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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 26, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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the only brown one is a janitor scrubbing the floor. kellogg has apologized and they said they did not intend to offend anyone. getting back to business in the north bay, where live with representatives from napa county. the 49ers are taking on gun violence. the pledge that they are making. freedom day usa. the free dental care being offered to members of the military. hello to the 9:00 hour. a good-looking thursday morning at the san francisco bay. how about the dodgers and the astros last night in the fall classic? it was one for the books. a historic night, there were
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five home runs in extra innings. it was one for the books. >> it is the world series and it was the 10th inning. i thought the game was over but it wasn't. >> one for the books. it was fun to watch but on the flipside this morning, joe girardi is out as manager of the yankees. after 10 years. he just finished the final year of his contract. he won the world series and made the playoffs six times. the yankees were within one game of returning to the fall classic after losing to the astros in game seven. you look at that record and what else can they do? to me that is a successful manager. you wonder if getting there this year was the final straw. >> the yankees have high expectations because they are
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the yankees. also he will probably get a job somewhere. maybe the nationals. >> i was surprised about that. i wonder if he made it to the world series if it would have been different. >> let's talk more about other sports, the 49ers are teaming up with police in hopes of reducing gun violence. >> this includes calling for the ban of a device that was used in the las vegas mass shootings. christien kafton is live from levi stadium. >> we are on standby for that news conference just down the road. the 49ers are teaming up with the police officers to create some kind of common sense legislation around the pump stocks. pump stocks gained a lot of notoriety following the las vegas shooting. the device allows semi automatic rifles to shoot like machine guns.
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now the 49ers and the police officer association and other major law enforcement unions are coming together calling for new laws around pump stocks, armor piercing rounds and silencers. >> we are staunch supporters of the second amendment and we believe all law-abiding citizens should be able to purchase and own weapons but again it is reasonable and it is common sense. >> reporter: the 49ers are pledging $500,000 toward the campaign and are working to recruit other teams to sign the pledge. the teams and the unions are working on a public service announcement on how to improve community relations. we are expecting more details coming up at a news conference. jesse gary will be at the news conference. we will have full coverage coming up at noon on how the 49ers and law enforcement plan to move forward with this common sense legislation around potentially dangerous devices.
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back to you guys. >> christian captain, thank you. colin kaepernick could possibly be at the next nfl meeting to discuss social injustice. kaepernick did not take part in the meetings last week between the players and owners in new york but kaepernick is expected to be invited to the next round of talks which will likely take place next week. a spokesman for the nfl says the league looks forward to kaepernick joining the conversation but there is no confirmation if he will attend. cal fire crews are making progress against the north bay wildfires. overnight firefighters increase containment of the nuns fire and pocket fire. the tubbs fire is 95% contained. the atlas fire is the closest to total containment at 97%. cal fire says if conditions don't change much all four of the big fires could be
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encircled as early as tomorrow. another hospital evacuated is now back opened. kaiser permanente santa rosa reopened yesterday resuming its emergency and inpatient services. we were at the hospital october 9 when patients were placed in emergency vehicles and buses and taken away. to reopen the hospital had to undergo a thorough cleaning and pass inspections by state health officials. a north bay church is feeding fire victims and first responders serving breakfast lunch and dinner every day until november 6. leigh martinez is live at the first baptist church in rohnert park. >> reporter: volunteers started this october 16 serving 30 meals per day. breakfast lunch and dinner and everything is home-cooked. you are looking at volunteers now. they are doing breakfast, it
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started at 8:30. these people do not want to be on camera but breakfast starts at 8:30 in the morning going until 10:00. lunches from noon until 2:00. dinner from 5:30 until 7:30 and there is a building attached that is full of supplies. to have a gofundme set up with donations. that is what they are looking for now, those monetary donations. with the funds they have, they would be able to go until saturday with the food so they are hoping for more donations. this is all being put together by volunteers. we have 30 volunteers that show up that are members of the church. one of them is david rodriguez. you have been here since day one. tell me about the need that is here. you have had conversations with these people right? >> the need has been great. i want to thank the firefighters
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and the people that responded to the devastation. they acted immediately and we are trying to help the community. we have been here for about two weeks serving everybody breakfast lunch and dinner. it is an effort that is a labor of love. you can't put a price on the things people have donated. the time and effort that has been put in. my cousin the pastor has been effortlessly doing this by the grace of god. we have the energy and power to do it. >> you have been doing 16 hour days it is nonstop. >> right and it is not going to stop, even after november 5, people will need and they will want help. through those donations this is possible. nobody has the time and energy. look at the water and bread that we have. through the grace of god this
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is possible. >> thank you so much for what you are doing. again, they're having breakfast being served starting at 8:30. even if people show up late that is okay. they really want to get the word out to first responders as well. they are in rohnert park a little further from the majorly affected areas. anyone is welcome to show up and it is a great opportunity to be part of this community again. this is a good place to hang out and meet with other people. all of the food is homemade and it really goes a long way. if people show up, three meals a day all week long you will be saving hundreds of dollars. put that money toward something else. >> absolutely, leigh martinez thank you. it is the first spanish that this church in rohnert park. cal fire says the fire
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burning in the santa cruz mountains could be contained by tonight. the sheriff has not ruled out arson as the cause of the fire. the sheriff's office wants to question several people about the fire. people who live in the burn zone have been posting on facebook their theories on how the fire started. one of them focus is on a woman who lives near where the fire started and has had run-ins with the law. the sheriff's office has not commented. we continue to slowly get cooler weather and we will at some point get the fall weather that we like. >> i love it and we didn't have it this year. i could feel the coldness this morning though when i went out to get the paper.>> it has been a long october. very warm and we have had four months of high-pressure so it is time for a change. it will be one today with some records yesterday los angeles at 100.
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san diego 98 yesterday. santa cruz 94 and san jose 90. sunny and warm today but a little bit cooler. 70s and 80s with some upper 80s as we warm-up. a couple degrees dropping off for some. we will continue the theme for the weekend. the fog is trying to regroup on the north coast toward eureka and crescent city. tomorrow we might get some of that coming near the golden gate if not friday night into saturday. 50s 60s across the area except for the north coast we have offshore breeze. it is not strong but it is east or northeast. warm temperatures today which are well above average. 68 to 74 well above that. by the weekend we will see those temperatures return to where they should be for the season.
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70s and 80s today but the trend is for cooler weather to slowly come in. >> don't go anywhere steve. don't leave us. we have a segment with the produce guy, he will be talking about fall produce. >> which pumpkin did you want? >> i want the one that is in the center of your screen. it looks like cinderella's carriage. apparently they are good for baking. i will make a pie. coming up next, officials in the north bay are urging tourists to return to the area. we will talk live with two representatives from napa county about damage to the area and what you should expect.
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amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. led to take a peek at the dow jones having a good day. it has gained 87 points. >> football players at antioch high school are accused of sexually harassing female students. a dozen players on the junior varsity team are accused of saying profane folder and sexually explicit comments to a group of girls monday. cording to the school principal the female students felt uncomfortable and threatened. the players were disciplined and suspended. due to the significant number of players involved the principal has decided to cancel the jv football game tomorrow. >> in san ramon police are focusing on an eight-year-old
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boy in the third grade who took a loaded gun to school. police say the loaded gun was in his backpack and he showed the gun to other students who then told their parents. the parents notified school officials. police went to his home and they found a loaded gun.>> a kid does not know how to handle a gun or understand the damage that it can do. i would not say it is his fault. a third grader does not have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of handling a gun. it is the parents. >> the district sent home a letter to parents that said the student will face appropriate disciplinary action. the safety of our students staff and families is top priority. police have not said how he got the gun or if charges will be filed. police are investigating a serious crash at golden gate park last night where cars collided on crossover drive. the condition of the car as you
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can see made it difficult to get people out of the car. emergency crews had to call for the jaws of life. the fire chief says crews needed more than two hours to get the third person into a medic vehicle. >> very difficult. we recently got some new tools that were helpful but it was complicated.  it is much more of a challenge these days. even with the new equipment it took a while. >> the chief of paramedics was on the scene while crews worked to remove the driver of the second car. we are told the third victim is in stable condition. the multimillion dollar fleet of cars for bart has hit a speed bump. instead of getting the 60 cars, they now say they expect to get at least 20 by the end of the year. we have been looking into the company and there may have been
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warning signs on the ability to deliver on its promises. candice nguyen told me what she uncovered. >> bart spend billions on these trains . >> the order has been delayed. by the end of this year we were supposed to have 60 and then we had 35 and this week we will have at least 20. >> are there any protections or price discounts? >> right now we are getting the cars at a fixed price. they're not going up, basically we paid the supplier as we got the cars but the bigger issue is we need the cars. as much as we want to scream and write letters this will keep going. >> even though bart is not paying we are paying for the time delay. >> exactly. even if you don't ride bart it will affect you because bart
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affects the regular traffic as well. >> did you find anything that surprised you? >> one of the most surprising things was that bart has its hands tied when things go wrong with the supplier. we asked could you start all over again? he says they are too far along with too much money at stake. starting over is not an option. >> bart is behind because the new cards are not being delivered. >> it was very difficult to get the interview with the company. we had a partner with other media groups in new york and canada who took one month to request it but the supplier finally answered questions. for instance, with your issues in the world why would any city work with you including us? we got those answers. >> are the questions about if bart did due diligence in choosing the company? >> we spoke with a senator who
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said in 2012 when the contract was signed, there were problems with the supplier around the world but they signed the contract. we asked questions and we will have your answers in the reports. >> candice nguyen, thank you. >> the full report on bart and it's the late will be on tonight at 10:00. we will also have it tomorrow morning. coming up, classified records will finally be released. what people are hoping the documents will reveal about the assassination of president kennedy.
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this morning the country is waiting for documents related to president john f. kennedy's assassination. 3100 previously classified documents will be disclosed. caroline shively examines if the files answer the question on everyone's mind did lee
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harvey oswald acted alone? >> it began on that bright november day. >> president kennedy's assassination in dallas on november 22, 1963 gave birth to decades of competing theories and mountains of paperwork. >> the evidence is clear he was the only shooter. what i don't eliminate the possibility he was encouraged to do it or was helped or at least that he told other people he was going to. >> over the years some files have been made public. seeking to settle the matter congress passed a law .5 years ago mandating the government release all documents by today. >> the government was forced to do it in 1992 because oliver stone and his film jfk was a giant box office hit. of course stone oppose all
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kinds of conspiracy theories. >> many hope the documents and the theories that the murder was organized by the mafia, cuba or rogue agents. not everyone is convinced. >> the bullet hit him in the back of the head and it came out this portion of the skull. it should have exited the front left side of his face. >> it might take time to look over the files. the release includes thousands of documents never before seen. from washington caroline shively, ktvu fox 2 news. >> very interesting. i was going to say, for some reason the assassination is sad but i have always had an interest in this story. historians anticipate many of the records deal with oswald's time in mexico city prior to the assassination. that is something i have not
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heard about so i would be interested because there is an argument that says keep them classified.>> i want modern investigative techniques to be used with the new information. this morning the house of representatives voted to pass a budget deal paving the way for tax reform later this year. president trump had been calling for unity in voting on the legislation, the vote was close. 216-212. republicans joined democrats in voting no. the senate will now be allowed to tax -- pass tax reform with a simple majority. president trump says there will be no change to 401(k) deductions under his plan but they are considering lowering the cap on contributions. the current maximum pretax contribution is $18,000 per year. republicans are discussing capping the contributions at $2400 per year.
9:25 am
lowering the amount could help raise tax revenue to offset the tax cuts in the plan. the question of the day, do you contribute to a 401(k)? 66% say yes, 19% say no. 15% do not have the option. valerie wallace tweets i have had one for about 27 years. i need this for retirement. will continue to use it as long as i can. >> douglas says i have been adding for 26 years and this will help me for sure. >> an says everyone has the option to create your own if your employer does not offer one. >> i remember when i was 25 years old, i was hired in san diego and they said we don't have one and i said okay that is cool. now i realize the importance but back then i did not get it. i am thankful that we do here. >> as soon as you start working
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just even just a little bit here and there. >> time is money. coming up next, a man pretends to be interested in a high price to diamond and then he decides i'm going to run out of the jewelry store in walnut creek with the diamond. the search is now underway for that man. changing airline measures today. what passengers need to know and how this will be impacting flights every single day.
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hey, guys. where are the cookies for the... bake sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter) ooh, cookies! never ending pasta bowl is starting at $9.99.den. come in for over 100 combinations of pastas, sauces and toppings. with everyone's favorite, chicken alfredo. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. only for a limited time, at olive garden. anyone flying to the united states from overseas will not be subject to new strict security measures. as alex savidge reports this could cause delays for all.
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>> this could be a headache for international travelers will now face security interviews and additional screenings before their flights headed to the us. these new rules will affect about 2100 flights every day. bound for airports in the us including sfo. starting today all travelers including us citizens may be questioned by airline employees when they check in or even at the gate before they board the plane. the tsa says electronic devices could be more thoroughly inspected before any flight headed to the us. these screenings will vary from each airline. officials say the airlines were urged to enhance security to prevent terrorists from smuggling explosive material onto flights. travelers from sfo don't mind if the new measures slow the boarding process. >> nobody should have an
9:30 am
attitude. it is here because they are trying to protect the people.>> if you have something to hide then you are worried, but if you are clean with your passport and everything with your luggage, then okay. >> the new security measures will take the place of a previous ban on laptops onboard us bound flights from eight muslim countries. the ban was rolled out several months ago by the trump administration. some carriers are concerned these interviews could potentially slow down the boarding process and cause delays and some carriers such as delta are urging passengers to arrive three hours before their flights. from sfo alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. the trial continues for
9:31 am
jose garcia zarate, the man charged with shooting and killing kate steinle. the most riveting moment in court came when the prosecution played a digitally enhanced security video showing the moment kate steinle was shot. prosecutors say the video shows jose garcia zarate walking away after throwing a gun into the water nearby. several police officers took the stand. another officer testified that cowherd tuan was like a deer in the headlights when he was tracked down one hour after the shooting.>> evidence comes in with every witness and everything is going as expected. these witnesses paint a picture of the evidence in this case.>> we think fundamentally the physical evidence favors our position. no matter what any of these witnesses say, at the end of the day this is a ricochet and
9:32 am
that bullet hit a place where it was pointed.>> that is the defense arguing the shooting was an accident and the bullet first hit the ground and then ricocheted and hit kate steinle officials are warning residents about fraudulent fema applications filed by identity thieves capitalizing on the fires. the napa county district attorney says her office received reports from residents whose personal information was used to file fire applications for fema assistance. some residents were told someone had already applied using their name. others who had not filed were visited at their homes by fema inspectors responding to an application. fema inspectors will not send inspectors to your home unless you have filed an application for assistance and it will not collect personal identifying information or bank account information at your residency.
9:33 am
no -- sonoma and napa county officials say that the visuals of the fires are devastating but the physical effects is limited. the well-known napa valley floor between highway 29 and the silverado trail saw little to no impact. >> only four wineries have been closed due to damage some of -- of those burned but they should be opened in the next few days. we are joined by the napa county chamber of commerce and energy partner for the county. thank you for being with us. so, more people think the valley is destroyed. there are pockets that are destroyed but napa is opened. most of the grapes were fine but what has been hit since the fire started?
9:34 am
>> mostly it was a lack of awareness that we are open for business. to clarify this is a clear message that we are ready to receive visitors and welcomed guests. rather than being closed for business all we had was a sign on the door that said we will be back so we just needed a break to take care of each other. we needed to get our breath and now we are ready to host and also really show the world renowned hospitality we are known for. >> is this similar to what napa suffered after the earthquake a few years ago in vallejo? people thought napa was destroyed. >> it is not the case and none of these cities had any damage. the reason why some businesses were closed is because they were taking care of each other and taking care of their homes families and neighbors as well as employees. there was a brief shutdown and
9:35 am
everyone was figuring out how to mobilize. the role so things happening behind the scenes so the storefronts were closed but behind the scenes hotels were hosting evacuees and first responders. we had restaurant chefs working. there was a lot of activity behind the scenes even though the doors were shut. >> do you get a sense of the impact on the labor market?>> it was obviously extremely difficult. we were talking about one area that was devastated for a couple of weeks. people were put into awkward situations about coming into work or taking care of their family. everyone was affected in some way and businesses are getting back to normal. there are blue skies now, business as usual. we are very fortunate and blessed to have the volunteers that helped. it was a very difficult time
9:36 am
for the residents and for the people like the workers, they struggled but everyone has been affected. >> at your restaurant in napa you have a special venue for napa and sonoma county residents and you are using that to give back.>> we created a special menu at a discounted rate. part of it was for two weeks people were trapped in their homes. they couldn't get out because of air quality and it was our way to say less get back to normality. come out of your homes and the public outcry was incredible. it was a lot of local patrons that wanted to come out to say thank you. 10% of all the proceeds that we are generating from the menu, we are giving to the relief fund. it is a little gesture that we wanted to do to help. we were here during the difficult time and we want to be here while rebuilding. >> my wife and i went to sonoma
9:37 am
for a fundraiser on saturday at cornerstone. a lot of locals will support the valley but is there concern about the hit in regard to tourism? i know that the tasting rooms are a huge profit for these wineries. that is for sure a moneymaker and i hope i am wrong but i get the sense those tasting rooms would be empty for the winter months. >> yes, i hate to tell someone they are wrong but i am happy to say you are wrong. we are ready and the only reason why we would take a hit is if people don't come. i think behind the brands and behind the street funds and the storefronts the heart of napa cite -- is the people. we want to get people back to work they want to be busy and get back to work. this is how we operate.
9:38 am
we are hospitable and welcoming and we serve. so we are ready to do that. the sooner everyone comes back the better off. keep your plans, don't cancel them. we just need to get back to normal. we are absolutely ready to welcome even more so. the spirit of napa valley has been on display. >> we saw it during the earthquake and now we see it again. >> we are resilient. last week there were block parties throughout the towns and cities. everyone just really wanted to get out and be together and talk and celebrate. really we just want to show we are ready to not just host each other but to host visitors. so come back and you will be surprised.>> i know of a bride who was supposed to get married in napa. she canceled and rescheduled for sacramento. weddings are huge in napa so
9:39 am
can you talk about that impact?>> i understand that they are concerned. so yes, that is a concern. the message is that it is business as usual even though it might seem unusual, we are ready and there is no reason anyone should be canceling. the main concern is the air quality for a short period of time but now we have blue skies and we are clear with some training. the vineyards are beautiful. this is the time. 90% of the harvest was already in when this happened and winemakers are diligent about their quality, so the vintage won't be impacted. what better way to relax and enjoy and celebrate life? get some sonoma or napa county wine. >> thank you for your time.
9:40 am
>> this story is not just in napa county it is also in sonoma. officials say the valley is untouched in terms of vineyards and hotels. most of the businesses were not impacted. we want to talk about this county tomorrow with the executive director of the sonoma valley visitors bureau. >> if you are not lifting your glass in sonoma or napa it is the last weekend to carve halloween pumpkins. you have some he options, let's go to sal and steve with our special guest. >> our guest is our friend bob. we go back 25 years at least. these pumpkins and this one caught my eye. these look like peanuts like what i would have any ballgame. what is this?>> that is called
9:41 am
a peanut pumpkin. those warts which look like peanuts, basically they manifest on the pumpkin because the sugar content is extremely high. the more peanuts the better tasting and the better flavor profile. it is totally edible. i found that at windmill farms in san ramon. they are great tasting, they come from france. >> so these are edible as well?>> yes, actually in france they will cut through these and sell them in the french produce markets as wages. they use them to bake or they will use them as pumpkin pie. >> the other day we had spaghetti squash at home, but my daughter said this is a weird looking pumpkin. but it is the same family?
9:42 am
>> yes, there are 350 varieties of squash. as time goes on they make hybrids and have come up with many different products. the butternut squash has been a longtime staple as has the acorn squash. do you want to talk about spaghetti squash? it is interesting. when you are cooking you want to cut it in half and by the way the most interesting about hard squash is getting the knife in without losing your finger. if you put it in the microwave for a few minutes it will soften up. put it in whole for three or four minutes. let it sit and then the knife will go in easily. on the spaghetti squash you will cut it in half, put it in the baking pan facedown with a little bit of water. after it is cooked it will come out and it will look like this.
9:43 am
we did this when it was raw so it does not give the right affect is the spaghetti comes out in long strings. totally nutritious. >> is it good enough to for my kids?>> may be. i want to ask you because the pumpkin people are used to seeing is this one. you say that you can make pumpkin pie out of that. >> yes, for a long time that was all we used but now with the fairytales and peanut pumpkin you can make it from anything. >> after you carve the pumpkin and you use it you should throw it out? >> use it for halloween and then get rid of it. the nice thing about these is that you can decorate your table with them for thanksgiving and then use them in your dinner. >> so now we have to tie this
9:44 am
in with weather. pumpkin squash love rain so last year was very beneficial. >> yes, it is a 120 day growing period. the harvest begins in late august. this year there was so much rain. squash needs 3 to 4 feet of water at least twice a week. it was a bonanza for the farmers this year. >> so this one, what is this? >> that is a tiger pumpkin. the same as a miniature pumpkin but more color. a lot of people are just taking the tops off of these scooping it out and filling it with soup. >> a lot of great ideas, thank you so much.>> this one is the golden nugget. don't forget look at this one. this one is an aphrodisiac. >> let's get back to the desk.
9:45 am
coming up, an update to the story about a python that was found on a bus. coming up, the new home the snake has slithered into. a special thank you to military veterans and their families. information on the free dental care being offered tomorrow by a clinic in concord.
9:46 am
9:47 am
freedom day usa is the country's largest military thank you. one day every year businesses say thank you to servicemembers veterans and families with free services and special offers. >> tomorrow, freedom day will be celebrated by offering free dental care in the bay area.
9:48 am
let's go live to concord. >> good morning. >> talk a little bit about what freedom day means for you. >> well, growing up in this area, i have always wanted to contribute to my community. this is my fourth year doing this. the need is so great in this area. i have a skill and i want to meet the need. i am helping my people. the military and their families and the veterans in this area. i am trying to help them out. keeping them smiling. oral health is very important to the overall health of our bodies and i want to spread the word and educate them on how to keep themselves healthy. >> i don't think people realize
9:49 am
how important oral health is. for example, if you have something wrong with your mouth it can affect other parts of your health. correct? >> correct, absolutely. bacteria are -- in the mouth, that is a portal to your overall health. the bacteria in your mouth depends on how clean you keep your mouth and that is so important for the overall health of your body. >> are you expecting to be serving active military veterans and their families with things such as cleanings, fixing cavities or what? do something complicated comes in? where do the services stop?>> well, my focus will be on cleanings, x-rays, education. i have an oral surgeon who will help me with some extractions if needed. a lot of times some of the veterans are missing their
9:50 am
front teeth so i have a local laboratory helping me giving them teeth. so they can smile. this is huge for functioning keeping them healthy. just for getting jobs. it is something where i only have so much time to do so much but if i can help a little bit it is amazing. >> you will likely be very busy but have you had to bring in extra dental assistants for this day? >> yes, i have a few with some hygienists helping me check people in and out. i have local businesses donating food drinks and fruit. things like that where they all leave with a meal. it is really neat. they all leave with a sandwich and fruit and dessert.>> okay, doctor thank you for your time
9:51 am
and thank you for helping those in the community. are veterans. we appreciate it. have a great day. >> thank you very much.>> they will be offering free dental care to active military veterans and family tomorrow at the clinic in concord. appointment only, the phone number is on your screen. don't forget to bring that military id. we will be right back after this break. this is the new comfort food. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow,
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a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. i am a first responder tor and i'emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area.
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sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. this is the most incredible
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video taken inside of a jewelry store. police are asking for help to find this the. you can see the man is appearing to look at a diamond. he stands up, the diamond is worth $27,000 now he is out the door. this was king's jewelers in north california on october 12. the woman followed him out appears to be at a loss. there is a good picture of the man, the jewel thief and the car he drove away in. a woman was behind the wheel. anyone with information on the suspect is urged to call police. really, that is old-school. >> i would like to think the store has insurance. most large diamonds have a serial number. i don't know how far he will get in trying to resell.
9:55 am
>> not cool. this ball python has a new home. it was found abandoned on a bus in palo alto. a 12-year-old girl who loves reptile adopted us not -- snake yesterday. it was put up for adoption after nobody claimed him for several weeks. he will fit in because the little girl has three other snakes. the world series is tied at one game apiece. both teams combined to hit eight home runs last night. five of them in extra innings. that statistic is a world series record. the biggest home run was the two home run by george springer in the seventh. se the game ended on a strikeout, the world series moves to texas where the astros will play game three against the dodgers
9:56 am
tomorrow. >> at the same time it was steph curry and kevin durant and they were too much for the raptors. the warriors beat the raptors 117-112.>> beautifully thrown by steph curry to kevin durant. >> steph curry scored 30 points but the raptors stayed in the game. the game came down to the end where toronto had a three- point lead with one minute left until kevin durant got up the court and made the three- pointer. the warriors go on to win. they will host the wizards tomorrow. >> klay thompson scored 22 points last night so that ms. $22,000 for fire victims, during the last three games thompson has pledged to donate $1000 for every point he scores to the fire victims. join us tomorrow morning as we will be talking live with
9:57 am
the mayor of calistoga. as the town gets back to normal they are urging people to come visit and eat. this is a mayor who had a stern warning, he said if you're staying behind i am not sending police and firefighters to get you.>> tense moments for although cities. thank you for being with us today, we will see you back here at noon. news continues on right now.
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