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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 26, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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several members of a high school football team. even a cancel game after allegations of sexual harassment. the 49ers taking a pledge to reduce violence. the device the team once officials to ban. more than 100 fire victims remain in shelters. the latest on the need for housing and the help being offered. good afternoon. this afternoon six antioch high school the players are suspended after being accused of sexually harassing several girls outside the locker room. >> alex savidge is joining us live from antioch. i understand tonight's jv football game has been canceled because of these allegations. >> reporter: tonight's game against. -- deer valley was called off because these football players were suspended. according to the principle there is cellphone video
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showing these jv football players sexually harassing a group of girls at antioch high school, even threatening them with violence. a short time ago we spoke with a young woman who was there during this heated exchange. >> the jv players started shouting rude stuff at us and calling my friend names that schneiderman said. and then my friend asked what was the problem. they did not say anything. they kept saying if she walked over there she was getting slapped and hit. >> reporter: this exchange took place monday afternoon outside the locker room on the campus of antioch high school. she said her friend initially was arguing with her ex- boyfriend, also in x -- a football player. the dispute escalated and that's one other football players got involved and began using bulgur and foul language and making threats toward the girls. the next day the principal salt cellphone video of what happened and decided to suspend those
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football players involved to send a strong message to the school community that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. >> you expect the student athletes to conduct themselves with good character as representatives of your school community. some of the vulgar statements and comments made to their classmates, female students, were so rude and disgusting and profane that i was appalled by their behavior. >> things should not just be okay, demeaning someone and calling someone horrendous names and then threatened to beat somebody because they were broken up. >> reporter: last week the entire school, including those suspended football players attended an assembly on campus called, consent is everything. it was focused on sexual assault and sexual harassment.
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the junior varsity football game that was to be played against deer valley high school tonight has been canceled. the varsity foot will game will go on as scheduled tomorrow night. the principal tells me that some of the varsity football players actually reached out to the girls who were harassed and apologize to them. san francisco police are investigating an accident in golden gate park. two vehicles collided around 7:30 pm. fire crews say it was a difficult rescue because the cars were so damaged. emergency crews called for the jaws of life. the chief said firefighters needed two hours to get one person out of the wreckage. >> very difficult extrication. we did recently get some new tools that were helpful but it was complicated. it's more of a challenge the way these new cars are built. the frames and so forth. even with new equipment it took a while.
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>> the chief said the chief of paramedics was on the scene while crews worked to remove the driver from one car. at last check two victims were in critical condition. a third is in stable condition. a trial is underway for jose ines garcia-zarate , the man charged with the murder of kate steinle. the jury is expected to hear testimony from a u.s. bureau of land management ranger. the gun used was stolen from his car four days before the shooting. prosecutors say garcia-zarate through the gun into the water and it was recovered by the police dive team. >> evidence comes in with every witness. and everything is going as expected. these witnesses paint a picture of what the evidence is in this case. >> we think fundamentally that the physical evidence favors our position. no matter what any of these witnesses say, at the end of the day, this is a ricochet.
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that bullet struck a place where it was pointed at. >> the defense is not disputing that garcia-zarate was holding the gun. they say the shooting was an accident. the bullet that killed kate steinle first hit the ground, ricocheted and hit her in the back. a number of departments are searching for two men. they say they are part of a larger crime ring. >> azenith smith said the suspects are linked to home invasion robberies, sexual assaults in one murder. >> i've never seen anything like it. i've never seen police action like this before. >> reporter:'s homeowner was surprised to see fremont police warm this townhouse in what neighbors described as a quiet, gated community. police say the home was operating as a brothel unbeknownst to neighbors. on september 28, police said five men robbed three women at gunpoint and sexually assaulted them. >> that is a shock to me.
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never in my wildest dreams what i have thought something like that was going on here. >> what they did to the victims is unspeakable. there's a difference between robbing somebody and then what they did. what they did was extremely over the line. >> reporter: police said they learned the suspects were connected to other crimes. later that night the men were linked to a murder in north san jose where a man was shot and killed eddie high and apartment complex surveillance cameras connected them to violent robberies and sexual assaults on murphy ranch road in milpitas and mcclellan drive in south san francisco. all four locations are believed to be part of a statewide broth or ring. >> in a 24 hour period where these crimes occurred. really violent and a brazen act. >> reporter: police say and all the attacked half a dozen young women, victims of human trafficking. >> that's the thing with these brothels. they can pop up anywhere. it's on people who constantly see foot traffic to call.
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>> reporter: police identified and arrested three yan, lin tao and panpan haung. they were arrested at their homes in southern california. they are looking for these two men described to be chinese. one in his late 20s and another in his late 30s. they're hoping to get as many eyes on them as possible and hope to take these criminals off the street. now to the latest on the recovery efforts following the wildfires. the mayors of napa, youngsville, st. helena, calistoga and american canyon are aboard the napa valley wine train to encourage tourist to return to the area. this is part of a push to promote the reopening of businesses following the fires. >> the message is that it is business as usual even though it may be unusual. we are ready and there's no reason why anyone should be canceling plans. >> this morning, jerry hansen
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gill from the napa county chamber of commerce emphasized most of napa valley was not damaged. four wineries have reported they are still closed because of damage. the process of rebuilding and recovery continues. with thousands of homes destroyed, the red cross said there is a great need for housing. >> or than 100 still remain in shelters. leigh martinez joining us this afternoon from the sonoma county fairgrounds with more. >> reporter: the sonoma county fairgrounds is still being used as a shelter run by the red cross. we've seen some extraordinary measures taken by volunteers not only here but also at a church in rohnert park that are doing their part to help fire victims. every person has a different story as to what happened to them, and how they are impacted by these fires. and it looks like the need will be here for many months to come.
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while much media focus was on fires burning in napa and sonoma county, further north, dena and her family were running for their lives in clearlake. on october 10, fire destroyed their apartment. smith set her family evacuated to a casino but lack of resources forced them to relocate to the sonoma county fairgrounds. they left everything behind. her son, who has asperger's, high functioning form of autism, had trouble coping with the loss of his stuffed animals. >> he was really attached to it . we lost in the fire. we were able -- we got together and we wrote down everything he wanted to say and we gave a funeral for his stuffed animal. he is now sleeping at night. he cannot go to sleep without the animal. >> her husband is a disabled
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veteran issuer is how she will care for her family if the shelter closes. >> it does frighten me because the american red cross will close down at any given time. we were in a meeting where they told us, we will give you 24 hour notice. i have no idea what i would do with my family. i don't know what to do with my kids. i'm so uncertain about tomorrow that i've been trying to focus on today. today, right now is all i have. >> reporter: the red cross staff say they cannot say how long the shelter will remain open. >> each day we are looking at it and evaluating what we need to do. our goal is not to put people who were were not understood before on the street after. we are not giving a definitive date. it's an impossible thing to do. >> reporter: in rohnert park the first spanish baptist church is cooking three meals a day every day for 30 days for
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those affected by the fires. >> if we can help you by feeding your breakfast, lunch and dinner, your average grocery bill should be zero. and you can use those resources, which could up to 600 or $700 in a 30 day period, for other things you need like rent or maybe a down payment for a car. >> reporter: the volunteers are also fire victims. they say now is the time to come together and be there for one another. >> reporter: you were looking at a live picture of the water bottle donations that have come into the red cross. they have these trucks of the go around to different neighborhoods commit reaching out to people that are still camped out on their properties and offering them what they have from the trucks in terms of bottled water, food and blankets. the main thing that the red cross and the first spanish baptist church want to get across is that they need monetary donations. the red cross said they know that's not what many people want to hear. they want to give something physical like water containers.
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they say it comes down to monetary donations. they need to look at the long- term help they need to give people. if anyone wants to help, that is what they need. donate money. >> and they can do so much more with $20 that i would take to the grocery store. they can stretch it out. thank you. another hospital evacuated and forced to close during the fire is now open. kaiser permanente santa rosa medical center reopened yesterday afternoon. we were there at the hospital october 9 when patients were placed into emergency vehicles and taken away as the tubbs fire was burning nearby. the hospital had to undergo a thorough cleaning and pass inspections by state health officials to reopen. kaiser reopened its adjacent
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medical buildings two days ago. president trump calls it one of his top priorities and he officially declared opioid abuse a national emergency a few minutes ago. we will explain how that declaration translates into action. slightly cooler weather around the bay area but still pretty sunny and warm. meteorologist steve paulson is here with details. more inspections and possible interviews. new security measures in place for air travelers heading into the united states. n:3:3:3
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heightened security measures in effect for all international travelers to the u.s. >> the rules will affect 2100 flights a day down for airports in the u.s. including sfo. grey paw court x planes what to effect. >> reporter: if you're heading home after a vacation overseas don't forget to pack your patience. all travelers heading to the u.s. will face heightened security measures including questions about what they are carrying the purpose of their travel. the protocols include detailed inspection of electronic devices and possible security interviews by airline employees. >> i was surprised. i did not expect this. it's preparing us for the security we will face over there. >> reporter: this comes after 120 day deadline for airlines to meet new security regulations. not every airline is enforcing the rules in the same way. critics say at many airports the security is not tight enough.
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>> for the u.s., yes, it's the first time but when we arrived in israel the questioning was stronger and more comprehensive. >> reporter: lines that most airports were long on thursday. opinions split among american citizens heading home. some say the measures go too far while others say they are willing to be inconvenienced if it keeps them safe. >> it's a little inconvenient. i just want to get my ticket and go inside. i don't want to wait on people to interview me. >> i'm okay with it. the united states security. we need heightened security. i'm all for it. >> reporter: tsa said these regulations should impact 2100 flights a day and they're looking at ways to streamline the process. a few minutes ago president trump declared that opioid abuse is a national public health emergency. the declaration will help waive
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restrictions and provide medical personnel to areas hardest hit by the epidemic. it will also provide special training. those who prescribe will also receive new training. government officials say opioids are responsible for killing tens of thousands every year. >> effective today, my administration is officially declaring the opioid crisis a national, public health emergency. i am directing all executive agencies to use every appropriate emergency authority to fight the opioid crisis. >> the declaration also suggests the fda request that a specific, high risk appeared be eliminated from the market or limit -- immediately. it calls on the u.s. postal service and homeland security to restrict the flow of strong, synthetic opioid like fentanyl from entering the country. weather is cool for many of us today. will that trend continue? >> ever so slowly.
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we are trying. we are getting there but the fog has not made an appearance tomorrow. maybe tomorrow. we are running a few degrees cooler. i do think that things are settling in. 79 in the city. much warmer than berkeley and oakland. there is a slight offshore breeze with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. let's look at the bay. richmond, 77. oakland, 77. san francisco, 77. alameda, 75. it still pretty warm. montero, 76. moss beach and half moon bay have yet to reach 70. there are some cooler readings. down toward santa cruz, they tied a record high yesterday of 94, it does not look like they will get there today but it's still warm. very nice on the coast. if it's warm in the west it must be cool somewhere else. look at that.
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parts of the intermountain region to the canadian border, as system is producing snow around north dakota. it's going to change over the next 7-10 days. the system will give unseasonably cool weather down into the deep south. the fog is on the north coast and it's making progress. it's not here yet because the airflow is still offshore. we needed to come onshore. half moon bay has a south breeze. things are slowly turning but maybe not fast enough for son. in san francisco there is an east wind. that has yet to turn around to an onshore breeze. in southern california, they continue to bake. los angeles, 88. palm springs, 93. temperatures are much above average. in the desert southwest, the warmest temperatures continue to be in california and along the coast. monterey, 82.
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san diego, 87. truckee, 59. sacramento, 78. quieter conditions in the hawaiian islands. there is still a few showers but that was an unseasonably strong system for them. our high pressure system is slowly weakening. our change is taking place but not rapidly. a weak system is dropping down and that's helping to knocked down the high a little bit. some of that fog has returned to the north coast and the mendocino co. i think that will play into our forecast a little more tomorrow. sunny and warm again. temperatures continue to be above average. by saturday and sunday temperatures will start to drop and then they will really tumble as we head into sunday and monday. by november there will be a major pattern change. rain and much cooler temperatures. if you like sunshine and warm temperatures, this is as good as i could do for this time of year. we topped out on tuesday but it
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has been record city the last couple of days from north to south. changes are slowly happening. i think they will get here over the weekend. >> a new month, a new pattern. coming up, some republicans considering a plan to raise tax revenue. how that could affect your 401(k).
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a few hours ago the house of representatives voted to pass a budget deal that paves the way for tax reform later this year. president trump had been calling for republican unity on the legislation. the vote was expected to be close. to 16-212. 20 republicans joined democrats in voting no on the budget. the but it includes rules that would allow the senate to pass tax reform with a simple majority. president trump is said there will be no change your 401(k) deductions under his new plan but republicans are considering lowering the on contributions. the maximum pretax contribution is $18,000 a year. republicans are discussing capping his contributions at $2400 a year. that lowers the amount that could raise tax revenue to offset the tax cuts in the plan. stocks are higher with the approval of the budget. the dow jones is in the green, up 83 points.
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the s&p 500 is also up. the nasdaq is down 5. there is another speed bump for bart's multibillion-dollar fleet of cars. instead of getting 60 cars as originally promised come up bart says it's expecting 20 by the end of the year. 2 investigates reports look into the trouble company and found there may have been some warning signs. >> reporter: bart spent billions of dollars on these new trains. where does the order stand? >> it's been delayed. by the end of the year we were supposed to get 60 cars. then we got 35 and this week they said were going to get 20. these are red flags we wanted to look into. >> are there protections are price discounts built-in? >> right now we are buying the cars at a fixed price. it's not like the price goes up for bombardier if they are late. we pay the supplier as we get the cars. the bigger issue is we need the cars. these breakdowns will continue and will get more serious until
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the fleet is replaced. >> reporter: even though bart is not paying more, we are all paying in the former breakdowns and delays and frustrations. >> exactly. time is money for people who depend on bart to get to work. even if you don't write, it still affects you. if bart is congested you take the roads. >> reporter: did you find anything that surprised you in your investigation? >> reporter: the most surprising thing was that art has its hands tied when things go wrong with the supplier. they need the cars. could you start all over again, go with someone else? he said they are to along. this too much money at stake to start all over. they have their hands tied. >> part is behind because the new cars are not being delivered. you got answers from garcia- zarate not on this. >> that was a difficult interview to get. they are in canada. we had to partner with other media groups in new york and canada. bombardier sat down with us and answered questions we had.
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we asked with all the issues going on around the room, why would any city work with you? we got those kinds of answers. >> other questions about whether bart did its own due diligence in choosing bombardier ? >> that's an answer we want a question from the beginning. in 2012 when bart sign the contract there were problems with the supplier around the world. he did not know why they signed that contract with known problems. we asked those questions to bart and bombardier . we will have those answers in the report. a warning for dog owners in san francisco after a maltese is snatched by a coyote as his owner was heading out on a walk. the 49ers are teaming up with law enforcement agencies across the state as they pledge to reduce gun violence.
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a short time ago the 49ers and several local police unions announce an effort to foster better relations within communities while reducing gun violence. >> the campaign calls for the call --. jesse gary is live at levi's stadium as the announcement was wrapping up. >> reporter: good afternoon.
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it's literally just wrapped up. the 49ers president and members from various police officers association's just finished a ceremony, signing the pledge. you can see that people are still here. that pledges to help pass meaningful gun control legislation in the form of u.s. house resolution 3999. the bill would ban the sale of so-called bump stocks. let's look at the video. accused gunman stephen paddock allegedly used several weapons with augmented so-called bump stocks in the las vegas shooting in murders october 1. the device allows a semiautomatic rifle to fire like an automatic, increasing the number of rounds that can be shot at a target. he allegedly killed 58 and hundreds were wounded. in response to the use of the bump stock and the bigger shooting, there is a national movement to have those devices
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banned. today the 49ers added their image and money to the mix putting up a half-million dollars as seed money for a public service announcement campaign that will start in the bay area and hopefully spread to other cities. >> i think we live in a society of heightened tension and awareness. when you look at a horrific event that happened in las vegas, something that could have been significantly less terrific if something like bump stocks were not available to people to purchase. citizens would be safer. police officers would be safer. and, again, no one here is saying -- i'm not saying we are against the second amendment. the police officers are not saying that. we're saying let's look at commonsense reform to make sure that our communities are a safer place. >> officers across the country have felt unfairly disparaged by what place -- took place and
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what is taking place in some stadiums. summer upset. summer angry and some are offended. i know that's true for many san jose cops. upset feelings do not improve conditions for those of us who respond to calls for service. to the contrary, we cannot dwell on what upsets us. our responsibility to our communities and our fellow officers is too great to sacrifice because of hard feelings. we need to move the ball forward. >> reporter: that was paul kelly, president of the san jose police officers association. he was referencing the protests that happen at the start of the national anthem at nfl games across the country. he is saying the police officers will not mix the two and allow their hurt feelings over that to impede them from supporting meaningful gun control reform measures coming out of congress. we talked about the seed money
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from the 49ers. $500,000. it's not clear when the ad campaigns will start but they will start in the bay area and they hope to spread these across the country and use the platform of nfl sunday as a way to get those out to people so folks see there are sides to everything. even police officers are in support of getting rid of these bump stocks. the number of off-duty california police officers who rushed to help others during the biggest shootings have filed a workers compensation claims but it's not clear if they will be able to collect. more than 200 california's were at the october concert when the shooting started. some officers were shot as they help to secure the area, some performed cpr and got people to safety. california's labor code said public agencies must pay benefits when off-duty officers try to save the lives or property in california but does
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not mention out-of-state activities. in san ramon an investigation is focusing on an eight-year-old boy who took a loaded gun to school. this happened tuesday at twin creeks elementary school. the gun was in his backpack and he showed the gun to other students who then told their parents. the parents notified school officials. the police went to the little boy's home and found the loaded gun. >> a kid does not know how to handle a gun or understand the damage it can do. i would not say that it's the kids fault. a third grader just does not have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of handling a gun or taking a gun to school. it's the parents. >> the district sent a letter home saying the student will face appropriate disciplinary action and it goes on to say that the safety of the student, staff and families is a top priority. police have not said how the boy got the gun or if charges will be filed. a social studies teacher piedmont high school return to class after being put on
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administrative leave for three weeks. mark howard is a part -- is accused of inappropriate behavior. recent graduates filed a complaint against him, accusing him of inappropriately touching female students and improper text. a meeting was held last night at city hall where parents blasted the school district for allowing the teacher to resume teaching. >> and who asked students if he would sleep with them as he doled out their grades and recommendations and chaperoned some away from home. he is not a hero. not a champion. >> what i can say very clearly is that there is no evidence of sexual abuse or of sexual misconduct. there is no crime. i want to be very clear about that. the police close their investigation. there was no crime reported. >> the district calls the issue a personnel matter and that the teacher was given strict guidelines to curtail his behavior. the district says it cannot reveal much more citing california privacy laws. on a creek police are asking for help in identifying a jewel thief caught on camera. the pictures are clear.
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investigators released this video. this man asked to see the diamond and then takes off with the diamond. jewelers on north california boulevard on october 12. the men came into the store and asked to see the diamond. when he got it he stood up and ran away and drove away with a woman in a green saturn. if anyone has information about this crime, please call walnut creek please pick in a bernal heights neighborhood people say they want something done about an airbnb rental they say is a magnet for violence. last night neighbors gathered for a meeting and said they were upset about a shootout earlier this month. investigators say they believe several gang members at the party had guns. two people were wounded. the property is not registered with the city making it an illegal short-term rental.
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>> i'm hopeful this exchange of information will empower people that were the victims of this situation and also restore hope that this will never happen again and faith that when a complaint happens that we would be swift and decisive and take action when there is wrong. >> airbnb and vrbo said the unit has been taken off the websites. police are issuing a safety warning to people who walk their dogs at late merced a white maltese dog was grabbed by a coyote yesterday morning. the owner parked the car and let her dogs out of the vehicle. the dogs were near a walking trail when a coyote went up to one of the dogs and took it into the bushes. the dog was not on the lease at the time. >> the owner described her dog as being about 10 pounds and she described the coyote to be about 50-60 pounds, the size of a german shepherd. >> a spokeswoman with project coyote said coyotes are common
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in urban areas that could prey on cats and dogs left unattended by their owners. it's been 50 years since president kennedy was shot and killed. today, once classified records are set to be released by the national archives. slightly cooler weather around the bay area. we will see what to expect as we inch closer to the weekend. he's brought us to the brink of nuclear war.
12:41 pm
obstructed justice at the fbi. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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many people today are awaiting the release of documents related to president kennedy's assassination. the national archives is said to disclose 3100 previously classified documents. >> carolyn shively examines whether these files into the question on many minds. did the gunman, lee harvey oswald, act alone or was there a conspiracy? >> it began on that bright november day in dallas. >> reporter: president john f kennedy's assassination in dallas on november 22, 1963, gave birth to decades of competing theories and mountains of government paperwork. i think the evidence is pretty clear that oswald was the only shooter. what i don't eliminate is the possibility he was encouraged to do it, was aided to do it or at least that he told other people he was going to do it. >> reporter: over the years, some files have been made public. seeking to settle the matter once and for all, congress passed a law 25 years ago mandating that the government release all its documents by today. >> the government was forced to
12:44 pm
do it in 1992. what? because oliver stone, his film, jfk, was a giant box office hit and stone proposed all kinds of wild conspiracy theories. >> reporter: many hope the documents and conspiracy theories but the murder was organized by the mafia, cuba or a secret faction of rogue agents. but not everyone may be convinced. >> the bullet hit him in the back of the head and flew out the side of the upper right portion of his skull. if it had been a bullet from oswald and hit him in the same place it would've exited the front, left side of his face. >> reporter: it may take time to pour over the files. the release includes thousands of documents never before seen by the public. companies vying for the
12:45 pm
contract about president trump's of boarder wall must complete their prototypes by today. there are eight prototypes. half are made of solid concrete and the others are made of a combination of steel and other materials. they are between 18 and 30 feet high for the area near the mexican border. president trump says he is pleased with what he has seen of the prototype so far. testing will begin to determine which wall would be most effective all along the border. the administration has asked congress for $1.6 billion in financing to start the project but has not been approved. >> i think our heater clicked on for the first time last weekend. then we had to go back to the garage to get the fan to put in the bedroom because now we are back up to extreme heat. >> don't let the heater get on the dust. next week you will need it again. we will switch gears with a different pattern in november. it is a very slow process to try to cool down. some areas are a little cooler but we are still above average. it's clear unless you are on parts of the mendocino coast. for some it's not sunny.
12:46 pm
there will be a fog pattern once we get the wind flow to turn around. sunny for all. a little cooler for some. i think some patchy fog makes it tomorrow and then it will fly in over the weekend as the pattern begins to break down. vacaville, northeast wind. fairfield, northeast. there is still an offshore breeze at the surface and at higher elevations. even at the berkeley lab, that is in east wind and 81 degrees. a few locations have a puff from the west but it's mainly north and northeast. temperatures are quite warm for many. american canyon, 82. mill valley, 84. bodega bay, 63. we are beginning to see some changes near the coast. berkeley, 73. concord, 82. on the coast and bay it's been
12:47 pm
a warm pattern. 80 in the san francisco. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. fog is inching down the coast and getting a little closer. is not here yet but i think it makes an appearance tomorrow. southern california continues to be very hot. 88 in los angeles. they've had three days in a row of 100 or higher. 64, truckee. 82, monterey. 52 in arcadia. fort bragg, some of that fog has come back to the coast. it's very close to the sonoma coast may be late tonight but more likely tomorrow. we need the wind to turn more onshore. today, sunshine and warm temperatures for many. 60s and 70s. slow cooling will turn into rapid cooling by sunday and monday. today it's about sunshine.
12:48 pm
cooler for some with lighter winds. 70s and 80s, upper 80s to near 90 for one more day. the fog will make it on the mendocino coast and that is a sign of things to come. it will get here if not friday, over the weekend. halloween looks fine. after that get ready for changes. erase is returning. organizer say next year the city will host the stage for individual time trial. the race begins in long beach and ends 600 miles away in sacramento. the time trial is the only bay area appearance of the tour. game 2 of the world series was a thriller. the astros beat the dodgers and now the series is tied. it was a back-and-forth game that went into extra innings. both teams combined to hit eight home runs. five in extra innings.
12:49 pm
that is a world series record. one of the biggest was a two- run shot by george springer giving houston the lead. the dodgers came back and scored on a home run by charlie culberson in the bottom of the inning but yasiel puig struck out . the world series moves to houston where they will play game 3. joe girardi out as the yankees manager after 10 seasons. you just finished the final year of his deal worth $60 million. in his years he lost a world series comment made the playoffs six times. the yankees were one game away from returning to the fall classic this season after losing to the astros in game seven of the american league championship series. steff curry and kevin durant proved to be too much at the warriors beat the raptors. >> they have started their first three games -- k.d. , beautifully thrown by steff curry.
12:50 pm
>> steph curry scored 30 but the raptor stuck around for most of the game. toronto had the lead with a minute left until kevin durant drove the ball up the court and nailed the 3. the warriors got the ball back with 30 seconds on the clock. >> k.d. trying to get a rhythm. kevin to steph curry for 3! >> steph curry hits the dagger with 31 seconds to go before the end of the game. in the final seconds kyle lowry drives down the lane but klay thompson comes up with the clutch block. the warriors win and will host the wizards tomorrow night. klay thompson scored 22 which means $22,000 for fire victims. during this homestand, thompson has pledged to donate $1000 for every point he scores to fire relief efforts to sonoma and napa county. fans can join the points with purpose fundraiser. people can pledge any amount for every point thompson scores
12:51 pm
over the next couple of games. the goal is $250,000. a group of college basketball players raising money to help victims of the fires. saint marys played an exhibition game against fresno state. these photos were posted on the athletic department website. saint marys is ranked 22nd international preseason poll. the only number that matters to them was the $6400 that was raised for the fire relief fund. there's a campaign to make this year's halloween a special one for children who lost everything in the fires. >> what do you like about halloween? >> you give out candy. >> in the past week santa rosa police collected thousands of donated costumes. the fiancie of a police officer mentioned the need on facebook and people started leaving costumes on the porch. down nations -- donations are now filling the station. families say celebrating halloween and trying to move on with their daily lives is a big step to getting back to a sense of normalcy.
12:52 pm
>> party city sent us, i think it was about 500 or more. 35 boxes showed up of costumes. all different sizes. anything and he could once, i guarantee we have it. >> family say celebrating halloween and moving on is an important step for these children. former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick is getting a special invite to attend next week's league meeting. we will tell you what nfl officials want to talk to him about. n:3:3:3
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strictly report shows the san francisco is in the bottom 4% of state schools when it comes to helping low income african- american students. >> today we will speak with a lawmaker about a study that may expose the reality playing out and san francisco's public schools. that is today on the 4 on 2. a few minutes from the closing bell. the dow jones is up 93 points. tech companies and banks advancing today. the s&p 500 is a few points of. george clooney is putting his money where his mouth is in the fight against were crowns. he announced a 1 million donation to an organization called sentry which he cofounded.
12:56 pm
his grant along with others including one from don cheadle total $3.4 million for a fundraising campaign. colin kaepernick could possibly attend the next nfl meeting to discuss social injustice. he did not take part in last week's meetings in new york but the leak said he is expected to be invited to the next round of talks which will likely take place next week. a spokesperson said the league looks forward to colin kaepernick join the conversation but there is no confirmation on whether or not he will attend. a football team in oakland tech had a special player show up this week. raider star marshawn lynch. he is serving a one game suspension. he surprised players at his former high school. at one point it took nearly half the defense to tackle him. he has returned to oakland tech often to host football clinics and visit with the team. the bulldogs are 5-1 this season. >> i love that he shows up and
12:57 pm
gives a speech. he puts the helmet on. he straps on the helmet. good for you. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always here for you at social -- follow us on social media. our next newscast is the 4 on 2.
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dr. oz: start packing on the pounds. are these new zero calorie foods crashing your diet, causing more harm than good? then, hundreds of passengers on major cruise lines have mist tearsly disappeared. >> there was blood inside my brother's cabin. dr. oz: families demand answers. plus, see what dolly parton is finally revealing. >> oh, good lord! dr. oz: coming up next. foo are you ready to save some lives today? audience: yes! >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause] dr. oz: today,


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