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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 25, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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leave congress and accuse trump of not telling the truth. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. it's wednesday, october 25th. i'm dave clark. pam cook is off today. let's talk about your weather. steve paulson is here. it's going to be another hot day. >> not as hot as yesterday, dave. but it will be warm. yesterday was the day we peeked. we'll be above average on most of the temps although there's a difference already for some that were in the 80s. half moon bay, 61. that's down 19. i have a northwest wind insteadt east wind. 50s and 60s and we're above average on these temps. calm and northwest -- a slight northeast at the oakland airport. the shore is offshore, but nothing compared to yesterday. calmer in the higher elevations. 70 in pacifica.
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montero 59. moss -- 61 in half moon bay. some warm, but not as warm as yesterday. low 70s. and instead of being 80 at burke berkeley, it's 61. sunshine, and -- a lot of 80s and a few 90s. >> all right, sal. good morning, sir. 4:01. >> 4:01. thank you steve. we do have some bad news here on the freeway in fremont. let's go to it. northbound 880 before auto mall parkway, there is a deadly crash that happened just after 2:00 this morning that was reported as a wrong-way driver. one person reported dead. they have a car on the tow truck, and they're trying to get it out of the center divide. even though lanes are blocked, it's not
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causing a huge backup because it's so early in the morning and cars are getting by. chp is there and we're going to be there for a little longer. northbound 880 before auto mall parkway, somebody traffic may be affected, but they're in the cleanup stages hereof this crash. let's move along and take a look at westbound 580 as you drive through the area. traffic on the super commute is not too bad. traffic moving along okay as you drive into the area. also, looking at the commute into livermore, pleasing ton, traffic is moving along well. interstate 80 is okay. traffic has been fine, really, o the commute to the bay bridge toll plaza. i do want to mention, looks like we have another crash with serious injuries reported northbound 101 in santa rosa at highway 12. we're going to find out more
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about that, and let you know, but at least a couple of lanes are blocked northbound on 101 approaching highway 12. i'll get more information about that and we'll let you know more later. let's go back to the desk. >> at 4:03, a deadly shooting at grimly university left two people dead and the shooter on the loose. gram land state is known as an african-american college and it's owy the sheriff's department says around midnight, there was a fight in a dorm room that spilled out into a court yard. a 23-year-old gramly student and friend were shot to death. that friend was not a student at gram land. the police are out there searching for the shooter. a teenager from santa cruz accused of killing an 8-year-old girl two years ago will be tried as an adult.
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gonzalez was 15 when he was arrested for the killing of madison. gonzalez is accused of luring her into his mother's apartment and raping and stabbing her to death. her body was found at a nearby recycling bin. gonzalez confessed during taped interviews. if convicted, gonzalez could get life in prison. the jury in the murder trial of jose garcia zarate will hear more testimony from a crime scene investigator. three tourist who witnessed the shooting death of kate stinely took the witness stand. tara says prosecutor showed the jury a photo moments before -- >>reporter: an emotional day for stinely -- it's a photograph shows their daughter walking on the pier before she was killed july 1st, 2015.
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a man dressed in black identified as jose garcia zarate -- >> it has to send chills through the body of most people -- >> two witnesses testified through their hotel window, they say zarate leave the pier after a single gunshot. michelle low said before the shooting, zarate was people watching and laughing which made her uncomfortable. gonzalez was asked about his client's mental stability. >> this is not a situation where we're at a place where we're trying to say he's incompetent to stand trial. >> zarate 's behavior in court struck many as odd. he stared down select people in the courtroom. >> when he turns around and give that hard stare and i assume he was looking at a lot of women in the audience makes them uncomfortable and the jury sees that, it is going to affect them. >> gonzalez says the bullet was a rick shea and zarate did not
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mean for it to go off. >> i think this was an accident waiting to happen. that object was there. anybody that tinkered with it could have caused an accident. >> there's going to be one baseline question the jury is going to answer, and that is whether or not the defendant intended to pull the trigger. >> zarate on trial for second-degree murder faces 15 years to life if convicted. tara moriarty. oakland police are searching for a driver whose car hit a police officer's car last night and took off. this happened about 8:30 near the sunny side street and 96th avenue intersection. the officer was taken to the hospital, but oakland police say he's expected to be okay. as of right now, there's no police statements about a suspect, but we expect to get an update later this morning. cal fire is saying all of the big north bay wild fires
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will be fully contained by friday. so now local officials are taking the first difficult steps to rebuild their communities. in santa rosa, the mayor and the city council reached out to people whose apartments and mobile homes were burned down. >> [indiscernible]. we want you to stay here and we want to do what we can to help you stay. >> we'll make mistakes, but let me share we're not going anywhere. >> people who lost their homes in the upscale fountain grove neighborhood say they're ready to start rebuilding. one man told us he started making plans, and started contacting neighbors and workers the same day his home was destroyed. >> about 8:30 i was on the home with the builder saying let's do it. i'll get you 40 or 50 homes build, same floorplans and architect it's. we'll see what
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the city has to say. >> until the land is cleared and construction completed, thousands of people will be looking for other places to live, so the santa rosa city council approved an ordinance banning landlords from raising rent more than 10% -- it allows people to live in rv's on their property and homeowners can rent out guesthouses or pool houses. democrats in next year's race -- they debated in san francisco. lieutenant governor newsom and former state superintendent of public education easton explained their positions on many big issues. as ktvu heather holmes, one was whether california should take over providing health care for
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everyone in the state. >>reporter: the historic stock exchange tower on sampson street, [indiscernible] for the state's top office shook hand was vote hes and sat down to debate. >> today's topic, california's big issue. >> it may be the early days of the governor's race with the election more than a year away, but the candidates knows -- gavin believes in both. newsom is a supporter of single payer health care. >> i believe it's a way to deliver health care to the uninsured. >> two is former state -- >> it's foolish for us not to approach this with a full heart and an eye like an eagle. we have to figure out some additional resource to do this. >> former los angeles mayor, villaraigosa dismissed a bill that stalled in the state
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legislature saying it didn't provide enough details on how the state will pay for it. >> pie on the sky doesn't put food on the table. we have to put a plan together so we can transition. >> state treasury john chiang called for a measured approach. >> i would like at what services we're going to provide and scale up and see what revenues we have because we can't cover everything. >> the candidates agreed on issues including education and immigration, and they said the state needs to do more to help cities address the housing crisis that's leading to too many living on the street. they offered rewarding cities who build more affordable housing with villaraigosa and -- in san francisco, i'm healthy holmes, ktvu fox 2 news. the time is 4:10. change s s coming to a bay area school district after 2 investigates a
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sexual assault scandal on campus. we have details coming up. stunning reviews of toxic politics from a pair of out going senators with nothing to lose. i'm jackie -- i'm jackie ibanez, i'll have that story straight ahead.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. flat says he will not run for a second term and he announced it during a speech that targeted trump. he's the
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second republican senator to lash out at the president. jackie ibanez reports. >> there's times when we must risk our careers in -- >> senator jeff flake surprised his colleague with a speech -- the first term senator revealed he won't be seeking reelection but it's how he's made the announcement. his frustrations lie -- and a lack of stability. >> reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior is telling it like it is when it's reckless, outrageous and undignified. >> press secretary sanders made -- but she did not approve of the punches flake was throwing. >> as i was watching it, i noticed a lot of the language, i
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didn't think was be fitting of the senate floor. >> senators were reluctant to weigh in on the senator's remarks or the feud between bob corker and the president. the commander-in-chief unleashed a twitter storm against corker tuesday saying he couldn't get elected dogcatcher. seeker paul ryan told reporters it's time to cut through this noise and focus on legislation like tax reform. >> all this stuff you see on a daily basis on twitter this and twitter that, forget about it. let's focus on improving people's lives. >> dispute -- the senate did manage to get work done tuesday including passing a disaster relief package. in new york, jackie ibanez. the trump's administration has stricter rules for -- the temporarily ban on refugees ended, but he signed an executive order that i am poses
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new restrictions. the enhanced vetting includes collecting extra biographical information on the applicants including what they post on social media. it has a 90-day review of countries -- however, the white house did not specific name those countries. officials say refugee applications from most countries will be judged on a case by case basis. the campaign of clinton and the democratic national committee helped to pay for the research that was included in allegations about trump's ties to russia. a law firm in washington, dc says at first a republican donor paid for the research on president trump during the primarilies. the law firm says when the primary was over, they continued to pay for the research. it led to a british spy to compile that the
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dossier and it's a claim that russia has embarrassing information about the president that could be used for blackmail. it is 4:17. late last night the republican led senate voted to repeal a rule that allowed consumers to join together to sue their bank or credit card company to settle financial disputes. vice-president pence cast the deciding vote that broke a 50/50 tie in the senate. the banking industry lobbied hard to roll back that legislation. that's a vote by the trump administration to undue legislations that republicans say hurt the free market. democrats say that vote was a win for wall street. it is 4:17. let's check our commute. get you to where you need to go. sal is right over there. it's already busy. there's problems. >> sure it. d 101 as you get up to santa rosa, we do have another deadly crash. there have been two this morning so we're not off to a good
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start. northbound 101 on highway 12. two right lanes closed and so is the ramp getting onto highway 12 heading eastbound. now, right now, it's early enough it's not causing a major traffic delay, but you should know it's there, and these thing tend to last. northbound 101 near highway 12 in santa rosa. we're looking from gill re to san jose, and traffic does look pretty good driving through morgan hill. and up into the san jose area. it's nice and early as you drive through it. an accident we had northbound 880 near auto mall, that's being cleared. it was a deadly crash, but they have taken the vehicle away; and the lanes are moving along l . this is a look at 280 in san jose. you can see traffic there is looking good getting up to highway 17. this morning's commute at the bay bridge is light so far. 4:18. let's bring steve in with todayt will be warm today, probably not record setting warm. if we do, it might be one
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or two, but nothing like yesterday when there was a bunch. san jose checked in at 94. these were new records except kent field which tied. half moon bay was 92 degrees. how about that. that broke a record in 1965. san francisco did not. they came in at 89.1 or something like that. but the regular is 90. it was close. 50, 60s on the temps. half moon bay is down 19. berkeley is down 20. we're losing that easterly breeze. there's a slight northeast. oakland airport. a little northwest. yesterday it was northeast aboun hour at half moon airport which allowed them to rock it up. moss beach is warm at 67. montero is -- there's a component for some on the coast. and in the city, but that
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observation san pablo was 80. now it's 60. 60s, but in the higher elevations, 76 in oakland. 67 in the city. that's about the same as yestery did dip to 66, but i think they'll be shy today of coming about mid 80s. high pressure dominate our weather on the west coast. 74 in l.a. it was another record setting d. the red flag continues through this evening. the excessive heat warning continues from san diego to santa barbara. it's warm there. 28 in truckee. 58 in sacramento. 64 in monter. you can see the circulation around the high. it's going to get out of the picture. i do mean slowly here. 70s, 80s to near 90 degrees. the fog will work its way back late thursday and friday and it will cool down, dave, as we go into the weekend. i think the old rule
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of thumb, the new weather pattern will apply -- pretty warm for the end of the october. >> steve, thanks. time is 4:21. coming up, the naacp issued a travel advisory. what it said about american airlines and whether it's safe for african-americans to fly with that airline.
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we start with breaking news. you're going to be playing a role in that. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:23. twitter says it's becoming more.
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the company will start providing information about the political ads on twitter and include who paid for the ads, how much was spent and who the ads were directed at. facebook has taken similar action. twitter says this could reduce the amount of influence other countries can have over u.s. political process. facebook is experimenting with dividing its news feed into two separating commercial post from personal post. users will have one feed focused on trends and family and a second one would be dedicated to -- this change could force advisers and it means everyone from news outlets to sports teams to pay to run their ads if they want to be scene and be friends and family feed. facebook is testing the new feed in six smaller markets, guatemala, and
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-- time is 4:24. using a cell phone in hawaii starting today could get you a ticket. a city ordinance is making it illegal for pedestrian to look at electronic devices as they're crossing the street. the city council member wrote that bill. it was signed by the mayor kirk caldwell in july. this includes cell phones, laptops, video games, text messaging devices, even a camera. first time violators could get a fine of 15 to $35. however, there's one exception to the law. pedestrians are allowed to use your electronic device if you're dialling 911. time is 4:25. there's already stations for salad and prepared food, but now whole foods has a self service mac and cheese bar. a six-foot long one
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to be precise. a new whole foods opening in denver next month will be the first store to feature this new idea. it's the grocery chain's first attempt at an entire bar made up solely of macaroni and cheese products from regular noodles to pulled pork, barbecue and mac and cheese and even vegan mac and cheese. no word if whole foods plan to open mac and cheese bars at other locations. mcdonald getting ready to bump -- they're facing a lot of competition in the u.s. and will launch a new value price menu across the nation next year. the lineup will offer items for one, two, and three dollars. the rollout will provide a long awaited replacement of the dollar menu. it was popular with customers, but less so with mcdonald's franchisee.
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a 100% of the franchisees signed up. wendy's and burger king and mcdonald's -- time is 4:27. toy makers once again are sending their top products to the country's biggest toy sellers. bankruptcy lawyers says toy r us are receiving shipments of the what they call the greatest and latest toys. toys r us stopped receiving shipments from half its suppliers before the company filed for bankruptcy. toys r us sales more toys than any other store in the country except for walmart. it owes suppliers -- time is 4:27. two hikers from the bay area, rescued after becoming lost in the sierra. we'll show you what it took to bring them to safety. also air canada criticized
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after another questionable landing at sfo. up next, new information about a communication failure between the pilot and air traffic control.
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well, good morning. thank you for joining us. welcome back to mornings 2. it's the middle of the week, wednesday, october 25th. i'm dave clark. pam cook has the day off. steve paulson does not. he's over here. >> the high temps, dave, that came in, statewide were really, i mean hard to believe here. we'll show you some. we'll start in southern california and show you ours that were set yesterday which was impressive, but not as impressive as southern california. there were much 100s here including long beach, 105. 104, los angeles. look at that. the old record was 99 in 1908. that's the furthest


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