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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 3, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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a scary team is playing out in a pleasant hill neighborhood complex is a man with a gun and body armor. the president claimed vindication with the release of a controversial memo and why democrats say it is actually the other way around. good evening everyone. >> a man seen running through a pleasant hill neighborhood in body armor and carrying an assault rifle is in custody. >> residents were told to shelter in place until they found the man and they credit new training to de-escalate the man's behavior and preventing injury. >> reporter: friday evening neighbors walking to their apartment complex had an
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encounters with an armed man. >> he said something along the lines of the safe in the street, or something along those lines. i saw the gun and that told me to hurry up and get in the building and call the police. >> i noticed that he had this gun and it was from his shoulder all the way to his knees. and police were actually called out to the address earlier that night to a report of the man acting strangely. >> later on we got a return call and the subject was out in front in fatigues and a bulletproof vest and carrying a rifle. >> reporter: the man lived inside of the apartment complex and neighbors said he showed increasingly erratic behavior over the last week.>> there was some noise complaints and believe it or not it was the same guy last night. the cops came and there was a lot of yelling.>> reporter: when the police showed up a
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second time the man went behind the building and disappeared. the police called out the s.w.a.t. team and set up a perimeter. neighbors were told to shelter in place.>> we couldn't sleep either because of the helicopters and all of the police cars.>> reporter: at 6:00 p.m., the police had not found the man and lifted the shelter in place alert. the police returned to the apartment complex again to talk to the man that was now found inside of his apartment. this time the 33-year-old man complied with the officers command and left with the officers in an amicus. >> we have determined that this is a mental health issue and he has been taken to get medical treatment. and police plan to search the man's apartment for weapons. neighbor say they are grateful that the standoff it'd peacefully -- ended peacefully. local leaders and the berkeley mayor came to a rally
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today to keep this medical center in berkeley. it was held at the ed roberts campus this morning and they want to keep this hospital open is a full emergency room hospital. better health said they plan to build a new hospital in oakland to comply with the state laws and the berkeley hospital will not close for another 10 years. >> it is good that they are not closing tomorrow, but they did say they are going to close. that is a deep concern not only to myself and also to my people and the city of berkeley and people along the east bay. they have not yet to come forward with a real concrete plan on how they are going to continue to provide critical healthcare for people in the east bay.>> berkeley's mayor warns that lives could be at risk if the city's only hospital moved to oakland. now to our unseasonably warm weather around the bay area today. >> our meteorologist is here
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with a look at some records today. i walked around the mall today and i was sweating.>> batres by 10:00 p.m. are still going to be warm. it is the third day of record heat in february. the list continues to grow with the records to report. you can see that san jose was at 78 degrees. mountain view was in the upper 70s. santa rosa with that 76 degrees. downtown san francisco was 74 degrees. kentfield tied a record at 72 degrees. it was warm all across the area. look at that 81 degrees jumping out at hayward. lots of 70s across the area. here is what is happening right now as we take a live look outside and it is a warm saturday evening and mostly clear skies tonight and tomorrow. we are showing you this in the
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satellite as we have a few high clouds approaching the pacific northwest. look at this big ridge of high pressure that is setting up and this is very strong and the storm track is up to our north. the area to the south of this is where you are having the warm air, and that is what we have felt all weekend long and it might continue over the next few days also. we may have some minor changes in your sunday forecast to talk about in a few minutes. president donald trump said today he is vindicated by the release of a controversial memo of the russian investigation, but democrats say it is quite the opposite and the memo actually undermines the investigation. >> reporter: from trump has always maintained that his campaign did not collude with russia. now he is saying the release of a controversial memo alleging intelligence abuses during the fbi investigation into his campaign backs up that claim.
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in a tweet this morning the president said this memo totally vindicates trump, but the russian witchhunt goes on and on. there is no collusion and no obstruction. but democrats disagree. adam quoted this and said quite the opposite mister president and the most important fact disclosed in this otherwise shoddy memo was that fbi investigation began july 2016 with your advisor who was secretly discussing stolen clean emails with the russians. and house minority leader nancy pelosi said the memo could ultimately cause a constitutional crisis. >> with the memo that the president approved the release of, he has neglected his responsibility as commander-in- chief.>> reporter: permission was given to the fbi to use surveillance on carter page. it was used from a dossier that
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was paid for by the hillary clinton campaign. >> i have an obligation to the american people when we see fisa abuse. these are secret courts that are used for catching terrorist and bad actors, and the american citizens that are representative before this court have to be -- represented before the court have to be protected.>> reporter: democrats say they want to issue a rebuttal and that is a move that the republican say they might be open to. the california highway patrol is getting ready for one of its busiest days of the year, super bowl sunday. all officers will be out in full force on the highways enforcing a zero tolerance for drunk and drugged driving. all available command staff and middle managers with supervisors will be on the highways for tomorrow's crackdown. the highway patrol is all --
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also asking those who are hosting parties to stop drivers from getting behind the wheel if they are impaired. this woman was a teacher at martin luther king jr. middle school. in june 2016, she helped organize a counter protest against a white the premise rally outside of the state capital. she is accused of punching a protester there. the lawyers filed a motion to the -- dismiss all charges saying it is a witch up. a texas man has been arrested after authorities say he had improper contact with a sunnyvale teenager. gabriel gonzalez posted a teenager online and started chatting with a 16-year-old girl. he didn't allegedly flew from texas to the bay area at the end of december just to meet her. the two then went to a bout the hotel and had sex before he returned home. the girls parents found out about the relationship and
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contacted the police. gonzalez within arrested in the dallas area and brought here to the bay area where he is facing multiple charges. supporters of a plan to equip police officers with tasers now have enough signatures to qualify for the june ballot. the measure was put together by the group safe neighborhoods for all and back by the lease officers association. it would allow the police department to buy tasers for every officer as early as august. they don't want to wait until september when it was approved last year. city leaders and first responders teamed up today to host a preparedness and awareness session there. organizers say the timing of the event could not be more fitting considering the recent northbay wildfires and the continuing threat from earthquakes.
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>> we will provide you with safety awareness, preparation, emergency contact information, and the numbers to dial direct the -- directly in the event of an emergency.>> it took place from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at fremont high school. we have video showing the dramatic moment after militants shoot down a russian warplane over syria. more than two dozen gop lawmakers say they will not run again and how this could affect the balance of power in washington.
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a russian warplane would shut down today in syria. the russian defense ministry said the pilot ejected but was killed when he resisted capture after the warplane crash. preliminary information says that a ground to air missile raw
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the plane down. that area is under the al qaeda branch in syria. videos circulating on social media show a lifeless body of a man. one of the man is heard shouting he is russian. the authenticity of the video could not be confirmed, but it was consistent with media reports. at least six people were wounded in italy following a series of drive-by shootings. all of those that were hurt in the two hour-long shooting rampage were african migrants. a 28-year-old man was arrested in the shooting comes just days after the dismembered body of an 18-year-old italian woman was found hidden in two suitcases. the incidence are linked. more than two dozen house republican seats are up for grabs in the 2018 election. that could mean a shift in the balance of power in watching
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them. >> reporter: house republicans are running for the door this year with their announced retirements more than double those of democrats. 34 republican house seats will be up for grabs. compare that to 16 democrats who are leaving. of those, they are split 50-50 on those retiring and running for other positions. according to the roll call, since 1976, an average of 22 house members retire every cycle. this year the reason for the exodus range from sex scandals to poor poll numbers. several of the republicans are also looking at the presidents low polling numbers. history is also not other side, and a new president's party usually loses seats in the midterm election. another notable, republicans have a rule that term limits, the length of time that members can serve as a committee chair. nine republicans that are
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leaving are in that position. plus there is this. >> congress is supposed to be something that you don't necessarily make a career out of. weird -- we are just seeing that from a lot of members that are ready to go back to the regular lives. and democrats are hoping to -- >> reporter: democrats are hoping to capitalize on this to win back a majority of the house. they would need to gain 24 seats in december to do it. another hollywood star has come forward with accusations against harvey weinstein. this time it is actors uma thurman and she told the new york times that harvey weinstein sexually assaulted her in a london hotel after the release of pulp fiction. weinstein's spokesperson said he apologized to uma thurman after making an awkward pass at her, but declined a physical
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assault. meantime, the chairman and ceo of the resort said the company has hired a law firm to help investigate sexual allegations against steve wynn. according to the wall street journal, the number of women that reported that he harassed or assaulted them has grown. apple has completed a purchase of 16 acres of land in san jose, and the property is just across the highway from the san jose international airport. apple struck a deal to lease the office buildings located on the property, but it has now also purchased the office space and nearby office lots. apple has said little about the plans for the property, but the mayor said he is excited about the prospects of a possible
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apple campus in san jose. apple now owns enough land and buildings in north san jose to create a campus totaling 85 acres. disneyland's famous main street is getting a facelift in a project that is irritating they have installed two stretches of walls along the main thoroughfare that is designed to separate visitors and workers. the walls are so prominent that the project has sparked jokes, questions, videos and ridicule on social media sites. a boy scout of america in piedmont hosted a derby. you might remember this in the boy scouts. the kids design, build, and raise their own derby cars. >> there is a lot of excited
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kids today, and they have a lot of really neat looking cars.>> the pinewood derby is a great way for kids to learn about competition and sportsmanship. the event is open to all of the boys and girls regardless of their membership. it was another springlike day around the bay area. >> look at that. >> people took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather at the beach. this go over to our meteorologists with information about how much longer these temperatures will stick around.>> it looks like maybe a little bit of a drop off of the numbers as we head into sunday, but a lot of 70s are expected for the second half of the weekend. it feels strange that we are talking about this if it were, but i remember two years ago, that we had a big warm-up as well. take a look at the temperatures tomorrow and the records that we would have to be. we may set a record in santa rosa.
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san francisco will be close. these numbers are within striking distance, so if we are just off a little bit, we could be talking about another day of records for your sunday. that means the fourth day of record heat across the bay area. satellite is showing you this. the main storm track is way up to the north and this area of high pressure does not want to budge. we had clear skies up and down the state. this check in with some of the current numbers out there for your saturday evening. it is 69 degrees in san francisco if you are going for a nice walk this evening. livermore is still in the upper 60s. santa rosa is also in the mid 60s. here is our live camera and as we look at the bay bridge, it is clear for this evening. for tomorrow morning, the temperature will be in the 40s
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to the lower 50s to start out your sunday morning. we are off to a little bit of a cool star, but it will not last long as you can see. we will have 60s and 70s in the afternoon hours. as i mentioned, it will be a little bit cooler as the temperatures come down about 3 degrees or 5 degrees from the high temperatures today. the major cooldown you have been hearing up at the super bowl for tomorrow. there is fairly cold air and single digits for tomorrow. but of stream in the flow we have the total opposite. and one portion of the country it is warm and in the other portion of the country it is cold. we have a dry weather pattern as well. we are looking for rainfall and nothing is showing up into the state and into next week, we do not see any hint of rainfall in the 10 day forecast.
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so 70s for tomorrow and the warmest locations will be close to 80 degrees. we will go 77 degrees in gilroy. probably the next developing event will be on tuesday. it will still be fairly warm out there and lots of sunshine. it is the same repeating with the story every day and nothing really to budge the system out of the wages ship.>> this -- out-of-the-way. >> it is just completely in the clear this year. [ music ] they are getting it at the lunar festival today. the kid friendly festival was free and included a lot of music and a lantern making class. people came out to celebrate.
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>> looks like they had a lot of fun.>> let's talk some tom brady here. he added a little -- another big award to his resume. the newest members of the pro-football hall of fame was announced this evening and we will be back with all of the sports in a minute. hi, we're alaska airlines, and we give you more than just peanuts.
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joe is with us joining us in sports and i remember we were talking about this last year when he did not make it in, and now finally.>> this is the time of the year when a lot of people sit on pins and needles. football fans no longer have to wait whether or not it was terrell owens tactics that kept him out of the pro football hall of fame. he was named along with seven other members of the class of 2018. terrell owens played his first eight years in a what he niners uniform. he was a six-time pro bowl member whose numbers were worthy of the hall of fame, but he evolved into a controversial character feuding with this quarterback and head coaches. he is the 49ers second all-time receiver and is remembered for the last-second catch he made in the playoffs that eliminated
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green bay in 1999. joining terrell owens was another controversial receiver randy moss. ray lewis and brian urlacher are first ballot inductees. senior nominees include green bay packers guard jerry kramer and robert breazeale. >> the mvp award was a landslide for tom brady and he will try and father hits super bowl credentials when he makes his eighth appearance in the big game. at the age of 40 years old, he is the oldest player to ever win the most valuable player ward. stampers basketball team continues to make a late-season case for some kind of postseason consideration. our reporter was there this
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afternoon. stanford ran away and hid in this game. dorian pickens works to get open and makes this three- pointer. he was five out of five from beyond the three-point line. stanford wins 91-71. another record attendance stay on the golf tour with better than 200,000 people showed up for the third round of the phoenix open. phil mickelson has got himself into contention as he finished his round with this approach to the 18th hole. he shot a 66 and is just two shots off the lead. he is tied there with a couple of other players. this player was chipping up to the green and was that close to an ego. but ricky fowler is
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your leader as he birdied his last three holes on the way to a 67. it is crowded at the top with three players one shot behind valor and three more players just two shots back. the warriors are playing in denver and the second game of a back to back. we will have that for you later tonight.>> joe who do you have for tomorrow? >> i would like for the eagles to win, and i have seen enough of the pages. >> i hope that is the only war the tom brady wins. >> thanks for joining us tonight guys. haley, hurry up!
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