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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it's tuesday, october 24. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. dress lightly today. steve paulson will tell you why. >> it will be about 20 degrees above average. very warm for us today. we are already warm for some. 50s, 60s, 70s and some near 80s. napa yesterday 86, 90 today. livermore, 90. san jose, 90. san francisco, 90. if that onshore breeze continues, they are already sitting at 68. it would not take much. 74, kensington. berkeley, 77. oakland, 76. 70, san francisco. warm temps on the san mateo coast. moss beach, 80. half moon bay, 77. we are looking at 50s, 60s, 70s
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and beer 80s for a lot of these temperatures. upper 60s at orinda. mid 60s in lafayette. offshore or easterly breeze. it is howling on parts of the san mateo coast. also 40 mile per hour plus in the oakland and berkeley hills. berkeley lab, 75. low 70s with a northeast wind. high pressure is controlling the west coast all the way down to southern california where they are looking for near 100 again today. they had multiple record highs tomorrow. the first pitch of the world series will be around 96 or 97. mainly windy in the east bay hills and also toward the coast. a lot of upper 80s to near 90 degrees today. we do have a lot of people on the road this morning. we start with one of the busiest commutes.
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that would be the westbound bay bridge. traffic here is going to be slow . it's about a 15 minute delay before you make it onto the span. want to get onto the san mateo bridge, it looks good heading out to the peninsula. we are looking at interstate 880 in oakland. traffic in both directions is moving well. 880 is getting slow southbound from 238 down to highway 92. the faa is investigating the landing of an air canada jet at sfo over the weekend after the pilot was told to go around. >> that would be the second time this year an air canada flight was told not to land at sfo for safety reasons.allie rasmus is at the airport to explain. >> reporter: a spokesperson said in this particular incident with the air canada flight, no passengers were in immediate danger. it's troubling that the pilot
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of this flight did not respond to instructions from the control tower. >> air canada 781 go around. air canada 781 go around. >> reporter: in that recording you can hear the calm voice of someone in the control tower repeatedly telling the pilot to go around and not land on the runway. the plane was approaching the runway. they were worried that the runway was not clear. the person in the control tower set to go around a total of six times with no response from the pilot. the pilot later said they were having radio problems and cannot hear instructions. they also used a red light to get the pilot's attention to single not to land but that it also not work. the runway was clear. the plane landed without problem.
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this comes three months after another flight narrowly missed crashing into four other planes at sfo when the pilot mistook a crowded taxiway for the runway. the pilot came as close as 60 feet to other planes before pulling up and aborting the landing. because of that near disaster in july, the faa made changes to the rules about when and how planes can land at sfo at night. we will need to see if this latest incident leads to any changes as well. happening today, the jury in the san francisco murder trial of jose ines garcia- zarate will hear more testimony today in a case that's getting national attention. he is charged with second- degree murder and manslaughter after kate steinle was fatally shot while walking with her father near per 14.garcia- zarate is an undocumented immigrant and the killing became the focus of a national
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argument over sanctuary city's. the defense and the prosecution say this is a murder trial, not a political debate. the defense lawyer told the jury the shooting was an accident. >> we are talking about a gun with a history of accidental discharges. it does not have a safety on a. it's marketed that way. the -- they make a model with a safety but this is not the one. >> the prosecutor showed the gun to the jury and said a ballistics expert will testify the gun will only fire when the trigger is pulled. she went on to say that kate steinle is dead because jose ines garcia-zarate pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger. the trial is expected to last at least six weeks. in antioch, a deadly shooting is under investigation by police. last night just after 10:30 pm, police rushed to reports of shots fired near a market on west 10th street.
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a man who had been shot was found in pronounced dead at the scene. a motive is not known in no arrests have been made. please call antioch police if you have any information. we know the names of three people arrested by fremont police in connection with a deadly shooting at a hotel over the weekend. they are luis mclaughlin of newark. leticia hermosillo of fremont and robert betancourt of fremont. the shooting happened saturday night at an extended stay america hotel. there is no word of a possible motive. police say they victim knew the suspects. there was a crashed last night in san jose involving seven vehicles. one person is dead and the incident continues to be investigated this morning. just before 10 pm investigators rushed to southbound highway 85 at great oaks boulevard in san jose. the highway was shut down at cottle road for three hours but
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then reopened. we do have calls into the chp for more information about what caused the crash and any details about the person who died. we have not heard from him yet. cal fire officials say they are continuing to make progress against all the fires burning in the north bay. they say it could be friday before all four major fires are completely contained. they have 89% containment of the pocket fire. 95% of the atlas fire is encircled. the plans are underway to start the cleanup process in the north bay. yesterday during a meeting in santa rosa, officials outlined plans for cleaning up debris left behind by the fires. the first phase of the cleanup starts this week. it will focus on household hazardous waste and debris
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including asbestos, pesticides, propane tanks, burned out vehicles, air conditioners and refrigerators. >> at the end of the day we can return to you a safe and environmentally clean site for your family to rebuild. our goal in terms of mobilizing crews is to have that were completed by early 2018. >> hundreds of people were at the meeting to get an idea of how the cleanup will be handled so they can begin the rebuilding process. 6:08 am. teacher writes with uber and lyft could cost more. the potential fee and how that money will be spent. questions about gun shows in nevada and the consequences here in california. a new study suggesting buyers are getting round our tough gun laws.
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welcome back. today from's personal lawyer is due to speak with investigators looking into russian involvement in the election. michael cohen will talk in private with investigators for the house intelligence committee. he is a former executive with the trump organization. he had been involved with talks to build a trump tower in moscow. he ended those negotiations one donald trump announced he was running for the white house. reportedly he wrote an email to a spokesman for russian president vladimir putin asking for help in getting the moscow
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tower built. president trump is going to capitol hill today and will join republican senators at their regular tuesday lunch. he wants to push his tax reform plan which he said he wants congress to act on by the end of this year. the president's daughter traveled to pennsylvania yesterday pushing for tax reform but democrats are not on board. they say the current plan benefits the wealthy. >> tax reform will impact everyone. simplification will impact everyone to the positive. it democratizes the tax code. simpler is better. >> the american people should know that the money to pay for that giant tax cut for the risk -- for the rich is coming from somewhere and it's likely to come from their pocketbooks. >> members of congress in from states like california are not supporting proposals that would illuminate the deduction from state and local taxes picture a
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federal judge in san francisco is expected to roll on a request by california and 18 other states to block the trump administration's plans to cut off insurance subsidies. the states want the judge to order the administration to keep making those payments while the case is heard. the district judge suggested yesterday he will probably not order an emergency injunction because the states have not proved that people were in imminent harm. the judge said california and other states anticipated subsidies would end and found a way to make sure consumers would not pay more. lawmakers and sacramento river holding hearings to address a proposal to provide universal health coverage in california. yesterday the discussions attracted hundreds of members of the california nurses association. those pushing for the state government run healthcare program say it's needed now more than ever because of the uncertainty over the affordable care act.
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>> they can have as many meetings as they want but it will not provide the healthcare we need. people are dying right now. they are deciding not to have medication because they can't afford it. people decide not to go to the emergency room because they can't afford it. >> the single-payer healthcare proposal would replace california's private health insurance market with a single government run plan with no premiums or deduct doubles for nearly 40 million californians. the city of san francisco is considering new transportation roles including a tax on rideshare companies. it would charge between your dollar $.20 and one dollar for every where and lyft ride in the city. it's one of 20 potential taxes to raise money for local transportation including mu and i and new bicycle infrastructure. other proposals include a gas tax and raising the prices at city parking lots. let's check in with sal. people are getting ready to
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head out the door. what do they need to know. >> it is a typical slow day. if you're driving to the bay bridge it's going to be as low as it normally is. there is a lot of slowing around the macarthur maze out to the bay bridge. a 25 minute wait if you are in the cash lanes. you have better time if you're using fast track or the carpool lanes although those have started backing up in the last few months as well. let's talk about the toll plaza. the carpool lanes, once you get to the carpool lane, right there, it looks pretty good. getting out to it sometimes, there is a backup. this is a look at 880 north- and southbound in front of oracle arena. traffic is moving okay. this is a look also at 880 southbound as you drive through.
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i want to mention -- we went back to the maze because the new trend is -- look at the carpool lane. it's slow. it will be slow before you get down to the flat part. i just stepped outside. it is warm and windy and i can smell roasting coffee. that is an east wind. >> that's better than the smoke we had. >> that is true. it is really warm in oakland. temperatures in the 70s. let's zoom out -- i don't know. [ laughter ]it's warm and windy. if you're in los angeles, enough of this! long beach, 105.
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burbank, 102. los angeles, 102. lax, 101. those were old records from 1965. ucla was 100 but that record went back to 1939. we may have some records here today. san jose, 90. the record is 90 from 1959. san francisco has dipped to 67. they were at 72 at 3 am. i went 90 today because there is a northeast breezes. it will be much above average. the low should be 53 but it's 67. berkeley, 78. oakland, 76. 70 in the city. tiburon, 67. montero and half moon bay, 80 and 81.
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half moon bay has a roaring east wind coming down the 90 two quarter. sam carlos, 70. belmont, 67. 60s, 70s. it depends on the wind direction. if it's an easterly, it's warm. walnut creek, 55. blackhawk, 71. el sobrante, 75. american canyon, 60 a. in east or southeast, half moon bay gusting up to 38. sustained at 29. oakland has an east wind. in the oakland-berkeley hills, gusts above 40 miles per hour for some. offshore for the berkeley lab. humidity is low. wind is out of the north or northeast. there is a deep system in the
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hawaiian islands which is causing torrential rain. 2.5 inches of rain in honolulu and the temperature was 58. it is coming down there. 80s, 90s in southern california with excessive heat advisories and high fire danger. same along the santa maria and santa barbara coast. 61 in monterey. high pressure is dominating us. chicago, 46 and raining. that is the big low. warm to hot with possible records. windy in the east bay hills. upper 80s to near 90. that east wind is going to give a lot of warm temperatures today. this will be the warmest day and then we will see a gradual cooling. should lawmakers get in the way of gentrification? we will tell you what san francisco city leaders will debate and how neighborhoods could be affected. a former hang out for the
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rat pack could soon have a new owner. the billionaire who has his eyes on lake tahoe.
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what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪ welcome back. four leading democratic candidates for governor will appear at a forum today in san francisco.
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the candidates are los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa , lieutenant governor gavin newsom, state treasurer john chiang , and former state superintendent of public instruction, delaine eastin . this is video from last weekend of a similar form in anaheim. today the candidates will appear at noon at the city club of san francisco. before is sponsored by the chronicle. the topics include health care, immigration, education, housing and for maclean's. the primary for the governor's race is june the primary for the governor's race is june 2018. the top two finishers will move on to the general election in november. the former of homes considered affordable housing continues to fall nationwide according to a report by freddie mac, the number of homes considered affordable for low income families felt more than 60% between 2010 and 2016. experts say it's because of increased the number of renters who lost their homes in the housing crisis. the number of apartment
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vacancies in 2009 was at 8% compared to this year. it's only a 4% vacancy rate. a san francisco supervisor will introduce legislation to protect some of the cities cultural district from gentrification. the supervisor says this would help the city work with the districts to help preserve their culture by adding more affordable housing and putting a public art. some of the districts included are chinatown, the filipino cultural heritage district and the south of market area. people staying at a homeless camp in the east bay could be evicted tonight. on saturday people living at the camp were given a 72 hour eviction notice. the campus spring up in january at the intersection of martin luther king jr. way and adaline. homeless advocates have been helping organize the camp and say they will protest the eviction. bart owns the property and it is part police who posted the eviction notice.
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the people that live there say they have nowhere else to go. a new emergency alert system may soon be coming to san jose to warn of an impending disaster. it will be used in the rock springs neighborhood which was flooded by the coyote creek last february. the city has several long-range acoustic devices known as lrads. they can broadcast warning messages up to a mile away using a speaker on top of a 30 foot mast. a smaller speaker can be mounted on a car and driven around a neighborhood. it can announce evacuation orders. >> automatic, without announcement we can make any time of day or night so the public can hear the announcement at the same time as sending out to other devices. it's one of many tools we have to notify the public. >> the lrad system went through a test run last week. officials took it to santa rosa to get information to evacuees
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after the wildfires. another demonstration will take place this weekend in san jose. still ahead, r police body cameras making a difference? the results of an extensive study and how cameras are helping people on both sides of the law. re/max sonoma county in santa rosa city leaders are meeting to possibly take action on new laws designed to help fire victims find new housing. more on the proposals coming up. we have a few questions about the carpool lanes and why we have seen a lot of slow traffic in those lanes. we will tell you more about that coming up.
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good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday, october 24. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it is pretty hot out there. >> it's very warm around the bay. very warm on the coast. >> that is so crazy. >> half moon bay and montero are in the 80s. >> the east wind will make for a very warm day today.
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there were a bunch of records in los angeles. 90 in napa, livermore, san jose and oakland. those of the forecast temps. that would tie a record for san jose. montero, 79. moss beach, 80. half moon bay, 81. why? they have an east wind dusting almost 240. that will do it. not as robust at sfo or oakland but there are still signs of it being an easterly breeze. oakland shows 76. 68, tiburon. richmond, 75. el cerrito, 74. panola, 71. attended re-spread between
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lafayette and walnut creek. there is 81 in san jose. in the oakland hills, a strong wind. up to 40 miles per hour. temperatures in the 70s and humidity is low. temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 as high pressure gives us a warm pattern down to southern california with possible record highs today. windy and higher elevations. 80s and 90s. when does your friend, offshore flow, take another vacation? >> i met her in the isobar during happy hour. [ laughter ] she is in town for about a couple days and then she will be out of here. >> good. >> cool and breezy, those two guys -- a will be back. >> i like mr. cool. thank you. let's go out to the macarthur maze. westbound 80 traffic is moving
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well. i got a lot of questions about the carpool lane and why it's become slow. if you had a carpool you could whiz right through without slow traffic. you get on the ramp. recently we've had slow traffic. the answer is -- i don't know the exact answer but i will say it started during the fall commute season. by the time you get down to what i call the good part of the carpool lane which is right here, it is still an advantage but it's becoming more crowded. perhaps more people are using the carpool lane or more people are on the road period. this is a look at 880 northbound past oracle. it's already slow driving past high street into downtown oakland. traffic is slow on 880 south as you drive from 238 down to dakota road. it gets better after that. 680 is slow this morning
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driving from the dublin interchange down into the sunol grade. sonoma county and the city of santa rosa want to make it easier for fire victims to find a new place to live. >> thousands of homes were destroyed in the fires in an area that already had a housing shortage. leigh martinez is in santa rosa. officials and residents will meet later today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more than 6000 homes were lost in the wildfires. local leaders want to try to keep the locals that lost their homes from leaving the area altogether. there are state protections in place to prevent things like price gouging on rent but the county and city leaders want to go a step further. the wildfires wiped out entire neighborhoods and it's estimated the rebuilding process could take several --
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several years. government leaders will consider relaxing housing rules that would allow people to live in rvs on the properties or in guest or pool houses while new homes are being built. sonoma county will consider a moratorium on new vacation rental permits that will last for 45 days. the long-term rentals -- the sonoma board of supervisors will decide on the proposed ordinance that targets price gouging. barring rent increases unless it can be justified from before the disaster. the proposed ordinance will stop landlords from raising rents more than 10%. these emergency housing ordinances could last through 2019. they are emergency ordinances so they could go on the books quickly. the board of supervisors will meet today at this building at 8:30 am. city council will have their meeting at 4:00 this afternoon. vallejo police are asking
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for the public help to find a driver involved in a hit-and- run. a mother was pushing her three- year-old daughter and two-year- old son in a double stroller across turner parkway early sunday evening. officials say they were probably heading from the shopping center to the neighborhood across the street when they were hit. the mother was not hurt but the children were thrown to the road and critically injured. neighbors say they've been pushing to get a stop sign or crosswalk at that intersection. >> it's very dangerous for pedestrians, especially pedestrians that want to go to the shopping center. there is no marked crosswalk for them. they have to risk their life to cross four lanes of traffic. >> doctors say the little girl's condition is improving but her younger brother remains in critical condition.
6:36 am
officers say it's possible the driver did not see the family because of the setting sun but it's not clear why the driver did not stay at the scene. police sent us these photos from a surveillance camera the crash scene. they say this is the car they are looking for. it's an older, white acura. it does not have a license plate but it does have damaged the front end. if you have any information, vallejo police would like to hear from you. there is a new study by uc berkeley showing the number of gun related deaths and injuries increased sharply in some parts of california in the weeks after gun shows were held in nevada. the study says deaths and injuries from firearms held study after gun shows held in california but went up 70% in california towns near the border shortly after gun shows were held in nevada. california has some of the toughest gun show policies in the nation including enforced waiting periods for new owners to take possession of weapons. nevada imposes very few
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restrictions on sales at their gun shows. in lake county two people were shot and killed in their homes by a man who went to several other locations and opened fire. the shooting began yesterday afternoon in clearlake oaks north of the city of clear lake. investigators believe alan ashmore is the gunman who fired into homes. two men died at different homes. investigators say the suspect also shot and hurt a woman on the same street. they say he drove off and shot it people at two gas stations. >> i was grabbing cigarettes off the top shelf. i turned to look at him and he turned toward me and pointed the gun at me. literally looking down the barrel of a gun. he picked up some lighters and then had his gun to his hip and walked out the door. >> a chp officer was also shot and injured during the rampage. the suspect surrendered after leading deputies on a four mile
6:38 am
chase. it is the most extensive study so far on the affects of police body cameras. the findings may surprise you. researchers conducted an 18 month study of 2000 police officers. it concludes the body cameras did little to affect their behavior. here are the findings. >> reporter: when police in north carolina shot and killed a black man named keith scott last year, police released body camera footage to support their argument the shooting was justified. officers had those cameras because of a nationwide outcry that followed a number of high- profile killings of black men by police. michael brown in ferguson, missouri in 2014. freddie gray in baltimore the following year. and walter scott who was shot in the back as he ran from a white police officer in south carolina. 95% of police departments nationwide now use body cameras
6:39 am
including most departments in the bay area. this professor at uc berkeley and the author of the book, when police kill. >> there are substantial indications that the presence or absence of a camera does make a difference. >> a new study suggest the difference may be -- not be a change in the behavior. the study compared 1000 officers on the washington dc police force with body cameras with 1000 officers without. during an 18 month period there was little difference in behavior when it came to use of force. civilian complaints or the number of charging decisions made by prosecutors. professor -- the professor said there is evidence to show a difference in prosecutions of officers when the shootings are deadly. >> our indications there and none of the studies have directly addressed this are that
6:40 am
it increases by a factor of 6 criminal prosecutions. >> reporter: vocal civil rights leader see other benefits from body cameras. george holland senior, the president of the oakland chapter of the naacp, said the cameras provide a needed sense of accountability. >> any tool that we can use to level the field of justice, we need to do it. we need to try to use them. >> reporter: the professor said the dc police force is well trained in the study of a different department may yield different results. >> what we don't know about is how it affects behavior at the deep end. and that's what has been motivating body cameras to go on police in the first place. >> supporters of the body cameras are citing other benefits like more accurate investigations and also better training. they can also be used to clear
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an officer who was wrongly accused of abuse. another study is due out next month. the first witnesses took the stand in the kate steinle murder trial. coming up, more on what happened inside the courtroom and what to expect today in a trial that has sparked a national debate. more than 200 cities are trying to get amazon to open a second headquarters in their city. what are the odds it will come here to the bay area? we will tell you which city may be the favorite. a tech billionaire has his eyes on a historic spot at lake tahoe. the reported price for an old casino. good morning. highway 24 traffic is slowing down. it's getting congested in lafayette. we will tell you more about the east bay commute.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. take a look at the stock market. there is the dow jones up 155 points. 23,004 28 for the dow. some great earnings coming in from big names in business. 3m, caterpillar to name a couple. that is helping stocks gain ground this morning. amazon received more than 200 bids for its second headquarters. according to a gambling website it appears atlanta has emerged as the early favorites.
6:45 am
the website has a -- has atlanta followed as a 2-1. san jose is third followed by los angeles. atlanta has a large airport, a technical workforce. amazon is not expected to announce the winner until next year. amazon also notifying sellers it's getting rid of its wine delivery service. it plans to shut down at the end of the year. that service allowed customers to buy wine directly from wineries around the world, however, amazon said existing alcohol sales laws make it difficult to sell alcohol as a retailer and operate as a marketplace. they will continue to sell wine although amazon -- through amazon fresh, prime now and whole foods. sears will stop selling products made by whirlpool. the biggest american appliance maker.
6:46 am
sears is ending its relationship with whirlpool because of a pricing dispute. sears said demands by whirlpool made it impossible to sell its products at a reasonable price. the companies were partners for more than 100 years. a nonpartisan federal watchdog says climate change is costing american taxpayers billions of dollars every year. according to a government accountability reports, the cost will go higher as devastating storms and floods and wildfires and droughts occur more often. the report said the federal government has spent more than $350 billion over the past decade on disaster assistance programs and losses from flood and crop insurance. that figure does not include this year's toll from hurricanes and wildfires which are expected to be among the most expensive in american history. a well known tech billionaire is buying frank sinatra's old lake tahoe and hang out. this is going to be is reporting that oracle founder
6:47 am
larry ellison's investment firm is buying the resort and casino $438.5 million. the resort sits on the california-nevada border and is undergoing a multimillion dollar upgrade when it fell into bankruptcy in 2016. that will be interesting to see what happens. that's what the north shore is missing. a casino area that the south shore has. let's check in with trait eight and see what's coming up in the next hour. in a couple of minutes we will talk about the lesser of two evils. would you rather take a pay cut or spend more time in traffic? how people responded when given that choice and were in your survey puts san francisco commute times when compared to other commutes across the country. and when it comes to trick-or- treating, which city is best? where we rank nationwide and where you can go in the bay area for your best chance at
6:48 am
the most amount of candy in the least amount of time. back to you guys. >> what you maybe after could be different than what your kids are after. caltrans is putting several transportation projects in the fast lane, getting ready for the gas tax hike to take effect next week. >> officials say they have expedited about $5 billion worth of road repair and bridge projects with money expected from the tax. they say the funds will not be bogged down in bureaucratic red tape because the state auditor will make sure the money is used correctly. officials say the work can begin soon enough. two due to a lack of money our system keeps falling further and further into disrepair. in fact, we stand at 48th in the nation in terms of the condition of our state's highway system. >> there is an estimated
6:49 am
backlog of $130 billion and necessary road repairs around the state. >> art said its new railcars are on track -- i'm sorry to carry passengers by thanksgiving. the necessary safety tests were passed over the weekend. these new cars feature three doors on each side, bike racks and better heating and air- conditioning systems. once they go into service, the cars will probably run as a single, 10 car train during the morning and evening peak commutes and as 2 come up five car trains during the less crowded hours. >> you know, our commute is getting a little off the tracks here on the richmond bridge approach. we do have a crash reported on the span of the richmond bridge. it sounds like a minor crash
6:50 am
but i can tell by looking at traffic at the toll plaza that something is going on. it's a lot slower than it normally is on 580 westbound. people are beginning to switch lanes as they hear about the crash. if this is your commute, give yourself extra time. macarthur maze traffic is slow around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza which has been back to for a 20-25 minute delay. interstate 880 in oakland both directions look okay although northbound is beginning to slow near high street. southbound slows near to 38. it's slow through hayward and union city. the forecast calls for sunshine and very warm temperatures. maybe some record highs. it will be close as long as that easterly and northeasterly breeze holds. the sonoma county airport shows a little bit of fog.
6:51 am
and most locations are clear and it's going to be really hot for this time of year. southern california, these were the records yesterday. long beach, won a five. santamaria, 102. lax, 101. ucla, 100. they will be between 95 and 100 today. san jose, 90. the record is 90 from 1959. the average is 72. i'm going 90 in the city. originally i wanted to go around 88. the record is 90 from 1965. if the northeast breeze holds i think there is an opportunity to break that. 50s, 60s and 70s on the peninsula. 80 in moss bay. they haven't howling east wind coming down the 92 corridor. that means it's warm over there. northeast sustained at 29.
6:52 am
in the oakland hills, not as strong as an hour ago but around 36 miles per hour. the berkeley lab, 74 degrees with a due east wind. in berkeley, 78 degrees with that east wind. alex savidge said when he left the house he could not believe how warm it was. kensington, 74. oakland, 76. it's not too warm for some although blackhawk is 73. walnut creek, 54. el cerrito, 71. it is really warm around the bay. not so much on the santa cruz coast. santa cruz, 56. in the north you can find a wide variety of temperatures. between 78 in berkeley although concord is 57.
6:53 am
cloverdale, 67. upper 40s in occidental. san rafael, 70. mill valley, 66. petaluma, 51. if you do not have the east breeze, it's probably pretty cool. a typhoon went through japan and it's now extratropical and moving across into the bering sea. is enhancing a vigorous system in the hawaiian islands. that sends a ridge of high pressure over us. honolulu had a low of 58 this morning. truckee, 28. warm for everybody here. the ridge of high pressure said i'm in charge and it will get hot. possible records, certainly on the coast. they are already sitting in the 80s. 80s to near 90 for just about everybody unless you do not get the breeze. then it may not be as warm. for many on the coast and bay, upper 80s to near 90. gradual cooling through the weekend. tsa making it easier for
6:54 am
travelers to skip those long lines. how the agency is making it easier for people to sign up for pre-check. the warriors dominated in dallas but it's a play from a rookie that ruffled some feathers. we will show you what happened. he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war. obstructed justice at the fbi. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached
6:55 am
a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. two weeks after the tubbs fire seriously damaged and closed cardinal newman high school in santa rose, the
6:57 am
school's football team was back on the field last night. >> now it is everything. basically the one thing we have left. >> the team and the fans honored the victims who died in the fires and the first responders. 90 homes were lost, including the home of several players. for the parents and students, feeling the support of the community meant a lot. >> my house burnt down. it was in the middle of coffee park. unfortunately i lost my house. my family is safe. that is all that matters. >> it is fun to get back playing football, doing something that you love. it is a good distraction. >> they will play each other again november 4th. today students go by at nearby locations. the nfl and tsa are teaming
6:58 am
up to help travelers get through airports faster. fans of the 49ers and the new york jets will be able to sign up for the tsa precheck program at their respective stadiums while they tailgate. the program is expected to expand to other stadiums in the coming weeks. it costs $85 and is good for five years. it allows passengers to wear their shoes, jackets and belts. a decision expected today on that one-game suspension of marshawn lynch. yesterday the raiders running back star had an appeals hearing. during the hearing, the chiefs corner back peters spoke on behalf of marshawn lynch. you remember during the game he rushed on to the field from the side lines after a late hit by peters on derek carr. marshawn lynch was kicked out of the game after making
6:59 am
contact with an official and given a one-game suspension. the warriors won last night. they beat the mavericks 133- 103. the warriors scored 40 points on the mavs in the first quarter. steph curry, kevin durant, klay thompson combined for 75 points last night. the highlight of the game came from rookie jordan bell. >> fouls it. engineer do not bell said not another one. jordan bell right in. going off the backboard. and had a little fun. hello. >> that's just like a playground stuff. the teammates on the warriors loved it. however some of the mavs players, well, they didn't like it because the warriors were already leading by 25 points in the 4th quarter. the warriors won and will play the raptors tomorrow night at oracle arena.
7:00 am
the f.a.a. is investigating another questionable landing involving another air canada flight at sfo. what the pilot says went wrong and why he did not respond to instructions from the control tower before landing. protecting people who lost everything in the north bay wildfires. we will have the latest on a series of meetings today designed to help people find new homes. this and more as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> actually did a double take when i walked out the front door. >> yes. >> it was so warm already. >> yes. yep. >> we're going to talk about the weather and much more as we welcome you back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i just ducked out. the air is just sitting there. i'm dave clark. let's go right to steve paulson. you called it. >> very warm around the bay. really warm on parts of the coast. san mateo coast is amazingly warm. possible record highs. th


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