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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 27, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have more on the latest release coming up. san leandro police arrest a teen they say was impersonated a police officer. what to do if you think you are being pulled over by a fake cop. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back. it is now 7:00 this friday morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. we're talking about your friday weather. steve knows everything that you need to know. he is right here. >> i hope so. there is fog on the cost. it is a start after a hot day inland. not the case on the coast. they started a cooldown. that will kick into cooler gear, if you will. king city 99, stockton 89. san jose, 91 was a record. modesto, 87. even some in southern california but not the number that's we saw the last couple of days. fog near the coast. it will be sunny. more fog and cooler over the weekend. cooling continues and a pattern change by this time next week. colder and wetter as well.
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until we get there, 78 in city. that is 10 above average. the record, 94 in 2003. the fog is shallow but making a move over the golden gate. be careful if you are traveling there this morning. the fog filling in for most. holding off on the santa cruz coast. that little low right there will work its way towards us over the weekend. as it does, it will lift the fog bank and cool down inland areas over the weekend. another warm to hot day if you're inland. around the coast and the bay, it looks a little cooler with 60s, 70s to low and mid-80s. sal, friday light or -- >> friday better than thursday. >> okay. it is not light but it is better than it was yesterday. especially in some of the key commutes, steve. 38 minutes, let's say, from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. you say that's not great. but better than 60 minutes is what we had most of the week at
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this time driving through this area. another 20 minutes before you make it on to the span from the bay bridge. san francisco itself, north and southbound 101 moderately heavy. if you're catching a flight, southbound 101 looks okay down to san bruno. 880 traffic is also slow out of hayward heading down south to fremont, which is typical. the silicon valley commute has slowing on 85, 280 and 101 but not that deep so you can get a little bit of an opportunity here. we're hoping since it is friday, it will stay at about this level. 7:02. back to the desk. new this morning, a teenager is under arrest on charges of impersonating a san leandro police officer. >> the real police saying the suggest was driving it looked like an official looking car and pulled over an unsuspecting victim. christien kafton, you're in san leandro, you have been there a couple hours, and you're getting advice on what people should do if they think they are being targeted by a fake
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cop. >> reporter: yes, dave. very important tips. we will get to the tips on what to do in a moment. first details about this story, about how the victim says they were driving along in san leandro. somebody pulled them over and something seemed off. that is when san leandro police made some very real arrests. this all started around 12:00 this morning, shortly after midnight. the victim says he was driving near b abcroft when he was pulled over by a official looking crown victoria. the victim says he heard a siren and stopped. that is when the driver got out of that crown vic and approached his car. >> the victim noticed that the person getting out of the car actually was wearing like a sweatshirt with a hood. and the person put the hood up over his head. the victim at this point realized this was not a police officer and fearing for his
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safety, the victim drove away. >> reporter: now, the victim also tells police that the suspect took off as well. that is when the victim turned the table on the suspects, following them, trying to get a license plate and provide a full video description to the real police. alameda county deputies had spotted that vehicle and pulled it over for an unrelated traffic violation and the deputy put two and two together and realized it was the fake police car. the teen driver was arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer. an 18-year-old in the car also arrested for charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. now, police say if you suspect that you're being pulled over by a fake officer, there are steps that you can take. >> first of all, make sure that it is not a police officer. if you suspect it is not a police officer, i would immediately recommend that you dial 911 if you think someone is trying to pull you over who is impersonating a police officer.
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you have to be careful because if it is a police officer and you drive off, you know, that is against the law. >> reporter: now, police officers are saying though that you can try to drive to a well- lit area if you are uncomfortable. just try not to drive too far. one final note, officers say that the officers that we spoke with, the lieutenant says he has been on the force for 25- plus years and this is very rare. in all of thinks time on the force this has only happened five or six times. so, again, very rare. but if you do suspect that it is something off, call 911 and try to speak to a dispatcher and make sure it is a real officer that is following you. >> christien, thank you. nearby police in berkeley are searching for a man who knocked somebody down with his car during a road rage incident. on october 19th, he was driving on ashby avenue in a white mercedes when a passenger from another car starting yelling at him saying he was driving erratically. he stopped his car and got out
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and punched the passenger through an open window. then they started arguing outside of the cars. that's when the suspect got back in his car and pulled forward, knocking the victim over. the suspect then drove away. police say the victim did suffer minor injuries and will be okay but they want your help in finding that driver. the time is 7:06. security will be tight today at milpitas high school after a student brought a gun to school yesterday. when it was first reported, students and staff sheltered in place. two other nearby schools were also put on lockdown. now, police found the student with the gun and he turned it over to the officers. investigators still haven't said why the student had that gun. no one was hurt. but parents and students say just hearing about this was frightening. >> i send them to school thinking they're safe. and next thing you know, your kid is texting you, mom, school is on lockdown. >> i was scared because he could have shot anyone if he was mad. >> similar incidents happened
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at two other bay area schools during this week. the schools were village high school in pleasanton and san ramon twin creeks elementary. no one was hurt in either incident. and the father of the elementary school student is facing charges of child endangerment. possessing, supplying or selling a firearm is automatic suspension and expulsion for the student. the question of the day, what do you think of the punishment, automatic suspension and possible expulsion? is it too strict, not strict enough or about right. let us know by voting on twitter or also leave your comments for us on facebook. now to new information about a piedmont high school teacher disciplined for inappropriate behavior towards female students. cowherd has been placed on leave for a second time. this after dozens much parents demanded that officials take
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more action. cowherd spent three weeks on administrative leave before he was allowed back in the classroom. no decision has been made on how long the second leave will last. the time is 7:08. cal fire expects to have the four major wildfires fully contained by tonight. fire crews have been working around the clock for two and a half weeks to get to this point. the atlas fire is 98% contained. the other three fires are all about 95% contained. officials warn though that the fires could pick up again if there is a sudden shift in the weather, which steve paulson says he does not expect. the time is now 7:08. fema is being asked to clarify the qualifications for fire victims that want federal aid. five democratic congressmen signed a letter saying some worry about being deported that are eligible for aid. they are asking fema to confirm
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that they will not seek the immigration status for those who apply for help. they are also asking for an explanation of any conditions where fema would share personal information with u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. with so many people who lost homes in the north bay fire now needing a place to live, a village of sorts is going up in santa rosa to help them. it is called the oasis village built out of shipping containers that were used as housing during burning man festival. they're divided into three room that's sleep four people. refrigerators, shelves, even air conditioning and heat. the property owner is putting this together and donating the space. he is also planning dining and communal areas for the residents. >> some will really like it. with the tragedy that happened, a lot of people want to be around people. and having, you know, people to talk to and hang out with. >> we need to think outside the box. we don't have a lot of options
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in this county and we certainly don't now. >> already the 75 spots at oasis village are taken. across from the containers, there is a lot available to people with rvs. this is all a volunteer effort and the organizers are looking for donations and for volunteers willing to set up the village. if you would like to donate or help, find a link to the project on when you're there, just click on web links. the time is 7:10. at 10:00 this morning, general admission tickets go on sale for a star studded concert raising money for victims of the wildfires. it includes me talia jay ez and dave matthews. it will be on november 9th at at&t park. tickets range from $50 to $200. yesterday some people were buying advanced tickets. go to the web links section of
7:11 am we posted a link to where you can buy tickets this morning. the time is 7:11. ashley judd in her own words. of course the actress is one of many women in hollywood who say that harvey weinstein made unwanted physical advances. coming up, what she has to say about a deal she made with weinstein. then later on, amazon is delivering more than packages  to your doorstep. the company's impact on the economy and are brick and mortar stores working? good morning. you can see traffic is going to be busy if you are driving in san jose now. this is downtown san jose. northbound 280 on the right. and you will see the traffic is a little slow. well, nothing slow about the fog. it is flying over parts of the golden gate bridge. but inland, it will still be one more hot day or warm day. but cooler weather is on the way for the weekend. more on that. ♪
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>> the time is 7 should. actress ashley judd is now talking about hermela aregawi encounter with hollywood producer harvey weinstein 20 years ago when she says he made unwanted sexual advances. judd says she was only able to escape by making a deal. >> and finally i just said when i win an oscar in one of your movies, okay. and he said yeah when you get nominated. i said no when i win an oscar and then i just fled. i just fled. >> judd says it happened when she met weinstein at a hotel for what was supposed to be a business meeting but was told that he was waiting for her in his hotel room. in an interview with diane sawyer she talked about how he confronted weinstein years later when she came into her own and found her voice. >> across the table. and he looked at me and he said you know, ashley, i'm going to let you out of that little agreement we made. and i said you do that, harvey.
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you do that. and he has spat my name at me ever since. >> judd was among the first of dozens of women to come forward according weinstein of sexual harassment or assault. he is now under criminal investigation for rape allegations in new york, london and los angeles. judd says it is up to him to get the help he needs. our time is now 7:15. let's check in with sal and see how the commute is going on this friday morning, sal. >> dave and gasia, good morning. happy friday. sometimes on friday we have better commutes than the first four days of the workweek. that is the case today. slowing at the bay bridge which is typical. if you drive here every day, just a little lighter. and the carpool lanes are looking good driving into san francisco. and if you're driving into san francisco, you will see that the traffic looks pretty good here as well. as the sun comes up, the headlights go off.
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southbound 101 is moving along well all the way down to the pence l on the nimitz freeway, slow traffic continuing out towards hayward into union city. it is already getting a little lighter. friday morning commute. northbound 280, 101 and 85 are slow in san jose. and i think and we're hoping this is going to be the cap on this. we don't usually have a lot of fill-in on a friday. unless something happens, it should stay about this way. 7:16. let's bring in steve with today's weather. >> all right, sal. thank you. we will take you right no the golden gate bridge which couldn't find a fog bank for 14 days or so. but there it is. it is shallow because it is coming underneath the span. but it's there. this is the beginning of a pattern change. it may take a while for some of you inland. but it will over the weekend. but the fog has returned. watch out on highway 1. you can see on the span though, most of the span is fog-free. right below it. over time in the next couple of
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days it will lift and fly inland. king city, 99. the old report was 98. stockton, 89. modesto, 87. those were all records on thursday. san jose may set one today. if it is hot here, it must be cold somewhere else. it sure is. denver was down to 13. now they're 19. snowing in minneapolis. 33. chicago, 38. omaha, 4. 37 down to oklahoma city. st. louis at 44. that is pretty cool. and there is the system that is responsible for it. so if it is ridge city over the west, it must be driving something down into the middle of the country and the great lakes. that's what it is. the area of high pressure is beginning to weaken. but it is very strong. at least fog is now returning to the coast as we get a slight on shore breeze there. still an off shore in some of the higher elevations. 40s and 50s and 60s on the temps. a lot of 50s here, low 50s. that little guy will work its
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way towards the california coast. as it does, that will lift the fog bank and start the cooling process and give us a westerly breeze as we go into the next couple of days. the cooling has begun for some on the coast. one more warm day for those inland with upper 80s. would not be surprised by another 90. by sunday and monday, the cooling trend will take shape and give everybody a break here. but a lot of upper 80s for some. 60s and 70s over by the coast. a 90 in clearlake. it will be close for vacaville. livermore, one more day. santa clara valley as well. over by the coast, 60s have come back. 80s on the peninsula or upper 70s. over the weekend, cooler weather takes us into sunday. and then a big pattern change on tap about this time next week. gasia. >> thank you, steve. the time is 7:18. the entire bay area may end up paying after the north bay wildfires. the changes that could appear on your next pg&e bill.
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a new plan to compete with streaming services. how it will affect ticket prices.
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♪[music] ♪ come crashing into me ♪ >> dave matthews band. >> uh-huh. >> that's one of the bands that will be playing at the benefit for fire victims at at&t park along with me tag coo and the
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bay area's own jay ez. i'm taking requests from those bands. you know, if you have a song from those bands, give me a shout on social media. just #ktvu on instagram, facebook or twitter. i want to thank miss tolland who requested that. thank you, karen. >> the tickets go on sale at 10:00. another record day for stocks. this time it is the nasdaq. >> and it is again because of strong quarterly earnings reports. pam cook is back with more in today's money business. >> amazon leading the way. the stock is up almost 10% after reporting a very strong quarter. nasdaq up 100 points. when the bell rang this morning. shares of microsoft gained 6%. alphabet, google's patient company rose 4%. better than expected earnings after the closing bell
7:23 am
yesterday. today the first day of trading. here is a live look at the dow. up about 5 points now. it opened on the down side. 23,404. the real story this morning, the nasdaq. it is up 101 points right now. one and a half percent. the s&p 500 also up this morning. well, the cvs drugstore chain is in talks to buy aetna health insurance. that deal would be worth $60 billion. cvs health is ready to pay $200 a share for aetna, which is the nation's third largest health insurance company. aetna shares jumped more than 10% on the report. cvs processes more than 1 billion prescriptions a year. we will keep watching that deal. amazon's workforce is expanding. the company has 542,000 workers, making it the second largest private employer in the country behind wal-mart. this coming out in their quarterly report. amazon added nearly 160,000 new
7:24 am
workers last quarter. more than half of the number is the workers it added when it bought whole foods markets. amazon also changed the way it is reporting revenue ball of the whole foods deal. for the first time it broke out how much money it is taking in from the brick and mortar schools. the deal closed at the end of august. amazon also owns 12 bookstores, including one at san jose santana row and more than 50 pop-up stores around the country. to let you know, amazon reports $1.3 billion in physical store sales but 26 and a half billion because of online sales. we have seen dynamic pricing for sporting events and uber. now the film industry is looking into that as well. regal cinemas operates one of the largest movie chains in the country. in select markets, it will experiment with charging more for the more popular films during peak times of the day. ticket prices will be lowered for less popular films during
7:25 am
off-peak hours. if the idea catches on, expect other theaters to follow. we have talked about movie theaters being empty. sometimes we don't eagain to the theaters. you go in there and there are on ten people. >> if it is not a great movie, would the cheaper price get you to the theater. >> i think people weigh the cost with what they have at home. >> plus the snacks that you have to buy. >> many options to watch movies now. >> thank you, pam. >> the time is 7:25. just imagine spending five months lost in the pacific ocean. that's what happened to two women who were just rescued. coming up, we will tell you how they survived. and it is back to school for 13 santa rosa schools. more on what is in store for students after the north bay wildfires.
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>> tickets for the show which is at at&t park, tickets go on
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sale at 10:00 this morning. metallica one of the big names and dave matthews. coming together showing the country what the bay area is all about. helping out your fellow friends and neighbors in a time of need. you will hear even more metallica and dave matthews and jay ez throughout the morning as it is the theme of sal's traffic jams. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we are talking about weather. here is steve. >> fog on the golden gate. sign of things to come. maybe not inland. it will take another day as we turn the page to a cooler pattern. bob seager and the silver bullet band. digress, as sal would say. the record high is 88. they will be close. after today, we could say good- bye to record highs. a major pattern change to a cooler and wetter pattern. speaking of cooling, if you are traveling, i mean it is really
7:30 am
cold. minneapolis, chicago, st. louis, oklahoma city down to dallas, omaha, albuquerque, denver and salt lake city is where the cold pull is, giving extremes for us here in form of record highs. it is finally beginning to break down a little bit. fog is coming back to most of the coast. not all of the coast. and making a move on parts of the bay. 40s, 50s and 60s on the peninsula. but 46 pacifica to 46 half moon bay. moss beach, low 50s. their cooling has begun. that low will get closer to the coast by the weekend. that will lift the fog bank and give inland areas a cooldown. 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s inland. sal, 7:30. >> we keep trudging along. today has been slightly better overall on the commute than yesterday and the day before. 44-minute drive is about the peak now. and many times at this time it is, you know, an hour, an hour
7:31 am
and ten minutes. we will take 44 minutes getting out to the bay bridge. when you get to the bay bridge, another 20. no major issues on that span getting into san francisco. trust me, you would know if there was a big issue. traffic is okay as you drive into san francisco. all right. let's talk about the commute here on 880 south. you will see the traffic is going to be slow. here is something else that we're getting now. 580 is slow at the castro valley y. but also slowing out of san leandro all the way up to about edwards. not edwards but the golf links here on 580 westbound. so watch for slow traffic. i would take 880 at this point. 7:31. let's go back to the desk. we're learning there may be a new development involving the wildfire in the santa cruz mountains. later this morning, the sheriff's department will hold a briefing on the results of a criminal investigation into the fire. first responders say they recognized the suspicious nature of the fire when it
7:32 am
began. according to the sentinel, the sheriff's office is preparing arrest one person. the bear fire started 11 days ago as a house fire in boulder creek. it was fully contained last night. our time is now 7:32. thousands of students in santa rosa will go back to school today for the first time in three weeks after the wildfires canceled class. >> alex savidge is live in santa rosa with more on what is an emotional first day back, alex. >> reporter: certainly. there will be counselors on the campus today as students return to classes. many of these students lost their homes in the north bay wildfires. many other students were forced to evacuate, along with their families. it has been a difficult few weeks, to say the very least. and now many of these students are returning to class for the first time here. you're watching this happen at pinier high school here in santa rosa. this is one of 13 schools in
7:33 am
this city that is reopening today. this particular school community at pinier high school was hit especially hard in this disaster. at least 80 pinier high school students lost their homes to the fire and so did seven staff members as well. it's been nearlily weeks since the destructive tubbs fire tore across santa rosa, forcing the closure of dozens of schools. the principal here says teachers and staff will be helping students still recovering from the trauma avenue those fires, trying to help them ease back to life in the classroom. >> if they think they need extra support, we will give it to them. we have extra counseling on campus. make sure that students, you can't throw them right back into curriculum and learning at full speed. you have to ease back into it. the most important thing as a staff, you use your fine skills to check on students and make sure that they're doing well.
7:34 am
>> reporter: these are the 13 school that's are going to be reopening today here in the city of santa rosa. nine elementary schools, one middle school, two high schools and a charter school as well. and then after these schools reopen today, 11 other schools here in santa rosa will be resuming classes starting this coming monday. here at pinier high school, you see students walking on to the campus this morning. the first bell rings at 7:45 this morning. certainly staff members are trying to make this feel like a normal school day here for students as they return. but certainly this will be anything but normal here after what all these students have been through. >> yes. it will feel good to be together i'm sure. thank you, alex. >> all right, alex. the time is 7:34. pg&e wants its customers to pay the bills where the company may be responsible for a disaster like a wildfire. pg&e executives want state
7:35 am
regulators to give them permission to charge rate payors when the power lines cause wildfires. right now the company and its shareholders are responsible for damages and other costs. pg&e's stock is already suffering after reports that pg&e power lines may have caused some of the fires in napa and sonoma counties. today president trump is responding to the california billionaire who has vowed to spend $10 million in advertising calling for the president's impeachment. he tweeted, quote, whacky and totally unhinged tom steyer who has been fighting me and my agenda since the beginning never wins election. he hold an impeachment rally in san francisco and launched television ads calling for the impeachment. he says that trump is pushing the u.s. towards a nuclear war, obstructing justice at the fbi and that threatening to shut down news organizations that he does not like. he wants viewers to call their members of congress and tell
7:36 am
them to bring articles of impeachment against president trump. president trump declared the opioid crisis in the u.s. a national health emergency. >> as americans, we cannot allow this to continue. it is time to lib rate our communities from this drug addiction. >> the president said a massive advertising campaign will be part of the administration's plan to attack the opioid crisis. the goal would to discourage young people from trying drugs. studies of previous just say no type campaigns have had poor results. what they need is funding for substance abuse treatment programs. >> what i would say to the president on that is, show me the money. the president has sent a budget here that cuts the -- medicaid, which is the major funder of how we address opioids. >> the national health emergency declaration lasts 90 days.
7:37 am
though it can be renewed every 90 days by the president. our time is 7:37. hundreds of sealed government documents have now been released about the assassination of president john f. kennedy in 1963. they have been out of the public view for decades. doug luzader has more on one of the most important events in american history. >> reporter: it may take months or maybe years for historians to judge the impact of all of these documents. but there is also frustration that the government is still holding some back. what happened inside the federal government in the aftermath of that day in dallas back in 1963? the new documents finally released look, some stamped secret now seeing the light of day. >> we had our team of students here at 7:00 a.m., ready to tackle this. >> reporter: university of virginia professor and his team were anxious leah waiting the release. he was disappointed. >> you know, if we don't get
7:38 am
this information before those of us who lived through it die, it's going to feed the conspiracy theories forever. >> reporter: we have learned a few things about the government's response to the kennedy assassination and a warning that the fbi received about a death threat to lee harvey oswald before he was shot and killed, there are thousands of other documents that were not released. president trump addressed the additional delay saying i have no choice today but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our nation's security. >> would like to know. >> reporter: even today visitors to dallas are fascinated by what happened here. but it may take more than these documents to put conspiracy theories to rest. now there will be a six-month review period to see which ones will eventually be made public. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the time is now 7:38.
7:39 am
well, the u.s. navy rescued two women and their dogs who were stranded for months in the pacific ocean. the women were trying to sail from hawaii to tahiti in late may. they lost their engine in bad weather but thawed thought they could still sail to tahiti. who days later, they started sending distress calls but no one answered. they had water purchase fires on board and more than a year's worth of food, mostly dried goods. a fishing boat spotted them 900 miles south of japan. they alerted the coast guard and the uss ashland picked them up on wednesday. iphone's most -- am's most expensive iphone is now available to preorder. in the coming minutes, at 8:00, what we're learning about the cost to repair this phone and why you might not receive it on time. also the day of free rides
7:40 am
on bart may be ending soon. we will tell you what is being done to crack down on fare cheaters. good morning. it is still slow in some areas. we're seeing a break today trying to cross into san francisco using the bay bridge. well, fog is back on the golden gate bridge and parts of the coast. it is a sign of a cooler pattern. not for all, but for some. we will talk about that in our friday forecast.
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> the bart board of directors has approved a new ordinance that is designed to catch fare cheats. riders will have to show a valid proof of payment if asked to do so. paul chambers shows how this may help bart bring in millions
7:43 am
that it is owed. >> reporter: more than 400,000 people ride bart on any given weekday. the fares help the transit agency bring in roughly $575 million a year. but bart says that figure could be millions more if not for fare cheats. >> the time of people getting free rides is over. >> reporter: the majority are honest and pay for their ride there. are some that evade the fare. bart claims it loses 15 and $25 million a year from people who cheat the system. to recoup some of that money, bart will require riders to show proof of payment to bart officers. >> they are going to be setting up to go into trains and checking everybody in a particular area of the bart system. >> reporter: bart offices will use card readers to check pass that's people paid their proper fare. bart already installed these signs saying officers have the authority to randomly check passengers. >> it will be inconvenient but i don't think it is a horrible
7:44 am
thing. if you paid your bart fare and you did all of that, you have nothing to worry about. >> disturbing the peace and insulting them. if everybody is checking the ticket because everybody is not doing that. >> reporter: bart says it took into consideration that some feel this new policy could be looked at as profiling some passengers so the agency will recall all officers to wear body worn cameras when interacting with riders. >> not only are we going to look at age and gender but race and location. >> reporter: if caught, they will pay a civil citation of $75 per incident. for minors and those that can't afford the fine, they will have an option for community service. it is not possible to catch all those that evade the fare but any money recouped will go a long way. >> it is not fair to the folks who are paying their fair share. we could put that money towards cleaning the stations, hiring more cops to keep our riders
7:45 am
safer. >> paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, paul. that leads us to sal who is right over there watching our commute. everybody behaving. >> yeah. you could say that bart is behaving. we checked with them. no significant delays. if you are taking bart right now into san francisco, it looks pretty good. let's talk about another bridge. let's talk about one of the bridges into marin county. there is a little bit of a backup on 580 westbound heading over to san rafael. just a little bit of a backup. nothing oust the ordinary. when you get to central san rafael, you see a nice picture there and traffic will be busy. the slowest is on the approach. 80 westbound coming out to the macarthur maze, this is a moderate delay. again, 43 minutes is much better than it normally is. at this point of the morning -- yesterday at this point in the morning we were at 64 minutes. so it's a little improvement, i would say. and bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for about a 20, 25- minute delay. the carpool lanes are doing pretty well getting into san
7:46 am
francisco. as we go out to the east bay, some of the slowest commute is right here on interstate 880 in hayward. it slows there. it slows down to fremont, dumbarton bridge traffic is moderate. we haven't talked a lot about the peninsula. not a lot to talk about because it is not too bad just yet. 7:46. hello, steve. >> hi, sal. how are you? >> nice -- i'm doing well. are we going to have a nice weekend? >> cooler. >> i like it. >> it's about time. we will focus on those near the coast because that's where the greatest impact will be today. half moon bay, that's not right, steve. it should say 65, not 88. 71 to 65. that's right. san francisco 85 to 78. santa cruz is right. 92 to 81. monterey from 85 to 77 degrees. but i mean that's a little cooler. this is a lot colder. denver, 19. 30s for oklahoma city.
7:47 am
omaha. minneapolis has snow. chicago, 38. st. louis, 44. if you feel i'm leaving hot california and going where it is cold, that's where it is cold. this will flip flop in seven to ten days. until then the strong systems dig into the great lakes. leading edge of a pattern change is here finally in the form of fog. it is moving under the golden gate bridge. that's how shallow it is. it hasn't moved into santa cruz yet. but it should make an impact with a westerly breeze. 45, half moon bay that. is cool, cool. so the process of getting a low closer to us, here is one. that will start to move in towards the central and southern california coast. that will help lift the fog bank as with he go into the weekend. that will bring in cooler weather. one more hot day for those far away from any fog influence. 70s, 80s to a few near 90 degrees for one more. after today, i don't think we will see anything close to this
7:48 am
for a while. the trend is to cool it down next week. 60s for the highs and rain on the way. >> oh. >> until then, tomorrow will be the bigger drop startib land. >> all right. thank you, steve. the time is 7:48. san francisco now the coolest city in the country. coming up in our 8:00 hour, we will tell you some of the categories that gave the city the top honor. plus, should california be broken up into three different states? voters, you may have to make that decision. coming up, the latest push to put this issue on the ballot.
7:49 am
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7:51 am
♪[music] >> metallica, dave matthews band, jay ez and others will be playing a benefit concert for fire victims in the north bay at at&t park. tickets go on sale this morning. that is the theme for traffic jams. this is for chris who is obviously such a big metallica fan, he sent me ten tweets. i feel you, man. thank you. a big fan of our program. if there is a special song you want to hear, let us know. i will play your request every friday morning. use the #ktvu an twitter, instagram or facebook. >> thank you, sal. the sate is hoping to raise billions of dollars for transportation projects.
7:52 am
>> the statewide tax on gas will go up by 12 cent as i gallon wednesday. it is part of a bill signed into law by governor brown in april. it will also increase vehicle license fees starting january 1st. the bill is expected to raise some $5 billion a year to fund state and local transportation projects from fixing potholes to reducing congestion on major highways. new reports say seven oakland schools have been exposed to water with lead level that's are higher than what is allowed under federal rules. according to the chronicle, the district started testing school tap water in august, before the new state requirements. administrators at some of the schools with contaminated water say they had only reisn'tly been told about the findings. the schools with the bad water are glenn view elementary, thorn hill, brookville, fruit vail, joaquin miller and brook halter elementary and american indian charter high school. the water that is flowing into
7:53 am
the school, that is safe. the problem is in the plumbing. there is lead in the fixtures and the pipes solder but it often gets into the water itself. hayward city hall will be closed for hours for a training. it starts at 8:00 this morning and continues until 1:00 in the afternoon. it will include many police officers, firefighters and paramedics. the city plans to have public information officers outside city hall and will be monitoring social media to respond to reports and answer questions. the time is 7:53. supporters of a long-shot plan to break up california into three separate states, they're going to start collecting signatures in order to qualify for next year's ballot. the plan is being paid for by tech billionaire tim draper. he played for a similar proposal in 2014 to break up california into six sections. latest plan would only cause chaos opponents say.
7:54 am
>> creating three new governments, new year's eve governors and disrupt what we have as a state, our prison systems, higher education systems, i think diversity is what maims california great -- makes california great. and this would ruin it. it would break it into northern california and southern california and cover most of the southern part of the state. the third area would be new california that would include the los angeles area. even if approved by voters, this plan would need the approval of congress to move ahead. the world series continues tonight in houston with game three. the dodgers and astros are tied at one win a piece in the best of 7 series. historically the winner of game three in a tied series goes on to win. you can watch game three tonight right here on ktvu 2.
7:55 am
at 4:00, watch the local news, followed by pregame coverage of the world series. if it is more local news you're looking for, we have that for you as well. flip over to ktvu plus at 4:30. last night stanford beat oregon state 15-14. three minutes left in the 4th, oregon state had this, ouch, a costly fumble recovered by the cardinal in beaver territory. stanford quarterback chris was able to move the team down the field. and this set up the winning score with less than 30 seconds on the clock. lock. >> three yards away from a win. under center. chris will jump ball. touchdown! >> that's how i would catch it too. jj whiteside caught the go- ahead touchdown. stanford wins. they improve their overall record 6-2 now. next week the cardinal plays washington state.
7:56 am
the cal bears on the road playing colorado tomorrow in boulder. cal is coming off a heart breaking loss against arizona. tomorrow's game begins at 11:00 a.m. it is 7:56. the warriors playing tonight against the washington wizards. steph curry, klay thompson, they got a big challenge tonight. they will be playing one of best backcourts in the nba. john wall of washington is averaging almost 23 points and ten assists a game. and he is good on defense too. the warriors are good too. coming off an exciting win. they will be playing without livingston. he will be at a family funeral. tonight's game starts at 7:30 at oracle arena. the time is 7:56. deportation persons for north bay fire victims. in the next hour, what lawmakers want clarified before people file for federal aid. still living in evacuation
7:57 am
centers and shelters. they're concerned that they could close at any moment and some of the other options on the table. good morning. we still have slow traffic on many of these commutes. 880 northbound is slowing down heading up to downtown oakland. well, sunny for many away from the coast. but fog is on the coast. and it will equal the start of a cooler pattern. it may take another day or two before inland irquas feel the coolness. but we will show you the friday temps coming up.
7:58 am
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>> pulled over by a fake cop. what the victim did next might surprise you. for the third time this week, a student caught bringing a gun to a bay area high
8:00 am
school. the precautions being taken following the latest disturbing incident. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. everybody. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday, october 27th. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. let's help get you out the door on this gorgeous cool friday. the cool feeling steve is one we haven't had in a while. >> it will eventually make it over the weekend. for some near the coast, big drop today. mike, how are you doing. >> how about stanford. >> barely [laughter] >> it's a win. >> it's a win. that's correct. we do have some record highs yesterday. they are decreasing. some in the high desert and southern california here yesterday. king city, 99. 91 in san jose. they may tie a record today. that is 88. modesto, 87. the trend is bringing temps down. half moon bay, down to 65 from 85. santa cruz from 92 yesterday to
8:01 am
81 today. and 85 in monterey to 77. today the fog is back. again, very, very shallow. it still hasn't made it into parts of santa cruz yet or all of the monterey bay. eventually it will. 45, half moon bay. very cool there. low clouds and fog will eventually start to lift here over the next couple of days. that will cool the inland areas after today. 60s, 70s, and low to mid-80s and maybe an isolated 90 one more time. >> sal, the traffic is -- >> moderate. there are a couple of things causing slowdowns in the last hour or so. let's start off with 280 in san jose. 280 traffic northbound doesn't look bad as you drive up to san jose from -- drive to cupertino from downtown san jose. you can see that traffic will be busy driving up through 101, 280 and 85. not quite as busy as yesterday but still slow traffic there. also looking at the peninsula.
8:02 am
northbound 101 at embarcadero we had an earlier accident. as we look at san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looks okay approaching the 80 split. at the bay bridge toll plaza -- we're going to talk about the toll plaza in a second. northbound 880 near 23, we had an accident. and traffic is slower than usual on 880 trying to get into downtown oakland. 580 is slow through lake shore. i still might use it instead of this freeway. and finally at the bay bridge, it is backed up for 25 minutes. 8:02 back to the desk. a teen has been arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer. >> he drove a vehicle that looked like an unmarked police officer. christien kafton is joining us live with more on the story. christien. >> reporter: yeah. no telling where this could have gone if that victim had fallen for this incident. we will get to tips about what to do if you suspect that you're being pulled over by a fake officer. first details about this case.
8:03 am
first that the victim in this case suspected that these were fake officers. and what happened next is that real officers got involved and made real arrests. this all happened after midnight early this morning. the victim says he was driving near 106th avenue when he was pulled over by someone in an official looking car, a similar make and model to many department authentic vehicles. the victim heard a siren and stopped. that is when the driver got out of the crown vic and approached the car. the teen driver was pulling a hood over his head. that set off alarm bells. the intended victim took off and the suspects took off as well and that is when the victim turned the tables on the suspects. >> so the victim, wanting to try to get the best identification on the suspect vehicle as possible actually followed the suspect car, trying to get a license plate. >> reporter: now, alameda county deputies later spotted the vehicle and pulled it over
8:04 am
for an unrelated traffic violation. that deputy was able to put two and two together and figured it was the fake police car. the driver was arrested for impersonating a police officer. an 18-year-old was also arrested. two young people were detained and released from the crown vic. if you suspect that you're being pulled over by a fake officer there, are steps to take. that includes calling 911 to verify with the dispatcher that is a legitimate pull-over. you should pull over because if it is a real officer, you don't want to evade arrest. we talked with the lieutenant earlier this morning. he said in his 25-plus years on the force, this is a very rare incident. he says in his memory, he's only known this to happen five or six times in more than 20 years. so, again, it is rare but it does occasionally happen. >> thank you, christien. increased security expected at milpitas high school and counseling for students and
8:05 am
staff there after a student brought a gun to school. >> ktvu's azenith smith says there were two other reports just this week of similar incidents at bay area school snooze police on campus, something that no parent wants to see. >> you have your kids texting you, mom, school is on lockdown. >> reporter: she is breathing a sigh of relief that her daughter, a freshman at milpitas, was told by teachers to shelter inside after a school resource officer called police reporting that a student had a gun on campus. >> i was really scared because he could have shot anyone if he was mad. >> reporter: sky fox was overhead shortly after. within minutes, police arrived. the nearby elementary and middle schools were also placed on lockdowns. >> the officers went into the bathroom and found the student. he did have a handgun on his person and he was taken into custody. he was cooperative and did not aresist arrest. >> reporter: this is the third time this week that a student was caught with a firearm.
8:06 am
on monday in pleasanton a student was arrested after he brought a loaded gun. on tuesday at twin creeks elementary in san ramon, an 8- year-old brought a loaded gun, showing it to other students. his father is facing several charges including child endangerment. at milpitas high, police would not say how he got the gun or his intention. some students say they want schools to be more involved. >> someone is afraid to go to school, they would have to bring a gun. that's what is worrying me the most. >> someone brought a weapon to school and it could potentially hurt somebody into for this parent, it triggered fear and anxiety. she plans to talk to her daughter about guns, a conversation she didn't think she would have to have at this age. >> it is not a toy. you see all of these things happening in the world. and come on. >> reporter: azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news.
8:07 am
now, according to california's education code, possessing, supplying or selling a firearm will result in automatic suspension and the possibility of expulsion. what do you think of the punishment? 55% say it is too strict. 33% say it is not strict enough. 62% of you say it seems about right. let us know what you think by voting on twitter or also leave comments for us on the ktvu facebook page. cal fire expenses to have the four large north bay wildfires 100% contained by tonight. they have been working nonstop for two and a half weeks to get to this point. the overnight reports show the atlas fire already 98% contained and the other three fires are all about 95% contained. more than 100 people are still living in shelters, two weeks after the fires. many wonder when they will find a place to live. dina smith and her family lost their apartment near clearlake and staying at the fairgrounds
8:08 am
in santa rosa. red cross staff members don't know how long it will be open. her husband is a disabled veteran and she worries how to care for her family if that shelter closes. >> it does frighten me because the american red cross, they're going to close down at any given time. and we were just in a meeting where they told us, we will give you 24-hour notice. i have no idea what i'm going to do with my family. i don't know what i'm going to do with my kids. i don't know. i am so uncertain about tomorrow that i've been trying to focus on today. because today right now is all i have. >> sonoma county leaders are looking into various housing opposites, lifting regulations on temporary housing and a camp. fema is being asked to clarify policies for those requesting federal aid. five democratic congressmen say some eligible for aid are worried about deportation.
8:09 am
they're asking fema to confirm that information will be used to seek immigration status of those applying. they are asking for an explanation of any conditions fema would have for sharing personal information with u.s. immigration and customs enforcement or ice. the time is 7:09. in less than two hours, general admission tick hes will go on for a concert to help those affected by the wildfires. the concert is set for november 9th at at&t park. tickets range from $50 to $200. some people bought advanced sale tickets yesterday. now you can go to the web links section of and we posted a link where to buy them online starting at 10:00 this morning. apple's newest and most expensive iphone is available for presale. we are learning how much it will cost to repair if it gets damaging. pricing was unveiled today. if you don't have the extended
8:10 am
warranty, repairs will cost 279 to $549. and that's on top of the $1,000 price tag for the phone. phones hit stores next friday. because of production delays, it may take two or three weeks for you to receive the preorders. the wine country is working to get back to normal almost three weeks after the fires began in the north bay. in just 20 minutes, all aboard the napa valley wine train. the campaign to show that the wine country is open for business. and top honors given to san francisco. up next, some of the things that have made it the coolest city in the country. try. good morning. we still have slow traffic and a couple of crashes out there that have made things a little extra slow on some freeways. we will tell you where.
8:11 am
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first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
8:13 am
>> police in berkeley have released a photo of a man they're searching for who reportedly knocked someone down with his car during a road rage incident. back on october 19th, the man was driving in a white mercedes when the passenger from another car starting yelling at him saying he was driving erratically. the driver of the mercedes stopped the car, got out and started punching the passenger through an open window. then the two drivers plus the passenger started arguing outside of the vehicles. that's when the suspect got back in his car and pulled forward, knocking the victim over. the suspect then drove off. police say the victim suffered minor injuries and will be okay. but they want help in finding
8:14 am
the drier. bart is cracking down on fare cheats. the board of directors approved a new ordinance last night that requires riders to provide a valid proof of payment. more than 400,000 people ride bart on any given workday. bart says the figure should be higher by $25 million. beginning january 1st, bart officers will start using card readers to check fare passes. >> setting up next to fair gates or go into trains and they will be checking everybody in a particular area of the bart system. >> now, if someone is caught evading a fare, the citation will be $75. juveniles will pay $50. for those that can't afford the fine, there is the option for community service. coming up at 9:15, 2 investigates candice nguyen has more on the issues with the company behind the project and
8:15 am
the delays in getting bart's new train cars on track. san francisco is now the coolest city in the country. forbes magazine in conjunction with the website sperlings best places gave the bay area the top honors. what makes it so cool, the amount of nonchain restaurants, the number of coffee shops, bars and clubs and the share of the population between the ages of 25 and 34. rounding out the top five of cool cities, seattle, san diego, new orleans and portland. so there you have four of the five on the west coast. >> that's right. 8:15. let's get you to where you need to go. i don't know that we needed a study to tell us that san francisco is cool. >> it is nice it is on the list. good. if you're trying to drive to san francisco or anywhere in the bay area for that matter, things are a little better for the morning community we will start in the east bay. take a look at 24 in lafayette
8:16 am
westbound. it was a little slower. now it is beginning to break free a little bit which is a good sign as we get closer to the 9:00 hour. on fridays, we have a commute that is kind of like it used to be, whereby 9:00, most of these commutes start winding down. that is certainly not the case for the first four days of the traditional workweek. let's talk about the bay bridge and the approach on the east shore freeway. 35-minute time is pretty good. yesterday at this time it was almost double. not quite but a lot more. this is a look at the west bound bay bridge. it is a little slow. we had a minor accident at the toll plaza. 880 is slow as well. and the silicon valley commute is now getting a little bit more crowded on 101, 280 and 85. 8:16. let's bring in steve. >> thank you, sal. we have fog near the coast and coming underneath the golden gate bridge. it might be on a couple of the spans or at least some of the towers. mainly underneath the bridge. fog near the coast. sunny away. one more warm to hot day away
8:17 am
from the coast. the trend will be to cool it down here over the next couple of days. into the weekend, sunday everybody will notice it. continue it into next week. by this time next week i'll be talking about a pattern change that looks colder with rain on the way. 71 to 65 in half moon bay. city from 85 to 78. monterey from 85 to 77. but i mean denver was 13 degrees this morning. they're now a warm 24. 33 in minneapolis with snow. oklahoma city, 37. even chicago is at 38 degrees. that's why the reason why, a big dome of high pressure on the west coast must be driving something down in the middle of the country. that is what is happening. snow moving back into iowa. very cold pattern here. it looks like the next couple of days the pattern will start to change a little bit. it is a slow process for us. even though the fog has come back. that will start the process as well. again, inland it will take another day. there is still a slight easterly breeze for some in the
8:18 am
higher elevations. although it is turning westerly closer to the coast and bay. around the bay, you can find 56 in berkeley. one observation oakland 56. others in the low 60s. san francisco has really big differences here around the presidio, 53. sunset, 54. low 630s farther east. officially downtown it is 59. this low will work its way towards us over the weekend. mainly central and southern california but enough to lift that fog. i think by sunday morning, we will have a huge fog bank. that will allow even inland areas to not only the coast but the bay and also the valleys to cool down as we see the pattern finally break down. it's been a long process. this has been a strong area of high pressure that is locked in. 70s and 80s to near 90 for at least one more forecast stretch here. then after today, i think that will be it for the 90s. at least on the 10 to 15-day outlook. nothing that shows that after today. the cooling starts on the cove, parts of the bay and everyone over the weekend. >> wrap up the warm
8:19 am
temperatures and put it way. >> i think it is time. >> so you can safely put the fan back in the garage. i brought it back up. >> that is correct. >> okay. thank you. >> thanks, steve. nearly a month since the mass shooting in las vegas. there is a new mural to honor the victims. up next, we hear from the artist behind it.
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> bay area congress woman jackie spear is opening up
8:22 am
about being part of sexual harassment on capitol hill. >> i know what it is like to keep these things deep down inside. i know what it's like to lie awake in bed wondering if i was the one who did something wrong. >> she post this had video on her twitter account. she talked candidly about being a congressional aid aide and being held down and forcibly kissed by the chief of staff. she felt shame and anger. she says sexual harassment and misconduct occur in congress. she authored a bill that was rejected that would make those take anti-harassment training. ashley judd is talking about her encounter with harvey weinstein 20 years ago when he made unwanted sexual advances. judd was only able to escape after making a deal about sex. >> and finally i just said when i win an oscar in one of your movies, okay? and he's like yeah when you get nominated. i said no when i win an oscar.
8:23 am
and then i just fled. and then i just fled. >> judd says it happened when she had gone to meet weinstein at a hotel for what was supposed to be a business meeting but was told that he was waiting for her in his hotel room. in anent view with diane sawyer, she talked about how she confronted weinstein years later when she had come into her own and found her voice. >> he looked at me across the table and said, you know, ashley, i'm going to let you out of that little agreement we made. and i said you do that, harvey. you do that. and he has spat my name at me ever since. >> she was the first among dozens of women to come forward accusing harvey weinstein of sexual harassment or assault. he is now under criminal investigation for rape allegations in new york, london and los angeles. she would tell weinstein that he is sick and suffering and it is up to him to get the help he needs. last night the u.s.
8:24 am
government released documents relating to the assassination of president kennedy. the papers were posted online in compliance with a 1992 law requiring their release after 25 years. but not all of the documents were released last night. president trump decided to hold back some of the documents because the fbi and cia said they wanted to take another close look at them. they're now expect to be released on a rolling basis over the next six months. >> you know, if we don't get this information before those of us who lived through it die, it's going to feed the conspiracy theories forever. >> the documents that have been released show the fbi knew about a meeting lee harvey oswald had in mexico a month before the shooting. another document shows the fbi received a death threat against oswald the day before he was killed. now to las vegas where there's a new mow moral for the victims of a mass shooting there at a country music
8:25 am
festival. >> the artist says the tragedy affected the whole community. >> reporter: it took him 17 hours to put together this mural. he started it sunday night, going into monday morning with four other friends, putting together a tribute that many hope will last a lifetime. 58 hearts reading 58 names. at the end of the wall, a message. >> october 1st is a day that vegas will never forget. this wall is for the angels? he is a graffiti artist. he usually paints for childhood cancer, an issue close to his heart. >> it took me and four other graffiti writers from las vegas to get down on this wall for 17 hours. >> reporter: he got permission from homeowners and got to work on a giant mural to honor the shooting victims. >> it was done out of heart and by the people for the community, put together by me but i used people to do it. you know what i mean. >> reporter: in the days
8:26 am
following the reveal, people stopped by to look at the wall. >> pretty emotional looking at everything out here and putting names to all of the victims. >> if we didn't know someone directly we know somebody who knew somebody and it touches us all. >> reporter: i acolorful display for the community meant to honor the victims and their families. >> to the families that lost a victim, vegas has got your back. the tragedy happened here but we as a people have got your back, man. >> reporter: he dedicates a lot of his free time to helping out with childhood cancer. in just a few hours, officials in santa cruz county will be giving us an update on the bear fire. in a moment what we're now hearing about a criminal investigation and the imminent arrest of the person suspected of starting the bear fire. plus, an emotional return to class this morning for thousands of students here in santa rosa. they have not been at school for nearly three weeks since
8:27 am
the destructive wildfires here in the north bay. we will tell you about the support they're being offered as they return to class today. it continues to be a moderate commute as we look at one of the busiest freeways here in the bay area. you can tell it is slow. and on the right-hand side of your screen, look at that, that is a little unusual. we will tell you what is going on with eastbound 80. no fog seen there. but it is on parts of the coast and making a move under the golden gate. it is on its way. but one more very warm day inland. and then cooler weather will kick in on the weekend. we will show you how much.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> the time is 8:29. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this friday. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. let's get the forecast and turn
8:30 am
it over to steve. >> cooler. >> cooler. >> weekend. yes. the fog is there. main impact today will be coast and parts of the bay. inland will have a warm day. half moon bay will be down from 71 to 65. the city, 85 to 78. santa cruz, 92 yesterday to 81 today. monterey from 85 to 77. san jose looks like forecast high if it comes in at 88 would tie a record high of 88 set in 2003. they had a record high of 91 yesterday. compared to no fog or at all for the last couple of days, this is progress if you're looking for cooler temps. it may take a while for some inland. everyone out to the valley will be in on the cooldown. the low is working its way towards us. that will enhance the fog bank. 60s, 70s, 80sand a few upper 80s. sal, the usual slow. >> we have a crash on eastbound interstate 880. unusual slow. that's what gets people.
8:31 am
east near gillman. we're in tight on the shot i'm going to show you. right after gillman really. i can put an arrow here. you see this is the slow traffic. look at right there after it is actually good traffic. so that's where the traffic is. now, if we can back up a little bit, i'll show you what it is doing to the traffic here on east 80. it will be slow. unusually slow coming out of the emryville area. it is not usually this way. usually this is pretty light. obviously this is having an effect on the traffic. westbound a little bit of slowing past the scene. still about a 35-minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge, there is a small -- well, a small to middle sized backup, 15 to 20 minutes. the nimitz freeway, slow traffic heading down to fremont. in the silicon valley, we are filling in on all of the commutes getting up to cupertino. 8:31, back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. thousands of students have
8:32 am
returning back to school after the wildfires three weeks ago. >> alex savidge is live outside of a school. >> reporter: a lot of help for the students. these students are trying to return to something that feels normal after an incredibly difficult time. pinier high school where we are this morning is back in class. this is one of 13 schools here in santa rosa that reopened today. let me show you the scene from an hour ago. an emotional return to class for students this morning. lots of hugs and tears as well. there are counselors on the campus today to help students who are coping with the trauma of this disaster. the principal tells me at least 80 students at pinier high school lost their homes in the fire. it could be even more students than that when it is all said and done. there were also seven staff members whose homes burned as well. i talked with a senior here
8:33 am
named alex tate whose home burned down in the coffee park neighborhood, not far away from him. coming back to class for him is an important step towards recovery. >> it is nice to be back. it is good for the whole community to be together. we obviously had a struggle the last three weeks. coming together as a community makes it a lot easier to support each other. >> i think it is important coming back and having that socialization because a lot of people haven't had that, especially me. especially me. >> reporter: these are the 13 schools here in seat rosa that will reopen today. nine elementary schools, one middle school, two high schools including pinier high school and also a charter school in the city. as you can imagine after the destructive fires, specifically the tubbs fire, that forced the
8:34 am
closure of several dozen schools. these 13 schools reopened this morning. and then on monday, you guys, another 11 school here in the city of santa rosa will also be reopening again. >> alex savidge live there in the north bay. thank you, alex. today cal fire expects to have 100% containment on the four largest fires there burning in the north bay. in the meantime officials in wine country are working to revive the local economy. >> tom went on the wine tree as the push begins to get tourists to come back to town. >> reporter: five napa valley mayors, two napa county supervisors and state senator bill dodd invited the media in for tourism to return sooner than later because this is usually the busiest time of the year. >> it is important to the local economy. they are open for business. >> the bulk of our workforce are not wealthy people. it has been very important that we get the word out because we
8:35 am
had to shut the train down for a week. >> reporter: the wine train carried 65 paying passengers, far short of the 270 passenger capacity per trip. the pullman cars travel along the railway first made during the gold rush, making two runs a day. >> i called last week and they were shut down. i called again and they said they were back open. i wanted to do it. today is our anniversary. >> reporter: the two main reasons that not nearly enough folks are coming, one, concerns about the quality of the air. and two, whether the napa valley has been totally destroyed. >> the air quality is great. and it has been and will be. and the valley of the floor, which is really what visitors experience, is completely in tact. >> i think you gain if you come now. you're more likely to get into the restaurant that you couldn't normally get into in october. you can get into hotels that you could just wake up on saturday and say i think i'll go to napa today. and the wineries are the same way. >> reporter: and that's true
8:36 am
from napa in the south to calistoga in the north. >> we've been known in the hospitality community since the late 1800s. that's how we make our living. >> reporter: agriculture areas are always subject to ups and downs. her family lost three homes to the fire but had no intention of leaving ever. >> we're planted in napa. we're happy to be in napa, to be on the vineyards that my kids have grown-up with. >> reporter: there is a reason that people come from all over the planet to visit this true slice of paradise. tom, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up in our 9:00 hour on the 9, we will be talking with a representative from sonoma county and the mayor of calistoga about what is happening in the areas as the banner message for napa and sonoma counties is they are open for business and they welcome you this weekend and far beyond. later this morning the sheriff's department says it will announce the imminent arrest of a person suspected of
8:37 am
starting the bear fire. first responders recognized the suspicious nature of the fire when it first sparked up. it began 11 days ago as a house fire in boulder creek. it burned 391 acres and cal fire declared it fully contained last night. san jose's mayor sam liccardo just rushed from a trip to paris and working on flood cleanup for the city. >> jessie gary is live outside of city hall on this friday morning. hello, gary. >> reporter: you mentioned that the mayor just returned from paris a couple of days ago. tell me, a quick trip just two days. what took you to paris? >> well, i was speaking on a panel that the bloomberg if i lan though ehosts. we have been working with their organization around a host of issues, focusing on how to use technology and data to improve city services as well as climate change, which is a key issue for them and us as we're
8:38 am
about to launch a clean air program and it will make us the largest city in the country for consumers to choose the sourcing of their electricity. >> is this similar to the discussions in the city about improving san jose, making it safer, making it cleaner. >> yeah. the smart city vision was built on the work that some folks in mike blood countberg's office started. steve goldsmith. and many other folks who have helped inform us, give us the expertise that we need to get the tools off of ground. including my san jose app which you can download for free on your smart phone to help us clean up our city. >> reporter: we call that a plug. >> that is a plug. i couldn't resist. >> reporter: exactly. you mentioned that bloomberg kind of started this. this is a case of, you know, the cart now pulling the horse? it looks like now you're taking the lead as opposed to the other way around. >> we have the benefit of serving the most innovative community on the planet obviously. it is just a question of how
8:39 am
city hall can become as innovative as the community we serve. we benefit enormously from members of the community have lent their ideas and hard work in helping to move forward with many of the initiatives. for example, we're launching now a data driven approach to improving our ability for health and safety violations and housing. even though we have a thin code enforcement staff by using economy metrics we are able to identify the most likely homes that will encounter safety issues. >> reporter: okay. switching -- pivoting to a different topic. later this morning, you will be out. people in san jose may see you in the middle of the street. we want to assure people that the mayor is not wandering aimlessly. there is a method to the madness. what is happening today. >> along with our beautify sj, we are donating a million dollars to clean up the street.
8:40 am
this are frequently traveled areas. we're seeing too much trash or grocery stores fit e. and we have crews out there starting to clean up. so we have been pushing hard on caltrans for them to do their jobs on the freeways where they have jurisdiction. we're trying to do our job and we're launching free apps to enable our residents to be part of the solution. where they can easily take a photo for example of the illegal dumping or the abandoned vehicle, send it to us and we can respond immediately. >> reporter: thank you, mayor, for joining us early for our friday chat. we will see you again not in november because your schedule is tied up but we will pick up again in tuesday. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> reporter: it starts at 11:30. >> yes. come join us. >> reporter: in a suit. thank you, mayor. that is the latest outside of san jose city hall. jessie gary, ktvu fox 2. back to you in oakland. >> great information, jessie, thank you. concern over the rising cost of rent in the bay area. we will bring in a representative from a real estate firm to really analyze why people are moving out of
8:41 am
the area, frying to afford a place to live and which areas are actually seeing drops in rent. ♪
8:42 am
that one. this. that one. ♪ ♪ ( ♪ ) ( ♪ ) (gasp, shriek) to the next generation of greats... i got it over! we're excited to meet you.
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♪[music] ♪ december tinning nation unknown ♪ ♪
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♪ destination unknown ♪ >> rancid is also paying at the big benefit for north bay fire victims. it will be metallica, it is also dave matthews band, a few other bands. tickets go on sale this morning. that has been the theme for traffic jams. thank you, kristin. came off of twitter. as always, if there's a song that you want to hear on fridays, i play your requests every friday morning. use the #ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. the san jose city council will vote on a rent control maze newer a few weeks. its research shows a growing gap between rents and wages and rapidly pushing many families to the breaking point. the group announced the findings during a rally yesterday at san jose city hall. this report adds fuel to the rent control debate happening in san jose. >> the gap between what it
8:45 am
takes to actually afford the average apartment in san jose versus what renters are making in san jose has grown by three times. >> we recognize there there is a significant issue with the shortage of housing. >> the city san jose city council will consider a measure that ties increases to the rise of inflation. we're happy to be joined by patrick carlisle with paragon real estate group. thank you for joining us. we're bringing you in because of a report that we had yesterday that cities such as walnut creek, petaluma and mountain view are seeing rent increases where other cities such as oakland and berkeley are seeing significant drops in the price of rent. what do you see happening in the bay area rental market? >> well, mountain view a little bit of an exception.
8:46 am
it is a smaller market and in the middle of silicon valley. i'm surprised it went up. there wasn't a lot of data. it is what happened in the for sale market. that the centers of the -- of the high tech boom, san francisco and san mateo in particular and of course northern santa clara went crazy. the rents went crazy. and what the pressure started to push out from that center. first it pushed out to the oakland alameda area. and now it is pushing out further, both north and south and west. no. east. no place to go west. >> patrick, we're talking jumps of up to 12% here. that is hard enough for working families to absorb, let alone low-income households. gasia read a story about rent control measure prior to introducing. how does it stop? do you ever see it stopping in the future in the bay area?
8:47 am
when you talk about stanislav petrov, mountain creek, you're talking about the entire bay area. >> renters have gotten the shortened of the stick over the last six, seven years. homeowners and landlords for that matter had a huge advantage from interest rates going way down and they also got the advantage of appreciation. for renters that meant higher costs with no tax advantages. what we are starting to see is in oakland and alameda and san francisco is that investors are coming in and building thousands and thousands of new apartment units. and in 2015, the rents peaked there. and they actually started to fog in 2016. probably have fallen 5 to 10% over the last year and a half or so. there are still many, many thousands of rental units in the construction pipeline.
8:48 am
investors are really piling in. that of course is what is driving the reduction in rents. a huge increase in supply. unfortunately they're not elevate -- building affordable housing. they're building high- endapartments. where a studio could cost $3,500. that is not cheap for anyone's reckoning. >> what do you expect to happen in the very large area impacted by the north bay wildfires? >> that's a very good question. probably the for sale market, the nuances there are different because people who lost their homes, they're not going to go out and buy a new home immediately. they can't. they don't have the money. they still have a mortgage. they have a devastated lot. the pressure will really be on the rental markets in other parts of sonoma and in the counties nearby, especially those that have rent prices that are in the ballpark of sonoma. so northern marin will probably
8:49 am
be hit hard as the thousands of people desperately look for, you know, homes as they try to figure out what the next step will be. whether that's rebuilding or getting an insurance settlement and selling their lots or whatever. but, you know, there's no easy solution. because it is all supply and demand. even if land lords don't have any urge to rent gouge, when people are desperate, they wave checks in the air and outbid each a which is what we saw in san francisco, san mateo and oakland when the high tech hiring boom was really in full throttle. >> all right, patrick. we appreciate your time. you mentioned northern marin may see some people moving into there and the market going up because of the fires. a one-bedroom in petaluma, $2,180 right now. that could jump. 5% of santa rosa housing gone because of the fires. >> very difficult. let's help you get out the
8:50 am
door. a lot of people would trade less in pay for a shorter commute. we have to take that into consideration as well. >> that is true. right now we have ai couple of things that are not looking that good. quickly let's go to east 80. it is not usually this way. there's an accident with an overturned vehicle at gillman eastbound. that's why traffic is slow from the maze up to gillman. we also see 280 is okay. we have an accident northbound 85 this morning coming up to highway -- to fremont avenue. i just got a text from someone who drives there. 85 is a mess getting into cupertino and sunnyvale. at 8:50, let's bring in steve. >> thank you, sal. fog coming back to parts of the coast and a little bit the in bay. it will start the trend of a cooler pattern. you can see it right there. plenty there. running into resistance to make any move inland. i would think that would happen saturday night, sunday morning. it will start a cooling trend. back into the 60s for many. 40s and 50s to upper 50s on the
8:51 am
temps. with that little low to the west/southwest is on its way. that will enhance the fog bank over the weekend that will equal a inch cooler pattern. one more warm day inland. 50s and 60sand 70s for the bay. the cooling will be for all by early next week. >> thank you, steve. two women rescued after months lost at sea. up next, how they survived their five-month-long ordeal.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> the time is 8:53. the u.s. navy rescued two women and their dogs all stranded in the pacific ocean for months. they lost their engine in bad weather in late may but thought they could sail to their destination. they started sending distress calls but no one answered. they prepared for the long trip and had water purifies on board and a year's worth of food,
8:54 am
mostly dried goods. a taiwanese fishing boat spotted them and alerted the coast guard. a navy war ship picked them up on wednesday. back to our coverage of the north bay wildfire and the recovery effort. there is an event for families in the coffee park area of santa rose that was just devastated. the tubbs fire wiped out rows and rows of homes across the entire neighborhood. residents are vowing to rebuild. one way to get back inform normal is holding community- oriented events such as the halloween celebration set for tonight. it starts at 6:00 tonight and throughout the coffee park neighborhood and surrounding areas. halloween weekend begins tonight and some are rushing to find the best costume to go to parties. managers say the business is picking up this week as people look for last-minute costumes. popular costumes include police officers, firefighters, and the commander in chief.
8:55 am
>> i don't really know. it's very hard. >> the donald trump combover looked good. >> what do you think? >> weird. >> other popular costumes this year include superheros such as wonder woman. we would love to see your halloween costumes, home made or store bought. send us your pictures with the tvu or post them on facebook. we will show some photos next tuesday which of course is halloween morning. a common sight at every major sporting event. in a moment, we will take you inside the new generation of the goodyear blimp. how it is smoother ride than those in the past.
8:56 am
we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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>> the goodyear tire company is unveiling the new blimp. it is 246 feet long. it seats 12 people comfortably. it offers a much smoother ride than past blimps. the pilot is taylor dean. >> it holds 300,000 cubic feet of helium. all of the interviews that you go through, they hired me. >> goodyear officials say it operates more like a helicopter than a ship-like blimp. much easier to control and tops out at 73 miles per hour. since 1917, goodyear has built 300 blimps. the world series continues tonight in houston. tied at one game a piece. 64% of the time the team that wins the third game when tied, goes on to win the series.
8:59 am
pregame coverage of the word series starts at 4:30 this afternoon. if you're looking for more news, turn over to ktvu plus at 4:30. both the raiders and 49ers are flying off to the east coast for tough road games this sunday. they are taking on the buffalo bills. 10:00 pacific time. the raiders are feeling much better about themselves after beating the chiefs on thursday night. last thursday night. on the final play of the game. the resurgent buffalo bills are 4-2 and a field goal favorite over the raiders. the 49ers have a sunday morning kickoff early. they can they will take on the philadelphia eagles. odds makers not giving the 49ers a chance after they were beaten badly by the cowboys 40- 10. they are an underdog by two touchdowns. one interesting note, the super bowl contending eagles are in need of a left tackle. there is talk that they may
9:00 am
interested in joe staley. the game starts 10:00 sunday morning. >> welcome to the 9. fog coming across the golden gate.


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