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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 24, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. several cars involved in a deadly crash in san jose. we have the latest on the continuing investigation into how this crash happened. it is day two of the high profile kate steinle murder case. we will recap yesterday's actions in court and preview what you can expect today. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday, october 24.
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i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. already a busy morning. steve paulson, ready with the forecast. it's going to be very warm for a lot of people today. near 90 for just about everyone. it's also very warm at this hour. 70s and some 80s around the bay and on the coast. berkeley is now at 79. i did see 76 on the cal campus. in the city we have dropped a little bit. 68. a lot of 70s currently. 78, emeryville. the wind is predominantly easterly in the city. temperatures are much above average. sfo and oakland have an offshore breeze.
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off the oakland hills there are some good gusts as well. a lot of 70s with humidity going down. there have been some gust between 35-40 of the north and northeast. 70s for some. 50s for others. el cerrito, 74. lafayette, 70. very warm to start. some cool readings to the north. san jose, 61. we will have high pressure giving us above average temperatures today. mill valley, 70. cloverdale, 68. high pressure will give everyone including southern california high temperatures. near 100 and southern california. possible records for us. wendy in the hills. 80s and 90s for your temperatures. that includes the coast, bay and inland. we had a violent crash overnight on oakland streets.
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this car i'm about to show you was going at a high rate of speed according to oakland police and ran into a tree on the side of the road. one person was critically injured. if you other people were taken to the hospital. we are not sure about their injuries. one person was critically injured. officers say the car was going very fast at the time of the collision. this is on as near harrison in oakland. they are just about to reopen the streets. you can see they are doing some cleanup. this is near the posey tube. so far it has not caused a huge backup. let's take a look at some of the things of 580 westbound.
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slow traffic on 580 into a five just before the altamont pass. after you get through if you're driving to livermore or dublin, it looks okay to castro valley and into the oakland freeway system. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is still light. in antioch, it deadly shooting is under investigation by police. last night just after 10:30 pm, police rushed to reports of shots fired near a market on the 900 block of west 10th street. a man who had been shot was found in pronounced dead at the scene. there is no word of a motive in no arrests have been made. investigators say if you have any information, call antioch police. there was a deadly crash last night in san jose involving seven vehicles. one person is dead. the incident continues to be investigated this morning.
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just before 10 pm last night, investigators rust to southbound highway 85 at great oaks boulevard. the highway was shut down at cottle road for three hours but has since reopened. the cause of the chain-reaction crashs is not clear and we have no information about the person killed. today, the trial of the man charged with killing kate steinle will continue. the case has attracted national attention because the man accused of killing her is an undocumented immigrant. rob ross said for but the prosecution and defense, this case is about murder charges, not politics. >> reporter: on the first day of this murder trial that has drawn international attention, jim steinle, the father of homicide victim, kate steinle, was the opening witness. he described walking with his daughter two years ago on san francisco's pier 14. he said he heard a loud noise.
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"i instinctively looked at kate. i grabbed her and held her and she said help me." he lifted the back of her blouse and saw a wound. his testimony landed -- lasted five minutes. earlier, the prosecutor held up the weapon that killed kate steinle and said "kate steinle is dead because jose ines garcia-zarate pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger." >> one it's all summed up and when it's all said and done, is going to be a baseline question that the jury will answer and that question is whether the defendant intended to fire that gun. we have a charge against him of murder. that's what we believe the evidence will show. >> reporter: the gun belonged to a ranger with the bureau of land management. the defense is arguing that garcia-zarate found the gun on the pier and it went off accident the and the defendant never meant to hurt anyone.
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>> we are talking about a gun with a history of accidental discharges. it does not have a safety on it. it's marketed that way. >> reporter: this case is not about sanctuary cities or immigration policy or whether or not to build a wall, ultimately. it's strictly a murder case that is expected to last 6-7 weeks. there are meetings today in the north bay to discuss ways to help people who lost their homes in the fires. the sonoma county board of supervisors and santa rosa city council will discuss housing policies in hopes of helping people who lost their homes. proposed changes include an ordinance that would prohibit landlords from price gouging. another change would allow people to live in rvs at the
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site of a destroyed home if they are rebuilding. plans are in the works to start the cleanup process. during a community meeting yesterday in santa rosa, officials outlined the process for cleaning up the debris left behind by the fires. the first phase of the process begins this week and is focused on household hazardous waste and debris including asbestos, pesticides, propane tanks, burned out cars, air conditioners and refrigerators. >> at the end of the day we can return to you a safe and environmentally clean site for your family to rebuild. albert hall, and we are pushing hard on, is to have that work completed by early 2018. >> hundreds of people attended the meeting to get an idea of how the cleanup will be handled so they can begin the rebuilding process. we now know the names of three people arrested by police in fremont in connection with a deadly weekend shooting at a hotel. they are luis mclaughlin of newark, leticia hermosillo of
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fremont and robert betancourt of fremont. the shooting happened saturday night at an extended stay america hotel. so far there is no word of a possible motive. police say the victim knew the suspects. the people staying at a prominent homeless camp in the east bay could be a big. on saturday people living at the camp in berkeley were given a 72 hour eviction notice. the camp spring up in january to the intersection of luther king junior way and adeline street's. homeless activists have been helping organize the camp and they say they will protest the eviction. part owns the property. bar police post the eviction notice. 25 people live there and say they have nowhere else to go. still ahead, preparing for the worst. a new system the city of san jose is testing to warn people of impending disaster. the president is heading to capitol hill today to push his
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plan for tax reform. we will look at the key hurdles that he faces. you can see traffic on 80 westbound does not look too bad as you drive out to the macarthur maze.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. today the senate will take a final vote for approval of a 36.5 today the senate will take a final vote for approval of a $36.5 million hurricane relief
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package. it provides $18 billion to replenish fema's emergency disaster accounts. an extra $16 billion will allow the federal flood insurance program to pay the claims for hurricane harvey. the bill includes $577 million to help with recovery efforts from fired cars and western states president trump is heading to capitol hill to press republicans on tax reform while lawmakers work on a budget. doug luzader has a look at the efforts to get tax reform finalized by the end of the year. >> reporter: what we have our proposed tax rates but that's about it. everyone loves the idea of tax cuts but paying for them will be the crux of the debate as the president comes to capitol hill to twist arms. a meeting of the minds between the white house and republicans in congress. president trump plans on joining gop senators for the
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first time today at the regular tuesday lunch. on the table as tax reform. the president's daughter traveled to pennsylvania yesterday to push the white house message and move forward on the first major rewrite of the tax code in 30 years. >> tax reform will impact everyone. simplification will impact everyone to the positive. it democratizes the tax code. simpler is better. >> reporter: making it simpler means getting rid of things and to some degree shifting the cost of proposed lower tax rate and democrats are not on board. >> the american people should know that the money to pay for that giants tax cut for the risk -- rich is coming from somewhere and it's likely to be coming from their pocketbooks. >> reporter: members of congress from high tax states will balk at reducing the deductibility of state and local taxes. in his suggestion to cut the subs a popular tax-deferred 401(k) retirement plans ran into a dead end from the president who said on twitter
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there will be no change to your 401(k). this has always been a great and popular middle-class tax break that works and it stays. that shows how difficult it is to go after specific tax deductions as a way to pay for lower rates. four leading democratic candidates from california will debate tomorrow -- i'm sorry, today in san francisco. former los angeles mayor antonio be a corrosive. lieutenant governor gavin newsom, state treasurer john chiang and former state superintendent of public instruction , delaine eastin. this is video from a similar forum in anaheim. the candidates will appear at noon at the city club of san francisco. the forum is sponsored by the chronicle. topics include healthcare, immigration, education, housing and climate change. the primary for the governor's race is june 28 teen. the top
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two finishers will advance to the general election in november. let's bring back sal. did you clear up that crash situation in oakland? that crash is gone and, fortunately come the streets never really did get crowded. i am looking at some of the early commutes. we start in gilroy. from gilroy to san jose northbound it does not look bad driving through morgan hill. the road sensors are showing us green. traffic is still looks good in the valley. we did have some problems overnight on 85 but those have been cleared up. 85 is open. traffic is moving well onto eddie northbound. at the bay bridge we do have mark lore -- cars showing up.
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there is already some warm readings. we have a northeast breezes in the oakland hills and berkeley hills. 25-40 miles per hour. is an observation in berkeley showing 79 degrees. there's also a 77 in emeryville. the city did dip to 68 but kensington, 74. oakland, 72. it's pretty warm. even in the city there are some low 70s. moss beach, 80 degrees. half moon bay, 81 about 45 minutes ago. pacifica, 72. send carlos, 70. atherton, 57. you can find some 50s, 60s and 70s. el cerrito, 74. 71 in orinda. there are some very warm readings already on the coast and pay.
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and east wind, roaring up to 26 at half moon bay. gusts coming in between 24-40 out of the oakland and berkeley hills. 72 above the oakland zoo. very warm air with that offshore breeze. santa rosa, low 50s. brentwood, 57. sfo, 66. high pressure will give us a warm day. 90s in san bernardino palm springs and los angeles. excessive heat warning is out and high fire danger as well. even heat advisories in san luis obispo and down to santa barbara. between 101 04. up north we can find some 40s,
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50s. cloverdale is just shy of 70. mill valley, 68. hillsburg, 53. these temperatures our wind direction driven. we will have a very warm day statewide. possible records. windy in the hills. in north and northeast breeze. 80s and 90s. i may be optimistic in san francisco but i'm going with this. near 90 for just about everybody today. it could be on the coast. very slow cooling after today but very much above average into the weekend. and san jose an emergency alert system may be coming to warn of an impending disaster. it will use it in the rock springs neighborhood which was flooded by the coyote creek last february. the city has these, several long-range acoustic devices
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known as lrads. they can broadcast a warning up to a mile away using a speaker on top of a 30 foot mast. a smaller speaker can be mounted on a car and be driven around a neighborhood announcing evacuation orders. >> automatic, allowed announcement we can make any time of day or night so the public can hear the announcement at the same time as sending out the other devices. it's one of many tools we have to notify the public. >> the lrad system was tested last week when officials took it to santa rosa to deliver information to the evacuees after the north bay wildfires. this weekend there will be another demonstration in san jose. two children in vallejo were rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run. we have new information about a car that could be tied to the crash. delta airlines wants to fill hundreds of jobs.
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we will tell you who the company wants to hire.
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welcome back. the number of homes considered affordable housing continues to drop nationwide. according to a report by freddie mac, the number of homes considered affordable for low income families fell 60% between 2010 and 2016.
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experts say it's because of an increase in the number of renters who lost their homes and the housing crisis. the number of apartment vacancies in 2009 was at 8% compared to this year where there is only a 4% vacancy rate. mitsubishi is recalling more than 161,000 vehicles. it affects the 2015 to 2016 outlander suv. the lance sedan and the outlander sport. it also includes the 2015 lancer evolution sports sedan. mitsubishi said problems with the electric relays can cause the engine to stall or overheat. car dealers will fix that part and replace it for free. sears will stop selling products made by the biggest american appliance maker. the department store has ended a relationship with whirlpool because of a pricing dispute. sears said whirlpool has made demands that made it impossible to sell its products at a reasonable price.
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the companies were partners for more than 100 years. starting this weekend mega millions tickets will cost you two dollars instead of one dollar. the lottery said the price hike is a response to customers wanting bigger jackpots. the largest mega millions prize ever was $656 million. that was in march 2012. also new, the grand prize will start at $40 million instead of $15 million. mega millions drawings are every tuesday and friday nights. delta airlines wants to hire 1000 new flight attendants over the next year. the process consists of a phone, video and in person interviews. training lasts at least eight weeks. there could be a lot of competition for those jobs. delta said last year 150,000 people applied for 1200 jobs. united airlines is adding extra seats to its planes.
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most of those seats will be economy seats but united is installing additional lay flat business seats as well. these changes will be on planes typically used for long-haul flights. united says the new seats are slimmer. that will allow for more to be installed without decreasing legroom. a strange emergency call in santa clara. the response from fire and police after a child was trapped inside a gun safe. another close call at sfo. new details about a flight over the weekend that lost communication with the control tower. good morning. traffic is going to be getting busier by the moment on the bridge and subsequently at the toll plaza. another warm day on tap although today will be warmer than yesterday. we may see some records. we will look at some of those coming up.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, october 24. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. get ready for a hot day. let's check in with steve. >> yes, that is correct. just about everybody. coast and pay.
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the coast will be clear and very warm. near 80 already for montera and half moon bay. it's a northeast bay -- northeast breeze coming off the oakland hills. oakland, 76. 68 in the city. i don't think it will take long. montera, 79. moss beast -- moss beach, 80. el sobrante, 75. lafayette and walnut creek, 15 degree difference. east at sfo. east at oakland. east at half moon bay. also coming off the oakland and berkeley hills we have an east and northeast breeze. 25-40 miles per hour. low to mid 70s.
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we do not have a red flag warning. 70s for some. 50s for others. there are some los 50s in the north. most locations are running warmer. high pressure controlling the west. hot in southern california and near 100. except for a few high clouds we are set for a warm to hot day. windy in the east bay hills. possible records today. 80s-90s. on the coast, the bay and inland. this high pressure -- >> tell me about it. i'm tired of it. good morning, everyone. there was an accident in oakland that has been removed. we are looking at the commutes that are getting busier as people are hitting the road 80 westbound, you can see stop and go traffic on interstate 80 through a lot of vallejo and on
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37. that's where the traffic is going to be slow. after that it's about 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. when you get to the toll plaza, the metering lights have been turned on and there is a 10 minute delay before you make it onto the span. there is the span. traffic is moving well. both sonoma county and the city of santa rosa want to make it easier for fire victims to find a place to live. thousands of homes were destroyed in an area that had a housing shortage. leigh martinez is live in santa rosa where there will be some important meetings. >> reporter: that's right. more than 6000 homes were lost in this wildfire. local leaders want to prevent people who lost everything from leaving the area. there are some state laws,
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protections in place, such as stopping price gouging on the boxed. they want local leaders to take this a step further. these fires wiped out entire neighborhoods and the estimated rebuilding process could take several years. sonoma county in santa rosa government leaders consider relaxing housing rules that would allow people to live in rvs and guesthouses while their homes are being built. sonoma county will consider a moratorium on new vacation rental permits that will last for 45 days. as for long-term rentals, the board of supervisors will decide on a proposed ordinance that targets price gouging come up bartering landlords from increasing rents unless they can justify the increase from before the wildfire disasters. the city proposed ordinance. landlords from raising rent more than 10%. as for the city of santa rosa to have these emergency protections go into place, they
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will need five votes to pass these. today at 8:30 am we will have the supervisors meeting for sonoma county and at 4:00 we will have the city council meeting. they will talk about these ordinances. >> such an important issue. thank you. we're learning about another air canada jet having a problem while trying to land at san francisco international airport sunday night. the plane was getting ready to land before 9:30 pm. air traffic controllers told the captain to go around because they weren't sure if another plane had cleared the runway. the faa said the canadian crew did not respond so the tower flashed a red light at the, pit warning the pilot not to land. but the jet landed anyway. the air canada crew leader told officials there was a problem with the radio. last summer there was a near
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disaster when another air canada flight try to land on a taxiway at sfo were other planes filled with passengers were waiting to take off. that air canada jet came within 60 feet of landing before another pilot radioed the tower and the flight was told to go around. no one was hurt in that incident. police arrested a man they say carjack the truck and san lorenzo and ran over and killed the owner. victor martinez alvarez from oakland is in custody, accused of killing james figueroa junior. the victim went out to warm up his truck on thursday morning before going inside his home. when he returned, police said alvarez was inside the truck. the victim tried to stop him from stealing it but the man ran him over and drove off. figueroa junior died at the hospital and alvarez is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. police in vallejo are
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asking for help to find a driver involved in a hit-and- run case we told you about yesterday morning. a mother was pushing her three- year-old daughter and two-year- old son in a double stroller across turner parkway sunday evening. officials say they were probably heading from the shopping center to the neighborhood across that busy street when they were hits. the mother was not hurt but the children were thrown onto the road and critically injured. neighbors say they have been pushing for a stop sign or crosswalk at that intersection. >> it's very dangerous for any pedestrians in the area, especially those that want to go to the shopping center. there is no marked crosswalk for them. they have to risk their lives to cross four lanes of traffic. >> doctors say the little girl's condition is getting better but her younger brother is still in critical condition. officials say it's possible the driver never saw the family because of the setting sun but it's not clear why the driver did not stay at the scene.
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police sent us these photos from a surveillance camera near the crash scene. they say this is the car they're looking for. it's an older, white acura. it does not have a license plate but does have damage to the front and. if you know anything about the car, call vallejo police. in lake county two people were shot and killed in their homes by a man who went to several other locations and opened fire. the shooting began in clearlake oaks north of the city of clear lake. investigators believe alan ashmore fired into homes in lake oaks. two men died at different locations. investigators say the suspect also shot and hurt a woman on the same street. he then drove off and shot at people at two nearby gas stations. >> i was grabbing cigarettes off the top shell. i turned to look at him. he turned toward me and pointed the gun, literally i was looking down the barrel of a
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gun. he grabbed a couple lighters and had his gun to his hip and walked out the door. >> is chp officer was also shot and injured. the suspect surrendered after leading deputies on a chase. the former teenage prostitute at the center of a bay area law-enforcement sex scandal has dropped her lawsuit against the contra costa county sheriff's office. jasmine abuslin has already won almost $1 million in the settlement against the city of oakland. this month a judge throughout the criminal case against a sheriff's deputies citing a lack of evidence. she also filed a lawsuit against the richmond police department in august alleging misconduct by officers there extract a study of the effects of police body cameras has some surprising conclusions. a study of officers on the washington dc police force compared 1000 officers with body cameras to 1000 officers without cameras. during an 18 month period the
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study found little difference in behavior when it cames to use of force, civilian complaints or the number of charging decisions made by prosecutors. a professor at uc berkeley and author of the book, when police kill, disagrees with the results of this particular study. >> there are substantial indications that the presence or absence of a camera does make a difference. >> 95% of police departments nationwide now use body cameras including most apartments in the bay area. construction of the new google village in san jose may start in about eight years. that's according to a city memo. the project would bring 20,000 jobs to downtown san jose. the village would be near part's future diridon station. google has been buying land near that location. despite challenges, the city
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says all signs suggest the project will move ahead. amazon received 238 bids for its second headquarters. the proposals came from all over north america and all but 7 states pitched an idea. the promise from amazon is a $5 billion construction projects and 50,000 new jobs. several bay area cities submitted bids as well. 5:40 am. getting around san francisco could cost a little more. the potential new tax and what it means for uber and lyft passengers. bart finally has the approval to roll out its new trains. we will let you know when you can expect to see the pull up to a station near you. right now we do have traffic on the roads that is getting a little more crowded. we are beginning to see some slowdowns on some inner routes.
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we will tell you about that coming up. it does not look like anything slowing down our temperatures today. they will be well above average and near record levels.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . bart says it's new railcars on track to start carrying passengers by thanksgiving. the new fleet passed the necessary safety tests over the weekend. the cars feature three doors on each side, bike racks and improved heating and air- conditioning systems. once put into service the cars will likely run as a single 10 car train during the morning and evening peak commute and as 2, 5 car trains during evening hours. several transportations are in the fast lane, getting ready for the gas tax height to take
5:44 am
effect next week. caltrans expedited $5 billion worth of road repair and bridge products with money expected to come in from the tax. they say the funds will not be bogged down in bureaucratic red tape because a state auditor will make sure the money is used the right way. officials say the work cannot start soon enough. >> due to a lack of money our system keeps falling further and further into disrepair. in fact, we stand as 48th in the nation in terms of the condition of our state's highway system. >> officials estimate there is a backlog of $130 billion in needed road repairs all over the state. the first elon musk hyperloop train is one step closer to reality. maryland approved construction of the tunnel for the hyperloop train from baltimore to washington, d.c. it would take
5:45 am
travelers 15 minutes to complete what would normally be an hour long trip. the goal is to have a complete track that would go from new york to dc in 30 minutes. >> that is amazing. >> i was going to look up what it usually would take. >> i think it's 90 minutes. it's relatively close. let's see what our commute is looking like right now. particular those folks making long commutes. the commute in the tracy triangle is not approaching record speed at all. we have a lot of slow traffic on 580 and 205 which is typical. it will get better by the time you reach the livermore valley. from livermore to dublin it's not very slow but it does get slow on 238 at the castro valley y. slow traffic there and congestion on interstate 880
5:46 am
after 38 as you head into hayward. this is 880 further up. northbound and southbound 880 about the oakland coliseum. traffic is moving along well. at the bay bridge the metering lights went on around 5:30 am. now we have a 10-15 minute delay before you get onto the span. it will be a hot day in some places today, right, steve? >> to put it in perspective, it's 58 degrees in honolulu. 15 degrees below average. they head to .5 inches of rain. for some it's all or nothing. either it's cool and rainy or it will be warm and hot. we can't hold a candle to southern california which was baking yesterday. long beach was 105. almost all the records were set in 1965 except ucla. the old record was 98 in 1939. they were 100 yesterday.
5:47 am
lax, 101. los angeles, 102. santamaria, 102. today will be the hottest first pitch ever for a world series game. around 96 degrees. i'm going 90 in the city today. i'm overshooting maybe about 5 based on what i wanted to do. the record is 90 in 1965. there is too much of an offshore breach. temperatures around berkeley are in the 70s. oakland, 76. in the city, 67. in tiburon, 66. montera, 79. moss beach, 80. half moon bay, 77. very warm on the san mateo coast. not as warm along santa cruz. 57 there. they are not getting a robust easterly or northeasterly breeze. most locations around the bay or in the 70s and 60s. . there are some warm temps around el cerrito. there is berkeley.
5:48 am
orinda, 70. lafayette has cooled off 4. they are still 11 degrees warmer than walnut creek. 64 at the concord pavilion. there are some crazy temperatures this morning. northeast, south. that says west although i'm leery of that. most locations have in east or northerly breeze. i guess it's possible. it's still very warm for this early in the city. half moon bay, east, gusts up to 35 miles per hour. east at oakland. 75 at the berkeley lab. 71 about the caldecott and 72 above the open zoo. that onshore breeze continues. high pressure is controlling the west. here is the situation in the hawaiian islands. honolulu, 2.5 inches of rain.
5:49 am
58 degrees for the low. normal is 73. you can see where the front is. that is torrential rain. temperatures in the 70s. honolulu, 59 degrees. 89 in san bernardino. palm springs, 91. los angeles, 71. they have and excessive heat warning and the high fire danger and a heat advisory for santa maria, san luis obispo and santa barbara. 30 in truckee. temperatures will be warming up quick with that offshore breeze. high pressure will max out today but it will be slow to weaken over the next 7 days. 80s-90s for the temperatures. if you get a north or northeast wind, it will not take long to warm up. we have high fire danger and low humidity. we could be pause -- setting possible records on the west coast. gradual cooling through the
5:50 am
weekend. police in santa clara and the fire department were called to a home. a small child was locked inside a gun safe. an 18-month-old girl was playing hide and seek with her three-year-old brother when she decided the gun safe was a safe place to hide. >> the safe was empty and open at the time. the toddler managed to get in and lock herself in. fire crews got the combination to the safe but it took a while to figure it out how to open it. the little girl was free 20 minutes after the crews arrived. she was upset but not hurt. i can only imagine the parents. >> just imagine. the warriors won last night beating dallas. we will give you highlights from the game and show you an incredibly touching moment between steph curry and a young
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the average price to go to a world series game is expected to reach record levels along with the temperature down south. the average price for the game between the dodgers and astros is said to be among the highest ever at $3000 a ticket.
5:54 am
if there is a game 7, those tickets could be more than $5000. game 1 of the world series is tonight right here. it's the los angeles dodgers versus the houston astros from dodger stadium. we will have every pitch of the world series right here on channel 2. you can get your local news on ktvu plus. you can watch baseball and the news. we have both. a decision is expected stay on marshawn lynch's suspension. the raiders running back had an appeal hearing yesterday. during the hearing marcus peter spoke on behalf of lynch. during last thursday's game, lynch rushed onto the field from the sideline after a late hit on derek carr. marshawn lynch was ejected after making contact with an official and was given a one game suspension. if the suspension is upheld, lynch will miss the game this week against the bills.
5:55 am
the san jose sharks beat the rangers 4-1 last night in new york. logan couture has been hot on the road scoring the shark's first goal on a slap shot. that was early in the first. tim he'd follow that with his first career nhl goal. that gave san jose the lead. the shark scored two goals to get the win. they now have four winds and four losses on this young season. the warriors beat the mavericks last night, 133-103. the warriors scored 40 points on the mavericks in the first quarter. steff curry, kevin durant and klay thompson combined for 75 points. the highlight of the night came from the rookie jordan bell. >> bell said, not another one. he goes right in come off the back toward.
5:56 am
>> the reaction from the bench. the alley-oop to himself. some of the mavericks players do not like that play because the warriors were up 25 point. there it is again. the warriors play tomorrow night at oracle arena. before last nights win, steff curry stepped away from his pregame routine to console the nephew of mavericks guard devin harris. brayden harris' father was killed in a car accident last week. steff curry had encouraging words for him and even autographed some things for him. that's very sweet. >> a special moment. still ahead, and other close call at sfo. there was another incident involving an air canada flight. we will tell you about the miscommunication between air traffic control and a pilot. a local lawmaker wants to protect neighborhoods from gentrification. we will tell you what's happening today and what it means for the people living there.
5:57 am
good morning. traffic is moving along relatively well on 280 in san jose. it is a nice drive getting up to highway 17. about 90 degrees for nearly everyone today. maybe some record highs.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: the faa is investigating an incident at sfo. the pilot of an air canada flight failed to respond to instructions from the control tower before landing. what we know about what happened and what the pilot said went wrong. >> if he intended to shoot the gun, wasn't reckless or was in an accident? that will be the focus of the case. a murder trial in san francisco getting national attention. emotional testimony in the trial of a man accused of killing kate steinle. what lawyers say happened on the san francisco pier. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us.
6:00 am
it's tuesday, october 24. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. dress lightly today. steve paulson will tell you why. >> it will be about 20 degrees above average. very warm for us today. we are already warm for some. 50s, 60s, 70s and some near 80s. napa yesterday 86, 90 today. livermore, 90. san jose, 90. san francisco, 90. if that onshore breeze continues, they are already sitting at 68. it would not take much. 74, kensington. berkeley, 77. oakland, 76. 70, san francisco. warm temps on the san mateo coast. moss beach, 80. half moon bay, 77. we are looking


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