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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 25, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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telling the truth. good morning and welcome to wednesday, october 25th. >> i know who you are. >> i'm grateful to be here. >> steve will tell us how hot it will be. >>reporter: hopefully not as hot add yesterday. we were wondering what that noise was. that's because it was close to 90 degrees. there are some huge changes already. the city will be 84. they hit 89 yesterday. still 15 above average. the record is 91 but it will be well above average. anywhere from 77 to 80. same for berkeley 77 to 80.
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now they are both at 60 degrees. 52 at woodside. also half moon bay which is in the upper 70s. napa airport is -16. we have cooler highs but we are still warm. that's two speeds slow and stop. 70s, 80s, and a few near 90s. >> yeah, we'll start with oakland steve. we had that fire in the center divide. roughly on 880. a few open fire engines on-ramp heading a way from jacqueline. the traffic coming the other
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way may also be effected. however oakland fire did a great job knocking this fire down. it was burning for a little while when the trees went up. it's really not ha huge effect. the fire department is on the scene. hopefully it's just a brush fire. let's move along and take a look at the santa rosa compute. this is a deadly crash. the ramp is closed and the two right lanes are closed. it's not causing a significant traffic jam. moving along to westbound 580 we have an earlier stall. it's slow on 805 and 580. there is also an over turned suv on it's roof on 580.
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it's not causing a significant jam. we have developing news from louisiana where a shooting left two people dead. the shooter is still on the lose. rambling state is known as an african-american college. it's in northern louisiana. 250 miles northwest of new orleans. the sheriff's department said there was a fight in a dorm room. it spilled out into a court yam. a gramsbling student and friend was shot and killed. the police are still searching for the shooter and the investigation continues. in other news back here at home a teen from santa cruz accused of killing an 8-year- old girl two years ago will be tried as an adult.
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gonzalez is accused of luring the girl into their apartment, raping her, and killing her. if convicted he could get life in prison. today in the murder trial they will hear more information about a witness. we will report prosecutors have a photo that was taken moments before steinly was killed. >>reporter: an emotional day for kate's parentis. this is moments before it was shot and killed. a man dressed in black later identified as jose garcia. >> it has to send chills through the body of most
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people. >>reporter: two witnesses testified through their hotel window they saw him leave the pier. another witness said before the shooting he was sitting on a peer people watching laughing which made her uncomfortable. >> this is not a situation were we are out of place where he's they are saying he's not able to stand trial. >>reporter: he staired down select people in the courtroom. >> when he turns around and gives that hard stare and makes them uncomfortable and the jury sees that it will effect that. >> the bullet was a ricochet. >> this was an accident waiting to happen. that object was there and
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anybody that messed with it could have caused an accident. this will result in one baseline question that the jury will answer. that's whether or not the defendant intended to pull the trigger. >>reporter: he will face 15 years to life if convicted. across the bay oakland police is searching for a man who hit a driver and took off. the officer was taken to the hospital. oakland police say he's expected to be okay. they do expect an update later this morning. our time is 5:06. all of the north bay wildfires will be fully contained by friday. local officials are taking steps to rebuild their community. the mayor and city council
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reached out to people who were burned out of their apartment. >> the important part of the community. he wanted to do what we could o to help save others. >> we are not going anywhere. >> people that lost their homes in the fountain grove neighborhood said they are ready to start rebuilding. one man started contacting workers the same day his home was destroyed. >> at 8:30 i was saying let's build 40 or 50 homes together. we will see what the city has to say about that. >> until the land is clear and permits are approved. thousands will be looking for other places to live.
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they are banning landlords for price gouging. raising rent over 10% before the fire. homeowners can rent out guest houses or pool houses as temporary homes. san francisco is the first city to require large chain grocery stores to label meat from animals that received antibiotics. the ordnance was written in hopes to prevent antibiotic resistant infections. california already has a state law requiring labeling but doesn't apply from raw meat. our time is 5:08. we uncovered a sexual assault on one school campus. >>reporter: in san francisco we
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have a nice commute to start out with. i don't think we'll see 90s by the coast. we will show you some of the numbers.
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the time is now 5:11. the house is about to take the
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next step for tax reform. >> while president trump is trying to rally the troops they are also suffering some casualties. >>reporter: they are trying to express party unity and may have enough to get tax reform done. not everyone is onboard with the president's agenda. >>reporter: president trump would not answer questions as he left the senate republican lunchon yesterday but later expressed unity. so nice being with republican senators today. most are great people who would like big tax cuts and success for u.s. there was an extraordinary moment after that lunch. jeff flake announced his retirement. on the senate floor he didn't
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hold back. >> reckless and undig phid behavior as we are excused with telling it like it is. when it's reckless and undig phid. >>reporter: there was also an ongoing feud between the president and senator corker. >> he would like people to be in the senate that are committed. i don't believe they have been as focused on that. the president would like to get things done. >>reporter: many are delighting in the drama. chuck learned of flake's retirement after he finished speaking with reporters. offering a broad smile. >> they hope to benefit within the republican party. the house is poised tomorrow to passion a budget that will lay
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the groundwork for tax reform. in washington, doug lizette fox news. yesterday the president's temporary band on refugees ended but signed an executive order that imposed new restrictions. the enhanced vetting includes collecting biographical information and what they are posting on social media. this is what the administration calls high risk. they didn't name the countries. refugee applications will be judged on a case by case bases. the presidential campaign helped pay for research that
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was including if investigation of president trump's ties to russia. when the primaries were over the clinton campaign and the dnc continued to fund the research that lead to compiling the dossier. they also had a claim that russia has embarrassing information that could be used as blackmail. the republican senate came up with rules that will stop people from suing their bank or credit card company. mike pence casted a vote to break the tie. the banking industry lobbied hard to roll back this legislation. democrats say the vote was a win for wall street. your time is 5:15. toyota announced they are scaling back plans on a plant
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in mexico. they said this is based on market needs. it was suppose to up in 2018. they said they will scale back. they will build 100,000 carollas at the plaint per year instead of 200,000. we are looking at a fire that was on the side of the road near the 880 interchange near the center divide. there was a lot of smoke in the area. people leaving the area will see smoke. they do seem to have it under control and they are looking out their right now. we are on the scene. you will see the traffic is okay if you drive-thru. it will be a little smoky in
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the area. we are looking at a commute on northbound 101 on highway 12 in a remains shutdown because of a deadly accident that happened at 34:00 3:45 this morning. i want to talk about the gilroy commute. traffic on the super commute is looking pretty good with no major issues. there have been no problems as you drive into san jose. at the toll plaza we don't have a fullback up just yet. usually around 5:30 you start seeing the backups. >>reporter: our weather will be sunny and warm but just not as warm and hot as yesterday. in southern california it was
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really hot. lax was 104. las angeles was 104. that broke the record from 1999. santa barbara was 96 degrees. we were still pretty hot. we tied the record back to 1965. oakland airport 92. half moon bay 92. the old record 91. just barely beat it. san francisco missed by one. they were 89. the record was 90 degrees. i know it's not down much but we are got going up. 88 in san jose as we showed you. the big difference is berkeley one observation is 59. same for half moon bay they were 77 to 80 degrees. they are down to 20.
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50s and 60s on the oakland hills. the others are in the 50s and 60s. alameda is 64. more 60s. still warm and not as strong on the wind gusts. it was up to 60, 45. still 73 degrees. 76, 74. there are signs of a northwest. we will see if it can turn more westerly. down towards santa cruz 59. they were still in the mid 90s yesterday. 51 in boulder creek to 76 at observation. gilroy was in the low 90s. most locations were -16 degrees. still high pressure will give
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us another very warm day. this is northwest not north. generally an offshore direction looks like 54, 56. you can look at the system below. we are taping into a lot of moisture and streaming mainly over the big island. still some on ma wee. they had a lot of rain. they picked up some big rain. this will give up it's grip but will be sunny and warm. lighter breeze and still offshore. not yesterday when it was robust at times. we have a few more days when we get upper 90s. today and tomorrow are about the same. the cooling has begun across the bay. >> even in half moon bay?
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>> today down 20. >> good. we had the trudge back down to the garage to get the fan we thought we were done with it was so warm. >> i told dave, what's that noise. it was the a/c kicking on. >> you are one of the lucky ones. the naacp issued a travel advisory. what they said about american airlines and whether it's safe for african-americans to fly with that airline.
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♪ that one. this. that one. ♪
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twitter said they are becoming more transparent. they will provide more information about the politicals and who paid for the ads. this could reduce the amount of influence other countries could have on the political process. facebook is exper wanting withiments -- experimenting with their news feed. this could force advertisers to pay to run their ads if they want to be seen in the friends and family needs. that are testing these in six smaller markets in other countries. in hawaii starting today
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you can get a ticket for texting while crossing the street. the new city ordnance makes it illegal to look at electronic devices as you walk across the street. this includes cell phones, laptops, text massaging devices, even cameras. >> your eyes looking down at the phone is so dangerous. a lot of pedestrians get hit by cars nationwide. it's a problem. distracted driving is a huge problem. this is the beginning step. >> first time violaters could be fined 15 to $35. there is one exception to the law. they can use electronic devices any time to call 911. whole foods is rolling out an self-sever mac and cheese bar. the store opening in denver will be the first store to feature that.
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they will have noodles and cheese to pulled pork. even vegan mac and cheese. no word if they will open these at other locations. rescuing two bay area hikers lost in the sierra. we will tell you what it took to bring them to safety. air canada criticized after another questionable landing at ffo. we'll tell you about the break down between the pilot and air traffic control. right now on 80 westbound traffic is getting more crowded on the east shore freeway. it will be a warm day. we had a lot of 90s. they will be coolerrer and head to the weekend.
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good morning and welcome back to morning on 2. >> we are enjoying the morning off. >> there is no need for the jacket. it request gather dust in the closest. >> it's not as hot as yesterday but way above average. noticeably cooler on the bay and coast. santa cruz will be pretty warm.
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84 in san francisco. that's 15 above average. the low is 12 degrees above. 50s and 60s at half moon bay. these two were having a race to be the warmest now they are 20 degrees warmer. there is a slight offshore component but nothing compared to yesterday. 50s and 60s in richmond. this is a good 12 to 14 degrees. 50s and 60s on the peninsula. this is significant compared to yesterday. we will still have a warm day and we are experiencing an offshore breeze. all right. we have a few things what do
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you want to begin with. >> this is 980 at the interchange. there is a lot of smoke rising because of a brush fire and trees and they said it was a homeless encampment. the fire seems to be most out there with smoke in the area. it's a busy area. if you drive threw it you might see it slightly. highway 12 the ramp is closed. the two right lanes are closed. there is a decent drive with no mayor problems heading to the bridge. after that you will see traffic
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is a little slow. this is an 18 minute drive. at 5:31. the next task is getting underway in the wildfires. tell us about cleaning up the toxic debris. >>reporter: they started the give cult drive-off cleaning up the wildfires. there is an executive order to allow officials to begin to remove toxic waste that posed a threat to the public. the epa counties and officials are surveying burned out homes for items including batteries and other dangerous materials.
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this is acritical first step cleanup is expected to begin on monday. meanwhile back to our live shot the sonoma county will open a debris removal center. staff will be on hand to assist resident to fill out the paperwork for the debris cleanup program. they will be open from 9:00 until 6:00. this is the voluntary removal program. keep in mind how much toxic debris will be left. in your home it wouldn't be a problem but after the fire it's in an open setting and as soon as you start getting workers in their you have to get the stuff out. >> i know safety will be a big
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concern with cleaning up. being safe and protecting themselves. >> absolutely. they are trying to make sure people do this as safely as possible. you will want to start the process. it's been a long cleanup process. the future is uncertain for one school after a sexual assault allegation. >>reporter: four months ago this principal didn't want to speak out about their compliance. the floundering district is pointing in the right direction now. >> we are at the important
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moment were we come out of it. or do we get consumed by the crisis. >> this was encapsulated last month in a report compiled by an outside law firm. this is after an 2016 sexual assault. last may in one of a series of two investigative reports we spoke to the girl at the center of the case. she detailed how an upper class boy and student athlete forced her to preform oral sex in a student bathroom. they found the title nine coordinator didn't tell the girls parents should could file a claim under title 9. >> the school district has a
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misunderstanding about the purpose and goal of the law. >>reporter: this attorney is an out spoken critic of if school district. >> the school district we see a lot fewer complaints if we just responded to problems as they exist. >>reporter: the new computerized system is operating allowing consistent reporting of assault. reporting to a principal within 48 hours. >> the understanding that was out there is it was only some degree of severity will be reported. we said everything, any unwelcome conduct will get
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reported. former title nine coordinator lift in in june. the gist true and correct was due to pay mcgee $150,000. the successor won't be named until spring. >> john said the policies and procedures will take hold even after he's left the interim position which he hopes will be before the thanksgiving holiday. i'm jesse gary. american airlines plans to meet with the naacp after they issued a travel warning to african-americans flying on american airlines. they followed a series of incidents that suggest racial
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intensativety and bias. one woman said she and her baby were asked to leave the airport. a passengers seat was changed at random. new questions about why an air canada plane ignored repeated orders on sunday night. the flight was cleared to land but when it the plane was 6 miles out an air traffic controller wasn't sure if another plane would clear the runway in time. he ordered the air canada flight to abort it's landing and gave six orders. the air canada flight landed anyway. the piolet reported a problem with his radio. >> someone experienced in places like san francisco. when i don't hear anything for 30 seconds there is something wrong. >> if faa said before the
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flight. >> a federal judge issued this quickly. last saturday police issued 72 hour eviction noticed. this is named after the steel plated sign when martin luther king jr. way. >> this is inviting people for two, three, four days and come and stay with us. >> i see both sides and understand the housing crisis. it's an well-used piece of
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public property. now it's the privatization of public land. >> bart riders and people living near the camp have complained about crime. california supreme court chief justice added her support. she said the staid should do a way from cash bailment they said the bail system is bias against poor people. the officer hit by a croak -- car is still in the
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hospital. the man was injured last wednesday. the man accused of hitting him is in jail held on $10 million bailment. we recovered footage from two hikers that were rescued. micheal and suzanne were out for a day hike. they tried to hike back out and decided to stay put. on monday the search and rescue helicopter spotted them and you can see them being pulled up to safety. the decision to stay put likely saved their life. just below them will steep cliffs. the time is 5:41. we have the long road to recovery a year after being hit by a train. we will get back on the stage.
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on the road westbound 24 on the tway to the tunnel is not too bad. they are on the way to oakland. since friday temperatures have peaked. we'll show you the highs for wednesday coming up. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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colin kaepernick assigned an $1 million deal. he recently filed a grievance with the nfl. now we get to talk about the dodgers winning the first
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game of the world series 3-1 over the houston astros. it was 103 degrees in l.a. the dodgers scored first right here. chris tailor hit a home run. houston tied the game here. a homer by alex birdman. clayton was tough. he overwhelmed the astros with 11 strikeouts. justin turner hit a tie breaking home run in the sixth. it was a two run homer. the dodgers win the first game with of the best of seven. you watch that game you can watch game two tonight right here on fox 2. at 4:00 you can watch local news at 4:00.
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that will be followed by the pregame coverage. then flip over to ktvu plus. texas' governors are betting wine and food. if the astros win governor brown will send abbott wine. if the dodgers win they will send governor brown an six back of pier along request some texas barbecue. it's a win-win. >> that barbecue will taste really good. >> we will go up to the compute. i'll start with the deadly
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crash in santa rosa. northbound 101 to eastbound 12. it's not caused a significant traffic jam. northbound 101 has a deadly crash. also the other authorities are on the scene blocking two right lanes. we will look at westbound 5. remember, it's not like the commute needs help being slow. it's very slow. it's extra slow. you say it's always slow but today it's extra slow. driving the dublin it looks all right. traffic is moving along okay in oakland. there was a tree on fire. it was there for a while and
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caused a lot of smoke. if you wake up in the oakland area and smelling smoke that's what it is. >> it's extra slow. >> extra slow is getting the pressure system out of the way. it's gradually cooler here each day. long beach was 105. lax and las angeles that goes back as far as i can find '99 and 1909. santa barbara also had the record. we had our fair share. half moon bay 92.
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sfo at 91. this goes back to 165. san o say might tie a record of 89. we don't see lows like that anymore. half moon bay and berkeley are down about 20 degrees. it's nothing compared to yesterday. it's still offshore. it's coming off the oakland berkeley hills. they have a southeast at 72 degrees. it's northeast and 75 miles per hour at 15 to 20. it's still very warm. 60s if you get the offshore at
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75. other locations are in the 60s. they are down 4 are five degrees. 67 in lafayette. those are all down. almost double digits compared to yesterday. 40s on the north coast. there is an area of low pressure funneling a lot of rain. that will send the ridgeway up here. sunny and warm and cooler. we are showing signs of it being offshore. we are holding on for another day. maybe tomorrow as well but probably after today it will
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all be 80s. the highs are reluctant to give up. >> take a look at that. >> we should be around 72. san jose and santa rosa are not close. >> thank you, steve. if you lived or worked in sonoma before the fires you could qualify for food. we'll tell you were to go.
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it's 5:53. the state public utilities commission looked at the maintenance records for the past three years. this included power poles and overhead lines. maintenance jobs across the bae area has performed more jobs. the high numbers are not because of safety number but because they sever a bigger area and dealing with a backlog of deferred maintenance. an estimateed 6,000 homes were destroyed in the wildfires. they opened a removal center.
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they will fill up paperwork for the removal program. our time is 5:55. if you lived and worked in sonoma you might be eligible to get food. you can apply for disasters. the amount of money is based on family income. >> happening today another chance for those effected by the fires. today the chipotle will donate 100% of proceeds to the fire efforts. the money raised will go to the napa valley community
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foundatio . -- foundation. >> some big name entertainers will preform at a fundraiser thursday november 9th. they range from $50. some of the best by five survivers. >> our time is 5:56. what two witnesses testified few and the unusual behavior in the courtroom. a scary site on a bus. take a look a what is your priced passengers found. this guy needs a home. good morning, we still see traffic busier by the moment. to drive down the bridge
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doesn't look bad. >>reporter: if you want rain and clouds i can't help you but if you want cooler temperatures i can help you.
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what witnesses described seeing before a woman was killed yesterday. also what people noticed from the man on trial. we are expecting unusually hot weather around the bay area. what you should expect out of the door. this is ktvu. >> good morning to you this wednesday october 26th. we are in early for pam cook. >> we are starting by talking about the unusually hot weather for this time of year. >> first i'll bring in alex savage. you are live in san francisco. people are finding way toes to deal with it. >>reporter: yeah, good morning to you. we are heading into day two of
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the unusual heat waive in the bay area. today you should get out and do your jog early. temperatures will warmup once again in the city and across the bay area. we usually don't get it this hot this late in october. across the region records were falling in cities like oakland. it was 91 degrees at fso. across the board temperatures are anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. the flip side is that the hot dry conditions. also waiting for fire danger. a lot of people as you can image are on edge. >> our concern is this is our driest time of the year. the felids are dried ou


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