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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 31, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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saturday. snow in the mountains. we will deal with the timing and amounts when we get closer to it. i think you are okay until late thursday. friday, saturday and sunday, there will be some precipitation moving through. low clouds continue to move in. there making a push although the higher clouds are gone. this cloud deck will burn off sooner. 40s in lakeport. brentwood, 49. 50s on the peninsula. 54, stanford. 53, moss beach. this is the key. one forecast model latches onto that. this could increase rainfall totals. until that happens we will go with what we see and that is the low cloud deck and sun. a chilly morning with low clouds. not much drizzle. today's, 50s and 60s for the temperatures with a few 70s.
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well, we do have a nice commute so far. as i look at my list we do not have a lot going on which is the way we like it. 80 westbound in vacaville, fairfield and vallejo, a nice drive on the solano super commute. through vallejo on 80 or 37, it does look good. even highway 29, everything seems to be okay. there have been no major problems heading west on the east shore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza, we see a nice drive with no major problems getting onto the bridge so far. house republicans are expected to introduce a tax cut bill tomorrow but there are a lot of details to work out. the national association of home builders opposes the bill because a tax credit for home owners would be eliminated.
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republicans say the bill will retain itemized deductions for property taxes, mortgage interest and charitable contributions. >> the way the language was originally discussed as far as taking away the property tax deduction, the state income tax deduction, that would end up raising taxes on people in my district. >> in the senate, republican susan collins says she opposes two of propose tax cuts that would favor the wealthy. lifting the estate tax and lowering the top income tax rate. every vote matters in the senate since republicans hold a two digit vote advantage. today is your last chance to fill up your gas tank before the new gas tax takes effect. starting tomorrow, the price of a gallon of ganz will jump $.12 to help pay for road repairs all over the state. taxes are going up on diesel fuel by $0.20 per gallon. the sales tax rate will triple.
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both new mac taxes are expected to generate $3 billion per year for projects. once the tax hike begins, we will have the highest state gas tax in the country. happening today, the berkeley city council will consider changes to the police department's use of force policy. right now the city requires the department to file reports if someone is injured, a weapon is used or someone filed a complaint against the department. a new proposal would expand that to include anytime a confrontation between a police officer and the public leads to any physical force being used. it would also require separate categories for different levels of force. the changes will be discussed at the city council meeting that starts at 6 pm tonight. protesters marched last night in oakland against a shipping terminal for cole. the oakland city council
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rejected the proposal last year but the developer is preparing another attempt. it will begin next year. the developer, who is credited with restoring the fox theater, is suing the city of oakland after it banned the storage and handling of coal last year. city leaders said it would not allow the company terminal logistics solutions, to transport coal from utah to oakland because it would do harm to residents. last night about 200 showed up in the trestle glen neighborhood, marching to the developers home telling him what they think about the project. >> i've worked with kids who are younger who have asthma and they will be greatly impacted. i need to advocate for them. >> in 2013, the developer promised to bring thousands of jobs as part of a bulk shipping terminal on a roughly 20 acre parcel on the old oakland army
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base. city officials said cole was not mentioned. we try to contact the developer but we did not get a response. what about the families? don't you feel you are responsible? >> the owner of the ghost ship warehouse is under fire. >> she is a scumbag. >> 36 killed in the warehouse fire tragedy. two tenets charged with manslaughter and questions about the owner still looming. >> do you think she will ever be held accountable for this? >> absolutely not. >> 2 investigates has spent months tracking down the ghost ship warehouse owners to find out what they knew about the building's condition before the fire. >> investigative reporter has more on the conditions of the warehouse and how much the owners knew. >> reporter: it was six months after 36 lives were taken by fire. charges in the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. >> i'm here to tell you that today my office has filed felony criminal complaints.
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>> reporter: two men facing three dozen counts of manslaughter. derick almena rented the warehouse and his friend max harris helped him look after. they hosted parties come advertising it as an artists creative space, even letting people live there. the building's owner is chor ng, she has never been charged. >> 2 investigates. do you hold yourself at all responsible for what happened at the ghost ship? >> reporter: chor ng has kept a low profile , so have her kids, kai ng and eva ng. many former tenants say they managed the warehouse and adjoining properties. they collected rent and received complaints. especially about problems with the electrical system. the tenants say there was a lot going on and you ignore them. what you have to say to them? in fact, they were made aware of an electrical fire two years earlier. this invoice obtained explains a transformer was doused, 911 never called and $32,000 in
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repairs were needed. this was sent to the ng . the diagnosis was three buildings on a single transformer, severely and catastrophically overloading. and deferred maintenance dating back decades required immediate intervention to avoid additional fires. defense attorneys representing the two men say the ng refused to make repairs. >> the owner is absolutely responsible for the lives and the 36 people lost. >> reporter: attorney curtis briggs believes derick almena and max harris are taking the fall for others' negligence. police had been to the warehouse before. records show they were there eight times for disputes among those who live there. officers knew but the illegal living once on. then there's this district attorney report where in oakland firefighter admitted he had been to the ghost ship for a party and told investigators
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he remembered there was a lot of stuff but records show no fire inspection was ever done. >> the ghost ship was no secret to anybody. the ghost ship became a secret when they decided not to charge the owner and what they try to protect certain aspects of the city government. >> reporter: code violation notices were sent to chor ng for hazardous decision is an life-threatening safety over the years. but 2 investigates from the city never followed up. california law said a land owner must maintain the tropic -- property to prevent unreasonable risk of harm. stating everyone is responsible not only for the result of willful acts and also for an injury. it's a key point in a major civil suit calling out the ng's. >> what about the families? don't you feel like you are responsible? you own the place. don't you have anything to say? >> reporter: derick almena had something to say in february 2015 when he brought up the electrical system again. writing a year of delays in
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dangerous complications. i would have you the owner and landlord, the ultimate benefactor at the onset of any electrical issues take the school action. this was not your course. he rented temporary power supplies and wanted to get paid back. chor ng robaxin the electrical infrastructure was made clear before the lease begin and i will not be reimbursing you. you are required to return the electrical system to the state it was in before your lease began.defense attorneys say chor ng refused to do any work. >> he is responsible and should be held responsible for what happened because it was his duty to make sure his property was say. >> reporter: and those were. in this investigator's report, a businesswoman rented the adjacent building from the ng's for her hair salon. she told investigators that were electrical issues starting in 2008 and contacted eva ng but became frustrated because the problems were never addressed. after 13 years, moved her business in 2014 because no repairs were made.
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>> is a prosecutor, do you see any reason why you would not go after the owners? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: attorney michael cardoza used to be a proper -- a prosecutor. he's not working his case but says he surprised the family has gone under the radar. >> if i were the trial attorney, i would look long and hard at charging the owner and her daughter, who was supposed to be the manager of the building, bringing them into court. consolidating those cases. so you are trying all the defendants at once. and if they want to blame each other, let them do it in the same jury. that enhances the da's prosecution. >> reporter: the da has never explained why the ng's have not been charged despite repeatedly asking. prosecutors say is still an active case. no comment and since june, affording the question altogether. >> i will not take questions, speculative questions like that. >> reporter: the building's owner said to get a hefty pale.
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insurance money totaling $3 million covering the cost to the deadly fire. >> the families suffer. the victims can't come back to life but overnight the owner became a triple millionaire. >> reporter: don't you have any remorse for the people who died in that fire? nothing to say at all? >> what does that say to you? >> she is a scumbag. she's a scumbag and a killer. we as the public have a right to know. why are you charging? >> reporter: the district attorney could still charge the onus. that could bring some relief to the other defendants. >> you not only have to do justice but you need to give the appearance of doing justice. this is not the appearance of doing justice. >> the cause of the fire was never determined. both defendants are due in court for a preliminary hearing in two weeks.
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we have tried repeatedly to contact the owners of the warehouse to talk to them about the conditions within but have received no response from them or their lawyers. still talking about the russia investigation. charges filed against's former campaign manager and his longtime associate. the shock waves sent across the nation's capital. tickets to game six of the world series. we will tell you how much it will cost to see history made in person tonight. we can see that traffic is doing pretty well. if you are driving on westbound 24, it's light so far through lafayette. low clouds are making a push inland and will burn off sooner today. there is a bite to the morning air. i think it will cool off fast tonight for the trick-or- treaters.
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and then the people go inside.
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look at the dogs on the right -- >> that is very cute. star wars is represented. day of the dead make up. very cool on the right. >> welcome back to mornings on 2 on this halloween morning . we want to see your costumes. the second from the left, pam, it just got me. >> do your dogs wear costumes? >> they do not. they won't. as you get your kids off to school or head off to work, take a look at her tv. you guys are sending in some great pictures. you can still send them in. stem -- post them to facebook and instagram or twitter.
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use the hashtag #ktvu. we will be showing these all morning. >> that is creative. >> the peanut butter and jelly -- i am in. >> very nice. keep sending these. we want to see them and show them on tv. >> a lot of mario brothers. it's time to talk about football. the 49ers have any quarterback after completing a trade. they traded a second round draft pick to get new england patriots quarterback jimmy garoppolo. he will turn 26 on thursday. he has been tom brady's backup since 2014 when he was drafted. garoppolo is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after the season and the 49ers are expected to try to sign him to either a new deal or attack him as their franchise player. it's not clear when garoppolo will play for the first time with the 49ers but it's not likely to happen this sunday when the 49ers play the
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cardinals. the 49ers also cut quarterback brian hoyer. he started the first six games of the season for the 49ers but was benched to get rookie quarterback kim jung-un three in. lawyer through four touchdowns and cannot leave the 49ers to a win. he is 32 and spent his first three seasons in new england. some expect he may possibly signed with the patriots to be tom brady's backup extract game six of the world series is tonight in los angeles. the dodgers need to win to stay in a. they trulyáthree games to 2. houston trying to win a world series for the first time ever. the first pitch is at 5:20 pm right here on ktvu. if you still want news we will have local news on ktvu plus during the game. if you are thinking about hitting the road to watch game 6 tonight, it's going to cost you. ticket prices on seat , started
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at $400 a ticket. if you're looking for seats next to the dodgers' dug up. that will cost you about $7000. >> 400 for the cheapest seats. >> that is sal kind of money. i don't have that . >> i will just get on my private jet. >> fuel it up. >> wouldn't that be nice? good morning, everyone. westbound 580. we are looking at the commute on the tracy triangle. you can see slow traffic. we have a crash on westbound 580 near grant line road. traffic is going to be slow even though this crash is on the shoulder. they are waiting for a tow
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truck. it's slow on 205 and 580. crashes on westbound 580 west of grant line road. if you drive further into livermore, it looks good. if you get on the freeway in livermore you will miss all that. driving to castro valley looks good. this is 880 in both directions. no major problems. and driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, some of those cash lanes on the left of the toll plaza are getting a shift change. that's why we have a delay. let's bring steve in. thank you. good morning, everybody. a little cool for some. low clouds are moving in but there is a slight northerly breeze for a few. this cloud deck should chew up sooner but not before some cool readings. kenwood, 36. west napa, 39. boyes hot springs, 38. novato, 44.
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there is too much low cloud deck to get that much cooler. there are some low 40s in lake county. morning clouds and afternoon sun. temperatures bumping up a little bit. north and east may benefit from a slight northerly breeze. i don't think from the peninsula south. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. we are looking for a change but not until friday. rain develops friday into sunday. one system will come through late friday into early saturday and another on sunday. the key for this is this is more of a mountain event for snow than rain. there could be some decent amounts for the mountains. sierra nevada -- it will start off very high, around 6500 feet. sunday it will get down to 4500 feet. no advisories yet but there will be some as we head toward
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friday and the weekend. low clouds favoring the peninsula and south but now trying to fill in on the north. there is a northeast breezes preventing that from making too much of a search. overall it is clear for some and cloudy for others. 40s for many. 56, sfo. fremont, 50s as well. with the cloud cover toward santa cruz and the chris santa cruz mountains, all 50s. santa cruz, 50s. 52 seems like a popular number. 27, truckee. homewood, 41. south lake tahoe, 30. you can see the signature on that slight northerly breeze for a few. the key will be over the weekend. if this moisture is drawn up by a developing cystine from the north -- developing system from the north -- we will not know until friday. slightly warmer temperatures today.
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there is a lot of cool air aloft. 50s, 60s and 70s. i don't see much change tomorrow. increasing clouds on thursday with rain developing friday through saturday morning. then another system will come through on sunday. >> you are making pam happy because there is no rain on halloween. a man shot and killed outside his home in discovery bay. the search for the shooter as police have released new images of cars that were possibly involved.
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welcome back. police are looking for the people responsible for shooting and killing a man in discovery bay over the weekend. witnesses say bradley machugh had just confronted speeding drivers in his neighborhood. contra costa county sheriffs investigators are hoping surveillance video and tips will lead to arrests in the shooting. the father of two sons was gunned down around 1245 early sunday morning. >> he typically, condo, always kept an eye on the neighborhood because of the young kids in
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the neighborhood. he wanted to make sure the people were safe. that was primarily the whole thing. he got along with everybody. it infuriates me. it's completely and totally senseless. over words. it's ridiculous. >> investigators are looking for two vehicles. a matte gray ford mustang, possibly a 2008 model with dark- colored rims and also a red mitsubishi eclipse with a spoiler and a loud exhaust. these are fuzzy pictures but each car was parked with young men, one female and all in their teens or early 20s. anyone with information is asked to call the contra costa county sheriff's office. an investigation goes on at the santa rita jail in dublin after an inmate died. the body of a 33-year-old inmate was found in his cell
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yesterday. the sheriff's office said he recently arrived at the jail and was given a one-person cell. we do not know the inmate's name. so far there is no obvious sign of trauma. coming up, social media may have played a bigger than expected part in the 2016 presidential elections. then report that finds half of facebook users in the u.s. saw an ad that russia paid for. the dungeness crab season may be at risk to start late again. the concerns state officials are having again over toxic algae. good morning. the east bay commute is off to a nice start so far if you are driving on highway 24. it's not a bad commute as you drive to the tunnel. not a bad forecast although it is chilly this morning. we will see what's in store for tonight and tomorrow.
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pamper yourself. [background music] get caressably soft skin. with caress. get when i was 14 years old. so i really navigate the world by touch. when dove asked me to try out this body wash... i was excited that it was foam. it was so light and soft... not sticky. it's light. it's different. it's foam. washington taking center stage this morning. another person facing charges in the investigation of russia's alleged meddling in the presidential election. we will tell you more about the investigation coming up. rebuilding after fires
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destroyed thousands of homes. the efforts underway for many to salvage what they can and what needs to be done first. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, october 31. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. cool. more sun today than yesterday. not as windy. low clouds have some resistance north and east because of a slight northerly breeze. south around san francisco and oakland, no problems at all. 50s, 60s, 70s. morning clouds and afternoon sun. more change thursday into friday. today and tomorrow, partly sunny with chilly nights. rain is on the way.


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