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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the fog is in and humidity is higher. firefighters are worried about the breeze. it's from the west and southwest. there may be some drizzle there but the rain won't get there until early tomorrow. we do have low clouds in place and morning drizzle. rain is on the way but that will be more for tonight. the wind has picked up in advance of that but it is west and southwest. altamont pass has the strongest i could find, 44 miles per hour. there is a major push on the low cloud deck in advance of the system. the system is now approaching the north coast. there could be rainfall to the north. up to a half inch the further north you go. lesser amounts in the south. any amount would be good. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. humidity is way up there. 88%, 90%. the wind is not that strong but
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could pick up later as the front gets closer. low clouds of moved in everywhere. they are pushing into the valley. we will have a westerly breeze and southerly breeze in advance of the system with low clouds and drizzle. the wind will pick up in era and tonight there is a winter weather advisory until 11 am around 6000 feet. up to 6 inches of snow. the system has a way to go. it will get hereby this evening. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. we are looking at a lot of things. this is the peak of the morning commute. we will start with 80 westbound where traffic is going to be busy driving from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. 23 minutes is not a bad time. later in the morning it could double easily. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up for a 20 minute delay at this point.
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we had an earlier stalled vehicle on the upper deck that is now gone. traffic is moving along okay on the commute and san francisco along northbound and southbound 101. the commute on the san mateo bridge is going to be okay as you drive across. if you're on interstate 880, it's not bad. southbound 880 from hayward to fremont is well and so is the dumbarton bridge at this time. a san francisco police officer is in the hospital, fighting for his life after being hit by a car driven by a fleeing suspect.>> allie rasmus has the latest on what happened in the officer's condition. >> reporter: the officer, who is not been named by the san francisco police department, went through surgery last night. we're told he is in intensive care and his injuries are very serious. yesterday around 1230 -- 12:20 pm, police got a call about an officer drown -- officer down.
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this was part of a bicycle patrol unit. the officer was deliberately struck by a vehicle, a cream colored lexus suv. according to police they were about to question a man for a firearms violation. >> officers observed a suspect in a vehicle they believed was in possession of a firearm. it appears the suspect became aware of the officer's presence and fled the scene in the vehicle. >> reporter: about three hours after the hit-and-run, police arrested a man who they believe was the driver. the man was arrested in the tenderloin on ellis street. witnesses say it did not appear the man resisted arrest. police have not released the name of the suspect. as for the officer who was injured and is at san francisco general, we're told he's been with the department for the past four years. we are hoping to get an update on his condition later this morning.
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the san francisco district attorney says no criminal charges will be filed against police officers in the deadly shooting of jessica williams. she was shot in may 2016 while driving a stolen car. the da report found she tried to drive toward an officer who opened fire. ms. williams was shot and killed. the police chief, greg suhr, resigned within hours of her death and a growing backlash over police use of deadly force in the city. fire crews of battling the fires are making progress against fires in the north bay. the tubbs, atlas and nuns fire are at least 80% contained at this point. the pocket fire is 63% contained. now they are turning their attention to searching the debris for people who are still listed as missing.
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officials have confirmed at least 42 people died in the fires that started 11 days ago. 6800 holdings, mostly homes, have been destroyed. the sonoma county sheriff said he flew over the burn zone and was stunned by what he saw. >> we were in the air for a long time and i cannot believe how much burned damage and how many houses were burned. i want people to understand that fire is doing a great job. they are shutting this down but it's not going to go away. we will be dealing with this for months and years in the county. >> more than 5000 firefighters are still on the fire line. that is down from 11,000 last week. some fire crews have been released and sent to fight the fire in the santa cruz mountains. there is encouraging news for the families of children and young adults who attended the nova school in santa rosa. the school serves students on the high functioning end of autism. it was at the luther burbank center for the arts and was
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destroyed in the tubbs fire last week. parents were struggling with how to tell their kids, who often have a hard time dealing with changes. now the school's founder said the school will be rebuilt and other sonoma county schools have offered space to hold classes until the new school is ready for the students to return. air quality officials have declared another spare the air alert for today. the bay area air district said due to wildfires and changing wind patterns, the air quality will be unpredictable. >> people in the north bay, you are encouraged to stay in buildings that have filtered air like libraries or shopping malls until the smoke subsides and the air gets cleaner. 42 people were killed and thousands of homes lost. now those questions about the response from the white house. the growing frustration as thousands of firefighters continue to fight the flames in the north bay. insurance in case you shoot someone?
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the nra is launching a new program for gun owners. finally a change and a change that's favorable for cloud cover, drizzle and rain but not until later. more on that is coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . the white house said president trump has no immediate plans to visit california to see the devastation caused by the fires.
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the president tweeted about the wildfires for the first time yesterday saying our hearts are with all affected by the wildfires in california and thinking the first responders and fema. the president did go to houston and puerto rico after the hurricanes. a florida congresswoman who said president trump made an insensitive phone call to the widow of a soldier is now calling for an investigation into the circumstances of the soldiers's death. congresswoman frederica wilson said she was in the car with the widow of army sergeant la david johnson on tuesday. they were on their way to the miami airport to meet his coffin . the congresswoman said president trump told johnson's wife "he knew what he was signing up for. " the president denies her account of the phone call. >> i did not say what the congresswoman said. i did not say it at all. she knows it and she now is not saying it. i did not say what she said.
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and i'd like her to make the statement again. >> congresswoman wilson also said johnson's family has questions about his death. he was killed with three other soldiers in niger by isis linked militants in an ambush during an anti-terror operation. >> why were they not protected? how are they able to be able to overrun by terrorist? they are there to train the army. they did not go there to fight. this is mr. trump's benghazi and all of this about the widow is just a cover-up. >> congresswoman wilson is pushing for an investigation into the ambush but there is no word from the pentagon on when or if that will happen. president trump is pushing congress to act on tax reform. the president is meeting with members of congress looking for support on his tax reform plan. most republicans are on board
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but it's going to be hard to win support from democrats. >> the tax relief needs to be about delivering tax cuts to middle income families in this country. >> today the senate will vote on a budget resolution that if passed would allow republicans to pass tax reform legislation without the democrats. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. we do have a look at the freeways in the east bay. this is the busiest time of the morning for 80. if you are driving out to the macarthur maze, for example. 27 minute drives -- a 27 minute drive between the carquinez bridge and the maze which is pretty good. later in the morning i suspect this will double. it does not look great right now but it is sure to go up. this is a look at the bay bridge. traffic is crowded. we are not having a light day
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but at the least we do not have any major problems on major freeways. if you're trying to get to san francisco, northbound and southbound 101 look pretty good. there have been no major issues. on the san mateo bridge, traffic is going to be okay getting out to the high rise. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. it is looking good but southbound 880 is beginning to slow from 238 into union city. our weather has changed. that's a good thing. the timing on the rain looks to be later than sooner but there is drizzle in many locations and also some cloudy skies. that low cloud deck has made a july push. cloudy with rain later tonight. the winds will pick up from the south. 64 at kickoff. 62 after 7:00.
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cooler today. san jose, 73 yesterday, 68 today. the same thing for palo alto. today, 70 in concord. cloud cover is in place and so is the breeze. morning drizzle will give way to evening rain and overnight rain for some, especially for the south. gusts up to 44 at the altamont pass. 32 in suisun city. black diamond, 1600 feet, 26 miles per hour. mount tam, 24. look at the low cloud deck. that's the best we seen a long time. the system is getting closer and a so far holding together. cold air support is coming in on the backside. that will sweep through tomorrow morning which will improve air quality. the models are advertising decent rain. certainly north. a third to a half inch for some. not as much to the south.
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40s for the temperatures in the santa cruz mountains. boulder creek, the humidity is up at 88%. there is more of a westerly or southerly breeze. they do not want any strong wind at all but they will take the low cloud deck, high humidity and cooler temperatures. 50s for the temperatures. we have a west wind or southerly breeze in advance of the front. that will ramp up as the system gets closer. it's quiet and clear in the sierra but they will have increasing the wind and by tonight, a winter weather advisory kicks in at 11 pm until 11 am on friday. 3-6 inches of snow around 6500 feet. gusts around 60 and some of the passes before that. here's that system. it will eventually get here.
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let's hope it holds together to give us some rain. upper 60s and low 70s for some today. some areas on the coast could have a mild day but tomorrow the system will go through at the northwest wind kicks in. the air quality improves, it cools off. it will be warmer on sunday and monday. >> for the game tonight? >> maybe some rain during the second half. light rain. >> be prepared. take a jacket. lowering the bar for future lawyers. the reason passing exams will not get any easier in california. >> i got a call around 2 am. basically saying there was a fire encroaching on the hospital. we may have to evacuate. >> he is a hero. he is emerging from the flames. we will tell you how that doctors saved several babies as
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flames were threatening a hospital in santa rosa.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . we are following developing news in the santa cruz mountains. the fire is still burning. 300 acres have burned. >> pg&e seven -- christien
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kafton is live near the command center. there getting ready for an update and another day on the fire lines. >> reporter: another busy day and we've seen a big influx of vehicles and an uptick in a city -- and uptick in activity. you can see trucks moving in and out of position getting ready for another day where they are hitting the lines.ktvu was escorted by firefighters behind the fire lines and we got a look at the progress fire crews are making and the obstacles they are facing. fire crews over the last 24 hours -- the fire has increased to 300 acres. four structures have burned. 150-200 homes are still in danger. evacuation orders are still in effect. the fire is still
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burning in steep, inaccessible terrain. part of the reason the aerial support is so critical is because of this terrain. yesterday water drops had to be suspended after someone flew a drone into the area. fire crews did not want to damage their aircraft or hit the drone and cause a spark and maybe a new fire. air operations stopped for about an hour. >> the wind started picking up about the same time operations were canceled. anytime there's wind, fire has the potential to spread. we use those helicopters to stop the spread of the fire. >> reporter: fire crews work through the night to shore up lines and increase containment. santa cruz county sheriff is confirming they arrested a boulder creek man accused of looting $15,000 worth of jewelry from inside the evacuation zone. at this point we are waiting
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for son of. we are hoping they can begin that aerial survey as they have done in days past to get a sense of how this fire has developed overnight and what their plan of attack will be for the day. we are expecting a firefighter briefing around 7:00. in this picture you can see fire crews are moving and there's a lot of activity underway at the ben loman conservation camp. as you can imagine, a lot of back to midi and anticipation for the day. we expect to learn more at that firefighter briefing and will have more information at that point. i'm having some trouble with my earpiece so i don't think i will be able to hear you if you ask me anything. i will just end this here. >> he will update that story throughout the morning. in other news, the national rifle association has launched a new and controversial insurance program. it is for people who shoot
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someone. the nra's insurance called, carry guard, will offer coverage for civil and costs associated with self-defense shootings. gun-control advocates say the insurance could foster more violence and give gun owners a false sense of security to shoot first and ask questions later. they are urging the insurance companies that back to policies to drop out. a jury was chosen yesterday in the trial of the undocumented immigrant charged in the deadly shooting of kate steinle in san francisco two years ago. six men and six women, three of whom are immigrants, will decide the fate of jose ines garcia-zarate with opening arguments scheduled for monday. the 54-year-old has pled not guilty to second-degree murder and said he found the gun and it went off accidentally. garcia-zarate has been deported five times and was facing deportation when the shooting occurred. the family of a 13-year-old boy from oakland held a vigil last night. they are looking for answers
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about why he was shot and killed. police say eighth grader, anibal andres ramirez , received a text message last tuesday evening around 9:51 pm to meet a friend on seminary avenue in east oakland. his body was found on a bench in the same area. he had been shot several times and was pronounced dead at the scene. this former teacher said no one understands why this happened. >> i think everyone is in shock. he was young and very quiet. he was a good kid. i don't think anybody expected this to happen. it's unreal. even if he was out here drinking a coffee, it would not matter. why are we hurting each other? we are all minorities, most of us. why is that okay? >> ramirez and his family are from guatemala and have been in the country for about a year. the vigil was also a fundraiser for the family. oakland police say ramirez is the youngest homicide victim so far this year and there's no
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word yet about a suspect. uc berkeley police are investigating a sexual assault in a campus dorm room. according to police the victim said she was assaulted saturday at a cal residence hall on durant avenue. police say they victim at the male suspect at a fraternity party. investigators are looking for witnesses. so far they do not have a description of the alleged attacker. the fbi's nationwide sting of sex traffickers led to 120 arrests across the country including several in the bay area. the sweep started a week ago in the bay area. four pimps were arrested or cited. 12 men were cited or arrested for soliciting prostitutes and police rescued two victims of sex trafficking including a 17-year-old. the fbi said this victims are getting help from its victims services program and other agencies. california's bar exam for future lawyers is notoriously
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very hard and will stay that way for now. only 43% of the people who took the exam in july 2016 were able to pass. that is the lowest rate in 32 years and it's also lower than the success rates in other states. potential lawyers have complained about it but the state supreme court said yesterday that the downward trend appeared to be part of a broader, national pattern and there is no need to lower the standards. the court said it may change the passing standard in the future but for now the bar should analyze the exam itself to see whether changes are needed. 6:26 am. less red tape for fire victims. coming up, what the governor is doing to get assistance to the people who need it the most. >> reporter: this is a day focused on disaster preparedness. in a few hours millions across california will drop, cover and hold on, taking part in the great california shakeout. we are live on the google
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campus. we will go inside the big shaker, an earthquake simulator to remind you what you need to do to stay safe. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ that one. this. that one. ♪ ♪
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good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. thursday, october 19. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook.
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steve, we posted a little bit. we are celebrating 10 years with this man. can you believe he's been here 10 years? >> that's amazing. congratulations. >> the time flew by. if i could take lane for hiring you, i would. >> i did not realize that. congratulations. he is the young one. >> he is. we do have low clouds in place and drizzle. it will be a day or we have cloudy and mostly cloudy skies. we are waiting for the front to move in. it's on its way. temperatures in the 50s. yesterday we had some mid 40s in oakland. alameda, 56. 55 in the city. low clouds of balanced everything else. we do have a system on the way. i seen better looking systems
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but every model continues to paint some rain from north to south by late tonight and tomorrow. there is some drizzle in place. the breeze has picked up. altamont pass, 44 miles per hour.  los vaqueros reservoir, 20-30 miles per hour. a huge flock bank is on its way out to sacramento. this is getting colder support but the front will alive much later. heavier amounts of rain look to be in the north. a third to a half inch or more. south of that, maybe a tenth of an inch or a quarter inch. the low clouds of moved and and most locations of the humidity is up. 80%-90%. low clouds are filling in. the base has lifted from north to south. everyone is in on the low cloud deck. 40s and 50s for the temperatures.
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28, gust of 32 at travis. the delta breeze is awake and the low clouds will be slow to burn off. there is a winter weather advisory late tonight for about 3-6 inches of snow above the 6500 foot level in the sierra. the system is there. this will not come in until later this evening and overnight for most. 60s and 70s for the temperatures today. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute on the richmond bridge. we will start there. as your drive to the westbound approach, traffic will be backed up for about an 8 minute delay. by 8:00 we usually have a bigger backup. also looking at the east shore freeway. it keeps going up steadily. 37 minute. the last time i saw it it was
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29. 37 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. highway 24 is slower through lafayette and orinda. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see stop and go traffic for a 20 minute delay before you make it onto the span. in san francisco, north- and southbound 101 look good. 880 south is slowing down as you dry from 238 down to union city. 580 looks good in livermore. crews are gaining control over the fires burning in mendocino and lake county. the evacuation warning for the redwood valley fire has been lifted. the fire has burned 36,000 acres and is 80% contained.
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the sulfur fire, which started in lake county, is 94% contained. that fire has been limited to 2000 acres but eight people have died in those fires. 400 buildings have been destroyed. the sonoma county sheriff says 50 people are still on his missing persons list from the fire. crews are going through what's left of each home in the hardest hit neighborhoods. they spent hours yesterday in the fountain grove section of santa rosa. he found the remains of one person. that increased the death toll to 42. in addition to looking for fire victims, crews are also collecting valuable items that can be returned to residents. the sheriff said there are still five people listed as missing in napa. at one point more than 2000 were listed as missing in the north bay fires. governor brown issued an executive order to speed up the fire recovery efforts in north carolina -- northern
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california. that includes sonoma, napa and mendocino county. it also includes provisions to suspend planning and zoning requirements and also suspend state fees for mobile home parks. it also prevents people from price gouging, raising rents more than 10%. the order includes hiring more workers for recovery operations. these past 10 days have been traumatic for thousands of people. psychologists say it's important for people to recognize the effects of grief and trauma after a disaster like this. >> you also have tremendous headaches. you may not want to eat. you may have stomach aches. all of those symptoms that happen when you have experienced trauma and also the huge loss. >> sonoma county behavioral health had 120 clinicians
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spread across 24 shelters at the peak of the crisis. they say survivors are experiencing more than grief. if they are dwelling on their near death experiences or having nightmares and physical symptoms, those may be signs of posttraumatic stress disorder. >> i am busy. i keep myself busy. there are things i need to do and need to be done. >> health official say sadness coming grief, anxiety and guilt or emotions to be expected and most people will move through those. if not, canceling can help. experts say children grieve differently from adults. parents need to watch the behavior of children and spend a lot of time with them. children also take their cues from parents so you should share your feelings as well. today on the 9, we will have a psychologist in our studio to talk more about getting help for those living through the disasters. a doctor in santa rosa is being called a hero for his
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quick action on the night the deadly tubbs fire broke out. tara moriarty has the story of doctor scott witt. he went on a dangerous mission to save newborn babies from the flames. >> she is disable. >> reporter: the rescue by first responders during the santa rosa firestorm has been nothing short of heroic. doctor scott whitcomb director of sutter regional hospital's neonatal icu never thought he would be pulling off a harrowing rescue to save babies. >> i got a call around 2 am. basically saying that there was fire encroaching on the hospital. we may have to evacuate. >> reporter: the doctor told his family to leave their home as flames left at the edges of the hospital. >> i left in my truck but cannot get far because the freeway already had flames going across the. >> reporter: the doctor did what any unassuming physician in charge of evacuating eight preemies might do. he switched his truck or his bmw.
6:38 am
motorcycle, that is. >> in california you can split lanes so i went down the middle and got passed everybody. >> reporter: 4' 4" miles he weaved through traffic, slid through gravel and road on the shoulder. >> a lot of wind and debris flying in the air. >> reporter: you can see how close the fire got to the hospital. when the doctor arrived he and his staff loaded the babies into ambulances to be transported to a hospital six miles away. it took three hours for several trips. >> incredible. amazing. it makes me proud. they were worried about their own families and yet they stayed here. >> reporter: the doctor's mission was not over. he rode to another hospital tailing an ambulance closely. >> there were live power lines we had to roll over. >> he said he felt the babies needed him. >> if my baby was in the hospital i would totally want them to be in hands like scott
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>> reporter: the family home is a loss but they do have each other and things are now back to normal at the hospital where doctor witt is being called the james dean of neonatal. >> is not really my personality. it's more of a, you have to get done what has to be done. >> we love him, pam. >> those of the people you want to be doctors. the world's largest earthquake drill takes place later this morning. >> part of that drill, millions will drop, cover and hold on it during the great california shakeout. alex savidge is in mountain view at google headquarters. tell us how we can prepare for the next big quake? >> reporter: good morning. today, with a great california shakeout happening again, the ninth year this has gone on, the focus is on preparing for a disaster, specifically an earth quake. we are on the google campus this morning inside the big shaker. we've done this before.
6:40 am
this is a realistic earthquake simulator. i'm here with janet ruiz with the insurance information institute. thank you for being with me. what do people need to remember today when the shaking starts? >> the important thing you need to do is drop, cover your head and hold on. >> there you go. >> reporter: okay. and i think the shaking has stopped. >> it is. now we look around and make sure it's safe to get up. >> reporter: how do i know it's safe to start moving around? if i'm in my home or in my bed and this happens in the middle of the night? >> if we had tvs are glass fall, we will not -- we would want to make sure we did not get cut. we did have some plastic glasses. if these were glass, they could have broken. that's why we covered all our
6:41 am
extremities to make sure we did not get cut or hurt. >> reporter: that was a 7.0. that was a pretty good shake. and like real earthquakes, obviously there is no warning ahead of time. you don't know when that will hits. that is the point of today. 10 million people across our state will take part in this disaster preparedness drill. one important thing is to make sure you have an emergency kit ready. talk about some of the things people should have in that kit and the most important things to have? >> the most important thing in the kit -- you want your emergency drinking water, a light stick, you may need a poncho if there is bad weather. we have matches and a flashlight. these are ones that are solar and chargeable. >> reporter: today, people are going to do what we just did.
6:42 am
drop, cover and hold on across the state. at schools and businesses and universities and people at home can also take part. this happens at 10:19 am. everyone across the state will take part in the shakeout. they will get under their desks or dropped to the floor, cover and hold on. to me. we've had some wildfires in our state. many disasters unfolding in the north bay beyond earthquakes. part of the message is preparing for any disaster and being ready to go at a moments notice. >> it really is. you need to prepare and plan and practice. it's not intuitive when a disaster strikes. when you find out there is wildfire coming down your street or when you find out you are shaking and you need to drop, cover and hold on. you need to have practiced that ahead of time. it's going to be easier.
6:43 am
your intuition is to run in an earthquake but you really want to drop. dropping is important. >> reporter: thank you very much. again, we are here this morning on the campus of google and mountain view were all the employees are going to be dropping, covering and holding on at are going to be dropping, covering and holding on at 10:19 am. back to you guys. >> it's always a great thing to practice and be prepared. one thing i am reminded of this week, have your gas tank full. >> good advice. >> do not leave an empty. a warning for students at stamford coming up at 7:00. the reason you may want to watch what you leave inside your car when you park on or near campus. next, a health risk hiding in the debris of burned out homes. what fire victims need to know before you clean up. and what's happening later today.
6:44 am
also it's game day. how the raiders hope to break a losing streak tonight.
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6:46 am
welcome back. many fire victims and the north bay are starting to dig through the ashes of their homes. that can pose a health risk. >> on the phone with us is scott alonso from the sonoma department of health services. good morning. >> good morning. >> what could be out and that
6:47 am
debris? >> well, there could be quite a few things. asbestos is one of our top concerns. there could also be cleaning materials from households, electronics like a tv or refrigerators. large-scale appliances. all those items can contain toxic materials, especially if they've been burned and you're trying to touch them or remove them yourself without the proper equipment or expertise. they can release toxins into the air. it could harm you, your children and your family. we are encouraging folks to not remove the toxic ash and not remove the debris unless it's in small amounts. if there is a large amount of debris when you come home and you've suffered fire damage, you need to work with us. we are here to help you. we have a state cleanup plan and licensed contractors coming in to help us with this
6:48 am
recovery process. >> i know we've talked about jeopardizing your fema assistance as well going through some of that stuff. i'm sure it's overwhelming, there are so many people affected but i can only imagine people really wanting to look through to see if there's anything left they can salvage, any personal mementos or jewelry -- other people helping them with gloves and masks so they can do some of that? >> we would encourage folks if they do plan to do that to do it safely. one folks are reentering evacuation areas, depending on what type of law enforcement checkpoint they are going through, they will be given a mask. they need to wear proper safety equipment. there is a risk if they decide to sift through that ash on their own. we want folks to be aware of that. we want folks to recover. we want folks to get back to their homes but we want people to be safe and we want public health to be protect did.
6:49 am
with our partners at the state and federal levels, we can work together to accomplish that. it will take some time but we are encouraging folks. we have two community meetings today. one at 1:00 in sonoma and 6:00 in santa rosa to learn more about debris removal efforts. we will have representatives from state, federal and local agencies to walk them through this process. >> a very important meeting. thank you. there will be contractors and so many things involved in all of this. scott aloma -- scott alonso. thank you for joining us. let's check in and see what's coming in on the next hour. good morning. coming up, a look into what happens to the mind after the body shows no signs of life. what researchers found after studying people who suffered cardiac arrest. technically they died but were later revived. what they found about their awareness about events that was
6:50 am
verified by the medical and nursing staff present at the time. we are 12 days from halloween. pam and dave, our dining room table is a mess of cardboard, glue guns and construction paper as we craft the perfect costumes. if you would rather not do that, we will share a list of the top searched halloween costumes this year including the top searched costume here in the bay area. the stories and more. i will see you in a few minutes. >> you make your customs, right? >> absolutely not. my husband makes all the costumes and always has. >> the more i learned about your husband, the more i love him. >> the cloning experiment has not worked yet but when it does -- i will pass that on. let's check in with sal. there must be some costume preparation going on at your
6:51 am
house as well. >> there is. there is glue all over the place. i know what she means. let's start off with highway 24 westbound. you can see traffic is much busier. more people are getting on the road and contra costa county in the last hour. we've also seen slow traffic on highway 4, mostly through the pittsburg and bay point area and into concord. at the bay bridge toll plaza, a 25 minute delay approaching the bridge. there have been no problems in the past hour. the san mateo bridge traffic is also moderately heavy. you can look at the same area on a map and see traffic gets better when you reach the peninsula. the dumbarton bridge is slow almost all the way across. even before you get on the span from newark it's slow. under cloudy two mostly cloudy skies. the low cloud deck is being pushed in by a system that's on
6:52 am
the way. it is showing signs of sticking around through tonight and into early tomorrow morning. we have a raiders forecast. it looks like cloudy, mostly cloudy with some late rain in the second half. it looks to be after 6:00 or 7:00. temperatures will be in the 60s. a south winds will pick up. temperatures cool off today. 80 and napa yesterday, today at 68. 73 for san jose and palo alto, 68 today. the system has produced drizzle and by this evening and late tonight into tomorrow morning, maybe up to a half-inch. altamont pass shows gusts up to 44. fairfield, 32 los vaqueros reservoir, 32. mount tam, 25. plenty of low clouds and most
6:53 am
locations. there is hours system. it's hanging on, and holding together. it does not look that impressive yet. the rainfall amounts are all positive. a third of an inch to a quarter of an inch, even some about three quarters of an inch in the north and about a 10th of an inch from the santa cruz mountains to parts of the peninsula and the east bay. 40s in the santa cruz mountains right now. heighten humidity. 80%, 90%. the breeze will be a factor but it's more westerly or southerly. the low clouds have made an impact this morning. the base has lifted and that's allowing the low cloud deck to make a strong surge. 50s right now. the breeze is picking up especially toward the delta and at higher elevations. low clouds and drizzle, 23 and truckee.
6:54 am
in the sierra it's okay now but they are looking for a winter weather advisory to kick in around 11 pm until 11 am tomorrow. 3-6 inches of snow could fall. the system will be in later this evening. overnight into tomorrow morning with heaviest amounts in the sierra early tomorrow morning. 60s and 70s for your temps today. after today we have a northwest wind tomorrow. that will improve the air quality. >> we need that. thank you. it's not just the wine industry feeling the effects of the wildfires. marijuana farmers are also suffering huge losses. the impact on supply as recreational sales go into effect in a few months.
6:55 am
we can now repair complex at saortic aneurysmsare, without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what w for varico and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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6:57 am
>> welcome to mornings on 2. the northern california wildfires also took a toll on the region's marijuana farms. the fires started as growers were about to begin the harvest as marijuana becomes legal in just a couple months. at least 31 farms were destroyed. many more were damaged by flames and smoke. that number is expected to rise once the farmers return to their properties. still the damage is expected to have little effect on the state's overall marijuana economy because thousands of other growers were not affected. the time is now 6:57. the immediate fire emergency in
6:58 am
most north bay neighborhoods is over now. but the long process begins of filing insurance claims to rebuild lives. insurance companies have mobile response teams out there quickly to help people in need. and as many are finding out, insurance claims are very complicated, really hard to understand, often bureaucratic and a lot of money is involved. however the state of california has put the insurance industry on notice. it expects customers to get what they paid for in a timely manner. >> i think that this is a great opportunity for insurance companies to show how responsive they are to the community's needs and the needs of the individual policyholders. i would hate to have a big story about an insurance company that is just not being there for people at a incredibly vulnerable time. >> the insurance agent had to evacuate his home in santa rosa. they had their dogs and friends
6:59 am
and camped out in his office in petaluma. while he was evacuated, he took calls from clients and answered questions about claims and tried to keep everyone calm. the raiders trying to get back into the win column tonight, playing a tough opponent. he will be playing the chiefs at the coliseum. coming off of a lot to the l.a. chargers which means they will that they will face the chief with a record of 2-4. the raiders are tied for last place in the division. the raiders had a short week of practice but head coach del rio says they made the best of it. >> you fight to get on the right side of the line. that's where we are. we believe we've got a lot of strong men in the locker room. we're going to keep battling. we need a big win and start
7:00 am
stacking them. >> all right. tonight's raiders game between the raiders and chief, 5:25 tonight at the coliseum. a san francisco police officer struck and seriously injured by a hit and run driver. we will have the latest on the officer's condition and the arrest that police made in the case yesterday. and we continue to follow the latest on the bear fire still burning in the santa cruz mountains. the new information we just learned from fire investigators as crews try to continue to protect homes from the flames. this and more as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> nice, cool thursday morning. >> it is. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. i told steve i went outside. it is still dark. and he said you better get used to it. steve is in his office working on the weather. he has a lot to tell us about. what is ahead. >> daylight savings ends november h.


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