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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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by the coast and in parts of the city and over the golden gate, there is some areas of fog that is filling in very shallow. 40s for some. 50s for others. some 60s. a wide range of temperatures on the peninsula. 52, a los altos. 47, half moon bay. the fog is close but has not made it into santa cruz. west at sfo. north at oakland. things are changing a little bit on the coast and bake but inland there is an offshore breeze which means we will be in the upper 80s for some. we will cool off over the weekend. is still pretty quiet. i would not say there's too much to worry about. however there is slowing on the altamont pass. i want to show you what the road sensors show. it is slow before and after the trace triangle onto a five and 580.
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it's not too bad. it's a little better than it normally is. interstate 880 traffic looks pretty good to the bay bridge toll plaza which is getting more and more crowded. usually around 5:30 am is when we see a big crowd. if a lot of cars show up they may turn those metering lights on early. fog on the golden gate bridge as you head south. a scary incident overnight in san leandro. the arrest of a person accused of impersonating a police officer. >> the real police say they victim was stopped by someone driving an official looking car. christien kafton is at police headquarters with details. >> reporter: a chilling story. the victim tells police someone tried to pull him over. something seemed off. that's when the real police got involved and made a pair of
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real arrest in this case. the victim told police he was driving your bancroft and 136 avenue when he was pulled over by someone in an official looking car. a silver ford crown victoria. a similar make and model to many police vehicles. the victim said he heard a siren and stopped. that's when the driver of that car got out and approached his car. >> the victim noticed that the person getting out of the car was wearing a sweatshirt with a hood. the person put the hood up over his head. the victim at that point realized this was not a police officer. fearing for his safety the victim drove away. >> reporter: the suspect tells police, the victim, rather, tells police the suspect took off as well. that's when the victim turned the tables on the suspect, following them to get a license plate. alameda county deputies spotted
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the vehicle and pulled over for an unrelated traffic violation. the police realized this was the fake police car. the driver allegedly was arrested for impersonating an officer. we are hearing the driver was a minor. the second adult in the car was also arrested on contributing to the delinquency of a minor. we understand two other teenagers were in the vehicle as well. they were detained. we are said to speak with san leandro police later this morning to get more details on what to do if you think you are being pulled over by someone who may not be an authentic police officer. we are hoping to have those tips later this morning. >> it's good to keep these in mind. they say don't pull over in a dark, uncrowded area even if the police are following you. they should be understanding. >> reporter: we are hoping to get those tips from police about what you should do. whether you should turn your
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hazard lights on or your dome light or try to drive to a police station or call 911 yourself and ask the dispatcher if someone is trying to pull you over. these are things we've heard but we want to hear from police about what they recommend people should do. security will be tighter on the campus of milpitas high school after a student brought a gun to school yesterday. students and staff are sheltered in place after the report came in. two other nearby schools were also put on lockdown. police found the student who had the gun and he turn it over to police. investigators have not said why the student had begun. no one was hurt but parents and students say just hearing about this was frightening. >> you send them to school thinking they are safe and next thing you know your kid is texting you, mom, school's on lockdown. >> i was scared because he could have shot anyone if he was really mad.
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>> similar incidents occurred or two other bay area school this week. those schools are village high school in pleasanton and san ramon's twin creeks elementary. no one was hurt. the father of the elementary school student is now facing charges of child endangerment. turning to the kate steinle murder case. the trial of jose ines garcia- zarate will resume on monday. on the witness stand yesterday was john woychowski, the bureau of land management ranger , whose gun was used to kill kate steinle. he testified that he left his loaded gun inside a backpack under the front seat of his suv while he went to dinner in san francisco. he said the gun was stolen out of his car. the storage of the gun complied with the bureau of land management policies at the time. the defense asked woychowski if he spot responsible for kate steinle's death but the question was stricken from the record. >> there is no question he
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acted negligently and he triggered a course of events that led to the death of kate steinle. i am not suggesting that he has criminal liability. >> i think the evidence speaks loudest and the jury will rely on that evidence when the reach a determination. >> legal analyst say this case will come down to whether or not the jury believes garcia- zarate intentionally pulled the trigger. new information about a piedmont high school teacher discipline for inappropriate behavior toward female students. the teacher, mark cowherd , reportedly has been placed on leave for a second time. this was after wednesday night's school board meeting where dozens of parents demanded that officials take more action. last month cowherd spent three weeks on administrative leave before he was allowed back into the classroom. piedmont will superintendent says no decision has been made yet on how long cowherd's second leave will last. last night's junior
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varsity football team between antioch high school and deer valley high school was canceled. six of the jv football players at antioch had been suspended after being accused of sexually harassing several girls outside the team's locker room. the school administrators say the boys made comments that were crude, vulgar and threatening. we spoke with a female student who said one of her friends broke up with one of the football players and that led to the abusive behavior. >> and then the jv players started shouting rid stuff at us and calling my friend names. and then my friend asked what was the problem. they did not say anything. then they kept saying if she walked over there she was getting slapped. she would get hit. >> antioch high decided to cancel the game to send a message to newtons. the incident happened days after an assembly to talk about sexual harassment with the
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students. cal fire said he expects to have the north bay wildfires fully contained by tonight. fire crews have been working around the clock for 2.5 weeks. the overnight reports show the atlas fire is already 98% contained. the other fires are about 95% contained. the fires could pick up again if there is a sudden shift in the weather. with so many people who lost homes in the fires needing a place to live, a village is going up in santa rosa. it's called the oasis village. is being built out of shipping containers used as housing during the burning man festival. each container is divided into three rooms that can sleep four people. the property owner who was putting this together is donating the space. there will be dining and communal areas as well for the new residence. >> some will like it.
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with the tragedy that happened, many people want to be around people. to have someone to talk to and hang out with. >> we need to think of the box. we don't have a lot of options in this county. we did before this happened and we don't now. >> the 75 spots at oasis village have been take in. across from the containers is a lot available for people who have rv. this is a volunteer effort. they're looking for donations to buy bedding, towels, food and furnishings and also for volunteers who are willing to set up the village. a company in petaluma called little house on the trailer, that sells tiny homes is getting a lot of calls from people looking for temporary housing as they rebuild. tiny homes are portable, mounted on trailers and are usually a few hundred square feet. one local contractor whose homeless arrived the fires said he will offer a tiny home that
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he built to a family who needs it. tickets go on sale for a concert to raise money for victims of the wildfires. the event features musical acts including metallica. dave matthews will also be there. the concert will be held november 9 at at&t park. the tickets range between $50 and $200. go to our website. we have a link posted on where you can buy tickets. presale tickets went on sale for some were available yesterday. >> are you going to go? >> it's a thursday night. i would like to go. we will see. it was an armed robbery at a bay area pharmacy. we will tell you where it happened, what the gunman stole and the surveillance video that may help tracking down. new documents from the aftermath of the jfk assassination.
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i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have more on this latest release coming up. good morning. traffic is off to a nice start if you are driving on 280 in san jose. woman: so, greg,
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it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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welcome back. earlier today depend
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secretary james mattis made his first visit to the demilitarized zone between north and south korea. he told south korea's defense minister diplomacy is the best answer to the nuclear tensions with north korea. he said the u.s. does not want to go to work. he also pledged to continue the alliance between south korea and the united states to keep peace and stability on the korean peninsula. russian president vladimir putin directed the testfiring of four nuclear capable ballistic missiles as part of a training exercise. a spokesman said yesterday's training exercise was routine testing of russia's strategic nuclear arsenal. this is video of the testing posted on twitter. three ballistic missiles were fired from nuclear submarines and one from a launch pad and northwest russia. the russian defense ministry said the practice targets were successfully destroyed. hundreds of documents have been released about the
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assassination of jfk. >> they have been withheld from public view for decades. will they give us any new information? doug luzader has that story from washington. >> reporter: what happened inside the federal government in the aftermath of that day in dallas in 1963? the new documents finally released look tantalizing at first. some stamped secret, now seeing the light of day. >> we had our team of students here at 7 am. we were ready to tackle this. >> reporter: professor larry sabato and his team were anxiously awaiting the release. he was disappointed. >> if we don't get this information before those of us who lived through it die, it's going to feed the conspiracy theories forever. >> reporter: we have learned a few things about the government's response. for instance, a warning that the fbi received about a death threat to lee harvey oswald before he was shot and killed. there are thousands of other documents that have not been
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released despite a government order to do so. president trump addressed the additional delay saying i have no choice today but to accept those reductions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our nation's security. >> i would like to know exactly what happened. >> reporter: today, visitors to dealey plaza in dallas are fascinated by what happened. it may take more than these documents to put many conspiracy theories to rest. the department of homeland security is moving ahead with the testing several prototypes of a wall to be built on the border with mexico. there are eight prototypes in southern california near san diego. the testing will take place over the next few months to determine which is best to curb illegal immigration and drug trafficking. there are several hurdles to this. congress has not passed a bill to provide the billions of dollars needed to build the wall. and most of the land in texas the wall would go through is
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privately owned. let's check back in with sal. i know you are following traffic. are we going to have traffic jams today? >> we will have traffic jams. it will be the benefit bans. metallica. dave matthews. gec. >> go ahead and think about those request. i think it may be metallica- heavy. maybe the dave matthews crew will get up and start hash tagging us like things. you never know. let's take a look at the gilroy commute. worth -- northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose, traffic is moving along nicely. we do not have a lot of construction work going on. this is a look at the valley. all the freeways look good. this does not usually get crowded until later. sometimes on friday we have a
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light day. this is 280 northbound up to highway 17. interstate 880 in oakland, both directions, traffic is moving along nicely. this is a look at the toll plaza. 5:30 am is when the backup usually begins but there is a little backup and some of those lanes. if you are traveling, it may be to minneapolis or omaha, i would take a winter coat. i am not kidding. it's 33 in minneapolis and snowing. abr heading up to winnipeg. all roads lead to omaha but they may be icy. it's very cool with rain in chicago. 34, minneapolis. 15 in denver. 34 in omaha. 39, oklahoma city. 46, washington, d.c. st.
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louis, 44. if it's cold in the middle of the country, where is the heat? it's on the west coast where it's been since june 15. san jose yesterday hit another record high of 91. today they will be in the upper 80s. fog has come back to the coast. it shallow but it's there and it will make an impact for those near the coast and a little on the bay. 40s and 50s. 51, santa cruz. from monterey to santa cruz it's okay. high pressure is very reluctant to give up its ground. eventually it will as a series of systems taking. -- take aim. gradual cooling. cooler on the coast. inland temperatures will be warm to hot through the weekend. temperatures will begin to fall slowly through the weekend. today is probably the last
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upper 80s. lower 80s tomorrow. by sunday and monday and tuesday, we will be near normal temperatures. it looks like rain is coming in around november 5 or november 6. that leads us to this. one sierra ski resort will kick off the season today. mount rose look open one ski trail this weekend, the first lake tahoe resort to run a chairlift this season. mount rose has the highest base area elevation. it's been cold enough to make snow. there is one ski trail. the chairlift will only run for a couple of hours. get ready because halloween weekend is here. coming up, the rush to get that perfect costume in time for halloween parties this weekend. the fda approved new labels aimed at helping babies reduce
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the risk of developing a peanut allergy. we have the details next.
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♪ that one. this. that one. ♪ ♪
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twitter is cutting ties with two russian media outlets. they will not do business with russia today or sputnik. twitter said u.s. intelligence investigation show those companies interfered in the presidential election.
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russian officials say twitter is banning the companies because of pressure from the u.s. government and are warning russia will retaliate. uber is adding a new feature. the introduced the, add a stop feature. it lets you add up to three stops to your route. riders will be able to make changes in the middle of the route. the new feature is on ios and android for users around the world if they have the latest version of the uber app. a new report backs the theory that many bay area tech workers are moving to seattle. the real estate group zillow said home prices in seattle are going up faster than in silicon valley. home prices in seattle are up 12.4% compared to a year ago while home prices in san jose went up 10%. homes in san francisco are appreciating less than that. 6%. september marked the ninth month in a row where home
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values grew faster than any other metro region in the country. some food labels may soon alert parents that giving peanuts to babies may affect the risk of developing an allergy to peanuts. the fda reviewed research on peanut allergy and approved language for certain food makers to use on their labels. a study from the national institutes of health found babies at risk of developing a food allergy may benefit if there introduced to peanuts early in their lives. the fda does not recommend that young kids eat whole peanuts because it's a choking hazard. about 2% of american children are allergic to eating peanuts. walmart is taking a futuristic approach to making sure shelves are replenished at all times. walmart will test shelf scanning robots in stores in california, pennsylvania and arkansas. the robots are going to roam the aisles to check for stock
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levels, pricing and missed placed items. it will then contact a human employee with the information it gets. walmart is stressing the robots are there to supplement humans, not replace humans. the robots will be available in 50 stores nationwide by the end of january. wine country is open for business two weeks after the devastating wildfires. next we will tell you about the efforts to attract tourists back to the one country. a break in the case of a bay area musician who was killed by a stray bullet. next, new developments from the fbi.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2 . it is a pam cook day. it's friday, october 27. i'm dave clark. >> trent seven. i will share it with you. it's just about 5:30 am. it sounds like it's going to be a nice day. >> some fog on the coast around the golden gate. one more warm today inland. >> everyone in the city loves the fog. not everybody but most. they are happy to see it. >> it's been a long couple of months.
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it's been warm and hot. that seems like it's about to an end. if you want cool, head to the upper plains and midwest. a very deep system is there. strong high pressure on the west coast which is giving us record heat. denver, 15. omaha, 34. chicago, 40. oklahoma city, 39. our fog will make an appearance. it looks like a decent cooling trend but it will take another day inland. 43 in the valley. the fog will start to fill in. parts of the golden gate. by tonight and tomorrow a lo will begin to approach and that will lifted. we can begin the cooling process. one more hot day inland with upper 80s to near 90. we do have people getting on the roads. we are hoping for a quieter friday.
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this is a look at 80 westbound. my maps may not be firing up. now let's go to 80 westbound. you can see traffic and solano county is moving along well from vacaville to fairfield and vallejo. we do not have the traditional slowing yet on 80 westbound approaching 780. highway 37 is getting more crowded heading west. the commute is okay after that on the east shore freeway to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic will be moderately heavy. the metering lights came on. this is about a 5-10 minute delay before you make it onto the span. we're learning there may be a new development involving the wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. the santa cruz county sheriff department will hold a briefing on the results of the criminal
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investigation later this morning. first responders say they recognize the suspicious nature of the fire when it began. the sheriff's office said they are preparing to arrest one person. the fire started 11 days ago with a house fire in boulder creek. it burned 391 acres. cal fire it declared it fully contained last night. pg&e reportedly wants its customers to pay the bills in cases where the utility company is responsible for a disaster like the northern california wildfires. the east bay times reports pg&e executives reportedly have been pushing state regulators for permission to charge ratepayers when it's power lines cause wildfires. the company and shareholders are responsible for paying the damages and other costs right now. pg&e stock is suffering after reports that lines may have caused some of the fires and napa and sonoma county. talking about recovering from the wildfires.
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vacation rental service airbnb is helping victims who lost their homes find temporary housing. about 1000 hosts have signed up to house displaced fire victims. the temporary housing is all over the bay area. the press democrat reports the program was extended to the middle of november. the fires destroyed 6800 buildings including 2900 homes. 13 schools are scheduled to reopen today in santa rosa after the fires force them to remain closed for the last three weeks. another 11 will open on monday. classes for students at cardinal newman high school which was damaged in the fire resumed this week but at other sites. counselors will be available at the schools for students dealing with stress and trauma. today cal fire expects to fully contain the format biggest fires.
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officials in wine country want to revive the local economy. tom vacar went on the napa valley wine train. they are pushing to bring tourists back . >> reporter: five napa valley mirrors, two supervisors and's a state senator invited the media into the critical need for tourism to return sooner rather than later. this is usually the biggest time of the year. >> it's very important to the local economy, the cities and the counties. they are very much open for business. >> the bulk of our workforce are not wealthy people. it's important that we get the word out. we had to shut the train down for a week. >> reporter: the napa valley wine train carried 65 passengers, short of its 370 passenger capacity per trip. the pullman cars travel along the railway first leaves during the california gold rush making up to two runs per day. >> i called last week and they
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were shut down. i called again and they said they were open. i wanted to do this. >> reporter: the two name -- main reasons people aren't coming, once, concerns about the quality of the air and two, whether the napa valley has been totally destroyed. >> has you can see today the air quality is great. it has been and will be. the valley of the floor which is what visitors experience is completely intact. >> i think you gain if you come now. you're more likely to get into a restaurant you could not get into in october. you're more likely to get into hotels. the wineries are the same way. >> reporter: that is true from napa in the south up to calistoga in the north. >> we have been known as a hospitality community since the late 1800s. it's how we make our living. >> reporter: agricultural areas are subject to ups and downs but it's the people like wendy whose family lost three homes to the fire that have no
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intention of leaving ever. >> we are planted in napa. we are happy to be in napa. to be on the vineyards that my kids have grown up with. >> reporter: there is a reason people come from all over the planet to visit this slice of paradise. oakland police and the fbi say they know who is responsible for fire a stray bullet that killed a musician two years ago. that person will never be prosecuted for the crime.emiliano nevarez had just finished a performance with his band in oakland when he was hit by a stray bullet. investigators say they identified the suspect as dejour jamerson. they say he died last year. >> we do not have someone to prosecute. the person is deceased now because he was running from cops on another case unrelated to this. however it is something we hope will bring comfort to the
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family that we did not forget. >> the victim's mother said she's grateful to police and the fbi for solving the case. she said she's glad the person responsible is off the streets and is grateful to have some closure. police in berkeley are searching for a man who reportedly knocked someone down with his car during a road rage incident. on october 19 police say the man was driving on ashby avenue any white mercedes when the passenger from another car started yelling at him saying he was driving erratically. the driver of the mercedes stopped his car, got out and started punching the passenger through an open window. then the two drivers and the passenger started arguing outside their vehicles. that's when the suspect got back into his car and pulled forward, knocking the victim over. the suspect then drove off. police say the victim suffered minor injuries and will be
5:38 am
okay. they do want help in finding the driver. menlo park police are searching for the man who robbed a pharmacy yesterday afternoon. this is surveillance footage from the cvs on el camino real. this was captured after 9:00 yesterday morning. police say this man demanded two bottles of xanax while displaying a handgun in his waistband. he was last seen in the shopping center's parking lot and was wearing a light blue denim pants, a trenchcoat and a backpack. if you recognize the man, please call menlo park police. supporters of the longshot plan to break up california into three separate states will start collecting signatures in order to qualify for next year's ballot. the plan is being paid for by tech gunner tim draper who paid for a similar proposal in 2014 to break up the state into six sections. critics say the latest plan
5:39 am
would cause chaos. >> creating three new governments, three new legislations, three new governors and disrupting what we has as a state. the prison systems and higher education systems. diversity is what makes california great and this would ruin it. >> the plan calls for dividing california into northern california which would include bay area counties and southern california which would begin in fresno in cover most of the southern part of the state. the third area would be called new california and would include the los angeles area. even if it's approved, this three california plant would need the permission of congress to move ahead. bart is cracking down on fare cheats. the board of directors approved a new ordinance last night that requires riders to provide a valid proof of payment. more than 400,000 people ride the trains on any given day and
5:40 am
the fares bring in $575 million per year. bart said that figure should be higher by $25 million. beginning january 1, part officers will use card readers to check passes. >> they will set up next to fair gates or they will go into trains to check everybody in a particular area of the bart system. >> if someone is caught evading a fair, adults will pay a civil citation of $75. juveniles will pay $50. for minors and those that can afford the fine, they will have an option for community service. in a few weeks the san jose city council will vote on a rent control measure. a group said its research shows a growing gap between rent and rages and is pushing many families to the breaking point. the group announced their findings during a rally yesterday their report is adding fuel to the rent control debate in san jose.
5:41 am
>> the gap between what it takes to afford the average apartment in san jose versus what people are making has grown by three times. >> we recognize there is an issue with a shortage of housing and the shortage has really exacerbated the supply and demand issue which is driven the market rate for tenants up. >> the san jose city council will meet november 14 to debate a measure that would tie rent increases to the rate of inflation. there could be a new development in a case that was the subject of the netflix series, making a murderer. coming up, what attorneys for steven avery have to say about new evidence and who may have actually committed the crime. next we will preview game three of the world series today. that will be at the home of the houston astros in texas.
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welcome back. the world series continues tonight in houston. the dodgers and astros are tied at one win apiece in this best- of-seven series. historically the winner of game 3 in a deadlocked series has gone on to win the championship 64% of the time. yu darvish will pitch for the dodgers and lance mccullers will start for houston. you can watch game three of the world series with us right here on ktvu fox 2. at 4 pm you can watch local news. that will be followed immediately by the pregame coverage of the world series. if you still want more local news, flip over to ktvu plus at 4:30 pm. warriors are back and acted tonight against the wizards. steff curry and klay thompson face a difficult challenge tonight. they say's one of the best back courts in the league. >> john wall is averaging
5:45 am
almost 23 points per game and is tough on defense. the warriors are also tough. they are coming off an exciting when. they will not have shaun livingston with them. he needs to go to a family funeral. tonight's game starts at 7:30 pm at oracle arena. this sunday the raiders have a tough game on the road in buffalo at 10 am pacific time on sunday. the raiders are feeling better about themselves after beating the division leading kansas city chiefs last thursday. the last play of the game -- great. the buffalo bills are surging. they have a 4-2 record and are a three point favorite. the 49ers will travel across the country for an early game sunday morning against the eagles. the winless 49ers are looking for the first win of the season. oddsmakers are not giving them
5:46 am
much of a chance. the 49ers were beaten by the cowboys last week 40-10. the 49ers are a 13 point underdog to the eagles. the super bowl contending eagles are in need of a left tackle and there has been talk they may be interested in a long time 49ers tackle, joe staley. you can catch all the action here with us. the 49er game against the eagles starts at 10 am sunday morning. last night stanford escaped corvallis and beat oregon state 15-14. with three minutes left in the fourth, oregon state had a costly fumble, recovered by the cardinals in beaver territory. stanford quarterback was able to get the team down the field. that set up the winning score with less than 30 seconds on the clock. >> three yards away from the wind.
5:47 am
under center -- a jumpball on the right side -- touchdown! >> jj whiteside, you did it. he caught that go-ahead touchdown. stanford improves their overall record. next week the cardinals play washington state. the cal bears get on the road playing colorado tomorrow in boulder. they are coming off a heartbreaking loss against arizona. the game starts at 11:00 in the morning tomorrow. >> there have been some heartbreaking losses in college football. >> you know, you cheer for your school. that's what happens. >> i do. sometimes i do a little bit of yelling. >> that will count as cheering. we do not have a lot going on which is nice. it has been a quiet friday.
5:48 am
kind of a quiet week compared to the last few but i digress. this is a look at 580. we have stop and go traffic on 580 kind of a quiet week compared to the last few but i digress. this is a look at 580. we have stop and go traffic on 582 the altamont pass. it's not completely quiet, however, it is a little better than it normally is if you are driving through the area. there have been no major problems. a collision at camino diablo and contra costa county and on basco draws at camino diablo there are some defective traffic signals that could slow you down. en 580 through the dublin interchange, traffic looks good out to castro valley. you will see slowing on 580 as you come up. 580 at the castro valley y as you transition onto 238. slow traffic is appearing in san lorenzo heading south. this is 880 further north. traffic in both direction is moving along well.
5:49 am
at the bay bridge we have crowded conditions. it's backed up for a 20 minute delay. you can see it's slow. we have a little change. some fog has come back on the coast. inland temperatures will continue to be warm but not record-setting. we did have a few records yesterday. san jose, 91. king city, 99. stockton, 89. modesto, 87. those were all records yesterday. if it's hot out west, denver is at 15. minneapolis, it's snowing. chicago, 39. oklahoma city, 39. 40s and low 50s in washington and new york. we have a dome of high pressure here and a strong cold low coming out of the great lakes. that is influencing their weather.
5:50 am
fog has come back. high pressure will be in charge for parts of the weekend. i think by sunday we will start to cool down. 40s and 50s and 60s on the temperatures. antioch, 61. martinez, 61. the fog will make for a cooler coast and bay forecast. the high pressure will eventually start to change. it will take a couple of days to break it down. sunny and warm away from the coast. fog at the coast. warm to hot inland one more day. 90 in clearlake. upper 80s in vacaville. stinson beach and sausalito, 70s. 80, berkeley. inland, one more day of upper 80s including the santa clara valley.
5:51 am
60s on parts of the coast. low to mid 80s on the peninsula. sunday and monday and by tuesday, we are back to near normal temperatures. >> it's hard to remember what normal is. >> 68-74. >> that's nice. right in my range. >> that's great for halloween. last year it was quite wet. >> last october was quite wet. halloween weekend begins tonight. the rush is on to find the perfect costume for those parties this weekend. we checked out a local spirit of halloween store. business is booming. the manager said sales started picking up early this week as people are looking for a last- minute costume. some popular ones are police officers, firefighters and the commander-in-chief. >> i don't really know. it's very hard. >> the donald trump, junior --
5:52 am
tome over looked pretty good. >> the kid had the perfect hair. other popular costumes this year include superheroes like wonder woman. >> we want to see you and your halloween costume. take a selfie and send it to us via instagram or twitter. you can post pictures on her facebook page as well. we will show some of them on tuesday. they need to be television appropriate. please make them social media appropriate as well. >> are you going to show the pumpkins that you carved? >> i think we put that on the ktvu instagram page. starting next week, driving will get more expensive. the increase at the gas pump starting next week.
5:53 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the university of california president janet napolitano said a new center to study free-speech will be opening. it will be based at the university center in washington dc. there's been a lot of heated debates and violent protests at uc berkeley and other schools over what free-speech really means to students. california's gas tax hike is set to go into effect next week as the state looks to raise billions of dollars for
5:56 am
transportation projects. the statewide tax on gas will jump by $0.12 per gallon. the increase was part of a bill signed by governor brown in april that will increase the vehicle license fees starting january 1. the bill is expected to raise about $5 billion to fund transportation projects ranging from fixing potholes to relieving congestion on major highways. city hall in hayward will close for several hours today for an emergency simulation and response training. the training begins at 8 am and will continue until 1 pm. the training will involve police officers, firefighters and paramedics. the city will have public information officers outside of city hall keeping an eye on and monitoring social media to respond to reports and answer questions. coming up, a driver was pulled over last night by
5:57 am
someone who they thought was the police but it was not. the close call in san leandro involving a teenager pretending to be a police officer. the government office response to the assassination of president kennedy. what happened one day before lee harvey oswald's death and why many documents are still under wraps.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: a fake cop tries to pull someone over and it results in two real arrest. what you should do if you suspect you're being pulled over by a fake cop. fema assistance for immigrants affected by the wildfires. what lawmakers are doing for victims. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday, october 27. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is right over there. a little fog has come back to the coast. maybe some cooler weather for those near the beach. it's been a long haul.
6:00 am
lots of sunshine and hot temperatures. yesterday, king city hit 99. stock in, 89. san jose, 91. those were all records. some fog is coming back. it's very shallow but it's on the golden gate. i think that's it so far. some of that could make it on the coast. inland, it will take another day. 40s, 50s and 60s on the temps. that fog is a sign of things to come. it will take another day for inland areas to feel it. 60s and 70s on the coast and bay. mid, low and upper 80s for others. we have been full at the toll plaza. i can show that to you now.


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