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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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we're in santa rosa where some grief and others try to move on. >> first we're live in downtown napa where business are open and ready to bounce back. reporter: good evening. this is exactly what napa business leaders want to see, people on the streets and traffic moving and people going in and out of the hotels and night clubs. a lot of the tourists have stayed away with the california wildfires but a lot of people believe they will be coming back with the weekend events. as the hills smilie smolder there is reason to celebrate. >> napa strong. that is it. this is why people come out, for the community and to show the respect to our first responders. >> the wildfires devastated some of the picture evac terrain. the party was intended to send
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a message. >> it's been a rough week. we're back and we want to let people know we're here and we welcome everyone to visit napa. >> downtown napa was never evacuated during the fires but businesses attack a hit during the height of the fire. >> we wanted people to know that we were open, that 98% of the wineries will be reopened tomorrow and the downtown markets and straurntds are here and -- restaurants are here and anxious to have you back. >> it's too early to know how much money was lost but everybody has a memory. >> dj was work a wedding as the flames raced to the hilltop venue >> i said we're out of here. we'll do the cake and dance and then we're leaving. >> if you look at the pictures and the scenery, it is still beautiful.
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it is still gorgeous. and back here live, we have all sorts of fundraisers and to help some of the business here. many people telling me tonight if you want to help in the recovery efforts, do business in napa. from napa. thank you. cal fire said today it has completed its damage assessment of the wildfires. it has raised the numbers of buildings destroyed in all the fires to 8400. at least 42 people died in the fires that started nearly two weeks ago. the four major north bay fires burned more than 245 square miles. today more santa rosa residents got a first look at burned out neighborhoods. corey park and orchard park reopened.
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it's been days since the wildfires started. we found our ring in the ashes in the house. >> you found the ring? >> yes. we knew exactly where it was and we dug for it. >> cal fire says 5300 structures burned in santa rosa but today many residents told us they want to stay in their city and rebuild. we're live in santa rosa where hundreds of people came together in saddle yurt tonight. reporter: -- solidarity tonight. >> reporter: this is a glow vigil. glow vigil instead of it candles. >> you're here tonight and you're not going anywhere. we're staying strorngs a few hundred -- >> strong. >> a few hundred people gathered >> i felt we should get together and have a big group hug.
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>> sunday marks two weeks since the fire blew in from the east. >> everybody here knows someone who had their house burn down. >> a lot of healing and we have to work as a community to hopefully build back what was there and stay together. >> we'll make it. we are right (. >> we're strong. >> songs of survival and dancing. it was a night to burn off steam after so much stress and sadness. >> even something like this won't get us down. >> in coffey park curtis martin searched the ashes. >> it was beautiful at one time. he hadn't heard about the gathering. he was keep in thoughts in all day. >> have i no more tears.
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>> he knows survival matters most but in a family home many things are not replaceable. >> my wife got me a long time ago king of the remote. >> and coffee plugs all martin has been able to save. >> clean them up. you won't drink out of the them again but you can save them. >> what happens next will be a test that shapes sonoma county for years to come. >> we have to be creative and bold as a community and make sure we're thinking from all directions and keep the amazing generous spirit we see here tonight. >> reporter: the fundraising t shirtses read the love in the air is thicker than the smoke. very true tonight. but what is in short supply is housing. especially affordable rentals. they were were hard to come by before the fire. >> i know you've been out there
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reporting two weeks now on the fires to do something positive. >> reporter: it was really uplifting. it was nice to see so many people smiling. it's like a weight lifted because the fires are out. lot of tears and hugs. >> a long road ahead but they are moving in the right direction. thank you. a ten-year-old girl is hospitalized tonight with critical injuries after a hit- and-run accident in oakland today. it happened at 1:30 on east 15th street near franklin elementary where the girl is in fourth grade. investigators found a red toyota camry involved in the incident abandoned a few blocks. the car collide with a mustang. she got out of the car and ran. police took her into custody.
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the ten-year-old girl reportedly suffered head injuries and several fractures. the san francisco bike patrol officer run over by a man in an suv remains hospitalized tonight. he is in critical condition at san francisco juvenility the man accused of running him down is now behind bars. bail was set at $10 million today. marquise johnson faces attempted murder and felony hit- and-run with injury. he made his first court appearance today and people stood outside the courtroom making a strong show of support for the officer. >> officer tanko is 32 years old an a newlywed. people said he was a fighter. >> the suspect; due back in court. a small plane crashed on
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the peninsula this evening. it was near the san carlos air forever. was a single engine plane that ran off the end of the runway. it went through a fence and on to skyway road. two people were on word board. they -- board. they received only minor injuries. steve bannon appeared tonight at the state gop convention in southern california. he told the crowd wants to oust gop senators who are disloyal to president trump. >> shame on you. shame on you. >> small group of protesters gathered outside the venue in anaheim. bannon called for unity in the republican party and spoke about the importance of economic nationalism. >> it's not about your race, color, your gender, your
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religion, it's about one thing, are you a citizen of the united states of america? >> bannon's remarks came just days after he leveled an attack against senality majority leader mitch mcconnell and other top republicans. police paid tribute to one of their own today. an officer was off duty while attended the las vegas concert. 2000 people attend his funeral. he was an 11-year veteran and served in the united states army. he leaves behind a wife and two sxhiern a bay area woman who survived the shooting in las vegas only to come them to wildfires in the north bay. she was running from bullets in las vegas one week and evacuate her santa rosa home the next. she helped her parents and dog
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escape the fires but the house couldn't be saved. she said it's a nightmare that won't end >> i still have to function can't go off nap corner and flip out or cry, there are thing that's need to be done. >> i have no idea when it will feel normal or better. i have no idea. i hope it's soon. >> flores works as a flight attendant and said she lost everything in the fires. a new mural unveiled in the east bay. in minutes, the colorful display and the meaning behind it. and paying tribute to a teenager killed 20 years ago. how her name has become oakland's new motto. in weather bigger changes coming in. 90-degree heat.
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a vigil was held tonight for oakland teenager lacy. her father started the love life foundation that has inspired new welcome signs here in oakland. this is the story of a father's journey from heart break to healing. . >> on a stretch of sidewalk in oakland ordinary pavement became a place of prayer.
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. >> this is a very bitter sweet horrible day. >> donald lacy still remembers in 1997 when his 16-year-old daughter was caught in cross- fire of bullets never meant for her. >> she would have been 36. i know she would have had children. >> her childhood friends now grown women with children of their own joined hands right across from the high school when she was kill geed couldn't believe it. i was crying and you know, went to the hospital. when i got there, they said she was gone. she was gone. so that was rough. at 16. i was 16. she was 16. >> whenever she walked in a room, she was full of life. made everybody smile. a happy person. >> from grief her father started the life love
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foundation, an idea that his daughter had shared with him just before she was shot. >> a friend of hers was killed and she wanted to start an organization to stop violence. >> the city of oakland imbrass imembraced the words love life -- embraced the words love life. >> on the way to highland hospital she came out in the car. i figured she was so eager for life that i gave her the name loeshay which means love life. a young girl's legacy living on. a reminder for every life lost to darkness, others continue to shine. >> hopefully people will start loving each other and not disrespect or shed slooins violence on each other.
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the st. mary's men's basketball team is raising money with a special game next week. they play fresno state wednesday night. any donation to the victims' fund gets you into the game. they tip off the season november 11th. a 99-year-old boy -- nine- year-old boy had a day he will never feeing. this is after he lost his memorabilia in a fire. the a's saw the letter and invited him out to a little league field. he was presented with baseball hats, shirt, baseballs, bats and a new glove. the mascot and catcher and manager came out. lauren said was a bit
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overwhelmed by the attention and the new items for his collection. >> my mind was going around and around and around that and this is so much stuff. i'm so happy. my grandma enencouraged me to write a letter. >> he was invited to throw out first pitch at a game next year and he got season tickets. >> and he is now the most popular kid in the neighborhood. how he will help the fire victims in the north bay. >> as we all know northern california has been tragically affected by the wildfires, i will be pledge $1,000 for every point score for the next three home games. >> thompson has averaged over 19
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19 points a game. . after a year of tragedies, the oakland fire department has a new fire chief. darrin white was sworn in today at a ceremony this afternoon. he is an oakland nate of 20- year -- native and a 20-year veteran. >> we had a very challenge year during the past year like none i've seen in the state oorp or country had to endure. i'm proud of the men and women in the organization. >> his top priority is keeping oakland safe. new at 11:00 the newest mural in oakland was unveiled today. it is tilted full circle, the fox and the stork.
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the inspiration for the mule is based on a fable by the same name. the moral of the story is do unto others what you would want others to do unto you. rainfall last night into this morning. a few sprinkles. santa cruz mountains point three eight. .38. san francisco had a downpour last last night had .31. livermore had over a tenth of an inch. for tomorrow we're expect partly sunny skies and temperatures are a little warmer than today after a cool morning. temperatures in the 70s afternoon. here satellite and radar clouds rolling across.
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here it is moving across the area last night into early this morning. scattered clouds out there right now. holding on to partly cloudy skies first thing in the morning. it is chilly. we're down in the 40s for santa rosa toward livermore and san francisco is 55 and mountain view is 51. wind speeds have a little bit of a breeze. 5 to 7 miles per hour. calm wind up to santa rosa. sfo westerly check in at 13 miles per hour. live camera looking out toward oakland. you see the flag moving around. 10 to 15 miles per hour. still some scattered clouds. by the morning overnight lows back down into the lower 40s. the coolest locations. lots of areas in the upper 40s to the 50s. chill in the air in the morning. this system moved out. rain showers from this last
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night. fair skies. what will be developing is this big area of high pressure. we warm up monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. increase in fire danger is possible. a possible fire warning for the bayary and -- bay area and up and down the state. temperatures tomorrow will be a touch warmer than today. 60s and 70s for afternoon highs. half moon bay is in the lower 60s. look ahead, your five-day forecast temperatures will be trending up into next week. monday, tuesday waefrment locations will be close to 90 degrees. another warm warm up on the way as we head to the latter half of october. it was nice to have a soaking last night. it cleaned out the air. air quality >> i bet you get a couple of thank you notes. >> looks good.
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thank you. coming up next in sports, the warriors put the pelicans on ice in the big easy. meanwhile, the astros try force a game seven as they try to silence the yankees. sports is coming up. and a live look now at the bay bridge, beautiful view on this friday night. the 11:00 news returns after this break.
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scott is back with sports starting with the warriors in new orleans." tuesday night was a little rough but they turn things around. warps under 500 entering today. i predict that is the only time we'll say that all season. game two. they are in new orleans and frustration there. draymond pushes cousins. i think there were acting lessons prior to that. durant had three there of his 22. six blocks. warriors down three at break. they get it going after halftime. warriors take an eight-point lead. steph curry and the rook with the throw-down. warriors by four. young, give it up. curry three of his 28. coach is loving it.
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seven-point game and the dagger is courtesy of mr. thompson who went for 31. warriors are 1-1 after the win. a dodgers-yankees world seriesy, the possibility has historians buzzing. if the astros have anything to say about it, they won't be. verlander was dealing. ask bird, hicks or frazier. or bird, hicks and frazier one more time. fifth inning, 1-zero astros. 0 astros. altuve, 5-six. 6. unbelievable. 3-0 astros. in the seventh, two aboard. frazier bidding for extra bases. this would tie the game but springer makes the play. verlander appreciates it.
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in the eighth judge, he is six six-foot-7. yankees have life, 3-1. here is altuve. muscling up off of robinson in the eighth. first of the series and fourth of the playoffs. astros win it 7-1. game seven tomorrow. sharks started the season with five home games and won two of them. tonight was the road test. goodness a good devils people that new jersey. first period is a scoreless game until just like that. sharks have a 1-zero lead. 0 lead. 2-0 with a tip-in and late in the second period. shoots once, twice and scores. his first of the new season. sharks win 3-0. the shut out
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for jones. we've been tilling all day marshawn lynch received a one- day suspension for leveling the bench and -- leaving the bench and make contact with an official. cal plays arizona. >> go berkeley. >> thanks for joining us tonight. coming up next, modern family. >> have a good night, everybody. >> good night. we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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