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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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doing it yourself could jeopardize your ability to obtain financial assistance from fema. mornings on 2 continues. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. wednesday morning, october 18th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clarkg . >> yes, it is. >> did you have the heater on? >> no. >> in my car? >> i mean i had to crank it up a little bit in the car. >> steve is ready to talk about your weather. >> you can friday. >> okay. >> rain is on the way, finally. >> good. >> and better air quality. fog has come back to the coast. more than onshore breeze instead of the north, northeast and 60s and 70s and 70s. low clouds banked up far on most of the coast. santa cruz, there are areas of fog down there and higher clouds. the good news is there's not much of a breeze. 40s for temps. 43 in boulder
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creek. 44 for another one. felton 43. as far as the wind,t , there's a north wind of 18% humidity. around 500 feet, 70, 71% and some observations check in, some don't. at least cooler temps and not much of a breeze. along with the low clouds which will make for a better air quality day for many over by the coast and the city and oakland also in the southern marin county. 40s and 50s. cool. a westerly breeze for many heres the west, northwest, that will help turn things around because of that northeast we had over the last couple of days especially 30s. 40s and 50s. a few 30s, but an impressive syd done. still looks like we'll get rain. heaviest amounts is far to the north, but decent amounts on the north coast and down to santa cruz. 49 is a bonus. it does look like something is on the way for
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late tomorrow. 60s and 70s on most temps. sal, 5:01. we have fog out there. >> nice.g mighty y -- the fog might help with the arrowir - okay for this time of the morning. we're used to seeing slow traffic in these areas which is not anything new driving on 205 or the altamont pass. at least we don't have crashes reported. the traffic continues to move along well all the way to livermore and livermore driving from the livermore to castro valley. it looks good through there. there's no major problems on 880. i want to mention highway 17 is open in case you're wondering despite the fire fighting activity in the santa cruz mountains that we have been talking about quite a bit. 17 in both directions, so does highway 9 remains open. highway 17 is the major commute route and you will see traffic is going to be moving on well.
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this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. you can see that traffic is fine. and then at the bay bridge it's light. 5:03. let's go back to the desk. >> u , sal. we follow developing news this morning with hundreds of firefighters battling that fire in the santa cruz mountains, so far it has burned four homes and 271 acres in the town of boulder creek. it's 5% contained at this point and more than 140 homes are threatened and there are evacuations in three neighborhoods. that fire started monday night when a house in boulder creek caught fire. the flames quickly spread to nearby trees and brush. ktvu paul chambers reports the firefighters are attacking this fire from the air and the ground. >>reporter: 9 helicopters took numerous passes over dry brush powering gallons of water on the fire burning in santa cruz. >> i didn't see or smell
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anything. as soon as they got around the bin and i came around the bin and the whole thing was lit up. >> cal fire says four homes were destroyed. in the fire's path was wood's home. >> everything is gone. it's one of the ones that it's gone. we had a really nice place. >> we're at the driest point of the fire season and this is when the weather turns and the nights are cold and days are shorter, but the fuels are as dry as they get right now. >> as the fire started to burn, cal fire put mandatory evacuation orders in place. they say the fire is burning less than a mile from 150 homes. >> we got a reverse 911 call. >> what was it? >> this is the county sheriff, we need you to evacuate. >> i filled her car and i have my dog and my cat and we got clothes and stuff. >> john smith says the fires are burning dangerously close to his home. he said in his 30 years
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living in this area, he has seen multiple fires, but most put out with an air attack. the battle from the air was suspended -- you can see another flare up. >> my heart goes up to everyone who has lost a home. i mean, it's -- it's everything who you are. >> cal fire has 600 firefighters trying to -- five crew member were injured. >> four have been released after treatment, and there's one firefighter who needs treatment in the hospital. >> paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. >> fire crews near dublin watching for flare ups from a grass fire. it's called the fallon fire. it started east of the dublin on the hills of camp parks. 116 acres burned. there's no longer a mandatory ee fire is under investigation. well, fire crews are making progress in containing the wild
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fires, but recovery efforts are starting to get underway. the sonoma county sheriff's says search teams are trying to locate 53 people who are still on the list of missing after the fires. 26 of them are from the city of santa rosa. there are 200 searchers including the national guard as well state and local agencies looking for those people in the fire zone. we are expecting an update on containment numbers shortly after sunrise, but here are the latest numbers from overnight. from north to south the pocket fire burning near geyserville is 58%. the fire in napa and sonoma is . the nuns fire burning in sonoma and napa is 78% contain and the atlas fire near lake berry he is is a burned in -- it's now 80% contained. time is 5:06. in napa county, people are starting to go back to their homes and
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businesses and while firefighters watch for hot spots, the wine roads are trying to look for damage on the valley floor. janice katsuyama talked to some of the wine makers. >>reporter: fire trucks rolled down -- but the area downhill has reopened for the first time since last week's evacuation. >> we made excellent progress on all the fires in napa county. >> fire crews from arizona rested in the parking lot of the hes collection winery. they've been mopping up hot spots -- but the haz collection art -- winery staff is unable to get to the winery. they say strike team battled the fire to the edge of the vineyards. >> 19 guys and they drove a four-wheel truck up there and
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they just pushed it back. >> throughout napa valley, wine maker are taking stock of the damage. >> we have 539 members. to date we've heard from 275 of the members and of those members that we've heard from, 30 have had some type of damage. that could be sometime sign burning to total devastation. >> mike shares a napa -- he has a vineyard -- he said wine makers had two things in their favor. >> the fruits haven't been harvested -- >> for those wineries damaged, wine from previous vintages bottled are store at other low cages. hoining said 90 percent of the grapes had been -- they have thinner skins and more susceptible to the smoke taint. they hope that means the 2017
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will still be a good vintage year. in oakville in napa valley, jana katsuyama. both of california u.s. senators finestein and harris, they're warning about a critical flaw in the federal emergency warning system. sonoma county officials say they did not use this system when the fires began because of it would have sent an alert to everyone and clogged up the roads for everyone trying to get away from the danger that didn't threaten them. they did use alternate systems, but users have to sign up for those. feinstine and harris sent a letter to the fcc saying the emergency warning system has to be fixed to target specific locations. property owners returning to survey what's left of their homes are being warned not to clean it up them self. the u.s. environment protection agency says it will handle the first phase of the cleanup which is removing toxic materials from
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thousands of burned properties. then cal recycle moves in to remove the non toxic waste. town hall meetings will be scheduled later this week to provide information about that about cleanup process and those who do not follow the cleanup procedures could jeopardize their ability to obtain financial assistance from fema. overnight, firefighters in san francisco rushed to a house fire in the excel district. firefighters were here at a house fire on veana street. they put out the fire but there was damage. both homes on either side were damaged. 16 people from all three homes were affected, but there's no word of injuries. well, the fires turned thousands of homes into piles of ash, but coming up, the struggle families are facing to find a place to live. just behind a -- it reverses
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his action on health care. i'm jackie ibanez. i'll have the details on that, straight ahead.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:13 on capitol hill, a rare show of bipartisanship is getting support from president trump. >> the president announced he will support a proposal that restores health insurance payments which are the same payments he ended last week.
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jackie ibanez explains. >> i continue to believe congress must find a solution to the obamacare mess instead of providing bail outs to insurance company. >> president trump ripped into "the affordable care act" at a speech in washington tuesday. the remarks comes after he announced -- he's referred to them as bail outs. but without those cost sharing reductions, premiums are expected to rise. the president is now getting behind a bipartisan plan to restore those payments for two years. his reversal was cheered by lawmakers worried about unpredictability in the -- >> i think there's a growing consensus we need stability in the markets so we've achieved stability. >> the stability is something one of the plans two authors is trying to achieve, not to mention lower health care cost. >> we're trying to take a small
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limited bipartisan step that will avoid chaos. again, to keep premiums lower. >> will there be more bipartisan steps, however, small? hopefully according to the plans other author. >> republicans and democrats in congress take the time to work together under regular order rather than re-tweeted to partisan quarters, we can get things done that help people that we serve. >> the president originally ended those insurance company payments because the money was never approved by congress. and was unconstitutional in his view. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox 2 news. a judge in hawaii blocked most of the trump's travel ban -- u.s. district judge derrick watson granted the state of hawaii's request to temporarily block the trump's administration from enforcing the policy. the judge's ruling says the latest version of the ban discriminates and it was to apply citizens of
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chad, iran, libya, north korea, somalia and yemen and government officials and their families. it was set to take effect today. the justice department says it will appeal the judge's ruling. time is 5:16. lawyers for president trump will ask a judge to throw out a lawsuit. it deals with the president's businesses accepting money from foreign government. the lawyers will argue a ban on foreign money is meant to a -- meant to address gifts. a public policy group filed that lawsuit in gentleman not. the judge is not ex suspected to rule on it immediately -- expected to rule on it immediately. routine over sight -- sessions will face questions about his reversals of obama
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administration protections for transgender people and the daca program that protect children brought into the country illegally by their parents. lawmakers are expected to ask about the investigation into trump campaign -- time is 5:17. i saw a lot of cars on the road this morning which is why we come on the air so early. sal knows all about our commute, sal. >> that's right, dave, we used to come on the air and pam is a good testimony to this, i think at one point it was 7:00, right, pam? >> when i got here i thought it was earlier. i know it >> when i got here i thought it was earlier. i know it -- >> it started at 7:00 and 6 and 5 and then the 4 and the 4:30. >> let's stop there. 101 looks good if you're driving from gilroy to san jose. as you drive from the morgan hill area, it looks good. there's been no major problems driving through. traffic is looking good. highway 17 remains open in both directions
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in the santa cruz mountains. also looking at interstate 880 in oakland, traffic in both directions looking very good. and if you're driving into the bay bridge toll plaza usually at 5:30, we get the back up. a back up in some of those lanes. and as i bring steve in here, at some point that's a combination of smoke and fog, right. >> mainly fog, sal. >> got you. >> when you went on with that ban [indiscernible] >> i think it was laura zimmerman -- we're taking way back. >> yeah. thank you, sir. fog has returned. sal has t it. it has been known as smoke, butg . it will be cooler for everybody. banked up on the coast. 60s and 70s, and 70s and an onshore breeze and a pattern change. santa cruz, higher clouds. the good news is temperatures are cool. there's not much of a breeze. 52 morgan hill. a lot of 40s around santa
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cruz and in the santa cruz mountains and boulder creek. 43, 43. ben [indiscernible] 40. scotts, 43, 46. those are coole the -- 2500 feet there's a north wind at 64 and 19% humidity. temperatures in the 40s west, southwest at ben lomond. north wind at felton, but the breeze is holding steady and not that strong and temps cool. we see low clouds that have moved in. that will improve your air quality in you're in the city, southern marin county, berkeley. tim ron is 40 degrees. 40s in san francisco. the key is the wind direction. it's northerly and south. it is northwest. it is west southwest. that wilt will scour out this and push this smoke and haze out of the picture for a while. 40s on the temps. 50s for some.
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we're running cooler from oaklam minus nine. sfo nine us 12. -- minus 12. tahoe city at 39 degrees. a very impressive system for the pacific in the west and parts of northern california. that will be tomorrow, not today. for then it's going to be today. we have to wait until that system swings in. first cold front of the season, first wide spread rain. some of the rainfall looks good. quarter of an inch. if it holds together and it looks like it will, you get north of cloverdale and clear lake and you're seeing a third inch, maybe more than that on the north coast. we get over an inch of rain. to the south, if we can get a tenth of an inch or point 09 near the santa cruz mountains, we'll take it. it will be cooler by the time we get to tomorrow and especially friday. highs get into the
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upper 60s for many counting on this. thursday -- overnight for everybody late thursday, it should be gone by friday morning. the temperatures on their way down all the way from today into friday. you can see the low clouds are making a surge. low 60s and 70s as temperatures start that trend downward coast and bay. inland, 70s to near 80s. temperature trend down 12 degrees and we'll continue with rain moving in on thursday. that's the best news we've had. clearing out friday and looks okay. cool in the morning. >> okay. thank you. >> you got it. time is 5:2. a parent's nightmare. we'll tell you about a 48 hour challenge on facebook encouraging children to hide from your parents for as long as possible.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. they'll pay $18 million to settle two investigations. it focused on verizons -- in new york city to schools and library. verizon says it was a victim of a former employee and that it did corporate in the investigation and conviction of that former employee. advertisements promoting fake news are appearing in fact-checking websites. those fake ads appears on sites like
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politifact and they draw readers to domains that pretend to be main stream websites and they use goggle ad words to put those ads on websites so it fits their perimeter and -- they have been goggle is getting rid of a feature on its map's application after getting a lot of criticism on social media. goggle is removing a function that estimated how many calories a user could burn by walking at given route. it's aimed to encourage the healthy option of walking south routes instead of driving and the calorie count was converted into the number of mini cupcakes a person could burn by walking. that feature set off a backlash on social media as many called that counter a trigger for people with eating disorders. others accused goggle of trying to shame people into walk.
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a very disturbing new trend is encouraging kids to go missing for fun. the 48 hour challenge invites kid to hide from their parents and loved ones for as long as possible. now, this so-called game awards any participant was points every time they get mentioned in social media by family members frantically looking for them. the latest challenge is similar to the game of "72" that encourages kids to disappear back in 2015. dozens of women speaking out at the state capitol. we'll tell you about their message on sexual harassment. good morning, we're off to a decent start when it comes to the morning commute. you can see traffic in -- it looks good approaching central san rafuel. we have an onshore breeze. fog is back and rain on the way
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for tomorrow. my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e.
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i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back, thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. wednesday morning, october 18th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 5:30. let's check in with steve for weather. >> fog is back onshore breeze is back. rain tomorrow. >> yes. >> so we'll take it afa long stretch of some offshore breeze. a lot of temps cold.
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52 to 55 so you get an onshore breeze and -- fog returns, it will be cooler and hazy and high clouds. down toward santa cruz mountains, there's areas of fog and the higher clouds are starting to thin out. unless you're at high elevation, you're in the 40s. 40s including boulder creek, 43. another observation, 44. 47 -- felton, 42. that's cool there and a breeze, it's not that strong and some of it is out of the west, southwest, santa cruz -- it does have low humidity. others have humidity in the 70% category. that's good news there. we'll take the low clouds and not lift here -- a lift might get around a couple thousand feet. berkeley and southern marin county, an onshore breeze here for just about everybody. west, is the west, that will do it and
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give better air quality. temperatures are cooler. 40s, 50s on your temps. minus ten for heyward. oakland minus nine. big system pacific northwest. we'll get this to move through. the heaviest rain will be north of santa rosa. we have been talking about that. decent amounts to the north. less to the south. we'll take it. if we can get a 10th or so that's a huge [indiscernible]. 60s on our temps today. meteor lights click on usually. things picking up. >> things are getting slower, steve. as a matter of fact, we have traffic that's going to be getting more crowded on 80, westbound. let's take a look at traffic on 80 westbound if you are driving, let's say from vacaville and fairfield and vallejo. i noticed slowing on 37 westbound which is typical, kind of getting back into the
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routine on 37. 80 westbound, picked up to 19 minutes to drive from the car knee gus bridge. when you get to the toll -- traffic is slowing coming up to [indiscernible]. 5:32. let's go back to the desk. gook you, sal. we go to the developing news about the fire in the santa cruz mountains. it has burned more than 270 acres. >> ktvu christian -- give us an update on the fires, christen. they're going through a lot. let's talk about the conditions out here and some good news for firefighters. the conditions first off, it is much smokier right now than it was yesterday. the good news though is that there is fog in the area. it's relatively still so we're not seeing those kinds of wind that
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could propel those fires. good humidity is good factors for the firefighters out here. we're monitoring the firefighters. the fair fire at 278 acres. 5% contained. so far the bear fire claimed 4 homes forcing the evacuation yesterday of some 150 to 200 homes in the area. a resident in the path of this fire say it swept through late at night, yesterday so quickly they did not have a chance to gather much before running from the flames. >> everything's gone. it's one of the ones that's gone. we had a nice place. >> we are expecting cal fire to hit this fire aggressively again this morning using a combination of hand crews and heavy equipment as the sun comes up. we're expecting a briefing at 7:00 this morning with the latest on the progress they've made out here.
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again, the conditions we're seeing out here so far are smoky conditions out here. the crews out here planning their attack on how they're going to try to tackle the bear fire later this morning. we're hoping to get an insight on what that plan is going to look like as the sun comes up and they can see how this fire progressed. pam and dave, back to you. >> thank you for that update, christien. >> authorities want to point out the emergency is not over yet. there are still 11,000 firefighters on the fire lines. poor air quality continues to be a problem. napa schools decided to stay close until monday of next week. the administrator of fema visited napa yesterday along with local lawmakers assuring that the federal government is ready to help. >> there's always going to be a need for more money, we recognize that. we're going to do our best to get all the money that's needed for this event and
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others that we've been hit by. >> in the meantime, in other nice, we know the name of the driver of that water tender truck who died in a crash on the oakville grade. he was a volunteer firefighter from missouri. garrett was paiz was married, he had an 18-year-old daughter and he was living in missouri but you grew up in southern california in the coachella valley. >> he was one of those kids from a small town in meca that got out of a town and lived his dreams and that's what he would want everybody else to remember him by that he went out there and he lived his dreams. >> napa county sheriff's office says that truck that piaz went down an embankment. hundreds of homes have been
5:36 am
destroyed in -- we have two santa rosa families facing a challenge to find a new place to live. >>reporter: the past nine days have been rocky for the marie family. >> frustrated trying to find a home. >> this family of 8 have been crashing at a friend's home since the fire. >> they have three kids them self so there's a lot of people in the home. >> they're -- >> i don't know where my tooth brush is in real-estate prices and rent was sky high before the fire. >> nothing else has popped forward and friends of friends can't -- no one has anything. >> holly and jean web who lost their home near coffee park came to this apartment complex searching. >> i came here today not knowing i was going to rent a place. she has one place. >> the gomez-mary has been
5:37 am
responding to -- the kids would like a spot to play soccer. this is the street where the gomez used to live in the fountain grove area. everything has been completely destroyed. they're hoping to find a new home that will accommodate all of them and cost about $3500 a month in rent. >> we need to find a place and get back on our feet. >> today the family stops at a shelter giving away items. >> we're looking for a pack and play for my son because [indiscernible] last night. and i miss [indiscernible]. >> their own bed is what they need. colleen works in the medical industry and her husband is an aunter driver unable to work because the family has one car thanks to the fire. this daughter juliana has one wish. >> be happy again. >> in santa row is a, cara. time is 5:37. the california psychological association is asking its
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members to help those fire victims cope. the association says an urgent request for volunteers to work with the people at evacuation centers and shelters saying the deadly wild fires are having a huge emotional impact on many people. it can have a long term effect on people forced out of their homes and may have lost everything but their lives. a state appeals court overturned a conviction on a san francisco deputy who was found guilty of assaulting a homeless man at -- fernando went to the emergency room in 2014 complaining of pain. he says he fell asleep and was awakened by deputy michael ordering him to leave and beating him. the deputy was convicted and sentenced to probation, but according to the chronicle, the appeal's court found the judge in the case failed to give the jury proper instructions on how to decide if the officer's use of force was necessary. your time is 5:38. the san jose city council narrowly approved a new modified gun
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control law. it takes affect december 1st. the council voted 6 to 5 to require gun owners to lock up their guns whenever they leave their homes. that would include putting a trigger lock on the guns or putting them inside of a lock box. the original law would have required guns to be locked at any time the gun owner does not have the gun on their body. the new policy does not penalize gun owners who report a stolen weapon within 24 $24 hours just to make sure stolen guns are reported. violatorers -- -- 140 women signed a bid yesterday that says there's a culture of sexual harassment at the state capitol. female lawmakers lobbyist, and staffers are encouraging each other to share stories of harassment in the work place in an effort to show how prevalent it is and ensure more men stand up against
5:40 am
it. fear and retaliation is reasons women say -- yesterday they took a stand. >> i would love to say that it was a long time incident, but sadly throughout the years, time and time again, i felt victimized by inappropriate behavior, particularly from men in positions of power. >> the growing number of women joining the movement is proof these women say they're not alone. there's a website now called that encourages women to share their stories and get engaged to bring change at the capitol. 5:40. families trying to get back to some sort of normalcy. at 6:00, what the santa rosa police department is doing for halloween. and how you can help. and the warriors and the rockets gave the crowd at oracle an entertaining opening night show with a stunning finish. up
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next, we'll show you highlights. good morning. the bridges are doing great. westbound looks great heading to the peninsula. a pattern change is developing and the fog has come back and rain on the way for tomorrow. it will be cooler as well. we'll show you those temps, coming up.
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welcome back to morning s 2. the champ ss got their rings and the championship ring is 11 karats in weight and features more diamonds than -- there are five trophies on the side of the ring to represent each of the five championships. one by the -- the team's championship banner will hang in the oracle arena. >> this is an amazing night to celebrate an amazing accomplishment by everybody on this floor and everybody in this organization and you fans, this
5:44 am
is what we do it for, this is what we play for, for you guys [cheers and applause] >> thank you for your support and we're going to count down to five to reveal this new banner. five, four, three, two, one. >> by the way, the first 10,000 fans at least night's game took home mini banners to celebrate the championship. the shirts will be auctioned off and the money given to north bay wild fire relief. the autographed shirts will be put on the -- they have other sports team to make a collection of $450,000 for fire relief. bravo to them. 5:44. the warriors squandered the leae rockets, 122-121. >> here's the lead out for durant and [indiscernible].
5:45 am
>> clay thompson had fan s jumping up early. they jumped -- they jumped to the fourth quarter. curry, look at that. he had several big shots and he2 2-points, but the rockets found a way to come back in the final second. all the warriors needed was two points to send the fans home happy. >> curry for three. and [indiscernible] and gets to the rim. he scores. [cheers and applause] >> kevin l touching the ball when time ran out. so the shot didn't count and the rockets won the game. the warriors travel to new orleans and they'll play the pelicans friday. the san jose sharks have a two-game winning streak as they head out for their first road trip of the season. san jose faced off against montreal.
5:46 am
a team they have beaten every time they have played since the 21st century. san jose in front when there was a puck into that empty net. three and a half minutes into the first period, the canadians answered a goal of their own and the sharks took the lead. san jose won, 5-2. friday, they have a road trip a. time is 4:46. let's get you moving. sal, did you stay up for the warrior's game last night? >> i have responsibilities here. i know i missed an exciting game. >> i would have heard you yelling around the bay area. >> i have to come to work sharp. >> yes. >> good morning, everyone. we do have traffic out there that's going to be busy and i'm looking to see if there's anything new, but no, it looks like it's the same. we always -- traffic is going to be busy on 580 westbound as you see it. a lot of slow traffic on 205, 580 and
5:47 am
you can see the traffic is going to be busy but it gets bitter by the time you reach livermore and pleasanton. 238 is slow from 580 interchange to the heyward area. you can see it for yourself. highway 17 remains open in the santa cruz mountains. some other roads are closed, but 17 main commute is open. this is a look at interstate 880 speaking of oracle arena, traffic is moving in both directions. there's a 10 to 15 minute delay. we go to steve. steve, that game did not tip off until 8:00. >> 8:00. yes. >> i knew going in -- if it tip s off at 8 -- i think it ended at 11:00. that might as well be 2:00 in the morning with us. >> i was with you the first half, and after that, you got to go. we have a change in our weather pattern. finally it's going to be a day of fog, low clouds and cooler and an onshore
5:48 am
breeze, not offshore which we've had for nine days but that's going to reverse itself. we have rain coming in tomorrow. we'll focus on that. santa rosa, 83. today, 75. the city, 75 to 67. 85 to 79 in san jose. 80 to 75 today. santa cruz, low clouds moved in. humidity is higher. 89%. temperatures are cool. there'sa breeze so there are good signs here. 50s for some. 40s for others. a couple of obe santa cruz mountains. low 40s in boulder creek. 43, 42. felton, 42. that's good news. n cast ton is there. 18% hue 18% humidity. the rest is 70 to -- there's an onshore breeze. low clouds starting to move in e a push. it has been a long time since wh
5:49 am
there. cooler oakland, berkeley, san fe -- 40s, low 50s. the wind direction was offshore. today it's onshore. west, southwest, northwest, sout will start to scour things out so the air quality will be better today. 40s, 50s on your temps and close to most locations, but we're cooler compared to 24 hours ago. fairfield, 21. oakland minus nine. the onshorg ping. truckee 23. sacramento at 45. 27 south lak8 , 38 in tahoe city. a big system moveing -- strong onshore breeze. forecast models latch on. cooler for everybody up and down the coast. timing on our system will be tomorrow, it looks like late afternoon.
5:50 am
system begins to move into the north and overnight late, thursday it might make it down to the santa cruz mountains. as you get north to hillsburg, santa rosa, a third to an inch to a half inch for some. even all the way down to the santa cruz mountains with a point 08 around boulder creek, it would be fantastic if it makes it that far. the low clouds will make a huge surge. that will help down toward santa cruz and other areas with an increase in the moisture and cooler temps and highs in the 60s and low 70s by the time we get to friday. cooler day, fog returns, onshore breeze. 67. there's a couple of 8 0s -- 80s but most locations are starting to drop. we have a cold front making its way here today. not today, but tomorrow. it will last into earl y friday and it kicks out.
5:51 am
sunny and warmer days. >> okay. >> we'll take the rain and the cooler temps and higher humidity. >> thank you, steve. 5:51 is the time. new legislation passed in san francisco to protect those who live there. up next, details on the bans of certain products treated with certain chemicals.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. smoke from the wild fires has been affecting flights at san francisco international airport. yesterday, more than 30 flights at sfo was cancelled and an airport's spokesperson says he believe cancellations were smoke-related. one in five flights were delayed due to poor visibility from the smoke. last week, more than 250 flights at sfo was cancelled because of the smoke. time is 5:54. legislation would have banned delivery robots from san francisco sidewalks. it has been refrained and sent back to committee. supervisor yee introduced the hearing after hearing strong support from pedestrian groups. there was opposition from business groups and the amended legislation would create a limited permit program to allow eye ton muss robots to be tested. a human would have to be with that
5:55 am
robot. a revised legislation will be heard in committee on october 25th. the city of san francisco approved -- the chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption, lower iq, attention problems, reproductive problems and cancer. children, and expectant mothers and firefighters are considered at-risk. the legislation applies to braking mourt -- if the city attorney declines to do so. california requires flame retardant in furniture and children's products -- you remember this story. a newspaper reports two aviation officers were fired after dragging a passenger off a united airline to louisville. remember this. another passenger took this cell phone
5:56 am
video showers david dow being pulled off the plane after dr. dow refused to leave the plane so united could put their two members onboard. dow lost two teeth during that incident and suffered a broken nose -- they changed company procedures and the chicago sun sentinol reports the aviation department is reviewing its procedures. . it's 5:56. we're coming up on our 6:00 hour and air drops are expected to resume in the santa cruz mountains later. we're going to have the latest on the fire fight, evacuations and the impact on the area. there's flaws in the federal emergency system. coming up, what california top political leaders are doing to address a potential problem. good morning, you can see traffic is going to be busy including the commute to the bay
5:57 am
bridge around the macarthur maze. good news across the board. cooler fog is back. temperatures will be dropping off today and they're cool in the santa cruz mountains. we'll talk about that plus rain on the way for tomorrow. not today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
i didn't see anything. i came around the ben and the thing was lit up. >> the fight against planes continue this morning in the santa cruz mountains. evacuations still in place this morning. we'll show you where firefighters are today. mornings on 2 continues. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, if you're joining us wednesday morning, october 18th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. the cal fire crews in the santa cruz mountains, they're waiting for the sun to come up now so they can determine how much the bear fires spread during the night. >> that's where christien kafton is. you're at the command post and they're taking --
6:00 am
>>reporter: pam, dave, it is smoky and cooler here on bear creek road than it was yesterday morning. george and i were able to look off in the distance where the fire burned through yesterday. we saw a couple of hot spots, but not the big towering flames like we saw yesterday and especially yesterday late morning. we are monitoring the fires progress. at last report the bear fire is just about 5% contained, 270 acres at last count. so far the bear fire claimed four homes forcing evacuations yesterday of some 150 to 200 homes in the area. residents in the path of this fire told ktvu it swept through so quickly late at night they did not have a chance to gather much before running away from those flames. crews on the line say they have been prepping for this fire -- a fire like this this time of year. >> we're really at the driest point of the fire season. this is when the weather usually turns. you know, the nights are cold. th


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