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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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october 19.i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your thursday weather. our first system of the year from the north. that is coming in. tonight for most unless you're up north then it will be this afternoon. the low clouds are in place. every reporting station says cloudy from santa rosa to napa and concord and san jose and everyone west. this front is getting closer. high humidity and also a westerly breeze. the altamont pass has gusts up to 44. los vaqueros reservoir, 43. black diamond, 1600 feet, 26 miles per hour. mount tam, 24. the wind is picking up in a southerly direction.
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morning drizzle and evening rain. maybe over a half inch in some areas to the north. low clouds making a major push from the system on its way. some of the rainfall in the north could exceed a half inch. about a quarter to a third for the rest of the area. maybe even a 10th down toward santa cruz. they have not trimmed back the forecast models on the amounts. 50s for the temperatures this morning. it's going to be a date where i think we are slow to clear if at all from those low clouds over the bay. tahoe has a winter weather advisory that will kick in tonight. snow is possible overnight around the 6000 foot level. subtropical moisture may come in but the system is mainly from the north. 60s and low 70s today. evening rain. we mostly have good traffic right now. it's early and people are taking advantage of the nice commute.
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580 westbound is going to be slow on the altamont pass. it's also slow on 205. this is a normal commute if you're driving from livermore to dublin. it's okay with a little slowing as you drive over to castro valley. there was a minor accident eastbound 580 at castro valley boulevard. we promised you a look at highway 4. pittsburg and antioch look pretty good this morning. driving from antioch all the way out to concord, 680 and 24, all are off to a good start. 880 north- and southbound also looks good as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. the plaza is light. a san francisco police officer is in critical condition after a suspect intentionally hit the officer with a car and took off. jana katsuyama has more on that injured officer and the suspect that was captured. >> reporter: the call of an
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officer down brought san francisco police rushing to help pick the officer, part of the bike patrol, had been hit by a suspect driving a lexus suv on turk street between van ness and franklin at 12:21 pm. police say this happened during a firearms violation investigation. >> officers observed a suspect in a vehicle they believed was in possession of a firearm. it appears the suspect became aware of the officer's presence and fled the scene and the vehicle. >> reporter: the suspect took off and shortly after officers found alexis abandon on the golden gate park panhandle. the front end had damage to the left bumper, light and rearview mirror. a neighbor said her husband saw the suspect removing a vast, throwing it in the backseat and removing the front license plate and running off. that prompted a search at nearby bonavista park. police told residents to shelter in place. around 3:30 pm, police found the suspect in the tenderloin on ellis street.
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ktvu arrived as officers escorted the man with a blue shirt and hair tied back to a police vehicle. one witness said he saw the suspect minutes before the arrest and said he gave up quietly. >> he was standing against the building, the apartment building. the policeman walked up to him. before you know it, cars were everywhere. >> reporter: police say the officer has been with the department for four years. he's now in intensive care with grave injuries. >> everyone is having a tough time with this. i asked the public to keep the officer in their prayers. >> the san francisco district attorney said no criminal charges will be filed against police officers in the shooting of jessica williams. williams was shot in may 2016 while driving a stolen car.
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the da report found she tried to drive toward an officer who then opened fire and williams was shot and killed. police chief greg suhr reside within hours and a growing backlash over police use of force in the city. a jury was chosen in the trial of the undocumented immigrant charged in the shooting of kate stein two years ago. six men and six women, three of whom are immigrants, will decide the fate of jose ines garcia-zarate with opening arguments scheduled for monday. he has pled not guilty to second-degree murder and has said he found the gun and it went off accidentally killing kate steinle. garcia-zarate has been deported five times and was facing deportation when the shooting occurred. the fbi's nationwide sting of sex traffickers led to 120 arrests around the country including several in the bay area. the sweep started a week ago in the bay area. four pence were arrested or cited.
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12 men were cited or arrested for soliciting prostitutes and police say they rescued two victims of sex trafficking including a 17-year-old. the fbi says those victims are getting help from victim services programs and other agencies. nearly 900 firefighters are now battling the fire in the santa cruz mountains. it has grown to 300 acres in and around boulder creek. four buildings have been destroyed. we understand there most likely homes. seven firefighters have been hurt. at one point fire crews had to stop using one of the most effective tools in fighting the fire. all air operations were suspended when a drone flew into the fire zone. >> it is a tight airspace. if we were to strike that drone it could cause damage to our equipment or if the drone would crash, it could spark another fire. >> the drone operator could be cited for flying in an area
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that is off-limits. firefighters say the weather can change quickly which is one of the biggest problems they face. >> anytime there is wind, fire has the potential to spread. we use helicopters and aircraft to stop the spread of the fire. >> the santa cruz sheriffs office said a boulder creek man was trying to take advantage of the fire situation. marlon coy was arrested for suspension of looting and will be charged with burglary during a state emergency. fire crews are battling flames in the north bay and are making progress. the tubbs, atlas and nuns fire are at least 80% contained. the pocket fire is 63% contained. fire crews are focusing on searching degree, trying to find people still listed as missing. officials confirm 42 people have died in the fires. 6800 buildings, mostly homes, have been destroyed. the sonoma county sheriff flew
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over the burn zone and was stunned by what he saw. >> we were up in the air for a long time and i cannot believe how much burned damage and how many houses were burned. i say that because i want people to understand that fires is doing a great job of shutting this down but it's not going to go away. we will deal with this for months and years in the county. >> more than 5000 firefighters are on the lines in the north bay. that is down from 11 we will deal with this for months and years in the county. >> more than 5000 firefighters are on the lines in the north bay. that is down from 11,000 last week. some of those fire crews have been released, sent to fight the fires in the santa cruz mountains. the white house said president trump has no immediate plans to visit california to see the devastation. the president tweeted about the wildfires for the first time yesterday saying "our hearts are with all affected by the wildfires in california. and thinking first responders and fema." president trump to travel to houston and puerto rico after the hurricanes. a family in santa rosa is suing pg&e.
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accusing the company of causing the north bay fires. 2 investigates candace nguyen has more on that lawsuit and the response from pg&e. >> i cannot explain to you how devastating it is to come back to your house of 30 years to a pile of ash. >> reporter: wayne and jennifer harvell say when they bought their home 30 years ago it was just a lot. >> now we are back to a lot on a map. everything of any value to us personally was in that house. >> and if there's some responsibility to be borne by pg&e or whoever, when you to find out. >> reporter: about a lawsuit against pg&e. the attorney said it's likely the first of multiple from other fire victims. the lawsuit alleges the fire was caused by the utility company's negligence in maintaining its electric lines and surrounding vegetation. although cal fire has yet to determine a cause of the fire, robins says they were concerned about waiting too long to file.
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>> we are concerned about the typical things were always concerned about in major litigation like this. preservation of evidence. we are also concerned about the time it takes to go through the procedural process to be able to start discovery. >> be advised that our power lines down into transformer blown. >> reporter: 2 investigates went through dispatch audio recorded the first few hours of the fire started. they revealed dozens of reports of downed pg&e lines, blown transformers and flames. pg&e said its equipment was impacted but pointed to the extreme wind and weekend trees. the family said they did not see any lines down as they escape their home. >> i have no idea exactly where the fire was because you could barely breathe or see. >> reporter: when asked about the lawsuit, pg&e responded in part -- as the fires continue to burn, we are focused on
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supporting firefighting efforts to contain the fires and protect life and property. we aren't going to speculate about the causes of the fires and will cooperate with the reviews by any relevant regulator or agency. >> is happened to a lot of our neighbors. i'm sure there will be more stepping forward. >> reporter: in regard to the concern about preservation of evidence, last friday state regulators told trent dirty to preserve all evidence of field poles, conductors in any equipment possibly connected to the fires. >> that investigation is just beginning. grief and shock after the wildfires. giving emotional support to the evacuees and those who lost loved ones and homes is coming up. tax cuts. obamacare payments and a controversy over the president's contacting family members appalling u.s. service members. i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have more on all of that just ahead.
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if you are looking at ebay area bridge to use this morning, right now it looks good. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge heading to the peninsula. the wind is picking up but this time it's from the west and southwest. low clouds are in place. in the altamont pass, gusts up to 44 miles per hour.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. republicans in congress
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are trying to keep their eye on the ball moving forward with the tax cut agenda. >> congress has a growing to do list and from's latest battles or adding to that. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: president trump meets with his secretary of state at the white house today to talk about foreign affairs. but his domestic agenda is not easy to figure out either. >> we are here to discuss our plans to deliver historic tax cuts for american families. >> reporter: the president try to nudge congress on tax cuts and there was some optimism among republicans. >> the tax relief needs to be about delivering tax cuts to middle income families. >> reporter: other issues are popping up for congress. a bipartisan plan to reinstate disputed obamacare payments that the president recently cut was in limbo after the president voiced his disapproval. a seeming reversal the democrats reveled in. >> the number one reason we
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don't do things is not mitch mcconnell or the democrats, but the president cannot make up his mind how he feels on any issue. >> reporter: and another distraction for the white house, accusation the president has been in sensitive when reaching out to the families of fallen service members. congresswoman frederica wilson said she was with the widow of sergeant la david johnson. >> he said to the wife, well, i guess he knew what he was getting into. how insensitive can you be? >> i do not say what the congresswoman said. she knows it. 5:16 am. the man suspected of shooting and killing three coworkers in maryland is in jail this morning. federal agents arrested radee prince and delaware. police say yesterday morning prince shot five coworkers at a kitchen countertop business in maryland and killed three. investigators say he drove to a car dealership in delaware and
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shot and injured another man he knew. he was arrested last night by police in delaware who found him walking down the street. california sparta exam is difficult and will stay that way. 43% of the people who took the bar exam in 2016 passed it. that is the lowest rate of 32 years, lower than the rates in other states. potential lawyers have complained but the state supreme court said that the downward trend appeared to be part of a national pattern and there is no need to lower the standards. the justices said it may change the past stand in the future but for now the bar should analyze the exam it self to see whether changes are necessary. sal raises the bar, he is the best traffic reporter in the business. >> dave, my goodness, that check i sent you must have arrived.[ laughter ] thank you.
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we are looking at a nice commute. i think the people in gilroy will be happy with me because traffic is moving well this morning moving from gilroy and morgan hill into san jose. highway 17 remains open even though there is firefighting to be had in the santa cruz mountains. 17 has remained open in both directions. and you get to the main part of the santa clara valley, sunnyvale and saratoga, it looks good on northbound 280 and 101. here's a look interstate 880 in oakland. traffic is moving along nicely. we do have a look at the commute on westbound bay bridge. it is doing very well. there was an injury accident reported westbound highway 4 at interstate 80. it is on the right hand
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shoulder but medics are on the way. we will give you an update on that the next time we talk. one of your super commutes is the tracy? 44 mile-per-hour wind at the altamont pass. they are out of the west and southwest. it is in onshore breeze and the low clouds are charging inland. even travis shows partly cloudy. low clouds have lifted. this will help the firefighters down in the santa cruz mountains. the altamont pass, 44. los vaqueros reservoir 32. mount tam, 24. drizzle this morning. low clouds in place. mainly on the coast and they will have drizzle. the system will make it down toward monterey. you can see the push on the low clouds for monterey and up and
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down the coast. this is courtesy of this system coming in. some rainfall projections look good. napa county and personal marin county in sonoma county, upwards of a half inch of rain or more. i seen some projections that are higher than that. south of that for the peninsula , the east bay and the santa cruz mountains, lesser amounts but still measurable. let's hope that holds true. 40s up there. upper 30s and low 40s. the higher humidity, much better than yesterday. 89%. 88%. 90%. more of a southerly breeze or west and southwest for most locations. all of this is beneficial. 50s for the temperatures. they will probably not change much. woodside, 46. 50, atherton. moss beach, 53.
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pacifica, 52. fremont, 56. the wind has finally turned instead of a easter northeast, we have a south in vacaville with gusts up to 20. low clouds will be slow to retrieve. 46, ukiah. later this afternoon in the sierra and tonight. a winter it by -- a winter weather advisory kicks in tonight. in advance of that there could be some very windy winds. late tonight into early friday, 3-six dig inches of snow around 6000 feet. there is moisture from the west and southwest taking aim toward southern california. there is cold air digging in on the backside of this. this will move in later this evening. afternoon rain in the north and evening rain for those to the south. that will not be until friday morning and then it will kick out.
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this system does not really show up until 5:00 for many. by 7:00 it moves southward. but 10:00 it will move southward but it's just beginning to move into the sierra overnight. this takes us into friday morning. that's why the winter weather advisory is out. there could be some unstable air showers coming in behind this to the north. upper 60s and low 70s for the temperatures. temperatures continue to cool off tomorrow. air quality will be fantastic on friday and saturday as we get rid of that smoke and haze. water on sunday and monday. renters and the east bay spoke out last night against new housing developments they say will push out people and affordable housing. we have details about this open forum.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. governor brown issued an executive order to speed up the fire recovery efforts in northern california. this includes sonoma, napa and mendocino county. it also includes provisions to suspend planning and zoning requirements and suspends state fees for mobile home parks. it also prevents landlords another business owners from price gouging. like raising rents by more than 10%. the order includes hiring more workers for recovery operations.
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fire crews are gaining control over the fires burning in mendocino and lake county where eight people died. the evacuation warning for the redwood valley fire has been lifted. that fire burned more than 36,000 acres and is 80% contained. the sulfur fire is now 94% contained. it has been limited to 2200 acres. more than 400 buildings were destroyed in those two fires. later this morning, almost 10 million californians will take part in the world biggest earthquake drill. at 10:19 am, people will take cover for the great california shakeout. the annual earthquake drill began in california in 2008 to help people get ready for quakes. the idea is to drop, cover and hold on. the bay area is home to the san andreas fault and six other significant fault zones.
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the very slow recovery underway for people who lost their homes. they are beginning to file claims with their insurance companies. a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed in the east bay. the very emotional vigil for him as police search for his killer.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, october 19. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve for a look at the forecast. the rain is moving in this evening but we do have a drizzle. humidity is up to my temperatures are cooler and wind is from the west. the low clouds are making a major push. this time is not a north dorr northeast breezes, is from the west and southwest. 44 miles per hour and altamont pass. 32 out of los vaqueros reservoir. the low clouds are picking up. there making the best push i've seen in a long time. there is hours system but it's now approaching the north coast. the should be decent rain in the north where up to a half- inch could fall in the next 24 hours. lesser amounts in the south but it will be measurable down
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toward alder creek. 40s for the temperatures in the santa cruz mountains. the low clouds have lifted so the humidity is higher with wind out of the south. 80% and 90% humidity with temperatures in the 40s. we have low clouds and local drizzle. 50s for the temperatures. west or a southwind. this is a front direction that will pick up later. the sierra nevada is okay now but later tonight a winter weather advisory starts. overnight around 6500 feet coming 3-6 inches of snow. this system will show up later here. later tonight i think we will get some rain. 60s and 70s for the temperatures today. we have a look at traffic getting busier on interstate 80 westbound if you're driving in
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solano county. we will start with the solano county super commute and look at 80 westbound. the traffic between the vacaville, fairfield and vallejo looks pretty good. slowing on 80 heading out to the 780 interchange. 37 traffic is also getting slower heading west over to highway 121. no problems on 80 westbound on the bridge but i do see slow traffic. at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. i'm looking to see if there is a stall on the bridge. i want to mention there is an accident westbound 4 at highway 80. that is on the right hand shoulder. let's go back to the desk. these past 10 days have been traumatic for thousands of people. psychologists say it's important for people to recognize the effects of grief and trauma after a disaster like this. >> you also have tremendous
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headaches. you may not want to eat it. you may have stomach aches. all of those symptoms happen when you have experienced trauma and also a huge loss. >> they say survivors are experiencing more than grief and if they are dwelling on their near death experience of having night mares and physical symptoms, those may be signs of posttraumatic stress disorder. >> i'm busy. i keep myself busy. there are things i need to do and they need to be done. >> health official say sadness, grief, anxiety and guilt are all emotions to be expected. most people will move through them but if not, counseling can help. experts say children grieve differently from adults so parents need to watch the behavior of children and spend a lot of time with them. children take their cues from their parents and you should share your feelings. coming up today on the 9,
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we will have a psychologist in our studio to talk about help for those living through this disaster. the immediate fire emergency is over at most north bay neighborhoods but now the long process begins of filing insurance claims to rebuild. insurance companies have a mobile response teams out there to help those in need. as many are finding out, insurance claims are complicated, not easy to understand and often bureaucratic and a lot of money is involved. the state of california has put the insurance industry on notice and expects customers to get what they paid for in a timely manner. >> i think that this is a great opportunity for insurance companies to show how responsive they are to the community's need and the needs of the individual policyholders. i would hate to have a big story about an insurance company that is not being there for people during and of -- a vulnerable time.
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>> a state insurance agent had to evacuate his home in santa rosa. he and his kids, their dog and some friends camped out in his office. wow evacuated, he was taking calls from clients, answering questions about claims and also trying to calm nerves. sonoma county officials are holding two meetings to discuss getting people safely back into neighborhoods. the first meeting starts at 1 pm at the sonoma veterans memorial building. that is on first street in sonoma. the second is tonight at the santa rosa high school gym starting at 6:00. both meetings are expected to last about 2 hours and will include information about cleaning up property and identifying licensed contractors to deal with hazards. one woman died, two are hospitalized in critical condition after a house fire in oakland's lakeshore neighborhood. fire crews were called to the home on palmer avenue around
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11:20 pm tuesday night. firefighters say six people lived there including two children. the woman who died has been identified as dora watley. oakland fire officials say the cause is still under investigation. the family of a 13-year-old boy from oakland is looking for answers after he was shot and killed. police say eighth grader, anibal andres ramirez , received a text message last tuesday at 9:51 pm to meet a friend on seminary avenue. police say his body was found on a bench in the same area. he had been shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at the scene. last night a vigil was held in his memory and a former teacher said no one can understand why this happened. >> i think everybody is in shock. he was young and he was very quiet. he was a good kid. i don't think anybody expected this to happen. it's unreal. even if he was out here
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drinking a coffee, it would not matter. why are we hurting each other? we are all minorities, most of us. why is that what is okay? >> ramirez and his family are from guatemala and have been living in the country for about a year. a vigil last night also doubled as a fundraiser for the family. police say ramirez is the city's youngest homicide victim this year. no suspect information has been released. prisoners at four area jails are staging a hunger strike and getting support. [ chanting ] >> these demonstrators marched in downtown oakland and supporter prisoners at alameda and santa clara county. included family members and friends of the inmates. they say the prisoners are facing inhumane conditions behind bars. along with often cruel solitary confinement. they say it's time for a change.
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>> on this date in history, seven generation from today will look back on us at this moment at this time and they will judge us on what we do and they will judge us on what we don't do. spend inmates and santa clara county staged a similar a year ago. oakland affordable housing advocates are voicing opposition to a developer. at city hall the oakland planning commission listen to critics and supporters of haber and jacobson contraction. the company has been criticized for allegedly ignoring request for repairs and then moving renters out to build new residential buildings. >> right now what's going on is they want to convert the people of oakland to a different class of people in this project is designed to do that very thing. we need to fight it. >> supporters of the developers also spoke and said the company is building badly needed housing for the bay area while offering what they call
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affordable rents. the death toll from california's hepatitis a outbreak is up to 19. one week after governor brown issued a health state of emergency. 500 people statewide have contracted hepatitis a since november. most cases are in san diego. so far a couple of cases have been seen in san francisco and santa cruz. no deaths have been reported in the bay area. the homeless are most at risk from hepatitis a which is spread by bad hygiene. still ahead this morning, insurance for gun owners. coming up, what the nra is pushing and how it could protect someone involved in a shooting. how hot was it? the numbers are in and we will tell you about 2017 stacks up when you talk about overall global temperatures. things are getting busy in the bay area.
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highway 24 is not too bad. there is a backup at the bay bridge because of a stalled vehicle. it won't be hot today. we have a big fog bank in place with a drizzle. rain is on the way.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . a number of stories we are following this morning including the battle of the santa cruz fire. we are hoping to check in with christien kafton in a moment. let's check with sal on the traffic. i'm hoping 17 has not been impacted too badly by the fires. >> it hasn't although there is firefighting at to be the nearby. highway 17 remains open and so does highway 9 in the boulder creek area.
5:43 am
were going to start in tracy. we have slow traffic on 580 and 205. it's pretty slow. speeds less than 15 miles per hour on some of those stretches. from livermore to dublin, it looks okay. a little slowing on 238 approaching 580. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. when you get to the bay bridge, they were clearing a stalled vehicle. a stalled band was on the bridge. look at all the slow traffic at the bay bridge. if you're used to seeing this, like i am, this is not moving as well as it normally does. we will picked the delay up from 15 up to 30 minutes at the toll plaza. here is a shot of the bridge. is stalled fan was about right here. i think it's gone. i think it is beginning to recover on the bridge. as i like to say, the damages done. -- the damage is done.
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we do have fog in place. there is also local drizzle and it's leading to some rain but not until later. in advance of that we finally get higher humidity and cooler temperatures. higher humidity in the form of fog. it looks like this system is showing signs of holding together and giving measurable amounts of rain all the way down to the santa cruz mountains. altamont pass, gusts up to 44. los vaqueros reservoir, 32. mount tam, 24. the low clouds are searching inland. have lifted because the front is on the way. that system is just approaching , knocking on the door. this is crescent city in humboldt county. rainfall looks to be good, especially north of santa rosa in calistoga.
5:45 am
this is the euro model projection on rainfall. i've seen upwards of 9/10 by the gfs. it could be a little more than that. i think a quarter to a half should cover. south of santa rosa and southern napa and marin county in san francisco and oakland, about a quarter to in san francisco and oakland, about a 1:45 tenths of an inch. san jose, 14 100s. boulder creek, 41 hundredths. that's the way it looks. 40s on the temperatures but humidity is up and the fog has come in. the wind has turned more west, southwest or southerly in advance of the system. 80%, 90% humidity. yesterday the fog was hot at the coast but it has lifted and it's moving into the santa cruz mountains. and is moving out to the valley. mostly 50s for the temperatures.
5:46 am
south wind in the delta. we are setting the stage for a pattern change. cooler and cloudy with rain moving in. for the sierra, snow tonight. 11 pm until 11 am tomorrow thursday winter weather advisory. up to 6 inches around the 6500 foot level. this system has some cold air support behind it. the timing looks to be later. cloudy with drizzle in the morning. afternoon rain to the north an evening rain for everyone else into friday morning. it may take a while for the system to clear. by 10:00 tonight, it starts to push south. it doesn't kick in until after midnight in the sierra. in the santa cruz mountains, it should be there overnight into early tomorrow morning. that could be some showers shouldered on with the cool and unstable air to the north. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. this will be one of the cooler
5:47 am
days. tomorrow it will be cooler with a northwest wind and great air quality. which is much needed. >> we can definitely use that. more and more people are starting to walk the dog and get out and about. it's been a rough week for everybody. we do continue to hear stories of amazing courage by people during the north bay firestorm. doctor scott witt is one of those heroes. he is the director of sutter santa rosa regional hospital's neonatal icu. when he got a call at 2 am saying both his house in santa rosa and his hospital were threatened by fire, he put his family in a car and told them to leave. he jumped on his motorcycle and headed to the hospital. he helped evacuate newborn babies by ambulance to another hospital six miles away. >> incredible. amazing. it makes me proud. they are worried about their own family but yet they stayed
5:48 am
here. >> if my baby was in the hospital, i'm a little biased, but i will want them to be enhanced like scott's. >> the doctors home was destroyed in the fire but he and his family say they are happy they are safe. the hospital is now calling doctor witt the james dean of neonatal. that fire in the santa cruz mountains is still growing but it is moving at a slower rate this morning. it has burned 300 acres and is 15% contained.>> christien kafton is that the command center. you are there and in the last 24 hours the fire crews had to deal with more than flames then -- and weather. >> they had to do with activity from people in the area including a drone that was spotted in the area. >> reporter: that stop some of the aerial assaults they were able to make for about an hour. aircrews were able to get back
5:49 am
to work but they lost precious time. this is a situation where minute really do count. the fire grew slightly over the last 24 hours from 271 acres and is now estimated at 300 acres. containment has increased up to 15%. and all, four structures have burned. 150-200 homes are still in danger. evacuation orders are still in effect for deer creek areas and also some areas along bear creek road. the fire is still burning in steep, inaccessible terrain and that is the reason why that aerial support is critical and why that drone wasn't unwelcome and illegal element. >> it is a very tight airspace. if we were to strike that drone and cause damage to our equipment or if the drone were to crash, it could spark another wildfire which we do not want. >> reporter: work crews were working through the night
5:50 am
trying to shore up lines and increase containment. santa cruz county sheriff deputies have confirmed they arrested a boulder creek man accused of looting $15,000 worth of jewelry and a bicycle from a home inside the evacuation zone. at this point we are waiting for sign up to get a sense of how this fire grew and developed overnight. firefighters are hoping the forecast does hold. the good is rain. we are hearing that rain is expected here in the santa cruz mountains but in advance of that rain, they are predicting wind. the wind could be problematic. it could help propel embers and help fuel the flames. it is a bit of a mixed bag. they are hoping on balance. once they get the rain, that will cool the fire down and prevent it from spreading and possibly put some parts out. we are expecting a media briefing around 7 am. we hope to learn more details at that time about how the fire
5:51 am
developed overnight and find out what they are expecting for the remainder of the day. >> we will be taking that information in. do you know -- i know they say four structures. it started with one house. do we know if those structures are all homes? do you know how close the fire is now two other homes? >> reporter: at this point, no. we need to get that briefing to get that information to find out what the latest is on where this fire is and how close it is. we are still under an evacuation for some areas. they think if the wind does come up, this fire could grow quickly and be pushed in those directions. as for those homes, he repeatedly said they are four structures. we have heard it's one home. one woman said her home was lost
5:52 am
. but when they see structures, they could be talking about anything from a garage to a barn or an outbuilding. at this point they say they are focusing efforts on increasing containment. they are focusing efforts on trying to extinguish the fire with a can and laying down lines and protecting homes that are still in danger. we will be back with more news app to this. -- news after this.
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welcome back. the raiders take on the kansas city chiefs at the coliseum tonight. the raiders are coming off a loss to the chargers. they faced a very tough chief team. the raiders and chargers are tied for last place in their division. the raiders had a short week but coach jack del rio said they made the best of it. >> they recognize how close it is, what a final line it is in this leak and you fight to get on the right side of that line. that's where we are. we believe we have a lot of strong men in this locker room. we will keep battling and look to be better as we go through the year. we need a big win and then we need to start stacking them. >> kickoff is at 5:25 pm at the coliseum. it could also be the raiders debut of navarro bowman. the coach said the former 49er linebacker will probably be up to speed to play.
5:56 am
a rookie quarterback will try to do something his grandfather enjoyed doing, beating the dallas cowboys. we are talking about 49ers quarterback, c.j. beathard. he will make his first start sunday when the cowboys come to town. he is the grandson of bobby beathard who was a general manager from 1978 through 1988 for the redskins. during that time washington won three super bowls while competing with the cowboys in the nfc east. the game starts at one of 5 pm right here on ktvu fox 2. we are heading into our 6:00 hour and we are talking about some rain in the forecast. that will help firefighters but what about the air quality? we will have more on what to expect as you head out the door. police have been visible at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital as a fellow officer fights for his life this morning. we will have the latest on his condition and who is now in
5:57 am
custody. good morning. we have been looking at the bay bridge and right now, whatever was on the span is gone and things are beginning to improve. we will look at the toll plaza when we come back. low clouds are in place and some drizzle as well. it will be cooler today with rain later.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: a san francisco police officer struck by a car and is in serious condition this morning at san francisco general. more on the arrest police made in connection with this hit and run. evacuation order still in effect for parts of the santa cruz mountains. the latest on the bear fire and where firefighters are right now. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. thursday, october 19. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. i know where to find steve paulson. is right over here.
6:00 am
the fog is in and humidity is higher. firefighters are worried about the breeze. it's from the west and southwest. there may be some drizzle there but the rain won't get there until early tomorrow. we do have low clouds in place and morning drizzle. rain is on the way but that will be more for tonight. the wind has picked up in advance of that but it is west and southwest. altamont pass has the strongest i could find, 44 miles per hour. there is a major push on the low cloud deck in advance of the system. the system is now approaching the north coast. there could be rainfall to the north. up to a half inch the further north you go. lesser amounts in the south. any amount would be good. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. humidity is way up there. 88%, 90%. the wind is not that


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