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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 31, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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the efforts underway for many to salvage what they can. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. happy halloween. the last day of october. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is over here talking about halloween weather . >> cool. chilly. >> i felt it last night. >> a little chill in the air. very spooky, but not really. it's part of a pattern change that is setting up shop. we have to wait to the end of the week but low clouds are rapidly filling in. the low cloud deck is working its way in. 43, lakeport. brentwood, 49. fairfield, 45. kelseyville, 40s.
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napa and american canyon -- take your pick. bodega bay, a cool 48. not as much of a breeze. it may pick up later. even out in the delta it's quiet. the system that went through yesterday set the stage for what is turning out to be a cool pattern. today we maybe a couple degrees warmer because of the loss of cloud cover. 50s, 60s, upper 60s and a few low 70s. nothing scary about that forecast. that is a good forecast. nothing scary about the traffic either. so far, anyway. this is a look at the tracy commute. traffic is moving along well. the tracy super commute, 205, 580, looks good out to the main part of a livermore. no major issues as you drive into dublin and over to castro valley. this is a look at 880, oracle
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arena where the warriors won last night. traffic is moving well in both directions. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. traffic here is light. let's go back to the desk. the investigation of a deadly shooting last night in antioch continues. one man is dead. just after 8 pm, police went to contra loma boulevard. at peppertree way they found a man on the ground who was later pronounced dead. right now we do not have any other details. if you have any information, call antioch police. a san francisco police crime scene investigator testified the man charged with killing kate steinle actually pointed a gun at her while she was walking on pier 14 team. investigator john evans claims jose ines garcia-zarate aimed the gun at kate steinle while she was walking on pier 14 with her father.
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he said because garcia-zarate was not an experienced shooter, he aimed to low , jerked the trigger and missed his target. he said the bullet ricocheted off the ground and hit steinle. the defense attorney said the evidence is confusing. >> i think fundamentally what is at stake is that they are struggling to make sense of physical evidence. >> legal experts say the focus of this case will be if jurors think garcia-zarate fired the weapon intentionally. if so, if he fired it at steinle. this week firearms and ballistics experts are supposed to testify about whether the gun could have gone off accidentally. paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager is under house arrest. so is his business associate, rick gates. special counsel robert mueller moves ahead with the first indictments in a probe of russian influence in the elections.
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if convicted, both men could face decades in prison. they are facing a dozen charges including money laundering and conspiracy. the indictment says millions of dollars upload into overseas accounts controlled by both manafort and gates. it also said the men did not register as foreign agents when they work for ukraine's pro- russian government. manafort's lawyer disputes the charges. >> there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. mr. manafort represented pro- european union campaigns for the ukrainians. and in that he was seeking to further democracy and to help the ukraine come closer to the united states and the eu. those that gave it is ended in 2014. over two years before mr. manafort served in the trump
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campaign. >> if convicted, manafort could get up to 80 years in prison. eighth, if convicted, could get up to 70 years. both are due in court thursday. the new york times reports 126 million facebook users may have been reached by russia's alleged meddling in the election. that is more than half of facebook's monthly users in the u.s. russian agents also uploaded more than 1000 videos to google's youtube service showing the far-reaching russia's efforts to cause divisions. there could be more to come in the investigation into russian ties to the election. doug luzader joins us from washington this morning. talk about how serious the indictments are and what this means for the trump administration. >> reporter: does our two separate questions. if you are paul manafort are rick gates, these are serious indictments. the charges are completely unrelated to the campaign and
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to the white house and to these allegations of collusion between the white house and russia. do prosecutors see these as a means to an end? load them up with charges and convince them to cooperate with investigators to prove a larger case. maybe so. that is a typical tactic you see. as far as george papadopoulos is concerned, that is a different event. here you have a low level, volunteer campaign advisor who, nonetheless, did have communications, questionable communications with individuals and russia which gets closer to the purpose of this investigation. plus we learned he was charged and confessed to those charges a while ago. he struck a deal with the fbi. what level of cooperation has he offered? and is he going to ultimately be the source of additional charges leveled at additional individuals? that's one of the big questions
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now. >> that is the big question. everybody seems to be talking about the tip of the iceberg that we will see a lot more indictments. >> thank you. 4:07 am. paying more at the pump. starting tomorrow, we will explain how much more you will pay and how california will rank compared to other states when it comes to the gas tax. the application deadline has been extended for prospective you see students affected by the north bay wildfires. we will let you know how much more time the university of california system is giving them to apply. good morning. traffic is off to a nice start on many of these commutes on the east shore freeway. it's not bad so far heading to the maze. low clouds are marching in but it looks like they will burn off sooner and temperatures will be near seasonal averages.
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we will talk about that for halloween forecast as well. reca well.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. four state lawmakers want to make sure that utility companies, not to their customers, pay the cost when disasters are caused by the company's negligence. the lawmakers will introduce a bill that would block utilities
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from passing on the cost to customers. the issue is coming up as investigators try to determine if pg&e power lines are partially to blame for starting the north bay wildfires. san diego gas and electric has asked state regulators if it can let its customers pay some of the costs associated with legal sediments in several wildfires that occurred 10 years ago. the lawmakers say they will rollup the proposal when the legislature gets back to work in january. the north bay fires damaged many businesses including some that cannot pick up and move. >> we lost all the tools and equipment. vehicles. >> irrigation. power. everything. >> sonoma and napa county are known around the world for their wines but other agricultural businesses are affected. sonoma county officials held a meeting to reassure ranchers, farmers and cannabis growers,
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who are trying to figure out how to recover after they were burned out of their homes and livelihoods. early estimates put losses at close to $1 billion for the wineries alone. >> a lot of grapevines were damaged and we won't know until the spring weather some of those need to be replanted. >> there are questions about the quality of the one produced from grapes harvested and what was left on the vines. marijuana grow's are caught in a double bind. they are not eligible for federal aid but many put everything they had into this first crop of cannabis because recreational marijuana becomes legal january 1. many saw their new ventures go up in smoke. there are concerns about the vital agricultural workers who were burned out of their homes and now have no place to live. university of california schools are helping applicants affected by the wildfires. the university of california is extending its fall 2018 application deadline until
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december 15 to assist incoming freshmen and transfer students. the previous deadline was november 30. it could take five years or longer to recover from the wildfires. the first order of business is housing and cleanup. county officials say even before the fire, sonoma county had a 2% vacancy rate which had brought tent cities into central santa rosa. now they say thousands more people need somewhere to live as well as contractors and construction workers who are there to rebuild. before that come up fire crews need to clean up the toxic waste from the burned-out properties. >> there are people who are ready to start pounding nails on a new house. and i understand that. i would be the same way if i had lost my house. we need to go through three months of a cleanup before anybody can start rebuilding.
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>> sonoma county officials are concerned about the forecasted rain this week and any toxic run amok -- runoff. contractors hired to work in the area will need to take a 40 hour course to learn how to remove toxic debris such as asbestos before work can begin. in sonoma county, officials say the biggest drop will be finding new housing for the thousands who lost their homes. fema is bringing in 500 mobile units and trailers to house those who have been displaced. the county said anyone who is interested in a trailer, contact them. county officials are also looking for other short-term housing like vacation rentals and airbnb. 4:14 am. let's check in with sal. i would imagine many people head into work early today so they can leave early for trick-or- treating in the world series. >> it happens every year. people will go in early and we have people leaving early on
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halloween. i'm talking at like 3:00. not 5:00. they want to be home at 5:00. put that in the back of your mind if you drive or if you take transit. thank you for bringing that up, pam. good morning. let's go to the gilroy commute. northbound 101 as you drive from gilroy to san jose. it is a nice drive so far. no major issues. i think today we will have an earlier commute. early in, early out. now that we are in 2017, we make it people who just won't go today. that would be the best case scenario. this is 280 northbound. also looking at the westbound bay bridge. traffic is moving along okay into san francisco. it's 2017 and people, a
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significant portion of workers have flexibility. we may have some people who won't go tomorrow. they may work longer tomorrow and the next day. >> if anyone is on its, it would be you. you know the trends. >> we will see. it hasn't happened yet but i'm thinking one year we will start to see it, finally. >> that makes sense. thank you. we have your forecast. it's cloudy and very cool. you can feel the cool air spilling in. yesterday was breezy and windy but today will not be as bad. low clouds will burn off sooner. tonight if you're going out, you will be all right. it's going to cool off very fast as we head toward 8:00. if you're out at 11:00, you have a better life than me because i will be sound asleep. we do have high pressure building in for today and tomorrow.
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partly sunny, chilly and nice. the rain is still on the way but not until friday. there could be some in advance of that. rainfall amounts look to be okay but there is a big difference between the gfs and the euro. the gfs is on its own but it does tap into the moisture. there is going to be some decent snow in the mountains. a half-inch to an inch and a half as we head toward friday into sunday. there are no advisories right now for the sierra but there will be some by friday and into the weekend. snow will start around 6000 feet. if everything comes in, 1-2 feet above lake level. less than that below lake level. fog is filling in. there aren't any high clouds right now. 42, lakeport. 40s for many. 50s and much cooler. would, 49.
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concord pavilion, 45. ukiah, 42. mount truckee, 28. sacramento, 48. the change is beginning. there is that ridge of high pressure. everything is now starting -- keep an eye on that system. that may be drawn up. now the system will drop from the north. it takes a couple days for this to develop. in advance of that we have low clouds and then sun. sunny skies and maybe a bump up or two in temperatures. 50s and 60s on the coast in pay. upper 60s to near 70 elsewise. cool air is spilling in. not much change for the next couple of days but by friday it looks like rain. >> i'm glad it has held off. it was a bit wet last year this
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time for halloween. thank you. actor kevin spacey continues to face criticism following accusations he made sexual advances toward a teenage boy 30 years ago. in a statement he apologized and called it drunken behavior. netflix, the studio that produces his hit show house of cards, said the show's sixth season will be its last. >> netflix said that they are concerned for their cast members. they said they had executives who flew to the set today in baltimore and they were talking to all the cast and crew about this. >> netflix also saying this was always going to be the last season and the recent news did not play a role. kevin spacey came out as a gay man. critics, many in the lgbt community took to twitter blasting him for coming out in the same statement where he
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apologized for predatory behavior. harvey weinstein has been banned for life by the producers guild of america. the decision to ban him was expected after he was accused of several cases of sexual assault and harassment. the producers guild said instead of addressing its charges, weinstein chose to give up his membership. actress mose mcgowan is wanted for felony drug possession. police say the found traces of narcotics in belongings she left behind at washington dulles airport in january. police obtained a warrant in february and said they have been trying to contact her. rose mcgowan has been in headlines lately for accusing -- accusing harvey weinstein of raping her in 1997. her response to the arrest warrant she tweeted, are they trying to silence me? the 49ers have a new quarterback. we will tell you about the deal
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to bring backup quarterback jimmy garoppolo to the 49ers. fair enforcement on bart comes with a price tag. how much it will cost the transit agency to make sure people are paying their fair share.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's halloween. you need to have some fun with the news.
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here are some of the halloween pictures we asked you to send. a lot of superheros in there. it looks like the cast of the wizard of oz. some of you sent us your pictures. that looks great. >> a lot of good makeup. even the dogs as well. >> of course. take a good look. if you don't see your picture right now, don't worry. we will show them all morning right here on mornings on 2 . and it's also not too late to send them in. post them on instagram, facebook or twitter with the hashtag, #ktvu. looking good. now we know how much it will cost bart to crack down on people who are trying to get a free ride. according to the san francisco chronicle, the additional workers will cost $740,000 per year. the extra equipment they require will cost about
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$50,000. last week the board of directors reported -- approved an ordinance requiring riders to show a valid proof that they paid for their fare. the fare inspectors will work in teams and will go from person to person in the areas they work and record every encounter on body cameras. drivers who travel to or from contra costa county with the scoop carpooling app start receiving more money for their efforts. according to the transportation authority, drivers and get two dollars per trip in the new program. scoop connects people traveling in the same direction to and from work. it debuted at the concord and pleasant hills contra costa center bart station earlier this month. carpoolers can also get a guaranteed parking spot at the concord and pleasant hills contra costa center bart stations. the app can be found at this year's commercial dungeness crab station could be delayed again.
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toxic algae continues to be a problem along the entire west coast. commercial lobster season ended early because of that. now the state department of health warns that high levels of the toxin is found in many crab in the northern part of the state. commercial crapping season is set to open november 15. recreational crab season starts this saturday. many people count on that for thanksgiving. there were protests against a shipping terminal in oakland. hundreds of marched, trying to block the cold terminal from opening. police use of force in berkeley. the new policies the city is discussing the could lead to more transparency from berkeley pd. good morning. traffic is off to a good start around the bay area. so far we are looking pretty good if you're driving in san francisco on northbound 101. morning low clouds will give way to sunshine and
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tonight it will cool off rapidly. certainly after 8:00. ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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good morning and welcome back. it's tuesday, october 31. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it sounds like the trick-or- treat forecast is dry but a little chilly. >> that's it. it will cool off pretty fast but it will be dry. it's a good thing it's not friday because we would have issues with rain. the cloud deck is moved over and he could feel the cool air moving in. we are seeing if you 30s to the north. a couple and mendocino and lake county. low clouds and afternoon sun. not much change tomorrow. rain is on the way friday into the weekend. there may be a break on
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saturday. snow in the mountains. we will deal with the timing and amounts when we get closer to it. i think you are okay until late thursday. friday, saturday and sunday, there will be some precipitation moving through. low clouds continue to move in. there making a push although the higher clouds are gone. this cloud deck will burn off sooner. 40s in lakeport. brentwood, 49. 50s on the peninsula. 54, stanford. 53, moss beach. this is the key. one forecast model latches onto that. this could increase rainfall totals. until that happens we will go with what we see and that is the low cloud deck and sun. a chilly morning with low clouds. not much drizzle. today's, 50s and 60s for the temperatures with a few 70s.


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