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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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may be a half inch of rain in the north bay by midnight. rain falling now in that area. you will see most of the shower activity in eureka where they have seen a quarter inch of rain. the rain falling -- just now entering the clear lake area. middletown and st. helena. getting some rain out by the fountain grove area where we had so much tough fire. it is a moderate to light rain. it will add up. it will make -- it will be a huge help to the fire danger coming up next week when we get back into a red flag warning. livermore has a break. back in marin county more
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showers. rain falling. the forecast for this. midnight tonight the front starts to push through the area out of the north bay and into the south bay. you see the rain right now. it is about right now. when i come back we will detail it through the morning commute. you can download the three weather app for the latest on the conditions including live radar and your extended forecast. the rain is welcome in santa rosa for people who live in the most fire ravaged neighborhoods will be allowed in to see their property tomorrow. the coffee park neighborhood in orchard park and journey in mobile home park will have controlled entry at 10 am. the tubs fire is 92% contained. at least 6900 homes have been destroyed. did that -- the death toll is at 42. hundreds of people were at a meeting in santa rosa
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to learn about the recovery process.>> paul chambers says many were upset about the lack of notice the night the fire started.>> reporter: it is soon turned to a verbal joust. people from the audience question fire officials about the lack of notice they got when the fire started. >> why was there no notice at the start of the fire that it was coming? >> we did everything we could to let you guys know that there was a fire coming.>> reporter:>> a four-year-old in oakland got kidnapped. something like this was a quite important enough because you did not want panic. you wanted terror. that is what a lot of us faced. >> this was a catastrophe that we cannot control. and it was a catastrophe where we could not let everyone know as quick as we would like.>> reporter: the real reason for the meeting started to unfold. letting those know exactly when
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the rest of the evacuees can return to their neighborhoods. >> some of you can access your properties that have been burned beginning tomorrow.>> reporter: that is what pamela jensen wanted to hear. her home was one of the first destroyed by the tubs fire. when it swept through the neighborhood. where her home once stood is just a chimney. >> it is still going to be devastating to see everything you built. all the remodeling we did. the life we had. the memories we had. >> i've been in the house for 20 years. everything is gone. we are trying to figure out how to go forward.>> reporter: jack thomas was looking to put his life back together. he is saddened their home is no longer. they are grateful to first responders. taking a moment to give them a standing ovation. but also remembering those who are here will need each other. >> a majority of the people who died were seniors. look around your communities.
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if you know seniors that are there and they might be isolated reach out to them and love them.>> reporter: their hope is to have a place ready to rebuild as soon as early 2018. en you can find more on the fires including resources for fire victims and ways you can help look for the stories to the top of the homepage. to san francisco landlords will pay more than $1 million to tenants left homeless after a fire burns their illegal warehouse apartments. albert -- and david kamel agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by eight tenants they evicted after the fire on stevenson street in january 2014. the landlord's claim they were going to convert the warehouse to commercial use. evicted tenants sued for
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wrongful eviction. police are asking for prayers for an officer who was on bicycle patrol when he was run down by a man in an suv. he is still hospitalized tonight in critical condition. the city's police chief calls him a fighter. he is doing better today than yesterday. jana is at san francisco general with an update.>> reporter: today the officers mother father and sister arrived in town. they are inside the hospital with his wife. i talked to some of his friends. they all say he is a fighter. and that is the reason the chief said there is hope. >> police chief williams got emerged from the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. 32-year-old officer tinkle is still in intensive care. fighting for his life. >> as he continues to recovery it is important and uplifting to remember that he is a
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fighter. in every sense of the word. this fight is not over.>> reporter: he was injured in wednesday's hit and run incident on a suspect tried to flee. the officers family is staying positive. they have hope. he read a statement by the office his wife. >> he would want to say he is like every other cop working in seven cisco. he goes to work to protect and serve his hannity. he does this with heart and passion. >> reporter: he chose to be assigned to the tenderloin police patient last year. a well-liked deputy -- dedicated officer who received a purple heart and 2015. >> he put his life in danger to help others. he exemplified with the san francisco police department is about 1 he started law school and had a passion for the marshall arts jujitsu. teaching other officers and training in san francisco's japan town.>> we are in
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complete shock.>> reporter: the head instructor said they only learned thursday it was him who was hit. >> he is tough. we have to stay tough for him and make it through. >> he has a tough hearts. i know he loves jujitsu so much. i hope he gets a speedy recovery. so he can come back and start training again.>> reporter: the road to recovery likely to be difficult.>> it is critical condition. because it did affect the brain and the neck and spinal.>> this is not the end of his story. please send him positive energy and love.>> reporter: we are continuing to see police officers come here to watch and wait for their colleague and the chief and family want to thank the broader community
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their support. the suspect accused in that hit-and-run is facing a long list of charges including attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. tara sat down with a 50-year- old man a jailhouse interview. he says it was an accident. he suffers from ptsd after a previous a run in with police.>> reporter: marquise johnson charged with the attempted murder of officer tinkle. of tenderloins nation bike patrol unit. he agreed to a interview. saying it was not done on purpose. >> that was not intentional? >> no>> it was an accident? >> yes >> you did not see him? >> i did not see nothing.>> reporter: johnson and homeless man who goes by willie flanagan suffers from ptsd. fell out he believes from racial profiling back in 2014. >> he had no reason to assault
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me. i am being kicked in the face seven times with steel toe boots.>> reporter: he claims he has been accosted by police. >> i have been picked up 10 times for nothing.>> reporter: they say wednesday officers near city hall observed him in a cream colored suv and tried to pull him over.>> they observed the suspect in a vehicle they believed was in position of a firearm. it appears he became aware of the officer's presence and fled the scene.>> reporter: that is when he hit the officer as he was driving out of the parking garage.>> there is no way you can twist the circumstances and reversed the circumstances. when the police know he was coming against traffic. he did not see anything when he ran into me.>> reporter: i asked him if he realized he had the officer. he defected the question.>> i don't even know how to describe
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what ptsd feels like.>> reporter: he referred questions to his attorney.>> do you have anything to say to his family? >> my heart goes out to him. i extend my apologies. i don't know what else to say.>> reporter: johnson was traveling upwards of 30 miles per hour when he came out the garage hit the officer and continue to flee. they tell us whether intentional or not johnson will also be facing evasion as well as hit-and-run charges. east bay man who was run down by his own truck when he tried to stop a thief from stealing it has died. james figueroa junior started his pickup truck outside his home this morning. before going back inside. when he came out a suspect jumped into his truck and figueroa tried to stop him. this was -- the suspect ran him over. he was taken off life support 5:40 pm this evening and died
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hours later.>> our victim has good intentions to try to stop a person from stealing the car. the suspect was intent on getting away in causing harm.>> the alameda county sheriff's office says two people have been arrested in connection to the carjacking. after they led deputies on a chase east oakland. the vehicle the suspects were in was not figaro was truck. the white house chief of staff defending the president after a controversial condolence call to a gold star family. it stuns me a member of congress would have listened to that conversation. absolutely stuns me.>> an investigation underway after new allegations of rape against harvey weinstein.
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today. the governor declared a state of emergency in the area. there were hundreds of police on hand. spencer's appearance in charlottesville virginia back in august set off clashes leading to the death of a woman hit by a driver who steered into a crowd. >> we are stronger than you and you all know it that is why you are gaining us here like some kind of mob.
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in order to prevent me from saying something.>> today's event was largely peaceful. at least one person was taken into custody. university stressed it did not invite him to speak. they were obligated by law to allow that events. white house chief of staff retired marine corps general john kelly weighed in on the controversy over trump's condolence card -- call to a gold star family. he lost his own son and afghanistan. he did not deny his remarks. but he defended trump against accusations he was insensitive to a green beret widow.>> i thought at least that was sacred.>> chief of staff john kelly taking the podium at the white house denouncing the strongest times would florida congresswoman frederica wilson said about the presidents condolence call to the widow of la david johnson. >> i was stunned when i came
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to work yesterday morning. and brokenhearted. at what i saw a member of congress doing. is stuns me a member of congress would've listened to the conversation. it absolutely stuns me.>> he lost his son robert marine lieutenant to combat in afghanistan in 2010. he says he was so incensed at what was being reported he had only one place to go.>> the only thing i could do to collect my thoughts was to go and walk among the finest men and women on this earth. you can always find them. they are at arlington national cemetery.>> the congresswoman insists he made insensitive remarks. johnson's widow who the carl has made is not commented. general kelly said he advised trump to make -- to not make the calls. the president said he felt compelled to do so kelly offered what joe done for called him -- told him when
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robert was killed. >> he was doing exactly what he wanted to do. when he was killed. he knew what he was getting into by joining that 1%. he knew what the possibilities were. when he died he was surrounded by the best men on this earth. the harvey weinstein sexual harassment scandal includes a woman accusing him of rape they are investigating a potential assault in 2013 at a beverly hills hotel. the accuser claims weinstein disregarded her request to meet downstairs pick showed up at her room and bullied his way inside where he allegedly raped her. her story comes after more than 40 women accused him of sexual harassment. we are looking at rain showers. showing up mainly in the north bay. they will work their way south. it is going to be a wet
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overnight hours. the morning commute -- may be wet on the roads. the main band to the bay area. especially to the north bay. the fire zone getting some rain. moderate to light rain. santa rosa middletown clearlake healdsburg. coming closer, out by fountain grove in glen ellen. it is nice to see the rain. it is doing all of us a service by moistening the fuels so that next week we will get into a high your fire danger again. it will be less so. san rafael is getting rain. hercules and richmond. that is moderate rain. the heaviest rain all night. it is moderate. multiple screens are like mine. when you get into the yellow that is wipers on medium or full. south san francisco getting rain. you can see the main band. this is the main show here.
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we will see the scattered showers. all the way to the south bay heading into late overnight hours 1 am or 2 am. the cool air moves in behind this tomorrow. cool breezy conditions. the high-pressure comes in. i was alluding to fire danger next week. next week we will get hot again. we will get some wins. we will see a red flag warning. not as severe as the last one most likely because of the moisture on the ground. light mist falling. 65 never. 64 blaire. no rain for the day tomorrow. it is really all about now until about 3 am. here is the five day forecast. you can see it. maybe we can take that camera
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real quick. i think it shows the story around the bay area. it is not a heavy rain. you can see it is coming down. it is not heavy rain. it is enough to do the job. millions of school children and adults took part in a statewide drill called the great california shakeout. >> we will show you -- also joining schoolchildren as they ducked over under their seats kids were evacuated outside as a dress rehearsal for one the big one is hit the bay area. the biggest concern is a major quake along the hayward fault.>> we have not had a major earthquake bring the time of the world wide web. what would an earthquake do to our communities and our
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interconnectedness? not just to our phones but to our water system, the roads, telecommunications lines.>> emergency officials say you should drop cover and hold when the shaking starts. be aware of dangerous changing -- changes in your surroundings. the chiefs and the raiders -- a last-second finish. all the highlights in more next in sports. will show you a look at the conditions outside. here's the camera bill wanted to show you. the raindrops on the lens. a welcome sight after several days of devastating well fires. -- wildfires. .
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how many touchdowns the raiders scored the were taken away and given back. >> it is hard to keep up. >> i have never seen an end to a game like that. he better get right to it. it was a good ride. raiders lose the game. the season is lost. that would have been five losses. they were not going to let it happen tonight. at the coliseum kansas city in town. that kids will remember this game for the rest of his life. they were down early. marshawn lynch back to derek
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car. evening it for amari cooper. a disappearing act of late. he had two touchdowns tonight. yards receiving. derek car for 17 through the air. alex smith -- albert wilson the recipient of the deflection of the hands of the raiders -- keith mcgill. still no interceptions for the raiders this year. 27-21 kansas city leading inside the final dirty seconds. it is cart with a sensational throw. to jericho. 28 yards. they call it a touchdown. replay shows he was down. penalty against the raiders bring them back to the 11th. to march tries. to penalties against cancer cities. michael crabtree. that one holds up. they kicked the extra point. you see the replay right there. michael -- crabtree hanging onto the football. the raiders are still alive.>>
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we were going through hard times. we start the course. we kept going. we kept fighting. we could have easily given an and pointed fingers. i think those are our true colors. we continue to fight and we stayed together.>> they needed it. major subplot to this turn of events. marshawn lynch right in the thick of it. it happen before halftime. derek car pummeled by three kansas city chiefs. the raiders take exception. a big scrimmage. watch marshawn. he wasn't in the game. he comes charging off the sideline into the fray. he actually bumped into an official. he is penalized for that. ejected from the game. the raiders sustained a 15 yard penalty. it was reported he loved the facility in street clothes. someone else reported he was watching the game in the
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stands. maybe a suspension to follow. his teammates have his back. >> i saw marshawn come out there. he wasn't trying to do anything but protect his cousin. they are real close. they are like brothers. he has to learn from that. marshawn is smart. he will move forward. >> that is a story you will hear about. i guess you can say good -- think goodness to him the raiders one.>> we will have a new world series champion. the chicago cubs have been ousted from the proceedings at wrigley field tonight. it was a one-man wrecking crew. seldom heard from hernandez. this is a grand slam. dodgers put this game away early. hernandez had three homeruns. seven rbis. the somber faces say it all. the dodgers major executive
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today. they are just playing fierce. baseball right now. they look on their way. they will face the yankees in the world -- or the houston astros in the world series. people will be talking about that raiders game for ages. thank you for joining us tonight. have a good night. drive safely. good night.
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