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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) >> an uber driver and his passengers were victims of a freeway shooting last night. for the latest details coming up. >> overturned her normal, the wine country, the latest on the fires that are still burning as students head back to school. mornings on 2 continues.
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>> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning a thank you for joining us here on this monday morning. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's not waste any time, let's go to steve paulson, he knows about the forecast. >> warm and getting warmer. saturday morning was cool but now temperatures are coming up rapidly. in fact, livermore airport is 19 degrees warmer than yesterday. everybody is warmer but they are by far and away the warmest. anywhere from 2-7 degrees warmer. they haven't used when a 14 coming right down off the ultimate pass. that will do it. pleasanton is at 61 degrees already. there's a little northwest at the hayward air terminal. high pressure winds aloft and at the surface, so upper 70s and 80s to mid 80s and if you may be near 90 degrees tomorrow
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will be really warm here and unbelievable. southern california near 100 degrees. even monterey is close to 90 degrees tomorrow. high pressure is on the west coast and is at bills northward, it is driving everything toward the center of the country. tiburon is at 60 and oakland at 62. some low to mid 60s in san francisco are ready. pretty good systems are moving into the pacific northwest, they are headed even north. everything is driving everything to the midwest and this is where most of the issues will be this week. 6:02 am, and a couple of issues? >> we have issues and pleasanton that were keeping an eye on for your. it's not getting any better here. we have a significant crash westbound on 580.
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here is where this is. it is just before you get to the 680 interchange. according to chp, this is a crash involving a car and a motorcycle. likely could be some injuries involved in this. the three left lanes of westbound 580 are closed. this is an area that certainly is going to start down -- to slow down quickly. now a crash just before the 680 junction. we will take you here and show you a live look at westbound highway 24, coming out of the walnut creek area and through lafayette. we are seeing more people getting on the road in that area and the traffic is starting to build. on this area there are no crashes. finally, we'll look at the right getting out of marin county, coming across the bay bridge southbound for your looking good.
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no slowdowns there trying to get into san francisco. back to you. stem the chp is busy investigating the latest bay area freeway shooting. >> this one happened overnight on interstate 380 in san bruno near sfo. leigh martinez is now the scene this morning. there is worthy person shot at is an uber driver.>> that's right, chp believes the victim was a rideshare, possibly an uber. the driver and the passengers were victims in the freeway shooting. they just reopen the freeway at 4 am. it was closed for link the investigation. they had a crime scene to deal with. they were driving on 380 westbound when gunfire erupted. the driver was hit but the passengers were uninjured. at 11:10 pm, chp got phone calls about the shooting and collision. this is just east of the el camino real exit.
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they found a driver that they believe was working for uber inside his car with a gunshot wound to his neck.>> we located the vehicle that was stopped behind me in the center divide. a black toyota corolla with several bullet holes. three parties in the vehicle kahn --, unfortunately driver was struck. we believe they have non-life- threatening injuries. they were taken to san francisco general for treatment.>> two additional vehicles were found further up on 380 westbound near the transition to the to a northbound lane for the first vehicle had rear end damage and the other car had front end damage and bulletholes in the front window and rearview mirrors. they were taken to the hospital as well they had a lengthy crime scene out here and it
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stress for about a mile from el camino real exit all the way up to the to a transition. they reopened it at 4 am so we don't have any closures at this time. the drivers and the other car and the investigation for the collision were taken to the hospital and they have minor injuries.>> thank you, lee. >> happening today, opening statements on the undocumented immigrant accused of killing kate steinle in san francisco. a jury of six men and six women will decide the fate of the suspect, jose ines garcia- zarate. three of the jury members are immigrants. he is charged with killing steinle as she walked with her father on san francisco's pier 14 in july 2015. defense lawyers say it was an accident. executor say zarate was recklessly shooting at people. the case has fueled the national debate over sanctuary cities. >> cal fire said crews are
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making some good progress against the fires in napa and sonoma counties. they could be completely contained by wednesday. the tubbs fire was started near calistoga is now 94% contained. the atlas fire which burns across napa and sonoma counties is 93% contained. the nuns fire which started north of glen allen is 90% contained and the pocket fire in geyserville is 87% contained. we're expecting updated numbers after daylight this morning when crews get a fresh look at the burn zones. we know 42 people were killed, nearly 8000 buildings were destroyed and more than 250 mi.2 burned.'s >> evacuation orders were lifted over the weekend for several more neighborhoods in santa rosa. two weeks after the disaster happened. >> these are about 20 years old. >> that is bruce francisco, he lives in the fountain grove
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neighborhood in santa rosa. he was home two weeks ago when the fast-moving flames raced toward his house. he and his wife grabbed their dog but left everything else behind. yesterday he spent the day searching through the rubble of his home in santa rosa irma trying to find the ring he gave his wife 20 years ago.>> i wish i had grabbed it before we left. and it has the jewelry and it i hope it didn't melt. >> francisco was among the many fire victims in santa rosa wondering how long it will take to rebuild their devastated neighborhoods.>> the city of santa rosa will start issuing entry passes to residents and the fountain grove and coffee park neighborhoods which were really hard-hit. the entry passes can be picked up at the city transportation and public works headquarters on stony road, monday through friday from 8 am until 5 pm. only the residents and the
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homeowners will be allowed into that area and they have to show the valid form of identification to get that entry pass. >> many schools in the fire zone are encouraging students to return to classes today. public schools across napa county are resuming classes this morning. napa valley unified said it will have counselors available in free meals from students who were directly affected. regular school activities including football games are also back on schedule. napa valley college and both the santa rosa and petaluma campuses of junior colleges are also reopening for classes today.'s >> today the red cross is opening a service center for sonoma county residents affected by the fire. that center will offer meetings with caseworkers for individual victims of the fire. the public said needs related to the fires and get the recovery information. some of the people will also be given tools to help clean up.
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fire victims are asked to bring some kind of proof including a drivers license or utility bill that they actually lived in the areas hit by the fires. the centers at the red cross office near the santa rosa airport. it will be open from 9 am-7 pm through next sunday.>> cal fire said it expects the wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains to be fully contained by tomorrow. the fire has burned almost 400 acres and it started a week ago near boulder creek. nine firefighters have been injured while fighting the fire. there are still evacuation orders in place. the cause is still under investigation.'s >> president trump raising expectations about a timetable for completing tax reform. also he is warning lawmakers a possible consequences if it doesn't happen. douglas later has more on that from washington.>> reporter:
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president trump headed to his golf club again this weekend but behind the scenes, he was lobbying. on the phone of house republicans pushing a clear message, past tax reform or get a rebuke from voters in next year's elections. sitting down with fox's maria senna romo he made the timeline clear.'s >> i want to get it by the end of the year. i will be disappointed if it took that long.>> we want the best tax package that can pass. >> the budget director said on tv that his administration is open for negotiations even if it includes a new tax bracket for high income earners. the presidents daughter, ivanka trump, heads to pennsylvania today for a townhall meeting on tax reform. after the senate passed the budget bill last week to lay the groundwork, gop leaders in congress see more confidence that they can deliver. it would have to be despite conservative republicans who concerned about deficits. democrats are bracing to oppose it back right now there's a lot of trickle-down economics being
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discussed by the republicans. that simply hasn't worked overtime. >> that was douglas later reporting present trump thinks they have the votes necessary to pass the reform rand paul is supporting it for many believe rand paul would take a stand against the republican plan because it would increase the federal deficit. >> the nationwide festival recall could impact shoppers in popular grocery stores. coming up, we will talk about the risk of listeria and the food being pulled off the shelves. >> controversy after american troops are ambushed in africa. >> the growing feud between president trump and a florida congresswoman.
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>> welcome back. a massive recall for frozen vegetables because of listeria and has several stores pulling product off their shelves. more than 20 brands from the company man's packing have been pulled off shelves in the us and in canada. the recalled products were distributed with best if used by dates from october 11-20. the impact us stores include walmart, trader joe's, safeway, and albertson's. the symptoms of listeria include fever, severe headache, nausea, and stomach pain. >> police of the northbay shot and killed a suspected prowler early saturday morning officers were called to a neighborhood
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in the city of cloverdale just off highway 101. the caller reported someone was sneaking around the backyard and had some kind of weapon. police say they suspect came at the officers showing the weapon. police shot the person who later died at a hospital. investigators are not releasing information about the suspect or the weapon. anyone with information about the case is asked to call petaluma police because that's the department handling the investigation.'s >> livermore police are expected to update us later today on a shooting involving one of the officers that happened late saturday night. that happened near the residence in on airway boulevard. an officer on patrol noticed what was described as a suspicious vehicle with a woman sitting inside. it turned out the car was stolen on thursday. police were called to the scene. the woman refused to get out and then started the car and drove into two patrol cars. one officer shot the woman who was taken to the hospital, she is not considered seriously
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hurt and no officers were injured.>> our time is 6:17 am we have alex and you have been busy this morning. >> we did get busy because we had a big crash in pleasanton. we are seeing the ramifications of this accident, a big backup on westbound by a. we will show you this, it is just before the 680 junction. it involves a car and a motorcyclist and they have the three left lanes clothes right now. in fact just a short time ago, chp issued a sig alert for the accident. so they can let everybody know that it will be quite a while before the lanes are reopened. they will have to try to get everything cleared out of the way and obviously get help to anyone hurt and get the lanes reopened. that may take some time. westbound by 80 before 680, and accident to be aware of. we will take you further up the
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road and show you what the right looks like here along at 80, coming past oracle arena. no problems there, getting up to downtown oakland or heading further. still a pretty good-looking ride. on the peninsula, it is a decent commute. we see traffic building on highway 101 northbound, coming up to downtown san francisco. the headlights there on the left side, we are tracking crashes in that area. here is steve with the warm week ahead.>> that is correct. we want to talk about the typhoon that hit japan. it was category 4 it when it came onshore, it was a category 2, still went at 105 miles per hour. it's been about 350 flights delayed and i realize some of you had that way for business. it looks like it's bear tokyo because it accelerated 37 miles per hour and now it's moving 48
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miles per hour as it is now a tropical depression. that's a lot of energy that has to come across the pacific. what you see is a very, very deep system coming out of the aleutians, going all the way down to the hawaiian islands. then a big ridge, guess where? right over us. the system is diving down into the middle of the country. this is north to south and it is pretty extensive to be honest. you get temperatures such as these, 70s and 80s and near 90 in some places. it will be very warm on tuesday for just about everybody from moderate to la and san diego. upper 90s to near 100 degrees in southern california. the world series will feel like summer. livermore is 19 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. is locations are single digits the livermore is so hot because it has the east wind at 14
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miles per hour. pleasanton is 61. that means the north northeast winds. it's nothing compared to what we had a week ago. santos that -- santa rosa is 71. san jose is 75-85 in the city, 82 today. the record tomorrow is 90. 59 on the low and averages 53. we are above on both. some fog might be going down the coast but it has no chance for us. if you near 60 degrees already. 20 a pup in truck he. monterey is 56 and 66 in redding. a lot of energy going way up and up and over these ridge of high pressure. southern california is looking for really hot conditions. high fire danger as you might imagine. an area of low pressure is meandering out here and it might spend a few high clouds. you can see everything is diving into texas. for us, it will be a warm we,
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70s and 80s. when you get these typhoons or hurricanes moving across the pacific, you can take a ridge and build it or deep in the trough. in this case it is building the ridge. that means we get warm temperatures for the rest of the week.>> thank you, steve.'s >> right now is 6:21 am. federal help for fire victims is coming up in minutes. what is being done to get waste out of the neighborhoods.>> after decades of waiting, classified documents about the assassination of president john f. kennedy will be released by president trump what we expect later this week. we can now repair complex at saortic aneurysmsare,
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without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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's >> welcome back. governor. brown has issued an executive order that will provide some federal help to clear the hazardous waste from the fire zone. epa workers will soon be joining state and local teams in napa and sonoma counties and the other areas hard-hit by fire. they will work together to clear the dangerous debris such as batteries, flammable liquids and asbestos. the governor said the hazards pose a threat to public safety. >> evacuation orders have now been lifted for most northbay areas devastated by the fires, including in glen allen. some people came back to see if their homes burned or survived the fires.
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this was what was left of one home on a hill over the sonoma valley. it was once a 3000 ft.2 home. the family who lives there said the nuns fire hit the area and they evacuated, grabbing medicine and documents for they left everything else behind.>> what makes this loss more devastating than just the lost of our heirlooms and are things, but they have lost everything of my mother. nether having to start over completely. >> last night about 30 miles away, there was a fundraiser for wildfire relief for many of the attendees did not know the fire victims but say they wanted to do something to help. >> there is another sign that students in sonoma county are trying to get back to normal. tonight cardinal newman high school in santa rosa will play his first football game since the fires. it is among six schools in santa rosa that were either
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damaged or completely destroyed by the fires. cardinal newman will face its nonconference rival rancho could tidy it will be played at rancho which has shared his practice facilities and field with cardinal newman since the fires it should be a good game cardinal newman has one loss on the season and rancho could tidy has a perfect season so far. kickoff is 7:30 am -- p.m. they had homecoming games and a lot of things are trying to get back to normal. >> there is a sign that one part of the bay area economy is slowing down. coming up, the latest job numbers. the reason many employers cannot fill some of the openings. >> looking for the next elon musk. how one city is trying to stay in the forefront of innovation. we are keeping an eye under morning commute for coming up we will tell you about the ride trying to get into san francisco. i will update you on a crash that we've been following in
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pleasanton on five a. i had better news for you coming up. >> temperatures are set to warm up 40s, 50s and 60s. we will end up with way above normal temperatures. he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war. obstructed justice at the fbi. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment.
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a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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's >> this is ktvu mornings on 2.>> thank you for joining us. this is monday, october 23.
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>> i am pam cook it is just about 6:30 am. it's getting toward the end of october and is heating up>> it is all or nothing. very warm or we had one rain and cool. we had one and done to. >> it is still warm at night, though. >> it was saturday. but not now. we are already running about a couple of these warmer than yesterday. sunshine for everybody today and 70s and upper 70s and 80s. mid to upper 80s inland. that is tomorrow it looks to be the hottest day and 90 in monterey. near 100 from la to san diego. there's livermore, it is up 19 compared to yesterday. santa rosa is +6. it is the offshore breeze for some of the higher elevations have decent gusts of wind. strongest gusts i have seen our
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round mission peek. from around 30-45 per it will be in the 40s and 50s to almost 64 some. 67 and los altos hills. 51 in menlo park. union city is 61 and pacifica at 60. summer already on the way to warm up. a deep system is moving to the middle of the country. that is what is building all the way to the pacific northwest sunny for all and warmer. >> we have much better news for folks commuting on five a. we had an earlier crash involving a car and motorcyclist, and this was right before the 6a the junction. fourthly, the chp has now said that they have been able to clear the crash from the lanes, all the westbound lanes of 580 are now open.
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that is in pleasanton after the earlier crash. as you can see from the map, it is still showing on the maps but chp assures us that the lanes are now back open. you see some residual slowing so keep that in mind. make your plans accordingly. let me take you here and show a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we see a decent backup but nothing out of the ordinary. it's getting into san francisco and it's pretty normal. nothing to hamper your commute into san francisco. and the south bay, here's a live look at 280, traffic is building as you head north and up into downtown san jose. we are not tracking any problems. pam, back to you. >> thank you for the sentencing hearing begins today for burbled their part he pled guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy before leaving his post in
6:33 am
afghanistan. bergdahl said he left to draw attention to problems in his unit. he then got lost and was captured and held by the taliban for five years. he did not strike a deal in exchange for his guilty plea. he now faces the possible life sentence of endangering his soldiers who search for him. >> new this morning, interstate 380 is open again. it was shut down for almost 5 hours overnight because of a freeway shooting. chp said a driver who may have worked for a uber had just picked up two people from san francisco international airport. after 11 pm, they were driving west on the freeway in san bruno when the driver was shot in the neck. the car was hit by other bullets. another car was also hit by gunfire. the injured driver was taken to sfo general hospital and he's expected to survive. no one else was seriously hurt. investigators are asking anyone who saw or heard anything to
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call the chp san francisco office. that freeway reopened just before 4 am. stomach two young children are in the hospital in critical condition after a hit-and-run crash in vallejo. the mother of the children was pushing them in a stroller across turner broadway last night. police say a car on turner parkway get them in the two- year-old boy and his three-year- old sister were thrown from the stroller. the mother was not hurt. witnesses say the car did not stop. it looks like a white acura tl if you have any information, call vallejo police. >> danville police are asking for the public's help as they search for a hit-and-run driver who struck two people on bikes. it happened saturday afternoon near the intersection of diablo road and clydesdale drive. police say driver initially stopped after hitting the two cyclists but then abruptly drove away. the vehicle is described of a
6:35 am
silver compact suv, possibly a ford escape. the two cyclists are expected to recover from injuries.>> three people are in custody this morning accused in the deadly shooting at a fremont hotel. that happened late saturday night at the extended stay america hotel on fair will drive. fremont police received a 911 call saying that i man was in the lobby suffering from a gunshot wound. officers were on the scene minutes later.>> alterable officers responded. they located the victim and they confirmed the victim did have a gunshot wound and they began immediate medical attention. the victim was transported to a local trauma center, unfortunately, the victim is succumbed to his injuries.'s >> investigator believe the 48- year-old victim was shot inside a hotel room. so far there's no
6:36 am
room on possible motive but police say victim knew the three suspects who were arrested.>> this week the public may get a first look at top secret classified documents from the john f. kennedy assassination investigation. 25 years ago, congress set a deadline to release all the files by october 26, this year. that is thursday. president trump announced on twitter he will allow the release of those classified documents. experts who have studied the assassination don't anticipate any major revelations but some historians and conspiracy theorists speculate there could be cia personnel the study of lee harvey eyes welled. also some top-secret congressional testimony by former cia officers.'s >> jimmy carter said he would be willing to go to north korea on a diplomatic mission for president trump. 93-year-old democrat has traveled to north korea in the past. he told the new york
6:37 am
times that he is afraid because tensions have escalated between north korea and many other countries including the us. mr. carter called north korea's leader kim jong un "unpredictable." he believes north korea has advanced nuclear weaponry that could destroy the korean peninsula, japan and possibly some of the west coast. >> the investigation continues into the death of four us service members killed in an attack in africa this month. steve rapoport has the latest.>> reporter: mourners gathered in south florida on saturday to say goodbye to sergeant david johnson. along with staff sergeants bryan black, jeremiah johnson and dustin wright were killed in ambush earlier this month in niger by militants. it remains unclear why johnson's body was found almost a mile from the ambush site or how he became separated. >> this is an unstable region and a lot of weapons they came out of libya are going down there. they're being used by al qaeda and isis affiliated groups.>>
6:38 am
we have 1000 troops supporting a french led group. that news has left some including senate minority leader chuck schumer surprised.>> we are in a brave new world. there are no set battle plans. having said that, the constitution said congress has the power to declare war and if you are in a long-term war, congress sought to keep that ability. >> president trump and florida congresswomen frederica wilson traded barbs over the presidents condolence calls to let david johnson's widow. he said wacky congresswoman is a gift that keeps on giving to republicans. frederica wilson responded, i think this will be this administrations been gussy. this is going to be trump's been gussy, trump's a nice year. -- nice year.
6:39 am
>> johnson is survived by his wife and two small children he was just 25 years old steve rapoport, fox news.'s >> the time is now 6:39 am. president trump will make his first trip to asia as president with his first stop in japan on november 5. this will start with a round of golf with prime minister shinzo abe. president trump strip will also take him to south korea, china, vietnam and the philippines. he will visit hawaii. >> more layoffs for the parent company of snapchat business insider say 18 employees from the recruiting division have been let go. a dozen other from marketing lost their jobs last month the stock has dropped nearly 4% -- 40% since the snap ipo in march. next year, social media network is looking to slow hiring. this is a way to control costs. direct facebook will soon start testing a new publishing
6:40 am
feature. it will let publishers sign up new subscribers through the instant articles program. deputies taking part include the washington post, the economist, the los angeles times and the telegraph out of the uk. users will get access to a limited number of articles a month and then get the option to subscribe via the publisher's own website. for now, the future will only be tested on android devices. we will see. >> sent you like to shop, coming up, bay area shoppers, a company will let shoppers skip the lines for how a popular feature is being used in brick- and-mortar stores.'s >> guarantee parking at some bart stations. we will tell you what passengers have to do to get one of those spots. >> if you're hopping in the car this morning, we will tell you about the commute around the bay area. we see some significant slowing here in walnut creek. i will tell you about some of
6:41 am
those backups coming up.>> sunny and warmer weather is on tap for everybody today. hopefully you're not heading to mount diablo to take a hike. wind is 70 miles per hour up there.
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>> welcome back. stocks open up once again, record highs. it is a big week of earnings. we will keep an eye on that. official announcement could come in november, there is a
6:44 am
live look at the dow. 23,003 47 for the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are up as well to make a silicon valley startup is about to unveil some technology that let shoppers skip the retail checkout process is called standard cognition. that resembles the concept of amazon's go store that lost for testing last year. ceiling mounted cameras track shoppers and the items they pick up then computer vision software identifies the items so that shoppers can be charged via an app on their way out.>> we are trying to be as flexible as possible. this is a system we can give to every single store in the world. some stores want to have their own app and that the way we can interface or we can be the back into the app. some stores want to take care of everything especially on the small inch. -- end. the system is designed to save costs and present shoplifting.
6:45 am
>> it will be ready to hit stores in a few months.>> google is rolling out a new way to shop online and pay for services and subscriptions. it's called pay with google. it takes you through checkout pages by filling your payment and shipping details so that you only need a couple of taps to complete the transaction. pay with google will be available on chrome and desktop as well as a number of e- commerce apps on android. >> the latest bay area job number so a troubling trend. 4700 jobs were lost in september , making it the worst unemployment month locally since february 2010. a financial expert told the bay area news group, we are in a slowdown. 2600 jobs were lost in the east bay last month. separate cisco, matteo, they lost 1700 jobs. santa clara lost 1300 jobs. it was the second straight month of job cuts. in august, the bay area lost
6:46 am
2400 jobs. economists say one problem is companies are having a hard time filling job openings because prospective employees don't want to move here. it's because of the high cost of living. >> new york city is planning some smart city upgrades. they introduced its annualized cx program it is designed to turn new york into a smart city. focusing on things like 5g connectivity, soft driving cars and artificial intelligence. new york is hiring a futurist. this will -- forecast future issues and saw biggest problems there. this could help the city invent digital solutions to problems like crime, traffic and pollution.>> it is 6:46 am. it is time to check in with what's coming up >> i am taking your lead, pam and day. coming up we talked a lot about
6:47 am
the perception that the bay area tech industry is dominated by millennials. a new study shows how many of those young workers are behind many of the big-name companies. it reveals the worries some older workers have that really goes against what many of us grew up believing. with age comes wisdom, experience, and the fact that you are more valuable to your employer. also we will take you to levi stadium as the 49ers come together to honor one of their own. dwight clark. the man who made the catch is suffering from als. this reunion was his wish. what clark said to the crowd in the first public comments we have seen since he announced the diagnosis. such a heartwarming day. >> it was a special moment.>> bart is expanding its program that rewards carpool drivers with coveted parking spots.
6:48 am
>> that is a big deal. starting this morning, commuters can use the stupid app to carpool to parts. you will be guaranteed a spot at concord and pleasant hill stations. they put the placard from scoop on the dashboard and you are allowed to park in the permit only area. bart believes it will work to keep carpool is going. dublin present in and bart stations as well. >> it is 6:48 am for. let's check in with alex who is in for al >> if you're hitting the freeway, you will see some very slow traffic in many spots, especially in the east bay. we will pop outside and -- i beg your pardon. let's look at the maps. there is slow traffic in the livermore valley. even though an earlier crash in pleasanton, just before 680 was cleared out, still residual
6:49 am
slowing is there in the area. it is pretty heavy traffic 6a the southbound into sun all. now let's go right here and look at the westbound 24. it is going to be tough out of walnut creek. very happy traffic here is you had through the lafayette area. as i look at the map, it does free up as you get closer to the tunnel. more slowing westbound 24 right before the junction with 580. that will be a tough ride today. finally, we will show you the right on at a. that is better and traffic is moving along nicely. 6:49 am. steve good morning to you. >> we will get to the upper 80s, near 90 for some. >> i can handle that during the day but that's not so good at night.>> it's not like summer time, it does cool off. we have clear skies and it will
6:50 am
be sunny and warm pretty quick here for many. it is another offshore event even though mainly higher elevations. it's not at the surface. first of all we have the typhoon the line, hurricane line. this was a category for when it came onshore, southeast of japan, category 2. 105 mile-per- hour winds for it was 37 mile- per-hour's as it went over tokyo and so forcefully it was weakening. it is now accelerating 45 miles per hour and it is now a tropical depression. it will move across the position as an extratropical this will create tremendous energy coming across the pacific and it can deepen a system or really build up a ridge. it is building from the aleutians all the way down to the hawaiian islands. it is a teeter totter, so the ridge builds up over us and that's what will give us very warm conditions. mount diablo has gusts at 70
6:51 am
miles per hour . other areas mainly around milpitas up around mission pekin fremont seem to have the strongest. most of these are at two or 3000 feet per. at the surface, i can't find much of a breeze except in livermore. santa rosa is 77, san francisco 82. san jose up to 75-85 per it was 88 in the city as a record. all bets are off this time of year because of the offshore breeze. tomorrow will be warmer, especially from monterey all the way down to la and san diego. near 100 degrees tuesday. la and san diego at 95-97. we are up 90 degrees from yesterday. most locations are in the single digits but if you get the easterly breeze, coming off the pass, that will do it.
6:52 am
it is 64 in pleasanton. temperatures are much warmer when you get the easterly component. there is nothing here except sunshine. we have a few upper 40s for some. even off the oakland hills, ics 63 coming off near the caldecott. there a few 50s but kensington is 51. low 60s already. coming right above the caldecott, i see 26 mile-per- hour and humidity is up. we will keep an eye on that because it will go down. these are all offshore events as you know. we will monitor that and everything builds up and over but it will all be about southern california for the next 48 hours. everything else is going up and over us to the middle of the country. if you 70s and a lot of 80s. this will continue today, tomorrow and into wednesday. a little cooler but still above average.>> thank you, steve.
6:53 am
>> there is a warning for families near the east bay. police have released a sketch of a suspect lurking near some schools. we will show you who they're looking for. to climbers set a new record at yosemite. the incredible and terrifying feet when we returned. ♪ that one. this. that one. ♪ ♪
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6:55 am
welcome back. police are issuing an important
6:56 am
warning to parents of students in san ramon. investigators have released these two sketches of a man who has been exposing himself to students as they walk to school. witnesses describe him as a man in his late 20s or early 30s with dark hair, buck teeth and a scar on his right cheek again, look at these sketches. san ramon police believe he is tied to at least two indecent exposure incidents, one near gale ranch middle school and another near doherty valley high school. >> it is now 6:56 am. the u.s. senate is pushing ahead on a $36.5 billion hurricane relief package for puerto rico. it is expected to pass easily today and a procedural vote will be expected. then it will go to trump her signature. the measure contains i've hundred $77 million for wildfires in the western us. which of course includes
6:57 am
california. >> some people in florida are trying to take advantage of help being issued to the victims of hurricane irma. people have placed ads on craigslist to sell their florida food assistance cards. the cards are designed to help people buy food after the storm but instead of using the card for food, some people are trying to sell those for cash. those in need of the food assistance say it is not right for people to use it for something else.>> it makes me feel angry because people need the food. >> investigators are now actively monitoring sites like craigslist and people who are caught could be on the hook to pay back the money and they could be disqualified from public assistance programs forever. >> the time is 6:57 am. after five straight losses, the 49ers really lost. cowboys running back ezekiel elliott could not be stopped.
6:58 am
for two touchdowns in the first seven minutes of the game. the quarterback that prescott of the cowboys through three touchdowns including a screen pass to elliott. he turned it upfield for a 72 yard touchdown. as for the 49ers offense, ricky quarterback cj butler started his first game and he couldn't get much done. the 49ers lost three fumbles and didn't score a touchdown until the fourth quarter. the cowboys one 40-10. the 49ers go to philadelphia this week and they play the eagles on sunday.>> it is official now, justin timberlake will be the headliner in the super bowl halftime show this year. he will perform insuperable 52 in minnesota, for every fourth. it will be his third time performing at the super bowl halftime show. back in 2004, the super bowl xxxviii, that memorable performance with janet jackson. because the famous wardrobe malfunction which will never be forgotten.
6:59 am
the third performance gives him the distinction of having the most super bowl appearances by an individual entertainer. >> the world series begins tomorrow. game one between the la dodgers and houston astros features both teams aces. kershaw versus kunkel you can see every game live right here on ktvu fox 2.'s >> the time is 6:59 am to climbers are now the fastest to climb yosemite's famous el capitan. bread go bright and jim reynolds reached the peak in two hours and 19 minutes on saturday. you're looking at photos and videos from the climb and the previous attempts. this time they left food, water and most of their safety gear on the ground below. they wanted to stay as lightweight as possible to make the climb. >> interviewed on sunday, they said you have to take some risks to complete the 2900 foot climb in a record pace.
7:00 am
>> the latest on the fires. mornings on 2 continues. very windy conditions at 2000 feet with clear skies and most of the


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