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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  October 18, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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that officer is now listed in critical condition at sf general. the suspect was being investigated for a firearms violation. containment is growing in the mountains. it's 10% contained the bear fire with 270 acres burned. 7 firefighters are hurt. four structures are destroyed and more are still threatened at this hour. the fire is burning in steep, rugged terrain making it a challenge for fire crews to get to. some of the largest north bay wildfires are almost at full containment 10 days after the firestorms began. the tubbs fire in sonoma county is now 91% contained. the nuns fire is 80% contained. and the atlas fire in napa county is 83% contained. cal fire said today more than 5,000 firefighters are still on the fire lines. at least 42 people have died in the fire. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. in washington, dc today,
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the senate judiciary committee grilled the attorney general about several ongoing investigations. attorney general jeff sessions was questioned about the president's firing of fbi director james comey. the probe into russia's meddling in the 2016 election and more. lauren blanchard reports. >> reporter: jeff sessions is on the job as the nation's top law enforcement officer for eight months but today is the first time he was called to testify before the senate judiciary committee. >> under these circumstances today, i will not be able to discuss the content -- >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions citing executive privilege telling the senate judiciary committee he will not discuss his private conversations with president trump. despite sessions' refusal to answer questions on the president's firing of fbi director james comey, the nation's top law enforcement officer did go on to criticize comey saying the investigation into hillary clinton's emails
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was closed before being fully investigated. >> i don't think it's been fully understood the significance of the error that mr. comey made on the clinton matter. >> reporter: yet much of the hearing was then focused on russia. this year sessions had recused himself from the russia case due to his role on the president's campaign. but senator franken accused him of changing his story over time as to whether the attorney general had been in contact with the kremlin. >> first it was i did not have communications with russians. which was not true. then it was, i never met with anyone russians to discuss any political campaign. >> let me just say this without hesitation that i conducted no improper discussions with russians at any time. >> reporter: sessions told senators that to date he
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hasn't been interviewed by the special counsel robert mueller. but he did say he would be willing for an interview if asked. >> thank you, lauren blanchard. a second judge has blocked president trump's latest attempt at a travel ban that was supposed to take effect today. a hawaii judge blocked the order yesterday. then last night a maryland judge issued a similar ruling. the courts say the order amounts to a muslim ban and violates federal law that prohibits discrimination based on nationality. >> these travel ban efforts are an affront to our nation's commitment to a religious liberty. >> it's a lawful necessary order that we are proud to defend. >> the justice department said today it will appeal in an expeditious way continue to fight for the implementation of the president's order and exercise our duties to protect the american people. the nfl is not changing its national anthem policy to
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require players to stand during the national anthem. the announcement came after a second day of the nfl owners meeting in new york. commissioner goodell said altering the language from should stand to must stand was not discussed during the meeting between team owners, players and their union representatives. goodell said the league andists 32 clubs believe everyone "should "stand for the national anthem saying it's an important part of the game. he says the league is listening to players and plans to collaborate with them on issues including criminal justice reform. california's attorney general has sued the trump administration to block the plan to end subsidies part of obamacare. he and 17 other attorneys general announced the lawsuit after the trump administration said it would withhold cost sharing subsidies that helped low income and middle income
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people pay for healthcare coverage. attorney general becerra says president trump is trying to sabotage obamacare. >> i was in congress in 2009, 2010. i was in congress until january of this year. each of those years that the affordable care act was in place and implemented, for the last several years, president obama has made those required cost sharing subsidy payments. >> critics say the lawsuit has no merit because president obama's executive order to allocate funds without congressional approval was illegal in the first place. coming up, a hotel security guard recalls the moment he was shot during the las vegas massacre. how the terrifying moments unfolded in his own words. >> also ahead tonight, we all know what it was like to -- what it's like to wait at the dmv but now a new option. details on the new way to do dmv business without standing in those long lines.
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you get a companion ticketes visaevery year.card so why not i mean i always spell your name right. seriously, take me, i can't listen to this playlist any longer. i'm thinking mexico, and i'm a quick packer. ♪ the mandalay bay security guard described as missing after the las vegas shooting broke his silence today on the ellen degeneres show. jesus campos appeared alongside his colleague a building engineer. he is thought to be the first to confront las vegas shooter stephen paddock. campos recalled the moment he was shot by paddock walking in the hallway outside the suite where the shooter was holed up. he was sent to the 32nd floor of the hotel to investigate an open door alarm. he called for an engineer when he found the door was jammed
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about brackets. the engineer reached the floor moments after paddock opened fire. >> as i was walking down, um, i heard rapid fire. and at first, i took cover. i felt a burning sensation. i went to go lift my pant leg up and saw blood and called it in on my radio that shots were fired. >> campos said this will be his only public comments on the shooting. he drew attention after skipping out on previously scheduled interviews with fox news and other media outlets last week. you can now do business at the dmv while you do your grocery shopping. the dmv debuted a new self- service terminal today at the safeway in san jose. the agency says the blue and yellow kiosks are a convenient option for customers who want their vehicle registration card or license plate tags
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right away. >> so really it's a win-win for dmv operations and for customers and those who are looking for opportunities to take care of their dmv registration while they are grabbing groceries. >> right now, you're unable to get a driver's license at one of those kiosks but the dmv says that will change in the next few years probably. the terminals are now operating at 14 safeway stores around the bay area and 38 stores across california. . an aplets you send money to someone's can or request money. but venmo users can make a purchase on their phone at any retailer site that accepts paypal. analysts say the move should help expand venmo's market presence. more stories of heroism in the north bay after the wake of the deadly fines. a doctor used a motorcycle to save babies from the north bay
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fires. >> we are tracking that rainfall that's most certainly headed into the north bay fire zones. great help to firefighters. we'll let you know when it gets here how much we could see and what the weekend is going to look like.
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as firefighters get a handle on the north bay fires, several efforts are under way to assist fire victims as they try to recover from their losses. many people have been unable to work and the u.s. government will offer those people unemployment benefits. the california insurance commissioner says he is asking insurance companies to speed
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up the process for fire victims' claims. >> i have issued an order and notice to the insurers asking them to expedite claims handling. that includes things like providing a four-month advance for what's called additional living expense coverage. that's the coverage to cover your lodging, transportation, food costs. >> just how many people will need the help is unknown. cal fire says 213,000 acres burned. and 5700 structures were destroyed in the fires. the process of filing insurance claims and rebuilding is just beginning. the findley community center in santa rosa is among the many places where insurance companies have set up mobile response teams. we talked with state farm insurance agent miguel alfaro who was among thousands of people evacuated from santa rosa in the path of the fires. he and his family camped out in his petaluma insurance office for a week. he says during that time, he took many calls from worried customers. >> for me to be 100% for them
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there, i -- the first thing i needed to make sure my family was safe. so as long as they were close to me and here in a safer place, i knew i -- we were able to deal with anything else. >> the state insurance commissioner told ktvu as you just heard he is asking insurers to cut red tape to get financial help to customers for their immediate needs as soon as possible. a santa rosa doctor was one of many people doing god's work the night the fires broke out. as ktvu's tara moriarty reports, dr. scott witt embarked on a dangerous mission to save newborns from the deadly tubbs fire. reporter: the rescues have been heroic. dr. scott witt director of sutter regional hospital's neonatal icu never thought he would be pulling off a rescue to save babies. >> i got a call at 2 a.m. basically, saying that there was some fire encroaching on the hospital so we might have to evacuate. >> reporter: dr. witt told his
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family to leave their fountain grove home as flames lapped at the edges of the hospital. >> i left in my truck but couldn't get very far because the freeway at that time already had flames going across it. >> reporter: so the 45-year- old did what any unassuming physician in charge of evacuating eight preemies might do. he switched his truck for his bmw. motorcycle, that is. >> in california, you can split lanes so i just went down the middle of the lanes and got past everybody. >> reporter: for four miles, he weaved through traffic, rode on the shoulder and slid through gravel. you can see just how close the fire got to the hospital so when dr. witt finally arrived, he and his medical staff loaded the babies know -- loaded the babies into ambulances to be transported to a hospital six miles away. it took three hours for several trips. >> incredible. amazing. makes me proud. you know, they are worried about their own family and yet they stayed here. >> reporter: dr. witt's mission wasn't over. he then rode to santa rosa memorial tailing an ambulance closely.
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>> there were downed pure lines that were live that we had to roll over. >> reporter: he said he felt the babies needed him. >> if my baby was in the hospital, i mean, i'm a little biased but i would totally want them to be in some hands like scott's. >> reporter: the family's home is destroyed but they have each other and things are back to normal at the hospital, where dr. witt is now being called the james dean of neonatal. >> that's not really my personality. it's just more of you got to get done what has to be done. >> reporter: in santa rosa, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. got some weather to talk about here. rain is back in the forecast. that's good news. you notice the air quality is better today, too. air quality will be improving over the next few days as we set up with an advantageous weather pattern compared to last week. there's the rain up north now. this whole area slides south as we go into your bay area
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tomorrow night. so this is mostly about increasing clouds tomorrow and then showers in the fire zones by tomorrow evening and then a little bit into friday morning, as well. just kind of click through here and not a lot of rain but rain you know a ten of an inch of rain will do wonders for the atlas fire up around the nuns fire, as well. that's all helpful. into tomorrow, highs will be about where they were today. maybe a little cooler with increasing clouds throughout the day and so here's the system. kind of a robust looking system and it actually is kind of interesting down here because you have subtropical moisture that could get tugged into this thing and drug through which would be an added bonus but this whole timing this all phases together this system in our area. it phases together somewhere around tomorrow afternoon late and then rain by midnight in most of the north bay but 10:00 in the north bay. so as we go through time, i can show you that -- well, i can show you outside live we
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have good air quality finally. look at that. isn't that beautiful? twin peaks lacking out, marine layer at the coast helping scour out the atmosphere, also cooling things off along with this. this is a mechanism for the fog, the clouds and the upcoming rain and that's also the reason things for firefighters to get easier. it's a complete reversal of where we were last week. you have big high pressure last week. bigelow pressure this week. firefighters get a handle on the fires. so here's the model. here's tomorrow morning. it's not a bad looking system. 8:00 tomorrow morning, so santa rosa, healdsburg, firefighters are getting a good handle on the fires and then it moves into the central bay around midnight into san jose. we'll have about 11 tomorrow night and into san jose and scattered instability showers friday morning and then friday should clear up pretty quick. so there are the forecast highs. again, just -- there's such a
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tipping point where all of a sudden, you know, 5 1/2 months no rain and boom, boom, boom, fires and we had a couple of bad days of bad weather and boom, just the fires they just start coming. it hits a tipple point. we hit that tipping point in this rain. doesn't kill fire season but it will help a lot. >> that's good news. thank you. coming up 49ers rookie quarterback bet and his nfl debut next in sports.
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all right. mark is here now with sports. we're on draymond watch waiting for results of an mri after he was injured last night during the game. >> the big picture last night's loss is going to be a blip on radar but there is concern today i think a lot of warriors fans kind of on pins and needs because they saw how the team reacts when draymond green isn't in there. against houston last night, this is the play he was hurt on. it looked innocuous at that
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point. he lumped off but we have seen draymond do that before. as a matter of fact owe stayed in the game and hit free throws but didn't return for the 4th quarter. he was scheduled to have an mri this afternoon. no results yet. obviously he didn't practice today. but steve kerr did say it is a meeting with the media today that he did not think it was serious but like i say warriors fans holding their breath until they know for sure because that guy -- it was obvious last night, he is the guts of the team and they lost against houston last night. meanwhile a couple of people in the newsroom say today, if this is the yankees and dodgers in the world series, i'm boycotting the thing. but it's looking like that's what we'll get. houston is still in it. but man, justin verlander is going to be needed in the next game to keep them alive because his houston astros go down in this one. second inning, two out, clutch hit by the big left-handed first baseman greg bird of the
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yankees off dallas keikel and it's a 1-0 lead. as it turned out, that was enough but to add on, aaron judge just continues to spank the ball in the last month or so of this season. that's an rbi double. brett gardner with a dive from first base scoring, yankees have another pad. they are 2-0 best shot for the astros down a couple of runs in the fifth two on, two out, masahiro tanaka will get the former oakland a josh redick on strikes. he is pumped as is all of yankee stadium. he went 7 innings gave up three hits and eight strikeouts. no runs. and just to add to it,deep and gone and the yankees take a 3- 2 lead in the series going back to texas with this thing in command. it's a seven-game series. meanwhile, if you can believe this, we were so looking forward to football season, with the way the giants and a's were playing, well so far,
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49ers 0-6, raiders 2-4. a combined 2-10. not going to get it done and, in fact, we are going to know a lot about the rest of the raiders season tomorrow night. kansas city comes to town. of course, the chiefs and alex smith lost their first game last sunday but they come in after the raiders laid an egg against the lowly los angeles chargers. and the jack del rio -- as all coaches have to be, jack del rio is ever optimistic. >> you recognize just how close it is what a fine line it is in this league. and you fight to get on the right side of that line. that's where we are. but we believe we are we have a lot of strong men in this locker room and we'll keep battling and looking to better through the year. we need a big win and then we need to start stacking them. >> all right. stack 'em up starting thursday night. tomorrow. with the chiefs in town and alex smith. meanwhile, the 49ers are about as good a looking 0-6 team as
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you can get. if that's possible at all. they have an awesome 0-6. number 3 seed jay beat hard will take on the dallas cowboys at levi on sunday, the first start for beathard in the nfl. he comported himself well in the second half in particular against the redskins this past sunday. and the guy he looked up with on a regular basis is hawkeye, fellow hawkeye out of iowa tight end george kittle. >> he loves football almost anything more than life. he was a leader. like i said, he is cool, calm, confidence how he carries himself all the time. a really easy guy for people to look up to. >> all right. yeah. hawkeye rookies. >> they know each other, know the timing. >> the moves. >> best 0-16 ever. >> ever. >> good night. [ laughter ]
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