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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>reporter: pam, dave, it is smoky and cooler here on bear creek road than it was yesterday morning. george and i were able to look off in the distance where the fire burned through yesterday. we saw a couple of hot spots, but not the big towering flames like we saw yesterday and especially yesterday late morning. we are monitoring the fires progress. at last report the bear fire is just about 5% contained, 270 acres at last count. so far the bear fire claimed four homes forcing evacuations yesterday of some 150 to 200 homes in the area. residents in the path of this fire told ktvu it swept through so quickly late at night they did not have a chance to gather much before running away from those flames. crews on the line say they have been prepping for this fire -- a fire like this this time of year. >> we're really at the driest point of the fire season. this is when the weather usually turns. you know, the nights are cold. the days are shorter.
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but the fuels are as dry as they get right now. >> we are expecting cal fire to hit this fire again aggressively this morning using a combination of hand crews, heavy equipment and air support as the sun comes up. keep in mind this could be a relatively stubborn fire because of the steep terrain out here. already five firefighters have injured themselves battling the bear fire. no word about overnight injuries and about those conditions. but that's one of the reasons why these firefighters may have injured themselves. they were telling me the conditionings are so steep they could have misstepped and start tumbling down an hour. we're going to have an update at 7:00 on the progress -- we are expecting that as the sun comes up. they're going to do that aerial survey. that will give them a sense of how the fire has
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developed overnight, where they need to con straight their resources and how to focus on getting the bear fire under control. back to you guys. >> thank you, christien. they were trying to protect more homes from burning. a scary situation there, and of course weather playing a role in the fire fighting. what is it like in -- you were talking a little about it? >> if you get around 2500 feet, it's warmer, but i think christien will tell you it's cool. >> and for the day, the winds are not supposed to pick up. >> it's an onshore breeze so humidity will be higher. big pattern change here. it has taken ten days for us to get out of this north, northeast breeze. we're seeing that today. fog back, 60s, 70s. take a look toward the santa cruz area, there's areas of fog there. some may not have lifted far
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enough. there's some on the coast and it's moving up the coast and starting to move inland for some. 40s on the temps. we'll take that. boulder creek, a couple of observations. 4, 4. that's cool. there's not much of a breeze. one observation and this is around 2600 feet. it has 19% humidity. the rest have high humidity. 60, 70% humidity. at least we get good news here and it will be better news tomorrow. a possibility of rain coming in. we have an opportunity to get some precipitation in there. 40s, 50s on the temps around oakland, also marin county and san francisco. and more of an onshore breeze today. not the northeast so that means your air quality will be better. 42 in santa rosa. napa, 43. impressive system for the pa pacific in the west. parts of northern california, we'll get rain, the best opportunity will be further north you go, so as -- santa rosa and lake -- decent
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amounts. not as much as you go south. boulevard creek, point 90. that's beneficial rain after such a dry, dry pattern for so long. cooler day, onshore breeze. 60s, 70s for most and the fog has returned. you've been asking me for nine days, the fog has returned, sal. >> good, steve. >> not just smoke. >> i've been watching it. as i go to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic shot i want to show you we have a lot of slow traffic here, and later on today on the 9, perhaps you can pop in a little later. i'm going to speak with alameda county, a transportation person about the effort to get people out of their cars, single drivers can use the carpool lanes. on the right hand side of your screen, the carpool lanes are moving well and of course there's an effort to get more people to share their ride through reduced congestion everywhere in alameda county, that includes here at the bay bridge. let's look at the commute. there have been no
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major problems on 880 north and southbound in front of oracle arena. it is a nice looking drive. 880 south is beginning to get slow in heyward. and 580 is slow. 680 is slow on the snow grade approach and 880 -- 85 are okay. this is a live look at 280 and 880 where cars are out there, but it's not stop and go. 6:05. let's go back to the desk. >> sal. in the north bay, fire crews are making progress containing the wild fires and the recovery is underway. the sonoma county sheriff says search teams are trying to find 53 people on that missing persons' list and 23 are from the city of santa rosa. the national guard and state and local agency was looking for those people in the fire zone. we expect an update on containment numbers after the sun comes up this morning. but here's the latest containment numbers. from north to south,
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the pocket fire burning near geyserville, 58% contained and the tubbs fire in sonoma county, 87% contained. the nuns fire burning in sonoma and napa, 78% contained. and [indiscernible] which began near lake barry esta is 80% contained. people in napa county are starting to return to their homes and businesses. wine makers are taking stock of the damage. the napa valley vineyard association said more harvested their grapes. they say wines from previous vintages are stored at other locations. in sonoma county as homeowners return to their burned out properties, many are reeling from how much was lost and how little time they had to get out. one man has cell phone video
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from sunday afternoon before the fire. it shows his kids and their dog playing in the front yard. he said they had minutes to evacuate the family. >> i'm glad i was home because my wife never got a call. she never got any warning. and i'm lucky i was home because, yeah. very lucky. very blessed. >> california insurance commisse jones visited the area yesterday and offered some advice. he ordered insurers to cut the red tape and advance money for personal losses and be flexibility about documentation since so many people left in a rush. time 6:07. both california's u.s. senators, diane finestein and hair us are warning about a problem in the federal warning system. sonoma county did not use that system when the fire started because it would have sent an alert to everyone in the county and could have clogged up roads with people trying to get away from a
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danger that did not threaten them. now, officials did use alternate systems, but users have to sign up for those and not everyone does. senator finestein and harris sent a letter to the fcc. they say the emergency warning system has to be changed to target more specific locations. and property owners returning to survey what's left of their homes are being warned not to clean it up themselves. the u.s. environmental protection agency says it will handle the first phase of the cleanup which is removing toxic terms from thousands of burned out properties. then cal recycle will move in to remove the non toxic waste. town hall meetings will be scheduled later this week to provide information about that cleanup process. property owners who do not follow the approved cleanup procedures could jeopardize their ability to obtain help from fema. fire crews near dublin and the east bay are watching for a
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flare up from the fallon fire. this started east of dublin on the hills of camp parks. 116 acres burned. it is 75% contained now. there's no longer a mandatory evacuation, but the cause of the fire is under investigation. westbound 580 reopened after an overnight freeway shooting. the chp received a report of a shooting between redwood road about 9:00 last night -- when they arrived nobody was there. but about 11:00 p.m. a 21-year-old man showed up at an oakland hospital with a gunshot wound. all westbound lanes of 580 was blocked. the freeway was reopened at 2:30 in the morning. as the right now, investigators do not have information on positive motive or suspects and the victim has been released from the hospital. our time is 6:09. the police have a lot to do with
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santa rosa. they're trying to help families who lost everything in the fire. coming up in minutes, how you can help kids before halloween arrives. things starting to return to normal in napa. many wine makers and business owners want people to know they're open for business. they need and want those customers. that story and more coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:12.
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firefighters in san francisco rh ed to put out this house fire in the excelsior district. firefighters were near persia avenue. they put it out but the house stuffed damage and the homes on either side were also damaged. 16 people in those three homes were affected but no injuries have been reported. more roads are open in napa. >> the work is being done to put out the fires -- napa valley wants tourist and visitors to know things are getting back to normal. they want and they need your business. allie rasmus has that story. >>reporter: when you drive into napa, you'll pass a number of fire trucks, but pg&e says --
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they restored power to 97% of customers who lost power a week ago in napa and sonoma counties. containment is between 70 and 85% and all three major fires burning in napa -- things are getting back to normal: outside of the downtown area , vineyards reported damage. and the napa valley vineyard heard from its 540 members and the chairman says 30% who checked in reported some damage. he says -- he also says most of the grapes in napa were harvested before the fire and in storage and being processed. little signs here and there things are returning to some sense of normalcy. it's not jucht the winery that bring in revenue to this region, there's a company here in regards to a lot of small businesses, boutique, hotels, mom and pop shops so later on this morning we hope to speak to someone from the napa
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chamber of commerce to see how businesses are getting back on their feet after these devastating fires a week and a half later. >> alli rasmus in downtown -- thank you. also wanted, halloween costumes for children affected by the wild fires. >> police in santa rosa is asking for everybody's help to get kids ready for halloween. they're accepting new costumes in any size. they can be dropped off at police quaters on sonoma avenue. >> 6:15 is the time right now. sal, let's check on traffic. how does it look? >> it looks okay. it's getting more crowded as you might imagine coming to the east bay. slow traffic at the macarthur
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bridge. it's taking 24 minutes to drive to the carnegie bridge. 20 minutes here waiting before you make it onto the actual span of the bay bridge. there had been no problems on interstate 880 and southbound. it's getting crowded, but a decent drive. southbound is slow now. we can back up here . you can see traffic is slowing just after marin boulevard headed to 238 and into tennyson. san mateo bridge, slow. no problems on the dunbar bridge. on the peninsula, traffic is moving nicely. 580 is slow on the altamont pass. traffic is moving along well. it's crowded getting up to the 280, 880 interchange. 6:16. let's bring steve in. >> thanks. fog is coming back. it's not just smoke, it's the fog. low clouds will equal a
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cooler breeze. it should turn south westerly as our cold front -- 60s and 70s, and 70s. today, 75. 75 in the city. 85 to 7 the and san -- 79 in santa cruz. humidity around 90%. around santa cruz and the temps are cool on the santa cruz mountains and there's not much of a breeze so far that we can find. 41, one observation in boulder creek. another one is 42. felton 42. ben loe mond 42. scotts valley, 42. depending on the elevation. there's areas around 2500 feet that have low humidity. low breeze. west, is the west, but the humidity for most locations around 500 feet or 700 feet are in the 70 to 80% -- so far it's cool and we'll take that. low clouds making a push on the marin and
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moving northward. up 101 if you go to santa rosa -- the higher clouds are thinning up and the fog is banked up on the coast. and it will make its presence with a cooler pattern. 40s including oakland. two observations at 46. one in the city at 49. it's the breeze, the direction, it's more onshore today. there's a west wind and a north wind and northwest wind and south wind. that will help get the air quality better today along with that cooler breeze. higher humidity. 40s and 50s on the temps. temperatures are running cooler for many. sfo, minus 10. oakland, minus 8. concord -- 23 in truck ee. 39 cooler degrees in [indiscernible]. sacramento, 35. 30 in -- south lake tahoe, 26. big system, pacific northwest. there's going to be heavy rain up there. we have to wait for this system to start digging.
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it won't be until tonight into tomorrow. humble county, trinity county, but we're looking for decent amounts. the low clouds will get lifted over the next 24 hours. rain on the time, looks to be tomorrow afternoon. it may take -- the first system shows up later than sooner because we haven't opened the door yesterday. it makes it to the san jose and santa cruz valley. staying on course with a quarter of an inch around cal show george north. a quarter to a half inch and toward eureka and -- san jose to the santa cruz mountains which is beautiful. we'll if it makes it. this is the first system and it's tough to forecast, but we're keeping trends cool with rain developing. fog is back. more of an onshore breeze . 60s and 70s. there may be a couple
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near 80 degrees. testimonies getting near average finally. they've been above for a while. tomorrow they'll go below. we'll get the rain in and clear out friday and a cool weekend, but warming up. >> okay. steve, thank you. >> you got it. 6 :20. a pair of 49ers have a run in with two armed men. coming up, we're going to tell you about their close call with the gunman. the president's agenda on capitol hill and we're talking about tax cuts and obamacare. i'm doug luzada and we'll have more on fox 2 news.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:23. the san francisco 49 er ers confirmed two players had guns pointed at them earlier yesterday morning in a robbery attempt. ray ray armstrong and foster were leaving a nightclub near san francisco's union square. they said they were leaving the club called "love and propaganda" and two mask men pointed a gun at them. he decided to give his watch and jewelry to his friends and asked the club's security guard to walk him and armstrong to their car. the players say they ran as soon as they saw the men pull out guns. foster and armstrong said they were not hurt and they did not give anything to the gunman.
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a florida congresswoman says president trump told a widow of a slaying soldier said quote he knew what he signed up for. she was in the car with -- for the return of the soldier's body. wilson says she heard part of the conversation on speaker phone. she criticized the president's comment saying it's not something you say to a grieving widow. the soldier was one of four u.s. soldiers killed by enemy fire in the ambush in niger earlier this month. president trump tweet --. time is 6:24. congress may take action on the groundwork for a huge overhaul of the tax system and it comes as a bar partisan deal has been issued to
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rescue "the affordable care act." doug luzader has more. >>reporter: president trump appearing before the heritage foundation and speaking their language promise being tax cuts to spurr the economy. >> we will get that largest tax cut in the mystery of our country and you will see things happen like have never happened before. >> the president's plan was reduced individual income tax rate and the number of tax brackets. as well as usher in a big cut to the corporate income tax. the treasury secretary laid out a timeline to fox. >> we got tax reform and it will be extraordinarily. >> republicans cleared a big hurdle yesterday when senator john mccain voted to move the process forward. but other republicans may be tough to convince as the debate continues especially because of the potential impacts on the deficit and democrats will not go along with it saying the public is
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convinced the plan favors the wealthy. >> boy oh boy they don't know the half of it in terms of this plan. >> so where is there agreement on capitol hill. believe it or not, it could be on a merging deal to save obamacare, to reinstate payments to insurance payments that president trump said he would eliminate. >> we're talking about a two-year extension on payments and it will have more flexibility to the state. >> that was doug luzader reporting. experts believe the bipartisan -- it will bring stability but it may be too late to affect premiums. the open enroll begin in two weeks. it's 6:26. our coverage of the wild fires continues. coming up, we're going to take you to the santa cruz mountains where more than 100 homes are still threatened. we do have slow traffic out there this morning, westbound 24 looks like it's pretty slow here as you drive to lafayette.
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it has been a long time in the making, but a pattern change. the fog has come back to the coast over the bay. it's going to be cooler, air quality better and rain looks to be on the way for tomorrow.
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♪ ♪ ♪ well, good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's wednesday, october 18th. i'm dave clark.
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>> i'm pack. time -- i'm pam cook. we're monitoring the fires. cal fire crews are waiting for first light to see how much that fire spread overnight. >> so far the fires burned more than 270 acres at last report. it's only 5% contained. it started late monday night, a house in boulder creek caught fire. the flames quickly spread and then it was out of control. at least 4 homes have burned. more than 140 others have been evacuated. the people living in the area say they only had a couple of minutes to grab what was really important to them, and get out of harm's way. >> my wife filled her car and i filled my truck. i got my cat and dog and we got cloths and stuff. >> five firefighters were hurt and one still in the hospital this morning. none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. we do expect to get an update on the fire up there in the next half hour.
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this fight progress on -- authorities want to point out that emergency is not over yet. there's 11,000 firefighters on the fire lines, poor air quality continues to be a problem. so the school in napa will remain closed and fema visited napa yesterday along with local lawmakers assuring the federal government is ready to help. >> there's always going to be a need for more money. we recognize that. we're going to do our best to get all the money needed for this event, and others we've been hit by. >> yeah, that leads us to our weather and steve is here to talk about the weather. i think you will like it, steve. >> it will be good for firefighters. cooler, humidity is up. fog is back. there's not much of a breeze and christ
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christien will tell us. it's moving to the north and up and down the coast. that's the start of a cooler day. 60s and 70s and temperatures start to drop. tomorrow we might have rain in here by tomorrow afternoon. we had low clouds and higher clouds and most higher clouds are thinning up. the key is the temperature there. cool for most. boulder creek, 41. observation , 42. felton, 41. scotts valley, 42. you have to get around 2600 feet to find low humidity. a west or southwest -- low clouds making it on the sonoma coast and sonoma county and low clouds -- cooler temps. it is 40s for some in oakland. low 50s, upper 50s san francisco. berkeley 51. tim ron 46. 40 s and 50s and a system in the pacific northwest, it will take a day to get down
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here. there's going to be a lot of rain. on the north coast, good rain. for us, high clouds, but the rain thursday looks good. lesser amounts to the south, but if we can get point 09 to a tenth of an inch around san jose that will be outstanding. highs today, 60s. 70s on the temp s stimony owe-- temps and started a pattern children. we're looking at a computer. >> when you look at something -- >> i always look to make sure i'm not missing anything before we go on the air. i want to update you on bart delays we had earlier this morning. bart is actually doing better now that they've cranked one of the switches along the fremont line. sometimes when bart does have issues, people take the car. i don't think that happened here. i think we had normal slow traffic coming around the corner to the bay bridge. 32 minutes to get there from the carnegie
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bridge through the macarthur bridge. no problems on the bridge getting into san francisco. speaking of san francisco, northbound and southbound 101 crowded, but not too bad on southbound 101 heading in the peninsula. 880 is slow heading down from marin boulevard passed 238 and over to union city. 6:34. let's go back to the desk. 6:34. more than 5,000 homes were destroyed in the wild fires in the north bay. ktvutara owe-- for tara moriarty. >>reporter: the past two days have frustrated. >> they have been trying to find -- >> they have three kids themselves. >> families have -- after a week
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of couch and cot surfing. >> i don't know where my tooth brush is. >> real-estate prices and rent was sky high before the fires. >> nothing else has popped forward and friends of friends -- no one has anything. >> holly and gene web who lost their home near coffee park came to this apartment complex today searching. >> i came here today not knowing that i was going to rent a place, but she has one left. >> the gomez-murray's have been responding to craigslists ad, but no luck. >> the kids would like to play soccer. >> [indiscernible]. >> this is the street where the gomez used to live in the fountain grove neighborhood. you can see that everything has been completely destroyed. they're hoping to find a new home that will accommodate all of them and cost $3500 a month in rent. >> we need to find a place and get back on our feet. >> today the family stops at a shelter giving away items. >> i'm looking for a pack and
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play for my son. he keeps crawling out of bed last night. and i just miss what [indiscernible]. >> their own bed is what they need. colleen works in the med cap industry. and her husband is an uber driver because -- >> be happy again. >> in santa rosa, tara moriarty. >> so many stories like that. it's heartbreaking. 4:36. some areas it's hard to feel comfortable because fires are still not contained. >> we want to check in with alex savage. you're in the hard hit areas in sonoma county. >>reporter: people in oakmont got the clear to return to their
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homes yesterday, but people not feeling entirely comfortable. this is the scene behind us here. we're in the oakmont neighborhood of sonoma county. highway 12, the road is blocked near the san francis winery and those who returned to their homes they've been keeping an eye on the hills. they've seen large flames in this area. this was the scene last night. what they're seeing is the oakmont fire, what began this past weekend as a small spot fire and has grown to a 1,000 acres or so. last night crews were outseting several large backfires in this area trying to get the oakmont fire to hopefully merge with the nuns fire to the south and get those two fires to burn themselves out. >> this fire and operation is approximately two miles long tonight and the goal is to bring the fire to -- to contain the
6:38 am
fire at the valley floor -- and just too unsafe for us to go up on the hill and try to contain the fire. >> and down the road from here in glen ellen, many evacuees are returning home, even as utility crews work to repair damage, infrastructure and downed power lines and home owners who lost everything is facing an uncertain future. we were speaking with california insurance commissioner who has ordered insurance companies to cut the red tape and get victims relief money as quickly as possible. as for the fire fight itself, there's thousands of firefighters on the front lines working to control all these fires including the oakmont fire which is burning just east of highway 12 here near the community oakmont and at least checked, that fire is 27% contained and people can expect to see those big backfires in this area even over the next couple of days. >> thank you.
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>> thank you, alex. the california psychological association is asking its members to help people affected by the ongoing wild fires. the group sent an urgent request for volunteers to work with people at the evacuation centers and shelters. the e-mail to members warn deadly wild fires -- it could have a long term affect on people, particularly those forced from their homes who may have lost everything. our time is 6:39. the san jose city council narrowly approved a 6-5 vote a new modified gun -- the council voted inform require gun owners to lock up their guns at any time they leave their home. that would include putting a trigger lock on the gun or put them in a lock box. the original law would have required guns to be locked at any time they're not carried by the owner. the new policy does not penalize owners who report a stolen weapon within 24 hours to
6:40 am
make sure stolen guns are still reported. violators could be fined $1,000 and face up to 6 months in prison. one man is under arrest accused of stabbing an oakland girl as she walked to school. it happened before 9:00 yesterday morning on 29th street in east oakland. the 14-year-old girl was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the suspect left before police arrived but a witness followed him and alerted police who then took him into custody. investigators do not have a motive and they have not released the suspect's name. a large fire started at an oil refinery. fire crews have been able to contain that. it's the chevron refinery south of downtown los angeles. flames and smoke could be seen high above the refinery for a half an hour. crews poured foam on the fire. no visibility flames were reported shortly after midnight and no injuries reported, but the cause of the fire is under
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investigation. the el sagudo -- the wild fires keeping crews busy across northern california. the latest on the east bay that forced evacuations in the city of dublin. fake news on websites where you would never expect to see questionable material. how people are taking advantage of a loophole. a 48-hour challenge sparking a new warning for you parents. the new game that targets children. good morning, you could see traffic is getting busier around the bay area. this morning, we're looking at the bay bridge. it doesn't look bad once you make it onto the span. big changes today. the fog is back. cooler conditions and the breeze has turned more onshore than offshore and we'll talk about that and it looks to be rain tomorrow evening.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. advertisements promoting fake news are appearing in fact-checking websites. those fake ads appears on adds like politifact -- now publishers use goggle's add word system to place the advertisements on website. the accounts that placed the advertisements have reportedly been terminated from goggle's ad platform. our time is 6:44. twitter says it will make its social media sites safe.
6:45 am
twitter is making several policy updates cracking down on hate speech and also sexual harassment. this comes after twitter ceo jack dorsey sent out several tweets claiming the company still was not doing enough to protect users. the new policies reportedly will help protect women who have been victims of nude pictures being distributed without their permission. and also it's aimed at preventing unwanted sexual advances. a disturbing trend is encouraging kids to go missing for fun. the challenge advises children to hide from their loved ones for -- the participants win points every time they're mentioned across social media by family members desperately searching for them. the latest challenge is similar to the game of "72" which back in 2015, even encouraged kids to disappear. so report that if you see that.
6:46 am
that is alarming. >> yeah. 6 :45 is the time. let's check with gasia mikaelian. >> you reported on the bear fire in the santa cruz mountain and we're staying on top of that breaking news. it was breaking news yesterday morning, and here we are about to get the latest live from cal fire at 7:00. we'll have structure -- structures have burned, how many more are threatened and when the fire stands on the bear fire. also it's a big back to school day today in sonoma county. students at sonoma state are getting regularity back into their routine. meanwhile k through 12 students are waiting for their return. we'll detail the reopening dates for several districts and where things are back to normal. i'll see you in a few minutes, dave and pam. >> gasia, thank you. he's watching our commute, are you staying busy. >> you know what, traffic is
6:47 am
going to be busy if you're driving on the east shore freeway. we keep watching this because it's the busiest commutes. 35 minute drive which is only going to get a little slower as the morning wears on from the carnegie bridge to macarthur bridge. 30 minutes before you make it on the span. this is a look on the span getting to san francisco. if you're thinking about the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 traffic was going to be busy. there was a minor accident, in the area of claude witter. 880 is going to be slow as you drive from 238 to union city. 680 getting out of pleasanton slows at the 580 interchange through most of pleasanton as you head south. 6:47. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. >> we have fog back . >> that's good. i like the fog. >> me too. it has taken a long time, but we have a pattern change and we're going to lead to rain tomorrow. in the evening, it's going to take a while to get -- today it's about
6:48 am
the low clouds and a cooler patterns. upper 70s and hazy, but at least the wind is turning most westerly. fog on the santa cruz cost. the bases will lift as we head into tonight and tomorrow. it will get it up to 2,000 feet and that will keep cooler temps in there. speaking of cooler temps, 41. most of these observations i'm showing you are around 500 feet except one which is at 2500 feet. so the temperature is warmer there and the wind out of the north. but the humidity 70, 80%. so that's good news. the last time we talked to christien he said it's cool. maybe by this time tomorrow maybe we'll get rain. it won't be until tomorrow morning. fog on the marin and also in the sonoma county, and probably maybe a little making
6:49 am
it into napa county and it has returned to the city. 67/50 today, that's below on both average. 69 and 54. i did see upper 40 s in san francisco. 88, 1933. the record high. 40s and 50s, kiz g izing -- kensington, 49. 50, 51, but the key is the breeze. it's onshore from a north, west, southwest. that will get better air quality in there and push that smoke. 40s and 50s. a few 30s. upper 30s. hims burr y 40. cloverdale, 45. a couple of day s s ago we had a 20 degree spread but that's not the case now. bill valley 41. 23 up in truckee. 39 ukiah. truckee 23. incline 36 . south -- if you're headed up to there,
6:50 am
you don't have to worry about anything. late, late thursday into friday, above 6500, there could be snow, but that's not until late thursday, friday. a lot of moisture continues to rotate around this low. there was a hint that system would draw that up. a lot of high clouds from the west, south. tomorrow we'll focus on our system coming in. again, it doesn't reach areas to the north until 5:00 and starts to move south by 7:00. overnight late thursday into early friday, it makes it down to the santa cruz mountains. not a lot. we'll seal if it hold -- we'll see if it holds. a half inch to 2/3 of an inch. so again the timing on this will be tomorrow afternoon evening or overnight. temperatures in a couple of days are on their way
6:51 am
down. cooler day today. temperatures in the 6 #0 0s, 70s to low 80s. it's an onshore breeze and temperatures are on their way right now for the next 48 hours. they're going to cool off dramatically and after we get passed friday, the mornings will be cool and days sunny and warmer. >> thank you, steve. a compromise in san francisco. coming up, how city leaders are handling delivery robots on the sidewalk. the warriors got their rings. heads are turning. why other championship team s s might get a little jealous.
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>> money is meant to address gifts. they have said that the
6:55 am
president's business arrangements are a political question and should be addressed by congress, not the courts. the group filed the lawsuit in january and the judge is not expected to rule immediately. the time is 6:55. a federal judge in hawaii blocked most of the travel restrictions in the latest travel ban just hours before it was due to take effect. the federal judge watson granted the state of hawaii's request to block the trump administration from enacting the ban. the latest ban discriminates based on nationality. it would apply to citizens of north korea, somalia, syria and yemen as well as some venezuelan government officials and their families. it was due to take effect. the justice department says it will appeal the court ruling. legislation in san francisco that would have banned delivery robots from san francisco's sidewalks have been
6:56 am
reframed and sent back to committee for further review. there was strong opposition from business groups. the amended legislation would create a limited permit for robots to be tested and developed in certain parts of the city and the human would have to be the robot. it will be heard on october 25th in committee. the time is 6:56. a couple who lost their home in the tubbs fire is now suing pg&e it was filed by the couple of santa rosa who claim the fire was started by downed power lines and blaming poor maintenance. pg&e responded we are not going to speculate about the causes of the fires and will support the reviews by any relevant regulator or agency. well, the smoke from the wildfires has been affecting flights at san francisco international airport. yesterday, more than 30 flights
6:57 am
at sfo were canceled and airport spokesman says he believes most of the cancellations were smoke related. one in five flights were delayed because of poor visibility from the smoke. last week, more than 250 flights at sfo were canceled because of smoke. the warriors have a new piece of jewelry to add to their collection. you saw it. the defending nba champs received the championship rings last night. look at it. the championship ring is 11carats in weight and features more diamonds than any championship ring across all four major sports. there are five trophies on the side of the rings to represent each of the five championship won by the warriors franchise. they unveiled the championship banner as well. it will hang in the rafters of oracle arena. >> this is truly an amazing
6:58 am
night to celebrate an amazing accomplishment by the organization and the fans. we play for you guys. thank you for your support all year long. we're going to count down five to reveal the new banner, baby. i'm going to start out at five, four, three, two, one. [cheering and applause] >> and there it is. and that's where it will hang. by the way, the first 10,000 fans at last night's game took home mini banners to celebrate the championship. now, as for the game last night, it was a good game. the warriors though squandered the lead and ended up losing to the rockets 122-121. >> a piece of it. there is a lead-off by durant. >> thompson had the fans on their feet early. steph curry hit several big shots with less than six minutes left like that one. he ended with 22 points.
6:59 am
but the rockets found a way to come back in the final seconds like right here. and all the warriors needed was two points to send fans home happy. happy. >> curry for three. he fires. shoots. scores. >> that was kevin durant was kevin was touching the ball when the time ran out so the shot didn't count and the rockets won. the warriors travel to new orleans and play the pelicans on friday. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, wednesday october 18th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> we continue to follow the still developing story of the bear fire in the santa cruz mountains. >> christien kafton is live at the scene as cal fire is just about to hold a briefing here any minute now. christien, you were with us
7:00 am
throughout the morning. it started 10:00 the night before. here we are. tell us about what we expect to hear. >> reporter: yeah, gasia. that briefing is set to get underway in just about ten minutes we're hearing. you can see that the firefighters from cal fire are gathering here. this is really where they're going to learn how the fire developed overnight. what is happening today, and what their strategy is going to be. this is really the beginning of their planning session. now, we have had a chance to talk with cal fire here this morning to get an update on what has happened overnight. one of the things significantly has been an injury to a sixth firefighter now. five firefighters injured yesterday. we learned that one firefighter injured overnight. according to cal fire, that firefighter has a second degree burn and is recovering in an area hospital from that second degree burn. again, that is a new development from overnight. first we do have a little bit of good news which is the weather. the weather seems to be cooperating with firefighters here in the santa


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