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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 23, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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we begin with breaking news. a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck this morning off the southern coast of alaska. the usgs said that happened around one 30 a.m. our time. much of the coast of alaska and british columbia are under a tsunami warning. as far as the impact from the earthquake, no reports of damage or anyone injured. >> is snow me watch has been issued across the pacific coast from seattle down to mexico. that includes every county in the bay area. that means ocean surge as possible. a possible tsunami event assisted with his quake could arrive within the next couple of hours. that is what we are watching right now. this is a developing story so we will continue to track it and keep you updated. the san francisco department of emergency management is warning people to prepare to evacuate. >> they are. is snow me watch for san francisco, if you're within san francisco, three blocks of the pacific coast are five blocks
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of the bay itself, prepare to evacuate and be ready if evacuation is needed. check on neighbors who may need help. >> the city posted this map showing possible evacuation zones. you can see the areas on the edge of the 60 -- city are most at risk. if you want to take a closer him up -- look at the map it's on our website under web links. in the meantime, let's get over to steve. maybe you can add to this. >> it would be about 3-5 hours. between 5:30 am and 6:00. so far we are looking at bowie reports. we will take a look at that and see what's going on. we had high waves anyway because of the deep low producing the server. bodega bay, nine fee. monterey, 10. north of bodega bay, 10. as a go forward throughout the morning. travel time is about three dis- 5 hours from the epicenter to hear. fog will be a store for some not all. we do have a footprint in the valley. sometimes that creeps back in.
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cloverdale, in the 30s. some very cool readings. lima valley, 37. one dry day today. and it looks like this will give us some decent rain and snow. that will take us into this thursday. and then maybe a break into the weekend and early next week. 50s to near 60 for the temperatures. still relatively quiet out there as we look at the commute. was looking at the tracy commute and traffic is moving along pretty well. there have been no major problems as you drive through. you can see traffic is moving along nicely on 580, the altamont pass. we had some minor things this morning but for the most part traffic is moving along nicely.
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as we look at interstate 880 in oakland, traffic is moving well in both directions. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is a light drive from oakland to san francisco. the san francisco board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on whether to navin interim neighbor. the board of supervisors president london breed campaign the act thing mayor when mayor lee died unexpectedly. she is among the candidates running in a special election in june to finish the term. some candidates have said a caretaker man should be appointed so london breed does not have an unfair advantage in the special election. two san francisco supervisor's want the board to provide additional funds for legal assistance to undocumented immigrants. supervisor sandra lee fewer and hillary ronen are holding a news conference at noon today to announce legislation they are sponsoring to provide increase funding for the legal assistance. the say the new immigrant legal
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defense unit needs additional funding in response to recent threats by i.c.e. of major raids planned in san francisco. san francisco's board of supervisors is set to vote today on a proposal that would recognize columbus day as indigenous peoples day. supervisor melia cohen introduced legislation to honor the native americans who were already here when christopher columbus arrived. several other cities around the country have already replaced columbus day with indigenous peoples day. we will talk with her supervisor about her proposal this morning coming up. kok downs on impaired drivers not just happened during the holidays. a zero-tolerance campaign has been at announced. the chp is putting every available officer and member of the command staff on the lookout for dui drivers from now until the end of the month. officer said before people take the first drink or light up, make plans to get safely home. >> they're not thinking of the
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consequences. as a result you getting deaths and genders on the freeways. not just ch officers but motorists on the way home. >> the is -- this issue is especially close to home for many officers. another officer was hit on highway 4 near concor. he is recovering from two broken legs. on christmas eve a question hayward, officer camilleri and injured his partner. they were on interstate 880 washing for drunk drivers when a suspected drunk driver slipped into their vehicle. there was a somber vigil in san jose last night to remember victims of traffic crashes. the crowd gathered in front of san jose city hall to honor those killed in recent collisions. the widow of officer camilleri attend the ceremony and accepted a plaque in his honor. a local pastor who lost a cousin two years ago spoke about his loss. >> he was killed right there walking across the street.
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they hit him. stopped. it was like 2 am. they looked, it went on like he was nothing and nobody. >> anyone who has lost a loved one and a traffic crash was invited to attend the vigil which ended with music and prayer. is south bay used pastor is under arrest, accused of sending sexually explicit messages to a minor. two luis cruz cruz sent two messages or images of himself to a 13-year-old girl using social media. authorities say he met the girl at the san jose seventh day adventist church where he worked as a youth pastor. the girl and her family attend the church. investigators say there's evidence he may have sent similar photos to other young people and are asking other possible victims to come forward. san francisco police prison good samaritans were stopping an attack on a clerk. authorities releasing this store surveillance video of the january 14 incident.
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investigators say the suspect grabbed the clerk, held her to the ground and put her in a choke hold. moments later the good samaritans entered the store and broke up the attack. they later helped officers track them down. the suspect, was booked on aggravated assault and burglary charges. investigators and rohnert park are trying to find a driver who may have witnessed a police shooting. authorities released this image of the vehicle taken outside the public safety building on the night of sunday, janrick 14th. armed man fired several shots at the building and yelled he wanted officers to kill him. police say they ordered him to drop his gun. when he walked toward them, an officer shot and wounded him. investigators want to talk to the person in the car who may have information. looking for thieves who struck a toy zero store. the sheriff's office posted this video online of the theft in santa cruz. based on the level of planning
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cover that you're sure these these have hit other stores. anyone with information is asked to call the santa cruz county sheriff's office. we need to turn back to the story we were watching all morning on the tsunami warning. we are joined on the phone by doctor kenneth mcpherson. >> he is the watch person and scientist with the national tsunami warning center. we had a 7.9 quake in the gulf of alaska this morning. it's good to have you with us. what do you know right now? what's the latest? >> there's been a large earthquake in the gulf of alaska. just to give your viewers some perspective, a magnitude 7.9 or 8 earthquake, that statistically only occurs once per year, globally. it's very rare to have such a large earthquake in the gulf of alaska. we originally had the set a magnitude 8.0. we issued a tsunami warning for
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that earthquake and we've since observed this nami wave in the gulf of alaska. the nearest location that was affected was kodiak island and alaska. we did observe a 15 centimeter wave there and also another on the eastern alaskan coach. that way propagated out in deep water. that is traveling around the speed of a jet airliner, 800 kilometers per hour. that will arrive on the west coast and about 2 hours. so far, the height of the waves we have observed are not the large, inundating sunol money this very dangerous. we do have parts of alaska in a tsunami warning. and alaska, for sure, is should be taken very seriously >> let's talk about that when you talking about the heights of the waves and what technically qualifies as this
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nami wave. and the likelihood this will be something that someone on our shoreline on san franciscan was say, that something different. we are already having high wave warnings out here. >> sure. recall little wave but it's really not a wave we have experience with. we go to the beach and we see waves, we can go swimming in them and surf, or whatever. that is a wind wave. the fundamental concept of a tsunami is different. it has a much longer period, the time it takes for crests or troughs to pass a certain location than what you have what they wind wave. because of that long period nature of the wave, as it moves ashore, it's not like a breaking wave but in inundating tidal flood that meets the shore with a lot of energy and can entrain objects in the water so that those become
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projectiles in the water and are very dangerous. >> can you compare this to what happened in fukushima in japan back in 2012? back over here rather quickly and did a lot of damage, as you may recall, in santa cruz and up and down the california coastline. can we expect anything like that. >> that's right. there are a couple things about the source of the tsunami, the earthquake, that precipitated it that were markedly different from fukushima. first of all, fukushima was about a nine point one earthquake where this is more of a 7.9 earthquake. that may not sound like a huge difference but because the magnitude scale is exponential, a hole magnitude difference, that's actually 30 times the energy release. this is a much smaller event than what happened in fukushima
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in 2011. another difference is the fukushima earthquake occurred on a geologic feature called a subduction zone. those are the type of earthquakes that traditionally cause very large tsunami because it's called a thrust fault. when a thrust fault ruptures, is very good at moving the entire water column and causing a tsunami. what we've seen so far from this alaskan event is it occurred and what we call a strike-slip and fall. that fault you are very familiar with being in california because the classic example of a strike slip fault is the san andreas fault. the good thing about that for me tsunami us. -- perspective is most of the fault motion is horizontal and there's no vertical deformation of the seafloor or at least very little so it's not as efficient at generating tsunami waves as a thrust fault like fukushima.
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>> at this point when you're watching it come is there anything that would change? were watching it make its way down this area that would bring more concern or this will be bigger than we anticipated or this is going to work its way out as it had south? >> obviously we will keep a very close eye on all of our ocean observing platforms. we are looking at tide gauges and data from the deep ocean assessment and reporting of tsunami buoy. all the information is promising that this is maybe not as beaver wave as we initially -- big a wave as we initially bear. press of alaska are still in a warning in california is in a tsunami watch. that just means standby for more information and in the coming minutes and hours we will be refining the forecast and getting more information out to the public >> at what point when you talk
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about evacuation zones, some of our emergency management areas said, maybe? how much time and what we have come at maybe two hours, this would need to a warning an area -- our area, how much time do you need to move away from the coastline? >> right now central california is about to dig hours from the wavefront. there's still a lot of time before it arrives. we will be issuing additional information. if you are very important to move inland and upslope rapidly. we tell people to move at least one mile inland and also stay there until emergency managers tell you it's safe to return. often, tsunami waves don't occur singly, is actually a train of waves. the first arrival won't be the last and it may not be the biggest.
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if you are in a warning area and you need to evacuate, it's important to stay put until the all clear is sounded. >> how prevalent is that area to earthquakes and is this one of the bigger ones that's occurred in the gulf in several years? >> this is the biggest a long time, for sure. the geologic structure that is dominant there is a subduction zone. that's where the pacific plate is moving towards the north american plate. as they run into each other, the pacific plate is denser so it dives under alaska or sub docs under alaska. those features typically curl -- create large earthquakes on occasion. the second largest earthquake ever recorded was in the gulf of alaska in 1964. those two earthquake seems to be quite different. it's not actually on the subduction zone, is further south than that and it's a
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strike slip rather than a thrust texan is on. -- mechanism. is mulligan earthquake you would get in california than like that giant 1964 earthquake we had a and alaska. >> how about aftershocks. should we worry about those? >> from the standpoint of ground motion, people in southern alaska will probably feel some aftershocks. the seismic alarms are constantly going off here in the center as the aftershocks occur. a 7.9, the biggest aftershocks are probably be a 6.9 and we should not have to worry about that from the standpoint of tsunami generation. also was far enough south that the seismic waves or the ground motions reduced by the aftershocks may be felt that they would not be big enough to do any damage. >> about 6:20 am in our area, by what point would we say, it looks like -- how long does it
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stay in each area at this point? >> judging by our models it's about an hour and a half away from central california. that watch is still continuing. we will be sending out additional information and messages. just stay tuned to the national tsunami warning center's facebook page, twitter and go to, for the latest information. we will be getting more information out there long before the wave arrives. >> we would keep an eye on that. doctor ken mcpherson. thank you for joining us from the tsunami warning center. very important information for everyone along the coastline as it makes its way from alaska in our direction. >> and we would keep an eye on it. a vote for a new jail is coming up next in santa clara county. >> we will talk about the efforts to provide a new home
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for inmates. >> reporter: a government shutdown is over for now. i'm doug luzader in washington. you will have more on what comes next. the freeways are doing okay. we will have an update coming up in moments. our weather is a break in between but on possible travel times for the tsunami, he said about 6:00, 6 am. 3-5 hours. we are in between that 3 hour and 6 our.
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within the last few minutes we got breaking news. we're watching this tsunami from this earthquake in alaska. the national weather service has just canceled the watch that was in place for california. they said this tsunami generated by this event does not pose a threat to california. the cancellation applies to the entire west coast of washington, oregon and california. the national weather service said there could be small sea level changes but nothing major. >> very good news there. it's one of the biggest earthquakes, 7.9 quake, 175 miles southeast of kodiak island in the gulf of alaska. the gulf is still under a watch up there but down here,
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washington, oregon, california, we should be okay. >> the reports of any energy but we will continue to monitor the situation. it's official, the government shutdown has ended. president trump signed the bill allowing the government to stay funded through february 8. the government shutdown lasted 69 hours, just shy of three days. all offices and services should be up and running. a deal was brokered late sunday when senate republican leader mitch mcconnell agreed to open negotiations on daca -- over the upcoming days. it provides short-term funding to keep the government running until february 8. the deal buys just over two weeks to get a longer-term solution. doug luzader has a look at what's next after the three-day shutdown. >> reporter: it's something democrats simply caved on this. democratic leaders think they were able to move the ball forward on immigration issues.
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we may find out in three weeks. this is the image of the shutdown this morning. a white house photo of president trump signed into law a short-term funding bill to reopen the government. on twitter he spiked the ball. a big win for republicans as democrats cave on shutdown. republicans clearly see this as a win. >> if we've learned anything during this process it's that a strategy to shut down the government over the issue of illegal immigration is something the american people did not understand. >> reporter: the democratic leaders defend their decision saying what they got out of the shutdown was a commitment to at least consider the daca issue , protections for young illegal immigrants. >> if an agreement is not reached by february 8, the senate will immediately proceed to consideration of legislation dealing with daca.
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>> reporter: but there is plenty of anger among other democrats about the trade-off. >> we cannot go against our conscience and vote for a bill that hurts american people. >> reporter: and a host of possible democratic white house contenders for 2020 voted against the measure. when this comes to a head again as we approach february 8, it could be a bigger mess. >> the drumbeat their picks up. we could see democrats coming back again from an aggressive standpoint setting up another crisis points. >> reporter: the white house, the president will deliver his state of the union address next week and will not be doing a government shutdown. doug luzader, fox news. lots of news this tuesday morning. >> let's check the roads with sal and see how things are going. it's still lights right now. traffic looks pretty good. let's go to the gilbert commute and will show you traffic from gilroy to san jose, people driving from gilroy to san
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francisco. traffic is moving along very well all the way through into the silicon valley. there is not a lot of roadwork in the south bay right now. traffic is mostly fine everywhere. this is northbound 280. traffic is moving along well. it stays that way all the way up to cupertino. here is the bay bridge, traffic is smooth and it does not look like visibility is an issue. it's pretty clear at the toll plaza. >> for right now it's clear. the national weather service has canceled the tsunami watch for washington, oregon and california. that just came across about five minutes ago. high tide was 3:53 am, low tide is around nine colin 45. we are past the high tide. 8.0, 7.9. the tsunami watch was canceled.
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that's the good news for us. we did have a watch, not a morning. 11 feet buoy and bodega bay. 7 and 10. we had high surf based on the deep low we had coming by over the weekend. low clouds are around. there is some fog in the area. it does tend to form. the lows are cold for some but not too bad for others. 30s, 40s and 50s. mostly 40s except for danville at 39. 49 in brentwood. the eastern parts of contra costa county could get fog. dublin, 40. 46, el sobrante. 38, ukiah. 46, sacramento. las vegas, 39. we have a break today. this is the system for tomorrow. it looks to be the last in the series. it will be okay. they tend to weaken by the time they arrived but we will get rain thursday and wednesday. and then a break through the
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weekend and maybe enter early next week. 50s and 60s for the temperatures. rain develops wednesday. it will be colder on thursday. friday in into the weekend, sunny and warmer, especially by sunday. a massive earthquake off the coast of alaska had the bay area under the tsunami watch this morning. we are continuing to follow the latest but it looks like we are in the clear. new information about a connection between two little girls from the east bay and the man accused of causing the crash that killed them both. but the sister of the suspect is saying about him.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, january 23. i'm frank mallicoat.. >> i am claudine wong.
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we continue to follow breaking news and alaska were a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck this morning off the coast of alaska. there is a tsunami warning for much of the alaskan coast. in the bay area, the tsunami watch has been canceled. oregon and washington state are also in the clear. we will track the movement of any possible tsunami along the coast of canada or alaska and bring you the latest. we thought it was going to be heading here in a couple of hours. >> it was canceled not too long ago. that's good news. it's a very good thing. it has been canceled for us, oregon and washington. we do have a little bit of fog. fog is not around for everyone. that low cloud deck can be low to form


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