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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 24, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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protecting displaced fire victims as they look for temporary housing. what state and city officials are doing to relax housing walls. for the second time in less than a year the faa is investigating another questionable landing at sfo. if you've been outside today you know it's unseasonably warm. we will tell you about the possible records we may set today and how long the heat will last. good afternoon. i'm alex savage. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. today officials in sonoma and the city of santa rosa are working to find fire victims places to live. about 5% of santa rosa's housing stock is gone because of the fires. before the fires the department of housing and urban development said santa rosa had an unmet rental demand of 1700 units but there are only 200
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new rental homes currently under construction. >> leigh martinez joins us live from the newsroom with the steps being taken today to try to relax temporary housing rules and better protect fire victims from price gouging. >> reporter: the wildfires wiped out whole neighborhoods. more than 6000 structures were destroyed. the board of supervisors meeting is going on right now and one said her priority is to get housing so people do not need to leave the county. it's estimated the rebuilding process could take several years. county and city leaders will consider relaxing several housing rules such as allowing people to live on rv while their houses are being built. and allowing others to rent out their guest or pool houses to evacuees. the county supervisor say the housing crisis prior to the fires means they will need to be created to find places for fire victims. >> we already had a 0% vacancy rate.
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it was literally under 1% in sonoma county. the cost of rental housing was skyrocketing. it was bad and it's gotten worse. we are already seeing ridiculous prices from people seeking $20,000 a month. >> >> reporter: county supervisor say they are borrowing landlords from increasing rent unless they can justify an increase from before the fire disaster. the county district attorney's office said that landlords can raise rents if they have accrued costs during the wildfires. there are already state emergency laws to prevent price gouging but local leaders say they need to go further with relief and prosecute those taking advantage of fire the things. >> it's appalling. i have no words to describe people who are trying to profiteer from this crisis. there are kids without homes tonight who lost everything. every last stuffed animal. as a mother that breaks my heart. to see people trying to take
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advantage of those families is appalling. i hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: there is a proposed moratorium on issuing new permit for vacation rentals. >> i think at the same time we should put forward what it is we are talking about. it's 10 units. the vacation rental and have been it's actually do play a role in the economy of the county. at the same time were not trying to let it go to hell in a hand basket there either. >> reporter: the supervisor later said the 45 day moratorium would not apply to existing vacation rentals are hotels and likely not have a negative impact on the tourism economy. santa rosa city council is considering new emergency housing ordinances. if passed they would go into effect immediately. >> officials have begun outlining plans for cleanup.
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after that phase starts this week. the focus is on disposing hazardous waste such as asbestos, pesticides, burned vehicles air conditioners and refrigerators. >> at the end of the day we can return to you a safe and environmentally clean site for your family to rebuild. our goal that we are pushing hard on is to have that work completed by early 2018. >> many people attended to see how the cleanup would be handled so they can begin the world -- rebuilding process. >> the red cross has opened a service center. at this -- this at the united methodist church on randolph street in napa. this video was shot this morning after the center open. the red cross is expecting it to be busy later this afternoon. the center is similar to one that opened yesterday in santa rosa. volunteers will help link people who lost their homes, vehicles and businesses to resources and help them get financial assistance.
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>> we will be here until they don't need us anymore. dozens came to the center on the first day yesterday. we are expecting the same here and napa. it will be every day. we would get new people coming in as the word gets out. >> the new center will be open every day from 9:00 until 7 pm from now until this coming saturday. the four top democratic candidates running for governor of reform in san francisco. the candidates are former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa, lieutenant governor gavin newsom, former state superintendent of public instruction, delaine eastin, and former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. we are sharing video from a similar form and anaheim held last weekend. today the candidates at the city club of san francisco and are expected to discuss topics such as healthcare come immigration, housing, climate change. the primary is november november 2018. the top two finishers will move on to the final election. trump has been sparring
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with republican senator bob corker on twitter this morning. >> this comes as the president heads to capitol hill to meet with republicans. caroline shively has martha washington. >> reporter: the president heads to capitol hill for a working lunch where the stage is set for a potentially awkward meeting with senate republicans. a series of tweets this morning from president trump, the latest indication that relationships are tense. one post personally criticized bob corker saying he cannot get elected dog catcher in his own state. the insult coming after the tennessee senator said this morning in an interview that the president should leave -- leave diplomacy to the profession as an tweeted the hashtag, alert the daycare staff. >> i think he has one or two people that don't want to see the ball move further down the field. >> reporter: also invited was senator john mccain. this senator has barred with the president on a number of issues, particularly healthcare. over the summer he cast a deciding vote against the
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repeal in place. the president has promised to help defeat the other republican senator. the meeting is an opportunity for the president to unite with senate leaders on the fall agenda, particularly passing the 2018 budget and getting support on tax reform. >> there is no way the republicans can avoid raising taxes and a good number of middle-class families are going to cling to massive tax cuts for the rich and powerful and still make the numbers work. >> the president is looking ahead to next month's trip to asia. relationships are also tense there. the white house is still deciding on whether the president will make the customer a visit to the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea. a resolution is expected to be introduced this afternoon in san francisco and it will call for the impeachment of president trump.
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these are live pictures we are bringing you. a group of city and community leaders undemanding the president's removal. similar resolutions have been passed in 16 other u.s. cities. that includes richmond, alameda, berkeley, oakland and santa cruz. organizers of today's event say mr. trump has met the standard for impeachment. san francisco resolution mentioned obstruction of justice related to his by a a former fbi director james comey during an active investigation and also collusion related to his campaign's ties to russian interests. a judge in san francisco is expected to world today or tomorrow on a request by california and 18 other states to block the trump administration's a plan to cut off insurance subsidies under the affordable care act. the states want the judge to order the administration to make those payments while the case is heard. yesterday the judge suggested he probably will not order an emergency injunction because the states have not proved that
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people were in imminent harm. the judge said that california and other states anticipated the subsidies would end and found a way to make sure consumers would not pay more. lawmakers in sacramento are holding hearings this week at the capital to address a proposal that would provide universal health coverage in our state. yesterday the discussions attracted hundreds of members of the california nurses association. those pushing for the state government run healthcare programs say it's needed now more than ever because of the uncertainty over the affordable care act. >> they can have as many meetings as they want but it will not provide the healthcare we need. people are dying right now, deciding not to have medication because they can afford it. deciding not to go to the emergency room because they can't afford it. >> the single-payer healthcare proposal would replace california's private health insurance market with a single government run program with no premiums or deductibles for
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nearly 40 million californians. the kate steinle trial is underway. testimony from a witness who said she was next to the suspect when the shot was fired. what she said he was doing before the gun shot. a new study is out on police body cameras. why researchers say the cameras may not be as effective as something. rosemary orozco is tracking the bay area heat and will be here after the break. do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his.
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today is day two of testimony in the trial of an undocumented immigrant charged in the killing of kate steinle. her father was expected to return to the witness stand. prosecutors decided not to cross-examine him. the jury is hearing from a tourist who was on pier 14 when kate steinle was killed in 2015. she said she was sitting next to jose ines garcia-zarate. she said he was watching people walk by and laughing to himself. she said he made her feel uncomfortable. moments later she heard a bang and a screen. his attorney said he does have some psychological issues but that is not their defense. >> i think it would be wrong to pretend that there aren't also mental state and mental health issues at play. i'm trying to honestly present that without improperly taking advantage of that, or something
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like that. i'm trying to tell the truth about him but also address the facts of the case. >> garcia-zarate is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. his attorney said the shooting was an accident. the trial is expected to last six weeks. police in antioch are investigating a shooting that happened last night . this happened just after 10:30 pm on west 10th street near j street. when officers arrived they found the man on the ground with at least one bullet wound. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. there is no motive yet for the shooting and no arrests have been made. this killing comes hours after a man was shot on sunday and he died from his injuries. a man was shot in lafayette park early this morning after a struggle over a cell phone. police say the victim was walking around the park in pacific heights when another man asked to use his phone. the men struggled over the phone. the suspect pulled a gun as the
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victim was running away. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. police have not made any arrests. is the most extensive study to date on the effects of police body cameras and the findings may surprise you. >> researchers conducted an 18 month study of 2000 officers and found the cameras did little to affect their behavior. monte francis explained the findings. >> reporter: one police in north carolina shot and killed a black man named keith scott last year, police released body camera footage to support the argument that the shooting was justified. officers had the cameras because of a nationwide outcry that followed a number of high- profile killings of black men by police. michael brown in ferguson, missouri in 2014. freddie gray in baltimore the following year. and walter scott, who was shot in the back as he ran from the white police officer, in south carolina.
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95% of police departments nationwide now use body cameras including most departments in the bay area. frank zimring is a professor at uc berkeley and author of the book, when police killed. >> there are substantial indications that the presence or absence of a camera does make a difference. >> reporter: a new study suggests that difference may not be a change in an officer's behavior. the study compared 1000 officers on the washington dc police force with body cameras to 1000 officers without cameras. during an 18 month period there was little difference and behave behavior when it comes to use of force. civilian complaints, or in the number of charging decisions made by prosecutors. but professor zimring said there is evidence to show a difference in prosecutions of officers when the shootings are deadly. >> our indications there and none of the studies have directly addressed this are that it increases by a factor of 6
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criminal prosecutions. >> reporter: vocal civil rights leaders see other benefits from body cameras. george holland senior, the president of the oakland chapter of the naacp says the cameras provide a needed sense of accountability. >> any tool that we can use to level the field of justice. we need to do that. we need to use them. >> reporter: the police -- the professor said the dc force as well trained any different department could yield different results. >> what we don't know about is how it affects behavior at the deep end. and that's what has been motivating body cameras to go on police in the first place. proponents of cameras cite
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other benefits such as more accurate investigations, better training. they can also be used to exonerate an officer who was wrongly accused of abuse. another study on body cameras is due next month. weather in the bay area is pretty intense for some of us. we could possibly break some records. today will be the hottest day and it is baking in some areas. we have already broken a record in one area. let's take a look outside. here is the satellite view where we have a ridge of high pressure over the west. that storm is well to the north. areas of canada. washington and oregon are in the clear as well as the entire state of california. southern california reached into the triple digits yesterday. for us, a lot of 80s and 90s. that's what we will do again today. here's a look at the wind. variable and light for areas over the north bay. we do have a gust in novato coming in from the southeast. the offshore breeze has been fairly strong in the east bay hills and the coastal range.
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because of that, temperatures took off early this morning. look at half moon bay. 90 degrees. half moon bay is the hottest spot on this graphic. low 80s in san francisco. upper 80s in oakland. 88 at the airport. that is the wrecker. we will shatter that today. 81 in santa rosa. 83, san jose. 88, oakland. 90, half moon bay. that offshore wind is driving temperatures up as a comes off the hills. here is menlo park, 88. 85, san mateo. in the east bay, this is an anomaly. 84, antioch. 90 in half moon bay. the 24 hour temperature change. up by 13 in oakland. up by 5 in livermore. here's a look at the records expect did to get to or perhaps
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beat. santa rosa, i don't think you will break that record of 92 but if the offshore wind picks up, the temperature could drive up a little more. oakland airport, likely to break that record in the second half of the afternoon. mid-80s expected in sausalito. low 90s over santa rosa. upper 80s and low 90s for the east bay shore. low 90s for inland communities. 92, san jose. 92, santa cruz. upper 80s in redwood city. upper 80s, san francisco. today will be the hottest day but notice the cool down. it's a gradual one. a little better tomorrow. a little better on thursday. as we get into the weekend it looks pretty good. upper 60s and low 70s around the coast. low 80s inland. have you been outside lately? it's hot.
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>> and a lot of fire danger concerns. especially with the wind we saw earlier today. >> the moisture is not as dry as it has been because of the rain on thursday. had we not had that rain we would definitely have a red flag warning. game 1 of the world series gets underway in los angeles this evening. it could set a record when the first pitch is shown. in excessive heat warning will be in place when the game starts. the temperature will be close to 100. that could make any fan uncomfortable. the current record high temperature for a world series game is 94. that was set when the diamondbacks hosted the yankees during the 2001 world series. >> along with the record- breaking heat, ticket prices also may reach record levels. the average price for tonight's game between the dodgers and astros will be around $3000 per ticket. if there is a game 7 in this series, those tickets are expected to soar to more than
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$5000 a piece. you can watch game 1 of the world series tonight right here on ktvu fox 2 at 4:00. you can watch local news here on ktvu. that will be followed immediately by pregame coverage of the world series . if you're looking for more local news, flip it over to ktvu plus at 4:30 pm. bart has new cars ready for passengers. when you can write the new trained, after the break. he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war. obstructed justice at the fbi.
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and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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welcome back. you can see the dow jones industrial average is soaring this afternoon on wall street. it's up about 175 points. at one point the dow was up 190 points. a record-setting day. caltrans is putting several projects in the fast lane, preparing for the gas tax hike that will take effect next week. officials have expedited about $5 billion worth of road repair and bridge projects with the money expected from the tax. the funds will not be bogged down in bureaucratic red tape. the state auditor will make sure the money is used correctly. officials said the work cannot begin soon enough. >> due to a lack of money our system keeps falling further and further into disrepair. in fact, we stand at 48th in the nation in terms of the
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condition of our state's highway system. >> officials estimate there is a backlog of $130 billion in necessary repairs around the state. bart said it's new railcars are expected to begin carrying passengers by thanksgiving. the new fleet past the safety tests this weekend. the new railcars feature three doors on each side, bike racks, improved heating and air conditioning systems. once put into service, the cars will likely run as a single 10 car train during the morning and evening commute and as 2, five car trains during less crowded times. for the second time an investigation is underway involving an air canada flight at sfo. what some analysts say the pilot of the flight may not have responded to orders from the control tower. we are continuing to monitor the latest developments in the escalating tensions between the u.s. and north korea. the additional aircraft carrier strike group now heading to the
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the faa's investigating an incident at san francisco international over the weekend. an air canada flight failed to respond to instructions from the control tower about landing. >> allie rasmus was that episode this morning and talk
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to aviation experts about what happened. >> reporter: dozens of air canada flights land and take off from sfo every day. for the second time in less than a year the faa is investigating a questionable landing by an air canada plane. the pilot of air canada flight 781 on an airbus 320 jet failed to respond to instructions from the tower before landing. >> air canada 781 go around. air canada 781 go around. air canada 781 go around. >> the person in the control tower instructed the pilot to go around six times with no response. the flight had been given clearance to land when it was six miles from the airport. as it got closer air traffic control was worried there was another plane that have not clear the runway. that's where they get the instructions to come around. >> reporter: air traffic control got no response the uc red light gun to get the pilot's it tension. that did not work the runway was clear and the plane landed
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without problem. >> it could be very serious. it was not in this case. >> reporter: and air traffic control radio recording, you can hear the pilot explained he lost radio communications. >> it's evident. air canada 781. >> reporter: the question now is why? >> i can only think of one really and that is that a frequency was missed tuned. i've seen this for a long time. i've been frequency at the wrong time. fortunately i've caught it or the other pilot has caught it but it does happen. >> reporter: this comes three months after another air canada flight mist crashing into other planes at sfo when the poet mistook a crowded taxiway for a runway. because of that, the faa made changes to the rules about when and how a plane can land at sfo at night. we will see if this latest incident also leads to changes. the chp said a pedestrian has died after a collision in the south bay.
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this was just before 10 pm on highway 85 at cottle road. officials said the driver hit a 69-year-old man walking on the highway. the victim died at the scene. it's unclear as to why he was walking on the highway. chp said it still investigating. valaika police are asking for help to find a driver involved in a hit-and-run crash. we told you about this during mornings on 2 yesterday. a mother pushing her daughter and two-year-old son and a double stroller was hit as they crossed turner parkway early sunday night. officials say they were probably heading from the shopping center to the neighborhood across the street when they were struck. the mother was not injured but the children were thrown from the double stroller. neighbors say they had been pushing to get a stop sign or a crosswalk at that intersection. >> it's very dangerous for any pedestrians in the area. especially pedestrians that want to go to the shopping center. there is no marked crosswalk for them.
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they have to risk their life to cross four lanes of traffic. >> doctors say the little girl's condition is improving but her brother remains in critical condition. officers say it's possible the driver did not see the family because the sun was setting at the time. it's not clear exactly why the driver did not remain at the scene. police sent us these photos from a surveillance camera near the crash scene. they tell us this is the car they are searching for. this is an older, white acura. authorities say it does not have a license plate but does have damaged the front end. if you have information about this car or the crash, please call vallejo police. in lake county two people were shot and killed in their homes by him and he went to other locations and opened fire. the shooting began yesterday in clearlake oaks. >> investigators believe alan ashmore is the gunman who fired into homes in clearlake oaks.
12:34 pm
two men work killed at two different locations. investigators say the suspect also shot and entered a woman on the same street. he then drove off and shot at two people at nearby gas stations. >> i was grabbing cigarettes off the top shell. i turned to look at him. he turns towards me and points the gun. literally i'm looking down the barrel of a gun. he grabbed a couple lighters and he had the gun to his hip and walked out the door. >> the chp officer who was also shot in injured is expected to survive. the suspect surrendered after leading deputies on a chase. strictly returned to the north bay firefighters. fire crews say it could be friday before all four of the major fires are completely contained. right now they have 90% containment on the pocket fire. that is the lowest containment number for any of the large fires but the largest containment is 95% for the atlas fire near lake berryessa.
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people who lived and two of the sonoma county neighborhoods hit hardest by the fires are allowed to go back into look at the properties. they are allowed back with special passes issued by the santa rosa public works offices. they must provide valid id and proof of residency to officials will help direct residence around road closures. they will also be allowed to bring in guests but only if they travel in the same car as the resident. one of the schools that suffered damage in the fires as cardinal newman high school. -- a few hours ago classes resumed -- we are talking about cardinal newman. classes a short time ago at the high school. >> debora villalon reports last night the school community came together for the first football game of the season after the fires complete with a dedication to victims and survivors. >> i think it's huge for us as
12:36 pm
a team to get back together. >> reporter: monday night foot wall. sonoma county style. cardinal newman and rancho cotate are north bay rivals but this nonleague match up with less about competition than character. half of cardinal newman campus was destroyed by the tubbs fire and had barely cooled when football players begin practicing again. >> a lot of hugs and a lot of emotion seeing people and they are okay. >> at first it was on the back burners but now it's everything. it's the one thing we all have left. >> reporter: this player saw his house burn. he's among nine players who lost homes. his regular jersey burned up so he's wearing another number. and just happy to be playing. >> it has not been fun having the past to make weeks off. >> reporter: the game begin with a moment of silence for lives lost. then special recognition for first responders and their role in saving people and property. >> the newman coach that it's
12:37 pm
about overcoming. >> he said he took his cues from his students who did not hesitate, forging ahead with their season. >> the kids, and talking to them , they said we need to get carted. this is our senior going. -- this is our senior year. >> it's very important to those players into the school as a whole. it feels like we can do this. we are still a school and we are ready to move forward. >> reporter: it was a night for community healing as well. 90, newman families lost their homes. those parents were feeling the support as they were due for their sun. >> just to have some normalcy back and get with his friends and have it not be about the fire and what we will do but actually feel like he's part of everyday life again. >> reporter: a close team brought closer and learning some lessons about resilience. >> my house burn down.
12:38 pm
it was in the middle of coffey park. unfortunately i lost my house but my family is say. everybody is safe. that's all that matters to me. it's fun to get back playing football and doing something you love. it's a good distraction. >> rancho cotate won the game 41-28 but the teams will play each other again on november 4. in the south bay, a new emergency alert system could soon be coming to warn of an impending disaster. it will be used in san jose's rock springs neighborhood which was flooded last february. the city has several long-range acoustic devices known as lrads that can broadcast messages up to a mile away using a speaker on a 30 foot mast. a smaller speaker can be mounted on a vehicle and be driven around a neighborhood announcing evacuation orders. >> automatic, without announcement we can make any time of day or night so the public can hear the announcement
12:39 pm
at the same time as sending out the other devices. it's one of many tools we have to notify the public. >> the lrad system went through a dry run last week when officials took it to santa rosa to get information to evacuees. another demonstration takes place this weekend in san jose. people staying in a prominent homeless camp in the east bay could be evicted tonight. on saturday people living at the camp in berkeley were given a 72 hour eviction notice. this camp popped up in january at the intersection of martin luther king jr. way and adaline street. homeless activists have been helping to organize the camp and say they will be protesting this eviction. bart owns that property and it will be bartlett police who posted the eviction notice. about 25 people live at the camp and residents say they have nowhere else to go. a decision has been announced on marshawn lynch
12:40 pm
appeal from his one game suspension. whether or not he will be allowed to suit up this sunday as the raiders traveled to buffalo. another day of warm temperatures around the bay area. we will check back in with meteorologist rosemary orozco with details on how long the heat wave will last.
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the pentagon now providing more details on the deadly ambush and niger the killed four green berets.
12:43 pm
marine general joseph dunford said about 12 operations forces were returning from a reconnaissance mission along with troops from niger. that's when they came under attack from about 50 enemy troops on october 4. the general said at this point there are many unanswered questions about the threat assessment done ahead of time. the nature of the gun battle and why it took two days to recover the body of sergeant la david johnson. >> we owe you more information. more importantly we owe the families of the fallen more information. that's what the investigation is designed to identify. >> the general said the special forces team did not request help from nearby french forces for about an hour after the fight began. it took the french forces another hour to get fighter jets over the american troops. as tensions continue to escalate on the korean peninsula, president trump is sending in more american military hardware. >> greg talcott has more on the
12:44 pm
additional aircraft carrier strike group heading to the pacific. >> reporter: u.s. military out in force in the water surrounding north korea. the second aircraft carrier strike group led by the uss theodore roosevelt is now in the western pacific joining the uss ronald reagan for joint maneuvers in a show of force. this comes as secretary mattis meets with his asian counterparts in the philippines cordoning efforts to contain pyongyang after a number of military provocations over the past year. >> we are very concerned about the actions of north korea and it is endangering the stability in the whole region. >> reporter: a major regional power is absent from the meeting, china. a key ally in president trump's plan to isolate north korea. they are at odds with most of their neighbors over military expansion in the south tryon is the which the u.s. says it will fight against. >> we have to have a keen interest in making sure to protect international right, freedom of navigation.
12:45 pm
i think that will continue. >> reporter: critics say the moves are needlessly escalating tensions and the focus should be on restarting six party denuclearization talks. at the white house is defending the president's foreign policy as a break from past mistakes. >> we need to let the president take the lead on this. putting pressure on north korea. this is a president who wants to be aggressive and take action. >> reporter: president trump is expected to push china on north korea and the child was not -- south china sea issue during his fit to asia next month. we stepped outside today and it was surprisingly warm already and it's only going to get hotter today for everyone. how long is this going to last? today will be the hottest day but even when we begin to cool down it will be very gradual. tomorrow will be better and the day after a little better than that.
12:46 pm
hopefully you enjoyed the heat. here is a look at san francisco where we have mostly blue sky and wall-to-wall sunshine. and offshore breeze is driving temperatures up. from the coast, around the bay and inland, i can find areas hitting 90. that does not happen during the summer, it happens, for us, in the fall. here is a view of the ridge over the west and how that stormtrac is well to the north and are not -- and not coming our way for several days. it looks like we will be drive for the rest of the month up into, through and past halloween. here is a view of the wind. they are gusty at times, especially in the east bay hills and the coastal range. half moon bay, 15 miles per hour but gusting above that. the wind should continue through the afternoon. because of that, half moon bay is one of the warmer spots.
12:47 pm
90 degrees for portions of the coast, around the bay and inland today. it's not that often when livermore is cooler than half moon bay. 84, san francisco. san francisco matching livermore. 82, hayward. oakland, 88. the standing record at the airport is 88. 81, santa rosa. on the peninsula we have widespread upper 80s. san mateo, 86. on the inner east bay, cooler temperatures. 81, lafayette. temperatures are up by several degrees. 13 in oakland. 9 in napa. temperatures are peaking today. some of the records to tie or beat will be the oakland airport and sfo. santa rosa may get close.
12:48 pm
maybe another 5-10 degrees of warming into the afternoon. mountain view is also close. afternoon highs look like this. low 90s for santa rosa. 92, sonoma. 86, san leandro. upper 80s in danville. 92 in saratoga. 92, santa cruz. upper 80s in redwood city. mid-80s in and around san bruno. upper 80s to low 90s and half moon bay. here is the extended forecast and the gradual cool down. we will take baby steps toward cooler weather into the weekend. finally getting back into the upper 60s and low 70s on the coast the 70s around the bay and 80s inland. more of that pleasant fall weather we enjoy. for the folks that like the heat, it's on. the sharks continue to roll them up beating the rangers last night in new york. san jose logan couture has been hot
12:49 pm
on the road scoring the first goal on a slap shot early in the first period. he followed that with a first career goal against san jose. the sharks court to goals to get the win. they have four wins and four losses in the young reason. the warriors dominated the mavericks last night by 30 point . the warriors scored 40 points in the first quarter alone. steph curry, kevin durant and klay thompson combined for 75 points. perhaps the highlight of the night came late in the game from the rookie jordan bell. >> jordan bell said not another one. jordan bell will go right in -- off the back board. >> it looks like they like that alley-oop to himself off the glass. there were some mavericks players and fans who thought
12:50 pm
this was a little disrespectful, especially with the warriors blowing the mavericks out at that point. they were up by 25 when this happened. the warriors will head home to host the raptors tomorrow at oracle. marshawn lynch will not play this sunday when the raiders take on the bills. his one game suspension has been upheld. that stems from last thursday's game when he rushed the field after a late hit on derek carr. lynch was ejected after what you are about to see here. making contact with an official and was given a suspension. the world series is right here on ktvu. after the break we will take you behind the scenes as fox sports prepares for game 1 tonight in la. and we will hear from hollywood celebrities about which team they will pull for.
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welcome back. amazon has received 238 bids for its second headquarters. those proposals came from across north america and all but seven states pitched an idea. the promise from amazon is a $5 billion construction project and 50,000 new jobs. there are several bay area cities which have submitted their bids. according to a popular gambling website, atlanta has emerged as the early favorite to be the home of the second headquarters.
12:54 pm
the website has atlanta as the favorite followed by austin, san jose is eighth on the list followed by los angeles. atlanta has a large airport and a technical workforce which are some of the qualities amazon is looking for. let's take a look at the stocks. you will see numbers not seen before. the dow soared to a new closing high as earnings lead the way. it is up by more than 162 points. the close is minutes away. today on a special edition on the 4 on 2, we are looking at the murder trial of jose ines garcia-zarate . we will have new details from inside the courtroom. fire danger is top of mind for people in the north bay two weeks after fires. cities are urging people to use caution and be safe. a full report today on the 4 on 2. in a few hours the world series gets underway in los
12:55 pm
angeles. fox sports is pulling out all the spots. >> here is a look at what to expect and he spoke with celebrities who will tell us who they are rooting for. >> reporter: as the los angeles dodgers and houston astros prepare for game 1. fox sports is covering all the bases for viewers at home. >> we have 42 cameras across the field covering action and play. two are covering the play and we have 11 super slow-motion cameras that go from 360 to 2040 frames per second to capture the emotion of the game. we have 90 microphones in and around the field and stadium. we have people demanding to get audio. we have six microphones buried in the ground or the outfield. >> reporter: over the weekend we asked celebrities who they are rooting for. >> i live in los angeles.
12:56 pm
i am rooting for a great series. i love postseason baseball and the world series. it's very tough not to refer a guy like altuve. look, verlander and kershaw? it's going to be great. >> ima cincinnati reds fan but i'm going to root for the dodgers. >> i am a justin verlander fan. anything we can do to help houston, thank you. you are welcome. >> after hurricane harvey and everything that the good people of houston have had to go through, even though i love the dodgers, it feels to me like it might be the houston astros' year. >> the dodgers. i did want the yankees to do well. >> if only. >> the crown stars have a little problem with the name of the series. >> i have a great. sorry to say this. it's not the world series. -- >> it's the american series. >> it's not the world.
12:57 pm
>> don't forget you can catch game 1 tonight right here on ktvu fox 2 at 4:00 you can watch local news. and immediately after that a pregame coverage gets underway. if you want more local news flip over to ktvu plus. thank you for joining us at noon. we will see you back at 4.
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dr. oz: today -- >> this kind of diet helps me. i was 460 pounds. dr. oz: and it's called the hazda diet. is the key to transform your health here? and my biggest diet experiment continues. we've been testing a vegan diet. the results are in plus, a null we would found with a gunshot wound to the head. his new wife claiming it was suicide. or was it murder? coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you ready to save some lives today? audience: yes! >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause]


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