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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 30, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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2014. the money is being held in the operating fund. we have a full list of people affected by this on today, we take a closer look at the indictment landing paul manafort in federal custody. the good and bad of social media and how it is used in times of tragedy. red bull athletes talk about paddle boarding through san francisco's biggest waves. >> welcome we want to get right to it. as we follow indictments against paul manafort. also his former business associate rick gates has been indicted. this is video of manafort arriving to surrender. the charges focus on work that the two did in ukraine including allegations of money laundering. these are the first charges in
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robert mueller's investigation into potential coordination between russia and the trump campaign. >> president trump responded to the news on paul manafort by tweeting sorry but this is years ago before manafort was part of my campaign. why are not hillary and the democrats the focus? >> we are joined by the uc hastings professor of law. in the indictment manafort says they generated tens of million dollars laundered in but no mention of the president in this. there is no mention of election meddling. how big of a deal is this when it comes to the trump administration?>> this is a huge deal. the charges are incredibly serious and the penalties that they are facing could amount to many years in prison. in addition to tens of millions of dollars of forfeiture.
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basically the lavish lifestyle might go away. these are huge incentives to get these folks to plead guilty. >> this might be going after a big fish to get many more under him? >> or many above him. manafort was an intimate partner of trump and he probably knows a lot. now there is an incentive for him to talk. >> what kind of lawyers are surrounding the white house now? is it fair to assume mr. trump has legal advice with all the people involved lawyered up? >> we already know many of them have and they will need to because we have to keep in mind, watergate was not built in one day. it started with something else. it started with smaller fish getting indicted and gradually the ball started rolling.
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we can't expect everything to unfold today. we have to keep track of this. >> we heard about the tweet today mr. trump said this happened years ago but in the indictment on page 27 there are statements of false and misleading statements dating to february of this year. so i keep asking why will the trump administration candidate, why did he bring on paul manafort? >> those are serious questions. keep in mind there are three components. the first one manafort and gates allegedly acted as agents of russia in the united states and they had done it for many years. for the involvement they received tens of millions of dollars. also, they then used that to purchase property in the united
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states and obtained money against those in mortgages to launder the money. so we have money laundering and tax offenses. all of these charges are extremely serious. we also have to keep in mind the fact that we have already seen a strong tie to the russian government. >> suppose the president decides to fire robert mueller, is there a way that the investigation could keep going despite that? >> there is and i could play out in a lot of different ways although i get the sense the president feels this could be impeachment material so he is choosing not to do that at the moment. should he do that, that will drive the impeachment effort into high gear and then the question when do we get a critical mass of republicans who say that we can't be a part of this.
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>> so what does the president do?>> at this point he doesn't have much of a choice. he will have to sit tight to see how things develop.>> he has a big week talking tax reform and he is supposed to go to asia. as the president knowing this is going on what you expect to happen? >> this will seriously hamper anything he is trying to do at this point.>> will they be released? >> i think that depends. first is the question will they make bail? of course they will make bail but, what will happen depends on how the case develops. it is difficult to judge from the beginning how the case will go. especially in this kind of situation where the investigation is going into a lot of different areas.
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so there could be additional charges coming as well as we have just heard we have information about some guilty pleas. >> the original thing they were looking for is whether or not the russians interfered with the election through those emails that came out. are we getting closer to finding out if that happened? >> we already have a good sense the russians were involved and the question is who knew about this. we know that there is also an investigation against social networks that received funding from russia to get targeted ads . the big question is the same question from watergate, did the president know? >> back when trump and putin had their face-to-face people were looking at the handshakes and gestures.
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if you are russia do you respond? >> that is a good question. vladimir putin kind of shoots from the hip so it is hard to predict what he will do. at this point this is all domestic so they are not in this. that is a good question. >> professor, thank you. question of the day do you think the trump presidential campaign had ties to russia? 79% say yes, 21% say no. 10 says there is no way trump did not know. his son admitted to talking to russia for information about hillary clinton. >> thank you so much for responding to the question of the day on here in the bay area the death toll from the north bay wildfires has increased to 43.
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this is after a 17-year-old died at a certain mental hospital last night. she was severely burned and never regained consciousness. her family was overcome by flames as they try to escape the redwood fire that started in mendocino county. her 14-year-old brother also passed away in the fire. their parents were also burned and are being treated at the hospital. the three remaining fires should be contained by tomorrow. cal fire reported the three were many fires are at 99% containment. the atlas fire was 100% contained friday. the four combined to destroy 9000 homes and other buildings. they burned through 250 square miles. that cause of the fires is under investigation. all public schools in santa rosa will be open for the first time since the fires began.
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alex savidge is live from santa rosa high school with more on how the district is helping those students transition back to the classroom.>> reporter: certainly an emotional day. a lot of these students lost their homes in the fires from three weeks ago. a lot of other students were evacuated with their families. it has been a stressful time these last few weeks but today students are back in class as santa rosa high school. this is one of many schools that reopen today on this monday morning in santa rosa. 11 schools reopen for the first time since the fires. 13 others resumed classes on friday. there are counselors on campus to talk with students who are having a tough time transitioning back to the classroom. here at santa rosa there are 80 students who lost their homes in the disaster. >> i didn't lose my home but it will be very hard for those who did.
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they lost their homework and their books. it is going to be very hard for them. >> it is going to be a lot different. it is all people are going to be talking about. i feel like it will be a while until we get back to normal. >> students are returning to class in mark west union school district on the outskirts of santa rosa and in the town of geyserville. it is not just the students struggling, a number of teachers and staff members were also left without places to live after the fires. students missed three weeks of time in the classroom but officials are telling me they will not be adding any additional days to the school year. they have a waiver from the department of education because a disaster was declared.
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>> alex savidge, thank you. coming up, we are staying in the north bay as arrests have been made in a damaged neighborhood. a crackdown on sideshows in the south bay. coming up, the injuries to one officer and how other agencies are taking part in the crackdown. yes, and yes. expert-level glassware. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? historically, yes... but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. ♪ ♪ (cheering)
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we ended last week in the green with the nasdaq having a huge day. everyone seems to be in the red this morning with the dow jones down 95 points as the healthcare is taking a hit. to the deadliest building fire in oakland history. 36 people died in december when flames tore through the ghost ship warehouse. we are following up questioning who is accountable.
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i spoke with a reporter about the information just uncovered. >> since this tragedy only two have been charged. the owners of the building have never been charged. >> why is not the owner been charged?>> that is the big question we have asked the district attorney and they will not comment. we are finding through research there was evidence they knew about problems inside the warehouse long before the tragedy happened. >> what sort of problems were brought to light? >> these are some of the documents. some of these are court documents and one of the alarming things was this invoice which was sent by one of the tenants to the owner and her kids. the kids managed the property and there was a fire at this warehouse two years earlier. they asked for repairs to be made.
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$32,000 in repairs and we are told they were never made. we are finding that through emails they refused so there were serious safety issues. >> this is from one of the two men who have been charged. >> correct. he got this invoice and sent it to the son of the owner who managed the property. that is what we have here are those emails. that guy even said the son of the owner said you can make decisions on electricity and that is not how this works. the lack of electrical infrastructure was made clear before the lease began so it was evident the owner's new there were electrical problems at the warehouse but they still rented it and that could be seen as a violation of california law because it is necessary that property owners, if they are going to rent the
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building that it is up to code. >> so the owner has not been charged, what has she been doing since the fire?>> she is actually set to get $3 million in insurance payout for what happened. we are unsure if she has received that, but that is what she is getting out of this. at the same time we have not heard from her. we spent months trying to track her down to >> i imagine that the will be troubling. >> the defense attorneys tell us the victims and their families are very upset and especially for these men who should not hold all the responsibility. >> let's talk about more than just the owner. there is evidence that other people even some who work for the city were inside the go ship warehouse and were made
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aware of the problems before the fire. >> we have gone through a ton of records. code violations to police reports. police had been called before. they knew that there were tenants or people there who were arguing. even in the other inspector reports from the district attorney there is evidence that firefighters actually attended a party there. he saw all of the problems but there was no real fire inspection done before the tragedy. >> we will have much more on the ghost ship warehouse owner and accountability in the situation tonight on the 10:00 news. coming up next, the positive and negative side to social media. how to help your children manage all of the information and how it is used in times of tragedy as well as day to day
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life. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become?
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i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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most of us are connected to social media and this connection can be good or bad.>> people took to facebook and twitter to let their loved ones know they were okay in times of tragedy and also to share information. however, having constant access to news and tragic situations can overwhelm a lot of people. >> for more on finding balance on social media we are joined by the founder of green iv education and author of social media wellness. welcome. congratulations on the book. let's start with times of crisis. specifically the benefits. >> we know that social media helps disseminate information and galvanize support. people have been helping each
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other in these crises. in my own house i woke up sunday night and i thought did i leave the oven on and then i realized on social media it was the fires.>> we also had someone from napa or sonoma say that a little piece of misinformation. the winery has burned out and that can spread and be damaging. >> absolutely. this amplification of news and the quick way it is spreading is also part of the challenge. i always talk about the fact that social media isn't good or bad but it is a new language we have to understand that has given us tools we never had before. at the same time we don't know where to filter in and out information. a lot of times parents don't even know what their kids are seeing online. >> that is my biggest concern. i think of the thousands of
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people affected and people are going back to school today. for the students maybe it is too much information when they are trying to move on in this difficult chapter of their life. as a parent i would like to be the gatekeeper of all of that. >> right, and with the idea of fifth graders getting smart phones i tell parents to understand their getting the same news that we are. as adults it is overwhelming so for the kids they don't really know how to process it. that is why those conversations are some important. >> so what is the answer? we give kids cell phones so we are connected to them, is the answer don't let them go on certain websites or how do we do it? >> in a time of crisis, physical safety is of the utmost importance. the other thing with the young
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ones is the idea of tiered access. they might need a phone for safety but it doesn't have to be a smart phone and maybe it doesn't have full access. you can go on the phone and limit what you can do. in the apple phone just go to the settings and you can opt in and out of certain things. that is something i talk about, healthy socialization. we all need to know we have a choice in how we spend our time online. in times of crisis we feel like we don't have a choice. so filtering is really important. >> dude you feel like parents need to step up? i know second graders who have phones and some parents say i don't know. my son has to explain to me and it's like my husband has a phrase, he says be the apparent. you can't hand over your old iphone to your little kid.
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>> right, a lot of times the idea of handing down the smart phone is really detrimental because giving a second greater access to a video and camera in their room, they don't really have life knowledge of what they need to filter. we have to be the gatekeeper. when i think about phone use i like the tiered access. so we will give them a flip phone or look at something with messaging to certain people. my high school students, i asked when do you think kids should get their smart phone? and they said absolutely not before the eighth grade. they really said they didn't think until the eighth grade you had the opportunity to think through your decisions. they were giving me ideas with
9:25 am
thoughtful claims and i was impressed. they were there not so long ago. >> so why did you want to write this book?>> i realized we don't speak the language of social media and we need to. are kids are online like never before and things are quickly changing. i started my company 16 years ago and when i did it was no social media but now it is the number one destruction. in order to reach teens i knew i had to speak the language and when i did a realized all adults need to speak the language. kids want to talk about this and that is part of the conversation. >> i wonder if someone will make a device because the flip phone some kids won't want it but maybe something that looks like this but the parent can control just have some sort of control to keep your kid off of twitter or whatever.
9:26 am
>> there is definitely a market for that. >> the average teen spends nine hours online per day. keep that in mind. coming up next, it came down to extra innings for game five of the world series. we will have your highlights from last night as the houston astros are one win away from becoming the world series champs. jack: fast food's first ever ribeye burger. jack: made with 100% ribeye beef, grilled onions, a red wine glaze and creamy havarti cheese. jack: ahh, here comes the competition now. jack: and of course, since they work for my competitors, i've obscured their identities jack: except for this guy. jack: he is so screwed. jack: try my new havarti & grilled onion and all-american ribeye burgers.
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my goodness, this weather keeps changing. >> you know what, technically we can not that. -- make a bad. there is nothing to keep me
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from doing this. >> don't worry it is just $10. >> we do have some rain. we had drizzle this morning but by friday into early next week a pattern is changing big-time. we have four days to get things done but all signs are pointing to the system dropping from the north. if it taps into that moisture from the southwest that could enhance the rainfall. the much colder air is coming by the weekend as well. this event could be more for shasta and tahoe than for us. 2.64 inches of liquid in tahoe valley and that is about 2 to 3 feet of snow. watch for those advisories friday through sunday. the snow level to drop below 5000 feet and this looks like a good system for snow for the
9:30 am
mountains. there might be a little bit of rain out of there with reports of drizzle this morning. the radar is picking up a little bit as they come out of the northwest but we have low clouds with breaks in the clouds later today. we have a cooler pattern in place with 50s so it is pretty chilly right now. that is the cool that lowered southern california. fog cover through the north. we are getting into the 60s with the wind gusting to 42 at the altima pass. 50s and 60s and tomorrow night is looking okay with mostly clear conditions but breezy and cool as the temperature is dropping fast but it does look dry and by friday we are talking about rain and snow. we really need it. it is time for more. san jose police have made several arrests following overnight sideshows.
9:31 am
christien kafton in san jose where there is evidence left behind. >> we are on ringwood between hofstetter and montague. you can see fresh trier -- tire tread in the road. unclear if this is from last night or from last week. san jose police are confirming there was a sideshow overnight and one officer was injured. we have heard he is expected to be okay. this is part of a crackdown on multiple sideshows. as many as 400 people showed up to as many as half a dozen sideshows. multiple law enforcement agencies were involved and while investigators are confirming there were arrests they are not talking specifics but they have said these sideshows need to be stopped because they are dangerous. >> when you are on a public street doing doughnuts or
9:32 am
excessive speed you run the risk of losing control of the vehicle and crashing. >> reporter: we have video of a previous sideshow so you can have an idea of what goes on. you can see the cars are spinning and moving out of control. the cars can easily lose control and hit other cars or spectators. the sideshows are pretty regular and organizers appear to be setting them up through social media. from san jose christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. two from monterey county were arrested for looting in santa rosa. john connor and christina marsh were arrested after someone called police saying they saw them in a burned-out apartment building. the caller says the couple was driving a ford pickup truck. the truck was found headed toward a national guard checkpoint but the driver sped
9:33 am
across the center median and got away. officers later found the truck along with several stolen items. connors is facing charges of concealing his identity since he gave police a fake name. habitat for humanity is holding a resource day for everyone who lost their homes in the recent fires. people from sonoma, napa, solano , mendocino and lake counties are invited to learn how to handle insurance claims, fema applications and recover uninsured losses. volunteer groups will also explain their relief efforts for the fire victims. the open house will be held near the public market in napa. it runs from 5:00 tonight until 9:00 in the evening. we have information on resource day on for more on the other
9:34 am
headlines let's go to dave clark. >> here are some of the top stories. the contra costa county sheriff's department wants help solving a deadly shooting from yesterday morning in discovery bay. deputies responded to reports of cars spinning doughnuts near raven would park. moments later shots were fired a few blocks away and a body was found. >> we have not located any kind of party and the victim appears to be someone walking around his neighborhood. >> the shooting victim was bradley christian. neighbors say that he confronted the people in those cars. the cars were a red mitsubishi eclipse and gray sports car. investigators are asking residents for surveillance camera video to help identify the cars and drivers. specialists at stanford will be examining and studying the brain of the gunman from
9:35 am
the las vegas shooting. this week the bring a stephen paddock will arrive at stanford. scientists will spend months looking for neurological problems. last month stephen paddock fired 1000 bullets into a las vegas music festival killing 58. a statewide gas tack takes effect on wednesday. gasoline prices could jump $.12 a gallon. governor brown approved it to raise more than $52 billion over the next 10 years. the goal is to get 98% of the state highway pavement in good or fair condition by 2027. there is also an effort to repeal the tax through a ballot measure in 2018. those are some of your morning headlines. back to the desk. kevin spacey says he is beyond horrified by allegations
9:36 am
that he made sexual advances on a child actor 30 years ago. the academy award winner says he does not remember what happened but anthony rapp says when he was 14 he attended a party at kevin spacey's apartment, at the end of the evening space he picked him up, put him on a bed and climbed on top of him. he was able to get away before anything happened. spacey says he apologizes for what would have been deeply inappropriate behavior. say -- space he also said he has had romantic encounters with men and is choosing to live as a gay man. many are saying they are upset that he is connecting allegations of sexual misconduct involving a child to being a gay man. oakland a's catcher bruce maxwell is in trouble with the law. >> you have anything to say?
9:37 am
>> no comment. >> what happened last night? what happened? >> maxwell was arrested saturday in scottsdale, arizona. a woman who was delivering food to his apartment claims maxwell pointed a gun at her. he was booked on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. police do not know what led up to the alleged competition. >> she says when she went to deliver food to the apartment the male subject answered the door with no shirt on and gym shorts. he had a silver handgun pointed at her head. >> police say officers say that maxwell showed signs of intoxication. maxwell became the first major league baseball player to take a knee during the national anthem. the oakland a's have said we take this situation very
9:38 am
seriously and we are gathering information from the proper authorities. a proposed meeting between the nfl and a group a place to talk about the national anthem protest has been called off. the request came after bob mcnair made a comment about having inmates running the prison. referencing players protesting during the national anthem. he says he was not referring to players as inmates. a lawyer representing colin kaepernick says that his client was not invited to any proposed meetings but would want to attend. it is not clear if any meetings will happen. nike is shifting away from traditional retail. the company will revamp its strategy including emphasizing 40 retailers out of the current 30,000. nike will favor retailers that give the company in-store space.
9:39 am
the company plans to reward retailers with exclusive products. the houston astros are one win away from being crowned world series champs after beating the dodgers last night in extras. the game did not leave up to the billing turning into a slugfest with both teams trading leads. the dodgers blue multiple leads. houston took the lead into the ninth and then blew that. the game went into extra innings tied at 12 and then in the bottom of the 10th. >> in the air to right field. here comes fisher. astros win. >> the winning run comes five hours after first pitch.
9:40 am
the astros are now in the lead and it is up to the dodgers to defend home field. first pitch is set for 5:20 tomorrow night. i keep thinking back to 2002 when the san francisco giants went to southern california with the lead thinking they needed won and it did not turn out.>> the giants didn't have justin verlander though. an artist in los angeles is now depicting scenes from the baseball diamond. >> this one of clayton kershaw pitching, i took a toothbrush with paint and i was flicking orange and brown paint to get the dust. it is coming off the ground. >> mona edwards is a courtroom sketch artist. she says she got a call from a
9:41 am
tv station in la to do world series sketches. she jumped at the chance and she says drawing sports sketches is not much different man courtroom textbook the drawings are really telling a story. sometimes it tells the story better than a photograph. >> before these sketches she had never drawn sports. coming up next, a special night for a family in the north bay. how the warriors gave them a night they will never forget. navigating the big waves in san francisco. we are live with our red bull athlete. with everyone's favorite, chicken alfredo. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. only for a limited time, at olive garden.
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earlier this month the 2017 heavywater competition took place in san francisco. 19 athlete navigated the monster waves on a course that went around and under the golden gate bridge. >> 14 athletes completed the race, casper steinfath of denmark is the man who won the whole thing. congratulations casper. i know that water pretty well and i can only get knee-deep in it and it is just dangerous. >> it was absolutely massive. i have never experienced so much energy in an ocean.
9:45 am
it was like the ocean was angry.>> speaking of angry you do not win last year. >> i finished fourth. so coming into this year i learned from my mistakes and i learned to take a step back and learned sometimes you need to take a different route. thankfully it survived -- worked and i survived. >> you describe millimeters between complete control and complete disaster. can you share some close disaster stores?>> there have been quite a few. especially in a race like this. you have a 15 foot wave coming at you and it is millimeters between making it over or being taken down. it is just a gamble. >> can you describe or give us perspective of what you think ocean beach is like compared to other places. >> coming from denmark ocean beach is like the holy grail
9:46 am
because there was so much water moving. ocean beach is just monstrous compared to where i come from in denmark. this is another level. so it is honoring and humbling. >> so you're coming under the golden gate at some point did you ride the waves? >> you are looking for any type of wave to push you. i just wanted to make it out past the waves and that would have been a victory but coming through the forward point i was just baffled to be in front against the biggest waterman in the world. >> i have friends who have their seven-year-old on a standup paddle board. what do you say about the sport may be getting recognition?>> the spore is growing exponentially. people are seen peddling everywhere and it is for
9:47 am
everyone. it doesn't have to be the biggest waves. >> we see it on the oakland estuary behind us all the time. >> the whole bay is a big playground. it amazes me to see these opportunities. >> how did you get into with? what attracted you to the sport?>> personally, i was a surfer. i grew up surfing but the problem is there are not always waves so you have to kill the downtime. so i got into standup paddling. >> as a watch this video and look at the waves it seems more like a survival thing more than a race. >> that's right, i wasn't even thinking about the race and when i made it past the waves i looked around and there was no one. that's when i realized i was in front. >> what are you going to do with the money?
9:48 am
>> i am just enjoying my time. i just want to have a good trip. i am going to hawaii tomorrow. >> do you realize that you speak like a surfer? >> i thought maybe it was the accident. >> that is one of my words, gnarly. >> if you had to continue to do this or what is your dream? >> my dream is to continue living my passion. the ocean means everything to me. as long as i can breathe i just want to be on the water sharing memories with my friends. it is what i live for. >> are you coming back next year? >> the pressure is already on. i am coming back next year to survive. >> casper, congratulations. >> we will be right back after the break.
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right now is your chance to win a special ktvu fox 2 news mug. go to and fill out the entry form. entries will be accepted until 1:00 this afternoon. here is an example of one that you could win. it has a ktvu fox 2 news logo and you just have to visit
9:52 am to win one of these. if you win please take a picture and send it to us. those turnovers came back to haunt the warriors last night. in the second quarter the warriors found themselves down by one. steph curry and kevin durant were in control early on. kevin durant scored 28. the warriors led by 14 but they committed a season-high 26 turnovers. detroit ended up taking a large lead but the warriors made a bit of a comeback. >> he has scored eight straight. klay thompson for three. it is good. >> klay thompson had 29 on the night but it was the turnovers that led to that second loss at home for the season which matches their entire total home loss from the 2015 season.
9:53 am
one family who lost their homes in the north bay fires enjoyed a night free of worries courtesy of the warriors. robert malcolm with more on how the team rallied for them and other members of the community. >> four families that lost everything in the wildfires this game meant everything. >> it was absolutely amazing. my kids are super excited.>> this family lost their home but nine-year-old jordyn johnsen was able to save her steph curry shoes which she says make her play better for her team. after writing a letter to steph curry the warriors invited the family to the game. >> this is crazy how so many people got us here. >> after watching shootaround the kids became stars themselves. >> it is super exciting they excited us. >> it was a day no one will likely forget.
9:54 am
>> it is very humbling. it is amazing, the overwhelming good and we are so grateful. >> josh shares a 20 year friendship with the celebrity chef, he also did his part to support families in santa rosa. he tipped his hat to the warriors. >> the fact that the warriors brought them down shows what a great organization. >> the commitment was measured in dollars with a $1.2 million check awarded to 49 local organizations.>> it is amazing. somebody cares so much to help kids get through college. they are willing to put their money and their word behind it. >> since 2012 the warriors foundation has donated $9 million in grants to support education and youth development. >> coach steve kerr is amazing. he is so modest about the
9:55 am
impact he is having and he has chosen to donate all of his speaker fees to the foundation. >> the family had a private post game meeting with the warriors. from the north bay wildfires to post secondary education, the warriors may have lost the game tonight but they won the hearts of fans. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> stephon curry enjoyed some halloween fun. take a look would you recognize him? that is steph curry coming in on a tricycle wearing the jigsaw costume. he had the theme music playing in the background as he peddled by. however you do it, we would love to see your halloween costumes. send your pictures to us via instagram or twitter. we also appreciate everyone
9:56 am
posting pictures on our facebook page. keep them coming and we will share them with you tomorrow. the raiders lost to the bills and have now lost five of their last six games. oakland had four turnovers. including a fumble that buffalo returned for a touchdown. the raiders prepare for another road game this week. they will play the dolphins at miami on sunday. for the first time in franchise history the 49ers are 0-8 on the season. the rookie quarterback threw for one touchdown and one -- two interceptions. the 49ers play the cardinals on sunday.>> the chicago bears put up 435 yards of offense but it wasn't enough. cal lost to colorado 44-28. california returns to memorial stadium on saturday and they
9:57 am
will be hosting oregon state. in the past few seconds a court has barred president trump from changing military policy on service by transgender people. this comes after a dozen democratic attorney general's have opposed the administration plan to ban transgender people from serving in the military. the groups is doing so is unconstitutional. will follow this news and have much more coming up today at noon. we will see you then. ththat's alwa bringing a p? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering)
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