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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 5, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a big protest is planned. the search for the cause of the northbay fires continues today. weather conditions and power lines are responsible for three , smaller fires. we have a full report coming up. this is daca. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> you gave the day off to steve, why did you give me the day off? >> you should've asked. >> i hope he is going to santa cruz. it is going to be a beach day.>> very nice. a drive pattern continues for the week ahead and into the weekend. we would love to see some rain,
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the sierra need some snow. we are not going to get it this week. let's enjoy what we have. hi clouds and temperatures in the 60s and 70s today. the wind is light. it is not as strong over the hills as what was all over the weekend. look at the vault. napa has pretty good visibility. it has been fluctuating. i want to mention it. it looks like it is heading over toward iad. temperature wise, we're looking at the 40s to start your morning . 51 in novato. san francisco is 53. 52 in hayward. afternoon highs for today are coming down slightly. upper 60s into san francisco. mid-70s for napa and portions of the northbay.
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i will have a look at the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. that's go to sal. good morning. traffic is moving on most commute. we have some slowing on the passed. interstate 205 and 580 are slow. we expect that this time of day. traffic is better for -- in livermore. that looks good out to castro valley. traffic in -- on 880 looks good in both direction. we have an early crowd at the toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. there is a push to crack down on carpal cheats. on highway 101, this is well known for drivers who illegally drive in the hov lanes. what is it like this morning?
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>> people use the hov lanes a lot here. traffic right now is moving at or near the speed limit right now. we are watching highway 101 s. bound. this is all going in toward san francisco. this jams up. some drivers do whatever they can to avoid congestion. regional transportation officials are looking for ways to crack down on those drivers using the diamond lane. as many as 14% of drivers in the carpool lanes heading southbound toward san francisco are solo drivers using that lien illegally. that jams up the lane for legitimate carpoolers. the highway patrol was stepping up
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enforcement and issuing 39,000 tickets to violators in 2016. we wanted to speak with them later this morning. we went to talk to commuters and see how they feel about the issue. we want to capture some people who are driving illegally in the carpool lane as a solo drivers. we will talk to them throughout the morning. we will give you live updates throughout the morning. thank you for now. it is 5:04. today in san jose, plans to clear a homeless cam. this will happen this morning on the north end of philippe a road. 70 people living in that camp have been warned that the sweep is coming. homeless advocates it will protest later this morning. go officials say hi winds and
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power lines are the cause of three small fires that started the night the northbay wildfires started. you can see the strong wind blowing directly at our camera and threatening to knock over lights. the fire marshal says that wind played a contributing role in starting small fires. >> sometimes the lines work connecting with each other. we were able to witness sparks coming from the utility. >> the fires burned two houses on sullivan road, damaged part of a school and another building. cal fire continues its investigation into the cause of the deadly fires. it is not said when it will have the final report. pg&e is releasing a statement, there -- has been no
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determination on the causes of the fire. we do everything we can to help in recovery and rebuilding. >> these communities and neighborhoods are where our customers, employees families and friends live and work. nothing is more important to us than their safety and well- being. a police officer is recovering after being hit by car over the weekend during a traffic stop. that happened early yesterday morning. it was at a gas station. police were called about a theft at a walgreens nearby. the suspect's car was spotted there. as it sped away is it the officer who suffered minor injuries. the suspect got away and is still on the loose this morning. if you have any information,
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call police. san francisco police are searching for a man who stabbed a person near mcdonald's. officers found a person with stab wounds to the neck when they arrived. grief counselors will be at freedom high school after a student died over the weekend. a letter was sent home to parents saying a student died in a tragic accident. we don't know the name or age of the student. this comes as liberty high school has lost four of his students since the beginning of the school year. super bowl sunday was a workday for the highway patrol. they say it is like new year's eve, a big day for celebrating and drinking. that means officers and command staff were working 12 hour shifts patrolling the highways and looking for impaired drivers. it also meant anyone under the influence of marijuana. >> people seem to believe that because marijuana has become legalized, that you can drive
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while impaired by marijuana. that is not the case. >> more than 300 impaired drivers have been arrested in the last few weeks. we will find out the final numbers from yesterday's work in the next week or two. tester starting on the overhead message boards on the bridge. the signs will only show a series of dots. this is part of the changes to the bridge. drivers will be able to use the shoulder of the eastbound bridge as a third lane during peak commute hours. it is expected to be available
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in april. when that happens the signs will show green arrows to indicate you can use the lane or red exes that they the lane is close. >> it will be interesting to see how that works. >> we now know the cost for security during the berkeley free speech week. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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welcome back. democrats are pushing to release their own classified memo. this is after friday's release of a republican memo that claims the fbi spied on a former campaign official for trump. their memo adds context to the actions of the fbi and the justice department.
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the house intelligence chairman says his committee will vote on releasing the memo once it goes through the normal review procedures. the republican memo continues to be at the center of a partisan battle. a claims senior officials at the fbi abused surveillance payout -- powers to spy on quarter page. a key point is that republicans save the secret accords were not told that the dossier was paid for by democrats. that helped secure a warrant for the fbi to spy on carter page. >> is there political motivation or factors? the court was notified. it is bad and unprecedented to not tell a court that a source has this level of bias.
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look at just the disclosure of who paid for it. they could have easily said it was hillary clinton. that would've been easy. >> >> this thursday is the deadline for congress to pass a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. disagreement led to a shutdown last month. lawmakers have not agreed on what to do about the daca program. reportedly, republicans are working on another continuing resolution that funds the government through march 23. >> nobody once a government shutdown. we also cannot continue to inflict the damage that this inflicts on the military. >> if you want to increase defense spending we have to
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have a commensurate increase on the domestic side. >> paul ryan says they are making progress. even if republicans and democrats come together on the bill, at this point, they would not have enough time to draft it. sal is watching the commute. what is the latest? >> well, we are looking at the gilroy commute. if you are driving from gilroy to san jose, people are getting up early to do this. right now, no major problems. it will be interesting to see if all the commutes are full strength. sometimes people schedule days off after the super bowl. anyway, this is highway 17, it looks pretty good. the bay bridge is already backed up. they could have the meter
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lights on already. it is about a 10 minute wait. >> steve have the day off but we get rosemary. michael happy to be here. we have enjoyable weather in store for today. temperatures her back into the 70s for most of us. it won't be quite as warm as the weekend, but above average. we are waking up with a little bit of patchy fog in the napa valley. early morning commuters, be prepared. it is patchy. it does not look too bad right now. it is fluctuating. oakland check then at 50 and san jose is at about 50 degrees this morning. here is the high pressure and plays. we do have a system for writing over the north of this.
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that will weaken it just a little bit. temperatures will cool just a little bit. outside of that, only minor changes for monday. >> low to mid 70s expected on the east bay shore. here is a look at your day planner. temperatures in the 50s until about 9 am. mild morning. -- a mild morning. >> near 70 expected for the afternoon. everybody will be relatively warm. san francisco, daly city, upper 60s expected. in the south bay, low 70s to upper 70s in santa cruz. the extended forecast, i can sum it up by saying, not much change. temperatures in the 40s and 50s over the weekend. it was dry
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and mild. there is no rain in sight. >> thank you. uber was hit with a $2 billion lawsuit. what they are accused of stealing. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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welcome back. >> the eagles fans may be going to bed. a lot of then spent most of the nights -- night in the streets. some took this a little bit two far. there was a group that flipped the car on its side. the police had to go in and break up some of the grounds. super bowl lii is in the books. the eagles beat the patriots 41- 33. they had the most yards in nfl history. more than 1100 yards on total offense including a trick play.
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it came right out of a high school playbook. >> they snap it. it is caught. touchdown. >> we used to try that. nick foals runs out and catches the past. the patriots kept coming but they could not pass the performance of the eagles. there was a game-winning touchdown pass thrown to zach herbst.. at that. here is the mvp >> that is something we have been working on. we said let's run it. it was a good time. the and was a little wider. i
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thought i really had to look like i wasn't doing anything. he made an amazing throw. i just looked at him. >> the eagles are the champions. believe it or not, the odds are out for the next year's winners. the patriots are the favors followed by the eagles and steelers. >> musicians took the stage for the super bowl.>> [ music ] that was pink. i love pink. she had the flu but she still sang the national anthem, despite being sick.
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she is a native of philly. she says she has dreamed of the chance of doing this since she saw whitney houston do it. as you saw, leading up to the game, they tried to diss erupt travel ahead of the super bowl. dozens of people blocked the light rail tracks near u.s. bank stadium. some chained themselves to the platform and each other. the police used bolt cutters to break the locks and then clear the area. no injuries were reported. there were several arrests. eagles players have already said they will not go to the white house visit for the super bowl winners. tori is among the players who says he will boycott the visit.
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this is video from the patriots a visit last april. several players did not go. the president has criticized players because they kneeled during the national anthem. it is 5:23. sideshow activity again. this time it was in oakland. more on the efforts of law enforcement to get the sideshows of the streets. voters will have a chance to decide whether officers should have tasers. a measure has gathered enough signatures to appear on the ballot. we can see the traffic is doing pretty well. we will tell you more about the morning commute when we come back. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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welcome back. it is monday, february 5. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it is almost 5:30. another warm day. the check in with rosemary. >> it will be amazing. it's
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amazing how fast monday comes around. >> yes. we will continue with his drive pattern. we would like to see some rain but that will not happen this week. let's enjoy what we have. this will continue into your weekend. you can start to make your plans now. here's a look at what we can expect for today. a mix of high clouds. temperatures range from the upper 60s to the 70s inland and a few upper 70s expected. visibility is down at the airport. it has been fluctuating. something to be aware of. looks like crockett may be involved here as well. may be 680 and 80. outside of that, the temperatures are not bad at all. a bit of a chill in the area for inland communities. in the south bay, 50 and san jose. 48 in half moon bay.
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we had an offshore breeze there saturday and sunday. the inner east bay, a few more numbers for you. 48 in alamo and 51 in lafayette. for the afternoon, we are not looking as warm as we were over the weekend. still very nice. 69 in san francisco and 70 in oakland. san jose will be a little bit warmer. >> the subject traffic this morning. good morning. traffic on 80 westbound, it is looking pretty good. we have a touch of slow traffic coming in on 37. the rest of the commute looks pretty good. still less than 20 minutes to drive to the macarthur maze. at the toll plaza we do have
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metering lights switched on. otherwise, we are off to a decent start. let's go back to the desk. . there is a debate in alameda as city leaders will decide if they should scan the license plates of cars entering the island. we have a controversy earl proposal designed to prevent crime. >> yes. it is to deter car break-ins. good morning. the plan is to install readers at all the entry points to the alla media to take advantage of the geography. devices would go above the webster street tunnel as well as above the various bridges that lead to the island. according to the chronicle, the city council will vote tomorrow on whether to spend a half $1 million to buy 13 readers.
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the police department is pushing this strategy as a way to combat a surge in car break- ins. these plate readers would create a record of every car that comes and goes and the devices would immediately alert police to stolen or wanted cars. this proposal has prompted a lot of questions and concerns from privacy advocates worried about all that -- how that information will be used and stored. all of those issues about privacy are part of the ongoing debate as city leaders will decide whether to in store -- install these at the entry points. the city council will take that vote tomorrow night. >> all right. it will be interesting. >> that leads us to our question of the day which is, are you concerned about scanning cameras invading your privacy? let us know what you think.
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you can comment on our facebook page. we will show results are just a little bit. a trial starts today in a legal dispute. it centers on an engineer who used to work for different company and now works for huber. they went almost $2 million in damages. the jury was selected last week. acumen -- opening arguments are set for 7:30 today. there is a new netflix documentary, dirty money. they talked about volkswagen using my gaze to test -- monkeys
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to test diesel fumes. >> a trial is set to begin february 26. that is one of the many legal battles that volkswagen has faced when they admitted they were cheating omissions test. eyes school student was seriously injured in a street crashing race last month. officers arrested a 23-year-old on friday. someone who had seen the crash saw the subaru in a parking lot and called them. he admitted he had been racing but was afraid to talk to police because he had a suspended license. the other driver was 17 years
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old and arrested shortly after the crash. oakland police issued 100 traffic citations. there was a sideshow early yesterday. cars and people filled the street. the chaos spread to an exxon gas station. that was locked down. only as security in -- window was open to customers. a man kicked through the glass door. you can see that right here. the employee hit the security alarm. several people ran into the store and started stealing things. >> they broke the glass window and went into the store. they took chocolates and candies.
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>> the owner says it will cost thousands of dollars to fix the damage but no injuries were reported. two mountain lions were spotted in palo alto. the first was 88 -- 8 pm saturday night. a short time later, another woman out for a walk on sutter avenue saw a mountain lion. the sightings were about 1.5 miles away from each other. a five-year-old girl is recovering after being bitten by a dog in richmond yesterday morning. chp says the helicopter was called just before noon sunday morning to try to find the girl. firefighters were working at the time to locate the girl that was attacked by a pit bull. chp says the girl was bit in the chest and then dragged away. that is why the helicopter was looking for. the dog was not on a leash. it's not clear if the dog's owner was there. the little girl went to the hospital and will recover. there are reports that police spent $4 million last year to have security at free- speech events.
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rallies related to the canceled free speech week and most of the expenses were for security including bringing in reinforcements from other police departments. the office of the president agreed to pay half the cost. berkeley is paying the rest. supporters of a plan to give officers tasers has enough signatures to qualify for the june ballot. it was put together by a group called safe neighborhoods for all. if approved it would allow the department to buy tasers for every officer as early as august. woman in san francisco is safe this morning. she was rescued from rocks and
5:38 am
water. this happened just after 9 pm near the water bar restaurant. she was not hurt. firefighters say they don't know how or why she ended up on the rocks. >> you need to make parking reservations if you want to see the fire far show. the phenomenon has been attracting larger crowds for years. starting this year there will be 250 advance reservations per day. visitors can also walk to the viewing location or take a guided tour. >> you have to go. san francisco will vote tomorrow on whether to turn a parking garage into a hotel and housing. the proposal would transform the structure between howard
5:39 am
and folsom. are calls for a tower with the 650 room hotel and 100 affordable housing units. that would fulfill a big need for the city which does not have a big hotel. if the board votes for the change, it will have to be approved. millions of football fans are skipping work today. some of the best and work excuses and what is happening on super sick monday. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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welcome back.
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the sharks had a four-game losing streak but they are back on the winning track. they won yesterday. san jose never trailed. they won their second straight game. meyer scored four minutes into the first period. san jose took the lead. brett burns gave the sharks their third goal early in the second. both goalies were perfect after that. san jose wraps up there road trip in colorado tomorrow. a martin luther king speech was used to sell trucks during the game. martin luther king was talking about living a life serving others. dodge says they received proper
5:43 am
permission to use the speech. the king center which acts as a living memorial and was founded by his wife accounted -- tweeted out neither the king center nor bernice king approved the use of his words or imagery for use in merchandise. that includes the super bowl commercial. >> many commercials are getting good reviews including this commercial from tide. >> just your typical super bowl car ed. or, a hilarious beer and. -- add -- ad >> [ music ]
5:44 am
>> you have to laugh. >> then there is this commercial . a touchdown celebration. the nfl used to penalize these celebrations. they are celebrating them in this commercial. more than a half-million people have seen this commercial since it was posted during the game. >> and then the big finish. >> [ laughter ] i like that one. >> i liked the sprint one where the robots are talking and one
5:45 am
says, you have a dumb face. >> i forgot about that one. i liked that one. >> the tide commercials were funny.>> it reminds me of what my brother and sister and i used to say to each other. >> what about the alexa commercial. my girls like that one. >> i like them all. there is not one that was much better than the other. >> everyone seems to be back. we don't have any light traffic look at the traffic on the 205, it is pretty slow. most people are not taking this day off. traffic is very slow here. livermore, that looks pretty good. some slowing on 680.
5:46 am
this is a look at interstate 880 n. and south bound. there been no major issues at the bay bridge but it did start getting crowded at about 5:30. nothing unusual though. here comes rosemary. no rain in the forecast. temperature wise, nice and mild. outside our doors we are off to a mild start. we are still about an hour and a half before the sun rises. partly cloudy skies right now. some patchy fog around the at -- napa airport. i saw a little bit near crockett. 47 degrees to start your morning. oakland, 50 and livermore, 46. we're going to continue in this pattern with this ridge of high pressure in place. the storm track shows us dry
5:47 am
for the week ahead. here's a look at your forecast. off to a chilly start in santa rosa. temperature is at noon will be in the 60s, near 70 degrees. then, this afternoon, low to mid or upper 70s. santa rosa will be at 76. not quite as warm as the weekend. we have broken a few records. 75 in novato. 74 oakland. 74 in concord. upper 60s for pacific up. half moon bay will be at 70 for the afternoon. 73 in san jose and 74 degrees in morgan hill. here is a look at your extended forecast. not a lot of change. temperatures continue in the
5:48 am
low to mid 70s across the board until we get into the weekend. we remain dry until then. a little breezy on saturday. we will track that for you. no rain. just drive. february tends to be one of our wettest months of the year. >> is a different story. >> facebook marked its 14th birthday. you can celebrate your friends. facebook released friends themes camera filters. they were celebrating friendships. the injured -- virtual awards could be sent to online friends. tech employees are fighting against technology they built. they are trying to bring attention to the power of social media to control our attention. there is a web site called ledger are -- of harms.
5:49 am
there is an ad campaign aimed at public schools to reduce technology. news broadcasters videos that receive government or public funding will be noted. as part of the new policy, youtube will post notices on public broadcasters this is the us government has no influence over editorial contents. apple completed a deal to buy 16 acres of land and buildings. it is near orchard parkway. it's across from the san jose airport. apple will lease the office buildings on the property and purchase office space and
5:50 am
nearby empty lots. apple is saying very little about its plans for that property. the mayor says he asked excited -- is excited. apple owns enough land in north san jose to create a campus that would be 85 acres. a santa cruz company once to hire 100 engineers to have a air taxi service. it will be the next generation of transportation. the company is focused on a two- seat aircraft with electric propellers. air taxi could make the trip from palo alto to san francisco in less than 10 minutes. it would cost less than $60 which is what uber charges for that trip.
5:51 am
they announced they received $100 million in funding to help pay new staff members. still ahead, a potential bombshell in the case against larry nasser. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break.
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welcome back.
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is 5:53. doctor larry nasser will be sentenced for the third time today. he was sexually assaulting girls and young women. the gymnastics doctor has already been sentenced to several decades in prison. the new york times said the fbi knew about allegations back in 2015. that's 14 months before he was finally arrested. the fbi blamed jurisdiction issues. gymnastics is now requiring all athletes have a chaperone at upcoming events. the women's program director said that team members will be required to have a chaperone other than their coaches. the chaperones can be a member of their family. this comes as gymnastics is still dealing with all the fallout from the scandals involving doctor larry nasser.
5:55 am
>> yesterday's train crash in south carolina was preventable. an amtrak conductor and engineer were killed and 116 people were injured when an amtrak train crashed into a freight train outside of columbia, south carolina. the train was carrying 140 passengers and crew from new york to miami. ntsb investigators are investigating why this ended up on the wrong tracks.>> key to this investigation is learning why that switch was aligned that way. the expectation, of course, was that the amtrak would be cleared and operating straight down.>> investigators say positive train control could have prevented the crash, but
5:56 am
it was not installed. a man in san bernardino county died trying to save his son who fell into an aqueduct. the man and his son were riding bikes on the aqueduct when the boy fell in. 's father jumped in after him to rescue him. he helped his son out of the water. the father went underwater and never came back up. dive teams were called in to help find the body. riding a bike along the aqueduct is illegal and dangerous. people still do it. >> it is coming up on our 6 o'clock hour. there is a cause for three small fires that started the night of the deadly fire storm in sonoma and napa counties. we will tell you how the weather and pge played a part.
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that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back after this short break. small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network.
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does your bed do that? right now, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. ends soon. visit fora store near you. city leaders are debating whether to install license plate readers at entry points to this island. we will tell you about this plan that has some word about privacy. >> the eagles won their first super bowl. a bay area native played a big role. mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. it is monday morning, february
6:00 am
5. rosemary is talking about nice weather with no rain. yes. temperatures are coming down slightly from the weekend. we probably won't see breaking records for the afternoon. it will be unseasonably mild today. look at san jose. the sun will rise just after seven today. a little bit of fog out there. we will check on the visibility in one moment. a mild afternoon for you for today and the days ahead. just below one mile of visibility reported at the airport. we continue to watch this through midmorning or soap.


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