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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 31, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good afternoon. we begin with the developing story in san jose. i bicyclist was shot. >> this happened station on capitol expressway. there's a question or not whether this was a targeted or random attack. henry lee joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: we are at the capitol expressway station. that's off highway 87. within the last 15 minutes, the station was reopened to the public after an investigation. the preliminary investigation wrapped up. let's show you video from earlier in the day. this happened around 1:17 am. a man on a bike, may be a modified bmx bike with larger than 20 inch rims, he was riding in the area of the station when he was hit in the face with a project file. it turns out that when he went to the hospital, doctors discovered he had been shot.
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it wasn't until then that santa clara county sheriff's deputies went to the station and began examining the evidence. the street was blocked for a time. we had evidence markers and investigators combing the station to see where the shots had been fired from. this bicycle has been removed from the scene and is being taken into evidence. at this point it is too early to say what the motive was or whether this attack was targeted or random. at this hour the man who was shot has not been identified. we believe he is expected to survive. as we come back out here alive, investigators are asking anyone with information to contact the santa clara county sheriff's office. that's the latest from san jose. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco 49ers have pulled off a trade. >> the patriots backup quarterback jimmy garoppolo is coming to san
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francisco.christien kafton has more on the deal. >> reporter: the team is saying they want to see garoppolo pass a physical this morning. he is then scheduled to be in santa clara at 1:00. the 49ers will hold a 3 pm press availability. the 49ers say they've had their eye on garoppolo for some time hoping to put him on the roster. 49ers fans about a tough year. the team is windless halfway through the season. the hope is that jimmy garoppolo is the ingredient the team has been missing. they traded their second round 2018 draft pick for the quarterback the saying. fans say they have high hopes for the new qb. >> i don't think he's the answer but he's better than hoyer and better than the other guy i can pronounce. the rookie dude. like i said, give him a shot. he has the championship pedigree. >> he is a good pocket passer. he can run the ball. i think he's going to be good. >> reporter: everyone is
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speculating about when the 49ers will be starting jimmy garoppolo. it's unlikely he will start on sunday against the cardinals and probably against the giants the week after that. the week after that is a bye week. it could be three weeks before we see jimmy garoppolo take the field. >> for now we bring in reporter for this move. this is a gamble. >> reporter: no question. we know that quarterback is the most important position in the nfl. getting the so-called franchise quarterback is the biggest challenge that all teams face. the 49ers wanted to go with brian hoyer as a placeholder. that did not work out. then they went with beathard, he's had two starts. jimmy garoppolo was out there and he was going to be a free agent at the end of the year. they figured they had two second-round draft picks so why not use one of those and take a chance on a guy that may or may not be a franchise quarterback. the thing we did see about him, we saw him in new england's
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first two games when new england was suspended because of the deflategate stop. he got hurt after that but he is 2-0 in the nfl and has thrown five career touchdown passes and has not thrown an interception in his time at the nfl. >> surrounded by a lot of good players up there. >> reporter: absolutely. this is a small sample size. as you said, i think you can make the case this is a different offense of line and different veteran team. the other thing that's interesting about garoppolo is, okay, can you perform the big stage? he has been on the big stage already. there was no bigger story in sports than the start of the season last year when brady had been suspended and garoppolo was thrust into the starting position on a very high-profile team. he was high-profile enough that
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the folks at fox and the pregame show did a pierrotti that looked something like this. >> [ music playing ] ♪ jamie garoppolo ♪ and i waited all my life for this. does anyone know where my helmet is? ♪ >> there you have it. he did perform well and he is a pretty well-known person. the thing that the 49ers will have the chance to do now is
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they will have the chance to audition him as they were doing with beathard . changing quarterbacks in the middle of the season is not something that's preferable, not something you want to do but the 49ers, and as christien kafton , said, the timeframe maybe since they have two games before the bye week, may be let him get up to speed on the offense. you don't acquire a guy on tuesday and say, by the way you are the starter on sunday.i would not say that they have necessarily given up on beathard yet. two games. there's a lot to see still. there's one other moving part in this and this is what could be interesting. that is that brian hoyer, who was brought here originally as a placeholder is now possibly going to new england as the backup for tom brady. it's all hinging on the two physicals they have to take in order to make sure that hoyer can play for new england and
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that garoppolo passes his physical for the 49ers. they are scheduled to have a press conference today at 30 -- at 3:00. a lot of moving parts. >> of all the speculation i think the 49ers have endured, i don't know that garoppolo is a name that has come up a lot. >> not in connection with the 49ers, necessarily. if you follow little league you knew last year and his replacement of brady and how well he played in those games, which, again is a small sample size, he was scheduled to be a free agent at the end of this year. at this point he was going to go somewhere and you doubt the patriots would pay the big money to keep him there to be the backup. he's probably heading somewhere. the 49ers are in the market for a quarterback. this is not necessarily, he's our franchise quarterback. this will be an auditioning process. then it is a minimal risk for them. they had two number two. they
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give up one which was the higher one. the 49ers figure they will draft very high in all the rounds because of the record this year. new england will have two pics that are close to each other, potentially will draft low in the draft and then they get the 49ers high as well. they will have almost back-to- back pitch. the 49ers have the saints number two. it's a minimal risk. let's see what he can do. >> what do they have to lose, right? some lawmakers in washington say they are eager to know what the next move could be for investigators looking into ties between the trump campaign and russia. >> this comes after three people were charged in the probe. doug luzader brings us martha washington. >> reporter: the white house continues to insist that many of these developments have nothing to do with the campaign
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or the president. that may be true but investigators are building their case step-by-step. a former trump campaign chairman paul manafort may have gotten most of the attention yesterday as he headed into the fbi to turn himself in. he and one time associate, rick gates, both pled not guilty to multiple charges of money laundering and failure to register as foreign agents for their work in the ukraine. while those charges are serious, they would appear to be unrelated to last year's presidential campaign. >> this is dominoes. you knocked on the first domino and that knocks down the second. ultimately what mueller is aiming for is the domino in the oval office. >> reporter: while special counsel bob mueller continues his investigation, the bigger issue could be this man, george papadopoulos. a former trump campaign advisory. he has admitted to lying to the fbi every meetings he had in attempts to arrange a meeting between candidate trump and russian president vladimir putin. the white house play down his world. >> it was extremely limited.
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it was a volunteer position and, again, no act tv was ever done in an official capacity on behalf of the campaign in that regard. >> reporter: even if papadopoulos did not do anything illegal in his discussions with russia, he appears to been cooperating with investigators for weeks. >> that signals that he is probably been wearing a wire or tape-recording his conversations with anybody that was involved in the campaign for president trump that he knew or had any connections with. what, if any, new information has been clean from the cooperation of papadopoulos but the president has long maintained there was no collusion. four state lawmakers want to make sure that utility companies a costs when disasters including wildfires
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are caused by the company's negligence. the lawmakers will introduce a bill that would block utilities from passing on the cost to customers. this comes up as investigators try to figure out if pg&e power lines were partially to blame for starting the north bay wildfires. san diego gas and electric has asked regulators to let customers pay some of the costs associated with legal sediments and wildfires that happened 10 years ago. the lawmakers say they will rollout the proposal when the legislature gets back to work in january. for some it could take five years to recover from those wildfires. county officials say even before the fires, sonoma county had a 2% vacancy rate. now thousands more need somewhere to live including the contractors and workers coming in to help rebuild. before that, fire crews need to clean up the 6000 properties that burn. >> there are people who are ready to start pounding nails on a new house right now. and, i understand that. i would be the same way if i had lost my house. but we need to go through probably three months, at
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least, of a cleanup before anybody can start rebuilding. >> there is also concern about the rain moving in later this week and what runoff may occur. the man accused of looting after the wildfire in the santa cruz mountains was back in court this morning. he pleaded not guilty on all charges. marlon coy was arrested for burglary and has been in the santa cruz county jail. he was formally charged with several arson related crimes in connection with the bear fire. the sheriff said coit set the fire in front of three other mentoring and argument. all the men lived on the property where the bear fire started. one of them reported him to the sheriff's office.coy said he's not responsible for the higher. -- responsible for the fire. an investigation is underway into a shooting in antioch that left one man dead. police rushed to a neighborhood near contra loma boulevard. they found a man on the ground. he was later pronounced dead.
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no arrests have been made. in san francisco the trial continues against the man accused of killing kate steinle. yesterday the jury heard from a police investigator who said the bullet that killed steinle ricocheted before it hit her.the defense argues that jose ines garcia-zarate found the gun and fired it accidentally. prosecutors say zarate intentionally shot steinle. ballistics and firearms experts are expected to testify this week to explain how the gun could've gone off accidentally. a sacramento lawmaker has a plan he said will cut the crime rate in california. assemblyman cooper wants to expand the list of violent crimes that would make prison inmates in eligible for early release. that list includes human trafficking of a child, raping an unconscious person and assaulting a police officer. cooper said he wants to reinstate dna collection for offenders convicted of some drug and petty theft charges.
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he also wants to require the state parole board to consider an inmate's entire criminal history. state lawmakers approved the law, if they do, this could end up on the 2018 ballot. having a fun and safe halloween. what you need to know before your little ones go out for trick-or-treating. here is a live look outside. a little cool on this tuesday. a change in the forecast is on the way. rosemary orozco will be here with that halloween forecast. tomorrow we will all be paying more at the gas pump. the reason the price is going up and have california compares to other states. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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we now know how much it will cost bart to crackdown on commuters who cheat and try to ride for free. hiring the fare inspectors will cost $740,000 per year and the x-ray equipment they will need will cost around $50,000. last week the board of directors approved an ordinance for riders to show proof they paid their fare. the fare inspectors will work in teams of two and will go from person to person in the areas they work and record every encounter on body cameras. opponents of california's sanctuary state measure taken steps to overturn the law. state officials have cleared the referendum on senate bill 54
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to gather signatures. opponents they would undermine the federal government and protect criminals. they have until january to collect 360,000 signatures. if they do the referendum will appear on the ballot. a new effort to allow prisoners to vote is moving forward. proponents have started gathering signatures. the proposal would allow california prisoners and those on felony parole to vote. california estimates prison cost would rise about $1 million to provide prisoners with ballot. if supporters gather enough signatures, the measure could land on the 2018 ballot. the halloween festivities are underway. tiny trick-or-treaters and their adult companions will likely go door to door and neighborhoods loading up on candy. >> alex savidge is joining us from berkeley with more on the best ways to make sure those little ones stay safe today. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are on russell street in elmwood. this is a well-known halloween hotspot in the east bay.
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you can see a lot of the houses are decorated and after dark, later tonight, you will see a lot of trick-or-treaters. mainly the older ones who were out and about collecting candy. for parents with smaller kids, they like to celebrate kids earlier in the day when it's still light out. the giant bowl of candy is out at west cafi and alameda. the owner is preparing for a rush of kids in costumes this afternoon. all the businesses along the west end of webster street are passing out treats today, a fun and safe option on halloween. >> we usually get about 300 or 400 kids a year. it's really fun. we get to see all the costumes. even the parent stressor. >> reporter: at sequoia elementary school in the dimond district, yard this morning was packed with skeletons, superheroes and princesses. there were plenty of clever
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costumes on display for the annual halloween parade. >> i am a gumball machine. >> reporter: that's a great idea. when did you come up with that? >> i'm not really sure. i got some cardboard and sewed it onto my costume. i used pipe cleaners onto the cardboard. >> reporter: that's great. show me your claus. >> these are oven mitts. remake even the teachers and staff got into the halloween spirit. >> having that tradition and keeping that tradition is important to the families who come here and have been here for multi-generations. it's nice to have a tradition that everyone can feel good about. >> reporter: this halloween some costumes reflected the current political climate. >> everyone is taking pictures. i guess it's cool. >> reporter: and of course president trump did not miss an opportunity to take on fake news.
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>> all the news is fake. i'm going to make america great again. >> reporter: thank you very much mr. president. while it's fun to dress up, halloween can be a dangerous time for kids. dressed in their costumes and walking around after dark, it can be tough for drivers to see them. it's a good idea to send your little ones out with a flashlight when they go trick- or-treating tonight. another trick is to put reflective tape on their costumes or their candy bags so drivers can see your little ones as they had down the street. >> all great tips. i love it. have a safe night, yourself, alex. parole agents will be taking part in what's known as offer rate -- operation boo.
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they will check in on convicted child molesters who were not allowed to attract children to their homes. that means note decorations, candy, toys and they are also not allowed to have their outside lights on. >> for many people it's about candy but if your family has allergies, a teal pumpkin means that the house is offering non- candy treats. >> interesting. i did not know that. we have some good weather coming our way for halloween. temperatures are slightly warmer for most. more sunshine today. into the evening hours things will begin to cool off. let's look at what's going on. we have cloud cover south of san jose. partly to mostly cloudy skies in morgan hill and santa cruz. a lot of clearing happened early this morning. most of us are enjoying the sunshine. wind is generally light and variable. the flow is more east and
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northeast. that helped knock out some of that cloud cover. we will remain with light wind today. temperatures slightly warmer this afternoon. here's a look the numbers right now. 59, santa rosa. low 60s at the coast. low 60s around the bay. if you upper 60s out there in palo alto in fremont. san jose, 65. a look at the 24 hour temperature change. we are up by a few degrees. santa rosa by 5. hayward by 5. a minor warm-up with more sunshine this afternoon. with the clear skies overnight, we tend to cool quicker. be aware of that as you get out the door for trick-or-treating or festivities. 68 in the afternoon high in novato. as we head to the east bay, temperatures are similar. low 60s and alameda. low 70s inland. 72, brentwood. san jose, 68.
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67, redwood city. low 60s in san francisco. cool on the coast. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies for the second part of the afternoon. here's a look your forecast into the evening. at 6:00, still in the 60s. the sunset is at 6:12 pm. that 8:00, into the 50s. if you're going to be out late to celebrate, mid 40s-50 around 11:00. here's a look the extended forecast. temperatures will not change much as we get into wednesday. we clouded up more on thursday and then the rain is still on track to move into the area by early friday, saturday morning. we could have some rain. we make it a break, we will fine-tune this as we get closer. another wave will come through on sunday. we will have sierra snow. more details on that is coming up. the bay area is the best place in the country for great food. the top honors given by the new michelin guide.
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no orange or black on the stocks, just screen. the dow jones is up by one 12:45 %. nasdaq a half percentage bond. s&p up slightly. amazon ceo is again the richest man in the world. the gain in the stock added nearly $7 billion to jeff bezos' bank account. he is now worth $90 billion.
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this is not the first time he was number one he became the richest man for the first time in july. according to the michelin guide for 2018, the bay area is the culinary capital of the country. the latest version of the guide awarded seven bay area restaurants a three star rating. that two more than our closest competitor, new york. three stars is the highest rating. since 2011 the bay area has gained five, three star restaurants. this year's crab season could be delayed. toxic algae continues to be a problem along the west coast. the state department of health warns that high levels of the toxin is being found in many crabs. the commercial crapping season is set to open november 15. recreational dungeness season starts saturday. tomorrow we will be paying more at the pump. details on how much more you will pay for a gallon of gas
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and why. 2 investigates tracked down the owners of the ghost ship warehouse and uncovers new evidence that may shed light -- light on what they knew before the deadly fire.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons.
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and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. drivers across the state can expect to pay more the pumps starting tomorrow. >> the new gas tax goes into effect tomorrow. allie rasmus brings us the details. >> reporter: we've heard from
12:32 pm
drivers across the bay area this morning to say they've noticed longer than usual lines at their local gas station. possibly as people rushed to fill up their tanks the day before the new tax goes into effect. one person filled up paid $3.32 per gallon. you can at about $0.12 to that starting tomorrow. an extra $0.20 for people buying diesel. this is part of the plan passed by the legislature and the governor early this year with the goal of raising 5.2 billion dollars per year over the next decade for road repair and maintenance. a portion of that money is coming from an increase in fuel taxes. this will be the first time in 23 years the tax has gone up in california. drivers we spoke to have mixed feelings. >> i'm skeptical of new taxes. i think it's a way to sneak something in there. >> i am fine with it if it's
12:33 pm
fixing roads. >> my thought is it's too high and are not using the money efficiently. >> is harder to pay more but as long as taxes go somewhere where it's useful, you don't mind as much. i hope that's what it's for. >> i don't drive very much. so it's not going to impact us that much but people who drive into the city or commute, that's going to be a killer. >> reporter: the new law includes higher vehicle registration fees based on the value of your car. those go into effect january 1. half the money raised will go toward fixing and maintaining state roads and highways. the other half will go to cities and counties across the state. caltrans has accelerated some existing projects in anticipation of getting some of this extra money in the months ahead. the new law has some opposition. there are separate efforts based out of southern california to get an initiative on the ballot -- ballot to rebuild the gas tax although neither efforts have enough signatures yet to put anything on the ballot anytime soon.
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police are looking for a man who robbed a walnut creek goats -- drugstore. this was around 1045 on north main street. police say the suspect jumped the pharmacy counter and stole opioid-based medication at gunpoint. he ran away after the robbery and has not been located. no employees were hurt. a safeway employee tried to stop a shoplifter is in the hospital in san francisco. this attack happened around 12:30 am on seventh avenue near golden gate park. witnesses say the employee tried to stop michael pedro from shoplifting. that's when his dog attacked and began stabbing the employee. the dog bit the employee several times. police say the employee was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. the suspect was arrested after the attack. video, two people stealing a wallet from a pregnant woman in a san francisco coffee shop.
12:35 pm
this is taken from the shop at montgomery and bush street. look at the man and woman stand together on the right-hand side of the screen. we see the woman kneel down. as she does, she reaches over and quickly takes the wallet from the victim's purse. she put the wallet in her jacket and they walk out of the store. the victim's mother said the thieves used her daughter's credit card at nordstrom. this was about 5 pm yesterday. the victim is six months pregnant and was up all night canceling credit cards and plans to file a police report today. there is an increased police present in redwood high school because of a threat. student discovered writing on the bathroom wall indicating that would be a shooting at the school today. even though the school does not feel the threat is credible, it has increased security and implemented and no costume policy for halloween. >> we have prohibited costumes today for halloween which we feel bad about that we want to make sure we can recognize everybody and make sure there
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are fewer places for anyone to heidi weapon. hopefully halloween will be fun tonight even though it's not as much fun during the day. >> central marin police have more officers patrolling the area. no word about who wrote the threat. now to the fall out from oakland deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. 2 investigates spent months tracking the fallout from this fire that happened. i'd like to focus on what's happening in sonoma county. officials there say the biggest job is to help find housing for thousands of people who's been displaced because of the north bay wildfires. we have learned fema is helping by bringing in 500 mobile units and trailers to help those displays. the county is asking anyone who has a fema trailer to help them out and to get in touch with them. officials are working on getting more people into housing rentals. now to that deadly ghost ship warehouse fire that happened in december in oakland.
12:37 pm
2 investigates has been busy tracking the owners of the warehouse to find out what they knew about the building condition before that fire. >> here is what we've learned. >> reporter: it was six months after 36 lives were taken by fire. charges in the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. >> i am here to tell you that today, my office, has filed felony criminal complaints. >> reporter: two men facing three dozen counts of manslaughter. delicate ameena rented the warehouse his friend, max harris, helped him look after a. they hosted parties advertising it as an artists creative space coming even letting people live there. the building owner is chor ng. she has never been charged. >> reporter: 2 investigates. do you hold yourself at all responsible for what happened at the ghost ship? >> reporter: chor ng has kept a
12:38 pm
low profile. so have her kids, kai ng and eva ng. many former tenants say they managed the warehouse and adjoining properties, collecting rent and receiving complaints, especially about problems with the electrical system. the tenants say there was a lot going on and you ignore them. but you have to say to them? >> reporter: in fact, the ngs were made aware of an electrical fire two years old early. this invoice explains the transformer was doused, 911 was never called and $32,000 in repairs were needed. this was sent to the family asking for reimbursements to fix the issue. the diagnosis was three buildings on a single transformer, severely and catastrophically overloading it. this required immediate intervention to avoid additional fires. defense attorneys representing them then save the family recused to make repairs. >> the owner is absolutely responsible for the lives of
12:39 pm
the 36 people lost. >> reporter: attorney curtis briggs believes derick almena and max harris are taking the fall for others' negligence. please have been to the warehouse before. records show eight times for disputes among those who live there. officers new but the illegal living went on. then there's this district attorney inspector's report were in oakland firefighter admitted he had been to the ghost ship for a party. he told investigators he remembered there was a lot of stuff that records show no fire inspection was ever done. >> the ghost ship was no secret to anybody. the ghost ship became a secret when they decided not to charge the owner and try to protect certain aspects of the city government. >> reporter: code violation notices were sent to chor ng for hazardous conditions are life-threatening safety over the years. we found the city never followed up. california law says a land owner must maintain the property to prevent an unreasonable risk of harm stating everyone is responsible
12:40 pm
not only for the result of willful acts but also for an injury. izzy keypoint any major civil suit calling out the ngs. >> what about the families? don't you fill your responsible? you own that place, don't you have anything to say? >> reporter: derrick almena had something to say in february 2015 when he brought up the electrical system again. writing a year of delays and dangerous complications. i would have you, the owner and landlord, the ultimate in effector, at the onset of any electrical systems take physical action. this was not your course. he rented temporary power supplies and wanted to get paid back. chor ng robach saying the electrical infrastructure was made very clear before your lease begin and i will not be reimbursing you. you are required to return the electrical system to the state it was in before your lease began. defense attorneys say kai ng recused -- refused to do any
12:41 pm
work. >> he is responsible and should be held responsible for what happened because it was his duty to make sure that his property is a. >> reporter: and there's more. in this district attorney investigators report, a businesswoman rented the adjacent building from the ngs for her salon. she told investigators there were electrical issues starting in 2008 and contact eva ng. she soon became frustrated because the problems were never addressed. after 13 years, moved her business in 2014 because the repairs were made. >> as a prosecutor, do you see any reason why you would not go after the owners? >> no. i do not. >> reporter: attorney michael cardoza used to be a prosecutor. he's not working this case but with his expertise says he surprised the ngs of on under the radar. >> if i with a trial attorney, i would look long and hard at charging the owner and her daughter, who was supposed to be the manager of the building, bringing them into court. consolidating those cases. so you are trying all the
12:42 pm
defendants that one's. and if they want to blame each other, let them do it in the same jury. because that enhances the da's prosecution. >> reporter: the dea has never explained why the family has never been charged despite repeatedly asking. prosecutors say it's still an active case. no comment. since june, avoiding the question altogether. all while the building's owner is set to get a payout, insurance money totaling more than $3 million, covering the cost of the deadly fire. >> the families suffer. the victim can't come back to life. but overnight the owner became a triple million or. >> don't you have remorse for the people who died in that fire? nothing to say at all? >> what does that said you? >> she is a scumbag. she is a scumbag and a killer.
12:43 pm
we as the public have a right to know. why aren't you charging her? >> reporter: the district attorney could still charge the elusive owners. that may bring some relief to the other two defendants. >> you not only have to do justice but you have to give the appearance of doing justice. this is not the appearance of doing justice. there could be a world champion tonight. or the dodgers could extend the season and the longer. coming up we were preview tonight's game six of the world series. >> if you're theá, you better get that done tonight. what will it be like tonight for the trick-or- treaters? here's a live look at the lower east shore in berkeley. a little traffic in the eastbound direction. rosemary is back with your forecast.
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the warriors bounced back after that home loss and blew out the clippers on the road. 141-113. >> the warriors had a 16 point lead. stuff rivers have rivers behind him -- a second opportunity -- >> steph curry put up 31 in 30 minutes and helped lead the team to their 11th straight win against the clippers. the game also featured highlights from jordan bell. >> clock at 3, nikki young in a building he is very familiar with -- jordan bell, the right- hand spike. >> the warriors went big.
12:47 pm
thin out travel to san antonio to take on the spurs. tip-off is thursday night. it was an emotional and disappointing return for patrick marleau who signed with the maple leafs in the off- season. >> welcome back patrick! [ cheers and applause ] and thank you for 20 years of stellar hockey! >> patrick, who was the first draft pick in 1997 paper san jose longer than any other sharks player. he received a 92nd standing ovation. the momentum was with the sharks in the game. the controlled play for the first two periods but could not take the lead until the third. that's when tim heed scored the tiebreaking goal. the sharks get the victories. game 6 of the world series is set for tonight in los angeles. it is an elimination game for
12:48 pm
the dodgers. if the astros win, they are the chance. houston trying to win a world series for the first time. the first pitch is at 5:20 pm. our newscast will air on ktvu plus from 5:00 until 8:00. with all the drama in this went from houston in game five, everyone is looking forward to more excitement tonight. >> reporter: as game 6 of the world series between the dodgers and the astros returns to los angeles, fox broadcasting joe buck and john smoltz say they could not have written a better script. >> the drama, hollywood can't come up with that kind of drama. we get to watch them live, unfolding before our eyes and put our words to it and watch the fans live and die with every pitch. it's really cool and i don't ever take it for granted. there's nothing like it. >> the biggest thing in a
12:49 pm
series, since i've played on more losing ends of the ones man winning, it's the story lines that shift so quick. and the mental games that players have to play. >> reporter: before monday's 18th annual m-8 golf callous again it, most liberty place were hoping for a series deciding game seven. >> the dodgers. i'm for st. louis now. i have to say that all the time. you have to say i'm from st. louis so with the cardinals when it i would be there but i am a transplant. >> i am pulling for the dodgers but may the best team win. i think we have the best teams playing this season. it's as it should be. i'm pulling for the dodgers. >> the dodgers. i know. i just think it's an amazing -- i saw them in games this year and i don't know who would beat them. i thought they might sweep. but as a viewer and a fan, it's been great. >> do you want it after
12:50 pm
rosemary? >> i thought you were going to. >> this is what happens when you are engrossed in the world series. i am hoping for the astros. >> we were saying we wanted a california team but houston push or use a boost. i'm not sure yet. >> i have a dodger fan at home. for different reasons i like to see either team win. we have some gwyther -- some good weather. we have more sunshine per as we get into the next couple of days, subtle changes are expected. mostly sunny today and tomorrow. temperatures in the low 60s and low 70s under mostly sunny skies. as we get into the days ahead, we have rain coming back hour away. it looks like it could last a few days. it starts on friday lasting into sunday. maybe even into monday.
12:51 pm
make sure you have your windshield wipers checked and your umbrellas. i'm going to take you into the weekend. here is a view of the extended forecast. i will stop it at the evening hours for tonight. we are dry and mostly clear. after the sun sets, it will cool off fairly quickly. taking you into friday morning we have showers popping up over the bay area. here is saturday morning. rain and here is sunday morning where we continue with the possibility for showers and the forecast with another expected system on sunday. as far as rainfall amounts, anywhere from a quarter inch to an inch is expected for most areas. the further north you go, the better you get. in the sierra, snow, 1-2 feet along the top area and 2-4 feet the further north you go, closer to the northern edge of california on the sierra stretch.
12:52 pm
temperatures at this hour in the upper 50s and low 60s. this afternoon, low 60s and low 70s. 70, sonoma. low 60s in alameda. in the south bay, 68 for morgan hill. 67, redwood city. low 60s in san francisco temperatures cool into the 50s by 8:00. for our late night festivities, mid 40s-mid 50s by 11:00. here is the extended forecast. not much change for the next few days that by friday the rain is on. for those traveling to the sierra, be prepared for winter trial. celebrating halloween with a wedding. we will show you the zombie celebrations at six flags and vallejo.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
it's those familiar scents that bring the spirit and joy of the holidays to life. this season, bring that same spirit and joy into your home with air wick seasonal scents.
12:55 pm
halloween may not be known as the wedding season but that did not stop one couple. >> claudine wong has were on a zombie wedding that happened at six flags discovery kingdom and vallejo. >> reporter: they say marriage is like a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs. these couples started off that crazy ride in a unique way. that's right, it's a zombie wedding.
12:56 pm
so popular that the amusement park got 800 applications. professionals were in charge of make up on this special day. and each couple got to bring 13 guests for the friday the 13th fun. and because they are zombies, it's not quite till death do your part. these unions naturally last a little longer. >> dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the most important moment in the life of these special zombies both in this life and the afterlife. >> reporter: couples came from vallejo and as far away as you reno. one couple evacuated from the north bay fires and still made it to the ceremony. 13 couples got married. >> 1, 2, 3 -- >> i do!
12:57 pm
>> 12 renewed their vows. >> reporter: and all had a chance to celebrate on the joker. as deal and would poster that just like marriage has a lot of ups and downs. thank you for joining us today at noon. we will see you back here 44 dig on 2. baseball is tonight. the world series could be decided. we will watch why we trick-or- treat.
12:58 pm
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dr. oz: today on "oz," the hidden health benefits of apple cider vinegar you haven't heard. >> it can goost -- boost your immunity and fight illness. dr. oz: plus, a 1-year-old last seen at a party. staggering alone through hallways found dead in a hotel freezer. what happened to kenneka jenkins? our exclusive investigation oming up next. are you ready to save some lives today? audience: yes! >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause] dr. oz: everybody probably has a bot


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