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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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40 cents higher than this time last year. usually gas prices are the lowest in february. analysts worry they may go up right into the summer season. ♪[music] >> get your dress on. it is friday. february 2nd. groundhog day. prettier picture we could not fine. looking at san francisco bay. working 9:00 to 5:00. in our case it is 3:00 to noon. something like that. i'm out and about in the fabulous weather. i had the good luck to stumble upon what i think was a job interview. >> a job interview.
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>> yes. >> i'm intrigued. >> at a starbucks or something. one person with a clipboard and one person looking hopeful. it reminded me of the best answer to the question we all get at the end of the interview, right? the interviewer says to you, so, do you have any questions for me? and you can't say no because then you look uninformed. you don't look curious. so the head of facebook's hr department asks this of cheryl sandberg of facebook. what is your biggest challenge and how can i help you fix it? wow. >> that's a good one. >> yes, it is. >> have you ever faced that sort of a question. any awkward questions? i know it has been a long time since you've had a job interview. >> i've been here for a while. >> lean forward and look them in the eye. >> right. >> it is so important. the physical presentation of i'm eager and i'm here and i have researched your company. >> i'm the person that you want. that's what you want them to walk away from the job. >> have you ever asked for the job. incompetent hope you hire me.
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>> no. that was a long time ago. maybe at a car rental place. >> let's knock on that wood for all of us. as we talk about work, this is our work family. so many with little ones in school. we have a school family. the thought of breaking up the school family can be difficult. >> yes. it can. three schools in san jose will be closing soon. >> part of a consolidation plan happening because of declining enrollment. >> christien kafton has been speaking to parents at one of the schools that will be closing. >> reporter: the school day now underway here at glider elementary. just about all of the parents and kids have heard the news that this is one of the schools slated to close. >> i didn't know until my mom told me. she told me right in the morning and i was very sad to hear it would close. so they're closing right after the year. >> reporter: in a special board meeting on wednesday, the oak grove school districted voted to close three schools effective with the 2018-2019 school year. the board says the decision to
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close the schools came after lengthy deliberation and with, quote, great reluctance. in the past few years, the district has seen the number of students drop, losing 1,000 students in all. in the past months, parents have been weighing in on the proposal to close schools in the district. >> i understand the position of the district and everything, you know, trying to save money and so forth. but i don't think they put a lot of thought into it. >> reporter: the superintendent notified families yesterday in a statement that read in part, our schools have a long and excellent tradition of providing a high quality education to our students through strong and instructional programs and community involvement. this same quality of education will be evident in the new school communities that emerge. however i also understand that this will take time and that a profound sadness will be felt with the closing of schools. we are all committed to doing all we can to make these changes as smooth as possible. the board is set to have another meeting on march 1st. the board hoping to have a lot of the details about which
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students will be attending which schools. by then the changes will take place in the 2018-2019 school year. we are also hearing that parents are going to be receiving that official notification today. in san jose, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. a new report says california is failing when it comes to education. child care and health care for children. especially children from low- income families. the report released by children now gave the state a d plus for school based health services. a d for academic outcomes and a d plus for infant and toddler care. the president of children now told the san jose mercury news that the findings are alarming because california is not a poor state. california did get an a in the category of health insurance because more children in the state are eligible for affordable health coverage because of medi-cal. this week ice agents ordered 77 northern california businesses to prove that their employees are authorized to work in the united states. employers have three days to
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provide paperwork on their employees to show that all of them are in the country legally. businesses in san francisco, san jose, and sacramento received the notices. a spokesman for ice says the operation reflects stepped-up enforcement of laws that bars businesses from hiring undocumented workers. last month ice agents raided 7- eleven stores across the united states, including here in the bay area. new at 9:00, president has authorized the release of a controversial house memo about the russia investigation. the four-page memo by california congressman david nunes reportedly alleges fbi misconduct. in its investigation of potential ties between russia and trump's presidential campaign. at the white house this morning, the president said about the information in the memo, quote, a lot of people should be ashamed-themselves, end quote. the fbi had urged the white house to keep it classified saying the agency has grave concerns about the memo's
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accuracy. now that the president has said that the memo can be declassified, it is up to the house intelligence committee to decide how to release the memo. an airbnb ad was played during the president's state of the union address. we heard there have been [censor] interest in these beautiful destinations. it ends with the words let's open doors not build walls. the president was accused of making disparaging comments about haiti, el salvador and africa last month during an immigration meeting. a celebration in the north bay today. beer lovers waiting for the release of pliny the younger. >> we talk today people who camped out overnight. they still have a cupful hours to go. >> alex savidge is right there. the man for this assignment, in
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my humble opinion, alex. good morning. >> reporter: thank you, sal. i feel i will do this story justice here this morning. you know, let me tell you, some of these folks have been camped out since yesterday afternoon for this very special brew. it is only released once a year as we have talked about. pliny the younger. look at the crowd this beer is
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the elder. now hops are it. people love hoppy beers. this takes it to the ultimate extreme with the big just delicious huge hop character of pine and citrus and grapefruit and all of these flavors come from the hops. >> reporter: i'm going to give it a shot here. i know it is early. i'll give it a try. delicious. >> it just hops all the way through. >> reporter: it is all hops. >> and it is bitter with a long dry finish down your throat. >> reporter: did you ever think this beer would be drawing this kind of crowds when you started making it? >> obviously not. we started making it in 2005. from 2005 to 2009, you could get it until april. it was 2010 that everything changed. >> now it is gone in two weeks. >> yeah, two weeks. >> reporter: let me ask you, this beer alone draws so many people from around the world here. >> yeah. >> reporter: tourism is very
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important to sonoma county. obviously this area was hit hard. >> yeah. >> reporter: by the wildfires back in october. do you feel you're playing a role to help the community bounce back? >> that's our hope. you certainly can't compare someone losing their house to a beer release. there is an economic hit to the area, like you said. and so it is our hope that this will be a catalyst to bring back tourism. two years ago pliny the younger economic impact was just under $5 million for the two-week period. we're hoping that the same thing will happen this year. not just help us but all of the local hotels and neighboring restaurants and wineries and other breweries and what have you. >> reporter: absolutely. cheers to that. >> cheers. >> reporter: cheers. thank you for having us in today. one more taste for the road, you guys. delicious beer. fantastic beer. they're opening the doors at 11:00 this morning. the crew getting everything ready. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: a lot of folks waiting for it.
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>> lucky you, alex. one for the road. i like it. >> reporter: i know. >> he is not driving. his photographer is. >> yes. >> the warriors play in sacramento tonight. they hope to bounce back after the 30-point loss in utah the other night. back in november, the sacramento kings did beat the warriors. that is when steph curry and kevin durant were out of the line-up. it should be a different story today with the majority of guys available to play. it begins at 7:30. the warriors are responding to the theft of a custom you know cycle. they offered to buy her a brand- new one. red panda has been a fan favorite during games at oracle. these are photos of the man who took it from a baggage area at sfo. it is valued at $25,000. red panda has been riding that unicycle at nba games for years. >> an important interview. >> yes. a one on one with san francisco's interim mayor.
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why he will not be throwing his hat in the ring for next year's general election.
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>> tracking a big slide on stocks. we see the dow jones is down by almost one and one half percent, losing 375 points right now. a full one percentage drop on the s&p and nasdaq as well. we're about to share dramatic video that shows a father of three daughters who were sexually abused by larry nassar lunging at the doctor during a court hearing in michigan. >> i can't do that. >> give me one minute. >> you know i can't do that. that's not how the legal system works. >> oh. >> the father initially told the judge he wanted five minutes in a locked room with nassar. he lunged at him and got pretty close to nassar before being subdued by court officers and
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taken away in handcuffs. two of the man's daughters had given statements earlier in court. the judge called a brief recess but testimony from the victims has since resumed. more than 30 victims have given statements so far in this case that focuses on his work with an elite michigan gymnastics club. during a similar hearing last week, more than 150 witnesses testified. mark farrell says he will not run in the general election next year. in a one on one interview that we did inside of his office that once belonged to his good friend, the late mayor ed lee, he told me the reason why. >> san francisco city hall. upstairs room 200. a new leader is settling in. mayor mark farrell. >> it is surreal. it is surreal. it obviously affects every part of your life. >> it will take place february 24th. >> reporter: from the daily meetings and appearances. >> talk about the security
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detail. is it strange having people follow you? >> yeah. it is one of the bigger differences. >> everywhere you go. >> everywhere i do. >> reporter: two weeks ago he was district 2 supervisor. it ended the night of january 23rd. >> the committee of the whole has selected supervisor farrell. >> going into last tuesday's board of supervisors meeting, did you already know what the outcome was going to be? >> no. i knew it was a possibility but nothing is an surety. especially not with the san francisco board of supervisors. >> the argument from some supervisors that you were part of the back room deal, old school san francisco politics. not that that is illegal. >> sure. >> that happens. it is politics. but that didn't occur. >> nothing could be further from the truth. again, there were so many discussions happening across all sides of the aisle with so many different people and theories. and i guarantee you that i was not part of every discussion. >> reporter: and the discussions he was part of, farrell says the focus was
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never on one individual, only about one city. >> it was about what is in the best interest of the city. and i think that came through at the end. >> reporter: farrell replaces london breed who became acting mayor after the death of ed lee who also retained her position as president of the board of supervisors. then early last month, breed announced she would run for mayor in the june 5th special election. the night the board voted to make farrell the interim mayor, there were heated words from the public, accusations that the board was sexist and racist. >> we have reached out to folks who were disappointed in the vote to make sure that i continue to be someone as a supervisor and now mayor who represents every single san francisco resident. again i come back to the fact that this was not about one person. this was not about an individual. this was about a person and a position and someone having four positions. and that is not something that anyone felt comfortable with.
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>> reporter: farrell announced that in december he would not run for mayor in the special election. and now he also says he has ruled out running for mayor in next year's general election. >> have you ruled out the option of november 2019 running for mayor? >> yes. >> there has to be a part of you now that you're here, the mayor of san francisco, that may be pulling you in going maybe, maybe i can do this. >> i took this job and this responsibility a week ago now with the realization that it would be half a year in office. with that and not having a campaign to worry about, i have the luxury of not having to play politics. i have the luxury of just helping san francisco residents. >> reporter: mayor ed lee was also one to focus on affordable housing, public safety, getting homeless into shelters. they were issues dear to him and issues that farrell will continue to fight for in honor of ed loo he. >> sitting in this room just two months ago, this was his
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office. do you ever have a moment during the day when you think about ed lee? >> every day. he was a professional colleague but he was very much also a friend. >> you feel his presence. >> all the time. >> if there's one thing that he taught you that you hold on tight, what would it be? >> i think what i admired most about mayor lee was his humana approach to everything. >> city hall is still mourning the death of ed lee. and so is mark farrell. he told a story about the last time that he saw lee. the christmas tree lighting certificate moan knee golden gate park. that night, his youngest son tried to flip the switch. >> i said no you have to come back to daddy. this is the mayor's job. i didn't realize that mayor lee was standing right next to me and overheard that. when he -- when he went to turn
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on the light, he gave some remarks and started a countdown. he said come here. he put his finger on top of his and they did it together. that type of stuff you never forget. that is just the real human aspect of mayor lee to me. >> farrell, a man with his own priorities but a man who looks to lead with that same human touch that he admired and saw in ed lee. >> and one other story he told, again, when you walk by city hall, you see it on tv, you don't understand the emotions of what is going in there and the mourning taking place of edly. he tried to go in the office and he couldn't do it. so he had staff actually move the furniture around in the office so that when he came in there it looked a little different and it wouldn't remind him of ed lee. >> right. >> so obviously a lot of emotions still in there. as for the future, the special
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election -- i said how long will you be the interim mayor. is it june 6th that the new mayor is sworn in? he said it will take a while. it could be mid summer or late summer. if it is a tight race between the candidates, then they have to the get the election results certified and so forth. it could be late summer by the time he is out of city hall. >> he definitely ruled out running in 2019. >> he looked me in the eye. if he is lying, we will have a conversation about that later about that. >> he could change his mind. >> of course he could. >> he said he didn't want it. >> but as of now he wants to focus on the family. he enjoys youth coaching, as i do. i get that. he has three young children. maybe not in november of '19. maybe it is five years later or nine years later. we will see him down the road when he leaves office. >> a good talk. >> yes. >> coming up, heart health for teenagers. an event happening in san francisco to provide high school students with two very important heart screenings that could help save a life. n:3:3:3
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>> today at a school in san francisco known as si, 200 students will be given an echo and ekg. >> the tests are being made available by the gable heartbeat foundation. >> she is with her two children, mateo and grace. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you so much for having us. we appreciate it. >> of course. before we get to the exams going on behind you, for our viewers, if you don't mind telling the story of michael and what happened to him and how we ended up here today. >> yeah. about eight years ago, we lost michael gable, my husband, their dad, from hyper tropic, which is a thickening of the heart muscle. we lost him suddenly.
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he had no signs whatsoever. and he was in great shape. and then two weeks after that, my daughter fell into heart failure. and what we learned from the two things that happened and obviously grace is here with us and doing great, it was a genetic condition in our family that is caused by a mutation of one of orogens -- our genes. from there we knew we had to do something. michael would have been proactive and tried to stop this from happening in other people's families. >> you implemented this program at other schools through your foundation. you have actually helped save lives. tell me about your findings. >> correct. >> when you screen young teenagers. >> yes. when we do screenings, we do both an ekg and an echocardiogram. we feel we need to do both at the same time to get more of a
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complete heart health preparedness. and they go back and everything is read by pediatric cardiologists. from there, we're able to see if there is any abnormalities in some numbers that look abnormal. and then we will contact the parents if we do find anything that is abnormal from numbers. and normally within a heart screening of 200 kids, we normally find three to four kids that have numbers outside of normal limits. >> michelle, these tests can be very expensive. and i know that the kids here are being provided with these tests. but if a parent is watching at home, how do they know that -- you know, that they might want to test their kids for this? >> absolutely. and that's why we do it. and that's why we do all of the fundraising for the heart screenings and the aid that we provide schools and gyms and
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cities, because one of the tests, especially the echocardiogram is hard to get unless you're symptomatic. the point is we need to catch it before someone is symptomatic. it could cost $2,000 to get one done at a doctor's office. we try to provide the screenings for free. we have help from sponsors from many, many community supporters. and then you can find our events online. >> i remember being on that campus back in 1990 when i was a freshman and owen fitzgerald collapsed and lost his life in something similar. how does it feel when you're doing these tests and no one had any idea what is going on with their heart and it is discovered that they actually have an issue? >> i'll tell you, i get chills. because you never want to find anything. we're hoping that we find nothing and that everyone is
9:27 am
okay. but when we do find out that we catch something, i just -- i just know that it's all worth it. and i know that that's what michael would want us to do. and he is so proud of these kids to be so passionate and involved with gable heartbeats. and so proud of everyone who helps us out. our board, we can't be more thankful because we are saving lives. >> gable heartbeats. a wonderful foundation. thank you for all that you do. and thank you for mateo for joining you. great to hear that grace is doing great. have a wonderful event out there in san francisco. >> thank you guys so much. we really appreciate it. >> of course. >> coming up in a moment on mornings on 2 the 9. a promising high school student murdered in the richmond area 24 years ago. you will meet the young film maker trying to keep her spirit alive with a new movie.
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a neighborhood on high alert after surveillance cameras catch a man who appears to be casing homes.
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>> here is another view over oakland where you see high clouds overhead. the high clouds will not prohibit the temperatures from warming. in fact we're warmer at this hour than 24 hours ago. low 50s right now in livermore. san jose, 58. in santa rosa, it is 58 outside your doors. 8 degrees warmer in the north bay of santa rosa. and in the sat bay of san jose, by four. as we take a look at the view from up above, you can see just the mid and high level clouds continuing to stream through overhead for today. and the afternoon highs, are you read other for the spring time feeling? 75 the high for oakland today.
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75 for the inland areas of livermore. 74 in san jose. into the north bay, 75 expected in napa. here is a look at your extended forecast. not much change will occur over your weekend. even in the extended forecast, temperatures will remain well above average. and, again, likely to break some records this weekend. back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. 24 years ago 15-year-old cecilia was walking home in san pablo. she took a shortcut that day taking her through donor elementary where she was raped and stabbed to together. an 18-year-old man was sentenced to life in prison. >> it shook the community to the core, including jay lopez who was only 8 at the time. he made a movie about her short life called love ceci. thank you both for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> you were so young when this happened. >> yes.
9:33 am
>> in '94. a lot of times when the killer is convicted and sent off to prison, the story disappears. >> yes. >> you wanted to bring it back. >> yes. >> why? >> i felt it was important that her legacy could continue to this day. her story never left richmond. i felt like it was a -- we needed to tell her story to the whole entire world. the fact that not a lot of people know richmond because in our community there are so noting gangs and murders but this one was special. this one was very to the heart. >> i can imagine especially for you, angie, to play a young lady who -- who was killed in such a brutal way, you probably wanted to do her and her story justice. how did you do that? >> exactly. i just stayed true to the role. i used a lot of my personal experience and used a lot of violence that young women face throughout our world. and not only is it ceci's story
9:34 am
but a lot of young women in the world that go unnamed and go never heard of or just unknown and we never get to give them justice. and not only did her assailant incarcerated but this was another form of justice for her, to get her story out there. to know there can be healing through art and retelling her story. >> her mom, father, are they still alive and in richmond. >> no. they are still alive. i saw them last night. we hung out for a little bit. >> did you knock on their door and approach them with this? what was their reaction. >> i did a year and a half research on my own before i reached out to the parents. when i finally did, i was -- it was nerve racking. it was definitely scary. they were hesitant at first. i promised them this is going to be a beautiful legacy for their daughter to continue on forever. and they agreed.
9:35 am
after that, the ball continued to roll. it was a 7-year process. >> what is the heart of -- do you focus on that particular tragic day? do you focus on her earlier years in life. >> i focused on the last five months of her life. she had her quinceanera and murdered five months later. i focused on those five months. >> what do you hope that young women and young men take away from the film? >> definitely for young men that they -- there is another form to reaching young women. that you don't need to use violence. we need to learn about toxic masculinity and how to learn about consent and learn about respecting women and respecting boundaries. >> these are heavy topics, especially for a 15-year-old. you feel that the young girls need to be told. >> young men and young girls. i believe it starts in the home. parents educating about consent and about safe sex and about
9:36 am
safety and how to protect one's self and how to fight. >> you have a screening tonight. >> yes. tonight and tomorrow night. unfortunately we're sold out. >> that is an a bad problem to have. >> it is not. we're blessed that we're sold out. i'm so excited and humbled that it is cecilia's homecoming. and it is amazing just to see everyone there. the family will be there and her friends. and i'm so excited. >> hopefully the distributor has his or her eyes on the film and it is told nationwide. >> that is the hope. >> thank you for having us. >> let's go to dave clark with the head lines we're following. >> five people in san francisco including a small child escaped their burning home this morning after flames spread from a nearby house. the fire on fulton street started at a home under construction near alamo square
9:37 am
park. it started around 3:00 and was contained in about 30 minutes. no one was hurt but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. well, many in san jose's willow glen neighborhood are nervous after seeing video of a suspicious man casing homes. one willow glen resident posted home surveillance video taken by a neighbor of the man taking pictures of the home security system. now some are installing security systems. this is a photo of the man taking photos of the security system. we reached out to police about the incidents but they did not want to comment. uc davis researchers want thousands of wildfire survivors to take part in an online survey about what they endured. the survey would collect information on the personal experiences, health effects and more from the devastating wildfires. the questionnaire is part of a bigger study on health and
9:38 am
environmental hazards during and after the fires. uc davis scientists will look at the short and long-term effects of being exposed to flames and smoke and also the stress and the effects of being displaced. now, if you would like to sign up for the uc davis study, go to our website, and look under the web links section. those are just some of your morning headlines. hey, sal, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. the four battle for stardom is a new type of music show where finalists battle to keep their seats by new challengers every week. last night four former singers received a second chance ahead of the finale. paul chambers is live with a big fan of the show, d.j. g-biz. >> sonic g, dc all in the house. they're fans of the four. but this is the fan.
9:39 am
>> right. >> let's get straight to the show. how do you feel? >> your boy jason warrior. went off the rails a little bit last night. upset that he got booted and got up in megan's face. are you serious? >> i'm going to say this, paul. i'm going to kick it off. nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, good- bye. i wasn't a fan of jason from the start. >> i know. >> i didn't like his voice. when he went up against vincent, man, he didn't stand a chance. vincent's voice was spectacular. jason walked up to meghan trainor and said you're too rough how you talk to us. he was hurt and whining. he was trying to get his spot back. >> walk off the stage. your spot is gone. >> vincent took his spot. vincent is from philly. philly eagles. i have to say that quick.
9:40 am
let's talk about the big person that everyone loves. zafia made her way back. >> she did. >> she sang or tried to sing in the first round. what did you thin ? >> she didn't try nothing. she did her thing. i have never done bodack yellow done in that form. >> i didn't like it. >> really? i thought she did an awesome job. carly needs to do a remix times two. she did her thing. i loved the way that her voice sounded soulful. i think she did a good job. >> she did a fantastic job. she tore down the house with that song. >> she did. >> let's talk about your favorite. she made her way back. >> i told you. my girl candice. team candice. hey, you saw her she came out and took out the only rapper still on the show. >> nick. >> nick was up there and was like what type of sport is this where you get to come back. she came back and took your
9:41 am
seat, brother. nick will be watching from home. you know what i mean. like a bunch of other folks that didn't make it back. candice deserved to come back. me back. ♪[music] >> i guess they're waving good- bye there. >> i guess to. paul chambers was going to talk about one of the judges. one was kicked off for alleged sexual harassment. and he is -- he was going to be on. he will hear more about that. >> eagle or patriots? who are you going with, sal? >> i think i'm going to go with the eagles. >> i am too. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, the super bowl weekend. up next we have ideas. gasia is in studio a with all of your snacks. >> that looks delicious.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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>> all right. super bowl lii is sunday. today we're asking you what is your favorite part of the game? the game, the commercials, the food? maybe not interested at all. 23% is all about the game. 27% say the commercials. 16% say food. and 34% say you're not going to watch super bowl lii. >> wow. well, i'm watching. frank mallicoat is live at red's java house. that is a good spot to get reactions from people. >> a classic spot. >> what are you hearing out there, frank? >> reporter: well, i'm hearing a lot of folks will be tuning in. i have a party of two inside of the java house right now. it emptied around 9:00, give or take. i'm all by my lonesome.
9:45 am
we went outside and chatted with folk who's say for the most part they will be watching. >> will you be watching? >> yes. >> do you know about is playing? >> yes. the patriots are playing in minnesota. >> against? >> oh, geez. >> the eagles. >> yes. the eagles. >> are you rooting for the pats. >> i am. >> do you have a big day planned for sunday. >> i'm cooking for everybody. >> what are you cooking? >> i'm making nachos with the new red hot blue chips and burritos. >> it will be a big day. >> yes. >> do you care about the game. >> i care how cute my son looks like in his patriots jersey. >> i would say edelman. >> but not the eagles. >> you're not a football fan. but what are you doing on
9:46 am
sunday. >> play with the baby. take the dog for a walk. >> you don't watch the super bowl. >> will you be watching the super bowl. >> of course. new england. >> you're a pats fan. >> yes. >> all the way from scotland. >> all the way from scotland. i've been here a long time. >> do people watch the super bowl back in scotland? >> some do. some do. yes. >> and is it a big deal for you? are you cooking? what are you doing? >> lots of snacks. >> yes. >> oh, we're going to super bowl party. >> all right. >> yes. >> what is your favorite snack? >> hummus. >> hummus and chips. >> reporter: all right. i guess you could say it is an international brand. i don't want to tell you who i'm rooting for. after spending all those years in boston, i think i would get in trouble on facebook if i didn't represent -- >> come on, frank mallicoat. >> so you -- okay.
9:47 am
so i know you're a patriots fan. but do you think they're going to win. >> absolutely. >> okay. >> reporter: you know, i do. look. brady was behind in the championship game and came back and won that game. they were down 28-3 against the falcons and came back and won that game. i think brady is ticked off. a lot of people have been questioning him a little bit. it is a team that a lot of people love to not like. i just spent so much time there that i'm a big pats fan and i think they will beat the eagles. >> i like the dedication. hope for a good game. thank you, frank. >> thank you, frank. >> for all that voted food as your favorite part of the super bowl, we have some ideas for you. >> let's send it over to gasia who is with ryan, the head chef. >> yes. we are in the we like the game for the food aspect camp. thank you for joining me, ryan. >> thanks for happening me. >> a lot of people start with the ribs.
9:48 am
how do we mess them up at home. >> there is a lot of things that can go wrong. less is more and keeping it simple. >> okay. >> the first thing is there is a line of -- you want to pull that off. if you don't, it will be difficult for the meat to pull away from the bone and be super juicy. the other thing that i would say too is people -- trying to rush it. >> okay. >> it is one of those things that you don't want to rush. >> it is a long process. >> give yourself four to five years. these are spare ribs so we have a little more action going on with the meat. we have a skirt steak. >> yeah. >> i like to leave it in the smoker or in your oven around 215, 220. let it do its thing. and then start basting it with barbecue sauce. >> are you wet or dry. >> more of a dry sticky as opposed to super wet.
9:49 am
always do a rub first. and then after that do a little brown issuing scarlet that rest. that's when you go in the oven with it. every 30 minutes you will go ahead and baste it with barbecue sauce. had is what we like. i like the thick and sweet. >> let's look at the finished product. this is amazing. the crust on the ribs is favorable. >> yes. >> let's say that you have friends who don't eat pork. what about chicken wings. we typically fry them and dunk them in blue cheese. you have a different option. >> yeah. the beautiful thing about barbecue -- or the super bowl is there are so many options. chicken wings. you can't say super bowl without chicken wings. you will do the typical thing of roasting them or frying them and dipping them. but i love using a herisa rub. this is the dry part of the paste. >> we have paprika, chili flake
9:50 am
and salt. it has a lot of flavor going on and packs a little heat. >> go ahead. >> yeah. so my favorite thing with these is doing a white sauce as opposed to blue cheese which is our white sauce you would call them in the barbecue world. alabama white sauce. >> i'm familiar. i worked in alabama for a couple years. vinegar. >> yeah. vinegar and mayo. >> and cilantro. >> i want to make nachos. most people think chips. but look at this. are you fans of checharonis. >> yeah. i started making these in my apartment and started walking around the mission district in san francisco where i live now. we make our own. it is a great product. how we make our chichos. >> i like it. >> you can't put nachos on top
9:51 am
of nachos. >> or there are dry ones underneath. >> that is amateur hour. you have to do layers. we come in with the queso which is straightforward. >> got it. >> can i finish with these toppings. >> yes. >> these are typical. you need to tell us how you will be expanding across the bay. you've been in san francisco and now you're coming to oakland. >> correct. correct. we open up our san francisco restaurant four years ago. we're excited. we opened in the laurel district in the spring time. >> very good. >> it will be ribs, pork, brisket. oakland and the east bay has an amazing history of barbecue and a barbecue community. we're excited to be a part of that. >> i bet you have a lot of people from oakland heading over to san francisco when you were there. i'm going to use fingers because we're friends here. >> go ahead. >> i'm not going to overload. if you kill it with moisture, it gets soggy. >> right. we don't want soggy. >> i discovered these a few years ago. i got one big piece from the
9:52 am
grocery store and my little 7- year-old ate it all. >> no way. >> i said that was for the family. all right. more queso on top. >> more queso. >> i think sal and michael will be mad if i don't bring it back to them. right near alamo park. >> yes. >> coming to oakland in a couple months. >> your favorite team. >> go warriors. >> right somewhere. we're all about the -- right answer. we're all about the food. thank you for sticking with me. i'm going to take it back to the main studio. we will be back with the 9 in mere minutes. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
9:53 am
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts.
9:54 am
and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
9:55 am
>> monster jam is the most action packed live event on four wheels. enter now to win four vouchers for monster jam at oracle an september 17th or 18th of this year. tickets are subject to availability at the time of redemption. go to our facebook page and click on the contest link to fill out the entry form. you must be at least 18 years old to enter. the prize has a retail value of $100 and is provided byfeld entertainment. one winner will be selected by random drawing on february 5th. you can see the official rules at more super bowl ads are being released ahead of the big game. one favorite is from m&m.
9:56 am
>> lucky penny. any ways, sometimes i wish i was human. >> look at me. i'm human. >> do you want to eat me? >> no. >> do you want to eat me? >> no thank. >> would you like to eat me? >> this is m&m's first super bowl commercial since 2014. another good one is a collaboration between doritos and mountain dew. it features a rap battle between two big music stars. ♪[music] >> also featured busta rhymes and missy elliot. 30 seconds costs $5 million for air time. justin timberlake runs to the stage for his third halftime show. the halftime show is a good time for timberlake. his new album comes out today. i love halftime and the
9:57 am
commercial and the food. derrick, would you deliver what i made. >> oh, yeah. >> this is all for you. >> our big thanks to -- >> a little early in the morning for this. >> it is lunchtime. almost 10:00. >> it smelled so good. whatever you're doing this super bowl sunday, i hope you have a great time doing this. sal and i will polish off and plate. >> do we show up for work monday morning. >> we do show up. >> we have made commitments. thanks for joining us. >> i'll be here. n:3:3:3
9:58 am
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