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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 1, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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controversy on capitol hill. a waiting game as the white house prepares to release a memo on government surveillance.>> we are concerned about national security and transparency. we want the public to understand and know what is going on.>> trump will okay the release of the bombshell memo about the fbi as early as tomorrow. the gop document alleges misconduct at the er. in this investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election. -- fbi. reaction from capitol hill and the potential fallout.>> reporter: top democrats and the justice department worn releasing the memo could harm national security. white house officials say americans deserve to know the details.>> you want the public
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to understand and know what is going on.>> reporter: the white house brushing off complaints about the memo written by chairman republican devin nunes. it alleges fbi officials misled the court to get a warrant to spy on a chump campaign advisor bring the campaign. which eventually led to his peschel counselor -- special counsel robert mueller's investigation. sources tell us fbi director christopher ray has pushed back about the classifying the document saying it is misleading. former fbi director james comey who was fired by trump tweeted his support of him saying american history shows in the long run weasels and liars never hold the field. so long as good people stand up. democrats continue to push back against the release. >> the fbi is exactly right. this memo is a spin. on a not just a set of
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particular documents. but broader classified information than that. because of serious material omissions is inaccurate.>> reporter: wants to present the classifies the memo it will go back to the house intelligence before release. if that memo is released as a possible the fbi director who has lobbied trump not to release it could resign?>> reporter: there are reports that exactly. the white house giving pushback. i think it is unlikely he would resign. it is possible. he has strenuously objected to the release. oakland city attorney filed a lawsuit against the debris hauling company saying it was operating without a permit polluting the air and the water across the street from a residential area.
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the lawsuit seeks to shut down the stencils engineering company site on poplar street in west oakland.>> reporter: we talk with the city attorney and they say they only filed the lawsuit after sending a letter in november. to the property owner and the company. they got no reply. neighbors are upset. the owner tells me this is all false accusations and he said he does want to be a good neighbor.>> residence in west oakland said last summer they started noticing dust coming from their warehouse just a block away. it was coding their windows and cars. she and her grandchildren started to feel sick.>> they wake up coughing. i just want to the doctor recently myself. i could not breathe.>>
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reporter: her family and other neighbors complained about stinging eyes and headaches. they blame stencils engineering a hauling company that moved in last year and transports construction debris. it prompted the city attorney to file a lawsuit january 18.>> he was cited for operating the business without a permit. this business is in violation of local ornaments.>> reporter: the debris could eventually have is best. a lead dust. they have not had any samples tested. neighbor said the company's trucks were using residential streets against the cold.>> the streets are already restricted. trucks are not supposed to be driving on any of the streets. including -->> reporter: it says the owner illegally use the water from a fire hydrant. evidence showed he -- illegally tapped into a fire hydrant. there was debris and hazardous dust flying into the storm water. that leads to the bay.>>
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reporter: the owner said he was shocked by the lawsuit and invited us inside his warehouse. on the lawsuit was all lies. >> reporter: insight we saw workers wearing masks. his business is not to blame for increased dust. his trucks do not haul hazardous materials.>> reporter: they say you possibly were hauling asbestos.>> we don't do that. the last time -- is for that. they never found anything. no we don't. >> reporter: he tried to address neighbors complaints is that he used a fire hydrant one time when he found needles else on his business. city records show there were fire regulations at the site.
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the city attorney's office said they do plan to pursue possible penalties of $500-$1000 per day. a search underway for a driver accused of hitting and dragging at alameda county sheriff deputy in hayward. it happened this morning near west a street and arbor avenue. after dragging the deputy he tried to run him over again. the deputy opened fire. investigators say all of this started on the deputy tried to pull the suspect over for speeding. moments later the deputy and his motorcycle were panned to the suv. the deputy feared for his life and that is why he opened fire on the suv.>> we do not see signs or evidence he was severely wounded. it is likely he may have ducked down to the dashboard. after the suspect around the stolen suv into the deputy the suspect drove a few blocks away to
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royal avenue where he ditched the car and ran away. law enforcement searched for 3 1/2 hours but they were not able to locate the suspect. as for the deputy he is a veteran and suffered minor injuries to his arm and hand. undercover police officer recovering from injuries after trying to stop a burglary suspect this morning. the officer was trying to arrest a man who he saw break the window of a parked car just before noon. a driver of a black infinity that was connected to the suspect around the officer. the officers injuries are not life-threatening. the infinity driver apparently hit another suspect during a police chase before crashing the car at buchanan street. saw a black and vanity had a previous. after it hit the previous the people -- the infinity started to roll down the hill.
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two people jumped out of the passenger. passenger and driver split into two different directions. both going in opposite directions. i believe the infinity road down to hit a couple more cars.. two people who ran from the car are now in custody. the suspect who was hit by the car was also arrested and taken to a hospital. no word on his condition. new information on the school shooting in los angeles that injured for students. investigators say it appears 12- year-old girl who fired the gun did so accidentally. it happened just before 9 am this morning at castro middle school. the latest information on the investigation.>> reporter: we are on -- drive. i can see the classroom with us -- where the shooting happened behind me. he spoke to the suspects father
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over the phone. he said he is just as surprised as anyone that the incident happened.>> i heard a gunshot. my ears popped.>> reporter: one of many students who hit the ground when her classmates hand again -- handgun went off thursday morning.>> she was playing with the gun. she accidentally pulled the trigger. it shot the girls hand.>> reporter: classmates -- described as an accident. they say the 12-year-old was booked on charges of negligent discharge of a firearm on school grounds. the left one boy critical but stable condition and injured four others. when word got out pennick parent rest of the scene and were left with more questions than answers -- panicked parents.>> a 12-year-old with a gun. that is something. what about the parents? what about locking down the gun? >> reporter: we spoke with the
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girls father. who tells us his family doesn't own a gun and he had no idea his daughter possessed. >> is a community we have to examine what is it that would make a child want to come to school with a gun.>> reporter: the father could not nail down a reason why. he said his daughter has never been in trouble with the law. on the contrary he just learned today his daughter has been a victim of bullying. he called what his daughter did a horrifying action which she will be paying for. to the family members he has a message. he said i am sorry i am deeply sorry over what happened.>> reporter: this is still an ongoing investigation. the father said he is confident his daughter will not be returning to the school. he doesn't know where she will go next. the other students will be back
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tomorrow with many counselors on hand. are police saying why they think this was an accidental shooting?>> reporter: they started saying that earlier today. there did not appear to be an intended target. we heard from students it seemed like the girl was just playing around with the gun. they have been tightlipped about the details of the investigation. it does have to do with a minor. we hope to find out more information as the days come. a landlord caught in the act. the nightmare one couple is facing after their personal space is violated. the disturbing details in our report coming up next. more than one dozen people injured after a flaming minivan plow through pedestrians in shanghai. what is incredible is how the van caught on
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fire. some record want today. middle 70s. it might be warmer tomorrow and into the weekend.
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hi, we're alaska airlines. but we're all over california. so you can power lunch in la. ink the deal in san jose. and bask in the glory in palm springs. over 90 daily non-stops in california. alaska airlines. that's how we fly. shanghai china 18 people were hurt after a minivan caught fire and plowed into pedestrians. the driver was transporting gas tanks inside his van. he was also smoking at the time. police say he accidentally ignited the tanks and lost
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control of the van. the accident happened in the hearts of the financial district in shanghai. the driver was among those injured. he is now under investigation for illegally transporting hazardous materials. this man is drinking alcohol from a bottle. allowing his dog to urinate in the carpet. and rifling through the cabinets. it is not his home. a couple from half moon bay caught the site on their security cameras.>> the man in the video. he is their landlord. when nobody would help them they turn to 2 investigates.>> reporter: paula and liner thought they found their dream home in half moon bay. we like running over here. he started picking up fishing again.>> reporter: this one- bedroom cost $2700 a month including utilities and cable. something of a steel these days.>> a one bedroom is
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$3000.>> reporter: after they moved in problems. they started to notice a strong odor of urine. i think i stepped in a puddle. this is disgusting.>> reporter: paul blames her two small dogs. she insisted it wasn't him.>> we lost a lot of sleep. there was a lot of anxiety and stress. it affected both of us in our relationship and at work. everything.>> reporter: frustrated they set up a camera in their living room to record what was happening while they were gone.>> i looked at the one -- the camera one night getting off of work. i was shocked. >> my heart jumped. here is this nice guy. you see in the video a totally different person.>> reporter: what they found was their landlord and his dog inside their home while they were away. >> i could not believe it when i heard the story.
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they had multiple instances caught on tape.>> reporter: an attorney represents the couple.>> a landlord is supposed to give notice to come in. they have to have a reason to come in. coming into drink the tenants alcohol is not proper.>> reporter: drinking their alcohol. she is a sales representative for alcohol distributor. in addition to: through their belongings and allowing the dog to urinate on the floor he was drinking her work alcohol straight from the bottle.>> he thought i was an alcoholic. >> i think it is a perversion on the part of the landlord. coming in and drinking the alcohol isn't necessarily about alcoholism. it is about a perversion. going into their bedroom. reading their things. entering their cabinets. there is something more than just alcoholism.>> reporter: it is not known what he was doing in the bedroom. there was no camera there. at first they were afraid to confront him or contact
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police.>> they live right above us. that door over there is five foot from our bed in the bathroom. it went from thinking it was an alcohol problem to a social path problem.>> reporter: did you think you were in danger? >> absolutely.>> reporter: eventually they want to authorities. is that this is a civil issue. we showed them the video. there was nothing they could do.>> reporter: the sheriff office said they never saw the video. the landlord was given permission to enter what was described as a common area. something the tenants dispute. they are taking him to court.>> the landlord is liable for wrongful eviction. trespassing. constructive eviction and breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment.>> reporter: the dog help them crack the case.>> if it wasn't for his dog urinating and the smell. he was really good at making sure everything was put back in
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place. we watched him wipe things down and making think -- making sure things were put back.>> reporter:>> when you see bottles go down the slope. and people saying -- that is not our dog urinating. i'm not the one doing it.>> reporter: you had a lot of apologizing to do.>> she is always right.>> reporter: we reached out to the landlord and he admitted to the accusations saying he was going through a bad time in my life. he said he has a drinking problem and is in detox. in the meantime the lawsuit is set to be filed love -- next week. in the sierra another sparse snowpacked measurement prompting drought concerns across the state. department of water resources measure 13.6 inches of snow. in the second snow survey of the year. that is 14% of the historical
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average. water officials say today's readings come two months into california's wettest three month period. bill martin is here. we are in for a warm dry stretch. some record heat today. i think we will see some more records next few days. look at these numbers. middle 70s. 74 livermore. san jose in half moon bay. tomorrow we could see some middle 70s and even upper 70s. maybe even low 80s. 75 vallejo. 74 concorde. 69 fremont. well above average temperatures. nothing will change things. we will continue with mild days through tomorrow. and even warmer in some cases tomorrow. dry as we move toward the bay area weekend. very warm. everything is up north. high-pressure is the story. we need rain and snow. we won't see it.
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not tomorrow or this weekend. potential for well above average temperatures continuing for a few days. overnight lows have not been that cold. upper 30s at the coldest. mostly middle 40s. we don't see a lot of frost or freeze or valley fog. the current temperatures 49 santa rosa. this time of night santa rosa it might be down to 36 and 37. here it is 49. there is no patchy fog. a few high clouds. your day tomorrow is going to feel like late march or early april. get ready for middle 60s-middle 70s for friday. here is one of the most famous graduates from palo alto house group. -- high school. they are removing artwork by james franco following allegations. we tell you how they did a
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little later in sports. nervous neighbors in the section of san jose because of a man seen in video. what he is doing and why it is causing worry after the break.
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santa rosa police have made an arrest in a fire and vandalism at amy's kitchen. damage to offices at the company on north point parkway two weeks ago was estimated at more than $60,000. evidence led them to arrest 24- year-old brandon gosset. a temporary employee who was let go days after the vandalism. union protester arrested when uc berkeley police clash with demonstrators today. was released from jail tonight.>> we will when our
10:24 pm
contract hopefully.>> he had little to say about the ordeal as he left the jail it's for time ago. earlier tonight police officers pulled him to the ground during the process and arrested him. police claim just before they took him into custody he threw his sign at a occupied cart damaging it. when they tried to arrest him he became uncooperative. other protesters who witnessed what happened claimed he was racially profiled by police.>> this is a problem that they have on this campus. police brutality. it is real -- it is racism.>> ever protest the campuses across the state by the union representing the service and medical workers. they been bargaining for a new contract. residents of san jose willow glen the neighborhood on alert after video shows an unknown man casing some homes in the area.
10:25 pm
jesse gary is live in willow glen after speaking with concerned residents.>> reporter: this neighborhood and others in san jose have seen an uptick of crimes where people will steal packages from porches. now it appears someone is buying the of equipment people use to keep an eye out for criminals. the resident posted the security video to social media. it shows an unknown man taking pictures of the homeowners security system.>> we showed it to neighbors who were out for a walk near minnesota avenue. most tell us they have seen an uptick in crime followed by an uptick in nerves.>> every day i read something on the internet that something is going on around town that is not favorable. homes are being broke into her packages stolen. homes are being case.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: the same suspicious man in the surveillance video was talking to workmen outside their home asking for personal information about the owner. we tried to talk to san jose police about these incidents but officers declined. residents say police have not been a help. the same residents are taking steps to increase their own security.'s offenses with criminal deterrence at the top of the new luxury add-ons in this land of seven-figure homes.>> that is a shame a person has to make a fortress of their house just to feel secure.>> reporter: the resident say it is the only way to keep someone who is buying their property from taking the next step in committing a robbery.>> i'm sure the answer is very complicated. that is easy as more police.>> reporter: a lot of neighbor say that would be a good first step. san jose mayor continues his push to replenish the ranks of
10:27 pm
the police force getting them above 1000 officers trying to grow the size of the police academy. if you recognize the man in that video called the san jose police or your local police department. a one on one interview with san francisco interim mayor. why he says he won't be running in next year's election. victim of a pit bull attack is speaking out. why police are visiting homeless camps to try to find it.
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bay area woman mauled by a pit bull is speaking out about an attack near a homeless encampment in vallejo. the dog and owner have not been
10:30 pm
found. some of the pictures are disturbing. the dog bite victim was jogging near a close walmart store two weeks ago when she pulled over to close her hood which had popped open.>> i remember trying to pull my arm. he had a hold of it. looking in his eyes. that is when i thought to jab him in the eyes. i was trying to jab him in the eyes when i heard someone cussing and yelling. the man ended up pulling the dog away and potentially saving her life. then he disappeared after the attack as did the dog. it is not known if he is the owner of the dog or someone who was passing by. if the dog that bit the woman is found it could be quarantined. if it is determined to be a danger it could be put down. a mural at palo alto high school painted by james franco is gone. they painted over the mural.
10:31 pm
this comes following five sexual misconduct allegations made against the actor. several other pieces of art around the school that franco painted will be taken down. some are questioning the timing. i think a lot of people are confused as to why it came down. obviously he has been accused of something. it is nothing official. it is room is right now. >> the unified school district is not addressing the sexual misconduct allegations against franco. they said they had already planned on removing the artwork. officials say they removed another mural of his in 2016. student groups are working on a new mural that will celebrate diversity on campus. san francisco interim mayor said he is not going to run for mayor in next year's general election. in an interview inside the office that once belonged to his good friend atlee he told ktvu the reason behind that decision -- ed lee.>> reporter: san francisco city hall.
10:32 pm
upstairs room 200 a new leader is settling in. mayor mark ferrell.>> it is surreal. it obviously affects every part of your life.>> reporter: from the daily meetings and appearances to new surroundings. talk about the security detail. is a strange having people follow you? >> that is one of the bigger differences. everywhere i go.>> reporter: he was district supervisor a position he held for two terms. it ended the night of january 23.>> going into last tuesday's board of supervisors meeting did you already know what the outcome was going to be? >> i knew it would be a possibility. nothing issuer. certainly not board of supervisors.>> reporter: you were a part of the backroom deal. the classic old-school san
10:33 pm
francisco politics. nothing could be further from the truth. there was so many discussions happening across all sides of the aisle. so many different people and theories. i guarantee you i was not part of every discussion.>> reporter: the discussions he was part of the focus was never on one individual. only about one city. >> it was about what is the best interest of the city. i that came through at the end.>> reporter: replaces london breed who became acting mayor. who also retain her position as president of the board of supervisors. last month she announced she would run for mayor in the june 5 special election. the night the board voted to make pharaoh the interim mayor there were heated words from the public. accusations the board was sexist and racist. to make sure i continue to be someone as a supervisor now mayor that
10:34 pm
represents every single resident. i come back to the fact this is not about one person. this was not about an individual. this was about a person in a position and someone having four positions. that is not something anyone felt comfortable with.>> reporter: he announced in december he would not run for mayor in the special election. he also said he is ruled out running for mayor in next year's general election. have you ruled out 2019 running for mayor?'s. yes>> yes>> reporter: there has to be a part of you that says maybe. maybe i can do this.>> i took this job and responsibility a week ago. with the realization that it would be a half a year in office. with that in not having a campaign to worry about i have the luxury of not having to play politics. i have the luxury of just --
10:35 pm
san francisco residents.>> reporter: ed lee focus on affordable housing public safety hitting the homeless into shelters. they were issues dear to him. issues he will continue to fight for in honor of ed lee. two months ago this was his office. do you ever have a moment bring the day you think about ed lee?>> every day. he was very much also a friend.>> reporter: you feel his presence >> all the time.>> reporter: if there is one thing he taught you that you hold on tight what would it be?>> what i admire most about ed lee was his human approach to everything.>> reporter: city hall is still morning the death of ed lee. he told the story about the last time he saw him.
10:36 pm
the christmas tree lighting ceremony in golden gate park. that night his youngest son tried to sweep -- flip the switch.>> is that you have to come back to daddy. this is the mayor's job. i did not notice he overheard that. when he went to turn on the light he gave some remarks. he started the countdown. he put his finger on top of his. they did it together. that type of stuff you never forget. that is the real human aspect of mayor leave.>> reporter: a man with his own policies and priorities yet a man who looks to lead with the same human touch he admired and saw in ed lee. he is now working to honor ed leaves a legacy. this week he began raising the money to a bronze bus of the
10:37 pm
late mayor. he wants to place it in a prominent spot outside the mayor's office at city hall. a mystery that has been the center of speculation for almost 40 years. natalie woods case has taken another twist. the actor who is a person of interest in her death. see you back here with the weekend forecast.
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investigators with the national transportation safety board in virginia at the scene of the train crash yesterday involving republican lawmakers. trying to find out why the train slammed into a garbage truck. the train partially derailed leaving one person dead and several injured. no members of congress were
10:40 pm
seriously hurt. two people in the truck were taken to the hospital in serious condition. a third person identified as christopher foley died from his injuries. of the humane society voted to keep their ceo despite complaints of sexual harassment. according to the washington post seven members of the humane society board resigned in protest today. immediately following the decision to retain wayne boselli. they reviewed allegations by three women who say he harassed them. he has been ceo since 2004. he has denied any wrongdoing. robert wagner is being called a person of interest in the death of his wife natalie would 37 years ago. a deputy make the claim in a segment of 48 hours. the actress appeared in west side story and rebel without a cause. she was on a yacht with wagner christopher watkin and the boat's captain in 1981.
10:41 pm
after a night of drinking her body was found in the water off catalina island. our ktvu legal analyst said he doesn't see charges coming from this.>> she was a one for blood alcohol level on this night. she had taken dramamine. she also taken painkillers. you imagine how messed up she must've been? you can imagine what is going on in that boat. a drunken free for all.'s. at first her death was ruled an accident. investigators reopen the case in 2011 after the captain said he heard the couple arguing. the night of her disappearance. wagner has denied any involvement in his wife's death. a girl inspired by a fictional horror characters called slender man learned her punishment today. a judge in wisconsin sentence her to the maximum 40 years in a mental institution.
10:42 pm
she was 12 years old when she and another girl dragged a 14- year-old into the woods and stabbed her 19 times. the victim ended up surviving. she remains a risk to herself or others. the person who was with her was sentenced to 25 years in a mental facility. the warriors have teamed up with a nonprofit to celebrate black history month. by launching a new video created by -- we take you behind the scenes. bill martin will have the complete forecasts. details on the warm weather streak i had when we come back. -- streak ahead. if you're anything like me,
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golden state warriors partnering with nonprofit
10:45 pm
serves underprivileged youth. so they can celebrate black history month. they are launching a video that will debut next week. amber is live in oakland tonight after getting a sneak preview and speaking with the creators of the video.>> reporter: the video it was created by two teams. they said it gives them and their community a voice.>> angela king and isaiah manual tell their stories to the video they have created with the warriors about black history.>> the teenagers are sharing their struggles to find stereotypes to change perceptions about minority youth.>> i want people to know there are people like me that look and feel their struggles in my community. i want to be the voice to speak out. i want people to see if i could
10:46 pm
do it you can do it too.>> reporter: both grew up in san francisco bayview. and overcame obstacles. isaiah said he was bullied. i thought about taking my life. i felt like there was no hope for me.>> reporter: he says writing songs has gotten him to the dark times.>> a lot of people go through that. i've gotten this far. it will inspire people to keep going.>> reporter: the teenagers are part of a nonprofit that serves youth ages 11-25 from low income families. the organization educates them in digital media arts and technology. raising them in internships and jobs with partners such as the warriors.>> they are changing the game of basketball. we are changing the face of
10:47 pm
media one phase at a time.>> reporter: this video a reflection of the partnership between the warriors -- to promote diversity and end racism.. it is a gateway to another place.>> ry can be myself.>> being part of the black community in the bayview it is important to note you have strength. you are powerful and you are present black excellence in your own way.>> reporter: the video will be shown for the first time here at oracle on tuesday the warriors play at home. it will be shown throughout the month of february to honor black history. we have some whether to talk about. warm weather. high temperatures in the record rain. high temperatures tomorrow. these were some more highs from
10:48 pm
today. they were impressive. 74 san jose. 74 redwood city. well above the average. tomorrow middle 70s and maybe low 80s down to santa cruz. everything stays to the north. around portland some green. around seattle and tacoma. that is where the rain stays. it is not going to bring us really any kind of weather other than passing clouds. that doesn't mean much in terms of cloud cover. it sets us up with a lack of fog. we won't see coastal or valley fog. current temperatures are mild. these are daytime highs in february. these are the current temperatures right now. it is definitely an unusual pattern that will stick with us. not just for a little while but for a while. here is san francisco. tomorrow morning a few clouds. lunch time upper 60s.
10:49 pm
friday afternoon san francisco 68 degrees. arena green maybe 69. downtown 70. by the end of the day. this is the pattern. these patterns when they get stuck that is what we saw last month. this low-end is high. there is the ridge. the pattern is stuck. with that start the high cannot move. the low moves. they both -- dry and warm weather. through february 10. we don't -- pattern ships. until this pattern ships we cannot get into this juicy e side of the ridge. that is where you want to be. this is where the weather is out here. we are under the ridge of high pressure. until around the second week of february things could get going. hopefully they do. in the mountains -- that is not
10:50 pm
happening. there is no. they are making some snow. it is chilly overnight. high temperatures of their in the 40s. and even 50s. skiing is going on. temperatures tomorrow 74 brentwood. 71 hayward. these numbers could be eclipsed by a few degrees depending on the sun angle. santa cruz coming up in the upper 70s. just enjoy it while it lasts. we are drive for the next few weeks. at least the next 10 days. maybe it will break loose.>> i hope so because it is february. is supposed to be raining. we are 75 degrees today and tomorrow as well.>> going into next week.>> it will be hard watching the super bowl when it is 80 degrees. immigration notices since the bay area businesses. what we are learning about the
10:51 pm
letter from isaac letting business owners know they -- their hiring records will be audited. st. marys tried for their 17th victory. mark will tell us how they made out next in sports. bob, i don't know where this van is going,
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college basketball up and down.>> this time of year in between football. one more game. college basketball has the floor. we are talking about the hottest bay area basketball team. that isn't the warriors. st. marys -- gales 17 straight wins. number 13. nine steals tonight. you as of pleading no contest early.
10:54 pm
lendale had three assists. gales up 17 at halftime. just a beast. 3. 26 points. 12 rebounds. a blowout. school record. 17 for the gaels. pacific in santa clara. all pacific. miles reynolds. he had three steals tonight. 23 points. reynolds this time it ends up good. massive dunk on the put back often support. 63-45 over santa clara. you can call them a work in progress. on an upward swing. stanford cardinal. they are getting their playing better basketball around this time of year.
10:55 pm
21 of his 24 against oregon state in the first half. euros to the hoop. stanford this is a good start. 12-zero lead. freshman davis punches it away. travis -- puzzling davis again. that is good movement. he will score. he had one doesn't tonight. stanford in control over the beavers. travis save. six foot eight. 245 pounds. look out. 80-71. 6-4. not so good for cow. getting tips for -- growing pains. macintosh -- dunking right there. cow never truly looked within reach of the game. elijah brown 33 days. there up nine with 16 seconds
10:56 pm
left. 66-53 ducks. cow loses again. they are now 1-9 in conference. in this day in a social media and all of that you have to talk about it. that would be lebron may be some dates of the warriors. it started with an espn source saying lebron james was quoted as indicating he would be open to talking about coming to the golden state warriors. he can be a free agent in the off-season. that lives up the twitter world in a big way. as far as a substantiating it. is anything more than just talk and a longshot possibility i don't think anybody was buying it. kevin durant -->> for the last two years everyone is wondering where he is going to go. if he is unhappy in cleveland.
10:57 pm
it is fun to see the suspense. we are getting away from the real game. we are getting away from what really matters. that is playing ball.>> i can't talk about other players and other teens. i would not do it anyway. ask your question.>> hypotheticals they should be disallowed.>> i agree with him on that. super bowl this is been a quiet week in minneapolis. no controversies. no one stepping out of line. someone stepping between the lines rob gronkowski. he was back on the practice field. he suffered a concussion in the championship game in the afc against the jaguars. he underwent concussion protocol. he will be back and glad to stop answering questions about it.>> it is a process.
10:58 pm
i knew eventually i would be cleared. nothing too serious. nothing too outstanding. basically you are good to go. you are cleared. congratulations. meanwhile those of you who are may be a long far enough to remember the fad in the middle to early 70s. streaking. it apparently has made his come back to phoenix open. today.>> that was a spectator making his way onto the green. he ran around for about five minutes in the wrong. before police tracked him down. great detective work by the scottsdale police department. they said he showed signs of
10:59 pm
being drunk. spotlight game of the night. okay see pain from 20 down -- okc. paul george would hit the shot. to tie things up. paul george by the way 43 points. they left too much time on the clock. denver after a timeout. there is a 3. does a bo jackson into the locker room after hitting that shot. at the buzzer to win the game for denver. after the game watch a fan approach russell westbrook. get in his face. he shoves them. there is no security. for a minute or so. we will be hearing more about that no doubt. that will be tomorrow. all worth checking out for thursday night. that is the sporting life. time for more news. they
11:00 pm
wake up coughing. i just want to the doctor myself. i could not breathe. >> a dangerous dust with a serious health implications. what is being done in hopes of shutting down the business that is causing the problem. a lawsuit has been filed against the debris hauling company in oakland. the company was operating without a permit polluting the air and making people sick. the purpose of the legal action is to shut down the centrals engineering company site on poplar street. jana is outside city hall and will have more from her coming up. we want to move on to other news. we are getting word the ice has sent notices to 77 bay


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