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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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shift their is now forced -- cal fire is now forced to shift forces south. it is being called the bear fire in boulder creek. it has burned 271 acres. it is 5% contained tonight. cal fire says 600 firefighters are on the fire lines in santa cruz county and about 150 homes are now threatened. the fire started at 10:30 pm when a house caught fire in boulder creek. it quickly spread into trees and brush. we will get more now on this developing story from paul changers. he is live from the incident command center. >> reporter: the wind has changed in this area. we had to pull our mask out. we can finally smell the smoke coming in this area. i can feel the breeze coming in. it is bringing in the smoke.
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we are told by cal fire even though we can't see the fire from where we are, hundreds of people are working to put out the flames. nine helicopters took passes over dry brush pouring gallons of water on the bear fire burning in santa cruz county. cal fire said it started around 10:30 pm monday night when cruise got a call of a structure fire in the bear canyon road area. >> i didn't see or smell anything. as soon as they got around the bend, the whole thing was lit up.>> reporter: at least four homes were destroyed as the fires burned more than 270 acres. in the fire's path was sandra was home.>> everything is gone. we had a really nice place. >> we are at the driest point of the fire season. this is when together -- whether usually turns. the fields are dries they get right now.
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>> reporter: hellfire put mandatory evacuation orders in place. the fire is burning less than a mile from 150 homes. >> at 1130 last night we got a reverse 911 call. the sheriff county saying we needed to evacuate. >> i filled my car, my truck is full, i have my cat and my dog. we have clothes and stuff. >> reporter: the fire is burning dangerously close to his home. in his 30 years of living in the area he has seen multiple fires but most of them put up quickly with an air attack. with nightfall, the battle from the air is suspended. it estimates the others watched the fire from skyline road, you can see another flare up. >> it is everything, who you are.>> reporter: there are 600 personnel fighting to extinguish the flames. five of the crew members were injured. >> four have them have been released after treatment. there is one firefighter still being treated in the hospital.
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now to the east bay where grass fire started -- charred hundred and 80 acres in dublin. it started at 2 pm in the grass covered hills of camp park. officials evacuated nearby neighborhood as a precaution. the order was lifted about an hour later. crews plan to be here through the night to make sure hotspots don't flare back up again. no word yet on what sparked this fire. in the north bay, recovery efforts are getting underway after the massive fires that caused so much destruction and loss of life. the sonoma county sheriff says search and rescue crews are trying to locate 53 people still missing after the fires. 26 of the missing are from the city of santa rosa. about 200 workers from the national guard and other agencies are fanned out across the fire zone looking for those missing people. here are the latest containment numbers, the pocket fire is 58%
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contained, the tubs fire is 87% contained, the nuns fire is 78% contained, the atlas fire is 80% contained. we are live now along highway 12 east of santa rosa where we can see flames in the hills when we spoke to her during the last hour. how is it looking right now? >> reporter: utility work into the night repairing infrastructure destroyed along with everything else in this once inviting neighborhood. >> we are going to bat for consumers. insurance commissioner dave jones visiting a local assistance center just a few miles away. >> we are not getting complaints from consumers saying they are having problems with the claims
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filing. those disputes will occur. >> reporter: it can be difficult for people to see their way clear. thousands of people got out in a hurry, most will be fortunate to find little or no damage. >> there is no love in the air than smoke.>> reporter: for some it ended up humbling experience. >> everyone has given up their time. some people have worked 5 to 7 days in a row. they volunteer their time and that is the giving. . they are really my wife. warning. very lucky this ad has no video
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before the fire and things like a dream now but at least everyone is alive. >> there has got to be a better way.>> reporter: the way forward may seem confused but he has clear pointers. avoid signing any contracts including hiring someone to negotiate with your insurance company. >> anyway you higher will take a piece of your settlement. >> reporter: he has directed insurers to cut red tape, advance money for personal losses and be flexible about documentation since so many victims left in a rush. they can't drop you. >> you can't be canceled in the middle of this. you have a right if you suffer old -- suffered a total loss, you get renewal.>> they have the reserves and financial capacity to cover these costs. >> reporter: santa rosa's last visible fire sits outside
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highway 12. nothing alarming about the retarded drops. they were laying down a buffer along the backfire. cal fire says the backfires are doing exactly what they expected. merging the nuns fire and the oakmont fire so the two will burn themselves out. drivers along highway 12 should expect to see smoke and flames through the night and into tomorrow. nothing to be alarmed about. >> when we came to you last hour, we saw quite a bit of flames. has it changed at all within the last hour? >> reporter: this is backfire operation, occasionally they do send projectiles and we see spark and it looks like fireworks up there. you can follow along the ridge, it is about two miles of backfiring. this is so the fire burns where they wanted to and meet at the
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flank of the non-fire. this is a way for the two fires to meet and burn themselves out. it is getting rid of a lot of vegetation. they have to be careful about when and how they do this so wins don't come up -- so wind don't come up. right now this is going exactly as planned. and undocumented transient living on the streets of sonoma is in jail tonight suspected a felony arson. the sonoma county sheriff said there is no evidence to suggest he had anything to do with the deadly firestorm. the 29-year-old was arrested sunday. authorities say he set a fire near sonoma creek. he is being held on $110,000 bail. the sonoma county sheriff's says he is known to law enforcement and said during a press conference today, he is not linked to the major wildfires. more roads reopened in napa county after nine days of devastating wildfires. as crews continue to monitor hotspot in the hills,
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winegrowers are trying to finish the harvest and assess damage on the valley floor. >> reporter: firetrucks rolled down mount vida road still close to the public. the area downhill has reopened for the first time since last week's evacuations. >> over the course of the day we made progress on all the fires in napa county. >> reporter: cruise from arizona rested in the parking lot from a winery. they have been mopping up hotspots. the hass collection winery art gallery and vineyard were saved. they say a strike team battled the fire right to the edge of the vineyard. >> five engines and 19 guys drove the truck right up there and they pushed it back.
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>> reporter: winemakers are taking stock of the damage. >> we have 539 members. we have heard from 275 of the members and of those, 30 have had some type of damage. that could be from the sign burning to total devastation.>> reporter: chair of the napa valley vineyard association has a valley still with grapes on the line -- vine. they had two things in their favor. >> most have already been harvested.>> reporter: for those wineries that were damaged theirs is a silver lining. wine from previous vintages already bottled are stored at other locations. 90% of the grapes in napa valley had already been harvested before the fire. that includes chardonnay grapes which have thinner skins and would have been more susceptible to the smoke taint. they hope that that means the 2017 will still be a good
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vintage year. there were tense moments today when a couple of vegetation fires broke out near highway 101 in sausalito. fires prompted the closure of lanes on southbound 101 while crews worked to put fires out. heading into wednesday there is -- heading into wednesday there is a cooler forecast. dozens of women taking out that the state capital. their message about sexual harassment.
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there is a large fire burning at a refinery near los angeles. that is the chevron refinery near el segundo. that is just south of los angeles internet -- international airport. they are not reporting in her -- flight delays.
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people living in neighborhoods near that area have been told to stay inside and close their windows because of the smoke. it was not immediately clear what sparked the flames. >> it cut power lines sending off electrical flashes. the fire is threatening storage tanks at the refinery. we are hearing the smoke is blowing into nearby residential areas so people are being asked to shelter in place. no evacuations have been ordered. this refinery was built in 1911. according to chevron this is the largest refinery on the west coast processing more than 274,000 barrels of crude oil every day. this is in southern california. a massive fire at a refinery in el segundo. tax reform and health care.the agenda in washington dc today. trump was pushing his tax
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reform plan while senators struck a bipartisan deal on healthcare. lauren has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the president laid out a tax reform plan, a plan he says will bring trillions of dollars back to the u.s. while letting middle-class americans keep more money in their wallet. >> let's give our country the best christmas present of all, massive tax relief. >> reporter: president trump talking taxes to say in dc saying he is optimistic about a deal urging people to help his plan by calling their congress members and voicing support.>> get our tax cut through the house, through the senate and to my desk for signature. >> reporter: the treasury secretary thing they want a deal done this year. >> our objective is to get it on the president's desk by december.>> reporter: there is
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also the ever present health care debate.>> congress must find a solution to the obama care mess instead of providing bailouts to insurance companies. >> reporter: president trump said obama care is virtually dead. this is a group of senators announced today they reached a bipartisan agreement to keep obama care alive. >> chairman alexander and i were able to find common ground on a number of steps to stabilize the market. >> reporter: democrats accused the president of trying to ruin current healthcare programs for millions. >> we also put in very significant anti-sabotage provisions. the president has been sabotaging this bill. >> reporter: president trump said the latest bill is a short- term solution. it is expected to face an uphill battle because many gop senators may be uneasy about supporting a bill that would keep obama care intact. harvey weinstein is leaving
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the board of the film company he started. this is following allegations of sexual harassment and rate. industry players have threatened to cut ties with the weinstein company in the wake of these abuse allegations. weinstein made call while receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center in arizona. the chief of amazon studios has resigned. a spokesperson said he has given up his post following reports that he harassed a producer in 2015. he is also accused of ignoring an allegation about sexual assault that was made by an actress and involved heidi -- harvey weinstein. many women started sharing their own experiences of mistreatment on social media under the hashtag my, too. there is a pervasive culture of sexual harassment at the state capital in sacramento.
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women lawmakers, and lawmakers are -- and lobbyist are encouraged to share stories of harassment to show how prevalent it is and to ensure more men stand up against it. fear and retaliation are why some women chose not to make waves. today they are taking a stand. >> i would love to say it is a one-time incident but throughout the years, time and time again i felt victimized by inappropriate behavior, particularly from men in positions of power. >> the growing number of women joining the movement say the women are not alone. there is a website that encourages women to share their story and bring about change in the state capital. a better weather plan for this week. we had hot weather, red flag warnings and wind advisories. this week cooler, cloud cover and a chance of rain.
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that will help a lot with the smoke. this system will clear it all up. it is far north still. it was in thursday night and friday. there are some dynamics, there will be showers around redwood city, maybe a 10th of an inch as far south as san francisco. shower sounds -- showers showing up in san luis obispo. indications that we are heading towards winter. we are looking at the jet stream working its way further south. this is evidenced by this right here. you can see right here comes the fog tomorrow. here comes that system thursday at about four p.m. as far south, by 11 pm thursday night, as far south as monterey and san jose. you notice lake tahoe appear. they might see snow at holler --
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higher elevations. it is really in the nick of time. the forecast for san francisco, there will be cloud cover, a little fog. lunchtime will be low 60s. at the end of the day san francisco is about 65 degrees. hazy, partly sunny at the coast mostly cloudy. partly cloudy partly sunny and hazy. air quality tomorrow should be better than it was today. today was kind of bad. tomorrow will be better. thursday and friday you can kiss it all goodbye because the smoke is going to get blown out of here. there is the five day forecast. a perfect pattern for this week , couldn't have asked for a much better pattern than what we have here. have we followed suit with last week, we would be doing a different newscast tonight. the warriors and the rocket gave an entertaining opening night show and a stunning
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finish. mark will tell us which team came out on top coming up next in sports. more like pictures of news in southern california where a fire is burning at the chevron refinery in el segundo next to lax. firefighters are getting handle on that place. you are watching the 11 pm news.
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we all thought mark was getting when he came out the
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last half hour or so.>> this is your memo or wake-up call. the rest of the nba is coming to get you, pay attention. by the whole game. gave out the ring lowered the banner for the championship. here come the houston rockets. one of the big teams out of the west. it is a nice pass. business as usual, add one of the newcomers, he had 20 in the first half, he is feeling it. the beat continues. staff will pick the bearded one. -- staff curry will pick the bearded one. tremont green slam dunks with houston. they led by one in the final 10 seconds of the game, warriors have the ball. staff curry will get a shot. it is no good but watch this.
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the ball gets to kevin durant. he hit what looks to be a buzzer beater. warriors went by one they are celebrating. no, upon further review, look at the review and replay. shot clock expired before the ball left his hands. the rocket win by one. a new tradition for the warriors. they win the championship and then they lose on opening night. it happened last year too. tonight the san jose sharks were off to a sluggish ark -- start but tonight they took care of the business against montrial. not too many goals come like that. he wasn't done. the power play situation here. could tour will find a clear path to the net. that is his second.
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they when it over the half, 5-2. major league a small playoffs, the dodgers are looking like the warriors did in the postseason last year. no one has beat them yet and the cubs don't look like they have it. come lost but i have to show you this play anyway. it is not because of the home run, because of the celebration in the chicago bullpen. that is an old timer. they were down in the series but that was the end of their celebrating. chris taylor earlier had a home run and this time he hit went into the left-field corner and runs up -- winds up with the triple and rbi. dodgers outscore the cubs 15-4 in the series. astros and the yankees tied 2-2. for run in the eight inning.
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aaron judge had an rbi double to type. gary sanchez into the wide open spaces of right-center field. two run double. yankees are pumped and they have come back from a 2-0 deficit to tie the series. giant fans don't want to hear about it, they look unstoppable. >> mark, thank you. inc. you for joining us tonight, good night. -- thank you for joining us tonight, good night. amily?
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