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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 27, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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started the bear fire. what led to the arrest. a teenager in the space arrested after posing as an up -- a police officer. bart said it's losing nearly $25 million a year to fair aviators. the new plan to crack down on people who are not paying. good afternoon. a few moments ago investigators announced they arrested a man who they say intentionally set the bear fire. >> we were there as the announcement was made. >> reporter: during our coverage we told you about a man who was arrested for looting his neighbors homes as the evacuated. now sheriff's investigator cell is the same man has been arrested for starting the bear fire. let's take a look at our video. this is 54-year-old marlon dale
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coy. he's in the county jail being held on $800,000 bail. he is charged with arson causing utterly andrew lee and burglary. investigators say an argument between him and three other men led marlon coy to start the fire. that fire grew into the bear fire which was officially named on october 16. at its height the fire grew to 391 acres, destroyed two homes, four out structures, 17 cars and forcing 150 residents to evacuate. 13 firefighters were injured fighting the bear fire. >> rarely have i seen a more reckless action than those committed by this depraved man. if not for the heroic efforts by first responders, he could easily be facing murder charges today. >> reporter: coil will be arraigned either monday or tuesday of next week. investigators say they are looking into this case and more
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charges could be pending. we will have more on this later this afternoon. a teenager under arrest for posting as a police officer in san leandro. >> christien kafton explains how authorities track down the alleged in prosser. alleged in prosser. a victim tells san leandro police, someone tried to pull him over but something seemed off. that's when he called the real police and those officers later made a pair of arrests. the victim tells police he was driving your bancroft when he was pulled over by someone in an official -looking silver ford crown victoria. a similar make and model to many authentic police vehicles. the victim said he saw a siren, saw flashing light and stop. driver got out of the crown victoria and approached his car. >> the victim noticed the
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person getting out of the car was wearing a sweatshirt with a hood. the person put the hood over his head. the victim at that point realized this was not an officer . fearing for his safety the victim drove away. >> the victim said the suspects took off. >> reporter: that's when the victim turned the tables on the suspects. he followed them to get a license plate and provided a vehicle description. deputies later spotted the vehicle and pulled over for an unrelated traffic violation. the deputy on scene put two together and realized it was the fake police car. the teenage driver was arrested for impersonating an officer. a second adult in the car was arrested on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. two other people were detained and released. police are saying if you suspect you are pulled over by a fake officer there are steps you can take. >> you should take steps to call 911 from your cell phone. slow your vehicle down so an
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officer, if it is a legitimate stop, does not feel like you are trying to evade. put your headlights on -- put your hazard lights on and drive to a well lit area. >> reporter: officer say instances like this are rare. they can only recall five or six times this happening. there is increased security at milpitas high school after a student brought a gun to school on thursday. students and staff sheltered in place after the reports came in. two other schools were also on lockdown. the student who had the gun turned it over to officers. investigators have not said why he had the gun. number was hurt but parents and students say hearing about it was frightening. >> you send them to school thinking they are safe and next thing you know your kid is texting you that they are under lockdown. >> i was really scared. he could've just shot anyone if he was mad. >> similar incidents happened
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that two other schools this way. the village high school in pleasanton in san ramon's twin creeks elementary. the father of the elementary school student is facing charges of child endangerment. jackie spear is opening up about being the victim of sexual harassment on capitol hill. >> i know what it's like to keep these things hated deep down inside. i know what it's like to lie awake in bed at night wondering if i was the one who had done something wrong. i know what it's like -- >> she posted this video on her twitter page. she talked about being a congressional aide and being held down and forcibly touched by the chief of staff. she said she felt shame and anger. she said sexual harassment and misconduct occurred in congress and later authored a bill that was rejected that would have required lawmakers and aides to take antiharassment training. president trump is responding to the san francisco billionaire who has vowed to spend $10 million in advertising calling for his impeachment. early this morning the
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president tweeted -- wacky and totally unhinged tom steyer who has been fighting me and my make america great again again agenda from the beginning never wins elections. the tweet now put stier's name on a national level. there is speculation he could run for governor of california or against dianne feinstein for her seat. earlier he had an impeachment rally in san francisco and launched ads calling for the president's impeachment he contends president trump is pushing the u.s. toward nuclear war, obstructing justice at the fbi and threatening to shut down news organizations he does not like. tom steyer asked the was to call congress and tell them to introduce articles of impeachment. james mattis is making a warning about the threat from north korea. >> this comes after his first visit to the demilitarized zone in days before the president departs for the region.
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>> reporter: defense secretary james mattis visiting the korean border this morning amid heightened tensions over the north's nuclear program and the war of words between president trump and kim jung-un. >> behind me to the north, and oppression regime that shackles its people denying their freedoms, welfare and human dignity in pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means of delivery in order to threaten others with catastrophe. >> reporter: his visit to south korea paves the way for prom's much anticipated trip to the region next week. the white house said the president will not visit the dmz however when asked about it earlier this week, the president did not rule out a stop. >> the dmz, yes or no? >> i'd rather not say but you will be surprised. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence believes the north korean regime is closer than ever to achieving its goal of a nuclear capable ballistic missile which
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could strike the mainland united states. >> as the u.s. secretary of state tillerson has made clear, our goal is not war but rather the complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> reporter: president trump is scheduled to leave for his asian tour next friday. it's expected to be dominated by the nuclear threat posed by north korea. two women and the dogs are recovering after being stranded for months at sea. they were trying to sell from hawaii to tahiti. they lost their engine in may but thought they could still sail to their destination. two months later they started sending distress calls but no one answered. they prepared for a long trip and had water purifiers onboard in more than a year's worth of food. a taiwanese fishing boat stopped them 900 miles south of japan and alerted the coast guard. the uss ashland picks them up
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on wednesday. back to school in santa rosa. hundreds of students in class for the first time since the fires. the heartfelt return for teachers and their classes and the help that's being offered to students who are still in shock. cooler weather across much of the bay area. we will bring in meteorologist rosemary orozco as she details the weekend forecast.
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outside this afternoon, another beautiful day. temperatures continuing to turn downward, especially on the coast where we now have fog. a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge and you can see how shallow the deck is as it slides under the bridge. we will have the fog and low clouds along the coast today. as we get into the weekend it will begin to creep across the bay and into the east bay by the second half of the weekend. even though we are experiencing a cool down, we are taking baby steps. eventually we will get to some mild weather even for inland communities. here is a view of the cloud cover from above. a pocket near point reyes of clearing and down through santa cruz we also have some cleaning. half moon bay, pacifico and ocean beach are covered in great. the future cast model will show you the low clouds again.
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a few patches inside the bay and that will be about it. into the afternoon, sunny away from the coast. this is sunday. as we start the morning it will move in, perhaps a little over the north bay but it will be the coast where it sticks for the entire weekend. temperatures at this hour in the 70s. mid 60s at the coast with cloud cover. 71, san francisco. 70s around the bay. 74 in hayward. 82 and concord. temperatures are down slightly. for many you may not even notice it. a few degrees in mountain view. where we are feeling the change is on the coast. as we get into the afternoon, very pleasant in sausalito. upper 70s and the forecast. upper 80s for warmer locations.
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88 four santa rosa. upper 70s and low 80s and the east bay. 82, oakland. upper 80s for brentwood. into the south bay, nice and warm. 88, san jose. along the peninsula, mid-80s expected in redwood city. a beautiful day in san francisco, upper 70s. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures continue to cool down into saturday and sunday. dry weather through halloween. very mild weather in place for halloween. we do have some rain insight by thursday and friday. we welcome that. between now and then, nice weather to enjoy. pg&e is reportedly pushing for its customers to pay the bill if the utility is found to be responsible for the north
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bay wildfires. the east bay times is reporting executives are urging state regulators to allow it to charge ratepayers when it comes to power lines causing wildfires. the utility is worried about billions of dollars in future liability tied to the fires in northern california. fema is asked to clarify its immigration policy verify victims requesting aid. five congressmen have signed a letter saying some people eligible for aid are concerned about deportation. the letter is asking fema to confirm that information from applicants will not be used to seek immigration status, their neighbors or family members. the letter is asking for an explanation of any conditions fema would have for sharing personal information with u.s. immigration and i.c.e. so many fire civitas need a place to live. many people are stepping up to
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help. >> debora villalon reports shipping containers donated from the burning man festival are being converted into temporary housing. >> this one is a queen. >> reporter: 40 foot shipping containers are divided into three rooms. each sleeps four. >> the come with a refrigerator and shelving and air conditioning or heating for the winter. >> reporter: the cubes came off the plot with a makeup camp epic. these were moved out of storage to santa rosa for fire evacuees to stay in. >> it meant a place where people can come to catch their breath. >> reporter: the 75 spots are already taken. >> we need to think outside the box. we do not have a lot of options. we didn't before this happened and we do not now. >> the bathrooms and the showers will be at the end of there. >> reporter: the property has power and water and the owners prepping the lot. >> the ones on the sides our sleeping quarters. the last one is the kitchen. >> reporter: he plans dining tents and a recreation area.
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>> some will really like it. with the tragedy that happened, a lot of people really want to be around people and having people to talk to and hang out with. >> reporter: across from the containers, hunter has made the rest of his property available to rv. he is letting this middle school teacher and her boyfriend live in his own camper since fire destroyed their home in coffey park. >> where would you be? >> house to house with friends. possibly a shelter. right now the closest rental is in phoenicia, vacaville and sacramento. >> reporter: an adjustment for the couple and their pets in this small face but the appreciate the amenities brought in to make it easier. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: this volunteer effort hopes to welcome its first families into the containers in about a week. counting on donations to buy bedding, towels, food and
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furnishing sophia victims don't have to. >> we want this to be stress- free and welcoming for them. we want to do all the heavy lifting. pavement done all the hard work. they've had to get through this. to stay in the village, first priority was given to families and staff. after that vacancies were extended to teachers and first responders. the containers can stay on the lot until next august. if you'd like to donate to oasis village or volunteer your time, you can find a link to the project on a website, the north bay is trying to rebuild -- begin the rebuilding process and kickstarting is a pivotal first step. the fires turned calistoga into a ghost town. all residents were ordered to evacuate but if you people did decide to stay which made calistoga's mayor not very happy. he gained attention when he said at a news conference that
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residents who did not evacuate would not be given life safety support. we spoke to the mayor this morning about how his city is bouncing back. >> we are here. the business is are here. the mountains are still beautiful. the wind, food and weather is great. respecting the fact of how fortunate we are. we want to be back in business to help our friends down valley and on the other side of the mountain. >> the fires heavily damaged the outskirts of calistoga but homes and businesses within the city limits were fairly unscathed.
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apple's newest and most expensive phone is now available for presale. it's an expensive fix if you damage the phone. pricing for the repair policy was revealed today. if you do not have the extended warranty repair it will cost anywhere from $279-$549. that's on top of the $1000 price tag for the phone. the phones will store november 3. because of production delays it could take another 2-3 weeks to receive the preorder. the cvs drugstore's chain is in talks to buy another chain. cvs is ready to pay $200 per
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share for aetna which is the nation's third-largest health insurance company. aetna shares jumped 10% on the report. cvs processes more than 1 billion prescriptions per year. the dow jones is doing well. microsoft and intel making their biggest gains in years. tech companies leading a stock market rally based on strong third-quarter earnings. the dow is doing well but the nasdaq is doing great. up almost 150 points. amazon is having a huge day of 13.5%. the company's workforce is expanded. amazon has 542,000 workers making it the second largest private employer in the country. amazon added 160,000 new workers last quarter but half of that number are workers that were added when it bought whole foods. amazon staff grew by 47% from
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this time last year. amazon change the way it reports revenue because of that whole foods deal. for the first time i broke down how much money it's taking in from all its brick-and-mortar stores. the whole foods deal closed at the end of august and the grocery store generated more money in a few weeks then its other stores for the entire quarter. that includes the 12 bookstores like the one at san jose santana row. a report seems to back up the theory that many bay area tech workers are moving to see out of. zillow said home prices in seattle are going up faster than in silicon valley. home prices in seattle are up 12.4% compared to a year ago. home prices in san jose rose 10%. homes in san francisco are appreciating slower than that at 6%. september marked the ninth
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month in a row where home values grew faster than any other metro region of the country. the san jose city council will vote on the rent control measure. tenants groups say it's research shows a gap between rents and wages is pushing many families to the breaking point. the group announced its findings during a rally yesterday at city hall. the report adds fuel to the rent control debate. >> the gap between what it takes to afford the average apartment in san jose versus what renters are making in san jose has grown by three times. >> we recognize there is a significant issue with the shortage of housing. and the shorting of housing has exacerbated the supply demand issue which has driven the market rate for tenants up. >> the san jose city council will meet november 14 to consider the measure that what i increases to the rate of inflation. new rules approved to prevent barred from losing money. what riders may be asked to prove by transit officials. n:3:3:3
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three weeks after the wildfires come in sonoma county will hold a day of remembrance tomorrow morning. organizers say it will be a time to reflect on the tragedy that occurred while still celebrating the community's unwavering spirit and honoring the heroes who stepped forward to stay -- save lives and property.
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the event starts at 11:00 tomorrow morning at santa rosa junior college on mendocino avenue. doors will open it 10:00. there will be a bellringing for the 42 people that died. thousands of students in santa rosa are back at school for the first time since the wildfires broke out. >> the fires first thousands of schools to shut down and left students and staff without a place to live. alex savidge was at piner high school today for the emotional first day back. >> reporter: there were hugs and tears this morning as students and staff arrived at piner high school in santa rosa. after three weeks of fear, sadness and uncertainty, today was a return to something resembling a normal life. >> i think it's important coming back and having that socialization. many people have not had that. especially me. >> reporter: the fires took a tough toll on the school community. more than 80 piner high school in's loss their homes including seniors alex and nick. >> it's hard every day. it has
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its ups and downs. it's good to come together and have your peers. >> i think it's good to finally get back so we can try to get back into our daily routine. see our teachers and friends so we can band together. >> reporter: they both lived in coffey park. with no place to stay, their families have now moved in with their friend. in the midst of this disaster, these three have gone from classmates to housemates. >> showing them that material stuff doesn't matter. friendship and family is what matters. it's cool to see that. they lost everything. i was crying about those stop. they did not care. we've been friends since fourth grade and they've been the nicest people to us. >> reporter: this high school is one of 13 schools that reopened today after the fires. a very challenging time for administrators. >> with something like this, it's far-reaching. it's touched all of us.
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personally within our own home. i evacuated with my children and i live in the community. the students are my neighbors. we have great losses. >> reporter: and there's a lot of help for students feeling worried or stressed. the school has set up several rooms where counselors are available. the students in this room all lost homes during the fire and are talking to each other, sharing stories. it's helpful to talk with people going through the same thing as you. and it's not just the students that are struggling. history teacher, zoe miller, lost her home to the tubbs fire . today's lesson, talking about what it means to recover. students and their teachers finally back in class, trying to figure out how to move
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forward. >> i think it's going to be tough for all of us. we will all come together and be strong. >> reporter: in santa rosa, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. vacation rental service airbnb is finding temporary housing for people who lost their homes in the fires. 1000 hosts have signed up to house displaced fire victims. there is no charge for the service. the housing is throughout the bay area. this program was set to expire monday but has been extended until mid-november. tickets are selling fast for next month concert benefiting wild fire victims. general admission tickets went on sale at 10 am. prices are between $50 and $200. the fundraiser at at&t park features big-name musical acts including metallica. also dave matthews. the concert will be held
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thursday, november 9 at at&t park. go to our website. we have a link where you can buy tickets. new information about lead levels and water at seven schools in oakland. the district began testing taps in august in advance of the state requirements. the schools with the badwater or glenview elementary, thornhill, brookfield, road fill, walking miller and bert walter as well as american indian charter high school. administrators at some of the schools said they were only recently informed of the findings. officials say the contamination is caused by lead and fixtures and pipes. oakland police and the fbi have identified the shooter responsible for killing a musician two years ago. they say he will not be prosecuted. emiliano nevarez had finished a performance with his band in oakland when he was hit by a stray bullet. investigators said they identified the gunman as dejour jamerson.
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they say he died last year. >> we do not have someone to prosecute. the person is deceased now because he was running from the cops on another case unrelated to this. it is something we hope brings some comfort to the family. we did not forget nor will we forget the victims here. >> the victim's mother said she's grateful to police and the fbi for solving the case and the person responsible is no longer a threat to anyone else. police in berkeley are searching for a man involved in a road rage incident. police say the a man was driving a white mercedes when a passenger from another car started yelling at him saying he was driving erratically. the driver of the mercedes stopped his car, got out and started punching the passenger. then the drivers and the passenger started arguing outside their cars. the suspect got back in his car, pulled forward knocking the victim over before driving
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off. the victim suffered minor injuries. he will be okay but they want to find the driver. part is cracking down on fare cheats. an ordinance was approved that requires riders to provide a valid proof of payment. 400,000 people ride bart mack on any given day. that brings in about $575 million a year. beginning january 1, bart officers will start using card readers to check fair passes. >> they will be setting up next to fair gates or go on to trains to check everybody in a particular area of the bart system. >> if someone is caught evading affair, adults will pay a civil citation of $75, juveniles $50. for minors and those who can afford the find there is an option for community service. the gas tax hike is set to go into effect next week as the state looks to raise money for transportation projects. the tax on gasoline will jump $0.12 per gallon.
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the increase was part of the bill signed by governor brown in april. it will increase vehicle license fees starting january 1. the bill should raise about $5 billion a year to fund state and local transportation projects. hundreds of documents have been laced about the assassination in 1963 at jfk after being withheld for decades. >> doug luzader has been looking through those and has more on some of the new information now coming to light. >> reporter: it may take months or years for historians to judge the impact of all of these documents but there is some frustration that the government is still withholding some back. what happened inside the federal government in the aftermath of that day in dallas in 1963. the new documents finally released look tantalizing at first. some are stamped secret. >> we had our team of students
12:37 pm
here at 7 am. we were ready to tackle this. >> reporter: professor larry sabato and his team were anxiously awaiting the release. he was disappointed. >> if we don't get this information before those of us who lived through it dies, it's going to feed the conspiracy theories forever. >> reporter: we have learned a few things. for instance, a warning that the fbi received about a death threat to lee harvey oswald before he was shot and killed. there are thousands of other documents that have not been released despite a government order to do so. in a memo president trump addressed the additional delay saying i have no choice today but to accept those reductions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our nation's security. >> i would like to know exactly what happened. >> reporter: today, visitors to dealey plaza in dallas are fascinated by what happened here but it may take more than these documents to put many
12:38 pm
conspiracy theories to rest. as far as the documents that have not been released, there will be a six month review period to see which may eventually be made public. bart's fleet of the future is behind schedule. >> it's been a slow motion train wreck for a long time. >> 2 investigates look into the company behind the project and the delays in getting new train cars on track. slightly cooler temperatures around the bay area today as we give you a live look at the transamerica building. we will check back in with meteorologist rosemary orozco.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know
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that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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san francisco is the coolest city in the country. the city was given the top honors by a magazine. what are the categories that make you a cool city? the amount of non-chain restaurants, number of coffee shops bars and clubs and the share of the population between the age of 25 and 34. rounding out the top five is seattle, san diego, new orleans and portland. when it comes to weather i don't think anyone would argue by the bay area is stellar for the upcoming weekend. let's turn things over to rosemary orozco.
12:42 pm
it took a few days. we had record-breaking heat at the start of the week but eventually tempers began to come down. we will continue that trend into the weekend. eventually we will be back into the low 70s coming even for inland communities. here is a view of the satellite and radar. obviously it's drive. i think we will be drive for the next several days. at least through halloween. the fog is back along the coast. it's very shallow. we had a shot a half hour ago with a creeping under the golden gate bridge. it's there and moving into the bay area. over the next few days that will influence our weather. the west breeze will come back stronger with each day. here's a look at the futurecast models for the weekend. tomorrow we wake up with low clouds at the coast. if you are going to the coast, it will be cooler with the low clouds and fog there is an advisory for rip currents. if you are going to spend time at the coast, be aware.
12:43 pm
into saturday afternoon, we are mostly sunny away from the coast. into sunday morning, there is that fog back inside the bay and over portions of the north bay. each day has been subtle when it comes to changes but we do continue a downward trend. we do have cooler weather on the way. 78 right now in san rafael. 72, san francisco. temperatures in the low 80s for some in the inner east bay. 83, danville. here's a look the weekend if you are going to lake tahoe. very chilly, even freezing for the overnight lows. upper 20s and low 30s in the forecast to start the morning. mostly sunny skies in the afternoon around 70 saturday and sunday. our afternoon highs at home for today, 80s seven and nevada. upper 70s, alameda. 89, brentwood.
12:44 pm
88, morgan hill. 87, saratoga. santa cruz, 81. along pacifica and daly city, mid- to upper- 60s. 78 in san francisco. extended forecast shows temperatures dropping saturday and sunday. we will continue that pattern all the way into halloween. dry weather for trick-or- treaters. the models staying consistent with wet weather as we get into november. >> i am excited for the rain. >> me to. the one we had last week was great. >> and to think about what happened last year and a sober. >> halloween was a washout. i'm glad it's not this year. bart's fleet of the future
12:45 pm
is running behind schedule because the canadian company building the cars has been plagued by delays. >> 2 investigates has been tracking red flags with the deal and now candace nguyen has the story. >> reporter: the hoped-for bart's fleet of the future appeared more like a promise. >> bart is the biggest traffic remedy for bay area gridlock. >> reporter: as we near the deadline for the first big shipment of cars, instead of a remedy, the bay area is synchronic delays, setbacks and mounting pressure on an already aging fleet affect thing tens of thousands of commuters. all things the senator says he saw coming. >> when they signed that contract with bombardier and 2012, it was a company that had financial issues. and 2012 bart agreed to a 1.5 and 2012 bart agreed to a $1.5 million deal with bombardier to make more than 700 new cars. the entire project including taxes and extra costs is slated for $2.5 billion. the senator said at the time,
12:46 pm
there were red flags bombardier was not a company in which public money should be trusted. >> should bart have known about these issues when they signed the contract? >> i think they should have known because bombardier was having trouble around the globe. >> reporter: trouble not just then but now. here's what was supposed to happen in the bay area according to the original contract. by the end of this year, commuters were supposed to get 50 new cars. by 2018, 230. 2019, 420. by 2023, all 775 trains. this is what has been happening. in march of last year, bombardier 's first car arrived three months late. in april, part crashed it citing electrical problems. in august 2016, announcement the first 10 cars would be late. now bart said there hoping to get at least 20 of the 60 cars promised this year.
12:47 pm
>> it's been a slow motion train wreck for a long time. >> reporter: with media partners across the country and globe, 2 investigates dug into big transit deals with bombardier . we worked with investigative journalists in toronto and new york who found delays with bombardier in their own cities. we uncovered years of similar problems stretching around the world. >> house has toronto been impacted? >> people are really frustrated and toronto. if they get out of the contract, they have to find somebody else and start from scratch. they are kind of a new way being held hostage by bombardier . >> is toronto confident now that bombardier will fulfill the order? >> no. no. there is very little confidence. >> reporter: after multiple requests for an interview with department, we sat down with fleet of the future project director. >> there appears to be major issues with bombardier and other major cities.
12:48 pm
do you think bombardier was still the right pick? >> it's hard for me to judge that. it's based on a gas. >> do those big things concerning? >> absolutely. i know they are having problems.bombardier score the most and they had the lowest cost. >> reporter: will giving 2 investigates a tour of one of the cars, he explained bombardier only gets paid when it delivers. when something goes wrong, he says, bombardier foots the bill , not taxpayers. in an interview with bombardier , a spokesman confirmed that they pay. >> we are not shying away from the issues. absolutely not. we share the frustration of your viewers. >> reporter: the fed said the bart-tran3 contract prevents him from talking about details. >> when we look at san francisco, new york or toronto, in each of those jurisdictions we have had challenges like all
12:49 pm
other suppliers in our businesses have challenges. >> what is bart doing to hold bombardier accountable? >> we are making them fix the problems first and foremost. >> reporter:'s critics say that's not enough. the public is already paying in a different way. >> it means were not replacing these old cars and there's more break downs and people have trouble getting to work. >> who is at fault? >> at the end of the date it's bart, part management. >> reporter: people in power who are responsible for paying taxpayer dollars wisely. if not to avoid mistakes to, at the least, not repeat them. >> if you lead another transit project like this, would you pick bombardier ? >> again, i would have to look at all the factors involved with it. i would not shy away from them. several halloween themed events are getting way across the bay area this weekend. details after the break.
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tech companies powering the
12:53 pm
s&p to all-time highs. the dow is doing well at 25 points of. the nasdaq is up by almost 150 points. a jump of 2.25%. halloween is just around the corner on tuesday. that means there are several halloween themed events going on this weekend. >> from a thriller dance off to a pet costume contest. rosemary orozco has details. >> the weekend is approaching and here is what's happening around the bay area. in the east bay the oakland waterfront will be filled with dog friendly at tvs and people friendly food and drinks at boot, bark, bruce and bites. halloween celebrations at the square will include painting, pet pampering and a pet psychic. this will be saturday from 11 until 4:00. head to the alameda county fair grounds for the harvest festival original art and craft show. live entertainment all weekend.
12:54 pm
scare grove returns to stern grove this weekend. is a costume contest and parade, haunted houses, carnival rides my food and live entertainment. you can enjoy food samples and meet the bay area top food artisans at cheese plus and meet the bay area top food artisans at cheese +13th annual fall harvest food festival saturday from 11:00 until 3:00. the 28th annual farley pet parade and costume contest is on saturday. the parade begins at 18th and arkansas at 1 pm. the contest follows. in the south bay thrill the world 2017 world record. the thriller dance off will be held in san jose. funky zombies across the globe synchronize their watches and dance to the greatest selling record of all time in an attempt to set a world record. the event will be in the willow
12:55 pm
glen neighborhood at 3:00. head to the halloween hometown party and downtown napa. that goes on saturday from 11 until 2:00. the niners and raiders and sharks are on the road. both the raiders and niners are on the east coast for some tough road games on sunday. the raiders are taking on the bills at 10:00 kickoff our time. they are coming off a win over the chiefs. the buffalo bills are now 4-2 and a field goal favorite over the raiders. the 49ers have an early game on sunday against one of the top teams in the league. the eagles. oddsmakers are not giving the niners much of a chance after they were beaten badly by the cowboys last week. the 49ers are nearly a two touchdown underdog to the eagles who have only lost once this season. the eagles are in need of a
12:56 pm
left tackle and there's been chatter that they could be interested in a long time and 49ers tackle, joe staley. you can catch the action right here. kickoff is set for 10:00 sunday morning. warriors are back in action tonight against the wizards. steff curry and klay thompson face a challenge tonight as they host one of the best back courts in the league. john wall is averaging almost 23 points and 10 assists per game. the warriors are coming off a win but will be without shaun livingston who will be attending a funeral. the game tips off at 7:30 pm. game 3 of the world series continues tonight in houston. historically the winner of game 3 in a deadlock series has gone on to win the championship 64% of the time. yu darvish will pitch for the dodgers. lance mccullers will get the ball for houston. you can watch the game right
12:57 pm
here on ktvu fox 2. 4:00 you can watch local news followed by pregame coverage of the world series. if you're looking for more local news, flip over to ktvu plus at if you're looking for more local news, flip over to ktvu plus at 4:30 pm. thank you for joining us at noon.our news continues on we will see you back here for the 4 on 2.
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