. and that is a record. the nasdaq dipped by just a fraction of a point. the s&p also closed at a new high with a gain of one point. strong earnings by healthcare companies and word of a possible deal to extend federal payments under obamacare helped boost the
5:46 pm
markets. coming up, the weinstein company tells harvey weinstein to get out following sexual harassment allegations. it comes the same day an executive of another movie company stepped down due to similar allegations. >> plus, a social organization founded by farmers back in the 1800s is playing a huge role in helping victims of the wildfires in mendocino county. >> we are tracking better fire conditions throughout the area plus that rain that's just around the corner now.
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
firefighters in marin county make quick work of several fires above southbound 101 in mill valley. they were reported shortly before noon. fire crews battling the flames said each fire was about one to two acres in size. at one point all southbound lanes of 101 were shut down at the marin city off-ramp. several engines and bulldozers responded. no injuries reported. we want to update you now on that grass fire burning in dublin that start at 2 p.m. the mandatory evacuations in camp parks area are lifted. the fire burned 180 acres and officials say it's 75% contained. once again, those mandatory evacuations in dublin have been lifted. check in now with chief meterologist bill martin. and bill, these firefighters are just jumping left and right. >> yeah. >> hard to keep track of these things. they are making progress there. we still have the santa cruz mountains to worry about. >> we had the santa cruz, the
5:50 pm
bear fire today. then this deal over by camp parks and you look at the difference in the terrain, you know, boy, that santa cruz fire and then the north bay fires you're into the trees and redwoods, burning and then you look at the one out in dublin, and it's wild oak, high grass, it moved very fast. but they jammed on it quick. we have had so many different kinds of fires. if you go back to the fire last sunday up in santa rosa, that was an urban wildfire and just south -- west of the fountain grove area. a lot of different fires. we are 5.5 months away from the last rainfall that we had around here. with that said, we are dry. we'll get some showers later this week. we are getting showers around santa barbara and san luis obispo. for us we have a system to the north that will slide down here into tomorrow night and friday. and it will drop -- i wouldn't call it significant rain? but for the facts that we have
5:51 pm
fires up here and what time of year it is, maybe a quarter inch of rain up there. maybe more if we're lucky. containment numbers are good. 82% on the tubbs fire containment. 68% on the nuns fire and then you have your 58% on pocket. so those are all good numbers. again, had this week turned out like last week, we would be in real trouble. this week the fog is back at the coast. it's streaming in. it is beginning this westerly flow to scour out the bad air quality, which has been as bad as it gets around here. as bad as i have ever seen. and we are setting up with better air quality and better firefighting situation, better everything situation as we go into the weekend. and i just really want to point out the winds. mainly on wednesday and thursday, they get going pretty good and that's going to clean out the atmosphere because albeit these fires are deadly and huge and most of us, most people, are being impacted by the smoke, right, because we're not all in fire zones, but folks in livermore valley, santa clara valley,
5:52 pm
the smoke is really bad especially if you have health issues. so that's going to get better. forecast highs tomorrow, there you go, and then as we head into the forecast down the road on thursday night, we have showers that are going to come into the forecast friday morning maybe a few showers. and then the five-day forecast shows up like this. but i just think if this week hadn't happened this week and had red flag warning things are dry, no rain in 5.5 months and boom, boom, things start to happen. >> that fog is good to see. disgraced hollywood executive harvey weinstein is leaving the board of the film company he started. the move comes more than a week after the firm fired him following allegations of sexual harassment and rape. industry players have cut ties or threatened to cut ties with the weinstein company in the wake of the abuse allegations. weinstein made his decision over a phone call while
5:53 pm
reportedly receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center in arizona. the chief of amazon studios has resigned. a spokesman says roy price has given up his post after reports that he harassed a producer in 2015. he is also accused of ignoring an allegation about sexual assault that was made by an actress that involved harvey weinstein. the news comes as many women have begun sharing their own experiences of mistreatment on social media under the hashtag, me, too. the needs for victims of the north bay fire range from housing and health to paperwork and cell phones. in one north bay city, it's a group from the past who is helping the most. >> they are the original community halls. >> how a social organization founded by farmers in the 1800s is playing a big role in helping victims of the mendocino wildfire get back on their feet. how's it going down there? that's good.
5:54 pm
lica misses you. i'over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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5:56 pm
an update on the redwood valley fire in mendocino county. it's west of mendocino national forest north of highway 20. the fire burned 36, 000 acres as of noon today, 8 people were killed in fires in this area with hundreds of homes destroyed. the fire is now 60% contained and many of the evacuation orders have been lifted. the business of sheltering is slowly evolving into the business of longer term aid for people who have lost everything. ktvu's tom vacar traveled to mendocino county and shows us how a social organization that was founded by farmers back in the 1800s is playing a big role in helping the victims of the redwood fire. reporter: the shelter at mendocino college has gone from more than 100 people to just 30 evacuees who still have the basics and will have them to be supplied as long as necessary here or at other service locations.
5:57 pm
>> the community has embraced us. so we have had quite a few spontaneous volunteers, donations, anything that we ever needed. we put a call out and everything is in. we are golden. >> reporter: the lion's club has a large food service available to all anytime they want it. another thing we noticed, the redwood valley grange. it had assembled a sizable amount of relief goods and services for anyone needing them which is many, many people here. >> we are right here on the valley floor. and so yesterday they started letting people go into their houses and we were very aware that people would need counseling, people would need food, coffee, and when, you know, people go in and then they see that they have nothing and they are devastated, so they can come back here and sit and have a hot meal, talk to people, have someone watch your children while you're filling out forms. >> reporter: the grange movement is 150 years old in america. and the redwood grange here for more than a century is beloved. >> people are coming in and saying we're so glad this
5:58 pm
place is alive because we got married here or our graduation was here. this is where i took my first dance class. so grange halls are open for a community hall. they are the original community hall. >> reporter: with kids occupied and supervised, the long tedious humbling experience of applying for aid is made more simple. and with spotty cell service a problem, the grange has arranged for internet for phone and computers. the grange now needs portable radios and chargers for folks so they don't have to waste gas running their cars to stay informed and recharge their electronics. miss reynolds, whose home survived, is working nonstop along with other grangers. >> people where our houses are standing, because we're such a tight community, it's almost like we have guilt, you know? we have guilt, ptsd of guilt for still having our homes. >> reporter: a mexican- american soccer team drove in
5:59 pm
two hours from williams to deliver more food, toiletries and clothes. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. very steep and inaccessible. >> a new firefight under way in the santa cruz mountains. the flames destroying homes and forcing evacuations. that quick moving wildfire is spreading through dry brush and thick forests tonight. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm ken wayne in for frank somerville. we start with the developing news in the santa cruz mountains. the bear fire started around 10:30 last night as a house fire. now it's at bear canyon road and deer creek road in boulder creek. cal fire says crews will be on the scene throughout the night. the bear fire now burned 225 acres. it's 5% contained. cal fire says four structures have burned. right now 150 homes are threatened. also today, five firefighters had minor injuries. >> we have live team coverage
6:00 pm
tonight. chief meterologist bill martin is tracking the current conditions. ktvu's jesse gary is at an evacuation center with residents. >> but first we begin with maureen naylor with the latest on the firefight as the sun gets ready to go down. maureen. >> reporter: well, julie, we are live at four winds christmas tree farm and since our last report we have moved to a different vantage point. you mentioned the sun going down. that's going to be key because cal fire says they are only going to keep the helicopters up until about 15 minutes before sunset and right now, we're not seeing any helicopters. take a look at this shot. you can see at bear canyon right now it's on fire. smoke is filling the sky as the sun is beginning to set. and at this point, the effort to put it out continues. reporter: a glowing orange inferno started overnight in the santa cruz mountains northwest of boulder creek. cal fire says the initial call came in around 10:30 monday night for a structure fire off bear creek road. >> 11:30 last night we got a reverse 911 call, santa


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