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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 27, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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homes in the wildfires. they are now struggling to find a new place to live. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday. i'm pam cook. i'm looking forward to turning off the alarm clock. i'm dave clark. steve paulson is right over here. he wants to do that as well. >> i think we all do. >> it's been a long few weeks. the fire in the news. >> it's time for a change weather-wise. it's been brutal for many. if you like sunshine and warm weather, i will give you one more day. unless you're by the coast. some fog has come back. it will only impact areas near the coast because there is no breeze and it still slightly off shore. that will change over the
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weekend. we do not have that westerly breeze although the fog is coming back. 48, half moon bay. high pressure continues. as we head into the weekend the low clouds will be increasing and temperatures will begin to ease off a little bit. it will be warm inland again today. happy friday. there's not a lot going on. we do have debris that could be blocking lanes at the altamont pass. westbound 580 traffic will be moving along okay but there is some slowing at the altamont pass. 580 near 205 near grant line road. some jury -- some debris is reported. no problems in livermore, pleasanton and castro valley. this is a look at 880 in
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oakland. at the bay bridge toll plaza, mostly light traffic getting onto the bridge. increased security is expected that milpitas high school as well as counseling for students and staff after a student brought a gun to school yesterday. azenith smith said there's been two other reports this week of similar incidents. >> reporter: police on campus. it's something no parent wants to see. you send them to school thinking they're safe and next thing you know your kids are texting you that the school is on lockdown. >> reporter: she is breathing a sigh of relief. her daughter is a freshman and was told by teachers to shelter inside around noon after a resource officer called police reporting a student had a gun. >> i was really scared. he could've shot anyone. >> reporter: skyfox was overhead shortly after.
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nearby paul wright elementary in russell middle school it was placed on lockdown. >> officers went into the bathroom. they found the student. he did have a handgun. he was taken into custody. he was cooperative and did not resist arrest. >> reporter: this is the third time this week a student was caught with a handgun. on tuesday and eight-year-old brought a loaded gun showing it to other students at twin creeks elementary. his father is now under arrest facing several charges. at milpitas high, police were not say how the teenager got the gun nor his intention. some students said they want schools to be more involved. >> someone who was afraid to go to school that they would have to bring a gun, that's what worries me the most. >> someone brought a weapon to school and he could potentially hurt someone. >> reporter: for this parent the incident trigger fear and anxiety.
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she plans to talk to her daughter about guns. the conversation she did not think she would have to have at this age. >> it's not a toy. it's not something you show off at school. you see all these things happening in the world and, come on. during the night, an incident reported in san leandro. someone was arrested, accused of impersonating a police officer. the reported victim said he was driving your bancroft in one 36th avenue when he was pulled over by someone in an official looking car. it was a silver ford crown victoria. a car that's been used in the past by law enforcement. the victim said he heard a siren and stopped. the victim said the suspect wore a hooded sweatshirt and pulled the hood over his head to hide his identity. the victim realized the suspect was not a cop. he then drove away. the suspect fled the scene but the victim gave authorities a detailed description of the car.
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authorities later stopped the car on an unrelated traffic violation. the driver was arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer. a second adult in the car was arrested on charges of delinquency of a minor. two young people were detained as well. turning to the kate steinle murder case.the trial of jose ines garcia-zarate is off today and will resume on monday. on the witness stand yesterday was john which house key. the bureau of land management ranger whose gun was used to kill kate steinle in 2015. he testified he left his gun inside a backpack under the front seat of his suv while he went to dinner in san francisco. he said the gun was stolen and then used to kill kate steinle a week later. the storage of the gun complied to the bureau of land management's policies at the time. the defense asked him if he felt responsible for the death. that question was stricken from the record.
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>> there is no question that he acted negligently and he triggered a course of events that led to the death of kate steinle. i am not suggesting that he has criminal liability. >> i think the evidence speaks loudest and the jury will lie on that evidence when they reach a determination at the conclusion of this case. >> legal analyst say this case will come down to whether or not the jury believes garcia- zarate intentionally pull the trigger. new information about a piedmont high school teacher discipline for inappropriate behavior toward female students. the teacher, mauk -- mark coward has been placed on leave for his second time. this after wednesday night school board meeting were dozens of parents demanded that officials take more action. last month mark cowherd spent three weeks on administrative leave before he was allowed back into the classroom. the superintendent said no decision has been made yet on how long cowherd 's second
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leave will last. last night's junior varsity high school football game between antioch high in deer valley was canceled. six players at antioch high have been suspended after being accused of sexually harassing several girls outside the team's locker room. school administrator say the boys made comments that were crude, vulgar and threatening. we spoke with a female student who said one of her friends broke up with one of the football players and that led to the behavior. >> and then the jv players started shouting rid stuff at us and calling my friend names that should not have been said. and then my friend asked what was the problem? they did not say anything. then they kept saying if she walked over there she was getting slapped or hit. >> antioch high decided to cancel last night's came to send a message to its students. the incident happened it days after an assembly to talk about
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sexual harassment. cal fire expects to have the four major wildfires in the wine country contained by tonight. for 2.5 weeks, fire crews have been working to get to this point. the reports show the atlas fire is already 98% contained. the three other fires are about 95% contained. officials won the fires could reignite if there's a change in the weather. with so many people who lost their homes in the north bay fires needing temporary shelter, a village is going up in santa rosa. it's called the oasis village. it's being built out of shipping containers used as housing during the burning man festival. each container is divided into three rooms. it can sleep four people. they have a refrigerator, shelving and air conditioning and heat. the property owner is donating the space. there will be dining and
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communal areas for the new residents as well. >> some will really like it. with the tragedy that happened, many people really want to be around other people. have for people to talk to and hang out with. >> we need to sleep -- think outside the box. we don't have a lot of options. >> the 75 spots at oasis village have been take it. across from the containers is a lot available to people who have rv. this is a volunteer effort. they're looking for donations to buy bedding, towels, food and furnishings and for volunteers willing to help set up the village. a petaluma company called little house on the trailer that sells tiny houses has been getting a lot of calls from people looking for temporary housing while they rebuild. tiny homes are portable, mounted on trailers and are usually a few hundred square feet in size.
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one local contractor whose home survived the fires said he will offer a tiny home that he built to a family who needs it. at 10 am tickets go on sale for a star-studded concert to raise money for victims of the wildfires. the event features big-name musical acts including heavy metal band, metallic up, dave matthews will be there. the concert will be held november 9 at at&t park. tickets range from $50 up to $200. the proceeds will go to the fire victims. go to the web links section of our site, we have a link posted. that's going to be a nice show. still ahead come an armed robbery at a pharmacy. where it happened and what the golden -- what the gunman stole and the video that could help tracking down. an incredible rescue in the middle of the pacific ocean. how two women and their dogs lost at sea were months rescued
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by the u.s. navy. anywhere you roam in san francisco it's going to be looking like this. and nothing else matters, steve. >> a few things matter, weather- wise. san jose yesterday had a record high. it will be warm away from the coast but there is fog near the coast.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. defense secretary james
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mattis is in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea. this is his first visit. he told the south korean defense minister that diplomacy is the best answer to the tensions with north korea and said the u.s. does not want to go to war. he pledged to continue the strong alliance between south korea and the united states to keep peace and stability on the korean peninsula. russian president vladimir putin directed the testfiring of four nuclear capable ballistic missiles as part of a training exercise. russian government spokesman said the training exercise was routine testing of russia's strategic nuclear arsenal. this is video from twitter. three ballistic missiles were fired from nuclear submarines, one from a launch pad in the northwest part of russia. the russian defense ministry said the practice targets were successfully destroyed.
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last night a trump administration released thousands of previously classified documents related to the assassination of president john f. kennedy. those papers were posted online by the national archives to comply with the 1992 law that required the release after 25 years. president trump is delaying the release of hundreds of those documents because of national security concerns. >> reporter: while the national archives documents released thursday night likely will not give exact answers on what happened november 22, 1963, they do contain a trove of memos and government reports about the jfk murder investigation. many written for other government officials. while there is yet to be a bombshell revelation, there are small nuggets that will prove interesting. one memo shows the fbi received a threat on shooter lee harvey oswald's life the night before
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he was killed while in police custody. the documents could also support or disprove the theory that oswald was working for the government. plus, did kennedy's vice president and success for have a part in the exact -- the assassination? want to position from 1975 alleges johnson told others the murder was retaliation for kennedy's role in the death of the vietnam president. more information is expected in the coming days at the documents are combed over and analyzed. there are thousands more files that have been withheld per recommendations from the fbi and cia. >> in some cases it's the name of informants, most of whom, i bet, long dead. tv some of their family members are still living but it's a stretch to say that would be implications. >> reporter: trump has ordered rhe reviews of those portions and is expected to released most of the remaining documents in the spring of next year. there's also plenty of non-jfk information in the release
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liquid report indicating the cia attempted to hire mobsters to kill cuban leader fidel castro. the department of homeland security is moving ahead with testing several prototypes of a wall to be built along the border with mexico. there are now eight prototypes in southern california near san diego. the testing will take place over the next couple of months to determine which works best to curb the illegal immigration and drug trafficking. there are still several hurdles. congress has not passed a bill to provide the $10 billion needed to build the wall. most of the land the wall would go through in texas is privately owned. the u.s. navy rescue two women and their dogs, stranded in the pacific ocean for months. the women were trying to sail from hawaii to tahiti. they lost their engine in bad weather in late may but thought
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they could still sail to their destination. about two months later they started sending daily distress calls but no one answered. luckily they prepared for a long trip. they had water purifiers on board and more than a year's worth of food. mostly dry goods. taiwanese fishing boat spotted them 900 miles south of japan and alerted the coast guard. the uss ashland picks them up on wednesday. >> there is a book there somewhere. >> or a movie. sal is right over there. is everyone behaving on the roads? i saw a lot of cars this morning. i hope that we have a lighter commute on a friday. >> sometimes people leave earlier. then they can leave earlier.
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>> very good. i got to work five minutes early. i am leaving five minutes early. [ laughter ] good morning. let's take a look at what we have. i will start with the gilroy commute. northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose. traffic is moving along okay. no major issues. there is roadwork and some of these areas but it's not causing traffic jams. on fridays, the volume is usually a little lighter. we are hoping for that. here's a live look at northbound 280 up to highway 17. no issues on 80 westbound for vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. there we are. good morning. yesterday was another record- setting day for a few. san jose was in there again. june, july, and august, they are usually warm. they were also warm yesterday. 91 degrees. that broke the old mark of 89.
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either congratulations or another one? the fog has come very shallow but it will only make an impact on the coast. it will be the weekend before things start to turn. the airflow is still off shore in some places. it has not turned yet. eventually it will but probably not today. another warm day is expected away from the coast. fairfield, 49. half moon bay, 48. fog up and down the coast. the west coast ridge controls are pattern until november. event things will change. until then it's a slow process. the fog will fill in on the coast. highway 1 would be the main impact or right on the water's edge. cooler on the coast but 80s for those not far away. a cooling trend will kick in over the weekend. really on sunday into monday. 60s and 70s near the water. 80s and upper 80s, maybe a 90.
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as we go into the weekend and early next week, cooler weather will get us to near normal temperatures by tuesday. get ready because halloween weekend is here. this is a big party weekend and the rush to find the perfect costume is on in time for those weekend parties. we will tell you what is popular.
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welcome back. twitter is cutting ties
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with two russian media outlets. twitters that it will not do business with russia today or sputnik. twitter said u.s. intelligence investigations show both companies interfered in the presidential election. russian officials say twitter is banning those companies because of pressure from the u.s. government. they say russia will retaliate for that ban. uber is adding a new feature. the company introduced the at a stop feature that allows you to add up to three total stops to your route. uber said riders will be able to make changes to stop it route. the new feature is live on both ios and android. the reports seem to back the theory that many bay area tech workers are moving to seattle.
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the real estate group zillow said home prices in seattle are going up faster than in silicon valley. according to zello, home prices in seattle are off 12.4% compared to a year ago. while home prices in san jose went up 10% over the same period. homes in san francisco are appreciating in value more slowly at 6%. september marked the ninth month in a row where home values grew faster than any other metro region in the country. some of food labels may soon alert parents that introducing peanuts to babies may reduce the risk of developing an allergy. the fda reviewed research on peanut allergies and approved language for certain food manufacturers to use on their labels. a study from the national institutes of health found that babies at risk of developing a food allergy could benefit if they are introduced to peanuts early in life. the fda does not recommend young children consume whole peanuts. 2% of american
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children are allergic to peanuts. walmart took a futuristic approach to make sure their shells are replenished all the time. walmart said it will test shell scanning robots in stores in california, pennsylvania and arkansas. the robots will be roaming the aisles checking for stock levels, pricing and missed placed items. will contact a human employee with that information. walmart is stressing the robots are there to supplement humans, not replace them. the robots will be available and 50 stores nationwide at the end of january. the word is the wine country is open for business. two weeks after the wildfires. we will show you some of the efforts to bring tourists back. a break in the case of a
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bay area musician killed by a stray bullet. the new developments from the fbi. we are off to a good start on westbound 24. it looks good driving over toward oakland. in our weather looks good. some fog has returned to the coast.
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>> this is how we do it on a friday morning. we give you a beauty shot of the bay bridge. perfectly designed by pam cook and the music of thelonious monk to go with it. picked out by pam cook.
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>> that was ken. but i do like a jazzy morning, a jazzy friday. >> that's how we do it. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, october 27. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve. >> there is some fog on the coast. that is some deep jazz right there. we do have fog on the coast and its right there. i don't think it makes a push inland. if it doesn't make him over the golden gate but that's about it. there is still a slight offshore breeze. it's a sign of things to, but this ridge is reluctant to break down. this still a slight northerly breeze up in the hills. i don't think inland areas will get any benefits. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. 48, half moon bay. 50s and 60s for others.


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