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good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's tuesday, october 24. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. to take for waking up with us. it's a little warm out there. we could break some records out there. >> we will be close. i think there were 10 records
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in southern california yesterday. >> i heard from my sister in southern california. >> it will be the hottest world series first pitch ever. >> what is it's up post to be? >> 96. >> the hottest was 91 when the diamondbacks played but that was inside. >> and that was in arizona. >> they will beat that by about 6. the hottest since 1975. today it would be about 96 for game 1. 90 in san francisco. that is my forecast high. the record is 90 from 1965. that is just one of many. there is one observation in berkeley with an east wind that shows 81 degrees. 75, san francisco. kensington, 75. there are some very robust winds coming off the oakland and berkeley hills.
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also in san francisco, most are showing a north or easterly breeze. except for one observation. i'm concerned because gusts are at 43 above the caldecott and over 20 at the oakland zoo. the berkeley lab has an east wind and 75 degrees. there is some very warm air aloft and that offshore breeze equals 70s for many. oakland airport says 65. half moon bay, 77. but offshore breeze will continue. oakland is 11 degrees warmer at this time compared to yesterday. high pressure is a large and in charge. unseasonably strong. it will be slow to break down. this will be the hottest day and then we will see gradual cooling over the next 5-6 days. upper 80s to near 90 today. we are off to a decent start
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. if you are driving out to solano county or from solano county into contra costa county, it looks good from vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. highway 37 remains open. traffic is good across the carquinez bridge. from that bridge to the macarthur maze, i-17 minute drive. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a little bit of it slowing in the cash lanes. in oakland you may want to avoid the corner of eighth and harrison because of a vehicle accident. we're learning about another air canada jets having a problem while trying to land at sfo. this happened sunday night when the flight was setting up to land just before 9:30 pm. air traffic controllers told the captain to go around because they were not sure if another plane had left the runway.
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the faa said the canadian crew did not respond so the tower flashed a red light at the cockpits warning the pilot not to land. but the jet landed anyway. the air canada crew later told officials the jet's radio was not working properly. last summer there was a near disaster when another air canada flight tried to land on the taxiway at sfo where several other planes filled with passengers were waiting to take off. that jets came within 60 feet of landing before another pilot radioed the tower and the flight was told to go round. no one was hurt in that incident. police arrested a man they say carjacked a truck in san leandro -- san lorenzo and ran over and killed the owner. victor martinez alvarez from oakland is in custody. he is accused of killing james figueroa junior. figueroa junior went out to warm his truck on thursday morning before going inside his home. when he returned police say alvarez was inside the truck. figueroa junior try to stop him
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but the man ran over him and drove off. he died at the hospital. alvarez is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. police in vallejo are asking for help to find a driver involved in the hit-and- run yesterday. a mother was pushing her three-year-old daughter and two-year-old son in a double stroller across turner parkway sunday evening. officials say they were probably heading from the shopping center to the neighborhood across a busy street when they were hit. the mother was not hurt but the children were thrown to the rolled -- turned to the road and hurt. neighbors say they been pushing to get a stop sign or crosswalk at that intersection. >> it's very dangerous for pedestrians in the area. especially pedestrians that want to go to the shopping center. there is no marked crosswalk for them. they have to risk their lives to cross four lanes of traffic.
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>> doctors say the little girl's condition is getting better but her younger brother is still in critical condition. police say it's possible the driver did not see the family because of the setting sun. it's not clear why the driver did not stay at the scene. police sent us these photos from a surveillance camera near the crash scene and say this is the car they are looking for. it's an older white acura. it does not have a license plate but does have damaged the front end. if you have any information about this car, call vallejo police. in lake county, two people were shot and killed in their home but a man who went to other locations and opened fire. the rampage began yesterday morning in lake oaks north of the city of clear lake. investigators say alan ashmore is the gunman who fired into homes. two men died at different locations. investigators say the suspect shot and hurt a woman on the
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same street and then drove off and shut it people at two nearby gas stations. >> i was grabbing cigarettes off the top shelf. i went to turn to look at him. he turned toward me and pointed a gun at me. literally looking down the barrel of a gun. i grabbed a couple lighters. he had his gun to his hip and he walked out the door. >> the suspect surrendered after leading deputies on a chase. this chp officer was also shot and injured during the rampage. checked the former teenage prostitute at the center of a bear area law enforcement sex scandal has dropped her lawsuit against the contra costa county sheriff's office. jasmine abuslin has one and almost $1 million settlement against the city of oakland. earlier this month a judge throughout the criminal case citing a lack of sufficient evidence. she also bought a lawsuit against the richmond police department in august alleging
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misconduct by officers there. a study of the effects of police body cameras had surprising conclusions. a study of police officers on the washington dc police force compared 1000 officers with body cameras to 1000 officers without cameras. during an 18 month period the study found little difference in police behavior when it came to use of force, civilian complaints or the number of charging decisions made by prosecutors. a professor at uc berkeley and the author of a book, when police kill. he disagrees with the results of this study. >> there are substantial indications that the presence or absence of a camera does make a difference. >> 95% of police departments nationwide now use body cameras including most departments in the bay area. police and fire officials in santa clara were called to a home after a small child was
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locked inside a gun safe. the little girl was playing hide and seek with her three- year-old brother when she decided the gun safe was a place to hide. the safe was empty. it was open at the time. the small child locked herself in. fire crews were able to get the combination to the safe but it took a while to figure out how to open it. the little girl was freed 20 minutes after the firefighters arrived. she was shaken up but was not hurt. very scary. 4:39 am. preventing rent gouging after the fire disaster. the meetings planned for today to ensure that no one is taking advantage of as they look for new housing. barked has approval to roll out new trains. we will let you know when you can expect to see them. good morning. we do have a problem in oakland where there has been a severe
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car crash on harrison near eighth. we will let you know more about this crash and what it's doing to traffic. it's going to be very warm and hot today. possible records. 70s and 80s already. there is an 80 observation in berkeley already.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the first elon musk hyperlink train is one step closer to reality. maryland approved construction of a tunnel for the train from baltimore to washington. it would take travelers just 15 minutes to complete what would normally be an hour trip. the goal is to have a complete
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track that would go from new york to dc and 30 minutes. caltrans putting several transportation projects in the fast lane, preparing for the gas tax hike to take effect next week. caltrans officials say they've expedited $5 billion worth of road repair and bridge projects with the money expected from the tax. they say the money will not be bogged down in bureaucratic red tape. a state auditor will make sure the money is used the right way. officials say the word can't start soon enough. >> due to a lack of money our system keeps falling further and further into disrepair. in fact, we stand at 48th in the nation in terms of the condition of our state highway system. >> officials are estimating there is a backlog of $130 billion in needed road repairs all over california. bart said it's new railcars
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are on track to carry passengers by thanksgiving. the new fleet passed safety tests over the weekend. the cars feature three doors on each side, a bike rack and improved heating and air- conditioning systems. once put into service, the cars will run as a single 10 car train during the morning and evening peak commute and is 25 car trains during less crowded hours. sal is coming back. there is a major crash in oakland. what happened? this is at eighth and harrison. on harrison between eighth and seventh. one of the vehicles is badly damaged and is being put on a tow truck. harrison street is one of the streets that when you come out of the posey tube it turns into harrison street. that street is blocked at the moment. this crash is in the clearings ages but the street is still
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blocked by police officers. it's early. we have not had a big traffic jam for people coming all of at amino. they make the right turn to get onto the freeway. you can see this car is being removed. then they will have to do a little bit of cleanup. we do not know whether the person in the car, what their condition is. oakland police officers are on the scene. let's take a look at some of the other commutes. this is a look at westbound 580. traffic is going to be slow on the altamont pass. 205, technically before the altamont pass. it looks good from livermore out to castro valley. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. northbound traffic looks good. westbound bay bridge shows a little slowing but not much. at least no one is backing up, like we usually see.
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thank you. it could be a record- setting day for many including san francisco. my forecast high is 90. that would tie the record going back to 1965. i think below did briefly touch 69. since then it's been going up. at last check it was 72. 21 degrees above average. berkeley, 80 degrees. there is an observation not listed here in emeryville, 78. on the cal campus i have seen 76. 75, oakland. tiburon, 68. most will have the offshore breeze. there is a very strong wind
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coming off the oakland hills half moon bay has a northeast wind at 17. 77 degrees. very warm on the coast today. in higher elevations, the wind is from the eastern northeast. there are gusts about 43 above the caldecott. and very warm. there's that 80 degree observation in berkeley with 35% humidity. there are others that are also warm. half moon bay, 75. others are cool. santa rosa, 51. san jose, 62. brentwood, 57. el cerrito, 75. vallejo, 71. there are some really warm readings. in napa airport is 90 degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday. sfo up 10 degrees. unseasonably strong high
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pressure over us and a really deep area of low pressure over the hawaiian islands producing torrential rain. also a lot of lightning and thunder. ahead of that, downstream, that would be as, high pressure is here for the entire state. i think there were 10 or 12 record highs in southern california yesterday. palm springs at 92 this morning. and excessive heat warning is out and fire danger is out. this goes up to santa barbara and santa maria. the first pitch of the world series will be the hottest ever today. 96 or 97 degrees in los angeles. 52, ukiah. high pressure says there's nothing coming in here anytime soon except some high clouds. we are well above average on the temperatures. windy and higher elevations, especially the east bay hills. 80s and 90s for the temperatures.
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coast, bay and inland. some will be in the low 90s, some will be in the upper 80s to near 90. gradually cooling toward the weekend but still above average. >> are you ready for people to tell you to make a stop? >> november. new month. new weather. >> i have people traveling in to watch the world series and are looking for some beach weather. >> we should get some seats in the son, it might be cold. >> is fire danger higher in los angeles? >> they have a fire warning down there. 43 mile-per-hour wind coming off the oakland hills, that's enough for me. >> we might see a red flag warning. we are also talking about levees. many of california's levies need fixing before the winter rains come. construction crews are scrambling to repair damage done statewide from last winter's record rain.
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there are about 14,000 miles of levees but the department of water resources says the new levee repair plan covers about 10%. the rest will be left to local and county jurisdictions to address. >> we need to spend quite a bit of money bringing these levies up to a standard that would be acceptable. to reduce the flood risk from being one of the most honorable communities in the nation to what it should be. >> a bond measure on the march ballot, money from the general fund and local funds are expected to pay for a portion of the new levee and flood protection program. in san jose an emergency alert system may soon be coming to warn of an impending disaster. it will be used in san jose's rock springs neighborhood which was flooded by the coyote creek last february.
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the city has several long-range acoustic devices known as lrad. it can broadcast warning messages up to a mile away using that speaker on top of the 30 foot mast. a smaller speaker can be mounted on a car and driven through a neighborhood announcing evacuation orders up to 500 feet in distance. 4:51 am. did you see it last night? a win for the golden state warriors. we have the highlights from the game. the shot everyone is talking about and the touching moment between steff curry and a young fan before the game.
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the warriors beat the mavericks last night 133-103. the warriors scored 40 points in the first quarter. steff curry, kevin durant, klay thompson combined for 75 point. perhaps the highlight of the night came from ricky jordan bell. >> bell said not another one. jordan bell right in. off the backboard and had to -- hello! >> the reaction from the bench is the best. the teammates love that alley- oop to him so. here it is again just to see it
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. off the backboard and in. some of the mavericks did not like the play because the warriors were up. the warriors play tomorrow night at oracle arena. before the game, steff curry stepped away from his pregame routine to console the nephew of mavericks guard devin harris. trade-in harris' father was killed last week in a car accident. steff curry had encouraging words and autographed some items for him. >> a touching moment. one san jose -- the san jose sharks one last night beating the rangers 4-1 in new york. logan couture has been hot on the road. he scored the first goal with a slap shot early in the first. that was followed with another goal. san jose led 2-1. the sharks scored twice more and picked up the win. you know have four winds and four losses on this young
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season. the average price to go to a world series game is expected to reach record levels along with the temperature. the average ticket price for the game between the dodgers and the astros is nearly $3000 a ticket. if there is a game 7, those tickets are expected to be more than $5000. game 1 is tonight. it is the dodgers versus the houston astros from dodger stadium. we will have every pitch right here on channel 2. you can watch it with us and you can get your local news on ktvu plus. two weeks after the tubbs fire damaged and closed cardinal newman high school, the football team was back on the field last night. >> at first it was on the back burners but now it's everything. it's the one thing we all have left. >> cardinal newman played a
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rival last night. before the game the teams and the fans honor the victims who died in the wildfires and the first responders. overall, 90 cardinal newman families lost their homes including the homes of several of the players. for the parents and students, they say they are feeling the support coming from the community. >> my house burned down. it was in the middle of coffey park. unfortunately i lost my house but my family is safe. everybody is safe. that's all that matters to me. it's fun to get back playing football and doing something you love. it's a good distraction. >> rancho, totti won the game last night. these two teams will play again november 4. students go back to school today at several nearby parish locations. rancho, totti has been sharing their practice facilities and field with cardinal newman. coming up, a push to become california's next governor.
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we will give you a preview of the form happening today in san francisco between several prominent candidates. the trial in the murder of kate steinle continues today. some of the key pieces of evidence in the prosecutors and defense will be using. a violent crash in oakland this morning. this happened early this morning. this car traveling at a high rate of speed ran into a tree on a street. there were injuries. we will tell you more about that coming up. it's going to be warm or hot for everybody today. it's already very warm for some around the bay including san francisco.
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good morning. several cars involved in a deadly crash in san jose. we have the latest on the continuing investigation into how this crash happened. it is day two of the high profile kate steinle murder case. we will recap yesterday's actions in court and preview what you can expect today. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday, october 24.


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