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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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health -- direct forest fire.
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the bear fire has grown to 271 acres. right now it is 5% contained. 600 firefighters are on the fire line in santa cruz county. 150 homes are threatened. >> the fire started around 10:30 pm when a house caught fire in boulder creek. paul chambers is near the fire lines right now. several firefighters have been hurt. >> reporter: that is correct. five firefighters in all. we are less than a mile away and although we can't see the fire from where we are at. cal fire says they had hundreds of personnel working to extinguish the flames. helicopters took passes over dry brush pouring gallons of water on the fire burning in santa cruz fire -- county.
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it started around 10:30 pm on monday night when cruise got a call of a structure fire in the bear cave area. >> as soon as they got around the bend and i came around the bend, the whole thing was lit up.>> reporter: at least four homes were destroyed and the fire has burned more than 270 acres. in the fire's path was sandra was home.>> everything is gone. it is one of the ones that is gone. we had a really nice place. >> we are at the driest point in the fire season. this is when the weather usually turns. the nights are cold, days are shorter. the fuels are as dry as they get right now.>> reporter: cal fire put mandatory evacuation orders in place. it is running less than a mile from 150 homes. >> 11:30 pm last night we got a reverse 911 call. the sheriff saying we needed to evacuate.>> my truck is full, i
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have my cat and my dog. we have clothes and stuff. >> reporter: the truck -- the fire is burning dangerously close to john's home. he has seen multiple fires in his 30 years but most have been put out quickly with an air attack. the battle from the air is suspended. others watch the fire from skyline road. you can see yet another flare up. >> my heart goes out to everyone. it is everything. >> reporter: they had 600 personnel fighting to extinguish the flames. five of the crew members have been released. for -- have been hurt. four have been released. one is still in the hospital. one of the firefighters injured is from the department of corrections and he suffers from smoke inhalation. they all have non-life- threatening injuries.
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a grass fire charred 100 acres in dublin. officials ordered evacuations for residents in the neighborhood to the south of the fire. those orders were lifted about an hour later. crews plan to stay overnight to be sure it doesn't reignite. this is the third grass fire in that area in recent weeks. no word yet on what sparked it. in the north bay recovery efforts are getting underway after fires there that caused so much destruction and loss of life. the sheriff said search and rescue crews are trying to rescue 53 people still missing after the fires. 26 of them missing are from santa rosa. 200 workers from the national guard and other agencies are fanned out across the fire zone trying to find those missing people. we have new containment numbers from north to south,
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the pocket fire is at 58% containment. the tubs fire in sonoma county is now 87% contained. the nuns fire is 78 per tent -- percent contained an atlas fire is 80% contained. we are tracking the weather conditions including rain on the way. two fires are now coming together in what cal fire calls a final act.>> reporter: people will be alarmed to see flame and smoke here especially since the retirement community of oakmont got the all clear today. what is burning now is intentional. backfires lit all afternoon to get them on fire and oakmont fire to merge and burn out. this should be the last fire we will see as santa rosa moves into recovery.
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in glen allen, utility work into the night repairing infrastructure destroyed along with everything else in this once inviting neighborhood. >> we are here to go to bat for consumers and help them.>> reporter: insurance commissioner visiting a. -- jones that it can be difficult for people to see their way clear. thousands of people got out in a hurry, most will be fortunate to find little or no damage. >> there is more love in the earth and smoke.>> reporter: for some it ended up a humbling experience. >> everyone has given up their time. some people have worked 5 to 7 days in a row. and volunteer their time. that is giving. >> 13 minutes is what we had.
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>> reporter: on the other hand homeowners who lost everything face an uncertain future. they are reeling from how much was lost and how little time they had. >> i am glad i was on because my wife never got a call. she never got any warning. i am lucky that i was home, because very lucky and blessed. >> reporter: this dad has video from sunday afternoon before the fire. his children and their dog romping in their front yard. it seems like a dream now but at least everyone is alive. >> there has got to be a better way. >> reporter: the way forward the insurance commissioner may seem confused but he has clear pointers for people who did lose homes. avoid signing any contract or rushing into any decisions. avoid messing around at the property too much. you need to have it documented with your insurance adjuster before you change up what your
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settlement and insurance coverage will be. he wanted people to know that there are misconceptions out there. example you can be canceled or not renewed after suffering a catastrophic loss or that your coverage could be nullified if you have gone to the property and sifted through the rubble. none of those are true. in california there are real protections for people who have been through this ordeal. we are looking now at what is private property and sugarloaf ridge there's about a two mile stretch of controlled burn. it is a dramatic scene out here tonight, but it is not a scene that poses any danger. this is a controlled burn. they are merging two fires together so that they can burn themselves out. people on highway 12 who are driving past year tonight and tomorrow should expect to continue to see flames and smoke for a few more days. rest assured, cal fire says that the situation is under
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control. >> there is more love in the air than smoke. no shortage of people helping people. people in you, strangers coming forward. that is a good thing coming out of all this. >> dramatic pictures as people drive on highway 12 tonight. a couple who lost their home in the tubs fire fire old -- filed a lawsuit against pg&e. the lawsuit claims the fire was started by downed power lines and alleges it resulted from poor maintenance. pg&e responded we aren't going to speculate about any of the causes of the fires and we will support the reviews of any relevant regulator or agency. the northbay fire emergency is not over yet. there are still 11,000 firefighters on the fire lines. poor air quality is also a problem. napa schools will remain closed until monday of next week.
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the administrator of fema visited napa today assuring that the federal government is ready to help the northbay rebuild. >> there will always be a need for more money. we recognize that. we will do our best to get all the money that is needed for this event and others that we have been hit by. wineries across napa are assessing the damage left behind by the wildfires. we will go live at 10:30 pm to try to finish -- with what winemakers are doing to try to finish their harvest. the smoky air is causing problems for flights in and out of sfo. more than two dozen flights had to be canceled today and at least one in five flights delayed due to the smoke. >> chief meteorologist is here.>> the winds are already picking up.
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the flight delays will be a thing of the past. air quality will get better. better than it was today and each day as we move into the weekend. in the fire zones and around here where there is a lot of smoke. the winds are -- especially tomorrow afternoon. on thursday even more velocity with the wins. good news there. that is the wins. right now we look at the chance for showers. thursday night, around seven 8 pm, we will see showers showing up in the northbay in the fire zones. great news for those areas as well. the story the next couple of days, onshore winds increasing clouds, better fire conditions for firefighters throughout the area. air quality will become better as well. when i come back, the lead story for us will be the rain and it will be rain. especially in the northbay where they need it the most.
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i will see you back here and we will go hour by hour. new information about a volunteer killed on the front lines in the napa county fires. >> he went out there and he lived his dreams. first word of a bipartisan deal on one aspect of healthcare as president trump pushes his plan for tax reform.
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president trump delivered a speech in washington where he's pushed his tax reform plan. this comes as senators announced they reached a bipartisan deal on healthcare. lauren blanchard joins us from washington with more on the subelements. -- on these developments.>> reporter: the president laying out a plan for tax reform that he says will being trillions of dollars back to the u.s. while letting middle-class americans keep more money in their wallets. >> let's give our country the best christmas present of all. massive tax relief. >> reporter: president trump talking taxes in dc. he is optimistic about a deal urging people to help his plans by calling their congress members and voicing support. >> get our task -- tax cuts to the house and senate and to my desk for signature.>> reporter:
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the treasury secretary thank they want a deal done this year. >> our objective is to get on the president desk by december. >> reporter: right behind the tactile plan is the ever present health care debate. -- president trump said obama care is virtually dead. this as a group of senators announced tuesday they have reached a bipartisan agreement to keep a balmy care alive. -- obama care alive.>> we were able to find common ground on a number of steps to stabilize the market. >> reporter: democrats were using the president -- accusing the president of running healthcare plans for millions. >> we put in anti-sabotage provisions. >> reporter: president trump calling the latest deal a short- term solution. the bill is expected to face an uphill battle because there are
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many gop senators who may be uneasy about supporting a bill that would keep obama care intact. >> if this bipartisan healthcare deal squeaks through, what are the chances of it passing in the house? >> reporter: same situation, there are number of gop congressmen and women who ran on killing obama care. for them to support a bill that would keep obama care intact, even if it is just tweaking it, it goes against the message that they ran on and many of these are looking ahead to 2018. it could face quite a tough battle there. if the president continues to come against it, that is also something a lot of the folks on capitol hill have to worry about. a federal judge in hawaii issued a ruling blocking president trump's latest travel ban. the move comes hours after it was set to take full effect
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tomorrow. derek watson said the policy discriminates based on nationality. it would bar residence of eight muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. white house press secretary tara sanders said the judges -- sarah sandy -- sarah sanders said the judge's ruling is flawed. the nfl met to discuss players kneeling during the national anthem. players want to draw attention to racial and social inequality. president trump and others have called kneeling a sign of disrespect. players said there is no discussion on changing the rule during today's meeting. >> talked about how the owners could come along sinus and we could collaboratively work together to create change. >> their commitment to addressing these issues is admirable. and something our owners looked
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at the thing we want to help support you. >> kaepernick who started the movement last season was not invited to the meeting. the official nfl policy says players should stand during the national anthem. this is a big night for the golden state warriors. they raised another championship banner before the first game of the new season at oracle. we were here quart size -- quart size before all the rings were handed out. >> the giants and a's are well under 500. we know what is going on with the 49ers and raiders. we have our big time winner and they are the best show in town all the way around. golden state warriors, tonight you could feel, we got out there at 4 pm, the excitement building as they got closer to game time and made everybody wait. they were slow to get things started. the lights went down and the
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owner was there congratulating steve kerr who got a huge ovation. the loudest chairs were kevin durant and tremont green. seth -- steph curry as they excepted the ring. 11.2 í. steph curry after everyone received the ring and a warm welcome, he addressed the crowd. >> this is an amazing night to celebrate amazing accomplishments. every one on this floor and this organization especially you fans this is what we do it for. we play for you guys. thank you for your support all year long. we will countdown from five to reveal the new banner. five, four, three, two, one. [ cheering ] there it is.
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a sight to behold for all were your fans. long time were your fans never envisioned this. two out of three years they have been the favorite. there is a lot going on. we have a predicament. not enough time to show highlight. it has been cool. steph curry looked so comfortable in his role. used to be that shy kid. he is very relaxed and taking center court in front of a jampacked crowd. it was one of those little points that stands out. during the playoffs though seats are so expensive that a lot of the real fans get priced out. tonight being a regular-season game, it was great to see a lot of familiar faces, longtime fans who have been there getting too sure that great championship moment with staff and the rest of the guys. another quick thing is the new players on the team getting to
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watch, not accepting rings and that has got to be inspiring. >> motivation, too. >> there are four or five new faces on the team.>> so much more to get into with you a little later on. save it for then. thank you. is shirt -- the shirt the warriors were tonight during the ring ceremony will be auctioned off and given to north bay fire relief. they will be put on the auction block tomorrow morning. they joined other sport seems to make a collective donation of $450,000 for fire relief. coming up next heated debate on gun control in the south bay.
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police in san jose are trying to find a homicide suspect. they are looking for joseph miller of san jose. he is wanted in connection of a 2016 beating death of alfred perez. red was found -- perez was found unresponsive after officers responded to a call about a fight involving several people. a debate at san jose city hall about gun control. city leaders requiring -- considering requiring owners to lock up their gun when they leave the house and have them locked when they are at home. >> reporter: the meeting is loaded with gun safety advocates.
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the public says it is going to far it will do little to stop violent crime. >> my life will never be the same. i miss her. i feel the pain of not being able to see her and give her a hug.>> reporter: carry lost her daughter to gun violence in 2011. she was shot and killed by her boyfriend ex-roommate. her mother now making it her mission to advocate for gun safety. the las vegas shooting triggered her pain again. >> everyone in the country is stunned and shocked by the mass shooting of 58+ people within the united states. close to 100 people die every day from gunshots.>> the las vegas tragedy adds to the same narrative as to why we want to put in -- precautionary measures.
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>> reporter: it would require people to store their firearms the lockbox at home or disable the gun with a trigger locked at all times. a measure he and gun advocates say is long overdue. >> the difficulty with unsecured guns is it creates access for people to reach for something that is the most lethal. >> reporter: according to councilmember perella's 1300 people die and 5800 children are injured in gun incident every year. 38% of gun suicides are committed by children under 17. >> i think that is misguided and also vague. >> reporter: the proposal is -- makes gun owners more vulnerable and says they might not have easy access to firearms when time is of the essence.>> the law punishes and criminalizes
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law-abiding citizens and will do nothing to make our city safer. >> reporter: after an hour of public comment and another hour of city councilmembers debating, just after 10 pm tonight, city councilmembers voted six 252 require people to lock up their firearms -- 6-5 to require people to lock up their firearms when they are away from their house. they do not have to lock them when they are at home. live in san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. assessing the damage in one country. roads are still blocked but the smoke is beginning to clear. we talked to vineyards about how winemakers are preparing. updates on the truck driver killed while fighting the fires. thousands of homes just piles of ash.
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the struggle some families are facing to find a new place to live. oh, you brought butch.
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yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. an update tonight on the napa wine economy after nine days of fire. more roads reopened in napa today as fire crews monitored hotspot in the hills on the western side of the world
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famous valley. we are live now from highway 29 in oakville with the latest of the growers try to finish the harvest and assess the damage. >> reporter: we are right here at the road which is still closed. some parts of the mound have reopened. we talked to the vintners association to find out how many of napa's wineries were damaged . fire trucks rolled down mount vida road still closed to the public. the area downhill has reopened for the first time since last week evacuations. >> over the course of the day we made excellent progress on all the fires in napa county. we are trying to protect the vineyards and the structures that are along the valley floor. >> reporter: fire crews from arizona rested in the parking lot. they have been mopping up
10:32 pm
hotspot and nearby with of smokes floated in the air. the art gallery winery and vineyard was saved. hess winery was unable to get back to the winery held a pop up tasting. a strike team battled the fire right to the edge of the vineyard. >> five engines and 19 guys and they drove the truck right there and they pushed it back. we still have grapes on the vine and our winemaking crew is trying to get us up there to get access to them.>> reporter: winemakers are taking stock of the damage.>> we have heard from 275 of our members, and of those members, 30 have had some type of damage. that could be from a sign burning to total devastation.>> reporter: mike has a vineyard
10:33 pm
in rutherford with grapes on the vine. napa winemakers had two things in their favor.>> most of the fruit is already harvested in the barn. what is left is cabernet which has a thicker skin and isn't as susceptible to smoke late in the year. >> reporter: for those wineries that were damaged there is a silver whining. wine from previous vintages from already bottles -- already bottled are stored at other locations. they probably have a 1415 and 16 vintage that are already bothered and not impacted at all by the fire. 90% of the grapes here in napa valley had already been harvested before the fire. that includes chardonnay grapes which have a thin skin and would have been more susceptible to that smoke taint. right now they are hoping that 2017 will be a good year.
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>> thank you. the driver of a water truck who died was identified today as a volunteer firefighter from missouri. 38-year-old garrett was working with cal fire and driving a privately owned water truck. he was married with an 18-year- old daughter. he grew up in southern california in the coachella valley. >> he was one of those kids from a small town that got out of a town and lived his dreams. that is what he would want everybody else to remember him by. he went out there and he lived his dreams. >> the napa county sheriff's office said the truck went through a guardrail and down an embankment. fatigue may have been a factor. fire officials estimate that 5700 structures have burned as a result of the wildfires in the north bay. the majority of those were
10:35 pm
homes. we have a story now up to santa rosa families facing an unexpected challenge of finding a new place to live. >> reporter: the past nine days have been rocky for the gomez family. this family of eight has been crashing at a friends house since the tub fire gutted there santa rosa neighborhood. >> they have three kids themselves so there is a lot of people in house. >> reporter: craig's list has been flooded with people looking for houses. real estate prices and rent were already skyhigh before the fire's. >> nothing else has popped forward. no one has got anything.>> reporter: they came to this apartment complex searching. i came today not knowing i was going to rent a place but she had one left.>> reporter: they have been responding to craigslist ads with no luck.
10:36 pm
the kids would like to place to stay -- play soccer. this is the street where the gomez family used to live in the fountain grove neighborhood. everything has been completely destroyed. they are hoping to find a new home that will accommodate all of them and cost about $3500 a month in rent. >> we need to find a place to get back on our feet.>> reporter: today the family stopped at a shelter giving away essential items. >> we are looking for a pack and play for my son. he keeps falling off the bed. >> reporter: there on that is what they need. colleen works in the medical industry, her husband is an uber driver. he is unable to work because the family only had one car. their daughter has one wish, to be happy again.
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a conviction overturned for a bay area sheriff deputy was found guilty of assaulting a homeless man in a hospital. rain back in a five day forecast, good news for firefighters. air quality stands to clean up quite a bit around here. a somber anniversary for the bay area as we mark 28 years since the deadly loma earthquake. how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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the state appeals court has overturned a conviction of san francisco sheriff's deputy who was found guilty of assaulting a homeless man at san francisco general hospital. fernando went to the emergency room in 2014 complaining of pain. he fell asleep and was awakened by deputy michael who said he ordered him to leave and then began beating him. the deputy was convicted and sentenced to probation. according to the san francisco chronicle the appeals court found the judge in the case failed to give jurors a definition of necessity that would allow the deputy to detain the home. a suspect mistakenly released is back in custody. 27-year-old rodney jefferson of san francisco turned himself over to u.s. marshals this afternoon. he was released from jail in oakland on october 9 after a mistaken request by a deputy in
10:41 pm
san mateo. jefferson has been returned to maguire correction facility in redwood city. the san mateo county sheriff's office said it has added additional steps in its procedures to avoid the same thing happening again. a prison inmate has pleaded no contest to a 33-year-old cold case child murder going back more than 30 years. michael was in court yesterday to face first-degree murder charges in the death of three- year-old clark honda. he was a family friend and adducted the little boy from his home in 1984. he is already behind bars after his no contest plea in 2002 to four felony child sexual assault charges. it was 28 years ago this evening that the deadly loma earthquake struck the bay area. the 6.9 quake was centered in the santa cruz mountains. it killed 63 people and caused an estimated $6 billion in
10:42 pm
damage. the structure -- freeway structure in oakland collapsed. a ruptured gas line caused a large fire in san francisco's marina district. santa cruz was destroyed. the quake struck at 5:04 pm just as game three of the world series between the a's and the giants was getting underway at candlestick park. some homes that burn to the ground in mendocino county while others are still standing. >> it is almost like we have guilt. an organization more than 100 years old is helping those who lost their home get the help they need. we are tracking much-needed rain on the way.
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♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me? i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪ ♪
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firefighters in southern california are battling a fire near the historic mount wilson observatory. it is burning in the san gabriel mountains and not near any homes. helicopters made water drops today as cruise worked on the ground battling the flames. more than 25 acres of dry brush has burned since the blaze broke out around 4 am. it is burning on mountainside below the observatory and
10:46 pm
communication antennas for the region. hundreds of people are being allowed to return home in mendocino county. the people need to look into longer-term aid because everything they have is gone. a social organization formed by farmers in the 1800s is stepping up to help. >> reporter: the shelter at mendocino college has gone for more than 100 people to over 30 evacuees. they still have the basics and will have them to be supplied as long as necessary here or at other service locations. >> the community has embraced us so we have quite a few spontaneous volunteers and donations. anything we need, we put a call out and we are golden. >> reporter: the lions club has come in with the food service available to all. the redwood valley grange assembled a sizable amount of relief goods and services for anyone needing them which is many people here. >> we are here on the valley
10:47 pm
floor so yesterday they started letting people go into their houses. we were very aware that people would need counseling and food. when people go in and they see that they have nothing and they are devastated, they can come back here and sit and have a hot meal, talk to people, have someone watch her children while you are filling out forms. >> reporter: the movement is 150 years old in america. the redwood grange here for more than a century is beloved. >> people are saying we are so glad this place is alive. we got married here, this is where i took my first dance class. grange halls are open for a community hall. they are the original community hall.>> reporter: with kids occupied and supervised, the tedious process of applying for aid is made more simple. with body cell service, the
10:48 pm
grange has arranged for internet for phone and computers. they now need portable radios and chargers for folks so they don't have to waste gas running their cars to stay informed and recharge their electronics. ms. reynolds who home survived is literally working nonstop along with other grangers. >> it is almost like we have guilt. we have ptsd of guilt for still having our homes. >> reporter: a mexican-american soccer team drove into hours from williams to deliver more food, toiletries and clothes. tracking a much better weather pattern around here. things going on to the south of us. we have this weather system that pushed in today and brought showers around san luis obispo. this weather system appear is a more traditional system for
10:49 pm
this time of year. that will show up probably thursday night into friday morning. a few showers showing up around san luis obispo. for us we have fog along the coast. it hasn't been around in a while but it is back now. with the fog we have onshore flow. it is not going to be a sunny day at the beach tomorrow. some fire containment numbers, we saw them earlier. it bears watching because these numbers are directly related to the weather. the winds in the right direction, cooler daytime high, higher humidity. as the next system comes in on thursday night, everything will go good for us it appears. rain in the forecast and much cooler highs. there are afternoon winds out of the west. there are thursday afternoon winds. fairly strong out of the west
10:50 pm
bringing in cool moist air. as you look offshore to see the clouds that we have overhead. those clouds will be around tomorrow. tomorrow will be partly cloudy. fog along the coast. forecasted highs, yellows our 70s. thursday will be a little cooler still. fog along the coast. there is that system. we are going right to thursday. thursday night into friday morning, unstable pattern. rain in the north bay. showers, sprinkles perhaps in san jose. good news all the way around. san francisco tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. fog at the coast, temperatures in the mid 60s in san francisco. mid 60s for a daytime high. hovers around there. fall like day. 80 in brentwood tomorrow. 79 in livermore. temperatures today about as warm as they are going to get.
10:51 pm
temperatures are trending down from there. a good pattern compared to last week. it is polar opposite. they can fight the fires in this weather. air quality will be noticeably better. better on thursday but probably tomorrow, too. >> thank you. coming up on the 11 pm news, another nature wildfire this time in the santa cruz mountain, details on the firefight plus the latest from the north bay as firefighters report more progress. up next in sports, the warriors open up their season against the improved houston rockets.
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mark is back now. a big night for the warriors and a stunning ending tonight. >> they are starting to mess around here. most of the night great. the ending not so much. you have never seen a situation go from absolute delirium to dumbfounded real quick. let's start with the beginning. warriors accepted their rings tonight. it has got to get a whole lot better from here. >> five, four, three, two, one. [ cheering ]
10:55 pm
>> the championship banner unfolded, they got off to a quick start. catch and shoot. warriors get out to a 22-9 lead . the houston rockets, one of the newcomers off the bench was smoking. 20 in the first half. he had five of six threes. he was in the swing of it. staff was having an off night shooting. but played defense. slam dunk and the warriors in control. 71-62 at halftime. the beat goes on. through the third quarter. houston missed, loose ball, katie is fouled he shoots it counts. in the last few seconds goes on a 10 three run. here are the last 10 seconds of the game with the warriors trailing by one.
10:56 pm
miss, but katie will wind up with the ball and delirium. he hits the game-winning shot. no, watch the replay. he did not release the ball in time as the shot clock expired by a fraction of a second and the warriors go down to defeat. tremont green left in the fourth quarter with a knee injury. they don't know how serious. it is something that steve kerr addressed immediately after the game. >> he was our best player tonight. he was the guy who was bringing the energy and the life. we didn't have much energy from most of our group tonight. as soon as he went out of the game things went south for us. we couldn't get any traction.>> he also went on to say they just don't look like they are completely in shape yet.
10:57 pm
the trip to china is going to be talked about, to with regard to jet lag and all that. meanwhile another bad turn of events in the nba opening night. the celtics come to town against the cavaliers. in the first five minutes an absolute gruesome collision between lebron james and gordon hayward. he goes down. we are not going to be able to show you a close-up of how bad this left ankle injury is. you can see by watching the expressions of the other players faces just how bad it is. hayward signed a four-year $128 million deal. you can see the celtic reaction right there. it will certainly be lost for the rest of the year including the playoffs with a severe ankle fracture. the los angeles dodgers looking like the warriors did in the playoffs last year.
10:58 pm
they are unbeaten. they are rolling through everybody. here is your only moment at wrigley field. hugh on the mound for la. kyle schwaber goes deep and over the ivy. 1-0 lead. they are having a lot of fun out there. enjoy it come fans because that was pretty much it. all dodgers tied it with a home run and here chris taylor goes deep and that puts the dodgers in front for good, 2-1. this guy taylor came out of nowhere this year. lines it down the left field. he got himself an rbi double. the dodgers have outscored the cubs in the series 15-4. they lead three games to none. they haven't lost in the postseason. take it back east, yankee stadium, houston up early.
10:59 pm
aaron judge had a little something to do with it. off the board out there. he got himself an rbi double. yankees all the way back to tie it 4-4. it is gary sanchez with a shot to right center field. that is a two run double series now even 2-2, 6-4 yankees when it. we will show you sharks highlight at 11 pm. that is the sporting line. it is 11 pm. time for more news with ken and julie. next at 11, homes destroyed and people evacuated to emergency shelters, another fire this time in the santa cruz mountains. the 11:00 news starts now. hellfire is now forced to
11:00 pm
shift their is now forced -- cal fire is now forced to shift forces south. it is being called the bear fire in boulder creek. it has burned 271 acres. it is 5% contained tonight. cal fire says 600 firefighters are on the fire lines in santa cruz county and about 150 homes are now threatened. the fire started at 10:30 pm when a house caught fire in boulder creek. it quickly spread into trees and brush. we will get more now on this developing story from paul changers. he is live from the incident command center. >> reporter: the wind has changed in this area. we had to pull our mask out. we can finally smell the smoke coming in this area. i can feel the breeze coming in. it is bringing in the smoke.


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