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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 24, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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can expect today. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday, october 24, i'm pam cook . >> i'm dave clark. >> steve paulson is in his office. it's already very warm. that could be some records today. there was a bunch down in los angeles yesterday. 100-105. it's already very warm around the bay. san francisco, 72. oakland, 81. kensington, 76. we are not going to cool off very much. there's a northerly breeze, and offshore breeze. one in the northwest and one north. everybody is in the 70s. the record for today and san francisco is 90.
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there are many differences in the temperatures. 57, brentwood and 81 in berkeley. if you get an offshore breeze -- the bay is sitting at 77. high pressure is here and is not much we can do about it. we have and offshore breeze. half moon bay gusting at 21. high pressure is dominating the west. a very deep system all the way to the hawaiian islands. for us, 80s and 90s. 90, san francisco. livermore, 90. santa rosa, 90. it never ends, sal. >> i guess i'm going to need to look for a cool spot. how long is this going to last? >> today it will peak and we will gradually, over the next six days, get back to normal. good morning. if you are driving on 580 westbound, traffic this morning
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will be moving along okay. there have been no major problems on 205 or 580. it continues to look good through livermore and dublin come out to hayward and beyond. if you are on the nimitz freeway , oakland, north- and southbound traffic is very good. traffic looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound into san francisco. topping our news. a crash last night in san jose involving seven vehicles. one person was killed and this is still being investigated by the chp. just before 10 pm, investigators rushed to southbound highway 85 at great oaks boulevard in san jose. the highway was shut down at cottle road for more than three hours. it has reopened at this point. the cause of the crash is still not clear. we do not have any other information about the person killed.
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officials in the north bay are meeting about how to help fire victims who lost their homes in the wildfires find a place to live during the rebuilding process. the sonoma county board of supervisors and santa rosa city council will debate new housing policies helping to help those people find someplace to live, especially with the housing shortage. proposed changes include an ordinance to prohibit landlords from price gouging. another change would allow people to live in rv's at the side of the destroyed home the plan to rebuild. plans are in the works to start the cleanup process and the north bay. during a community meeting yesterday, officials outline plans for cleaning up debris left behind by the fires. the first phase begins this week. it focuses on household hazardous waste and debris including asbestos, pesticides, propane tanks, burned out vehicles, air conditioners and refrigerators.
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>> at the end of the day we can return to you a safe and environmentally clean site for your family to rebuild. our goal is to have that work completed by early 2018. >> hundreds were at the meeting to get an idea of how the cleanup will be handled. today, more testimony is scheduled in the case of the man accused of shooting and killing kate steinle on the embarcadero two years ago. as jana katsuyama reports, steinle's father was the first to testify. >> reporter: for five minutes he gave emotional testimony about walking with his daughter on pier 14 team when she was hit by a single bullet july 1, 2015 and collapsed. he said, i instinctively looked over at kate. i grabbed her and held her. she said, help me.
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>> it was a heartfelt moment. this case is about the family and the resolve they have shown through this process. >> reporter: prosecutors have charged the suspect, jose ines garcia-zarate , with second- degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. the jury will be asked to evaluate his intent. according to uc hastings law professor. >> did he intend to shoot the gun, pull the trigger? was it a matter of being reckless with the gun or was it an accident? that will be the focus of the case. >> reporter: the prosecutor showed the gun to the jury and said a ballistics expert will testify it can only be fired by pulling the trigger. she said kate steinle is dead because jose ines garcia-zarate pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger. the defense attorney said the six-hour 40 caliber handgun accidentally went off and the fatal bullet ricocheted before hitting steinle. >> this bullet struck 78 feet away from kate steinle.
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we are talking about a gun with a history of accidental discharges. it does not have a safety. it's marketed that way. they make a model with a safety. this is not the one. we now know the names of three people arrested by police in fremont in connection with a deadly weekend shooting at a hotel. they are lewis mclaughlin of newark, leticia herrera coo of fremont, and robert betancourt of fremont. the shooting happened saturday night at extended stay america hotel. so far there's no word of a possible motive. police say the victim new the suspects. people staying in a prominent homeless camp in the east bay could be a bit tonight. on saturday people living at the camp were given a 72 hour eviction notice. that camp spring up in january
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near martin luther king jr. way and adeline street. homeless activists have been helping organize the camp and say they will protest the eviction. bart owns the property and it is part police that posted the eviction notice. about 25 people live there and residents say they have nowhere else to go. two children and vallejo were rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run. we have new information about a car that could be tied to the crash. the president is heading to capital hill today to push his plan for tax reform. we will look at key hurdles the current proposal faces. good morning. traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80s with. already there are some warm temperatures from oakland and berkeley over to san francisco. a good breeze is coming off the oakland-berkeley hills. we do have five -- high fire danger.
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welcome back. a federal judge in san francisco is expected to roll today or tomorrow on request by california in 18 other states to block the trump administration's plans to cut off insurance subsidies under the affordable care act. the states want the judge to order the administration to
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make those payments while the case is heard. yesterday the judge suggested he probably will not order an emergency injunction because the states have not proved that people were in imminent harm. the judge said that california and other states anticipated the subsidies would end and found a way to make sure consumers would not pay more for insurance. lawmakers in sacramento are holding hearings at the state capital to address a proposal to provide universal health coverage in california. yesterday the discussions attracted hundreds of members of the california nurses association. supporters of the state government run healthcare program say it's needed now more than ever because of the uncertainty over the affordable care act. >> they can have as many meetings as they want but it will provide the healthcare we need. people are dying now. people are deciding not to have medication because they can't afford it. people are deciding not to go to the emergency room.
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>> the single-payer healthcare proposal would replace california's private health insurance market with a single, government run plan with no premiums or deductibles for almost 40 million californians. the pentagon is providing details on the deadly ambush in niger that killed four green berets. pariente general joseph dunford said a group of about 12 special operations forces were returning from a reconnaissance mission along with troops from niger. they came under attack from 50 any matrix on october 4. the general said at this point many questions are unanswered about the threat assessment ahead of time, the nature of the gun battle and why it took two days to recover the pottery of sergeant la david johnson. >> we owe you more important information. and we owe the families of the fallen more information. that's what the investigation will identify. >> the general said the special forces team did not request
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help from nearby french forces for about an hour after the firefight began. it took the french forces another hour to get fighter jets over the american troops. u.s. forces are in niger to support a french mission to defeat the islamic state and other extremists in west africa. today the senate will take a vote for approval of a 36 point today the senate will take a vote for approval of a 36.5 today the senate will take a vote for approval of a $36.5 billion hurricane relief package. it provides more than $18 billion to replenish fema's emergency disaster accounts. an extra $16 billion allows the financially troubled federal flood insurance program to pay hurricane harvey related claims. in the bill includes $577 million to help with recovery efforts from wildfires in western states. president trump is heading to capitol hill to press republicans on tax reform. lawmakers are working on a budget and then will attempt to pass a major change the current
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tax system. doug luzader has a look at the efforts to get that finalized by the end of the year. >> reporter: what we have our proposed tax rates but that's about it. everyone loves the idea of tax cuts. paying for them will be the crux of the debate as the president comes to capitol hill. a meeting of the minds between the white house and republicans in congress. president trump plans on joining gop senators for the first time at the regular tuesday lunch. on the table is tax reform. >> thank you for hosting us. >> reporter: the president's daughter traveled to pennsylvania yesterday to push the message and move forward on the first major rewrite of the tax code in 30 years. >> tax reform will impact everyone. simplification will impact everyone to the positive. it democratizes the tax code. simpler is better. >> reporter: making it simpler
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means getting rid of things and to some degree shifting the cost of proposed lower tax rates. democrats are not on board. >> the american people should know that the money to pay for that giants tax cut for the rich is coming from somewhere and it's likely to be coming from their pocketbooks. >> reporter: members of congress from high tax states will balk at reducing deductibility of state and local taxes. any suggestion to cut the size of popular text referred 401(k) to retirement plans when into a dead-end for the president he said on twitter there will be no change to your 401(k). this has always been a great and popular middle-class tax break that works and it stays. that shows how difficult it is to go after specific tax deductions as a way to pay for lower rates. four leading democratic candidates for governor of california will debate today in
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san francisco. the candidates are former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. lieutenant governor gavin newsom, state treasurer john chung and former state superintendent of public instruction, delete easton. you are looking at video from last weekend of a similar forum in anaheim. today the candidates will appear at noon at the city club of san francisco. the forum is sponsored by the chronicle. the topics include health care, immigration, education, housing and climate change. the primary for the governor's race is june 2018. the top two finishers will move on to the general election in november. we want to check in with sal. hopefully there are no big problems this morning. we don't have anything big right now. i'm looking at a relatively nice list of not a lot. that's what we want. we start with the gilmer commute.
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northbound 101 traffic looks good driving up from gilroy into morgan hill and then into san jose. we also checked highway 17 and it's moving well from santa cruz all the way to los gatos. this is a look at 280 in san jose. and also northbound to wait. they look good getting up to highway 17. westbound bay bridge is also pretty light. take advantage of the nice traffic. well, the weather is warm and there's a good offshore breeze for some and in offshore wind for a few in the oakland hills. i'm seeing 43 miles per hour. we need to keep an eye on things out of the north and northeast. that is translating into warm temperatures on the coast and pay. the forecast high in san francisco today is 90. the record is 90 from 1965. below, i think it made it to 69
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degrees at i think it made it to 69 degrees at 12:35 am. 81 on the cal campus. oakland, 73. in san francisco, 70. another observation at 72. is at 4 pm or 4 am? wind offshore. a little bit of a west and southwest is the outlier. in east wind near the presidio. here's where it gets a little dicey. we have an offshore breeze at the berkeley lab and 76 degrees. berkeley with 35% humidity. that is above the caldecott. 43 miles per hour and 73 degrees above the oakland zoo.
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very warm very early as high pressure is building. be thankful you're not in los angeles where it was 105 yesterday in long beach. 50s for some. 60s and 70s. half moon bay is 77 degrees at this hour. in napa airport is 19 degrees warmer at this time than yesterday. oakland is up 11. fairfield is up 1. we had a typhoon that hit japan. it's not going from tropical to extra-tropical. as it moves across the pacific, this intensifies a deep low or builds a ridge from moderate up to strong. that deep trough is over the hawaiian islands. a very strong system is there and has produced heavy rain, lightning and thunder throughout many of the islands. ahead of that, that is the ridge of high pressure which is
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built over the entire west coast. temperatures today all the way down to southern california will be extremely warm. near 100 again down in southern california. the excessive heat advisory is out. it's 92 in palm springs right now. los angeles is 73. and excessive heat warning is out and also high fire danger for them. i'm surprised we do not have a red flag for us. easterly wind at 24 at half moon bay. 77 degrees. a really warm day for some. hot for others. 32 in truckee. 63, monterey. high pressure shows no signs of breaking down. this will be the warmest day and it will gradually lose strength over the next five or six days. 80s and 90s. this is as close i've seen for the end of october. otherwise it's sunny and very warm. there will be gradual cooling as we go into the end of
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october. >> it feels warm outside. 72 at 4 am. >> 81 in berkeley. >> that is very warm for the middle of the day this time of year. a retired army medic captain gary michael rose was at the white house yesterday to receive the nation's highest military honor. >> president trump awarded the medal of honor to captain rose who is 70 as his children watch. his grandchildren as well. in september 1970, the captain was on a top-secret mission deep in enemy territory when his unit was attacked. for four days he repeatedly ran into enemy fire to treat wounded soldiers and then pulled them out. >> i guess it's just the training i had. this was my unit . these were my guys. and, by god, they were not
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going to expire on my watch. >> the mission saved -- estate classified for almost 30 years and said the actions of captain rose. -- captain rose. the people in his unit never gave up to get him that on a. they say they owe their lives to captain rose. still ahead, preparing for the worst. the warning system that's being tested by san jose to warn people of impending disaster. delta airlines wants to fill hundreds of jobs. we will tell you the company wants to hire.
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welcome back. the number of homes considered affordable housing continues to drop nationwide. in a report by freddie mac and said the number of homes considered affordable for low income families dropped by more than 60% between 2010 and 2016. experts say that's because of a rise in the number of renters who lost their homes in the housing crisis. the number of apartment vacancies in 2009 was at 8%. this year there is a 4% vacancy rate. mitsubishi is issuing a recall for 161,000 vehicles. the recall affects the 2015- 2017 outlander suv, lance sedan and outlander sport. it also includes the 20
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includes the 2015 lancer evolution sports sedan. mitsubishi said problems with the electrically lace -- relays can cause engines to stall or overheat. construction of the new google village in san jose could begin in eight years. that's according to a city memo. the project would bring 20,000 employees to downtown san jose and the village would be near bart's future diridon station. google has been buying land near the location. despite challenges, the city set all signs suggest the problem will move forward. amazon received 238 bids for its second headquarters. the proposals come from all over north america and all but seven states pitched an idea. the problem from amazon -- a $5 billion construction project and 50,000 new jobs. several bay area cities
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submitted bids as well. delta is looking to hire 1000 flight attendants over the next year. the hiring process will consist of phone, video and in person interviews. the training lasts eight weeks. that could be a lot of competition. delta says last year 150,000 people applied for just 1200 positions. united airlines is adding additional seats to its planes. most will be economy seats. united is installing additional life flight is the seats as well. these changes will be on planes used for long-haul flights. the new seats are slimmer which will allow for more to be installed without decreasing legroom. a very strange emergency call in santa clara. the response from the police and fire department after a small child was trapped inside
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a gun safe. another close call at sfo. a flight over the weekend lost communication with the control tower. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well if you were driving on 80 westbound out to the macarthur maze. get ready for a warm day, maybe even some records. that includes san francisco, oakland and berkeley will -- which will be near 90 today. want in on the secret to ageless skin. take the olay 28 day challenge. millions of real women see results starting day 1. "there is not a friend i have, that will not own this product"" visible results or your money back olay. ageless. ito become dangerous.d for an everyday item new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's tuesday, october 24. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. to take for waking up with us. it's a little warm out there. we could break some records out there. >> we will be close. i think there were 1


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