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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 26, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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retrieved the gun used in the killing. the latest from inside the courtroom. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's thursday, october 26. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check out thursday weather. i will try to lead you down the weather path. i know the fog is trying but it will not make an impact today. it did feel a little cooler this morning coming in. i think we will be a couple degrees cooler but it will be above average. most locations yesterday were a good 15 degrees above where we should be. i think we will have to wait until november there will be cooler weather today. 50s and 60s. some locations a couple degrees cooler than this time yesterday. sfo has a slight north breeze.
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no chance for fog yet but the systems coming in are weak and tend to erode the high very slowly. it will be warm today. 70s and 80s. i don't have any 90s on this panel. sal is here and he's looking at his screen. >> i am using my fire icon. >> we have one? >> we do. westbound 580 at the altamont pass. there was a grass fire. a truck caught fire. one of our guys came through there and said the lanes are open but it was on the shoulder and could cause a traffic jam because of all the activity. we do not have a lot of traffic right now. i don't think it will take long for it to get slow on 580. it was near grant line road on the altamont pass.
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traffic is going to be busy and getting busier by the moment giving out to the 86 interchange looks good. let me go back for a second to show you something. this is the median work they are doing in san leandro northbound 880 as you approach marina. they are doing some road work and it looks like there is some slow traffic. once you get past that, up to oracle arena, it is moving along a lot better and it's light on the way to downtown oakland. it's also light at the bay bridge toll plaza. bay area police are searching for two men blamed for a string of violent crimes and they say they are part of a larger crime ring. the suspects are linked to home invasion robberies, sexual assaults and at least one murder.
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>> i've never seen anything like it. i've never seen police action like this before. >> reporter: this homeowner was surprised to see police swarmed this townhouse on ellery common and what neighbors described as a quiet gated community. the home is operating as a brothel unbeknownst to neighbors. on september 28, five-minute robbed three women at gunpoint and sexually assaulted them. >> that is a shock to me. never in my wildest dreams that i thought something like that was going on here. >> what they did to the victims inside the house is unspeakable. is a difference between going into rob someone and then what they did. what they did was over the line. please said they learned the suspects were connected to other crimes. that night the men were linked to a murder in north san jose where a man was shot and killed at a high-end apartment complex. surveillance cameras connected them to violent robberies and sexual assaults on murphy ranch road and mcclellan drive in south san francisco.
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all locations are believed to be part of a statewide brothel ring. >> a 24 hour period where these crimes occurred. really violent and brazen acts. >> reporter: fremont police say and all they attacked a half dozen young women. >> that's the thing with these brothels. they can pop up anywhere. people who constantly see foot traffic coming and going. call. >> reporter: please identified and arrested three men. an yan, lin tao and panpan haung at their homes in southern california. they are still looking for these men described to be chinese. one in the late 20s and another in his late 30s. they're hoping to get as many eyes on them as possible in hopes to take these criminals off the streets. in san ramon, a police
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investigation is focused on an eight-year-old boy in the third grade brought a loaded gun to school. this happened a twin creeks elementary school on tuesday. the loaded gun was in his backpack and he showed the gun to other students who told their parents. the parents notified school officials. the police went to the little boy's home and they found the gun in the backpack. >> a kid does not know how to handle the gun or understand the damage it can do. i would not say it's the kid's fault. a third grader does not have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of handling a gun or taking a gun to school. it's the parents. >> the district sent a letter to parents saying the student will face appropriate disciplinary action. please note the safety of our students, staff and families is our top priority. police have not said how a little boy got the gun or if charges will be filed. the shasta county sheriff's office has released information about the mysterious objection of a woman in redding last
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year. >> one is the last time you heard from her? >> she sent me a text asking me if i was coming home from lunch. >> this is the 911 call where sherri papini's husband first reported she was missing. >> they are's hair in the headphones. i'm totally freaking out thinking someone grabbed her. >> three weeks after she vanished she was found bruised and battered along interstate 5 and yolo county. her blonde hair had been cut to shoulder length and she had a brand burned into her right shoulder. investigators say they found dna from two people on papini. that of a man and a woman. the male dna was not that of her husband. she has described her abductors as two latina women who took her at gunpoint in a black suv. yesterday the sheriff's
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department released these sketches of the suspects who papini said partially cover their faces when she was with them. one is a woman with long curly hair, pierced ears and thin eyebrows between 20 and 30. the other woman is described as having straight black hair with some gray and thick eyebrows. a bartender from oakland' x uptown neighborhood is accused of beating a man with a baseball bat and is now charged with murder. authorities say juan espino , who works at the restaurant, flora, argued with cooky york on sunday afternoon. video shows espino running with the bat toward york near the fox theater. oakland police say espino ran up to york from behind and hit york in the head with a bat. prosecutors charged espino with murder and an enhancement for using a deadly weapon.
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yesterday in his first court appearance, he did not enter a plea. espino worked at the restaurant . a spokesperson released the statement. sunday's events are tragic and heartbreaking and will have a lasting effect on much of our staff and community. we send our deepest condolences to the victim's family and anyone else affected by this horrific tragedy. the world has far too much violence in it. the trail continues of jose ines garcia-zarate , the man charged with the murder of kate steinle. observers say the most riveting moment yesterday occurred when the prosecution played a grainy, digitally enhanced security video of the moment kate steinle was shot. it shows her falling to the ground. prosecutors say the video also shows garcia-zarate walking away after throwing the murder weapon into the water. several officers took the stand including a member of the dive team to recover the gun. another officer testified that garcia-zarate appeared to be a
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deer in the headlights when authorities tracked him down along the embarcadero. >> evidence comes in with every witness. and everything is going as expected. these witnesses paint a picture of what the evidence is in this case and why we charge the defendant with murder. >> we think fundamentally that the physical evidence favors our position no matter what any of these witnesses say. at the end of the day, this is a ricochet. that bullet struck a place where it was pointed at. >> that is the defense arguing that the shooting was an accident and that the bullet that killed kate steinle first hit the ground and then ricocheted and hit her in the back. the trump administration said it will not provide money for the delta tunnels. governor brown wants to build these to deliver water to southern california. it's the biggest setback so far
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for the plan to reengineer the state's water delivery system. the $17 billion project would send water from northern california to southern california through two tunnels in the delta. the white house says it's committed to helping california with its water delivery problems but the federal government will not pay for the construction costs. a federal judge in san francisco ruled in favor of the trump administration on one part of the affordable care act. california and other states wanted to force the government to pay monthly subsidies that help low income consumers afford health insurance. president trump signed an executive order stopping those payments two weeks ago. the white house argue the money it needs to be approved by congress every year. the final outcome will be decided by the courts. but the states wanted the government to keep making those payments until the case goes to
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trial. the judge says most states have found ways to continue the subsidies until a judgment is reached. a study shows the bay area cities where the cost of renting has gone up dramatically. according to an apartment rental website, rents on apartments increased 15.6% over the past year in mountain view where the rent for a one- bedroom apartment is now $3110. in petaluma, the increase was 14.7%. in walnut creek, 12.2%. cities where the cost of rent actually went down in the last year include oakland, berkeley and south san francisco. >> that is a lot of money. still ahead, saving halloween. children whose homes and neighborhoods build -- burned in the wildfires. how santa rosa police are providing popular costumes this year. good morning. traffic is off to a nice start
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in most areas on 80 westbound. we will tell you more about what's going on on the altamont pass. after a little bit of cooling yesterday for some, we will continue that theme today. upper 80s, low 90s. the biggest drop was on san francisco. 86 down to 80. that is still 10 degrees above average.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. off-duty california police
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officers hurt while helping during the las vegas mass shooting have filed a workers compensation claims but we don't know if they will be able to collect. 200 southern california police officers or at the concert when the shooting started. some officers were shot as they helped secure the area, perform cpr and took people to safety. some have filed claims for compensation. it's not clear if california law allows them to collect. california's labor code said public agencies must pay benefits when off-duty officers try to save lives or property in california. but it does not mention out-of- state activities. the house of representatives is expected to vote on a $4 trillion gop budget plan that would pave the way for prompt's proposal to overhaul the tax code. political analyst verdict a close vote as some republicans oppose the budget plan.
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conservators warm and tax cuts without limiting spending will add to the deficit but others worry the tax plan eliminates a federal deduction for state and local income taxes which would hit hard the middle class and high tax states like new york, new jersey and california. today, president trump is expected to declare that opioids are a national emergency. the declaration would likely waive restrictions and provide medical personnel to areas hardest hit by the opioid epidemic. officials say opioids are responsible for killing tens of thousands of americans every year. president trump pledged to make fighting addiction one of his top priorities. more than 3000 never before seen documents related to the death of jfk are set to be released today. a 1992 law requires the release of all files still hidden on kennedy's assassination. only the president can decide to hold some back. some u.s. intelligence agencies
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are urging president trump to keep some files secret on national security grounds. following kennedy's death, the warren commission concluded that lee harvey oswald was the sole assassin but many believe other people were involved. police in finland say four people have died after a train crash outside the capital city. that train collided with a military vehicle at a railroad crossing in the southern part of finland. three of those who died or soldiers. the fourth was a passenger on the train. 11 other people were taken to the hospital. officials say the train crossing does not have safety features and there was a lot of snowfall at the time of the collision. we want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. it looks okay. we are off to a good start. i want to mention there was a truck that caught fire that caught some brush on fire near grant line road off of 580.
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we are seeing slow traffic on the altimont has. -- the altamont pass. this morning slow traffic may start a little early because of this grass fire. the gilroy commute, gilroy to san jose, this one looks okay driving into morgan hill. 101 looks good all the way to hamilton avenue, i'm sorry, into the main part of the valley. 17 at hamilton, it looks pretty good. there are no problems on 280 up to highway 17. this is a look at the commute -- let me go back to 280. there we go. there is the south bay traffic. it's moving along pretty well. good morning.
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it's a little cooler this morning. the breeze is still slightly off shore for some but there is a little bit of a west and southwest toward the cockiness straight. it will be very warm but each day i think temperatures will come down a couple degrees. i split the difference between the sonoma county airport and downtown santa rosa. sonoma county airport is like concord and buchanan. they are a little warmer than the surrounding area. i split the difference for buchanan. upper 80s to near 90. san jose set a record high yesterday. today, 80s seven. there is no fog at. it's not going to make an impact yet but it slowly will work its way in. 51, lakeport. 51, half moon bay. half moon bay was at 86 yesterday. montero, 74. some locations cooled off a
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little bit. 58, berkeley. 58, palo alto. 61, cloverdale. 51, petaluma. 57, mill valley. it will be another sunny and mild to warm day. temperatures are well above average. this system has finally kicked out of the hawaiian islands. there are a few lingering showers on the big island. lots of 70s. back to where they should be. that was a vigorous front that went through there. that load is inching our way over the next 3-5 days. another system in the pacific northwest did make a dent in the ridge of high pressure. today will be warm and sunny. if not tomorrow, by the weekend,
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we will see slow cooling and an increase in the low cloud deck and temperatures coming down to near average. we should be about 68 and 74 but we are well above that. we are starting a trend of slight cooling. gradually. do you -- did you watch the warriors' game? the warriors of beat the raptors. we will show you some of the highlights of the game after the break. if you don't want amazon boxes sitting on your porch. we have more on the plan to allow strangers to drop them off inside your home.
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welcome back. amazon is getting back in from the president when it comes to drones. the president gave the company a gift by allowing the testing of drug delivery for packages. it allows groups to test drums for themes like disaster response, mapping, agriculture and the delivery of goods. until now the federal aviation administration restricted drones from flying over people, operating at night or buzzing beyond the visual line of sight of the ground-based pilot. amazon's newest option for making deliveries to your home has people talking and may also prevent package thefts as well. it's called amazon key. packages can be dropped off
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inside your house. you get an app, a smart lock with the key pad an amazon's cloud cam which would be aimed at your door. when it's time for a delivery, you can watch in real time as amazon unlocks your door, the delivery person goes inside and dropped your package inside your house. it sounds pretty good but some people are skeptical including law enforcement officials who say you may be better off leaving your package outside. >> your exposure is the package on your porch. that's your loss. if you open your home up to a delivery person, you have opened up everything. all your valuables that are in view. a theft may come later. >> amazon said there will be a lot of safety measures in place plus no access codes are given to those delivery drivers. the key equipment costs $250.
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amazon key will be available in 37 cities including the bay area beginning november 8. ibm is improving its parental leave benefits to attract top applicants and retain prized employees. the high-tech company is extending its maternity leave from 14 weeks to 20 weeks. it's also doubling the amount of paid leave to 12 weeks for new dads, partners and parents who are adopting. ibm will reimburse some of the cost for surrogates and children with special needs. the company said it's always looking for ways to help parents balance family and work. three engineers at uber are suing uber. they claim the company pays women and people of color less than their peers. the engineers, who are all- female and latino, say uber promotes more men, caucasians and asians than other employees. they also claim uber uses an employee ranking system not based on reliable or valid
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performance measures. uber is not publicly commenting on the lawsuit but does say last july it adjusted salaries to give minorities and women equal pay. 's outrage and one neighborhood after a party at a rental home ended with gunfire. we will tell you what neighbors are demanding from city leaders. a scam warning is issued to napa county residents affected by the wildfires. there are reports of fraudulent federal emergency management agency application being filed by identity thieves.
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[ music playing ] >> i knew they were going to play that. >> that's fats domino.
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>> he had how many top hits? >> you will need a calculator to add those up. >> he was 5'5" and big with a grin. ain't that a shame. he will be missed. he changed lives. fats domino as we look live over the bay area. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, october 26. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's maybe a little cooler. it's a little warm for many people. if it's on the internet it must be true. john lennon said that the first song he learned to play. eight that a shame. >> the beatles paid a lot of attention to those artists. >> some of the kids may know what from cheap trick. let's get to it. a little cooler. a couple degrees. the arrows are not going up, th


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