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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and five missing in the montecito mud slides. >> there are people still trapped. >> rescuers still dealing with mounds of mud and rock come desperately searching for survivors. facebook is getting a facelift. some changes that will make your feed more personal and a little less businesslike. the four on 2 starts now. president under fire after using what he calls tough words when it comes to immigration. one senator had another opinion. calling the presidents comments of violent races. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm aliana gomez. those words have created a firestorm on capitol hill. we will get to the outpouring of reaction in the moment but we are following developing news at oakland international airport where he diverted flight has finally landed just minutes ago. the fight was supposed to land at sfo this afternoon after an
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11 hour flight from frankfurt, germany but because of fog it was diverted to oakland international airport. >> the only problem, it is an airbus a380 in oakland is not equipped to the board passengers from the plane of that size. after the 11 hour flight passenger spent about two more hours on the tarmac in oakland. flight aware shows the plane's initial path from germany to ff -- to fs so were circled for 30 minutes before landing. >> the plane refueled and flew to sfo word is now on the ground. passengers should be the process of deporting and going through customs to the president's controversial comments. lieutenant governor newsom called on the president to resign. >> christina joins us live in the issue. >> the president is denying use racist words and talking about immigration, haiti, african
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central america. he said his words where tough. >> reporter: at the white house today president trump do not address the alleged comments he made in the bipartisan closed- door meeting. sources inside the room say the president asked about special preferences for immigrants from haiti, africa and central america asking bluntly, why are we having all these people from those countries come here? dick durbin said he heard the present use those hateful, violent racist language. >> i cannot believe in the history of the white house, any president has ever spoken the words i personally heard our president speak yesterday. you have seen the comments in the press, i have not read one that is inaccurate. >> reporter: trump took two social ministers of tweet saying his words where tough but he denied talking vulgar about immigrants and this was not the language used. >> the language was not used and it is very clear that this is the democrats trying to
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derail this process. >> reporter: his words are prompted reaction from both republicans and democrats. >> the first and i came to my mind is very unfortunate, unhelpful. >> elites this country with shame. humiliating african- american people. >> reporter: dianne feinstein to the today there is no room for racism in the oval office. >> it appears lawmakers are back to square one in trying to dale on immigration and daca. the united nations issued a strong word statement condemning the residence comments. the you and said there is no word to use but racist. the statement goes on to say you cannot dismiss entire nations because their populations are not entirely white. the positive comments about nora makes the underlying sentiment very clear.
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the president was question today about the comments but dodged reporters. it all took place during an event to celebrate martin luther king junior at the white house today. some observers called the event quote, awkward as the president delivered his speech about the importance of equality. comments which came in stark contrast as controversial remarks yesterday.>> today we celebrate dr. king for standing up for the self-evident truths americans hold so dear, that no matter what the color of our skin, or the place of our birth, we are all created equal by god. >> during the ceremony, mr. trump sunday proclamation honoring the civil rights leader. among the supporters who attended for secretary of housing and urban development, ben carson. he said call for equality, justice and the common dignity of man.
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monday march the day the nation observes the birth of reverend dr. luther king junior but this year amid the plan celebrations and educational programs there is also concern stemming from comets attributed to president trump. jesse geary is live in downtown san jose with more. >> reporter: a few minutes ago a children's program about the life and work of dr. martin luther king junior the civil its root -- civil rights movement started inside the labor that bears his name behind me. let's look at our video. the library houses an extensive collection of material on the civil rights movement. the sum your come this there for area these more visitors as people try to get in touch with the spirit of inclusion. >> we have a lot of members of the public that stop by and pick up epic. they go to the gallery that reflects a lot of key points in dr. king's life.
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>> reporter: as the nation moves toward his birthday many say america has taken the step away from progress following controversial comments by president donald trump. the chief executive is accused of racism after questioning whether the country should accept immigrants from blank whole countries. some call the president and on the batched races and said he has no place in the oval office. >> ever since the days of slavery we have been trying to move away from that past. here we have got a man in the white house who is glued to that horrible past. >> use who he is and we have to accept that and start dealing with it for what he says and taken by his word. he is a racist person and he needs to be stopped.>> reporter: that is the reverend, the president of the silicon valley naacp. he is one calling on the republican controlled house to
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begin impeachment proceedings. the time of year when the conversation is usually about mlk, inclusion and how far we have come, now the conversation on trying to remove the president from office. we are live outside the mlk junior library right now. where joined by brian. let's dive into section of president trump's comments. the president has in the past and more recently repeatedly attacked ethnic groups he has called the mexican rapist come here poorly citations have aids . he has refer to group of white supremacist asked find people mention on both sides what happened in charlottesville. so people including congressional leaders are saying donald trump is racist. the think that is fair? >> i do not know whether you know what is in the heart of somebody. i do look at ache i like him and say here somebody who has been given everybody --
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everything in life and he does not have a lot of compassion for people. he may be a racist but he also may have zero capacity for anybody in a room but himself. these comments are so objectionable, so be on the pale. i would say to somebody earlier today it is on elegant and unpresidential. it is also true that we heard senator durbin talking about language in the oval office in the history of the oval office of -- oval office there has been other thing said but this is the current example of where you can have someone who is off the rail on the subject. >> in the midst of trying to create policy on immigration in daca, will that be set back quite a bit?>> he has his feelings about people in life and all of that but there is the nation's objectives around
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policy like what should we be doing with immigration? any time you end up with the discussion this it does not allow both parties to come together and have a good fruitful discussion about this and come up with solutions because it is being sidetracked . >> i know it will be difficult with this and democrats are saying we will not do anything unless we see movement on daca which could include -- which could result in the government shutdown. it will be an interesting show down. >> there is durbin who is a democrat, sitting to the right of donald trump and the immigration meeting. he was there for any reason. is there because he was the one of a few democrats who said on i bipartisan basis maybe we can make something happen. the president said those things in the meeting and drive them out of the room. it is inexpressible >> with steak but our image around the world because i've seen facebook posts from parents to see the word and the
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kids are using it. what is the world saying? >> we hope the world separates the presidents comments from the policy but it is hard because the whole world sees on cable television these remarks and have to judge them on their face. on their face there -- they are poor things to say. >> if he did say this, why would he not fess up to? >> that was interesting. there were enough people in the room, he said it. why didn't he come out and say, i used that word but let me explain in what context i used to. i was expecting that today. this is a president who never apologizes or backs down from anything and everything ends up as they fight.
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that is the part of this that we would sought -- that we thought we would see majority of time that he would be different president as we went on in time.>> do we think this is going to stop a man who says he is using tough words?>> no. it would take a huge effort and lots of republicans who were elected to change the paradigm. i think american citizens are going to have to look at this, judge it and decide whether in three years, barring the investigations and announcing whether he is somebody they want representing him. >> you will join us again at 5:00? brian, thank you. neighbors coming together to save lives after a fire breaks out leaving dozens of people out of their homes. search and rescue crews keeping up hope as they search for the five are many people in those deadly montecito mudslides. in weather, dense, thick fog
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the big story across the big portion of the bay area this morning. things have changed quite a bit. talk about a warm up
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we can now simulate the exact anatomyh care, of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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17 people are confirmed dead while rescue crews hold out hope for those that are still missing after this devastating mudslides hit southern california. the disaster comes weeks after one of the worst wildfires in our state's history. adam housley has more from
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montecito. >> we know the windows closing but we are doing our best to search and rescue. >> reporter: you hear the stories from around the world where people have been missing for eight or nine days and found alive. >> we hope we are going to find those people. >> reporter: hope is still alive in southern california as the grueling search for survivors continues. with over 1000 rescue workers searching to find signs of life after deadly mudslides swept through santa barbara county on tuesday. the death toll sitting at over 8000 people so far with victims ranging in age from 3 to 89. as of friday the number of missing has dropped the people here worn the numbers of dead and missing may still fluctuate. >> right now our main focus is search and rescue. researching the residents that have been damaged or destroyed, also to confirm if there are people who are still trapped.>> reporter: the powerful winter storm hit quick and sudden
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sending rain, mud and boulders crashing down hillsides that had recently been ravaged by wildfires last december. those fires let the earth scorched unable to absorb any rain and in some places as much as six inches. >> mother nature calls and you heed the warning. do not try to stick around to save your material things. save your life. >> reporter: mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for montecito and are expected for several weeks as there is a lot of debris to still move. the crews are expected to be here for couple more weeks. just getting word that the santa barbara sheriff has said they found another death, bring the total up to 18. and 87-year-old man was discovered. -- an 87-year-old man was
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discovered. we are going to send things over to mark tamayo for look at the forecast. >> we have a dry weather pattern to talk about. santa barbara definitely needs the dry weather pattern. in the bay area this morning we had thick fog around the bay. what is happening with the developing weather pattern, you have an inversion lever -- inversion layer set and it keeps the fog around. not as widespread compared to this morning. if you patches out there. this was the satellite impact at 11:30 this morning there is some fog coverage as you can pick out portions of the bay, san francisco, and oakland. things have cleared out for the
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most part. ace do -- a few lingering patches out there. sfo still reporting fog. satellite showing you storm track but into the weekend is setting up to our arsenal rain threat this weekend. a bit of a warming trend, more 60s for both saturday and sunday. let's check out some curt numbers right now, 60 fremont, san jose 58, santa rosa 65. it was so cloudy and cool this morning, thought the sunshine would never break out but it did this afternoon. here is our live camera looking for the golden gate bridge. yesterday at this time, that famous bird popped into the camera view. if the bird does not show up it is still a beautiful view out toward the golden gate. overnight lows starting out saturday morning in the 30s come up toward santa rosa and
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napa. san francisco down toward santa fe, patchy fog in the forecast. 7:00 in san francisco, partly cloudy skies as we head into the afternoon hours. mostly sunny by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. once again we're looking for the fog to regroup toward the central valley. sneaking locally into the delta, around fairfield and approaching concord. we could have more around the bay as well in the afternoon hours the clouds melt away setting up a nice afternoon across the bay area. talk about rain chances in the five-day, we will talk more about those coming up in a few minutes. to the south bay where large apartment fire in san jose has displaced 16 people. >> fire crews credit good samaritans for helping get people out alive. leigh martinez has more.
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>> reporter: fire officials say there was initially the language barrier with the 911 caller. the first caller partly said the word fire hung up the phone so only one single engine showed up at first but fire crews realized this was a fast spreading fire in the high risk rescue situation. san jose fire officials say the call came in just after midnight. crew spent the two story apartment building on fire and fear people may be trapped. the fire was upgraded to a three alarm and firefighters went into rescue mode. officials say good samaritans work to get people out before crews arrived. >> when my uncle left us at his van he came back and started talking on people's windows, getting fire extinguishers trying to calm the flames down. before the firefighters came, he made sure everyone was out. >> we very much appreciate good samaritans in public safety.
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people looking to help out their neighbors. banging on doors and getting other people out saved lives. that has to happen before the first unit gets here. >> reporter: 16 people are displaced including five children. luckily no one was injured. firefighters had the fire knocked down by one:30 this morning. officials say they believe the fire started in the first or second floor unit in the front left of the building point the cause and initial origin are still under investigation. we talked to some displaced people who say they have hotel room set up for them by the red cross. an ex-convict was sentenced today, 45 years to life in prison for the shooting death of a popular ice cream vendor in east oakland. last november a jury convicted 25-year-old javon lopez of first-degree murder in the killing of -- the 45-year-old father was gunned down in his children were nearby waiting to
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buy ice cream. lopez and another man told him during an attempt to rob him. the second suspect has also been charged with murder and is awaiting trial. where following breaking news out of berkeley. the intersection of genting and fulton shutdown after a city vehicle struck and killed they woman happening around 1:00 this afternoon but the investigation is ongoing. chp, is handling the investigation. channing and fulton shutdown to to the crash. where working to learn more information and we will bring that to you today at 5:00. coming up big changes coming to facebook. we will speak with an expert about how you will be affected and it may mean less time spent on the social media platform. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia.
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facebook said it is making changes so people's experience on the social media site will be more meaningful. the company said it is changing the filters for its news feed so instead of advertisements and news articles you will see posts from your family and friends first. mark zuckerberg said it would be better for users and for facebook in the long-term. for more the changes where joined by mike, founder of the social media examiner. good to have you with us. tell us, why did mark zuckerberg do this? >> i can tell you it is probably
4:26 pm
so people will not go to the other social networks. i think the big losers in this are businesses. there are so many small businesses in america that rely on facebook to build communities and communicate. i think those days are coming to and and and it is scaring a lot -- coming to and ends up -- end. >> i know a lot use it to market nonprofits. they will be negatively hit. >> absolutely. a lot of publishers as well facebook has been the major source of news and i think all of the fake news, mark zuckerberg said he will clean up facebook and this is just the beginning of a radical change. i would say this is probably one of the biggest changes we have seen in years. from the user perspective it should result in in much better experience. however, so much for the businesses in the dissemination of information. that might be changing.
4:27 pm
>> reaction from just single users is probably good for -- but for small businesses alike not so much. tell us about some of the changes we will see and how we can navigate them. >> you will see a lot more conversational type experiences. they will be showing a lot more group interactions, a lot more of the type supposed where people post something and there are lots of sub- comments and some picture -- sub interactions going on. we will also see a lot of video content that is more wide video and less produced video. >> wall street did not react very well. the stock to big dive. it was down eight points. that likely cost the owner a good billion dollars plus. >> this probably result in more money for facebook because
4:28 pm
businesses will be paid to get exposure in the newsfeed. we will see a lot of businesses that have been relying on posting on their facebook page they will pay to get the posts seen in the newsfeed. i think this might be good for linkedin and twitter because a lot of marketers are going to potentially be looking to other social networks. >> you think this will attract more people? there are already 2 billion people that use facebook. have they had a plateau where they still growing? >> facebook has the largest data repository on user behavior and they probably know things we do not. my guess is there beginning to see declining interaction and they know people are not spending as much time, not getting as much of a good experience in as the result there making radical changes. i think what will happen is it will not hurt facebook in the long run because wherever there are 2 billion people there will be plenty of advertisers.>> thank you so much for your insight.
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in september amazon announced it was looking for the second headquarter site and it looks like boston may be their top pick. amazon is reportedly in talks to lease offices in the city which is becoming of popular destination for tech companies. yesterday the boston globe reported that amazon has been looking at the property for some time with an option to eventually double the amount of space. the company is expected to make its selection by the end of the year. coming up next, technology that is how police zero in on shooting scenes.the bay areas been credited with saving lives across our country.
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but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change. i see it in their eyes.
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it happens when people connect with nature, with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change. to see people go out, and come back new. princess cruises. sail with the best premium cruise line. 7-day cruises from $599. hundreds of complaints across the country and in the bay area have been lodged against the small town business in missouri. >> the companies accused of taking money and taking months or years to deliver what some customers say are shoddy products.>> many are warning maybe a scam. >> reporter: any large warehouse in norwood, missouri is rough country rustic home furniture and decor. >> the furniture looked amazing.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: lucy solano lives near santa rosa and was one of 2 million facebook fans. and she spent more than $1100 on the bedroom set, christmas present for her fianci. another christmas has come and gone with no signs of her furniture. >> want them to be shut down so they cannot take anyone else's money because what they are doing is not right. >> reporter: emails blame the customer service manager calling her lazy. lucy wanted the refund. emails exchanged -- emails explained the check was in the mail. lucy said she has not received anything. >> i want this company stopped. >> reporter: when she tried to posting negative facebook review her comments were deleted. a common complaint. veteran eric rucker who lives in wyoming was banned from the page. >> i'm not happy they advertise veteran owned and they want to screw veterans like this. >> you --
4:34 pm
>> reporter: the still waiting on a wall art flag. is separate facebook group called the company a scam. >> there needs to be level of trust. with this company seems that trust is lacking. >> reporter: the better business bureau has received hundreds of complaints nationwide mainly for a pattern of slow delivery. it is earned rough country rustic furniture f rating. >> they may not have enough people staffing phones or enough people doing the work and decided to build some of these furniture pieces. >> reporter: the owner never responded to our repeated emails and phone calls. he did defend his company by posting this video days before christmas.>> i am the owner and i am mostly responsible for the site -- for delays we had in production. it is my fault and i take responsibility. >> reporter: customers like tricia and joe experienced months of delays and promises
4:35 pm
of discounts they never received. 10 months after ordering, most of the bedroom furniture pieces were delivered. >> that what is loose and wobbles.>> reporter: left with no instructions. >> it was like a puzzle. >> reporter: no predrilled holes. and questionable quality. >> it is a giant letdown. >> reporter: at the freight company is not happy either. are in elk areas is doing rough country rustic furniture for not paying along list of deliveries. in total, demanding more than $690,000. >> that is the headboard and it has come off completely.>> reporter: this was another post on facebook, upset with what she was waiting for. or others that had to do the
4:36 pm
work themselves. >> damaged in shipping, broken pieces. the quality is poor. >> reporter: the company is offering discounts and taking on new orders. then there is this, and $89,000 judgment against the owner for not paying his business loan. >> i do not consider this a business. this is at best a scheme to continue to try to steal people's money. >> reporter: a claim the owner denies. new controversies blowing in the oakland school district. although the district is facing and i million dollar budget deficit the board of trustees voted to give itself a pay raise. >> i do not usually lobby you on these but i'm going to ask you this point, to please join me in not approving the increase. i think it would send the wrong message. >> on wednesday five of the seven school board members voted to award themselves in monthly increase up 5%, about
4:37 pm
$40 per month extra. the bump raises their stipend to $10,000 per year. at the city meeting the board voted to layoff or reduce the hours of about 50 district employees.>> we do this work essentially as volunteers. for me this job takes at least 20 hours per week and sometimes more. when i decided to run for school board i did not know there was any stipend at all. >> i was surprised to see this on the agenda today for the reasons that director london has pointed out, the optics of it are not good. >> pass school board meetings had protests. the stipend increased upon as a board members work hard and deserve to be compensated, however, opponents say the san
4:38 pm
francisco school board earned $500 per month while serving 50,000 students. the oakland board makes $300 more with 20,000 fewer students. new survey shows nearly 40% of americans cannot afford to retire. the survey shows 37% say they cannot afford to stop working and fully retire. have to people say they are worried about running out of money once they leave the workplace. financial experts say they think those numbers are much higher than the survey indicates. >> i think these numbers are low . i am traveling around the country talking to people and they do not understand what is at stake and they do not know what to do. we have at 70% according to the survey not saving anything. >> part of the worry is due to america's credit card debt eating eight record i topping $1 trillion. technology to curb shootings in the bay area should -- bay area is spreading. the spot shutter technology is
4:39 pm
being used in at least four bay area cities including san francisco, oakland, san pablo and richmond. is help reduce the number of shootings and increase the number of arrests. here is more the system and how it works. >> where the south side of chicago in the everett of inglewood which is one of the most dangerous in the country. it also has some of the heaviest police surveillance in the country. >> reporter: last year chicago police installed hundreds of these shots potters that are so that the text gunshots and instantly alert police, rapidly improving response time and bypassing 911. there are also cameras attached to that to capture the entire shooting on tape. >> i think that has a lot to do with some of the decrease in numbers. i have witness shots fired and the cops are there.
4:40 pm
that technology has been helpful. >> reporter: chicago please report the state-of-the-art technology has resulted in a stunning 42% drop in shootings last year. police say by monday 19/2 of the city of chicago will be blanketed with these shot spotter cameras. good news in the fight against crime at privacy experts wonder if it is a slippery slope toward the big brother state. >> used to be could not go out in public without being spied on. we need to be rolling back the mass surveillance that is taken over a lot of u.s. cities. >> reporter: police in chicago are actively using license plate readers which scanned the license plates on cars driving by and will paying if there is a wanted alert on any license plate in the city. coming up there was doubt the event would even take place and now we are zeroing in on when the mavericks surf competition could get underway. we're tracking is
4:41 pm
well that were approach the bay area as would into the weekend in early next week. the weekend looks like a warming trend and eventually rained to talk about. we will have more next. sorry. i can't make it.
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the fourth straight week of gains in california, we are used to sky high gas prices. >> the rest of the country
4:44 pm
maybe catching up feeling pain at the pump.>> reporter: as perhaps you can tell it is freezing in chicago but that has not had a chilling effect on gas prices. take a look at the national average. friday, down to $2.52 per gallon. this time lester was $2.35. oil prices have risen even higher giving rise to the notion that prices are going to rise at the pump pretty soon. the other thing that analysts are saying, is great disparity in some markets between the highs in the low price per take a look at chicago. here is this bp station the gold coast neighborhood. $3.49 for the average gallon of regular. that is about one dollar more than the national average but elsewhere the city you can get gas for $1 cheaper. even the average in chicago is $2.46. our friends at gas buddy status common across the country now. according to patrick he said it has become nothing short of crazy.
4:45 pm
i have heard of hundreds of complaints of motors to get stuck at the pricier stations and drive down the street and see cheaper. what is it going to cost you for the average motorist to put gas in their tank this year? it will be about almost $1900. that is about $100 more than it was last year which was about $200 more than it was the year before. for perspective i share with you the price from the year 2012, back then it cost motorist about $1000 more to put gas in their tank. enjoy the low prices while you can. higher prices are coming. hopefully higher temperatures sometime soon as well. the mavericks big wave surf competition could take place near half moon bay as early as
4:46 pm
tuesday. >> big waves could be on the way. organizers are telling the surfers to be ready. organizers were hoping to hold the event monday but it has been pushed back. the contest has a new organizer and name. the mavericks challenge. the world surf lake took it over after mavericks filed for bankruptcy. the biggest challenge for forecasters trying to nail down that day will be the size of the swell but we're tracking the system that will generate rainfall in the bay area. here is the swell they are tracking in the pacific. you can see the storm out here and that is churning up the seas . let me turn up the satellite. you see the big red area, that will be approaching the bay. a sampling showing sees -- seas
4:47 pm
of an estimate of 30 feet. watching out for that as we head toward monday and tuesday. will see the wind may be chopping up the water to much. showing you the satellite, high clouds moving into the bay area earlier today but the dense fog across the bay location basically covering most of the area except for the coast. right now we have clear to partly cloudy skies. lots of 50s on the poor, santa rosa 65, san francisco 56, san jose upper 50s. where checking the wind speed in a light wind, variable at these observations but the overall direction predominantly will be from the north and east as we head into the weekend. that will be a key factor with the fog pattern. winds right now, stronger in san jose. 13 miles per hour. live camera looking toward san
4:48 pm
francisco. you can see haze in the distance. the version setting up having an impact on air quality. we could still of areas of fog first thing tomorrow morning with temperatures starting off the day in the 30s and 40s but into the afternoon hours, lots of 60s for your saturday afternoon. the warmest locations could be flirting with 70 degrees. the big area of high-pressure strength in offshore so this gives us the dry weekend and and warmer weekend as well we're tracking the system that will thicken up the cloud cover on monday. there is a chant for scattered rain showers -- there is a chance for scattered rain showers this weekend. they called her system possibly moving in behind this that will be by thursday and friday of next week. lots to track over the next few days heading into next week.
4:49 pm
here is the forecast model. the department of the central valley fog could be thick. some of this with the northeast wind seeping into the delta and i suspect we will have a few more dense patches around the bay and even up in the north bay. the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny skies, the hazy sky condition once again in temperatures warmer than today point we will keep the temperatures lower toward antioch, the fog bank nearby. santa rosa 66, san francisco 61. more neighborhoods, san jose 65 and santa cruz will be 70. here is and look ahead, your weekend will be dry but then weeping the chance of showers in by monday afternoon. maybe another system tuesday. wednesday a break and be on wednesday looks like another system by thursday and friday. they are lining up offshore.
4:50 pm
coming up next we will take a look at some events taking place around the bay area for the weekend.
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for many it is a three-day weekend. there are a lot of fun events around the bay area to keep you entertained. rosemary tells us about restaurant week, and winter wine land in a truffle festival. >> reporter: heading into the weekend, here are a few events happening around the bay area. in san francisco join in a weekend long festival to celebrate the life and work of martin luther king jr. this year's event runs from saturday to monday and features a film,
4:53 pm
art, health and wellness festival followed by a parade in march on monday starting at 11:00 a.m. in the east bay, feed your inner foodie with restaurant week going on in two areas. oakland and alameda are both offering free fix lunch and dinner options. in the north bay celebrate the 26th annual winter wine land along wine road. you will find the great opportunity to meet winemakers, taste limited production, new releases or library wines. tickets include participating at all wineries. last up the eighth annual truffle festival. the four the event combines chef expertise on fine cooking with truffles and scientist expertise on truffle cultivation. you can taste the truffles and wine dinner. for more information log on to napa truffle in sports, the sharks are home. 200 adult salmon released into redwood creek today. these are the same fish that
4:54 pm
were removed in 2015 from the same creek do to drought conditions. they been raised that hatcher. officials hope they will spohn and boost the population in redwood creek. >> there not doing well throughout the range and for this particular group, they are listed as endangered both by the state and by the federal -- for the national fisheries service. their state has not good the numbers have been declining. >> hope this will jumpstart the population enough that they will not have to do it again. the co-salmon populations are down all over the state and are in danger of disappearing completely along the central california coast. up next, details on new satellite images showing significant funneling at one nuclear test site in north korea.
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north korea's nuclear ambitions continue to grow following new satellite imagery showing significant tunneling at a test site in their country. benjamin hall has more details now out of london. reporter: this new report raises further red flags about north korea's nuclear ambitions at a time when kim jong-un is talking about dialogue. according to the report, satellite images from december
4:58 pm
show significant tunneling in a new area of the country's only known nuclear test site which suggests the area is being prepped for a future test. throughout december 2017, mining carts and hundreds of personnel were consistently presented around the west portal and there was significant expansion of the spoil pile. the report says these activities underscore the rogue regime's effort to maintain the site for future nuclear testing. it's the same site where pyongyang conducted its last six underground tests and its latest in early september, which was the most powerful to date. at the moment, there are tenuous hopes for relative peace on the korean peninsula afternoon the north and south reestablished dialogue. it was decided earlier this week that north korea would participate in the winter olympics in south korea in february. but this is not stopping the u.s. deploying three b2 stealth bombers to the territory of guam this week. for decades, north korea has played this game of brinkmanship testing as many
4:59 pm
missiles and bombs as it likes before pulling back from the brink and calling for talks and dialogue. it's one of the reasons that the u.s. is so hesitant to trust them this time round. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. ♪[ music ] the president said he didn't say it. some people in the room said he did say it. a day after the president used a vulgar word to describe certain countries, reaction has been swift, angry and from all sides. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm alyana gomez in for julie haener. we'll get to the president's comments in a minute but first, we have some breaking news out of berkeley. a 70-year-old woman was died after being hit by a city vehicle around 1 p.m. this afternoon in the area of channing way and fulton street. a car hit her while she was in the crosswalk. now, because of the crash
5:00 pm
involved a city vehicle, the california highway patrol is handling the investigation. it was going about 15 miles an hour. skyfox is over the scene about an hour ago. you can see those chp officers clearing the scene there. channing and fulton are shut due to the crash. investigators say drugs or alcohol did not play a role. we'll update you when we learn more. now back to the controversy surrounding the president. one day after the president made disparaging comments about haiti and countries in africa, he signed a proclamation honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. the president praised dr. king for standing up for the rights of african-americans and emphasized the importance of equality. the comments are in stark contrast to what he reportedly said yesterday about certain immigrants. >> mr. president, did you refer to african nation as [censored]? >> mr. president, are you a racist!! >> those were reporters yelling questions about the statement as the president walked out of


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