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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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today's weather. steve paulson is right here. he knows. >> yes. not record highs for once. cooler weather. the real rain will be here late thursday to friday, maybe drizzle until then. a big pattern change. clouds, sun and a lot of mostly cloudies in the morning. breezy, cooler and 50s and 60s for everybody. but again, the rain is here for the late of the week, late early to early friday. this will probably be more of a snow event than rain event. overall looking good as we get toward thursday to sunday. a couple feet of snow is possible. the system that moved into southern california allowed the fog to kick in. we could get light drizzle from that and higher clouds to the north. athens and menlo park,
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woodside 54. half moon bay and 54 in union city. san carlos is 48, as well. 25, gusts to 33. the altamonte pass is seeing gusts to 41 and cloud cover there. a lot of cloud cover here keeping us pretty cool here and a cooler week. low clouds, higher cloud, drizzle, mostly cloudy, breezy, windy with 50s and 60s for most. all right, sal. what do you have, my friend? we have traffic, steve, getting busier all over the place on this monday. let's take a look at what we have on 80 westbound around the corner to the macarthur maze. not a bad commute if you are driving to the bay bridge but the metering lights have been on since 5:30 and now there is a delay until you make it on the span. the south bay, check it out, everything looks good expect for one stretch. northbound 101. that crash has not cleared. it has been there almost an
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hour. traffic will be slow. if you are driving in the south bay area and not using highway 101 northbound at bernall you will be in better shape. the rest of the freeways are doing well but from morgan hill to san jose i would give myself extra time leaving the house. now to the desk. the associated press is reporting paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager, has surrendered to federal authorities, along with his business associate rick gates. >> we learned charges had been filed against manafort and gates. it not clear what the charges are but these are the first on a special council robert mueller investigation into potential coordination between russia and the trump campaign during the elections. now, mueller with us appointed as special council in may to lead the justice department's investigation. we will continue to follow this developing story this morning
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and bring you updates as soon as they come into the newsroom. now to testimony following a deadly ambush where four u.s. soldiers were killed in the bowe bergdahl trial. and lawmakers are pushing for a new war authorization, meanwhile, that reflects the current threats. the contra costa sheriff's department is asking for help after a deadly shooting in discovery bay early yesterday morning. deputies responded to reports of cars spinning donuts in a quiet area of ravenswood park. shots were fired a few blocks away. by the time police arrived a 48- year-old man was dead. >> we haven't located any kind
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of party and the victim appears to be someone walking around his own neighborhood. >> neighbors told deputies the man who was dilled had confronted the -- killed had confronted the people in the speeding cars, described as a red mitsubishi eclipse and a gray american made sports car of some kind. now investigators are asking people that live in the area to turn over surveillance camera video. they hope that will help them identify the cars and the drivers. the time is 6:04. san jose police say several arrest were made after several overnight side shows. ktvu's christian kafton, you are at the san jose police station. we are hearing a police officer was hurt during the arrests. what do you know? >> reporter: yes. we are hearing that a police officer was injured in the course of the fuss. we are hearing a car may have rolled over his foot. he is expected to recover, all this after a bust on
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multiple sideshows going on in san jose. officers say they made multiple arrests during a series of sideshows overnight with over 400 participants and a half dozen or so sideshows. investigators aren't talking about how many arrested they made but they are saying the shows need to be stopped because they present a danger to the public. >> when you are out on the public street dog donuts or excess -- street doing donuts or excessive st. pete, you -- speed, you take the risk of losing control of the vehicle and hitting a pedestrian. >> reporter: and now to previous sideshows to see how dangerous this looks, police say cars with easily lose control and hit a spectator or another car and the sideshows occur regularly. organizers use social media apps to coordinate the meet-
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ups. at this point police are not giving any numbers on how many people were arrested or vehicles were impounded. we are hoping to reconnect with them later on to get more details and find out more about the locations of the various sideshows throughout san jose. back to you. >> christian kafton, thank you. tragically another person has died in connection with a north bay wildfire. >> a young girl, 17-year-old, died at a sacramento hospital last night. she is the 43rd person to die because of the fires including all the counties. shepherd was a junior at ukiah high school. her family was overcome by flames as they tried to escape the redwood fire. her 14-year-old brother, kia, also burned in the fire. the parents were both burned and being treated in the
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hospital. cal fire says the three remaining fires should be contained by tomorrow night. the latest report has the nuns, tubbs and pocket fires 98% contained. we are expecting an update on the numbers a little later this morning. the atlas fire was 100% contained on friday. the combined four fires destroyed 9,000 buildings, thousands of homes and burned more than 250 square miles. the cause of the fires still remain under investigation. the time is 6:07. two people from monterey county were arrested, accused of looting a santa rosa neighborhood ravaged by the wildfires. john connor and christina march were arrested, after someone called and said she saw them inside the overlook apartment building and the couple was driving a ford pickup truck. police found the truck as it headed to a national guard checkpoint. the driver sped across the center median and got away.
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police received another call about the truck and found it along with several stolen items. the two people are facing charges of possession of stolen property, vehicle theft and reckless driving and connor is facing charges of stealing his identity since he originally gave police a different name when he was arrested. there will be a town hall meeting about how the agriculture industry will recover from the massive wildfires. the sonoma county farm bureau will hosting aing a secretary karen ross. there will be an open discussion about -- hosting the agriculture secretary karen ross. they will be discussing where they are at and what needs to
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be done from here. e. two schools, schaefer elementary school and another will not open at this point but students at the schools are being sent to other schools in the district. well, there was more police than usual at the closing night of great america's halloween haunt last night after thieves targeted people during saturday night's celebration. santa clara police say 100 young people terrorized thousands of visitors and workers at the park. guests reported groups of thieves, including some armed with tasers, running through the crowds, stealing phones, purses and backpacks and reports of people being physically assaulted. one park guard said 30 people were hurt. police were called in and arrested one person. there were no reports of serious problems last night, the final night of the great mistaker halloween haunt this year. the time is 6:09.
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the morning commute will feel different for some drivers in the east bay. coming up, what drivers may see that could catch you up guard. and this year's world series may be one for the books. fans treated to another extra inning thriller. >> and if you are waiting for rain, it will be here. it is not here yet, but we have a cooler forecast for sure.
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welcome back to morning. the trial of bowe bergdahl is continuing today. the wife of master sergeant mark allen testified. he was shot in the head after bergdahl walked away from the post in 2009. he pled guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and could be sentenced to life in prison. also happening today, change on highway 4. the meters will be fully activated in the eastbound direction from alejandra avenue in martinez to lone tree way in antioch. caltrans says it is hard of an effort to ease congestion in those early morning hours. you may want to gas up your car now. a statewide gas tax will take effect this week. on wednesday gas prices will jump $0.12 a gallon because of the new tax. governor brown signed a bill
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earlier this year raising more than $52 billion over the next ten years to pay for transportation improvement. one goal is to have 98% of the state's highway pavements in good or fair conditions by the year 2027. there is also an effort to repeal the new tax by creating a ballot measure in 2018. the time is 6:14. the world series, the game went on and on. the houston astros are one win away from being crowned the world champs after beating the dodgers 13-12 last night in extra innings. the games featured two of the best pitcher, kershaw and cakal. this game quickly became a home run fest, both teams trading leads all night. the game went into extra innings tied at 12, then in the
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bottom of the 10th, the astros 3rd baseman alex bregman came up. it is 6:15. sal, it is not your favorite team there, but it is nice to have an exciting series for baseball, right? >> i watched every minute of that. >> yes. i mean -- >> if you are a baseball lover you are.
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>> exactly. i watch everything. northbound 880 is a mess. there is no transition there! [ laughing ] it is monday. i am having a little trouble here. northbound 880 is a mess because of a crash northbound at 66. you can see it is backing up early. we don't normally have a back up here, but now there is a crash at northbound 880 at 66 and the exit here. if you are getting on the freeway after that it won't effect you, but from san leandro to oakland, you should think about using 580 as an alternate route. it is doing well. it is not crowded yet. it probably will get crowded but 580 is a better bet than northbound 880 because of the crash. if you are driving as far at the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed up to the macarthur maze and the metering lights are on. also trouble in the south bay
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onbound 101, coming up on bernell road. there is a crash and traffic is going to be slow. this is northbound 101 near 85, and this crash has been backing up traffic in the morgan hill area. we have seen kind of a mess. two big rigs and three right hand lane, one box truck and this is going to be there for awhile according to chp. 6:17. let's bring steve in. i also forgot to mention, i will say it now, gusty winds out there, right, steve? >> very true. 40-plus at the altamonte pass from vacaville and fairfield, almost 40 there. that is correct. a good point. we have windy conditions not out of the north-northeast but west-southwest. we have ushered in a much cooler pattern. the breeze will not be there for everybody but it is for some. 50s and 60s, a few 70s. we are under mostly cloudy
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skies right now. 59 the forecast high for the city. a long stretch there. rain is on the way but not until the end of the week. the rainfall looks to be okay. but the snow looks to be really good. 1 to 3 feet, maybe 2 to 4. we are four to five days away. snow levels should be 4,500 feet by the time we get to the weekend. until then big low cloud deck, drizzle and high mid level clouds as a couple systems take aim at us. the cooler air mass is swilling in. 50s for many, a few 40s and low 50s here. take a look at santa clara mid
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50s. stronger gusts even in vacaville with a west-southwest breeze. all the way to the delta with cooler conditions and southern california with a low that punched in, lifting the fog bank and allowing that door to open up. until later in the beak we will have cool conditions. but rain is on the way and the cooling continues. this looks to be, again, more of a -- we will probably fine tune this as we get closer, but right now the european model is forecasting more rain from san francisco and oakland south. changes are on the way. rain for everybody, but it is just a matter of timing and amounts. 60s and a few 70s, but not many 70s left once we get past wednesday. then we focus on rain and snow later in the week. a cool pattern, even with sunshine near average to slightly below, then big changes start friday to the weekend.
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>> does it seem like a good storm coming in right now? >> snow-wise, yes. >> okay. great. thank you, steve. the time is 6:20. students who were defrauded by for-profit college, you won't like to hear that. why many of those students may have to pay off debt once forgiven. >> and winter is coming but will be oroville dam be ready? we will show you what to expect this week.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. more than a quarter million homes and businesss in the northeast are without power this morning. that is after a powerful storm hit pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, connecticut, massachusetts and new hampshire. you are taking a look at this. hundreds of reports of trees falling on homes, roads and cars after 60-mile per hour winds pushed through the region. forecasters say the wind is likely to continue today. there are so many power line there is you can see because of the trees. there are flash-flood warnings in many areas. the storm hit on the fifth anniversary, actually, of super storm sandy. puerto rico's governor- owned power company is canceling a $300 million
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contract with a signal company from montana to rebuild the island's power grid. federal investigators are looking into this contract awarded to white phish energy holdings by the interior -- whitefish energy holdings by the interior secretary ryan zinke. the deal was signed to days before the storm hit when it was becoming increasingly clear the hurricane would do a lot of damage in puerto rico. the puerto rico governor says the power company needs to find another contractor to do the work. >> all these homes need work. we are hoping the cancellation will be met. there is ongoing work that needs to be finished, but i am hoping that cancellation will take place that the power authority needs to make. >> whitefish energy is a small company that onlies that two full-time employees. there were a lot of questions why it was chosen for such a
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big project. about 70% of puerto rico is still without power. the restoration work could now be delayed for at least three months. the u.s. department of education is considering only partially giving federal loans for students defrauded by for- profit colleges. tens of thousands of students deceived by for-profit schools under the obama administration had more than $550 million in student loans canceled but now they could only get partial relief. . president trump is considering hiring jerome powell as the current fed chief. yellen was nominated by obama in 2013. the los angeles mayor eric
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garcetti ended the explanation he may run for navigate. he said in a series of tweets he still has a lot of work do in los angeles and wants to continue that. he ended a four year term as mayor in march. he won't be able to run for another term under term limits there. some political observers believe he may be thinking about a run for president in 2020. there are several candidates hoping to succeed governor brown next year. the four leading democratic candidates include... include... there are two republican candidates that also want the seat... seat... as catcher bruce maxwell out of jail after being arrested this morning. coming up we will tell you what he is accused of doing with a
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gun at his arizona home. >> reporter: plus, later this morning, thousands more students here in the north bay will be running to school for the first time since the wildfires here three weeks ago. we will tell you about the support they are being offered, coming up.
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well, good morning. thank you for joining us for morning morning. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. let's check this with steve. people want to know about the all-important halloween forecast. the trick-or-treaters, not going to rain? >> no. cool, but no rain tomorrow night. maybe a little drizzle this morning, however. an extensive cloud bank and cloud cover from the north, a mostly cloudy morning with temperatures in the 50s for most. there is a little cloud deck, mostly clear and breezy tomorrow. we may be able to fine tune this a with little bit but i think we will have better conditions. one system is in the northeast tapping into tropical moisture, the one through new england and another low in the great lakes. there is snow on the backside of that and rain from st. louis to cincinnati, a powerhouse system there. the pattern is changing. usually when you get something that strong it has to be replaced somewhere and it will
6:31 am
be replaced with high pressure but not for three or four days. 20s, 30s, cool for the end of october. we have been really hot but that is changing now. the rain is on the way but not until late thursday or friday. it looks to actually be more of a snow event than rain event. we will see what happens in the next day or two. sacramento could see 1 to 3- inch of snow in the sierra. a heads up to friday. watch out for the advisories. and the 4,500-foot level maybe 1 to 3 feet of snow. end of the weekend to the weekend. low clouds and cooler and windy. highs 50s, 60s, and maybe a 70. there is the low in southern california. here comes in the next system spreading high and mid level clouds, giving us a cloudy to mostly cloudy morning with 50s.
6:32 am
even oakland san francisco 50 covers it. 26 gusts to 42. the low in southern california, that and the cloud cover equals a cooler week, highs in the 50s and 60s. a little drizzle, cloudy to mostly cloudy, breezy to windy and temperatures will stay cool. 6:32. sal, what do you have? we have slow traffic on 880 northbound. this will take you by surprise because it is usually not that slow. there is a crash northbound 880 at 66 just to the left of the camera view just outside of it. the traffic will be slow. slowing down at of san leandro and heading to downtown oakland. 5801 a good enough alternate route. you can use 508 instead of 880 in the oakland area to san leandro. the bay bridge is filled in, backed up to the maze. the metering lights are on. it is a crowded commute except
6:33 am
if you are in the carpool lanes. the south bay, for the most part the south bay commute is okay except for the one problem spot. that is northbound 101 on vernel road. there is a crash. several big rigs involved here and traffic is backed up from morgan hill in the san jose. give yourself extra time if that is your commute. it will probably be there a while. 6:33. back to the desk. new this morning, as we have been reporting, paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager has surrendered to farewell authorities. this is new video this morning. this is along with his business associate rick gates. these are images of manafort in his car as this news come out. manafort and gates are being charged in connection with the essential council investigation into potential coordination between russia and the trump campaign. we are learning now about some of the charges.
6:34 am
the indictments unsealed today in washington include 12 count, including conspiracy to launder money, failing to register as a foreign agent, false statements and multiple counts of failing to file reports for foreign bank accounts. manafort and gates are expected in court later today. >> that is the big story we will be on all day. the time is 6:34. all public schools in santa rosa will be open today for the first time since the north bay fire started three weeks ago. >> yes. some of them have been opening but it is a big step for the entire community as they try to get to some kind of normalcy. ktvu's alex savage, you are there at santa rosa high school to explain what the school district is doing to help students. they are getting back to class but so many of them lost their homes. >> reporter: yes. a lot of students certainly did. if think didn't lose their homes to the wildfires they were impacted and know people
6:35 am
who did or have been evacuated and were in shelters for a time. everyone in this community, especially the students in this community were most likely effected in some way. ay. the fires were exactly three weeks ago. students will be returning to classes later today in the mark west union district and geyserville, as well. many schools will have counselors on campus to help students traumatized by the fire. on friday 13 santa rosa schools reopened for the first time including the pinier high school where we were friday morning. nearly a hundred students at that school lost their homes in the fire. >> i think it is good to give back so we can get back to our daily routine to see our
6:36 am
teachers and friends so we can ban together. >> reporter: it is not just the students struggling during this disaster. a number of teachers and staff members throughout the santa rosa school district were left without a place to live, as well. the history teacher zoey miller spent her first day back in class talking with her students about what recovery looks like for them. a difficult time not only for students, but teachers, staff members, as well, an incredible challenge for administrators trying to figure out the right balance for students and ease them back into school life after three weeks away. certainly not something easy to do. the first bell at 8:00 this morning at santa rosa high school. >> thank you, alex. the time is 6:36. the oakland a's catcher bruce maxwell, the only major league baseball player to kneel during the national anthem is facing now very serious charges.
6:37 am
>> reporter: hey, bruce, do you have anything to say about your arrest last night. >> no comment. >> reporter: what happened last night? did you point a gun at a woman last night? hey, bruce, what happened? >> that is as catcher bruce maxwell, arrested saturday night in scottsdale, arizona. a woman delivering food to him claimed maxwell pointed a gun at her. he is booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct and police say they don't know what led up to the alleged confrontation. >> she relayed to the officers when she went to deliver food in the apartment at the complex, the male subject answered the door with no shirt on, gym shorts and a silver handgun in his hand and pointed it at her head. >> police say officers put in his report maxwell showed signs and symptoms of been intoxicated. the oakland as issued a
6:38 am
statement about this saying in part... a proposed meeting between the nfl and group of players to talk about national anthem protests has been called off. the washington post says the request came after texan's owner bob mcnair made a comment that said something quote we can't have the inmates running the prison. now, a reference to player's protests during the national anthem. he says he was not referring to players as inmates, but was describing the relationship between team owners and the league office. a lawyer representing former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says his client was not invited to any proposed meeting but wants to attend. it is not clear if a meeting will happen this week. the time is 6:38. san francisco fire investigators searching for the cause of a deadly house fire early yesterday. fire crews were called to a two story home on molemo drive
6:39 am
near mt. davison about 4:30 yesterday morning. investigators say the flames raced through the house. the fire crews were able to keep it from spreading to homes next door. one person died in the fire. another person was hurt. so far police are not giving us any information about the victims. well, the first of hundreds of millions of dollars of bonds to bill more a affordable huesing in santa clara county have been sold. it is part -- housing in santa clara county have now been sold, part of a $950 million bond called measure a, providing housing for vulnerable populations, as well to help new home buyers. the $250 million in bonds was sold last thursday. the remaining $700 million will be issued over the next three to ten years. california water officials say no matter what kind of weather we have this winter, the oroville dam will stand up to it. wednesday is the deadline set by the state to have the 770-
6:40 am
foot tall dam ready to release water. if are five months crews have been reinforcing the structure and pouring concrete to repair the spillway damaged in february. you may remember that that forced thousands of people living below the dam to evacuate. dam operates say they will still face limits on how much water they with release until the final repairs are done and that will happen some time next year. the time is 6:40. have you receive ad parking ticket in san francisco? >> a few! [ laughing ] >> there is a chance the city may owe you money. coming up, we will tell you why a lot of people overpaid and how you may be able to collect. >> i don't know what the problem is, but i know that is the problem and i don't know how to correct it. >> a warrior dropped another ugly game. what they had to say after losing to the pistons. >> it is slow out there, especially northbound 880.
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it is slowing down because of a crash at 66, you can see. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress
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welcome back to mornings on 2. taking a look at the stocks this morning... ng...
6:44 am
united airlines has the longest non-stop flights from the united states. the flight is between los angeles and singapore. it takes about 18 hours to fly the more than 8,600-mile journey. singapore airlines once had the same flight available but discontinued it four years ago. and southwest airlines is bringing live music to the skies. the low cost carrier announced a deal with warner music to keep the live at 35 concert series. one singer or band will play a few songs during select flights. the program started in 2011 and southwest will bring the music to 20 flights every year. the time is 6:44. the pistons beat the warriors 115-107 last night. turnovers came back to haunt the warriors. in the 2nd quarter the warriors were down by 1. steph curry and kevin durrant controlled the game early. kevin had 28 points early last night.
6:45 am
the warriors led by 14 at one point, but also committed 26 turnovers, a season high. detroit ended up taking a big lead but the warriors started to come back. that is clay thompson. 29 point, but it was turnovers that led to a second home loss for the warriors this season. that matches their entire home loss total from their first championship season. sorry, guys. steph curry had 5. here is more with ktvu scott bruun. >> reporter: nothing this -- scottries. >> reporter: nothing has come easy for the warriors. the culprit a season high 26 turnovers against detroit. oit.
6:46 am
>> we are trying to make plays but there is not a lot of rhythm. 22 turnovers? so, i don't know what the problem is, but i know that is a problem. i don't know how to correct it. >> at some point the ball just has to matter. the game has to matter enough for us to win. >> steve kerr visiblily agitated with all the give aways. we will see if there are adjustments when the team travels south to take on the 4- 1 clippers on monday night. scott reese, ktvu fox 2 sports. steph curry involved a little halloween fun ahead of the warriors game against the detroit pistons. take a look at this. how do they get a tricycle that
6:47 am
big. that is steph curry pedals into oracle arena on a tricycle. apparently it is him, wearing a jigsaw costume from the saw horror movies. look at that! the reaction from drey mon green is so funny. he is amused and the movie theme movie is even playing in the background as he pedals on there! >> that is too funny. and for a halloween inspiration, one young man looked to us here at ktvu fox 2 news. look who he is dressed up as. >> i love this. >> you want to talk about him? >> this 10-year-old from antioch is honoring me dressing up for halloween as me. he told his father i want to be dave clark from the news. he got his suit, his classes, a nice tie, you look good!
6:48 am
evens that cardboard cut out of channel 2 and ktvu. >> and your twitter handle, everything. you have to have a stylish tie to be dave clark. >> his wonderful family sent that picture in. i am proud of you! >> so cute, very sweet. and we do want to see your halloween costumes. i am sure we will get kids and pets. send them to us on our instagram page with the hashtag #ktvu. we will show those to you tomorrow morning. >> next to being here with you every morning, that is nicest thing that has ever happened to me. >> i love that, david. benefit. well, what is coming up in the next our of mornings on 2. >> it has been a busy morning with new developments coming in by the minute from washington. we are waiting to hear if president trump might comment on the breaking news this
6:49 am
morning that his former campaign chairman paul manafort and business associate have surrendered to federal authorities on charges including conspiracy against the u.s. , money laundering and other accusations, the first action we are seeing in the special council robert mueller investigation into the russia campaign. a full report from washington in minutes. when it comes to hiring, many companies look within first to fill key high profile position. now tech giant ibm has a new tool, one that relies on artificial intelligence to match existing employees with new opportunities. how ai can help, where it can go wrong and who has to have the final say. more on that when i join you in just minutes! >> love it! see you then. right now a lot of people may be getting ready to head out the door. let's check in with sal.
6:50 am
>> there is a problem on 880 northbound near the coliseum at 66. if you are driving this way i would say give yourself extra time. they are making progress in getting the crash out of the way but i think it will start blending in with the normal morning commute from south of here in san leandro. san leandro to oakland will be rough. 580 could be a better alternative from san leandro to the lakeshore area. the bay bridge is backed up for a big time delay. a big delay on northbound 101 at the bernall road exit. another big rig and a truck got into a crash. look at this backup. legendary now, morgan hill to the san jose area, solid, slow traffic. 6:50. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal. good morning, let's get to it. drizzle in santa rosa and some areas to the north. a very cool pattern that is establishing itself. looking ahead to tomorrow night, for pam we can deliver
6:51 am
a dry forecast. it won't be warm but it will be dry. we have drizzle up toward the rushing river, to northern napa county. light rain, mainly below the radar beam but there is light stuff there. and northern napa county to lake county a couple of reports there. rain is on the way for the end of the week and it is about time. we have only had one system and we need it. looking ahead to the sierra nevada, the friday through sunday timeframe the snow level could dip below 4,500 feet and the national weather service is talking 1 to 3 feet of snow. i buy into this. pretty good projections for snow, and for sure rain for us but a lot could happen between now and then. this system is causing a combination of drizzle. 40s and 50s right now with that
6:52 am
drizzle. napa airport 51. 47 in cloverdale and low 50s in the valley. occidental 51. low 50s, everyone is close. west-southwest breeze, winds really, with gusts up to 4 miles per hour earlier.-- 40 miles per hour earlier. the low is cooling us down and taking it back to southern california, coming them down. then the system to the north is giving us a cloudy to mostly cloudy morning and a mostly cloudy day. the system is coming by now and relatively weak, but it will still take a big fog bank, windy, cooler, morning drizzle and rain is on the way. it taps into more moisture here. we may up these amounts. does not look like a lot late thursday to friday. the ewe model is paying more rain to the south than north. we will see if that verifies or
6:53 am
not. low clouds and drizzle. you can call it light rain. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. after today we will say good- bye to these -- maybe tomorrow be -- but after that the temperature trend is down. 50s and 60s and no more 70s. rain sweeps through the area thursday and friday. 6:53 is the time. another hollywood star accused of inappropriate behavior. this time actor kevin spacey. what he has to say about alleged sexual misconduct. >> and new information researchers are hoping to find about the los angeles gunman. , you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪
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visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. actor kevin spacey says he is now beyond horrified by allegations he made sexual advances on a young actor more than 30 years ago. the two-time academy award winner says he does not remember what happened but anthony pap said when he was 14 he attended a party at spacey's apartment. at the end of the evening spacey was drunk, picked him up, put him on a bed and
6:57 am
climbed on top of him but he says he was able to get away before anything happened. spacey tweeted he owed him the sincerist apology for what would have -- sincerest apologies for what would have been an inappropriate behavior. he says he has had encounters with gay men and is now choosing to live as a gay man. the transit agency of san francisco owes drivers hundreds of thousands of dollars for those that paid too much for parking tickets. for three years it has held $600,000 in unclaimed funds from unpaid and done cat payments for parking and transit criations from january 1995 and june of 2014. the money is being held in the agency's operating fund. if you think you have been owed some money, the claims to return the money can be filed by going to the sfmta's
6:58 am
website. we have a complete list of all the people effected by this. go to and click on web links at the top of the page. the time is 6:58. specialists at stanford university are getting ready to study the brain of the las vegas gunman who was involved in the shooting rampage after a visual inspection found there were no abnormality. up stephen paddock's brain is expected to arrive this week in stanford. scientists will spend months looking for possible neurological problems. last month he fired more than a thousand bullets down into a crowd at a country music festival, killing 58 people and wounded many more than he killed himself. the time is 6:58. the radars lost to the buffalo -- raiders lost to the buffalo bills 38-14. now the raiders lost five of their last six games.
6:59 am
d'andre washington fumbled while filling in for marshawn lynch suspended for the game. the raiders turned the ball over four times including two interceptions by derrick carr. oakland drops to 3-5, right now in the last place in the afc west. they will be going to miami this sunday. for the first time in franchise history the 49ers are 0-8 on the season, lost to the eagles 33-10. 10. >> 49ers down 7. >> 49ers down 7. two interceptions including this one. look at left tackle here.
7:00 am
he reportedly suffered a fractured bone in his face. he stayed in a philadelphia hospital last night. he is due to fly back to the bay area today. the 49ers offense did score the 3rd quarter. the 49ers, however, lost again. hosting the arizona cardinals on sunday. on sunday. good morning, we have been busy this morning with weather. >> we have cool air and good drizzle so we are getting


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