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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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jurors in the kate steinle murder trial here from a crime scene investigator about how we treat the gun used in the killing. the latest from inside the courtroom. good morning. thank you for joining us. this is the cheap trick version. i was laughing because you said the kids. i think the kids would not recognize this either. >> they are still putting new stuff out. ain't that a shame. >> a beautiful shot. it's nice and clear. i like this version as well. >> steve could sing that. >> yes but he would not. maybe during a commercial break. it's thursday, october 26.i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's go to steve. he may sing for you. >> i won't but i'll bring you
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slightly cooler temperatures. >> people ask what we talk about during the commercial. sometimes nothing. >> other times you do not want to know. we have a warm forecast but not as warm or hot as it was two days ago or even yesterday. still above average. san francisco should be closer to 70. they will only be 80 today. santa rosa, 74 but 87 today. san jose, 87. out of the low 90s. san jose had a record high yesterday of 90. if you systems to the north and if you to the west will work their way towards us which will erode the high and break it down slowly. 50s for many. even in the santa cruz mountains we're saying low 50s. santa cruz, 51. they were 94 yesterday, tying a record high. clear skies. the fog, i think, will make an
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appearance late friday or saturday. today, temperatures are above average but they are coming down slowly. sunny and warmer. light wind. daytime highs in the 70s and 80s. sal, you have a couple of things. we have something new. i think you know where this is. westbound highway 4 at 242. there is a five car accident on westbound highway 4 just before highway 24 just before highway 242. you could not ask for a worst spot. this will affect the traffic coming over the willow pass grade. many people make the transition to head down to 42. let me do this again. i want the curving era. they do this and head down to 680. that is going to be slower than usual this morning. get on the road of highway 4 as
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early as you can. sometimes an extra 15 minutes will make a big difference. this is a 5 car crash blocking the middle lane. this is east of highway 242. were also looking at the altamont pass. an earlier truck fire on the shoulder. that is gone but traffic is still slow. i think most of this is the normal slow traffic. livermore to pleasanton to dublin looks okay. in the castro valley, okay. 880 in front of oracle is good in both directions. at the bridge we have a small delay. bay area police are searching for two men blamed for a string of violent crimes. they say they are part of a larger crime ring. azenith smith said the suspects are linked to home invasion robberies, sexual assaults and at least one murder. >> i've never seen anything like it. i've never seen police action like this before. >> reporter:'s homeowner was
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surprised to see fremont police storm this townhouse in what neighbors described as a quiet, gated community. police say the home was operating as a brothel unbeknownst to neighbors. on september 28, police say five men robbed three woman at gunpoint and sexually assaulted them. >> that is a shock to me. never in my wildest dreams what i have thought something like that was going on here. >> what they did to the victims is unspeakable. there's a difference between robbing somebody coming even if it's a gunpoint, and what they did. what they did was over the line. >> reporter: police say they learned the suspects were corrected -- connected to other crimes. later that night they were linked to a murder in north san jose for a man was shot and killed at a high-end apartment complex on elin village. surveillance cameras connected them to violent robberies and sexual assaults on murphy ranch road in milpitas and mcclellan drive in south san francisco. all four locations are believed to be part of a statewide
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brought the ring. >> we had a 24 hour period where these crimes occurred. really violent and brazen acts. >> reporter: fremont police they and all the attacked more than half a dozen young women, victims of human trafficking. >> that's the thing with these brothels. they can pop up anywhere. people who constantly see for traffic coming and going, call. >> reporter: police identified and arrested three men. an yan, lin tao, and panpan haung , at their homes in southern california. they're looking for these men described to be chinese. one in the late 20s and another in his late 30s. they're hoping to get as many eyes on them as possible in hopes to take these criminals off the streets. in san ramon, a police investigation is focused on an eight-year-old boy in the third grade who took a loaded gun to
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school. this happened tuesday at twin creeks elementary school. police say the gun was in his backpack. he showed the gun to other students who then told their parents and the parents notified school officials. the police went to the little boy's home and found the gun. >> a kid does not know how to handle the gun or does not understand the damage it can do. i would not say that it's the kid's fault. a third grader does not have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of handling a gun or taking a gun to school. it's the parents. >> the district sent a letter home to parents saying the student will face appropriate disciplinary action. please know the safety of our students, staff and families is our top priority. the police have not said how the child got the gun or if charges will be filed. the shaft a county sheriff's office has released new information about the abduction last year of a woman in redding. >> one was the last time you heard from her? >> she sent me a text asking me
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if i was coming home for lunch. >> that is part of the 911 call where sherri papini's has been reported she was missing. >> i found her phone and it has here ripped out of it, in the headphones. i'm totally freaking out thinking somebody grabbed her. >> three weeks after she vanished, papini was found bruised and battered along interstate 5 and yolo county, 150 miles south of her home. her blonde hair had been cut to shoulder length and she had a brand burned into her right shoulder. investigators say they found dna from two people on her. that of a man and a woman. they say the male dna was not that of her husband. papini has described her abductors as two hispanic women who took her at gunpoint in a black suv. yesterday the department released these sketches of the suspects. papini said they personally covered their faces when she
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was with him. one woman had long curly hair, pierced ears and thin eyebrows between 20 and 30. the other woman is described as having straight black hair with some great and thick eyebrows. the san francisco trial of jose ines garcia-zarate , the man charged with the murder of kate steinle, will continue today. court observers say the most riveting moment yesterday occurred when the prosecution played a grainy, digitally enhanced security video of the moment that kate steinle was shot. it shows her falling to the ground. prosecutors say the video also shows garcia-zarate walking away after throwing a gun into the water. several police officers testified, including a member of the dime team -- dive team who recover the gun. another officer testified that garcia-zarate appeared to be a deer in headlights with authorities tracked him down along the embarcadero one hour after the shooting. >> evidence comes in with every
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witness. and everything is going as expected. these witnesses paint a picture of what the evidence is in this case and why we are charging the defendant with mother. >> we think fundamentally that the physical evidence favors our position. no matter what any of these witnesses say. at the end of the day this is a ricochet. that bullet struck a place where it was pointed at. >> the defense lawyer argues the shooting was an accident and the bullet that killed kate steinle had first hit the ground, then ricocheted and hit her in the back. the trump administration says it will not provide money for the delta tunnels that governor brown wants to build to deliver water to southern california. it's the biggest setback for governor brown's ambitious plan to reengineer the state's water delivery system.
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the project would send water from northern california to southern california through two tunnels in the delta. the white house says it's still committed to helping california with its water delivery problems but that the federal government will not pay for the construction costs. trying to save halloween for the kids whose homes and neighborhoods burned in the wildfires. how santa rosa police are providing popular costumes this year. a big vote in congress today to determine whether one of the president's top priorities lives or dies. i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have more on that. good morning. if you are driving to the macarthur maze, it does not look bad. it looks good coming around the corner to the bay bridge. we will look at the bay bridge and other commutes. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. house republicans are set to vote on a budget deal that would pave the way for passing a tax reform measure later this year. president trump has been pushing for republican unity on the legislation but as reported from washington, is expected to be a close vote. >> reporter: republican leaders think they have the votes on this today but they're not sure. if the house passes a budget deal, it could set the table
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for tax reform to be done by the end of the year. if it does not pass, one of the president's top priorities could be stopped in its tracks. this is a day when vote wranglers on the hill earn their keep. the president will tell you he is confident. >> you know, they are passing this bill along very rapidly. that will happen hopefully today. and i did make a couple of calls. i said, fellas, please, no changes. just pass it along. >> reporter: but it's not so simple. the house is expected to vote today on a budget deal already passed by the senate. if it passes, tax reform can move forward with that is far from certain and the issue is getting enough republicans to sign on. someone not like the impact the tax cut deal will have on the budget deficit. gop members from high tax states don't like the idea of shelving a deduction for state and local taxes to help fund the cuts.
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>> i may have to vote no against the budget on thursday because it's the budget that will bring about this so-called tax reform and will be devastating for my district. >> reporter: the president is looking for a win. his job approval numbers and a new fox news poll are slipping, now at 38%. something not lost on democrats as they work to nixed the deal. >> this proposal raises taxes on the middle class. it borrows trillions from the future to give tax cuts to the wealthiest. >> reporter: beyond tax cuts, this involves trying to simplify the tax system. a new fox news poll shows that three quarters of registered voters are very frustrated with how complicated the current tax structure is. doug luzader, fox news. more than 3000 never before seen documents related to the death of president john f. kennedy are set to be released today. a 1992 law requires the release of all files still classified on the assassination. only the president can decide whether or not to hold some
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back. some intelligence agencies are urging president trump to keep some of the files secret on the grounds of national security. following kennedy's death in 1963, the warren commission concluded that lee harvey oswald was the sole assassin but many people believe others were involved. in indonesia, a fireworks factory exploded today. we want to show you video from indonesian television. 47 people were killed. others were injured. police say the death toll will likely rise in the next few hours and days. the roof collapsed following the explosion. the factory opened a few months ago. the government administrator says although it did have a permit, the factory was illegally built two close -- built too close to a residential area. police in finland say four were killed when a train hit a military truck outside of
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helsinki. the train collided with the truck at a railroad crossing. three soldiers died. a fourth killed was a passenger on the train. 11 other people were taken to hospitals. officials say the railroad crossing does not have safety features and there was a lot of snow at the time of the collision. 5:17 am. let's check back in with sal. we are looking at the gilroy commute. them, being the businesswoman you are, twitter, sales in the aftermarket are surging because they beat expectations. i'm on twitter. you're on twitter. >> i was looking at that. twitter, netflix, facebook, some of these companies we thought were done a few years ago, they have revised and thought up some new trendy things that the kids like. >> let's get to traffic getting to all these jobs.
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they are all in the bay area. if you're driving from gilroy to san jose -- i will mention that in a moment -- i want to touch on the altamont pass. it's a little slower than usual . and highway 4, let me back up , it's a little slower than it usually is because of an accident clearing at 242. let's go to gilroy. traffic will be slow in some areas but for the most part it looks pretty good up to san jose and the main part. no major problems in the valley. some slowing here and there. this is a look at 280 in san jose. traffic is not bad. good morning. we have clear skies and calm conditions. some higher elevations have more of a breeze. temperatures will still be above average but not as warm as they were the last couple of
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days. santa cruz, 94. that tied a record from 1965. san jose, 90. that was a record. los angeles, three days in a row at 100 degrees or higher. yesterday's record broke one from 1983. san diego, 98. that also broke a record from 1983. there must be cooler weather somewhere else. look at chicago, 38 degrees. a system is riding up and over the ridge and then it drops down into the middle of the country and extends into the deep south. here comes the next one. there is some snow in north dakota and northern minnesota. the system does not have the amplitude it did a couple days ago but it still giving them well below normal temperatures. our temperatures are above average but they are coming down. santa rosa, 87. 89 in concord. 87 in san jose.
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weak system brushed the pacific northwest but washed out when it moved over us. it did set the stage for a small cooldown for today. 40s, 50s and 60s for the temperatures. 57, berkeley. oakland, 73 at 1000 feet. 61, 64, alameda, 62. these are down a couple of degrees compared to 24 hours ago. clear skies with no fog. the system is kicking out of the hawaiian islands and will eventually meander towards us. by the weekend we will see more of an onshore breeze as a week low bumps into the west coast. that will allow low clouds and fog to come in. the sum on the north coast but i don't think it will affect us today. sunny and warm today. temperatures are well above average. cooling is on the way over the next couple of days.
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70s and 80s for many. if you upper 80s. temperatures should be closer to 68 or 70. friday we will get closer. more so on sunday and monday. >> i just heard from carrie baldwin in cincinnati. she said tell steve it's 33 degrees there. she is ready to come back to the bay area. >> that is cold for cincinnati at the end of october. the warriors beat the raptors but it was a nailbiter last night. we will show you highlights after the break.
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welcome back. amazon is getting major backing from president trump when it comes to drones. the president gave the company a gift by allowing drone delivery for packages to be tested. the memorandum allows testing of drones for things like disaster response, mapping, agriculture and delivering goods. until now the faa restricted drones from flying over people, operating at nighttime or buzzing beyond the visual line of sight of the ground-based pilot. amazon's newest option for making deliveries to your home has people talking. it may also prevent package staffs. it's called amazon key. packages can be dropped off inside your house. you get an app, a smart lock with the key pad and amazon's cloud cam which will be trained
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on your front door. when it's time for the delivery, you can watch in real time as amazon unlocks the door , the delivery person goes inside and drops her package. it sounds good but some are skeptical, including law enforcement officials who say you may be better off leaving your package outside. >> your exposure is the package on your porch. that is your loss. if you open your home up to a delivery person, you have opened up everything. all your valuables, at least those in view. a theft could come later. >> amazon said there will be plenty of safety measures in place plus there is no access code. the key equipment cost $250. amazon key will be available in 37 cities including many in the bay area beginning november 8. ibm is improving its
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parental leave benefits. they are trying to attract top applicants and keep prize employees. the company is extending its maternal leave from 14 weeks of paid leave to 20 weeks. ibm is also doubling the amount of paid leave to 12 weeks for new father's, partners and parents who are adopting. ibm will reimburse some of the costs for surrogates and special needs children. the company said it's looking for ways to help parents balance family with work. three engineers at uber are suing uber. they claim it pays women and people of color less than their peers. the engineers who are all female and latina say a uber promotes more men, whites and asians than other employees. they also claim uber uses and employee ranking system that is not based on reliable or valid performance measures. uber is not publicly commenting on the lawsuit but does say last july it adjusted salaries
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to give minorities and women equal pay. a scam warning is issued to napa county residents affected by the fires. there are reports of fraudulent federal emergency management agency applications being filed by identity thieves. we are getting a lot more crowded out there this morning if you are driving on highway 24. you will notice more people on the freeway. highway 4 and 242, slow traffic there because of a crash. the skies are clear and the surface wind is calm. it's a little cooler. i think that will translate into slightly cooler afternoon highs.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, october 26. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. many people are asking if it's going to cool down. >> very slowly but by the weekend, yes, for everybody. the arrows are going down. it's been a long, hot stretch year. with a few exceptions we've had high pressure on the west coast since the middle of june.
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89 yesterday in santa rosa, 87 today. 80 in the city.87 in concord , 87 in san jose. in san francisco, 80 and 63 are my forecast high and low. 12 above for today. the record was 92 in 2003. 47 way back in 1893. if you systems are moving into the pacific northwest that is chipping away at the high pressure system. there are some 40s and 50s for the temperatures. if you upper 40s and the russian river area. rohnert park is in there. 51, kelseyville. 55, american canyon. no fog tonight. maybe tomorrow night. more likely on saturday morning. another low is had -- exiting the hawaiian islands and moving toward us. over time they will increase the onshore breeze. still sunny and warm.
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a few degrees cooler and the breeze does hardly exist. 70s for coastal locations. low 80s around the bay. mid- to upper- 80s inland. do you still want to talk about 242? i will talk about that as well. first, let's start in solano county. we will make our way to contra costa county. it's all connected. vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. traffic is fine. it's a little slow and vallejo approaching interstate 780 and 37 west from vallejo into sonoma. highway 4 has been slow because of an earlier accident that is now clear. highway 4 at 242. the damages done. traffic is slower than it normally would be. i want to show you 680 in walnut creek. maybe i'll show that next time.
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traffic is going to be moderate. if you are driving on southbound 680, its flow. this is a live look at 80 westbound to the macarthur maze. 20 minutes. that's about as good as it will get. at the bay bridge we have a backup now that the metering light's have been switched on. today, airline passengers on international flights coming to the u.s. will need to deal with new security measures. all travelers including u.s. citizens could face security interviews by airline workers, passengers could be questioned when you check-in, or at the airline gate before you get on a plane. your electronic devices could be more thoroughly inspected before they are allowed on a plane. the screenings could vary from airline to airline. the tsa says the rules will affect about 2100 flights per day and may cause some delays. later this morning the
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49ers will team up with officers across the country to reduce gun violence. >> it's a nationwide campaign that includes supporting the ban of bump stocks which can turn semi automatic weapons into automatic weapons. carlos correa -- christien kafton is that levi's stadium today. >> reporter: good morning. the announcement is expected later this morning but we are getting a preview to get a sense of the partnership we are seeing between the 49ers and police officers unions from across the country to address what they believe is a public safety issue, especially when it comes to certain devices. paul kelly is joining us from the san jose police officers association. the device in question can pose a risk to the public. >> yes. absolutely. in the wake of las vegas, it's brutally clear that any mechanism that will change a semi automatic into a full automatic, a machine gun, needs
5:35 am
to be banned. >> reporter: we were talking about other devices. not just of bump stocks but other devices and other types of weapons that you were trying to get legislation around. >> armor piercing ammunition. silencers. there's no way that those devices, including bump stocks, should be in the hands of citizens and civilians. it risks everything in regards to the community and law enforcement. >> reporter: and we are talking about a high profile partnership. what does it mean to have a partnership with the 49ers, especially for today. >> i think it's groundbreaking. you've been hearing a lot of talk since last season. that's what it is. its talk. they were not just talking. today we are signing a pledge to move forward in regards to major issues that are important to every community across the
5:36 am
nation. >> reporter: and the 49ers are putting their money where their mouth is. $500,000 towards the cause. two we are talking about creating public service announcements to bring faith based organizations, community leaders, law enforcement and franchises like the 49ers to collaborate in regards to communication and understanding , mutual respect guarding the community and law enforcement. >> reporter: you are hoping to expand this. he would like to see this expand to other nfl franchises and sports franchises as well. >> yes. stop taking any. sit at the table. sit with us and talk. we would love to see other owners in regards to taking this pledge with us. sign on the dotted line and say you are committed. >> reporter: paul kelly from the san jose police officers association. thank you for joining us. good luck for the pledge. it's going to be a big deal and there will be lots of folks out there.
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the 49ers are working with the officers unions across the nation to pass what they are calling common sense legislation when it comes to these devices including bump stocks, armor piercing rounds and silencers. they say this is an issue of public safety and it's too important for them to not work as a team on this issue. a social studies teacher at piedmont high school is returning to class after he was put on administrative leave for three weeks. mark howard is accused of inappropriate behavior around students in the classroom and on field trips. recent graduates filed a complaint against the teacher, accusing him of inappropriately touching female students and improper texting. a public meeting was held last night at city hall were angry parents blasted the school district for allowing him to resume teaching. >> and who asked students if he
5:38 am
would sleep with him as he simultaneously doled out their grades and recommendations and chaperoned them away from home, he is not a hero. not a champion. >> what i can say very clearly is that there is no evidence of sexual abuse or of sexual misconduct. there is no crime. i want to be clear about that. the police closed their investigation. there was no crime reported. >> the district called the issue a personnel matter and that the teacher was given strict guidelines to curtail his behavior. the district said it could not reveal much more citing california privacy laws. walnut creek police are asking for help to identify a jewel thief. investigators released this video of a man who took a loose diamond worth $27,000 from the kings jewelers on north california boulevard on october 12. the man asked to see the diamond and then ran out of the store and drove away with a woman in a green saturn. they had paper license plates. anyone with information about
5:39 am
the suspect is asked to call police. napa county officials are warning residents about fraudulent fema applications filed by identity thieves who are capitalizing on the fires. napa county d.a. , allison haley, said her office received several reports from residents whose personal information was used to file fire related applications for fema help. some residents who filed were told someone had already applied under their name. others who had not filed were visited at their homes by fema affiliated inspectors in response to an application. officials say fema inspectors will not send inspectors to your home unless you filed an application for assistance. those inspectors will not collect personal identifying information or bank account information at your home. halloween is next tuesday. kids really look forward to it.
5:40 am
there is a campaign to make this year's halloween a special one for the kids who lost everything in the fires. >> what do you like about halloween? >> you give out candy. >> in the past week, police in santa rosa collected thousands of donated costumes. the fiancie of a police officer made mention of this on facebook . people started leaving costumes on the officer's porch. now donations are filling up the police station. >> party city sent us, i think about 500 or more. 35 boxes showed up of costumes. all different sizes. anything any kid wants, i guarantee you we have it. >> the families say celebrating halloween and moving on with their daily lives is a big step in getting back to normal. linking two of california's
5:41 am
most well known ski resorts. the proposed project that will take skiers and snowboarders into new territory. good morning. 680 and 24. let's take a look at that. you can see that 680 traffic going south looks good. highway 24 also looks pretty good. we will tell you about highway 4 which is not sharing the joy.
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welcome back. we are closer than ever to understanding breast cancer. in what's being called the world's largest collective study on the genetics of breast cancer, researchers have discovered 72 new gene variants that appear to be responsible for increasing the risk of developing the disease. joining us to talk about this is a fox medical teams, beth
5:44 am
galvin. how important are these new gene variants and detect thing breast cancer? >> reporter: i think they are very important. these findings more than doubled the number of genetic clues that scientists now have to look for when they are trying to assess whether a woman is at higher risk of developing cancer down the road. it may allow them to sniff out these clues earlier if they know what to look for. >> it sounds like this can help with early detection and earlier treatment. >> reporter: yes. i think so. it's all about having the clues and the tools. we know already about the brca1 and bracket 2 genes and how those can raise risks down the road of developing breast or ovarian cancer. they think there are more players out there. now they have 72 total gene variants to consider when
5:45 am
looking at this. to study and try to develop more targeted treatment that move in the direction of individualized cancer care. looking at a woman's risk of developing cancer down the road and developing targeted treatments to treat her individual cancer based on her genetic profile. >> it also sounds like this is an important proof that it helps to have such an extensive study where teams are working together instead of all the separate research. >> reporter: i think this is huge. they had about 300 different teams and centers involved in this analysis. when they pulled their information they were able to analyze data from 275,000 women around the world. really, if we are going to get ahead and find these genes, it has to be all minds coming to the table and sharing information between research
5:46 am
centers. that's the only way we will crack breast cancer. >> it's helpful. and it is breast cancer awareness month in october. some good and hopeful news. thank you. drinking fountains at three san francisco public schools were shut down because of high levels of lead. the schools are -- west portal and malcolm x elementary school and san francisco international heiskell. tests show the water samples from one faucet or fountain at each school was too high. officials say the problem is in the plumbing, not the water flowing into the schools. the schools are working to fix the problem. in the meantime they are providing bottled water. there's also research showing a high percentage of baby food and formula testing positive for arsenic.
5:47 am
the nonprofit group, clean label, tested several major brands and found a 65% of the baby food tested showed arsenic. that was found in 80% of the formulas. some products had six times the acceptable levels. the study also found about 60% of products claiming to be bpa free tested positive for that industrial chemical. the gerber brand says the study is generating unnecessary alarm . they released a statement saying -- we want to reassure parents that the health and safety of babies is our number one priority. let's check back in with sal. i know you are watching some of the longer commutes. how is everything going? it's going okay. we are also looking at highway 4 anns trace. the longer commutes are now beginning to get into the main part of the bay area. the closest part to the bay is what i mean. let's look at 680 at 24.
5:48 am
this looks pretty good. highway 4 is slower than usual coming in from summersville road out to the will a passing grade because of an earlier accident that has been cleared. we are also looking at the tracy commute and showing you that traffic is slow on the altamont pass. it started off slow because of an earlier incident that has been gone for a while. traffic on 580 livermore to pleasanton looks good. slowing at the castro valley y. this is 880 north- and southbound. traffic is fine when you get to the bay bridge. a 15 minute wait before you make it onto the span. a little cooler today but still very warm and above average on the temperatures. each day we will drop these temperatures. it will be more noticeable as we head toward the weekend. today and san jose, 87. the record is 89 set in 2003. concord , 87.
5:49 am
santa rosa, 87. average temperatures are between 68 and 74. fog is on the north coast. it's still offshore for us. maybe tomorrow but more likely late friday into saturday it will make an appearance. east bay temperatures, 51 in walnut creek. 58, pittsburg. 65, martinez. 50s and 60s. we are about 1-5 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. clear skies and sunny and nice. high pressure is in control but it's weakening slowly. systems to the north and west will eventually erode it. temperatures will be above average probably through sunday. upper 80s for some. 70s and 80s closer to the coast and pay. slow cooling.
5:50 am
70s around the bay. 80s and upper 80s for some. 82 in oakland. 89, brentwood. the same for the santa clara valley. santa cruz, 94 yesterday, 86 today. 85, redwood city. we are warm but not as warm as a couple days ago. we will continue to cool into the weekend. >> that sounds great. as long as it continues on and no rain by halloween, that would be better. >> i think you are fine. today, getting ready for a smelly tradition. that will take place in berkeley. one of the stinkiest flowers in the whole world, the corpse flower, is starting to bloom. it's known as mala dora. is blooming at the uc botanical gardens on the berkeley campus. this is one of the world stinkiest flowers. i did smell at one time. it has an odor i can't even
5:51 am
describe. that strong odor only lasts a couple of days. if you want to see it and take a whiff, the tors -- the tour begins today. >> d recommend people to go over? >> it smelled like 50,000 dirty socks. >> i was kind of sorry i went. >> i do not need to do it a second time. the warriors beat the raptors but it was a nailbiter. we will show you some of the highlights next.
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welcome back. steph curry and kevin durant were too much for the toronto raptors. the warriors beat the raptors 117-112. >> they started their first three games pretty nicely. beautifully thrown by steff curry. >> steff curry had 30 points. the raptors were able to stick around for most of the game. toronto had a three-point lead with a minute left until kevin durant drilled the ball up the court and hit a 3. the warriors got the ball back with about 30 seconds left on the clock. >> k.d. trying to get a rhythm. kevin to steph curry for 3! >> nothing but net.
5:55 am
steph curry, that was the dagger. in the final seconds, kyle lowry drove down the lane but klay thompson came up -- i'm sorry, he block to. the warriors one. they host the washington wizards tomorrow night. klay thompson scored 22 points. that means $22,000 will be donated to help fire victims. during this week's three-game homestand, he pledged to donate $1000 for every point he scores to fire relief efforts in sonoma and napa. by the way, you can join the points with a purpose fundraiser by pledging any amount for any point klay thompson scores for the next couple of days. the goal is to raise $250,000. if you did not stay up for it in game two of the world
5:56 am
series, the astros beat the dodgers, 7-6. it was a back- and-forth game that went into extra innings. both teams combine hit 8 home runs. 3 were an extra innings. that's the first time that's happened in the world series. the biggest was a 2 homerun in the 11th by george springer. that gave houston the 2 run lead. the dodgers scored a home run by charlie culberson in the bottom of the inning but yasiel puig struck out to end the inning. the series now shift to houston. game 3 will be played tomorrow night. i saw some of the dodgers, in typical los angeles fashion, they start to leave. the fans missed a lot. still ahead starting today, new airline security measures begin. we are live at sfo and will tell you everything travelers need to know and how it could delay some flights. the trial continues today for the man accused of killing
5:57 am
kate steinle. next, we will tell you about the video prosecutors played for the jury and what the defense has to say about the shooting. good morning. we see that traffic on the bridge is not too poor right now. it looks pretty good on westbound 92 heading out to the peninsula. another warm day although not as warm as yesterday. we are setting some records yesterday. probably not today. santa cruz and san jose, los angeles and san jose were in record-setting territory.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. starting today international travelers flying to u.s. airports will face new, enhanced security measures. we will tell you how these new rules will impact customers coming up. governor brown loses support for one of the biggest water projects california has ever seen. the response from washington and what happens next. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. thursday, october 26.i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark.
6:00 am
i know where to find steve paulson. >> i'm trying to find a little cooler weather. it's still pretty warm. probably not record-setting although it could be close for a few. i think we maxed out on the record highs and temperatures are a little cooler this morning. a sunny and warm day expected. santa cruz, in the 80s. most will be in the 70s. upper 80s inland. there could be an isolated 90. san jose, 87. 71 is average. 89 in 2003. the record will be close. san jose has been running very warm. we get some fog on the north coast. it will start to show up here on friday, friday night or saturday. 40s and 50s.


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