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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 13, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PST

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republican roy moore and democrat doug jones. details on the winner. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. it's wednesday, december andment i'm dave clark. pam cook will be here later. >> it's cold, it's also clear again. and if you enjoyed yesterday you'll like today. a lot of sunshine and can't find a cloud. but boy is it cold. and we're only going to get colder. i saw my breath when i came in here. 30s for many. let's head north. that's where we find the colder temps. even vallejo is 38 degrees. and mill valley. kelseyville is 33. we're off to another cold start if you will. there's a slight easterly component. that makes the coast to be for
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temperatures on the mild side. high pressure says i'm content to stick around for the rest of the week. there'll be a ripple late friday and saturday. we're stuck in a pattern. it's called a blocking pattern. they last about three weeks and we're two weeks into it. i saw him in the newsroom and now on tv. mr.sal castaneda. 580 westbound the commute looks pretty good from the tracy area to livermore. take advantage because things are doing well. livermore to pleasanton is a nice looking drive all the way to castro valley. also looking at interstate 880 in oakland right in front of oracle arena.
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traffic is light. and we don't have any roadwork that's making it slow. and this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can take advantage of a nice commute at least for the time being. around the bay area and the country, san francisco mayor ed lee is being remembered adds a jovial man with love and a passion for the city. flags are at half staff at city hall and all over the city. amber lee reports more on his legacy that started years before he became mayor. >> reporter: it's a somber procession as mayor ed lee's body was moved to the medical examiner's office. >> reporter: the board of supervisors president delivered the news moments after she was sworn in as acting mayor. lee had been grocery shopping
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with his wife and he collapsed  on monday night around 10:30. >> he just fell down and had some kind of heart attack or something. so we were trying to help him. we even like called the ambulance and asked them to help. he was happy. he was like smiling and all that. >> reporter: the 65-year-old mayor was rushed to the hospital and doctors were unable to save him. he was pronounced dead at 1:11 tuesday morning. >> everyone is shocked and trying to reconcile this and the city will move on. but it's -- we're all devastated. >> reporter: a visibly shaken gavin newsom was -- >> i was in his office and they
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boxed everything up. >> reporter: this afternoon, two officers on motorcycles escorted the hearse carrying the mayor's body to the mortuary. firefighters stood on an overpass, honoring the mayor's service with their salutes. >> i do solemnly swear. >> reporter: seven years ago he was sworn in after being chosen to replace newsome. he was reluctant at first but warmed to the job. a second term in 2015. >> very good friend, very good friend. we did lots of things together. >> reporter: former mayor willie brown says lee's decades of public service included serves in his own administration. >> he was not a politician at
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all. >> reporter: most importantly, it was his work on a civil rights attorney for the nonprofit asian law caucus that laid the groundwork for a life of public service. that passion guided his work as mayor for all people, especially immigrants, women, and tenants. >> i wanted to use the law to open up doors for a lot of people who laws prevented them from being successful or equal. and this drives me a lot personally. >> reporter: as a young boy he grew up in seattle's public housing, the son of parents who immigranted from southern china. his mother was a seamstress and his father a cook. the legacy he lies behind belies the humble beginnings he never forgot. >> reporter: the president of the golden state warriors says lee is the reason that the team will be returning to san
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francisco once the chase center arena is completed. >> san francisco is a tough place to govern and he rose to the opportunity which is in the great tradition of san francisco mayors. >> he endured tough political battles, but they never dimmed his spirit. opponents may have disagreed with him on policy but everyone agrees that our mayor was a good man with a good heart. >> reporter: in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. from politicians to ordinary people, people are pausing to remember ed lee. a mayor who was humble and dedicated. one of his neighbors in glenn park flew his flag at half staff. a note and a bouquet of flowers outside the safeway store where he collapsed reads rest in
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peace, mayor. we were proud to call you our neighbor. thank you for giving your all to sf. >> he's a community person. he was always out, trying to help the community. pick up garbage. he was a big rent advocate. he was probably one of the better mayors. >> he was sincere in his work. it's-- i'm miss him. >> and bay area mass transit observed a moment of silence yesterday afternoon. this aerial video was sent in of a bus that stopped for the moment of silence. >> time is 4:07. turning now to alabama and last night's stunning victorily democrat doug jones in the closely watched u.s. senate
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race. jones had 50% of the vote to republican roy moore's 48.4%. this was to fill the seat left vacant by jeff sessions. roy moore has not yet conceded the race. we have more on the election results. >> thank you! thank you! >> both sides said the people of alabama should decide the senate race. and for the first time in 25 years, alabama chose a democrat, doug jones. >> we've tried to make sure that this campaign was about finding common ground and reaching across and actually getting things done for the people. >> reporter: roy moore addressed his followers, refusing to concede. >> we still got to go by the rules about the recount provision and the secretary of state has explained to us.
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>> the republican leading race became a national drama. roy moore's campaign revealed the dilemma for alabama voters. he was backed by steve bannon and evangelical christians and eventually by trump. >> alabama took -- it was judge roy moore's race to lose. the problem was there was a deeply flawed candidate. >> he had made controversial comments about slavery and gay rights. he was accused of sexual misconduct when he was in his 30s. he denied misconduct, causing dissent among republicans. >>ed then't been proven. >> normally we go with the republican side, but with everything going on with roy
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moore, my grandma said it would be better to go with doug jones. >> we'll see a time when people will not vote for a candidate simply because they belong to a certain party. even though president trump campaigned for roy moore, he congratulated doug jones on his victory. congratulations to doug jones on a hard fought victory. the people of alabama are great and the republicans will have another shot at the seat in a short period of time. it never ends. charles manson died of cardiac arrest according to his death certificate. he died last month at a hospital in bakersfield near the state prison where he was serving a sentence for the murders of eight people. manson had been suffering respiratory failure for days
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and developed colon cancer months earlier. now there are competing claims for his estate that include his writings, art work, and the use of his image. a hearing is set for next month. the first city in sonoma to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. the one dispensary can begin selling recreational marijuana as well. the proposition allows cities to decide whether they want to allow the sale of recreational marijuana when it becomes legal statewide on january 1st. >> the cost of living in the south bay has more and more families wondering how they'll get the next meal on the table.
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almost 27 passenger of people living in santa clara and -- struggle to pay for food every month. and an estimated 22% of those who are food insecure are families with children. second harvest says the tech boom and the rising rent have left a lot of people struggling as people working outside of the industry get left behind. san francisco mayor ed lee's unexpected death shocked and made a lot of people said. coming up. we'll hear from more of his friends and colleagues. and president trump will make his final pitch on tax reform to the american people today. good morning. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive westbound heading to the maze on 880. skies are clear and here we go again. the air mass is unbelievably dry. fairfield is 28 degrees. i think we'll get a bunch of
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now we're finding out what was said in text messages by an fbi official who was removed from robert mueller's team because of derogatory comments made about president trump. a veteran fbi agent exchanged the text messages with an fbi lawyer. in one of the messages in october of 2016 he refers to
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president trump as an idiot. in another on election day he calls a potential victory by trump terrifying. the text messages raise questions about his suitability to be on the investigation. leaders of the muslim world are meeting in turkey and are working to present a united front on the decision to recognize israel's capital as jerusalem. who it belongs to has been a source of conflict for centuries. jerusalem has been formerly divided between palestine and israel. >> president trump will push tax reform in an effort to get legislation on his desk by christmas. the president will be speaking
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at the treasury department. the speech comes as house and senate republicans are trying to work out differences between their two tax bills and come up with a final piece of legislation. the polls have shown that the public is not sold on the tax plan. and more people oppose the efforts than support them. janet yellen will hold her final news conference today as federal reserve chairwoman. she's expected to announce that the fed is raiding interest rates for third time this year. investors will be looking for clues in her statements about what the fed may do in the coming months. jerome powell supported her cautious approach to rate hikes in his five years on the fed's board. the man accused of setting off the pipe bomb in new york is expected in court today. federal officials say he built
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the bomb about a week ago and picked a time and place meant to cause maximum destruction. but it went off prematurely while in the walkway. three people suffered minor injuries. the suspect is facing federal charges and could get up to life in prison. time is 4:18. let's get you where you need to go this wednesday morning. there's sal. i saw you as you came in. >> that's right. and here we are at 4:18 on a wednesday morning. but, you know what? if you get on the road early it's to your advantage. from gilroy to san jose it looks pretty good. this commute is moving along pretty well. let me start that again. the south bay commute tends to start later. and you have opportunity to get into the main part of the silicon valley before it gets really crowded. and this is a live picture of
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280 through downtown san jose. and traffic is proving nicely. and at the bay bridge toll plaza we're doing well. traffic is moving well. one thing i noticed and steve has been talking about it. i don't see any cloud or fog. >> there's anything. we can't get fog here. the days are short and we can get cold temps. already fairfield, 28 degrees. a lot of low 30s. and i think we'll see plenty of upper 20s. would not be surprised if livermore as well. the airport at 31 degrees. and pinole is at 38. and brentwood is sleeping in. 30 in walnut creek, san ramon, dublin, and pleasanton. the coldest temps show up at
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sunrise. just a really strong ridge of high pressure called a blocking pattern sends everything well to the north. the offshore breeze continues in southern california and the wind speeds are way down. l.a. at 57. and 14 in truckee. sacramento-- 17 south lake tahoe. and a lot of 30 or upper 20s. so some isolated areas. truckee is the coldest. clear skies for us. maybe a little haze or smoke at times. most of that is staying south now. there's an area of low pressure there but it's not doing anything for us. 60s on the temps. we're really tough to get much warmer than the last couple of days. i don't see anything through the weekend except breezy. it will pick up friday to saturday but dry for now. >> time now is 4:20. it was a very special and
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unique night at the raceway. we'll see how fire trucks and families joined together for north bay fire relief. shopping mall giant westfield enters a megadeal with commercial companies. what this could mean for the future of malls around the world.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. major league baseball's winter meetings continue in
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orlando, florida. the giants hope to leave with a new bat in their lineup. there are reports they are talking about a trade for billy hamilton, considered the fastest man in baseball. he has 50 stolen bases in each of the last four seasons. but we don't know what the reds might want in return. jimmy grandpa low has a -- jimmy garrapolo. >> you probably heard of christian mccaffrey who plays with the panthers. they're father ed played 13 seasons in the nfl including one with the 49ers in 1994. time is 4:24. for a third time. space ex-has pushed back and delayed the launch of a rocket
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and a dragon capsule. it was scheduled to launch a mission from florida today. the need for more ground system checks pushed it back to friday. this mission will be the 13th delivery flight to the international space station for nasa by spacex under the resupply contract with nasa. if the falcon is not able to take off on friday. they won't be able to leave until late december. the pepsico company made a huge investment in the future with the biggest order of tesla's semi trucks. they just reserved 100 of the electric big rigs. they are rumored to cost more than $200,000 apiece. pepsi says the order is part of the plan to reduce emissions by
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20% by the year 2030. time is 4:25. australian mall operator west field has agreed to sell to a european property company for $15.7 billion. this brings together two of the biggest mall companies at a time when online shopping has made a dent in brick and mortar retailers. here in the bay area, there are three westfield properties. san francisco center on market street. valley fair in santa clara. and oak ridge in san jose. the combined company will own property valued at $72.2 billion with locations in 27 cities all over the world. >> time is 4:26. a time to provide tiny homes for san jose's homeless passes the first test. and now the debate will focus on where to build them.
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and the man convicted of killing sierra lamar finds out his fate. it ends a painful legal process for sierra lamar's family. you can see traffic is doing okay. we're off to a nice start. this is highway 4 heading up to the willow pass grade on the way to concord. skies are clear and the nights are long and the temps are quite cold. lots of 30s and a few 20s, including some up north. we'll take a look coming up.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us. it's the middle of the week. it's wednesday, december 13th. i'm dave clark. pam cook will be here a little later. steve paulson is right here. >> thank you, dave, thank you. >> we're seeing 20s and we have
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a couple of hours before sunrise. petaluma is 27. and bennett valley is 28 degrees. fairfield-- don't forget about me -- we're 28 as well. lots of 30s here. any 20s? not yet. menlo park 33. foster city, san mateo. and even over to fremont. strong low down in baja. it keeps the offshore flow going. we have high pressure in charge and it's not going anywhere. a dent on saturday and no big deal. there's no rain into the weekend. there's above normal temps with 60s, low to mid. 4:30 and sal tells us super commute time. >> i was going


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