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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 30, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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this is a much colder pattern. if sacramento can get an inch of rain, that's really good snow. san jose is getting descent totals as well with. nothing until late on thursday. there's the system on thursday to enhance the fog that's move nothing to southern california. we have plenty of low clouds here. this has made a huge surge already. 40s and 50s up to 40 miles an hour. 40s for some and 47 for some out near concord. low 50s for some and then martinez. look for mostly cloudy morning and partly sunny. it's cool and breezy. you can see that low through southern california. 50s and 60s and maybe an isolated 70s or something. what do you have? well, we do have traffic that's going get busier. we have a crash in berkley.
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we're going to talk about 80 westbound. traffic is moving well from far field, and it's not a bad commute at all:it's 37 and looking pretty good. getting away out to marine county. westbound at 80 and they're clearing an injury accident. it's still very light because it's being so early. once you get to the bay bridge, you can see the traffic is moving along well and no major problems. it's not a bad commute in to san francisco on that bridge. 4:31 and going back to the december desk. state officials are looking at the damage that could be caused by flooding in and around the state capital. they say that sacramento is more vulnerable to massive flooding than any other u.s. city except new orleans. that's because of aging levies that protect the
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city from the sacramento rivers. they need more than $20 billion in repairs and upgrades. sections of sacramento are below sea level. the time is 4:32. the national park service cancelled the $98,000 grant for berkley. acorked to the daily california, they cancelled the grant after getting a lot of criticism from the law enforcement agencies. they said that the project was intended to bring voices and communities together to understand the collective pasts and inspire a better future. as you know, the black panther party was founded in oakland. the actress rose mcgo when is saying that she was offered a million dollars days before the
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"times" published the article. she reflected that and found that it could not have a con if i den alty clause. they says she has been silent for 20 years. >> i know that i'm not alone because i'm just the same as the girl in the small town that was rapped by the football squad and they have dominance over the news paper. there's no difference. >> weinstein is denying all charges of that arasment and assault against him. kevin spacey say that she is beyond horrified on allegation that is he made sexual advances on a young actor more than 30 years ago. he say that is he does not know what happened, but the rep say that is he attended a party and at the end of the evening spacey was drunk and put imon the bed and clip on top of him. now, spacey tweet that had
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he owed rap "the sincerest apology for what was inappropriate." spacey also said that he has had encounters with gay men and picking now to live as a gay man. police in austin, texas searching for a motive of a halloween shooting. four people were shot by the person over the weekend. three of the victims are in the hospital. investigators say that the victims knew the shooter that was captured a few blocks away from the crime scene. also, a new jersey state trooper is being called a hero. everything was caught on camera. look. . the man in the white is the one that's choking. he was having a meal at buffalo wild wings when he started to choke. the off-duty police officer sees it. he is having a hard time
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breathing. he does the heimlich that knaveer and getting the food out of his throat. the officer says it's the first time that he has used that maneuver. police officers are wearing pink patches this month and raising money in support of the breast cancer. ktvu crime reporter sat down with the officers to find out more on the pink patch project. >> i am joined by the officer from the oakland police department. how does this touch you personally? >> well, this all started back in february of this year. i was given a patch from another department, and i want today look in to it. i had a sister or have a sister that passed away in 1989 from breast cancer. this of course caught my eye. i started to do the research with
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the agency down in i win dale pd. they started it in 2015. what it is, is for the officers to wear the pink patch on the uniforms for the month of october and raise awareness for cancer and all cancers. also to have conversations with the community and get people involved in just raising awareness for breast cancer. >> does this remind the public that you have feelings. i know that we have photos of you hugging people on lake shore. how you important is this to show that you have challenges to face as well? >> well, it shows that we're all hit by this tragedy the. i
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think that it opens the conversation with others to let them know that we're not just in this uniform. we all feel hurt just like anybody else. we're no different. it also brought up conversations to officers that they have lost family members or they have family members fighting the disease as well. >> we have a number of police chiefs that joined together for a photo opportunity and among them is one. >> i know it's impacted us over the last several years with some employees that have had cancer specific willy breast cancer. it's the way to show the support for the community and give back to the organizations that help to fight the cost. >> so publics of the public can obtain them? >> that's correct. >> anyone with information we can e-mail you at >> thank you, very much.
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>> thank you. >> very good interview. prince george appears to be the target of a terror threat. a possible threat by isis against the prince and his school. and picking the perfect costume. up next, a peek at what one mornings on 2 you viewer is planning to wear for halloween. or halloween. good morning. i am a traffic reporter. the traffics is moving along very well if you're driving on 280, it's looking good. going up to highway 17, we will tell you more about this coming up.
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the brain of stephen paddock is expected the arrive this week. he fired more than a thousand bullets at a crowd and killing 58 people and wounding many more. he then killed himself. the number of children allergic to peanuts has increased by 2010. peanuts are not the only ones seeing the rise in allergies. they found that rates are rising for al jeer is for peanuts, shell fish and sesame. owning a dog may provide some protection gefrns allergies. they found if risk
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was reduced by half. the second study was the odds linked to substances found on dogs. researchers found the nonsubstance on dogs appeared to reduce the need for an inhaler. >> really? >> yeah, pretty interesting. the time is 4:42. saal is over here. there are things happening in the commute already, right? >> yeah, there are some things happening. i am happy to say that it's not that serious yet. we have some high winds out there. if you're driving on 580, i believe that you should give yourself extra time. we do have traffic that's moving well, but the wind gusts will get your attention on the pass. steve says they were as high as 49 miles an hour. this is interstate 880, and this is moving along as well. it's mostly light and a little bit of
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slow traffic. now, going the weather, let's bring steve in. >> we have gusts up to 40 in travis. >> wow. >> thank you, saal. a big change. a pattern has changed. there's an on shore wind and not just a breeze. the temperatures have taken a plunge. they will continue do so. it's a combination of big and low clouds. 59 and 563. the forecast high and i have seen a 53 low for the city. the average is 68 and 53. remember, you have been 15 to 20 degrees above there. the record is 84 in 1949. if you get a temperature going, you're way below it. it's going stay that way for a while. the rain is on the way and it's not that way until thursday or friday.
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we will ease in to it. it looks like friday and gain on sunday, and not a allot so far. some of the models show noticeably colder and snow in the sierra. that's more of a focus. high clouds had in place. it's a pattern that's cool here. i doubt this changes much. 49 in san carlos and 54 over no union city and 53 seems poplar. there's due west and then 25 gusts out to 40 and then the pass we have up to 20 miles an hour. we have 54 down in mono tae ray. we have high clouds and that's going equal a cool day. that's going up and pushing to southern california. we have the areas to the north.
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the it's not until thursday when it drops down. we have the tap in to the moisture. it's cooler and then rain is on the way. the cooling is continue nothing to the weekend. it's 50 and 60s and isolated 70s. by tuesday we're fine and then maybe a slight bump up and not much. it's friday and sunday. >> okay. >> all right. thanks. >> yeah, you got it. 4:45 is the time now. curry had some fun against the detroit pistons. >> yeah i'm not making this up. he peddleded in to the arena weighinging a jigsaw costume from the saw movie. he surprised the staffers there. green is grin asking looked more amused than scared. he had the
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theme music playing as he peddled by. >> that's creepy. >> yeah. well, the white house is get nothing had the halloween spirit. it's decorated with giant spiders and webs. tonight, the first lady and president will handout cookies. children are expected to stop by and see the decorations as well. thousands of people packed the neighborhood yesterday for the day of the dead festival. it dates back centuries and includes rituals to honored deceased loved ones. [ music playing ] >> we pass it on to the grandchildren. they can learn that we have a day to remember the loved ones that have passed.
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>> for me it's a day that i can celebrate my culture. the people that worked so hard and came so far to give me the chance to celebrate and be here in oakland. it's been a long journey. [ music playing ] [ music playing ] >> [ music playing ] >> wow. yeah, lovely to see the tributes to their loved ones. >> the festival was organized by
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the unity counsel. it was the 22nd year for the event. well, sometimes all you have to do is watch a little mornings on 2 for the inspiration for a halloween costume. 10-year-old dressed up as dave clark. >> i love him. he looks better than me. >> he told his dad i want to be dave clark. he has the suit & glasses and of course the stylish tie. does he have the pocket hanky? he even made a cardboard cut out to show his name. >> isn't that great. thank you, so much. >> that's really nice. well, we want to see your halloween costumes as well. send us the pictures with the #ktvu.
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you can post them on the facebook page, and we're going to show them tomorrow. halloween morning is tomorrow. he is coming after your job. >> that's okay. a family that lost everything in the north bay wildfires. the warriors are stepping up over the weekend to give them some special treatment. dogs can't see color like we do. but they see you like it's the first time, every time. they see a tough day a mile away. and things they can't unsee. they see life. and they see love. every time they see you. maybe dogs can't see color.
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but what they see is so much more. dogs are more. let's treat them that way. milk-bone. doing more for dogs since 1908.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the raiders lost to the buffalo bills. they now lost five of the last six games. >> right back to washington. milano-milano will score. >> tossing up the football while filling in for lynch that was suspended for the game. the raiders turned it over four times. oakland falls to three and five and they're currently in last place in the afc west. they travel to miami this sunday. let's talk about the 49ers for the first time in the history. if 49ers have a record of 0 and 8. they lost to the eagles 33 to 10.
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dallas going inbound and he is inside of the 10 and through the inside and touchdown. >> amazing quarterback you throwing three interceptions and that pick 6. the left tackle reportedly suffered a fractured bone in his face. that's not good. he stayed the night in the philadelphia hospital. he is expected to fly back to the bay area today. the offense and the 49ers did get in to the end zone and the third quarter is going to pat that ran in the end zone. the 49ers lost again. they're hosting the cardinals on sunday. a proposed meeting with the nfl and players to talk about the national anthem protest has been called off. the washington post say that is the request came after bob mcknarr made a comment on we can't have the inmates running the prize. that's the protest of the anthem
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this. he says he was not referring to players as inmates but describing the relationship of the team owner and the offense. a lawyer representing collin kaepernick say that is his client was not invited to any proposed meeting. still not clear yet if any meeting is going to happen this week. turnover came back to haunt the warriors as they lost to the detroit pistons. in the second quarter the warriors were down by one and steph curry and durrant were in charge. the warriors led by 14, but they committed a season tie of 26 turnovers. detroit ended uptaking the large lead, but the warriors started to come back. >> they're going again. they're going play for three and that's
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good. >> clay thompson scored 29 points. the game of the season matches the entire wins. the warriors play the clippers tonight. the warriors are helping one family. the johnson family lost their home in the wildfires, but 9-year-old jordan here was able to save her steph curry shoes that help her play better. after writing steph curry and wishing them well, they invited her to the game last night. >> it's amazing how many people got us here. >> it's exciting that they invited us to the game. >> it's humbling. it's amazing of the good and over when he willing good. >> now, jordan and her brother had a private post game meeting.
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also, the community foundation presented a check for 1 to the $2 million to 49 bay area organize sases including the east bay. >> that's nice. coming up in the 5:00 hour, a new gas tax is going take affect this week. thousands of students are going back to school today. we will tell you more about the road to recovery had in sonoma in napa county. good morning. you can see the traffic off off to a nice start. here we are, northbound 101 with the split. it's a cool down and pattern change and then not a moment too soon. we will be dry an halloween, but it's not going to be very warm.
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thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it is monday, october 30th. i am pam cook. >> and good morning, i am dave clark. let's go to steve paulson. he says everything is cool. >> much, much cooler. we will get to halloween okay but by the end of the week there is a pattern change with rain and colder. this could be in the sierra and mountains for us. again, it is four days away. a lot of low clouds, higher clouds, cooler, breezy and 50s, 60s and most places inland will be hard-pressed to get above 68 degrees. more rain possibilities on the weekend. this looks more like a mountain than rain event, but they are talking maybe 1 to 3 to 2 to 4 feet of snow in the northern mountains to the sierra by the time we get to the weekend. for us the low clouds lifted. the low that came by really
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helped that. could be drizzle in the mix, as well. 40s and 50s -- but a lot of 50s. i doubt these change for much. cupertino, sarasota, low 50s. 55 due west and 25 gusts almost to 40 west-southwest of vacaville. a seabreeze with gusts to 40 at the altamonte pass. that system cooled off finally in southern california, as well so we turned the page to a much cooler pattern with rain on the way. a big fog bank, windy and cooler conditions late thursday to friday. friday is the main day right now. 60s, 70s and 50s closer to the water's edge. sal?


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