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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 26, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> you will need a calculator to add those up. >> he was 5'5" and big with a grin. ain't that a shame. he will be missed. he changed lives. fats domino as we look live over the bay area. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, october 26. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's maybe a little cooler. it's a little warm for many people. if it's on the internet it must be true. john lennon said that the first song he learned to play. eight that a shame. >> the beatles paid a lot of attention to those artists. >> some of the kids may know what from cheap trick. let's get to it. a little cooler. a couple degrees. the arrows are not going up, they are going down.
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santa rosa, 87. 86 in this city. concord, 87. 90 degrees yesterday in san jose . 87 today. santa cruz was 94 yesterday. that tied a record high. there were some hundreds down in southern california. three consecutive days over 100 in los angeles. 50s and 60s. maybe a few 40s. probably on the russian river. walnut creek, 52. 57 by the concord pavilion. san ramon and dublin , 52. 65, el cerrito. richmond, 61. there is a hint of an offshore breeze in the berkeley hills. for us, clear skies. if you systems are working their way towards us and over time they give us an increase in fog. it will not be today. we have ed leiter breeze. some of it slightly onshore,
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some of it is offshore. a little cooler. 70s and 80s for the temperatures today. are we okay on the altamont pass? we have a walnut creek issue. some people were thinking concord but it's walnut creek. we got into a discussion about walnut creek and concord . i will say this, there is a crash on treat boulevard at bancroft near the safeway. that could be a bad spot for a crash because it could cause delays. nearby on the freeways we do not have a lot going on. we will look at the solano commute. vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. not too bad. it looks good past the carquinez bridge. on the east shore freeway it looks good from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. their slow traffic on some of the outside lanes on the bay bridge toll. hopefully it will stay quiet.
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and san francisco's bernal heights neighborhood people say they want something done about an airbnb rental they say attracts violence and gunfire. last night neighbors gathered for this meeting. they are upset about a shootout that occurred early this month at the bank street apartment. investigators say they believe several gang members at the party had guns and started shooting. two people were wounded. police say the's property was not listed with the city which makes it an illegal short-term rental. >> i'm hopeful this exchange of information will empower people that were the victims of the situation and also restore hope that this will never happen again in faith that when a complaint happens to city government that we will be swift and decisive and take action. >> airbnb and vrbo are both
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saying that unit has been taken off the websites. a history teacher at piedmont high school is back in the classroom after he was put on administrative leave for three weeks. the district found him tilting of inappropriately touching female students and improper text. rob malcolm attended a packed meeting last night in which parents blasted the district's decision to allow the teacher to return. >> reporter: an apex piedmont city hall, parents confronted the school board. some wearing pink and carried signs with the hashtag, me to as they level accusations against a veteran teacher. >> you asked the students if they would sleep with him as he simultaneously doled out their grades and recommendations and chaperoned them away from home. he is not a hero. not a champion. nor an example and should not be a guardian to them. >> reporter: the controversy surrounds piedmont high
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school's social studies teacher mark cowherd, accused of years of inappropriate behavior with students in the classroom and also on school trips. a touch on the elbow, texting special nicknames and recent graduates had enough and filed a complaint and the school district read. >> we do have a case of inappropriate common unprofessional conduct from a teacher. that's what our investigation showed as well. >> reporter: the discipline only lasted three weeks on administrative leave. he was welcome back to into the classroom. >> i believe this board has made an egregious error in allowing the teacher back into the classroom and i think you should all reconsider the decision you made. >> reporter: the district said the teacher was given due process. >> what i can say very clearly is that there is no evidence of sexual abuse or of sexual misconduct. there is no crime. i want to be clear about that. the police closed their
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investigation. >> reporter: calling this a personnel matter, the district claimed although the teacher is back he was given strict guidelines to curtail his behavior. they cannot say more because of california law. >> and the message that is being sent is that, you know what? it was just a little playing around. and i think that's wrong. and i think we need to protect our kids. >> walnut creek police are asking for up to identify a jewel thief. look at this video. investigators released pictures and videos of this man who snatched a loose diamond were jewelers on north california boulevard on october 12. the man asked to see the diamond and then ran from the store and drove away with a woman in a green saturn with paper license plates. there is a picture of the car. anyone with information about this is asked to call walnut
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creek police. napa county officials are warning residents about fraudulent fema applications made by identity thieves who are capitalizing on the wildfires. napa county d.a. allison haley says her office received several reports from residents whose personal information was used to file fire rated applications for fema assistance. some of those who filed for help were told someone already applied under their name. others who had not filed were visited by fema affiliated inspectors at their homes responding to an application. officials say fema inspectors will not send inspectors to your home unless you filed an application for assistance and the inspectors will not collect personal identifying information or bank account information at your residence. there is a new high-powered leader of a nonprofit group helping with recovery and rebuilding after the fires.
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james lee witt has extensive experience in dealing with disasters across the country. >> this is a great effort moving forward to get to where we need to end up. >> reporter: rebuild north bay is a nonprofit coalition of elected officials, business people and nongovernmental agencies and north bay county affected by the fire storms. it will operate for years to come. the goal is to raise as much money as possible to fill in the gaps where insurance can government and charities cannot make people whole. >> disasters are about people coming up politics. >> reporter: the newly appointed interim director is no less than former fema director james lee witt. >> they need to be identified and utilizing all the fema, state, hud, sba -- maximize this for the people here that have lost everything. >> we will as business leaders organize napa county and sonoma county, we will fix this. my personal goal in sonoma county is to do everything we
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can to not lose one single citizen to someplace else. >> reporter: the fires destroyed 8500 structures, mostly homes. 3000 of which were in santa rosa. that has created a housing shortage on top of the shortage before the fires. >> i think you will see a host of policies going out that are going to change the culture in terms of how we build housing in northern california. >> one possible incentive to build, wave developmental fees that can run from $40,000- $60,000 per unit, lowering overall costs and streamlining permitting. also, rent gaucher's beware. >> we are going to make sure we work with local district attorneys, the state attorney general and news agencies to out these folks to make sure that that doesn't happen. >> reporter: the president has ordered every california emergency request so far. >> i've never seen it work so
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well in a disaster as it is following these terrible fires. i reiterate again the amazing collaboration that has taken place since day one of this disaster. it continues today with all our governmental entities and i want to thank our state and federal partners. >> reporter: if the model works, it could be a new model for how to help people in disasters in the future. if that happens, that means more relief will get two more people were quickly. tom vacar, ktvu ktvu fox 2 news. halloween is next tuesday. kids look forward to it. there is a campaign to make halloween this year a special one for the children who lost everything in the north bay fires. >> what do you like about halloween? >> you give out candy. >> that is true. in the past week police in santa rosa collect thousands of donated halloween costumes.
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the fianci every police officer mentioned the need on facebook. people started leaving costumes on the police officer's porch. now the donations are filling up the police station. >> party city sent us close to 500. 35 boxes showing up of costumes. all different sizes. anything a kid wants, i guarantee we have it. >> the families in the north bay say celebrating halloween and trying to move on with their daily lives is a big step in getting back to normal. today the napa valley wine train is encouraging terrorists to return to the area by hosting local mayors. the mayors of napa, youngsville, st. helena, calistoga and american canyon will be on board. the wine train said it's an effort to promote the reopening and revival of local businesses following the wildfires. san francisco has a new parks plan and it calls for
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using the space under the city's freeways. the mayor and other city leaders talked about a law that the governor signed that will help the city create parks and open spaces under and adjacent to interstate 80, highway 101 and interstate and adjacent to interstate 80, highway 101 and interstate 280. it allows caltrans to enter into reduced rate leases with san francisco for up to 10 empty parcels that it owns. caltrans owns 75 lots near or beneath highways in san francisco. coming up, the federal government decision about california's state water delivery project and what it means for the state and governor brown. after a nailbiting game, the warriors came out on top. we will show you highlight after the break.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. steff curry and kevin durant proved to be too much as the warriors beat the raptors. >> they started the first three games nicely. beautifully thrown -- >> steph curry scored 30 but the raptors stuck around for most of the game. toronto had a three point lead with a minute left until kevin durant drilled the ball up the court and nailed the three. the warriors got the ball back with 30 seconds left on the clock. >> k.d. trying to get rid of them. kevin to steff curry for 3! >> he hit the 3 with 31 seconds left on the clock. in the final seconds kyle lowry
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drives down the lane. klay thompson comes up with the clutch block and the warriors went on to win. they host the wizards tomorrow night. klay thompson scored 22 which means $22,000 for north bay fired the terms. during this week's homestand, thompson pledged to donate $1000 for every point he scores to fire relief efforts in sonoma and napa county. fans can join the points with purpose fundraiser and pledge any amount for every point he scores over the next couple of games. the goal is $250,000. game 2 of the world series -- the astros beat the dodgers 7-6 in a thriller. the series is tied at one game apiece. it was a back-and-forth game that went into extra innings. both teams combine hit eight home runs.
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three and extra innings. the first time that's ever happened in the world series. the biggest was a two-run homerun in the 11th by george springer of the astros. that gave houston the lead. the doctor scored a run in the bottom of the inning but yasiel puig was struck out. the game was over. the astros one 7-6. the series now moves to houston. game 3 will be played tomorrow night. california could be heading for a drier than normal winter. the national weather service says it's picking up on a week la nina weather system for this winter. it's known to bring below average rain and higher than normal temperatures. experts say we should be prepared for an unpredictable winter as the forecast could change at the last minute. >> it's important for people to pay attention to the seven day forecast. be prepared for individual storms instead of focusing on the general outlook. >> they also say expect la nina
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to hit california later this year. >> we will just listen to steve. >> he usually has all of that. what do we have something normal. there's la nina, el nino, drought. >> last year at this time, it was raining a lot. that was kind of abnormal. i feel your pain. let's take a look at the commute on 580 westbound. we do have slow traffic. there was an earlier accident at grant line road. we do have slow traffic as you drive through. there are no major problems as you drive into livermore. is slowing at the altamont pass. the accident indicator is mostly indicating it's on the shoulder. there is some slowing. it does not look bad on interstate 880
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north- and southbound. traffic is moving well. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see that traffic is backed up in some of those right lanes. as we bring steve in for the weather discussion, how many inches of rain did we have? do you remember? >> i have to go back and look. there were some that had over 6. two years ago the strong el nino forecast did not pan out for us. it was completely wrong. last year it was off the chart. no forecast model -- i'm not taking anything away from anybody it's just so hard to predict. there are so many oscillations. there is so much going on. i think in november we will start to get colder temperatures. a moderate la nina would be our best bet for rainfall here based on climate data for san francisco. currently it looks weak or neutral. i can tell you this, almost all
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the climate models put high pressure on california and leave it there for six months. we had some record highs statewide. i thought i would show the top floor. santa cruz, 94. that tied a record going back to 1965. san jose set a record at 90. los angeles, 100 degrees again. three days in a row. the old record was 96 from 1983. san diego, 98. that also broke a 1983 record. there were many others. if it's really warm and hot out in california, there must be cooler weather somewhere else. 37 in chicago. another system is diving down with snow toward winnipeg and north dakota. these dynamic systems are coming down and there's hints of that for november. the european model is very bullish on cold air, even making it here.
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there has to be a pattern change when we've had this strong of a ridge of high pressure. 50s and 60s for the temperatures. menlo park, 52. woodside, 52. half moon bay, moss beach, 50s there instead of 70s or 80s. no fog yet. i think it will work its way tomorrow night and over the weekend. monterey and supper -- santa barbara, it will be cooler as well. the system is kicking out of the hawaiian islands. temperatures are getting back to where they should be which is in the low 70s. this low will work its way towards us. there are some spins in the atmosphere and eventually one of those will work its way under the bridge and increase the onshore flow. systems are moving down from the pacific northwest so over time this high will get out of here. today will be another sunny and warm day but each day
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temperatures will come down a bit. today, 70s and low 80s around the bay. upper 80s elsewhere. there will be a few 90s but most will be in the 80s. still mild and warm on friday but cooler into the weekend and early next week. >> i think people are ready to say goodbye to the 90s, for sure. >> it's been one extreme to the other. torrential rain and snow last year. bennett was hot this summer. that's why i'm leaning on cold this winter. >> i would like to have no rain on halloween. that was not very fun last year. coming up, the pressure is on. next, a warning for new parents after tests show arsenic in baby food and formula. my friend susie cracks me up. but one laugh,
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welcome back. today, airline passengers on international flights heading to the u.s. will need to go through new security measures. all travelers, that includes u.s. citizens as well, we need to go through security interviews by airline workers. you may be questioned when you check-in or at the airline gate before you get on the plane. your electronic devices may be more thoroughly inspected before they are allowed on the
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plane. the screenings could vary from airline to airline. the tsa says the rules will affect about 2100 flights a day and could cause some delays. drinking fountains have been shut down at three san francisco public schools because of high levels of lead. the schools are west portal and malcolm x elementary schools and san francisco international heiskell. tests showed water samples from one faucet or fountain at each of those schools were too high. school officials say the problems in the plumbing, not the water flowing into the schools. the schools are working to fix the problem. in the meantime they are providing bottled water for students. research shows a high percentage of baby food and formula tested positive for arsenic. the nonprofit group clean label, tested a number of major brands and found a 65% of the food tested showed arsenic.
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the chemical was found in 80% of formulas. some products had six times acceptable levels. the study found roughly 60% of the products claiming to be pete -- bpa free tested positive. the gerber brand said the study is generating unnecessary alarm and released a statement saying -- we want to reassure parents the health and safety of babies is our number one priority. an investigation underway in the east bay. a third grade boy went to school with a gun. we will show you how parents responded to this. if you are heading to the macarthur maze, let's take a look at that. traffic is still very nice coming around the corner to the bay bridge. we will look at this and the bay bridge approach. skies are clear and it will be warm. each day temperatures are coming down a couple degrees. there were quite a few records yesterday.
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good morning. several arrests after a series of violent crimes targeting bay area prostitutes and brothels. we have an update on the search for more suspects.
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jurors in the kate steinle murder trial here from a crime scene investigator about how we treat the gun used in the killing. the latest from inside the courtroom. good morning. thank you for joining us. this is the cheap trick version. i was laughing because you said the kids. i think the kids would not recognize this either. >> they are still putting new stuff out. ain't that a shame. >> a beautiful shot. it's nice and clear. i like this version as well. >> steve could sing that. >> yes but he would not. maybe during a commercial break. it's thursday, october 26.i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's go to steve. he may sing for you. >>


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