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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 31, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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destroyed thousands of homes. the efforts underway for many to salvage what they can and what needs to be done first. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, october 31. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. cool. more sun today than yesterday. not as windy. low clouds have some resistance north and east because of a slight northerly breeze. south around san francisco and oakland, no problems at all. 50s, 60s, 70s. morning clouds and afternoon sun. more change thursday into friday. today and tomorrow, partly sunny with chilly nights. rain is on the way.
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the cooling will continue. low clouds are having resistance because of a northerly breeze for some to the north. that does not mean all locations but the airflow is northerly. more westerly as you head south. 40s for the temperatures. if you're clear you have very cool conditions. if you have cloud cover, it's more mild. in the south, a lot of mid 50s. slight north of petaluma and napa airport and northwest at davis. if you go further north you can find in northerly breeze. the systems are beginning to make their move but it will take a couple days for them to get here. until then look for sunshine to the north and cloudy and mostly cloudy to the south. temperatures today should bump up a few degrees. 50s, 60s and near 70. we do have traffic that is busy. on the him -- on the altamont pass, westbound 580 we have slow traffic as you drive on 205 and 580.
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slow traffic approaching a crash on 580 near grant line road. it's on the shoulder but traffic is slow. we do have traffic from livermore to pleasanton that is getting busier but it's not stop and go. a little at the dublin interchange. this is 880 in oakland. traffic is moving well. at the bay bridge toll plaza, if you lanes have some congestion. san francisco police arrested a man witnesses say the man tried to shoplift then stabbed people who try to stop him. christien kafton is in san francisco. this happened at a safeway store. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning. this happened at a safeway store on seventh avenue in the richmond district. you can see employees are starting to arrive for work this morning. a few hours ago this was the scene of a vicious and bloody fight. according to police this
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started around 12:30 am. the suspect was inside the store and witnesses say he was shoplifting or attempting to shoplift. an employee tried to stop the man. that's when the suspect set his dog on the employee. the dog bit the worker several times. the suspect also pulled a weapon and began stabbing the worker. at some point other employees rushed in and the suspect tried to stab them as well and then took off. the victim was taken to an area hospital with serious, life- threatening injuries. police caught up with the suspect and have arrested him. they tell us they will book that man into jail and his name and photo should be available later this morning. employees are just now starting to show up. the safeway opened from 6 am until 2 am. it was open at the time. employees are starting to return to work, and are now learning about this incident overnight. this would have been a different shift.
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the people coming in now are on the morning shift and are rattled by hearing what happened here early this morning. we are hoping to learn more details as the morning progresses including the name of the suspect. police are telling us they will release a photo of the suspect later as well. paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager is under house arrest and so is his business associate rick gates. special counsel robert mueller moves ahead with the first indictments in the probe of russian influence in your selections. if convicted, both men could face decades in prison. they are facing a dozen charges including money laundering and conspiracy. the indictment says millions of dollars flowed into overseas accounts controlled by both manafort and gates. it also said the men did not register as foreign agents when they worked for ukraine's pro- russia government. manafort's lawyer disputes the
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charges. >> there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. mr. manafort represented pro- european union campaigns for the ukrainians. and in that, he was seeking to further democracy and to help the ukraine come closer to the united states and the eu. those that give it is ended in 2014. over two years before mr. manafort served in the trump campaign. >> if convicted, manafort could get up to 80 years in prison. gaetz, if convicted, could get up to 70 years. both are due in court on thursday. there could still be more to come in the investigation into russia's alleged ties to the election. doug luzader is joining us live from washington, d.c. so much
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is going on. what's next for those people who up and indicted? >> reporter: is going to depend on what type of information special counsel and his team get from the three individuals we know have been charged. starting with paul manafort. the former campaign chairman, if anything is anyone about this a possible collusion between the trump campaign and individuals in russia, you would think manafort would be a good place to start. he's been charged with a number of things none of which have to do with allegations of collusion. nevertheless, investigators will use these charges to convince him to cooperate, to turn over the goods if there are any to turn over. the other two watch is george papadopoulos. not exactly a household name prior to this announcement. he is accused of lying to the fbi about contacts that he had with individuals who were purported to have connections to people in russia. that gets closer to the heart of the effort here to find some
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level, to find out if there was a level of collusion between the trump campaign and individuals in russia. >> there have been so many reactions. talk about the re--- talk about the way the republicans are reacting. >> reporter: most are deferring on this, wanting to say as little as possible as the investigation plays out. we knew this was going to happen. there were a couple of reports on friday that indictments were forthcoming. it's probably no shock that paul manafort was one of the individuals indicted. we've known for a while he has had these shadowy relations with parties in the ukraine. but, it's a mixed bag for the white house. obviously you do not want to see your former campaign manager intuited on everything. on the other hand what he was indicted for has nothing to do with the central tenet of the possibility of collusion.
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it's a mixed bag for the trump administration. the real question is, what's next? what will mueller and his team learn from these individuals? >> that is the big question. doug luzader live from washington. thank you. the new york times reports that 126 million facebook users may have been reached by russia. that is more than half of facebook's monthly users in the u.s. russian agents also uploaded more than 1000 videos to google's youtube service showing the far reach of russia's efforts to cause division in the u.s. back in the bay area, police are investigating a shooting in antioch last night. officers were called to a neighborhood near contra loma boulevard just after 8:00. when officers arrived, they found a man on the ground. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are not releasing any other information about the. him or a possible motive.
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there also not saying if they have identified a possible suspect but are asking anyone with information to please call antioch police. a san francisco police crime scene investigator testified in court that the man charged with killing kate steinle actually pointed a gun at her as she walked on pier 14. investigator john evans claims jose ines garcia-zarate aimed the gun at kate steinle as she was walking on pier 14 with her father. but he said because zarate is not an experienced shooter, he aimed to low, jerked the trigger and missed his target. he said the bullet ricocheted off the ground and hit kate steinle. the defense attorney said the evidence is confusing. >> i think, fundamentally, what is at stake is that they are struggling to make sense of physical evidence. >> legal experts say the focus of this case will be if the
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jury thinks zarate fired the gun intentionally. if so, if he fired it at kate steinle? this week firearms and ballistics experts are expected to testify about whether the gun could have gone off by accident. starting tomorrow, we are going to have to pay more at the gas pump. we have details of how california's gas tax will rank compared to other states. the application deadline has been extended for perspective uc students affected by the north bay wildfires. we will tell you how much more time the university of california is giving them to apply. good morning. you can see that traffic on the bay bridge is doing well getting into treasure island. we will tell you more about the commute coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. four state lawmakers want to make sure that utility companies, not their customers, pay the costs when disasters are caused by negligence by the companies. the lawmakers will introduce a bill that would block utility companies from passing the costs to their customers. the issue is coming up as investigators try to figure out
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if pg&e power lines are partially to blame for starting the north bay wildfires. san diego gas and electric has asked state regulators to let its customers pay some of the costs associated with legal settlements in several wildfires that occurred 10 years ago. lawmakers say they will give details when the state legislature gets back to work in january. it could take five years or more to recover from the wildfires. the first order of business is housing and cleanup. county officials say before the fire, sonoma county had a 2% vacancy rates. thousands more people need somewhere to live including the contractors and construction workers. before that, crews need to clean up toxins from the 6000 burned out properties. >> there are people that are ready to start pounding nails on a new house right now. and i understand that. i would be the same way if i had lost my house that we need to go through three months, at
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least, of the cleanup before anybody can start rebuilding. >> there is also concerned about the forecasted rain this week and any toxic runoff. contractors hired to work in the area will need to take a 40 hour course to learn how to remove toxic debris such as asbestos before work can begin. in sonoma county, the biggest job for officials is finding new housing for the thousands who lost homes. fema is bringing in 500 mobile units and trailers for temporary housing. the county says anyone who wants a fema trailer should contact them. county officials are also looking for other kinds of short-term housing like vacation rentals and airbnb. the wildfires damaged many businesses including some that cannot pick up and move. >> tractors. we lost all the tools and equipment. vehicles. >> irrigation. power. everything. everything is gone.
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>> sonoma and napa county is known around the world for wine. other agricultural businesses are also effective. officials held a meeting to reassure ranchers, farmers and cannabis growers who are all trying to figure out how to recover after they were burned out of their homes and livelihoods. early estimates put the losses at close to $1 billion for the wineries alone. >> a lot of grapevines were damaged and we will not know until the spring weather some of those need to be replanted. >> there are also questions about the quality of the wine produced from grapes that had been harvested and what was left on the vines. marijuana growers are caught in a double bind. they are not eligible for federal aid but many had put everything they had into this first crop of cannabis because recreational marijuana becomes legal on january 1. many saw their new ventures go up in smoke. there are concerns about the vital agricultural workers who
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were burned out of their homes. now they have no place to work or live. uc is trying to help applicants affected by the firefighters and other recent national disasters. they are extending the fall 2018 application deadline. it is extended until december 15 to help incoming freshmen and transfer students. the previous deadline was november 30. we want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. many people get out early so they can get off early. it's trick-or-treat time! i was talking about the early rush to get in and out of work for the trick-or-treaters today. you are correct. many people get on the road early because they want to get home early for trick-or- treating or a party. world series also.
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that's what's going to happen. let's go to the gilroy commute. northbound 101, gilroy to san jose. it looks pretty good. we have not seen any unusual traffic as you drive into san jose. traffic continues to look good. there is 280 in san jose northbound up to cupertino. here is a look at the bay bridge. it is beginning to fill in. usually around 5:30 am they fill -- they turn on the metering lights. once you get onto the bridge it looks good heading into san francisco. steve sadow will not rain tonight for trick-or-treaters. that is correct, sal. friday night it well but not tonight. we do have mostly clear in the north and cloudy to the south. there is a hint of a northerly breeze which is holding back the low clouds in parts of napa and solano county. i think tonight below cloud deck -- maybe parts of the san mateo coast or santa cruz -- there could be some fog holding on.
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cooling off fast. temperatures today will be a little warmer. that does not mean it's not cool right now. 30s for kenwood and west napa. no water, 44. everywhere else is pretty much in the 50s. they have low clouds. low clouds in afternoon sun. not much change tomorrow. rain is on the way on friday. another system will come through sunday into monday. this may be more of a snow event in the mountains. partly sunny this week. chilly nights and warmer days. rain is moving in and the cooling will continue this weekend. these could change. these are early projections. this is mainly friday night into saturday. there are some decent totals here. these could easily change depending on the model you are looking at. the possibility of good snow for the sierra and shasta. there are no advisories but watch for some friday into
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monday. the snow will start off around 6500 feet with the southwind in advance. by sunday and monday, it could dip down to 4000 feet. if everything comes together, 2- 4 feet are possible for higher elevations. watch the low clouds and how the retreat as you head northeast. there is a slight northerly breeze for some. any low cloud deck is getting chewed up rapidly. 40s if you have clear skies. 50s if you don't. there are some cool readings around oakland. 49. tiburon, 48. there are a few that are quite cool. others are mild. i don't think the breeze will be strong but it's there and that is stopping the fog from making a push. 20s and 30s in the mountains. the key for the weekend maybe this system.
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as is drawn up by a system dropping down, if they merged together, that would increase rainfall. to the south, cloudy and mostly cloudy. to the north, mostly sunny. chilly morning. more sun today with slightly warmer temperatures. 50s, 60s, upper 60s and low 70s. cloudy and mostly cloudy by thursday night. rain friday into early saturday. probably a break saturday and saturday night and then one more system sunday into monday. >> any accumulations? >> a half inch to an inch and a half. today is halloween. we do have some halloween pictures to show you. take a look. just a few. look at your screen. on the far left, that guy thinks he is sal castaneda. i think he is. >> he is a handsome guy, is in a? >> gary hanson. that's how i knew it was you.
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>> and he has a sidekick. >> he has a very charming sidekick. >> that is a nice looking couple. >> look at the one second from the right -- who is that? >> is that brian? i don't know? >> these are all good. very good. the dogs and cats are coming through. the one on the right -- the babies -- i have no defense against the babies. >> very creative people. >> very good. i'm done. you are so good. i hope you love these halloween pictures. these are very good. if you don't see your picture right now, don't worry. we will show them throughout the morning right here on mornings on 2. and it's not
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too late to send yours in. post them on instagram, facebook or twitter with the hashtag, #ktvu. the 49ers have a new quarterback. we will tell you about the deal to bring patriots backup quarterback to be garoppolo to the 49ers. the price of cracking down on fare cheats on bart. what will cost to make sure commuters pay their fair share.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. we now know how much it will cost bart to crackdown on commuters who cheat and try to ride for free. the fare inspectors will cost $740,000 per year. the extra equipment they will need will cost about $50,000. last week the board of directors approved an ordinance requiring riders to show proof that they paid their fare. the inspectors will work in teams of two and will go from person to person in areas they work and record every encounter on body cameras. a warning this morning about black licorice. eating too much of it could cause irregular heartbeats and other problems in people over the age of 40. this warning applies to people who eat at least two ounces of the candy per day for two weeks or longer. there is a compound in black licorice that causes potassium levels to drop, leading to abnormal heart rhythms and high blood pressure. whole foods says it's
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hiring 6000 new workers. whole foods is holding a national hiring day on thursday. interviews will be held for full and part-time jobs and seasonal and permanent positions. the company will conduct interviews and offer jobs. several big area whole foods stores want to hire for the holidays. this year's commercial dungeness crab season may be delayed yet again. toxic algae is still a big problem along the entire west coast. commercial lobster season had to and early because of it. now the state department of health is warming that high levels of the tocsin has been found in many crabs in the northern part of the state. commercial crabbing season is due to begin november 15. recreational dungeness crab season begins this saturday. protests against a new
5:28 am
shipping terminal in oakland. hundreds of march, trying to stop the coal terminal from opening. police use of force in berkeley. a new policy the city is talking about that could lead to more transparency.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, october 31. i'm dave clark.
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>> i'm pam cook. it's time to check in on the halloween forecast. >> drive. that's all that really matters, right? it will be dry and a little cool. some of that low cloud deck may hang on in the south. more sun today and temperatures in the upper 60s, maybe a few near 70. it will cool off rather quick. today looks to be a little warmer for some in the north and east. temperatures were held in check yesterday. today, upper 60s and low 70s. a slight northerly breeze and parts of napa county, solano and contra costa county. rain is on the way but probably not until friday and maybe on sunday. low clouds are running into resistance in the north. not in the south. they are solid and steady.
5:32 am
it's trying but it's being chewed up by a north and northwesterly breeze. if you have clear skies, it's rather cool and cold. if you don't, it 50s and upper 50s. kelseyville, 42. american canyon, 46. there is the northerly breeze. it's not strong but it's there. north at napa airport. after that it turns. that's why we have a low cloud deck. the key for the upcoming rain will be if this system coming from the north will tap into the system. the higher clouds are gone so look for more sun today unless the fog holds on in the south. a chilly morning. more sun today and a little warmer with upper 60s and low 70s. 50s and 60s on the coast and pay. -- post and pay. today is a special day. is halloween and parents want to get to work early so they
5:33 am
can leave early. this year we have the added bonus of people who want to get home for the world series. you will have traffic all over the place. right now 80 westbound is doing pretty well. that is slowing on 37 as you head west over to sonoma and marin county. the thing on's usual. -- nothing unusual. this is a look at b macarthur maze coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have switched on and that means there is a backup. 10-15 minutes before you make it onto the bridge. don't be surprised if you see long lines at gas stations today. tomorrow, the state gasoline tax goes up. many people want to fill up before that happens. allie rasmus is in orinda. that money raised by the tax will be used to fix our roads,
5:34 am
right? >> reporter: yes. this is part of a plan passed by the legislature earlier this year and signed into law. it will raise about $50 billion over the next 10 years for road repair maintenance and improvements. you will start noticing the cost of gas will go up about $0.12 per gallon starting tomorrow. a big portion of the money raised will come from an increase in fuel taxes. diesel fuel as well. starting november 1, drivers will need to pay an extra $0.12 per gallon. it will be the first time in 23 years the tax has gone up in california. the plan includes higher registration fees based on the value of your car as well. of that 50 billion raised, about half will go toward improving and maintaining state highways. the other half will go to every city and county across the state to repair local roads.
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house republicans are expected to introduce a bill tomorrow but there are many details to work out. the national association of home builders opposes the bill because of a tax credit for homeowners that could be eliminated. republicans say the bill will retain itemized deductions for property taxes, mortgage interest and charitable contributions. >> the way the language was discussed, as far as taking away property tax deduction, state income tax deduction, that would end up raising taxes on people in my district. >> in the senate, republicans susan collins from maine said she opposes two proposed tax cuts that would favor the wealthy. lifting the estate tax and lowering the top income tax rate. every vote matters in the senate since republicans hold a 2 vote advantage. the berkeley city council will consider changing the
5:36 am
police department's use of force policy. the city requires the department to file reports if someone is injured, a weapon is used or someone files a report against the department. a new proposal would expand that to include anytime a confrontation between police and the public leads to physical force being used. it would also require separate categories for different levels of force used. the changes will be discussed at the city council meeting that starts at 6:00 tonight. four employees at the port of oakland are suing the pacific maritime association and two affiliated groups claiming racism. this lawsuit is claiming the docs are racially hostile work environment. it cites incidents that include white mechanics driving through the port with the confederate flag in the back of a truck the day after donald trump was elected president. there were also accusations that african-american employees with the targets of racial slurs and that nooses were left
5:37 am
on the property. the pacific maritime association did not immediately respond for comment. protesters marched last night in oakland against a shipping terminal for cole.-- coal . >> the city council rejected the proposal last year but the developer is preparing for another attempt that will begin at the start of next year. the developer, is credited with restoring the fox theater, is suing the city after it banned the storage and handling of the fossil fuel last year. city leaders said it would not allow the company terminal logistics solutions, to transport coal from utah to oakland because it could do harm to residents. last night 200 showed up in the trestle glen neighborhood, marching to the developers home telling him what they think about the project. >> i have worked with kids who are younger who have asthma and they will be more greatly
5:38 am
impacted than i am. i need to advocate for them as well. >> and 2013, the developer promised to bring thousands of jobs as part of a bulk shipping terminal on a 20 acre parcel on the old oakland army base. however, city leaders said coal was never mentioned. we reached out to the developer but did not get a response. a group of homeless people living in berkeley are now suing the city and bart. the lawsuit claims berkeley does not have enough resources to house berkeley's homeless population. the group has been forced out of various locations around the city where it has set up homeless camps at least 12 times. the lawsuit said many members of the group are disabled and that part and the city violated the americans with disabilities act. it also says berkeley and bart illegally seized the campers' property and violated their first amendment rights. the city of berkeley and bart have not commented.
5:39 am
people are starting to question a story about two women lost at sea for five months. coming up, we will tell you what was found on their boat that now had people doubting what actually happened. getting tickets to tonight's game six of the world series. we will talk how much it will cost to see history made in person tonight in los angeles. this morning's commute will be okay. westbound 92 looks good out to the high rise. we will have more traffic and weather when mornings on 2 continues. ♪
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you have three children. >> you did, -- you did good, aaron. >> is that marshawn lynch on the far left? i don't know? i think that is marshawn lynch. that cute baby next to him, you are breaking me up. >> a lot of superheroes this year. >> that's one of the most creative things i've seen. that is some good makeup. i love it! >> very good. the hair and the makeup. the which's had -- the second from the right? i see i love lucy but, the second from the right -- some kind of a palace guard? >> the wizard of oz. >> the chanting -- something
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like that. thank you for sending all of those in. we wanted to share some of those costumes of photos that are coming in. post them on our facebook, twitter and instagram with the hashtag, #ktvu. you need to have some fun along with the news. a little halloween fun. the 49ers have a new quarterback. the completed a trade. they traded a second round draft pick to get jimmy garoppolo. he will turn 26 on thursday. he has been tom brady's backup since 2014. garoppolo is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after the season. the 49ers are expected to signed him to a new deal or attack him as a franchise player. it's not clear when he will play his first game with the
5:44 am
49ers but it's not expected to happen this sunday when the 49ers play the cardinals. the 49ers also cut quarterback brian hoyer. he started the first six games of the season but was benched and replaced by rookie quarterback kim jung-un three. hoyer through four touchdowns and could not leave the team to a win. brian hunter spent his first three seasons in new england. some say he could sign with new england again. he could be tom brady's backup. the warriors bounce back after a loss and blew out the clippers, 141-113. >> the warriors had a 16 point lead. steff curry had rivers behind him. a second opportunity -- >> no problem. he scored 31 points in 30 minutes. he helped lead the team to their 11th straight win against the clippers. last night's game featured a few highlights from ricky
5:45 am
jordan bell. >> moving around the shot clock at 3. a building he is very familiar with and jordan fell. the right-hand spike! >> he looks like he's been there for years. the monster done. the warriors win. been out travel to san antonio on thursday night. it was an emotional night but disappointing night, a return to san jose for patrick marleau who signed with the maple leafs in the off-season. >> welcome back patrick! and thank you for 20 years of stellar hockey! >> i love him. a great guy. he was the sharks first draft pick in 1997 and play for san jose longer than any other sharks player. he received a 92nd standing
5:46 am
ovation. once the game started, the tide turned. the momentum is with the sharks. they controlled play for the first two periods but were not able to take the lead on the scoreboard until the third. that's when rookie tim he'd scored the tide breaking goal and the sharks one 3-2. game 6 of the world series tonight. the dodgers need to win for it to keep going. the dodgers trail 3-2. houston trying to win a world series first time. first pitch is at 5:20 pm. if you want news, we will have local news for you on ktvu plus during the game. if you are thinking about going to the game tonight, it's going to cost you. ticket prices on seatgeek start at $400 per ticket. if you're looking for seats next to the dodgers' dugout, that will cost $7000, maybe
5:47 am
more. it's a star-studded event in los angeles. >> and this could be the series winner. you know it will be expensive. sal has his seat. >> maybe kate upton will pay for one of those seats -- >> perhaps. >> sal, you have a dilemma that many parents will have tonight. you have baseball and trick-or- treaters. >> that's right. on this day, and i've been doing this for longer than i care to say, halloween is always a tough afternoon commute. it may be a morning commute where people get on the road early. let's take a look at what we have with the 580 commute. people are on the road and 580 is low before the trace triangle which is unusual. we had an earlier accident on 580 at gray line. also an accident on 205. you could say this is a scary
5:48 am
commute. livermore to pleasanton looks okay. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland per both directions of traffic look good. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up for a 20-30 minute delay depending on which lane you're in. let's bring in steve paulson. do you like the jimmy garoppolo trade? >> that is a tough one. >> i put you on the spot. >> i will say yes, for now. we will c. >> i think they paid a high price. around to pick, which is hi. we will c. i'm optimistic. >> one last thing. the patriots did everything they could to re-sign him. that's the way they do things. if you don't want to, your outta here. >> jimmy wants to play. weather-wise is a little
5:49 am
cool out there for some and called for others. the cold is mainly in the north. mostly clear. the could see -- there could be some low clouds hanging on in the south. kenwood, 36 this morning. glen ellyn, 30 a. sonoma, 30 a. novato and lakeport, 42. low 40s and napa county. not much change today although a little more son and slightly warmer tomorrow. friday, major snow for the mountains between friday and monday. the pattern is dropping from the north. partly sunny this week. chilly nights and chilly mornings but warmer tuesday and wednesday. the cooling continues over the weekend. sometimes these will change change today from the projected rainfall totals. there will be some okay amounts. it's what comes in late friday and saturday and again on sunday. some of these could go up.
5:50 am
the gfs is wider than the euro. if mount shasta gets 2 inches of liquid, that is a couple feet of snow. the same of the sierra nevada. it may not be bad getting up there but getting out -- the snow will go up around 6000 feet. there are no advisories now but there will be some friday and saturday and into monday. the snow could get down to around 4000 by sunday evening. total snow level -- know about could be 2 have won 4 feet above 6000. there is a breeze preventing the fog from moving northeast. that's why fairfield is at 42. lakeport, 42. one observation and novato, 46. 49, antioch. 49, orinda. 47, pinole.
5:51 am
that is chilly. the low clouds are keeping other temperatures in the 50s. 27, truckee. 40s from ukiah over to sacramento. this is the key. one forecast model takes that and draws it in there. that will up the rainfall amounts if that happens. if not, we will get decent rain but not the amounts that would double with that system from the west. low clouds will give way. clouds and sun. a chilly morning. a little warmer with upper 60s and low 70s. temperatures will continue to be near seasonal averages, maybe slightly above. we should be close to her 267- 70. if you're stuck in the low cloud deck, temperatures will run cooler. not much change on wednesday. turning cloudy on thursday. rain friday into early saturday. and other system on sunday.
5:52 am
>> a decent amount of rain. >> by sunday and monday. >> philip the car. don't wash it. >> then we change the clocks this weekend. >> we get that extra hour. >> i like that. we will take the extra hour. a man was shot and killed in discovery bay last night outside of his home. the continuing search for the shooter and the released images of the cars that may be involved.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
welcome back. one person was killed in utah after a shooting near the university of utah. we are reports that university students and staff relieved and alert around 9 pm to shelter in place. look at all the activity by the police on the campus. people on campus were on lockdown for hours. as of right now, the police are not giving us any details about the victim. we know they are searching the area for the suspect, identified as 24-year-old austin boutain. authorities say he may be armed and dangerous. police are looking for the people responsible for shooting and killing a man in discovery bay. witnesses say 48-year-old bradley machugh had just
5:56 am
confronted speeding drivers in his neighborhood. contra costa county sheriffs investigators are hoping surveillance video and tips lead to arrests in the shooting. the father of two was gunned down around 1245 sunday morning. >> he typically always kept an eye on the neighborhood because of the young kids that live in the area. we are right across the street from a park. you wanted to make sure that people were safe. that was primarily the whole thing he got along with everybody. it infuriates me. it's completely and totally senseless. over words. it's absolutely ridiculous. >> investigators are looking for two vehicles. so far the pictures coming in are a little blurry but they are described as a mat gray ford mustang, possibly a 2008 model with dark-colored rims. they are looking for a red mitsubishi eclipse with a spoiler and loud exhaust. each car was packed with young men, one female, all in their
5:57 am
teens or early 20s. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. it's halloween. thousands of trick-or-treaters will be out and about, running around neighborhoods. the police will also be out. we will show you what authorities are doing to make sure kids don't knock on the wrong door. >> reporter: three people face charges in connection with the ongoing investigation into possible collusion between the trump campaign and individuals in russia. i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have the latest developments coming up. good morning. traffic is beginning to slow down around the macarthur maze. even some of the carpool lane action is getting slow on to the bay bridge. mostly clear to the north and cloudy to the south. there will be more sun and a slight northeast breezes for some. we will look at some of those temperatures.
5:58 am
a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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good morning. a safeway employee is in the hospital after confronting a suspected shoplifter.
6:00 am
the violent altercation and who is in jail this morning. bay area authorities want to make sure your kids have a safe and fun halloween. we will show you what's happening today. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on october 31. it's halloween. i'm pam cook. >> happy halloween. i like the colors. >> i have my pumpkin scarf. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is talking about halloween weather. >> mostly clear but cooler. pamela, you always think about the colors. the guys just want to get out of the house. >> it has some candy corn. dave and i will work on that. we do have some low clouds and some clearing. if you have the clearing it's cool. if


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